i think it's 11 idk

okay since yall can apparently not grasp this simple concept im gonna say this one more time

stop!!!!! reposting!!!!! edits!!!! u did not make!!!!!!! this includes gifs graphics edits typos fanart and like everything u did not create!!!!
i know most of yall seem to think there’s magic buttons on Photoshop and u press them and BOOM u have a beautiful graphic or gif but that’s not what happens!!! most of these edits yall take 8 seconds to steal and post take HOURS to make. editors spend so much of their time trying to get colourings to work/thinking of graphic ideas/choosing fonts colours textures scenes everything!!!! and when y'all steal someone’s edits and post them on your blog for followers and reblogs you’re taking away the notes/exposure from someone who actually worked hard to make the edit. and I’m not even talking about using gifs as reaction images etc bc most gifmakers (myself included) are fine w that (but that doesn’t mean u shouldn’t ask them if ur using their gifs) but some of yall demons literally copy entire gifsets to post on your blogs just for notes?? and YES, stealing gifs from a bunch of different places to make posts like “the way she smiles” with ten gifs y'all stole from god knows where , is also reposting!!!! stop doing that!!!!!
i also see sooo many people reblogging edits from people who obviously didn’t make them and just reposted and while there’s no way to know if an edit is reposted just by looking at it, PLEASE take a minute to read this:

  1. if you see any edit from a blog/url that you’ve never seen edits from before plEASE check their original post for signs it’s reposted (im not saying everytime it’s a new url means its reposted which is why im mentioning these following points)
  2. check the original posts’ tags and they’re usually a very clear indicator of whether the edit is reposted or not. original content creators pretty much always tag their posts as “tswiftedit/taylorswiftedit/tswiftgif/tsedit” and also with tags like “my edits/my gifs/mine” etc. a lot of content creators also tag their creations w “*(or a variation of some other tag with an asterisk)”. IF A POST IS JUST TAGGED WITH TAGS LIKE “taylurking/the names of every taylor song/album” and does not have any tags like “tswiftedit/my edits/the tags i mentioned before” THERE IS A 99.9% CHANCE THE EDIT IS REPOSTED!!!
  3. a lot of editors also watermark their edits w their urls so if along with points 1 and 2 if this happens as well u can pretty much be sure it’s reposted.
  4. follow your intuition?? i mean there’s no way yall dont realise a reposted edit when u see one esp when it has all (or even one) of the points I mentioned before.
also if u see a reposted edit on your dash and you can figure out who the original creator of the edit is, let them know!!! whether to request the person to remove their repost or to report them, im sure all content makers would be happy if u alerted them to a repost of an edit they worked hard on.
TL;DR if you want to continue to see pretty edits on your dashboards, sSTOP REPOSTING OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT YA COWARDS!!! also please try to be more aware about whether or not the content you’re reblogging is original or not!!! honestly so many people take content makers for granted and yall continue to pull this crap despite MULTIPLE warnings and I’ve seen soo many content makers who stopped posting altogether because of the reposts so if you want to continue to see edits from your favourite editors support your local content makers instead of reblogging from reposters!!! thank u!!!!
  • namjoon: baby
  • namjoon: what that mouth do
  • jin: acrostic poems

Screenshot redraws. With some alternate color palettes.

I really love the lighting in a lot of scenes in this game. Also, yeah, sorry for -All the Bedman- I find him really relaxing to draw. If I redraw any screenshots from later scenes I’ll be putting them under a read more. Just in case.

I really wanted to see what 8% was going to be…

  • The most common phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"
  • The least carried out phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"

RvB sold me more on wash and Maine’s friendship than wash and York’s friendship (esp since York’s lines at wash are negative more often than not) but then like I don’t know what to do with the fact… that washington sits next to york… at literally every opportunity…

I actually need to get this out there

Look I’m not from US ok
In Australia our emergency number is 000
Yours is 911 -nine one one
Does that have any relation to 9/11…

Is it a memorial thing
Or a weird coincidence

Comment the answer/your thoughts PLEASE I BEG™

Kurotsuki fic recs

You all seemed to like the kagehina one, and some of you wanted a kurotsuki one so here goes

Leviticus 20:13, a glorious fic about high school and its super religiony, cute boys, angst but happy ending, favorite kurotsuki fic

Not for sale, summer vacation au, boys in love, theyre working at 7/11 i think, idk its just hella cute

People Like Us, veery smutty, angsty but this too is going in a good direction (towards a happy ending)

Time Will Pass You By, !!!, its so good and so sweet and so real, soulmate au, close to my favorite one

Meltdown, A/B/O again, training camp, omega tsukki, alpha kuroo, what could possibly happen, smut

Pings, warning this shit will fuck u up i still cry when i think about it, not for the weak hearted, saddest shit ive ever fucking read and probably will read, major character death, only for the true masochists

And if your ever in need of and kurotsuki smut 

This 30-day kurotsuki smut challenge, has you covered 

But honestly the lack of black faces in Tv is truly shocking for us 90s kids, like wow we grew up with a wealth of representation and a diversity of shows and characters to to enjoy and now it’s like…I’m excited if a black character has more than 3 lines in an episode of a current tv series like wow seriously, what happened??