i think it would have done better if it premiered this year

J2 TorCon 2017 Gold Panel
  • Jared cut his nose this morning shaving and he was bleeding in the shower.
  • Jared: We premiere this week! Jensen: But we already know what happens…
  • Jensen got a small coffee this morning: “So I’m gonna be a little slow.”
  • Complicated AU question. Jensen: Next question. 
  • The question is about how relationships with AU versions of characters might be different than what Sam and Dean expect, how will they react? 
  • Jared likes seeing how things turn out, how they work out differently than expected (like Mary). “Man plans, God laughs.” 
  • Jensen: I haven’t read a script since season two. 
  • Fan: Congrats on your new additions! Jared, wide-eyes: We have new additions?? 
  • Jensen (about the AU): Is it ripped or rift? Jared: *facepalm*
  • Time period you would go back to? Jared: Late 60′s, the modern renaissance. Thinks it would be fun to like go to the car hop and stuff. Jensen: Dinosaurs. Jared: You’d be eaten by a tyrannosaurus? Jensen: Uh, yeah! Better than dying of polio. 
  • Jensen: I wouldn’t wanna go back in time ‘cause everything we have now is a luxury, a lot of it we wouldn’t have back then even in the 60′s. 
  • Jensen: I wanna see some cool shit. Dinosaurs. 
  • What if John came back, given who they are now? Jensen: Thought it was most obvious for Dean needing Dad rather than Mom with Amara’s gift. 
  • Jared made the “straight legs” joke again like at the last con about what Dean needed. Jensen: Who needs those? Jared: I said that last time and Jeffrey Dean Morgan lost his shit (referring to this x lol) 
  • Jared: Dean realizing Dad isn’t a god, Sam having a bone to pick… both would see him as more human now. Mediating. 
  • Fan asks if they met Doris (the blow up doll at the convention). J2 are confused and alarmed lol. Jared: Nice question you picked, Ackles! 
  • At one point Jared tries to drink his iced coffee, laughs, and spits it out :P
  • What would soulless J2M look like? Jensen: You’re lookin’ at him. 
  • Fan: If you were soulless would you go shopping? Boys laugh. Jared: Yeah! 
  • Jared teasing about begging Sera Gamble for time off. Jensen: I just ask for good stories, but …
  • Soulless!Jared would probably be very mathematical. Jensen: I would be wildly irresponsible. On a day-to-day basis. 
  • Prank question. Jensen about he and Jared: We made a pact early on, we’re better as allies. Better as a team. 
  • Jared hooked up the hair/makeup trailer to Misha’s front bumper when he parked in front of it. A crew member took it off when it got dark lol. Jared came out of his trailer and saw that it had been removed and was like yeah, that’s probably good. During the day it was funny because you could see it was obviously hooked to the trailer, but couldn’t tell so much at night. 
  • Did J2 carve the SW DW on the table? Jared: It was outlined for us, but we did the actual carving. 
  • Jared: The scene felt like Sam and Dean talking about what they had done, but also talking about what we (J2 and the SPNFamily) have done. 
  • Fan: Initials are like claiming the bunker as their home. Jensen: Better than peeing on everything, generally how we do it lol. 
  • Fan: Are the SPN years the best of your life? They hope it isn’t the best, that there’s more to come, but Jared: If this is what defines my career, I couldn’t be happier. I love a great book, but I’m excited to finish it. 
  • Fan tells J2 about how Misha insulted Baby during his panel, calling her 40. J2 say it isn’t that insulting when Misha can’t even add (the car being 50). They remind Misha that the car is the real #3 on the call sheet lol.
  • Jensen wants to know what else Misha said about the car. Fan says he said it was impractical. Jensen: And wearing the same clothes everyday is practical? 
  • Fan: Misha said it was an impractical old gas guzzler. Jared: He’s a gas guzzler! Fan: Misha says Baby breaks down all the time. Jensen: Kind of like him. Jared: He’s just jealous. 
  • J2 about Misha: He’s fourth on the call sheet after Baby, and he’s trying to usurp. Jensen: The car’s not even actually on the call sheet, but we know. 
  • Jensen: Let’s be honest, the car is not practical, but it’s awesome. 
  • J2 do their impression of season 1 Sam and Dean from the Pilot, with Jared giving himself bangs and J2 doing high voices and cracking each other up. 
  • Jensen wants to see modern-day Henry Winchester on the show. Like current Grandpa Winchester. Played by Sam Elliott. 
  • Jared: I was gonna say, I wanna see Danneel on the show. Jensen: Kiss ass! Jared: In all fairness, he killed my wife on the show so I’d like to kill his. He could help, obviously, he could hold her (like how they killed Ruby lol). Jensen: And then we’ll just have a viewing party for all the children. Boys crack up. 

Info via: Fangasm, Ally, LysaSamSil’s livetweet list

anonymous asked:

I'm not one of those who blames Harry for what is happening rn, but man, I'm side eyeing the fuck out of Jeff. I dont know what restrictions Harry still has and all that, but this is some terrible shit tbh. Like, all these rumours about premiering his music before Dunkirk... that would be terrible!!! It would so undermine and overshadow his role in Dunkirk. Terrible business decision. And now the timing of this registration... it couldnt be worst tbh. I really hope Jeff knows what he's doing

I agree with you, and also, I’m going to go on a bit of a rant because I can’t not. I just honestly think everything related to Harry’s solo career is absurd right now. Harry has been almost entirely cut off from the fandom pretty much since hiatus began. I think that’s fine, and honestly, and I know we’ve all missed him, but I think Harry (possibly even more than the others) needed that time to himself. I think it gave him time to recover from such a tough schedule with One Direction, I think it gave him a break from the fan service and BS that really seemed to have burned him out, and it gave him time to focus on Dunkirk, which was obviously something outside of his comfort zone that required his full concentration. But Jesus Christ, man. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

We’ve gotten countless media sources, celebrities, and others in the industry talking about his debut album. And because he’s not talking, all of these people and sources are talking FOR him - and we don’t even know which of the things they’re saying are correct and which are completely false. And blah blah blah yeah, obviously the media is gonna talk about solo Harry regardless, but you’re lying to yourself if you think that his team couldn’t have shut up some of the people who have run their mouths about solo Harry at this point. And if the media is going to always make claims about his future music, both true and false, why wouldn’t he just speak for himself? Why wouldn’t his team speak for him? Why have they allowed this to happen for so fucking long? And don’t even give me that bullshit about oh, they just want to keep anticipation up - because at this point, that tactic doesn’t even make sense. I honestly don’t even know how solo Harries are alive right now considering they get hyped up for his music every two days based on what so-and-so said to the media. It’s fucking EXHAUSTING and it eventually burns people out to be constantly disappointed when they’re promised that something is about to happen and then it doesn’t. I’ve seen a lot of burnout in this fandom in the last week alone on the solo Harry front, and that’s so sad to see because things could have been so different.

If they’re gonna have a dude from Columbia come out here and tell me that an album is nearly done, and then have Grimmy say he was about to hear the album, and then have a touring company registered like a tour is gonna be in the works sometime soon when they haven’t said jack shit about ANYTHING, that’s beyond frustrating to me. You don’t have to give every fucking detail but god, not even a confirmation that the album is coming? NOTHING. Nothing at all.

Louis kept up fan service pretty consistently last year and eventually dropped music. Liam posts updates about his album progress to his social media, and yeah, his album still isn’t out, but there also haven’t been fifty people saying to the press every four days that it’s almost done. Niall was active on social media and kept up fan service last year before dropping his single as a surprise. Harry has done none of that, and I’m not saying that Harry has to do it the way the other boys did, but this is….really yikes. I don’t understand what the fuck his team is playing at, I really don’t. I know that Harry is the most famous in the band and I know that his music is the most anticipated, but he is not some untouchable artist with a shitload of street cred where his album is guaranteed to top at number one. I know this fandom might want to think that’s the case, but it isn’t. He is not Beyonce with numerous successful albums and decades in the industry. He has never put out solo music, and not only that, but we don’t have even the vaguest clue as to what his solo music would SOUND like at this point because again, we’ve heard nothing from his team.

The way this is being executed screams lazy and arrogant to me, and Harry is neither of those things, so I want to know what the deal is. To have this buildup for over a year with everyone else talking about it except for the people whose voices count the most and just expecting fans to be there, still waiting and ready and foaming at the mouth whenever you choose to drop music even though you never bothered to say anything about it….that doesn’t rub me the right way at all, I’m sorry. And listen, knowing this fandom and how much solo Harries have stayed pumped, it might work for them, it, but god, that is just….I don’t understand how people can respect that method of doing things. Us, the fans, as future consumers of his music, as the people who ensured that Harry is in the position he’s in today, deserve better than this. I know that fandom entitlement is a thing and we don’t deserve a lot of things that we think we deserve, but are people really gonna try to act like having confirmation of an album from Harry or his team is asking too much? Wanting some respect, and some clarity, and some basic fucking facts (for example: Are you coming out with an album? When is it coming out?) for Harry’s FIRST SOLO ALBUM EVER after over a year of almost complete silence from him (and silence about his future plans long before that) is perfectly reasonable, especially considering how much we’ve been jerked around about Harry’s solo career for like five years now, and quite frankly, anyone trying to suggest otherwise is fooling themselves. Harry’s team may not be able to control everything the media or other artists do or say about solo Harry, but they can (or at least, you would think they would be able to) control their own behavior, and at least so far, it seems like they’re just letting everybody else do the work for them (and do it messily at that, considering how many lies and ridiculous speculation has been published and passed around over the past year or so).

