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Barba and Elisa, for @booyahkendell and her lovely series, To Build A Home.


They were skating the victory lap, holding hands as usual… but they drifted, their clasp grower looser as they separated.  As they corrected course to skate together again, this is how their hand hold had transformed.


Nina huffed out a little laugh. “It’s okay,” she said at last. “I would have thought about it, too.”
He got to his feet and offered her his hand. “I’m Matthias.”
“Nina,” she said, taking it. “Nice to make your acquaintance.”

i always find those fics where they’re like “x character has to ask bruce if they can date a batkid” weird like,, as if bruce could actually stop his kids from dating who they want lmao

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erica please tell us of your adventures working for a movie theatre please please i'm begging you

I just did! they have these giant rats locked up behind the screens in the auditorium… they let them loose at night after the last screenings because all the usher shifts are over by then and it’s easier to just let the rats eat everything

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Hey Santana does Wham still do that shadow thing? Y'know he gets mad when you accidentally step on his shadow

WAMUU: “Yeah. It’s taking a while though. Sorry…”
SANTANA: “It’s alright. Despite occasional setbacks, we’re still making progress – thanks to a psychologist who just transferred in. Give it time, Wamuu.”

unpopular opinion but like…i don’t think allura would make that good of a black paladin? i think she does an incredible job as the leader of the resistance and leading a large group, but personally i think it’d be a waste to make her the black paladin? allura is so focused on the Bigger Picture and the Greater Good that i think it’d be really frustrating for her to pilot the black lion. like, she’d get easily frustrated with the paladins and hold them to such high expectations that when inevitably they don’t live up to those expectations, she’d get..not discouraged, but irked? and i feel like she wouldn’t be that open to listening to the others? like with shiro we see him working /together/ with the paladins (which is what makes him such a brilliant leader of voltron) and listening to their ideas and trusting them, while with allura it’d be more of her /directing/ the paladins rather than really…working with them. and as the princess of altea, and a resistance leader, that’s a really good quality to have. but working with a smaller team? not so much. that’s why i think that she and shiro make such a good team, because besides coran, shiro is really the only other person that allura listens to. they both trust each other, and balance the other out. shiro focuses on Voltron, while allura focuses on the Big Picture, and together they meet in the middle.