i think it will be my pick me up video from now on

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(1/2) there's this youtube channel that i absolutely love to watch. i watch it when i'm not feeling well and it usually picks me back up again. it just brings me an immense sense of comfort. i talk about them a lot, but i don't go out of my way to research them because i get all the information i need from the videos. i've also been watching them for about 2-3 years and they're one of the only channels i watch. do you think this would count as a special interest or just a comfort

(2/2) show type thing? also, i introduced my boyfriend to the channel with the hopes of watching videos with him and him being able to understand and relate when i talk about them, but now that he watches them i feel kind of defensive because i want him to like them but it’s “my thing”. is this common?

That sounds like a special interest to me. Not all special interests involve researching them. Also, getting defensive of your SI is really common. We often feel possessive of our SIs and have difficulty when others get involved, especially if they’re not excited/happy/engaged as we are. 


Top 10 Speeches in Buffy, Part 1

I’ve been persuaded by the amazing @hezzer19​ to do a few more lists for Buffy, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite speeches. These monologues, however long or short, are ones that have stuck with me, that were game-changers for the characters in the show. I’ve listed them in the order in which they appeared in the show, because I’m indecisive and could never actually pick my favorite. They range from painful to heartwarming and inspiring. (And I was cut off at the end of the third season, which is a good place to stop…for now. Part 2 will be up tomorrow.)

1. Buffy in Prophecy Girl

2. Giles in Lie to Me

3. Angel in Passion

4. Spike in Lovers Walk

5. Jonathan in The Prom

None of the videos are mine – all are from their respective YouTube stations.

So what do you think? Any others in Buffy seasons 1-3 that give you feels?

This is my face when I think about SwanQueen!

Hey I’m Donell. I’m 28 and originally from New Orleans but am now in Atlanta.

Why do I love SwanQueen? Well duh! They are both amazingly beautiful, intelligent, strong women who have undeniable chemistry. They started out at each other’s throats but have wonderfully progressed to always having each other’s backs (even if there was a little bit of time where Regina didn’t see that. We’ll forgive her though because she’s purty!) I originally started to ship them when I saw the amazing YouTube videos. I then shortly after got in to reading the incredible fanfiction that is out there. I always come on tumblr when I need a pick me up. I’m so invested in this crazy-beautiful tv relationship. My friends all give me flack and tell me that it will never happen but I keep having faith. I love coming on here and seeing that I’m not alone in seeing what can possibly be. I have to say Swen has some of the most talented people I’ve ever come across whether it is drawings, manips, gifs, videos, fanfictons etc. You guys always blow me away! I am a loud and proud SWEN for life! Keep the faith you guys!

SWANQUEEN makes me think of one of my favorite quotes…“The best is only bought at the cost of great pain.” Our ladies will suffer with forced relationships and so will we having to watch them but in the end the best will come and that is SwanQueen. BOOM!

But just think of Luke carrying you around though. Doesn’t matter if it’s around the venue they’re playing that night so that you get a decent overview, doesn’t matter if it’s across the street because you need to get to the other side, doesn’t matter if it’s simply just from the couch to the fridge because you’re hungry. He is picking you up and carrying you around, sometimes holding you koala-style, sometimes giving you a piggyback ride - all while throwing death glares in Michael’s direction because that idiot managed to scare you so much the other day you tripped and fell over, spraining your ankle in the process and it doesn’t matter that he has to carry you, what does matter is that now his favourite munchkin can’t move properly so he kneels down in front of the couch for you to cling to his back again after a desperate “Luke I am super thirsty” and he carries you to the table with all the soda cams and bottles while grudgingly mumbling “it’s all his fault maybe he should color his hair less I bet it destroys the brain cells as well” but in reality he still likes Mikey he’s just mad he couldn’t protect you and it’s all good again when Michael opts to take turns with Luke carrying you around until your foot is better which means you’re in for a wild ride bc damn that boy has some fun in running while holding you and jumping up, down and around until Luke literally takes you away, saying how he’s not going to risk a second injury and Mikey pouts until you pat the open spot on the couch beside you, settling between him and Luke comfortably, sushing them both with a “can’t you two just exists in peace for once” before they can stop arguing again about who gets to take care of you now then.