I’m just really frustrated because I don’t understand why his team is doing this and why they’re giving this impression of not knowing what they’re doing (e.g. the Full Stop website) or just not caring (e.g. [the metric for success] “is just existing”). With a lot of the Louis bullshit, even without knowing the exact details of what’s going on, you can usually figure out quite quickly that a) they’re actively trying to fuck him over and b) why they’re actively trying to fuck him over. The involvement of the stunts tainting everything Louis does also makes the intentions of his team clear (though no less infuriating). But this stuff with Harry? I don’t understand it and can’t even begin to imagine why things are being done this way. I don’t think it’s fair to the fans and I think it’s doing a huge disservice to Harry, his music, and if the rumors about when he’s dropping the music are correct, his acting career. I just really, really hope that there’s a huge change soon because I’m really cringing at what I’m seeing so far. I wish I understood any of this, but I don’t and watching it all happen is exhausting.

Alright, some of my word vomit is out. If people disagree with me, that’s fine, but this is my opinion. And no, I don’t think negatively of Harry or anything like that, I’m just not pleased with how things are being handled by his team (just as I’m not pleased with how Louis’ team is doing things) and I need to voice that.

SM is not appreciating Lay enough. Please repost.

I want more people to see this. Please repost. People need to see what Lay, Zhang Yixing, has done.

I was just watching EXO Monster music video, the Chinese version. A lot of people were saying Lay wasn’t getting enough lines in M versions and how it’s a Chinese song where the Chinese get two lines. Then you get comments like:

“Well everyone needs to remember that everyone has their designated roles in the group. Lay has improved greatly in terms of singing, and he is indeed better than he used to be, but he came to SM as a dancer. Just because he’s Chinese does not mean he has the right to all the lines.“

“Maybe Lay’s voice didn’t suit some lines within the song in comparison to the other members.“

“The problem is that he can’t sing as well as baek and kyungie.”

“…because LAY has too much personal activities…”

I don’t even want to continue.

People keep saying ‘Why do Chinese members keep leaving’ and how Chinese people always ‘leave for money’. Look, Lay is here staying in the group and not going for the money and supporting his brothers, he is keeping to his words ‘we are one’. Yes, it’s true that Lay has his own personal studio in China and is doing variety shows and dramas in China but he still has to give SM a big part of his income. Don’t know whether it’s 100% accurate but according to a website in China, half of Yixing’s personal studio staff was employed by SM and Yixing has to give 70% of his income to SM. Well, 30% of is income is actually a lot considering how well he’s doing in China but bare in mind Yixing is the one doing all the work and he has to give SM 70% of it. 

Lay has make his way into the Chinese market and had gotten so popular recently starring in variety shows like Go Fighting and honestly, he can do so much better and so much more if he left the group and focus on his career in China but is he leaving? No. He’s not leaving. The reason why Chinese members keep leaving is because of this. This is a song in Mandarin and a Chinese members get two lines. TWO FUCKING LINES. Kris and Tao used to get one lines or two lines in songs and maybe not even have a proper line in K versions. If you search Kris voice on YouTube, someone made a compilation of his solo lines from MAMA to Overdose (M and K version included) you would find that he only had 8.33 minutes overall. And for Tao, he only got 4 minutes. There is a reason why members want to seek for more opportunities and want be able to do more. There are members like Sehun where all his lines were E-X-O (well he did have more lines in Love Me Right and recent songs).

How do you expect them to still stay when people like Kris who trained for 7 years, not knowing whether he’s going to debut and when he does, he get two lines in a song(except raps) and would always be placed at the back while performing live. He was originally supposed to debut after training for 3 years but the date got pushed back and SM told him, ‘Just wait another year.’ Another year became two years, three years, four years. He had became the foreign trainee who has trained for the longest time in SM. How do you expect him to still stay? I don’t even want to go into how Kris’s body conditions were and how he has serious problems with his body. See how well Kris doing in China and even starred in Hollywood films, would he be doing that if he stayed? 

Back to Lay. I hate it when people say stuff like “Lay only focus on his career in China and doesn’t even do EXO stuff anymore.” Excuse me, how dare you say that. Yes, Yixing did spend a lot of time in China filming and doing variety shows but he’s trying so hard to keep up with both EXO and himself. Let me tell you Lay’s schedule and after this you wouldn’t dare say he doesn’t try. 

This is his schedule for the past two months. 


5th-Beijing to Gimpo

9th-Incheon to Shanghai

13th-Back to Korea

18th-Incheon to Beijing

19th-<To Be A Better Man> Conference

20th-Beijing to Seoul

23th-Incheon to Xiamen

25th-Xiamen to Shanghai

28th-Hongqiao to Seoul


5th-Seoul to Shanghai

6th-<Old Nine Gates> Conference

6th-Premiere of <To Be A Better Man>

7th-Back to Korea

8th-EXO comeback showcase

This was his schedule for the past two months. How dare you say that Yixing is not doing enough EXO stuff. Not a normal person can bear with the stress and tiredness flying almost every two days. Why do you think he keeps flying back to Korea? He could have stayed in China since he has so many conference to go to. It’s because EXO comeback has a lot of planning and practicing to do. If he has ‘given in to money’ like some people like to say, why do you think Yixing has given up his time for resting and flying back and forth China and Korea. If he has really ‘given in to money’ why shouldn’t he just leave? Why does he keeps mentioning EXO in China? At the end of interviews he would always tell people to not only support him but also EXO. He doesn’t need to do any of that. He really don’t. He could’ve just left and continue what he’s doing in China. But he keeps his promises. He promised to stay with the members, he promised to not leave, he promised to prove that Chinese people are trustworthy. 

You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t tied sandbags to your body to practice dancing for almost two years just because you think your dancing wasn’t going anywhere, it was to a point where he can’t even stand up because of the damages he has done to his waist. You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t seen the amount of time he puts into making a ‘better Zhang Yixing’. You can’t judge Yixing if you haven’t had a cramping leg but still managed to finished a short interview and the whole Love Me Right choreography and immediately collapsed to the ground after the performance. These are all happening when people call him names like “attention seeking bitch”. He is still standing. He doesn’t deserve all this. He doesn’t even to work half as hard but chose to because he wants to prove to all those people who judged him, who attacks him, who call him names. If you haven’t gone through what Yixing has gone through, what gives you the right to judge him? 

“Hope that I will be able to let the others see, everything of Zhang Yixing is good, only then I feel it’s really amazing. Let the others see he result, the process ins’t really that important.”-ZhangYixing 

If you’re judging him or has judged him, think about whether you’ll be able to go through all this and still put on a smile for everyone.

Zhang Yixing is so hardworking and is such an amazing human being. SM need to change, and SM need to appreciate the effort Yixing is putting into EXO. 

We’ve already lost three members, we couldn’t afford to lose more.

Season 13 Wishlist

Here we go, following on from last years Season 12 Wishlist, this is a post of all the things I would like to get out of Season 13 of Supernatural! With less that 1 week to go before the season premier. I don’t think I did too badly with the things I wanted from Season 12, here’s hoping Season 13 will be everything we are all hoping it will be.

1.    My ‘Dean coming out’ episode idea. SO badly. I will continue to desperately pray to the fandom gods for this idea to somehow make it into the show. We need Dean out of the closet in season 13. I want this more than ANYTHING else.

2.    The shedding of Dean’s ‘performance mask’ for Sam. This idea comes backed with thousands of words of meta on the topic and is a big one. Because of what we got in 12x22. I would like the continuation of this in the show (also seemingly something we may get following the symbolism of THIS from the promo.) I just want Sam to finally see it too. Maybe get a confession of some kind from Dean to Sam.

3.    The continuation of Pining!Dean that we had heavily in season 11. Moments like Dean’s confession in 10x16, Sam’s speech in 11x04, Basically everything in 11x11…Follow your heart Dean… Yeah, I want more of this.

4.    Castiel completing his transformation arc. This is important as we need to be able to see clearly where Cas’s story is going. Following his death I want to see the metaphorical phoenix rising from the ashes (and igniting the flames of Luuurrrvve) lol. What WOULD be cool is actually getting a MOTW story with an actual Phoenix since we know they exist and the symbolism would be beautiful. But basically I want the return of BAMF Cas being able to hold his own against the bad guys and beating his depression and PTSD once and for all.

5.    Cas facing himself in the Empty and admitting some home truths. Like how he is in love with Dean and wants to be human? Anything that finally starts answering the questions that Cas has had thrown his way since season 8. Cas’s whole story built around this idea of “what are you Castiel, an Angel or a Man?” and “Crack in his Chassis” and everything else that leads to the inevitable decision to shed the chains of heaven and freely let go of his grace for a human life that the show has been building on for ACTUAL YEARS.

6.    An explanation for what happened to Cas at the end of 12x19 that makes sense. I really hope that we do find out what Jack did to Cas, because he definitely did something, and all the symbolism and narrative mirrors point to Jack taking control (however briefly) but we certainly didn’t get any answers before season 12 ended.

7.    Sam Winchester building relationships outside of Dean. I need this for Sam so badly. I want to see him become his own man, to continue to do what he did in 12x22 – stepping out of his brother’s shadow and leading the hunters to victory. Sam is a natural leader, he just hasn’t realised it all these years. I want Sam to find a true purpose in life and pursue that. Whether that be by continuing to form relationships with other hunters or by taking Jack on as an apprentice and devoting his time to shaping Jack into the polar opposite of Lucifer – which would be truly poetic given Sam’s history.

8.    Sam Winchester killing Lucifer once and for all – again a big one for me. I am done with Lucifer and want him dead. I think that the only person who truly should get the pleasure of killing Lucifer is Sam. With the help of Cas and Jack. I want Lucifer dead by season end.

9.    Eileen’s return – her death made NO SENSE and was extremely poorly executed. She is sadly another Charlie but this time she deserves redemption from that shitty excuse for an episode. For Sam’s sake as well, I desperately want her back.

10.  The total annihilation of the toxic co-dependency – Already basically covered above, but it’s important enough to need its own point. I think we now need an episode that specifically shows how it is destroyed. We need to see the brothers NOT doing stupid shit like selling their souls for each other or taking a bunch of pills just to speak to a reaper to try to bargain for your brothers life, or just generally making terrible choices with horrible consequences to save your brothers life. We NEED an episode where the opposite happens.

11.  For Mary Winchester to get a strong and interesting storyline, to realise how her deal was actually a best case scenario given the circumstances of the AU world, and to come to terms with her new life outside of heaven. I do hope that now she has fulfilled her purpose for Dean, they will give her a chance to work on her relationship with Sam, and being stuck in the AU world should relieve some of that guilt, so that when she does return she will be in a better place.

12.  Some fun Winchester family moments – it would be nice to get even a few small moments of Winchester family bonding – brother pranks – talks with mum – More “teachable moments” with Cas – just the occasional canon fluff scene since WE ALL WANT IT.

13.  WAYWARD SISTERS – I mean hells yes! I don’t really have much on the wishlist for them other than I hope they kickass and are undeniably awesome and PICKED UP FOR A SPINOFF BY THE NETWORK.

14.  Dean and Claire to have a conversation about Cas’s death – PLEASE SHOW! Give me Claire grieving over Cas! PLEASE!

15.  Jody actually getting the truth out of Dean about his feelings for Cas. I would give anything for this conversation to be an actual thing.

16.  It probably goes without saying but MAN PAIN OVER CAS – I mean, I reckon we are gonna get a good helping of this. Maybe not immediate tears but its gonna be pretty damn angsty – if the promo’s are anything to go by. I basically want it to be UNDENIABLE in canon that CAS is the reason that Dean is so broken up and that BOTH brothers are seriously struggling with his death. It has to be OBVIOUS how important Cas was to them and how his death has affected them.

17.  The return of the mixtape. BRING BACK THE MIXTAPE

18.  DESTIEL – Duh. Do I wish for canon destiel? Every. Single. Year. This one will be no different. Of course I want it. I want a love confession (that isn’t ambiguous). I want a kiss. I want a scene where it fades to black only to show them lying in Dean’s bed the next morning doing the whole pillow talk thing. Give me ALL THE DESTIEL.

19.  Bring back Rowena. She didn’t deserve that ending. It was worse than Eileen’s. They better bring her back.

20.  Bring back Death and Billy – I kinda still think it would be cool if Cas sees them both in the empty and brings them back with him – even if it doesn’t fit thematically with his story.

21.  Cas dressed in anything other than the suit and trenchcoat (what can I say…Misha is a fine specimen of a man and does not deserve to be hidden under ill fitting clothing – I really hope the D&G suit is from the show!)

22.  Cas on generic MOTW hunting episodes – ever since Hunteri Heroici I NEED THIS.

24.  Witch!Sam - Every year I hope they pick up this story idea and every year they let me down. Let season 13 be that year!

23.  Easter Bunny episode – For Lizbob and Mittens :P

That’s it so far. Feel free to add on your own wishlist ideas that I may not have covered! Bring on the season 13 premier! Woop!

Prank Wars - Part 1: So it begins

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Chris Evans, Ellen DeGeneres, random journalists, Sebastian Stan,

Pairing: Chris x Singer!Reader

Warnings: Don’t scare your girlfriend??? None really lol.      

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: This first part is written for my all time favorite Marvel writer’s Cards Against Humanity challenge. If you love Chris and/or Seb and their marvel characters be sure to go check out the amazing @emilyevanston

My prompt for her challenge was: Poor life choices and it is highlighted in the fic - though I also kiiiinda used it as a theme for this entire series. Part two will be written by @blacktithe7 so look out for that one. If you want on the series taglist follow the masterlist link which will take you to our taglist doc.  

Thanks a billion to blacktithe7 for betaing and writing this series with me. I love you girl, and I love we finally found something to work together on.


You felt absolutely horrible as you stepped out of the car onto the red carpet. You saw the faces of every journalist turn to shock when they saw Chris. The flashes instantly went crazy. Well, they always were on the red carpet, but it seemed as if they were all aimed at you and Chris at the moment. You had done your best to help him cover his eye, but the rapidly forming colors were still very visible, especially in the harsh light of the many camera flashes.

You felt horrible enough as it was. The journalists shouting at Chris asking him what happened didn’t make you feel even the slightest bit better.

Poor life choices,” Chris smirked at a few of the journalists, wrapping his arm around your waist, giving your hip a small squeeze. “I’m fine baby. Quit worrying,” Chris whispered in your ear before pressing a kiss to your cheek. You looked up into his blue eyes just as he sent you that million dollar smile of his that never failed to make you weak in the knees. “Besides, it was my own fault anyway,” he spoke softly making you smile and shake your head slightly as you remembered how his eye had gotten to be so colorful.

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Leif Ivarsson (Part Two)

Ivar x Reader

AN: Set in season 4 / Season 4 characters

Part One

Ivar sat alone on the mountain side. Leif had taken to playing in Ivar’s usual spot by the river and he couldn’t stand it. The tiny scar on Ivar’s neck was proof to him that his looks weren’t the only thing he had inherited. He called to Ubbe for anything he needed when you were away or busy.

Each of his brother’s earned the title of Uncle but Ubbe was adored by the boy. He was a living, breathing and growing reminder that Ivar had failed. The moment you’d told him you were with child he couldn’t breath, so many dizzying thoughts about what could go wrong crowded him.

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Timothée Chalamet


Timothée Chalamet is a young man going places. Quite literally, when he calls us on his way from the airport where he’s just landed in Toronto for a premiere of a film you just might have heard of, Call Me By Your Name. The 21-year-old New Yorker is, at this point, still in the early stages for promotion of Luca Guadagnino’s poignant story of gay love in 80s Italy. It took the Sundance Film Festival by storm earlier this year – word of mouth was on an almost unheard of level. And now, at last, it’s finally about to be unleashed to the world at large.

And Timothée is a young man who’s ready. If he can calm down that is.

“I’m buzzing!” he exclaims from the car he’s sharing with his mother and her best friend. “This is such a dream come true to be able to come to this festival with a movie like this.”

Born and raised in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, Timothée studied at LaGuardia – a performing arts school. He appeared in commercials and horror shorts before roles Off-Broadway and in television series such as Homeland steered his path somewhat.

We’re peach-deep in conversation when suddenly he shouts out, “How are you doing?! I didn’t even ask you! How are you doing?” He did ask, and we’re well, thank you.

Aside from being polite, he talks long, fast and intently, yet often loops back and corrects himself on using an incorrect term, or where he thinks he might sound ungrateful or similar. ‘First world problems’ is something he often repeats, although we’re all guilty of that. Somewhat endearingly – as though it’s possible he could be more endearing – he says ‘shoot’ instead of swearing.

Timothée’s journey to Crema – and critical acclaim – has taken a little longer than expected. Take a deep breath, we’re going in…

“It’s been a three and a half year, four year process,” he recalls. “Initially Peter Spears was the producer that had the rights to the book, he’s had them since the rights were offered, and they were putting together versions for a while. And by versions I just mean I think they had ideas of people they wanted to direct it, and ideas of people they wanted to play Elio and Oliver, but it never quite came together.

“And when James Ivory and Luca Guadagnino got involved, then it really started to pick up steam. So I met with James Ivory, it would have been September of my freshman year in college, so literally like four years ago now, almost to the day cos it would’ve been September/October, around there, and kind of got the sign-off from James. And then had lunch with Luca, and got the sign off from him, and then I was loosely attached for three years.

“But y’know,” he chuckles, “I learned very quickly, in show business, you can be a part of a project, where the majority of the project that you’re a part of never comes to fruition because it is so hard. Any movie that gets made, any piece of art that gets made is a miracle in and of itself. So I’m happy we got it done when we did, and to do it with Armie Hammer was an absolute dream. That was one of my favourite actors before I worked with him, and the opinion didn’t change at all, it only was bettered, having worked with him. And to work with Luca Guadagnino was an absolute dream because I Am Love and A Bigger Splash, which I hadn’t seen when I initially met with him, but a year into knowing him, got to see, they were such masterclasses in film-making.

“He’s a master of sensuality, a master filmmaker, and it’s so thrilling to work with that from an actor perspective. I’d never really been around someone before Luca that I felt lived and breathed film-making, it oozes from his body, it oozes from his pores, in addition to this sensuality that finds its way into every frame of the movie by way of his touch.” He takes a breath. “Shoot, I rambled for a little bit.”

We ask how a project like this, with ‘sensitive’ content, gets pitched to actors. Timothée laughs.

“I really love that, because I’m not even really sure they pitched it, in so much as I pitched myself! It’s so rare to find roles as a young actor, and I’m a broken record here, of myself and of every other young actor that’s said this, but it’s a great problem, I mean it’s a non-problem when you think about it, what a first-world problem to have, but there aren’t these complex meaty roles in abundance, they tend to be more like surface level characters, not even by way of the stories, but just by way of whatever the tone of the piece is. So, just to be in front of Luca’s camera almost, was to get to toy around with a character that was so meaty and complex and sad and in love and tortured and ecstatic. I felt like this film was exactly what I should be doing.”

He’s quick to quash any thought that there may have been reservations in taking the part: “I went to the LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts, the arts welcomes everyone. I never grew up with a stigma, or these stereotypes, let alone almost an awareness of them, and I guess it’s where the privilege comes in, to grow up in New York, to grow up in midtown Manhattan, but I just, in a very, again privileged sense, didn’t and don’t have the mechanism to really judge in a positive or negative fashion, sexuality or gender identity, or things of that nature.”


There were, however, reservations that certain scenes might have been more risqué. “Yes, yes!” he gasps. “Certainly the peach scene, above all,” he says of the moment where Elio masturbates using the fruit. “It felt risqué certainly in the physical reality of the scene, but it felt more risqué in the idea of, ‘How can we do this truthfully, how are we gonna get this across without it feeling disingenuous and huge, and even worse without it feeling underplayed’.

“I feel like the reason any of these things came on at all is all thanks to Luca, I think that came on that day because he was just such a common presence on set, and treated that scene the way every other scene was treated.”

It’s later revealed that not only did Luca try the scene at home, so did Timothée.

“Well I think experience is the best teacher,” he laughs. “Luca had the brilliant idea to have us out there a month early, so when it did come time to do those scenes we had been around each other for two months at that point. So any sort of artificial awkwardness that would come with shooting a movie on a stage, or shooting a movie in LA, to be sequestered in a small town in Italy for two months, and then to be shooting on one lens, it takes away a lot of the nerves around that kind of stuff.”

Talking of ‘that kind of stuff’, did filming also see him experience that gay man rite of passage – stubble rash?

“I don’t know what that is!” We explain. “Oh, very interesting, hmmm, hmmm,” he considers. “I guess now that you bring it up, yeah, I mean he’s not clean shaven in the movie…”

To Care, or not to Care ? (Stiles x Reader)

Requested by @hannazk : heey can you do a imagine where y/n is stiles girlfriend and he’s spending a lot of time with lydia and y/n get’s jealous and fluff and stuff like this? thx!

A/N : I’m not a huge fan of jealously that leads to anger or confrontation, so I twisted it a bit, I hope it’s okay :) Also I gave a first name to Y/N’s father just because I find it awkward to write (Y/F/N) and I feel like it sort of breaks the flow of the story to have too many « blanks » like this. I chose a very generic name, you can disregard it if you don’t like it. Also I don’t like throwing my readers in media res (in the middle of the action) so I added a bit (a lot) of context first, before really working on the request. JuST DEAL WITH ME OkAY

Also, I really like the first 4k words,but then I feel like I messed it up

Set between season 5 & 6.

Word Count : 9,2k (listen, I have no self control)


Living in a small town truly was an experience of a kind. It was like living on another planet to a certain extent, while also being just an hour drive away from a bigger city, and all the entertainments it offered. After your parents’ divorce, you were torn away from the big city you were born in, and lived all your life. Your mom left with the new man in her life, claiming she needed some time for herself and to see the world. That didn’t leave you many options besides moving in with your dad, who just so happened to come from a small town, and now that nothing held him back in the city, he wanted to go back and live there.

You obliged, not putting up much of a fight – you were a bit of  loner and never had many friends or anyone worth causing more drama within your household. You didn’t have a boyfriend, your closest friend hadn’t given any news in tn days and when your dad assured you that his birth town was just big enough to have a brand new Theater and Starbucks, it was settled.

Everything happened in a blur really. Your two stories apartment in Oakland quickly emptied and it was like all trace of your passage here vanished from one day to the next. The first seventeen years of your life had been erased, and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to feel anything besides mild annoyance, because putting all your stuff in boxes – with the perspective of having to unbox them a few days later – was the exact opposite of what you had planned to do for the last couple weeks before the end of summer break.

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Too Long

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Word Count: 1433

Warnings: Language, fluff, a dash of angst, smooches

Request: “Actually i just miss you” prompt for tom holland please i love my precious cupcake <3 -anonymous

Note: when requesting, please specify which pronouns you would prefer! I automatically write female, so if you would like something other than that, just let me know :))

Summary: Tom and Y/N have finally admitted their feelings for each other after meeting on set for Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Y/N worked as a makeup artist. Now that they’re finally together, she must deal with his long absences and the baggage that comes with dating Marvel’s hottest new celebrity.

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At the premiere of Dunkirk

Got requests for part 2 of the Dunkirk one shot. Hope y’all enjoy! ;)

A year later

The time has finally come for the movie to be released. Y/N and Harry are finally in a relationship. After going on a couple of dates, Harry finally asked Y/N out. Since Y/N lived in L.A., things were more easier for the both of them considering Harry has a house there and how much he loves coming to L.A. The both of them were extremely happy together. Harry would still tell Y/N his dumb jokes or puns whenever he thought was the perfect time or when he just wanted to. Y/N would still roll her eyes but laugh nonetheless. 

His goofy and friendly personality is what made her completely and utterly fall in love with him. It was hard not to fall in love with Harry. Ever since they became official, he’s done nothing but treat her right. He would constantly spoil her with some kind of gifts even when she begs him not to but he wouldn’t listen to her. He would just shake his head and say, “No, pet. Yeh’re my girl now yeah? So I get to spoil yeh as much stuff as I want.” Whenever she’d have a long or bad day, he’d be there to make her feel better. The list goes on. He was the perfect boyfriend.

They were at the stage where they do say I love you and it was literally confessed the other day when they were out for dinner. Harry confessed it first, in the dorkiest way possible. But Y/N was never going to forget it and she smiles every time she thinks about it.

“Alright, ‘ve got a joke fo’ yeh,” Harry speaks after wiping his mouth with a napkin to clean off any food from his face.

Y/N throws her head back against the chair and groans, wondering why he has to ruin their perfect moment. She just wanted to eat her dessert in peace. Without any stupid jokes or puns because Harry always has something to say.

“Harryyyy,” She drags out, “Do you always have to ruin the moment with your lame jokes?”

He looks at her with offense, hand on his chest to feign a look of hurt. “Oi c’mon! I ‘av t’ tell yeh this one!” He begs and she shakes her head.

“Nope, tell me later,” She says, going back to her delicious dessert. She was about to dig her fork in but is quickly stopped when Harry’s large hands grab the plate from in front of her.

“Oh come on, Harry!” She whines, remembering that time when he took her sandwich from her so he could make her admit that she likes spending time with him. It still felt fresh in her mind.

Harry shakes his head firmly, holding the plate away from her, “Yeh have t’ listen t’ me first,” He demands. 

“It’s a freaking a joke!” She almost shouts, her cheeks blushing when people look their way. She shrinks in her seat, letting out a tired sigh. She knows he won’t give it back until she listens so she gives in, “Fine. What?” She rests her chin against her hand, her elbow resting against the table to hold it up.

He gives her an innocent smile, “Cheer up, love. ‘s gonna be a good one. Promise.” 

She flashes him a fake enthusiastic smile and he just chuckles in return, putting the plate down in front of him.

“Mkay, so knock knock!” He says excitedly.

Y/N rolls her eyes, having to hear this so many times. “Who’s there?”

“Pauline!” He answers.

“Pauline who?” 

“I think I’ve Pauline in love with you.” He smiles and her eyes widen, mouth agape from the sudden confession. He literally just confessed that he was in love with her through a knock knock joke. 

“Harry…” Her voices trails off, not knowing what else to say. Gosh, she loves him so much. She just didn’t know if he loved her back, being the insecure person she was.

His cheeky smile slowly fades when he notices her not saying anything. He clears his throat, looking down at his lap, slightly disheartened at her reaction. Did she not love him back?

“‘s okay. Don’ have t’ say it back ‘f yeh don’…” His voice slightly cracks, making him clear his throat again. He actually felt a bit embarrassed by this. He was thinking about this all day, planning this whole dinner just to confess his love for her. 

Y/N blinks, realizing that she hasn’t said anything and notices the slightly sad look on his face. She didn’t like that look and the fact that she’s the reason why makes her heart hurt. She has to tell him too.

She shakes her, mustering up the courage to say it back. “I love you too, you dork.” She smiles, feeling at ease again when she sees him look at her up in surprise, his face instantly lighting up.

“Yeah?” He asks, wanting her to confirm it again with his eyes looking into hers.

She nods, slightly laughing, “Yeah,” She tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear, looking down at her fingers in her lap. “Was just taken by surprise.” She reasons why it took a few moments. “But I do,” She nods, “I love you a lot.”

Harry’s face brightens even more which she didn’t think was possible but she sees his happy grin. “How can yeh be surprised pet? ‘course ‘m gonna love yeh! Yeh’re perfect!” He tells her and she immediately shakes her head, wondering how Harry can even think that.

“No I’m not. I’m not perfect. Far from perfect.” She mumbles and Harry pouts, not liking that she sees herself that way. He stands up from the chair and comes around the table, crouching down to become eye level with her. He gently cups her face in his hands, his green eyes staring into her intently. 

“Hey,” He brings his face close to hers, ignoring that they were in a public place, “I think yeh’re perfect mkay? Wouldn’ want anyone else. Yeh know tha’ yeah?” And she nods her head, kissing him right after because she loves him so freaking much. 

Realizing that they were in a public place, she pulls back with a blush. “Can I get my dessert back now?” She asks and he chuckles, nodding his head and standing up but not before giving her another peck on the lips.

“As long as yeh let me feed it to yeh?” He wonders and she smiles, more than happy to agree. He brings his chair to sit next to her along with the plate in his hand. 

“Love yeh,” He says again and she beams at him, saying it back in return. 

And in that night, they both fed each other dessert with happy and love filled kisses.

It’s been a year later and promo season for the movie has already started. Y/N and Harry are currently in Harry’s London home, getting ready for the Dunkirk premiere. 

Harry had called a whole glam squad for Y/N even though she told him it wasn’t absolutely necessary but yet again,  he didn’t listen to her. Harry was wearing a customized Gucci suit and a pair of red boots with designs on them. x Y/N wore a simple black Alexander McQueen gown that was off the shoulders. Her hair was pin straight and her make up was very neutral because that’s how she preferred it. 

When Y/N was ready, she walks out of the bathroom to see Harry patiently waiting for her. His hair was perfectly styled and he looked so handsome in his suit. 

His head instantly snapped up when she cleared her throat. He stood up from the bed, his breath caught in his throat at the sight of her. He couldn’t believe that this girl was all his. He felt so lucky to love and feel loved by her. 

Y/N blushes, looking down at her feet because of Harry’s intense gaze on her. He slowly walks up to her, his hand going under her chin to lift her face up and look at him. 

“Almost knocked me off m’feet, pet. Think calling yeh beautiful would be an understatement,” He tells her and her cheeks tint red at his word. A year later and he still makes her blush every time he compliments her. 

She smiles, holding his wrist to her face as he pulls her close to him with his other hand. 

“Think you look really handsome,” She says shyly.

Harry smiles, waving his hand like it’s no big deal, “Thank you, love, but I think all eyes are gonna be on yeh. Gonna ‘av t’ protect m’girl from everyone,” He tells her and she rolls her eyes playfully.

His eyes linger on her face, a cute smile still on his lips. He leans down to press his lips against hers, keeping them there for a few seconds before pulling away.

“Love yeh,” He reminds her, rubbing his thumb underneath her eye.

“I love you too.” They kiss one more time before walking downstairs to the waiting car.

Y/N feels nervous. It was the kind of nervous where one’s heart pounds against their chest and their body starts to feel warm even though it wasn’t hot. She felt her pulse in her ears and her hands were sweating. She wonders if Harry could feel her sweaty hands since he’s holding them in his lap as they’re sat in the car, on their way to the premiere.

She shuts her eyes, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. She tries not to think about the fact that there’s going to be so many people there, so many cameras and news reporters. People knew Harry was dating Y/N but he hasn’t directly confirmed it. They never really talked about it.

Y/N knew Harry liked to keep his relationships private because he doesn’t want his career to affect or harm what they have. Y/N is perfectly okay with it too. This is just the first time they’re allowing pictures to be taken willingly. Pictures of them holding hands or out at dinners were taken by fans in the past without the two of them noticing. There would be so paps lingering around the area but they choose to ignore it.

She didn’t what she was going to say. She didn’t know if she was going to stay with Harry the whole time considering she’s only a techie. She is after all, his date to the premiere. 

She gets snapped out of her thoughts when she feels Harry cup her face, looking at her in concern. 

“Yeh okay, pet? Can feel yeh shakin’ a bit.” He asks, rubbing her temple. 

Y/N gulps, squeezing his hand in her lap. She nods, giving him an assuring smile, “Yeah. Just a bit nervous ‘cause of the cameras. I’m kind of claustrophobic so…” She trails off and Harry nods his head in an understanding way, knowing what she means.

“Don’ worry, pet. ‘M here with yeh, yeah?” She nods, swallowing the lump in her throat. “Know we haven’t talked ‘nough ‘bout this. ‘S kind o’ one of the downsides when it comes to dating a guy like me,” he says with a defeated look. “Could always come separately ‘f yeh want,” he suggests. “Want me t’ tell the driver t’ drop me first and then get the car ‘round? ‘m sure he won’t–” 

Y/N interrupts him, “No, no. It’s okay. I promise. Just a bit nervous is all. I’ll be fine. Promise.” She repeats but will she really? Harry even just offered her the easier way out. She decides against it, knowing that Harry is going to be there in case things get out of hand. He knows how anxious she can get sometimes and just by rubbing his thumb across her hand and cheek, she can already feel her nerves calm a bit. 

Harry lets out a sigh of relief, “Mkay,” He smiles, giving her nose a quick peck. “Love yeh.” He reminds her.

She smiles, loving how he assures her at random times. “Love you too.”

They reach the premiere, Y/N’s anxiety increased drastically. She sees the paparazzi already waiting with their cameras, the other cast and crew already there taking pictures. The car stops, catching the paps attention, their cameras getting ready to take pictures of them coming out of the car. 

Y/N shuts her eyes, taking deep breaths to calm herself again. She hears Harry tell the driver, “Give us a mo’.” And she feels his ring clad hand on her face, causing her to open her eyes and stare into his sea green ones.

“Hey, pet. Yeh sure yeh’re okay?” She lets out a shaky sigh. “Yeh don’ have t’ do this. I completely understand,” He reassures her, not wanting to put any pressure on her. 

“I’ll be fine,” She says, giving him a weak smile. 

Harry sighs at her stubbornness, bringing his face close to hers. “Listen t’ me, pet. ‘f yeh feel uncomfortable, an’ I mean in any way,” He says sternly, gazing into her eyes. “I need yeh t’ tell me. Doesn’ matter ‘f ‘m bein’ interviewed, I need yeh t’ tell me.” He says clearly and she nods vigorously, swallowing the lump in her throat again. “Mum is here too with Jeff an’ Glenn. I might be pulled away for some pictures an’ interviews. Need yeh t’ stay with them yeah?” 

“Okay,” She says. “Okay, I’ll stay with them. Promise.”


“And I’ll tell you if I feel sick or uncomfortable.” She says, feeling like a child.

Harry smiles softly, pressing his lips against hers, immediately taking all her worries away. He pulls away, resting his forehead against hers and kisses her nose.

“Love yeh,” He says with a smile. 

“Love you too,” She beams at him, feeling better than a few minutes ago.

Harry then lets go of her face, telling the driver they were ready to come out. The door opens, the flashing of cameras immediately going off. Fans were screaming loudly, calling out Harry’s name excitedly. He stands aside, helping Y/N out the car by holding his hand out which she takes gladly. He kisses her forehead reassuringly, making her smile. They intertwine hands, Harry’s ring clad fingers slotting through hers. He waves to the fans, giving them his charming breath taking smile, the crowd immediately going wild. 

He walks confidently, his shoulders held high and Y/N watches him act so naturally around the cameras. A few paps get to close, calling of their names out for pictures. Y/N slightly shrieks when she feels a hand grab her elbow, catching Harry’s attention instantly. She tugs her hand out of the person’s hold as Harry turns around. 

His expression is deadpan, lips set into a firm line and green eyes a shade darker as he stares at the pap who tried to grab her for a picture. “Think yeh’re gettin’ a bit handsy there, mate,”He says in a tone she’s never heard before, always use to him being so polite despite people being rude.

“Was just trying to get a picture, mate,” The pap says in a slightly mocking tone, causing Harry to clench his jaw. 

“Yeh didn’ have t’ put yeh hands on the lady,” He says, trying to keep his cool and the pap just raises his hands up in defense, shrugging his shoulders.

“Harry, it’s okay. I’m okay,” Y/N says, grabbing his face to make him look at her, immediately calming him down when she gives him a soft smile.

“Yeh sure?” He asks with certainty. 

Might have been a bit scary, but Y/N felt okay since Harry was with her the whole time.

“I’m fine. Promise.” She says again.

He gives her a thoughtful look before going behind her, his chest pressed against her back. “I want yeh t’ walk in front of me,” He whispers in her ear, “Walk in front o’ me an’ look down so the cameras don’ get in yeh eyes.” 

Y/N nods, feeling much better this way with Harry’s arms around her in a protective manner. The whole time she didn’t look up, trusting Harry to guide her with him behind her. She feels one of Harry’s arms lift up to wave to the fans, saying hello or how are yeh love which causes them to squeal happily.

Once they reach other cast members and crew, they all take a few pictures together. Harry steps out for a few to show Y/N where Jeff and his mom was. He greets his mom with a kiss to the forehead and a hug. He greets Jeff and Glenn with a hug as well while Y/N hugs Anne happily.

“Yeh gonna be okay with mum?” He asks Y/N and she nods reassuringly. 

“Yes, I’ll be fineeee,” She says, kissing his cheek before pushing him away. “Go take pictures with the cast now, talk to the fans, sign their things. I’ll be okay here.”

Harry scoffs, “Already tryin’ t’ get rid o’ me, pet.”

Y/N giggles with a nod, “Mhm, now go! I’ll see you inside.”

Harry walks away but not before turning his head to look at her with a charming smile. He blows her a kiss which she pretends to catch, making him wink and her giggle under her breath. 

“Love yeh!” He calls out, not caring it there were people around.

“Love you too, doofus,” She answers back with a chuckle.

Anne watches the whole exchange, eyes gleaming with happiness because of how proud she was and how happy he was with Y/N. She wouldn’t ask for anything more. 

“That boy is absolutely smitten with you,” She says to Y/N, squeezing Y/N’s shoulder. 

Y/N smiles at Anne, resting a hand on top of her’s before looking back at Harry who was laughing at something a fan said. He looked so happy. “I’m absolutely smitten with him too.”

During the movie, Y/N sat next to Harry with Anne on his other side. Y/N’s right hand is intertwined with Harry’s, his left arm resting around her shoulder. She plays with the rings on his fingers nervously as they stare at the screen intently. 

They were at the  part where the men were hiding in the boat, Harry’s character angrily speaking to the other and accusing him of being a spy. She flinches when bullets go off, the sound being super loud. She was the freaking sound technician, she knew this was coming. 

However, she feels Harry’s hand rub up and down her arm in a soothing manner and he presses a kiss on her head.

“S’okay, love. ‘m here.” He assures. 

She smiles at his words and squeezes his hand to let him know that she heard him and knew, that he was always going to be here.


I think there was only going to be two parts to this story. sorry for no smut lmao. I didn’t think that would fit for this story. Promise the next story will be smutty haha ;) Thanks for reading y’all!

oh btw, I had to search that joke up bc i fucking suck at jokes lmaooo so sorry if its cheesy 

also ignore any typos, i skimmed through. i’ll fix them later

A Little Stressed Out Kitten (Chris Evans x Reader}

Someone requested a Chris Evans x Reader who has anxiety so I am only going to do something subtle but hey, still kinda what you wanted I guess.

Warning: large age difference between Chris and reader. Like 16 years, cause Reader is in college at the moment and he is current age I guess.

Senior year of college is supposed to be a breeze. As if senior year of high school wasn’t a joke, who would have expected you would be here, drowning in your end of year research paper along with every other assignment the professors had thrown at you just before the last month of school. You let out a shaky sigh as you looked over your bed in front of you. Your laptop sat open, the screen dull as soft fireworks went off, your assigned screensaver giving you more of a headache than anything at this point. Stacks of papers and notebooks were littered around the cover, your bag and more textbooks on the floor beside your bed. Grabbing your calendar you began to try and organize, prioritize how you would be spending your weekend. Though your boyfriend had been planning to come to town for the next few days, work obligations had cancelled that, and honestly you weren’t too disappointed after looking over the work you had to do. Chris could come next weekend, this work had to be turned in within the next week, it was pretty obvious which one was priority.

“Who knew a teaching degree would give me such stress,” you sighed, scribbling down another assignment you had due on Tuesday. When you were done with the list you started to move into piles, figuring out what to work on next and how to keep all the papers in order. Just as you were finishing Friday’s stack which had to be split into two after attempting to fall into Thursday, you heard your phone go off behind you. Making sure everything was steady, you turned and grabbed the ringing device off your bedside table and answered without checking the caller id.

“Hello?” you asked, leaning over to pick up a textbook from the floor and a pack of sticky notes from your bag.

“Hey sis, how are you doing this lovely evening?’ you held back a groan as our brother’s voice filled your ear.

“Fine, a bit busy though. Do you need something right now because it would be better for me if I could just call you back later? Lots of-”

“Well actually I was just going to check and see if next weekend you wanted to come back home for the weekend. We’ve been missing you and everyone will be here for Mom’s birthday. Kara just needs to know if we should save you a seat.” For the next few moments a silence filled the room.

“Um, I’m not sure. Chris was going to reschedule to come down next weekend and -”

“Well he could come. You know we won’t like freak him out or anything and I’m sure everyone would love to meet him.”

“Listen, I just, I don’t know if-”

“It’s okay sis, just think about it okay. Ask Chris. Let me know before next Friday if you could. We would love to have you up here.”

“Okay, well I have to go so.”

“Okay sis. Talk to you later.”

“Bye big bro.”

“Bye.” With a heavy sigh you hung up the call, throwing your phone back behind you as you brought your hands up to cup your face. You knew it was soon, but God, it would always sneak up on you. You closed your eyes, focusing on the sound of your heart beat to hold back any potential tears that began to well up in your eyes.

Just as you were getting a hold of yourself, you heard a knock at the door.

Another sigh, God you are way too young to sigh this much you thought. Throwing your legs over the side of the bed you ran a hand through your hair before making your way to the door. With no peephole you were left to just open the door, expecting for perhaps the girl from your Education class who lived on the hall to be looking for notes or something, she rarely missed class but when she did she got very upset and refused to rest until she had her notes compensated. What you certainly did not expect was a scruffy, baseball cap wearing Bostonian to be standing outside of your door, his head down with a small bouquet of yellow flowers in his hand.

“Chris?” you questioned, the opening of the door causing his head to lift up so you could see his features more plainly.

“Hi baby,” he smiled, holding out the flowers. You couldn’t help the small grin as you took them, taking a step back so Chris could follow you into the room, closing the door behind himself.

“Thank you, but what are you doing here?” you asked, setting the flowers on the bookcase beside the door. Turning back to Chris as he came closer to you, pulling off his hat to reveal a messy head of hair.

“Well, a friend heard of how our plans had gotten cancelled and helped with getting me out of a couple things so I could come see you,” he smiled, that puppy dog smile as he reached out to wrap his arms around your waist.

“You didn’t have to do that Chris, I could have waited another week and I mean I have a ton of work to do and-“ you were cut off by a warm pair of lips as Chris leaned down to shut you up. Though you were frankly a bit annoyed, you couldn’t help but his him back, that horribly cute way he would smile against you causing you to giggle. “Seriously, I am in overload with all the crap I have to do for next week.”

“Come on, you can spare me a few hours, I have to head to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon, can you at least give me that much?” he asked, running his hands up and down your back as your own arms wrapped around his neck. You took in a deep breath, looking to your side at the stacks of papers before looking back at Chris with his beautiful puppy dog eyes.

“Okay fine, I’ll put some of it off, but only because I know you are taking me to the Spider-Man premiere,” you compromised, causing Chris to let out hoot before grabbing your hips and lifting you up to wrap your legs around his waist. As he turned he laughed at the stacks of paper before looking back at you.

“Your roommate gonna be around?” he asked, nodding to the bed on the other side of the room.

“Nah, she’s in France for the semester, study abroad. Hasn’t been here since January but you never remember that,” you smiled before he tossed you onto said roommate’s bed.

“Don’t tease if you don’t wanna be teased baby,” he smirked, lowering himself over you as he kicked off his shoes onto the floor.

“Maybe I want to be teased…Captain,” you grinned, watching as Chris’ smirk faltered for a moment before his hands shot out to grab your own, pinning them above your head.

“Oh baby girl, you’re just asking for it.”

——————————- Later that night

As Chris snoozed on the bed across your room you frantically typed on your computer, then turning to use the light to fill out another part of the worksheet you had been given in Math. Of course your professor would bump up due dates. You had desperately wanted to just snuggle into Chris’ side, inhale his scent you were scared off forgetting when he would leave for such long times, but with even more work piling onto Monday’s pile, there was no way you would be able to get it done in a day and a half even if you worked the entire time. You jumped as your phone went off again, another text from your brother.

Alex the Best Big Brother EVER: Please think about it Y/N. I know you had to miss last year, but we all miss you like crazy. I know Mom would want you to be here

You held back a sob as you saw the attached picture. It was a Facebook screenshot, one of Mom’s old posts back from a few years ago. Her standing over your shoulder, her arms around your shoulders as you held your high school diploma in your hands. It looked so different now. Now you could see the sunken way her eyes had changed the months before the picture. How her arms and her face were getting thinner and thinner. She had trouble walking around that day, said it was just dehydration and they all laughed at how stupid the school had been to do a graduation ceremony outside. If only we had known.
Letting out a choked sob you threw the phone down, that picture was too much, too soon. You looked between the phone, the work in front of you and Chris sprawled out over the bed. Suddenly the walls felt like they were getting closer, you couldn’t hear the ticking of our clock, just a pulsing behind your ears and you pulled your knees to your chest. Tears running down your face you felt yourself shake. Too much, too soon, too much, too soon, too much, too much, God it’s too much. Then he was there, his arms warm as they wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you against his chest, so soft and warm and smelling like home. He held you as you shook, whispering unintelligible sentences into your ear as his hands stroke up and down your arms.

By the time you stopped shaking, your computer had gone blank. Chris had stopped talking but he was still there, holding on, breathing in sync with you, his body enveloping your own. You swallowed thickly as you reached up to wrap your hands around Chris’ forearm which was set across your chest.

“I’m sorry,” you croaked, your throat dry as tears finally began to stop streaming down our cheeks.

“Are you okay baby? What happened?” Chris asked, staring at you with such concern you almost busted out into tears once again.

“I’m sorry,” you repeated, snuggling against his chest as you cried.

“It’s okay baby, why are you apologizing? What is it huh? What’s wrong?” Chris asked, looking down at you as you finally looked up at him, the tear streaks running across your cheeks making you look so much more vulnerable.

“I just, my professor’s gave us a ton of work for the weekend and I want to spend time with you because I haven’t seen you or been able to touch you in almost two weeks and I swear I think I’m going to go insane when you’re not here and then Alex keeps texting me and calling about next weekend and he send me this picture, this fucking picture of me and mom and I just couldn’t I just, I just can’t go up there and see all of them but I have to because God it’s Mom. And then they want you to come as well and it just. God it’s too much,” you sobbed, wrapping your arms around Chris’s chest as you clung to him as though a hurricane was threatening to rip through the room and Chris was the only anchor you had.

“Just breathe, okay just breathe for me baby girl. Breathe and then we can talk okay. I got you baby girl, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”


 I summed up the most interesting things Adam said during this interview.


During his first auditions for the role Daron was impressed by how good Adam was at making “fighting sounds”. He thanked his years of martial arts for that.

- When Adam had to come up with a voice for Marco, having seen his pictures, he thought that he looked like a “kid with a sweet demeanor who sort of wants to be a bad boy”, and he essentially used what’s his normal voice, with a higher pitch.

- Adam sometimes feels like he’s reliving his teenage years by voicing Marco, and said that when he read the script for Sleepover he was shocked to see the piano scene, since he essentially did the same to impress the girls over at his house for his sister’s sleepovers. 

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I’m With You (one-shot)

Chris Evans x Reader

I have a thing (like most in the marvel fandom), for the phrase “I’m with you till the end of the line”. So this is a little reimagine of that. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: fluffy, fluff, fluff. Angst(?) but not really.

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“Okay so August through January is filming for that movie” I point to the corresponding script, waiting for confirmation. He nods before I continue, “and then March through June is filming for that one” He nods his confirmation again. “And they’re both in Atlanta?” I question.

“No, first one is Atlanta, second one is Atlanta for the first few weeks and then we go to Europe for a while”

“Right, okay”

“God, it’s literally all year, I’m going to be gone all year” He buries his face in his hands and I can see his stress bubbling.

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Ok, I got this!

S14 premiere in a nutshell:

Hey, look, it’s Megan Hunt!

Originally posted by bridgetreganing

(except now her face looks different, her hair looks different, her entire physique looks different and no one bats an eye). lets all pretend 10 years in the desert changed her DNA too. 

Then as expected, Megan is taken to GSMH. She has just been transported overseas for long, long hours. But somehow, just as she arrives, she requires immediate medical care! 

And Megan’s not the only ghost from the past to reappear. Teddy, you’ve made it too <3!

Originally posted by lilygarlands

Just like the hospital that burned, Megan is also in a bad shape. Stephanie Edwards was supposed to be in the burned unit because there has only been a day, but she has already recovered and fled the scene. 

Everyone is super committed to making it work for Megan, which is awesome. Some people will be seeing each other for the first time in long years, and I don’t mean you, Megan (*cough* Teddy *cough* Riggs). The tension is there.

 We’ll endure long minutes of Meredith being the victim because she just needs to be the one treating her ex’s ex who he just chose over her. (Because the hospital doesn’t have any other general surgeon, right). 

After 3 seasons, we are reminded that Andrew Deluca still exists and OMG HE IS STILL AN INTERN. 

Originally posted by bridgebandicoot

After five years. (George O’Malley would be proud). 

Wait, he has a sister! (”the doctors are introduced to new faces”)

Could the sister conveniently be involved with some controversial research that would be relevant on a current patient’s condition? wink, wink.  

Originally posted by mcdimples502

Meanwhile, Meredith is still trying to “save Megan”. That’s the bathroom break part. Enjoy.

Hey look, Deluca’s sister has a new line of research that maybe can actually help Megan? How unexpected. What a coincidence!

All attending disagree whether or not to go for it (Riggs and Owen especially) and eventually Amelia is thrown in the eye of the storm by being the brainy specialist. (Amelia faces a conflict over a patient?) . Amelia is so torn because she wants to do right by Owen and Megan but somehow professionally disagrees with him and maybe leans towards what Riggs thinks? Tension. Drama. Fun bantering. Dark humor. 

And before this part ends, lets just never forget about this friendship:

Originally posted by everybodylovescalzona

Hour 2 begins.

Did Maggie and Jackson have a scene together implying some sort of romantic attachment? Let’s all pretend we didn’t have to see that. 

Bailey and Webber discuss something like “we need to raise our babies” (even though they are all attending and supposedly know better by now).

Meredith is somehow still very much involved and “struggling” to help Megan. Why? Maybe she just likes to suffer. 

She-Deluca’s research is finally used, she makes a breakthrough and its shocking how it helped Megan, of all people! (”Andrew’s sister’s controversial research leads to a shocking discovery”). But wait, there is more. Shocking Discovery?

PLOT TWIST: Riggs cheated on Megan. AND it was with TEDDY.


It wasn’t Owen who convinced Megan to get up on that chopper. It was Teddy.


Riggs cheated on Megan. But Megan had cheated on him first.


OMG Megan did cheat on Riggs first and it was WITH TEDDY.

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Ok, I am done. If nothing else, there will always be fan fiction. hahaha see ya later guys

JB Imagines - Leaked Nudes (Dating) - (Part 2)

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy part 2 ! Be sure to like and follow me for more. Please send me feedback as it’s always appreciated. Will not be taking any requests until July, will be writing exams for a whole month. BTW no hate to Jayde Pierce, I’m sure she’s a lovely person. Much love .xx

(PART 1)

Part 2

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Packed away, back at home in London was where I was. The minute we broke up, I packed away my belongings and me trying to be independent, I thought it would be better if I was staying on my own. That being in an apartment.

Currently I was of course home alone, having an apartment all to yourself isn’t as fun as you think. Seated on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in my hands whilst watching Netflix though is entertaining.

I for one was already dressed in my sweatpants and tank top along with my make up free face. I’m clearly not bothered with how I’m dressed

I was scrolling through Instagram as I came across a post from Justin. The post being about the announcement of Sorry coming out tonight in which he posted 3 hours ago. I have no idea why but I can’t be mistaken for the fact that I think this is either an indirect to me or Selena.

I scrolled further below coming across a fan account (@justinbiebertracker) a picture of Justin snapped by a paparazzi was the post and the caption being “Justin Bieber at Ed Sheeran’s premiere in London, England. (October 22)”

Hold up, why is Justin in London ? When did he even get here ? How did I not even know about this ? I went through the recent posts to see that Justin had arrived just a few days ago. Wow, like okay. Strange.

As I tried to entertain myself further, I went through my other apps such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. 20 minutes later after wasting time I had received a text on iMessage. This is Justin. This is (Y/N)

☹ Justin ☹

Is it too late now to say sorry ?

I think it is indeed Bieber.

Cuz I’m missing more than just your body 😏

What are you even doing here in London ?

Wait, here ? You’re in London ? Where ?

Oh please don’t even pretend that you didn’t know..

What are you talking about ? I didn’t know 😌

And why are you even talking to me ? Go talk to your girlfriend 😑

I’m talking to her right now 😊

Boy is you okay ? Is you high ? Are you bipolar ? We broke up remember ? Where is your sudden burst of enthusiasm especially with me, coming around from ? Why don’t you just stick to your other side hoe ☺️☺️

I’m perfectly fine. Babe I came to my senses. I know how wrong I was and realised how much I miss you. I miss seeing your beautiful face, I regret rejecting you to come along with me. I really do. Is their a chance we can meet in person ? 😞

Justin I don’t think so…I went through too much with just this break up. You really hurt me this time. I don’t think I would be able to forget that. It’s going to have to take you a lot more then just an apology text for us to even just be friends 😔

Babe I’m honestly really sorry. I love you so much. I know what I’ve done and the fact that it was terribly wrong. I didn’t know what I was thinking nor what I was going to lose. I can truly imagine all the pain that you’ve been through. I deserve to feel your pain. You don’t deserve any of this. Truth is, sorry is written about you. 👀 I though you should know…

Wow okay..its uh good to know that the song is written about me I guess. Some good tune. I still am really disappointed in you Bieber.

You have every right to (Y/N) I understand.

Just as I was about to reply back, the doorbell had rung. I quickly texted him back as I left my phone aside.

I have a guest over… we can talk later. Bye.

I got up from my position on the couch and made my way towards the door, I opened the door and now stood before me was Justin. “Hey did you miss me ?” He asked as he smiled widely and pecked me on my cheek, he then handed me the bouquet of roses as he made his way inside my apartment. “We were just talking…Justin I’m really worried about you. Did you fall or something, injure yourself in such a way ? What happened to you ?” I asked in a sarcastic manner.

I placed the bouquet in a vase and set it aside on the dining table. Justin seated himself on the couch as I sat next to him. “What brings you here ?” I asked breaking the silence. “You.” He said as then turned to face me. “Me ? Why would you leave the past amazing countries you’ve been to for me ? Justin, remember the fact that you broke up with me. I’ve been through a lot of pain, learnt to dealt with it. I can’t afford to go through this again” I rambled.

“Babe I know that a sorry is not going to help. Though being away from you made me realise how much of an impact you made on my life the past year we’ve been together. You made me change for the better and I honestly haven’t been anymore happier than I am now. My family loves when you’re around as they see how you make me happy. Going on that trip alone…I don’t even know what I was thinking. I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you and I especially shouldn’t have called you what I did or said the words that I had said” he said as he looked down in disappointment.

“I’m speechless” was all I blurted out as a tear dreaded to run down my cheek. He then glanced at me “I feel like shit” he said as I then chuckled. “You deserve to since you seemed to have enjoyed spending time with that bitch Jayde” I said as I scoffed at her name. We both then laughed together, I had a thought of killing his mood the same way he did while he was away in Bora Bora… after all I mean he deserves it. “Justin I forgive you. I love you and haven’t stopped since you’ve been away. Though I have something to confess that you wouldn’t be pleased to hear” I said as i turned into a rather more serious tone.

“I’m glad you forgive me and love me though what is it that you need to tell me ?” He asked getting eager by the minute. “I have a boyfriend Justin” I said seriously. It was quite for a moment “You’re lying” he smirked. “I’m honestly not. I have a boyfriend Justin” I said trying not to laugh. “What’s his name ?” He asked getting tensed. “Cameron” I said as I leaned back against the couch. “The youtuber ?” He asked and I simply nodded as a reply. “Ohh” was all he said as he then looked down. I took advantage of the moment and had then straddled his lap.

“You’re so gullible sometimes. I’m not a single pringle Justin. I’m taken by you of course. Now, about you being exclusively mine and exposing yourself to -” He then cut me off as he smirked and said “How about you show me I’m all yours ?” He suggested. “Gladly” I grinned as I then crashed my lips on his.

BEHIND THE LENS | harry holland

in which the reader is a famous photographer and harry has a crush on her and tom hires her for his next photoshoot that harry is also a part of




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anonymous asked:

(1) Sorry for the spam, but after Flash premier I can't get this idea out of my head and had to share it with someone. Imagine if instead of getting his speed from the lightning bolt, his perceptions become part of the speedforce. He wakes up from the coma and is no one understands him, because he is simultaneously seeing the entire past, present and future of the multiverse.

(2) No one can understand what he is saying because he is talking to other people and reacting to events that don’t exist on Earth-1. (Basically Vibe on Crack). Cisco and Caitlin are freaking out because their tests aren’t showing neurological damage but rather his brain is working too well. Meanwhile, Wells is seething because this screwed up his long term plans, but he recognizes the speedforce is still connected to Barry so he might be able to salvage a way home.

(3) And just as the team has accepted Barry is a meta that can’t control his powers, Wally shows up freaking out and a guy controlling the weather causes chaos in town. Then Wally finds out about Joe/Iris through and Barry’s issues just kind take a back seat to the chaos of the first few weeks. They set Barry up in one of the side-wings of the Cortex where he can doodle away and Cisco can try to translate the weird symbols.

(4) Wally is spending time with Barry (which is also a good cover for Flash business) while Cisco is trying to track down the stolen cold gun when Barry snaps out of it for a second and says “Snart loves that thing”, leading to them finding out about Captain Cold. And after that Barry seems to start getting better, having more lucid windows where he can interact more with his surroundings, but still can’t differentiate “when” he is.

(5) Season 1 goes on, with Wells focused on making Wally “The Flash” in Barry’s place. Thanks to his knowledge of the speedforce, he knows exactly how to get Barry in control of his powers, but keeps it to himself. He needs the leverage now that reversing Nora’s death might not cut it, and everyone is heavily invested in Barry getting better. But of course, Cisco screws up his plan while he is too focused on Wally’s first time travel experience and Mardon.

(6) Cisco decides to take Barry out on the town since he is having a really good day. And as they walk down the street, Barry just walks into Saints & Sinners without warning, walks right over to Snart’s table and sits beside him… in the middle of a rogue meeting. And if that wasn’t enough to give Cisco a heart attack, Barry kissing Len’s cheek and cuddling up like it is something he does every day certainly did. Cisco swears he got out of there alive was because Lisa had a soft spot for him.

(7) Barry of course doesn’t get why he is dragged away because from his perspective he doesn’t get that this was their first meeting. But since Cisco doesn’t have enough anxiety, he starts sneaking out to see Len (he always knows where he is) and Len suddenly finds himself with Cisco on speeddial. But Len is also curious about this kid that seems to know everything about him. And things just escalate from there.

(8) Len keeps Barry anchored, and the more time they spend together the more control Barry has over his powers. And Len can’t stop himself from learning more about Barry until its too late and he has feelings.

Holy shit, anon, I mean…what are you trying to do to me right now? I want to finish up a bunch of other things with A Model Escort done and you’re giving me this amazing plot bunny!?!?!?!

I LOVE this idea. Barry from the start of season 1 going through what Barry from the start of season 4 dealt with, only more long-lasting, and the anchor that keeps him in the present is Len, who has no idea why this kid keeps hanging around him.

Meanwhile, Len would have the superhero/villain rivalry with Wally, and so many things could happen similarly to canon, while so many others could go down differently because Barry is pushed to the side and only slowly figuring things out.

There would have to come a time where Barry says something that proves part of him is in the future enough that he remembers/knows that Wells is actually Eobard, and while it’s mostly gibberish to Team Kid Flash (let that be a thing, come on, canon!), Wellsobard starts to think Barry is a liability that he needs to get rid of, especially as Barry becomes more lucid.

But alas for Eo, Len and Lisa (and maybe other Rogues if some things happen differently enough) are hanging around STAR Labs more, because Len has grown attached to his shadow and gets a little suspicious about Wells.

It could be this great culmination of Len, Cisco, and Joe starting to put things together about Wells and what happened with Henry and Nora that night and things Barry says, and they try to plot things around Wells to catch him as the man in yellow without letting Wally, Iris, Eddie, or Caitlin know everything. Lisa eventually gets pulled in too, and it all unravels and gets revealed, but it isn’t until the very end when Wells proves to be too much for Wally or the gang as a whole to defeat, even Len with his cold gun, until Barry finally snaps to it 100% and comes to their rescue, manifesting his Flash suit out of the Speed Force and taking Wellsobard down.

There could be so many wonderful lucid moments where Barry is with Len and thinks it’s five years from now and he’s telling Len about his day and how much he loves the Captain Cold statue at the Flash museum, and did he really have to steal the hockey cup again? And for their anniversary this year, he’d love to take Len somewhere he’s never been before, since he can get them there in record time – we’ll figure out something to keep your clothes from catching on fire, Lenny, I promise.

And other times it’s Barry telling Len that he’s nothing like Lewis, and his grandfather would be so proud of him for turning away from crime to help people – which of course, Len hasn’t DONE yet – and it can be too much for Len sometimes when he wonders if this is all some ploy by Team Kid Flash, but then he looks at Barry and knows it’s nothing but REAL for him.

I would want some perfect moment of clarify where Barry knows exactly when he is, remembers everything, and yet isn’t fully free yet, and he looks at Len and says – when I’m finally me again, how about you buy me a drink, Snart, and we can try falling in love from the beginning? And Len is used to appeasing Barry because the kid IS a speedster and does occasionally flash Len places without warning, so he doesn’t want to spook him, and just says – Sure, kid. We’ll do that.

So after Barry saves them all from Wellsobard and is fully himself, grounded in NOW, but he still has some fading memories about the future that will eventually be gone as this new timeline solidifies, he makes sure everyone is okay – Eddie included, damn it – and then goes up to Len and says – so are we getting that drink or what?

Imagine Sebastian driving you to work instead.

A/N: Part 4! Everyone seems to be enjoying this, so I’m just going to keep working on it until I find an end. 😋 Oh, yes. Please don’t pounce on me if the Romanian here is wrong. I’m not Romanian so I turned to the Internet for help, I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ Let’s get to it, shall we? You can read the previous parts here: (Just Friends: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3)

You were aroused from your sleep when you heard sounds coming from your kitchen. You rubbed your eyes and reached for your phone with your blurry vision, even without your glasses you could make out that it was only 8:30AM and way too early for you to wake up. Today you didn’t have to be at work until 1:00PM as it was an afternoon shoot; Chris wasn’t coming to get you until 11:00AM which was why your alarm was set for 9:30AM. So who the hell was in your kitchen waking you up at such an ungodly hour after the Chris-less night you had?

You reached for your glasses and staggered to your feet, stretching your arms over your head. You pushed the covers off you and moved to plant both feet on your hardwood floor. A shiver ran through you when your right foot made contact with the cold surface, whereas your left foot was protected by the sock you’d put on before bed. You sighed when you realized you’d lost a sock in your sleep again. You were cold, but were too tired to tear your bed apart of find said lost sock. Instead, you slipped your glasses onto your face and headed outside to look for the perpetrator whose actions had woken you up.

You rubbed your right eye as you padded outside, your finger bumped your glasses frame as you yawned. You could smell something cooking. Eggs, maybe? You were too tired to function. After Sebastian told Chris to go, and he actually left because he was a guy with principles- you climbed into bed and stared at the ceiling for an hour before you slept. You had six months before production ended, then it was going to be at least another three months of premieres, press junkets, and other red carpet related events. Three or more; this all depended on the success rate of the movie. But you knew with Chris’ skilled hands on it- it could only be a success, and you weren’t sure if that was a good or bad thing yet.

“Good morning, Kiddy,” Sebastian greeted you when you turned the corner as he flipped his famous bacon and cheese omelette onto the plate. “Breakfast?” He quizzed with a smile and you narrowed your eyes at him. You were hungry, but you were also mad at him; for last night, and for waking you up.

“Don’t ‘Kiddy’ me,” you bit as you sat down on one of your breakfast bar stools. ‘Kiddy’ was the nickname he gave you growing up seeing as you’d always be his kid sister, but you only loved it when you weren’t mad at him. He knew that, but it didn’t stop him from using it; nothing did because he knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for long. “I can’t believe you got Mrs Baker to spy on me again.” He said nothing as he sipped on his coffee, holding the hot liquid in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. “Nu mai sunt copil,” you reminded him with narrowed eyes.

“You’re not a kid anymore?” Sebastian scoffed, plonking your white snowflake mug down on your marble bench top. Your eyes darted to the mug and your frown deepened; he never listened when you told him not to use that mug. “Pe dracu,” he cussed and your jaw tightened. “Do you know what that means, Y/N? It’s bullshit that only the devil would believe because if you’re an adult- God, help you.” You felt your eyes well; you always hated it when Sebastian scolded you. “An adult would make better life decisions, one that won’t ruin her career before it even begins.”

“Dating him is not going to ruin-”

“Don’t,” he cut you off, frowning. “Don’t even, Y/N. You are not stupid, so don’t you finish that sentence.” You dropped your blurred gaze and distracted yourself by scratching a single spot on your marble bench, fighting your urge to start crying. “You-” Sebastian began then sighed, running a hand over his mouth.

He knew he’d hurt your feelings and you were on the verge of crying, which he did not want to see; he hated seeing you cry. You were his baby sister, he wanted you to be happy at all times. It was his job as the man of the house to make sure you were; it was also his job to protect you which was why he was doing what he was doing.

“I know it’s hard, Kiddy.” He reached across the bench top for your hand, but you pulled away before he could offer you a comforting touch. He sighed, “and I’m sorry if I’m coming off harsh.” He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the marble surface as he tried to catch your gaze. “But you know I’m just trying to look out for you, that’s all I ever do. I’m not telling you not to be with Chris, I’m just saying wait a while.”

“I’ve waited seven years,” he heard you mumble, “what if this is my last chance?” You looked up, sniffling as tears rolled down your cheek. “What if he finds someone else before the movie’s done, Seb?” That thought didn’t cross your mind until last night when Chris left looking slightly frustrated. “He’s thirty-six, Seb. He’s not like me, he can’t afford to wait anymore.”

“He can’t afford to, but he will anyway,” he assured you, gently pinching your chin. “You are something special, Kiddy. Someone worth waiting years for, and if Chris doesn’t see that then- he can piss off and you can find someone better.” You managed a small smile. “But come on, like you think he won’t wait. That man is very much so in-love with you.” He playfully nicked your jaw with his fist. “You’re a champ, so stop worrying.”

“I don’t think I tell you I love you enough, Sebba.”

“I don’t think you tell me you love me enough too, Kiddy.” He winked and slid the plate with the omelette across to you. He grabbed a fork out of the drawer and placed it down next to the plate before turning to your fridge, “what do you want to dr-” Before he could finish his sentence, you’d walked over and hugged him from behind. “I love you too, Kiddy,” he chuckled softly, reaching behind him to give your head a light pat.

“You’re the best brother a girl could ask for.”

“Do me a favor and remember how you feel now so you won’t get mad when I tell you this next thing,” he winced and you pulled away from him, raising a brow when he turned around. “Chris isn’t going to drive you to work anymore, I am.”

“Ma freci la icre.”

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Part 5A