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Lol that change isn't that obvious. They still have the line "wanted you to enjoy your time with her"

Yeah lol like what’s the point 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:A lot of people were coming @ her and asking about the gf so she edited the caption i guess but she could have just turned off the comments so idk

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I think Phoebe meant he left yesterday to go back to London to leave today for Jamaica. Everyone seemed to know he was leaving for that trip today, so she probably just said yesterday because he left Doncaster that day.


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I’m betting we get Louis’ pat denial right around the time the Chiam baby is introduced to the world via a magazine spread. From one baby to another.

Hopefully (but also free Liam)

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Iwa Sketchpage! Pick/Tag your fav. Mine’s bottom left corner for some reason.

Highlight of The Crown (2016)

(The most expensive prestige drama to date)

(Written by the same Oscar faves who wrote The Queen)

(An Emmy contender before it even premiered)

Most definitely, the highlight of this entire season is the delighted expression of Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Regina, when Prince Philip suggests that she get on her knees and blow him

Imagine going to the karaoke with Woozi and singing to your heart’s content until you guys start losing your voice.

Everyone who thought things were bad in America - they’re going to get much worse

After tracking the election obsessively for a year and putting a substantial amount of money into prediction markets, I lost $100 yesterday after a huge number of upsets. But I think that’s the least of my concerns when this country is going to lose way more with the election of Donald Trump as president.

Everyone on my Facebook feed is blowing up with anger right now. I can probably count the number of people I know who supported Trump on one hand. But now people think that throwing out insults like racist, sexist, bigot, etc are going to take back yesterday’s election. In fact, I think that’s only making the problem worse.

I think people on the left, not just tumblr obvs but things like universities and the media, have been so quick to jump down people’s throats for the smallest things. Like if you don’t support affirmative action you’re “racist”, and if you’re against abortion you’re “sexist”. But now an actual racist and sexist president has come along, and no one cares.

I think this year’s election shows more than anything that the kind of discourse that tumblr encourages has consequences. And not for the better. Now some millennials know how to police each other for microagressions better, but this kind of thinking has alienated more and more people. 

So for the types of people who have gotten featured on this blog, I hope you’ve been able to feel smug about how good of a person you’ve been. But I think countless people are going to pay the price. Yes, there’s a lot of different reasons that Trump got elected, but you guys are part of the picture. And if you thought things were bad in America, they’re going to get much worse.


I must be brave, like Robb.

Stark siblings thinking (and talking) about each other - Robb and Sansa

Let’s make a baby part 3 D|H

A/N: Hello everybody like I annouced yesterday I wrote a part 3 to ‘Let’s make a baby’ (Here is pt1 and pt2) I’m sorry that I’m uploading this so late (but hey it’s still Friday) I got a really nice message by an anon yesterday who told me that I should continue this series and it got me thinking. 

SO without further ado I announce that ‘Let’s make a baby’ will continue ! I  hope you are happy with that. 

To celebrate I give you this part that is most probably longer than every other imagine I’ve posted. Enjoy :) 

I looked at the pregnancy test three times before I was able to comprehend what I saw. “A plus” I whispered unbelievingly and pushed the bathroom door open with force. I sprinted to the kitchen were Dan was making dinner while I was crying with relief and happiness. “It’s a plus, Dan” I shouted excitingly. Just like me he didn’t really understand at first,but then I showed him the little plus that meant that there was actually a baby growing inside of me. His whole face lit up and his eyes grew wide. “Fuck” he whispered but seconds later he started shouting. “Oh my god. Finally. I love you so much, Y/N” And with that Dan picked me up and spun me around. I giggled like a little girl and really couldn’t believe our luck. He set me down on the ground again and kissed my whole face. “I’m going to be a dad” he spoke silently and I saw goose bumps appear on his skin and his eyes got watery.

I stood in front of the huge mirror in our room. My t-shirt was lifted up so I could examine my belly. It’s been a month now since I found out that it actually worked and that I’m pregnant. Although my belly most probably hasn’t grown at all after only a month I liked to look at it. Dan liked to look at it too and he’d tell me that he could already see a bump every single time, but I guess he was just too excited. I always imagined that Dan would be the kind of boyfriend that would talk to one’s belly and god was I right. This morning I woke up to him having a conversation with the baby while I was asleep ! He was really supportive and cute and I although I knew that the next 8 months were going to be exhausting I was already looking forward to them.

For this weekend though we had planned to visit Dan’s family in Reading to tell them the news in person. Since they lived quite far away I never got to see his family that often. Only on holidays and his birthday so we weren’t really that close. Dan hadn’t only packed his stuff but also mine because he insisted that I had to relax and not do any work. He is even more protective over me now tahn he was before. When we arrived at his childhood home and rang the door bell I got a bit nervous. A huge bit to be honest. I quickly took Dan’s hand into mine and pressed it hard. “Darling” he laughed. “It’s just my parents”

Before I could answer the door swung open and his mum smiled at her beautiful son that she barely sees. My tall boyfriend hugged his fragile mother before she kindly greeted me with a hug too. “Good evening, Mr Howell” I said as his dad appeared in the door frame next to his wife. The thing about his parents was that they were very nice of course ,but somehow they always seemed a bit distant. They were both business people and Dan always told me that they were never much around when he was younger. We all walked into the dinning room together where Mrs. Howell had prepared a huge fancy dinner for all of us. His grandparents were sitting at the table and after greeting the lovely old people we sat down and his mum brought the food. “Adrian come downstairs, dinner is ready and your brother is here” Mr. Howell shouted and soon Dan’s little teenage brother came down the stairs. He was actually really cute like a mini Dan but still different and interesting. I said my hellos and was glad that he was here. Although me and his parents hadn’t warmed up, me and Adrian actually got along pretty well since he always manages to lighten up the mood. A few minutes into eating our food and telling each other casual things that happened since Christmas when we last saw each other Dan tapped my thigh and I turned my head to look at him.He nodded slightly and my stomach started to turn. ‘Shit’ I thought and swallowed hard.

“We actually have something really important to tell you” Dan started and my heart began to beat enormously fast. But why ? What could happen ? His whole family stared at us and I grabbed my boyfriend’s hand under the table. “Y/N and I are going to have a baby” he announced happily. The whole table gasped and his mother excitingly squealed. “You are such a good boy, Daniel” his grandma said. I smiled and felt the weight fall off my shoulders. I guess it wasn’t such a big deal at all. His family started to ask questions and his mum wanted to know every single detail.She gave me pregnancy tips, told me what I was not allowed to do and all that kind of stuff. It got really late and everybody had finished dessert. “Darling, go rest in the living I’m going to help mum with the dishes” Dan told me. I nodded thankfully and waited for him to be done so we could go to sleep.

As he hadn’t returned from the kitchen after 20 minutes I went to check on him. Before I could open the kitchen door I heard his mother say : “Dan, are you sure you have thought this through. You do not even know each other for that long. You are not even married or anything like that. Don’t you think you rushed into something ?  You two are so different, Dan. It’s like you are the moon and she is the sun or something !”

“Mum stop-” Dan tried to defend himself but got cut off by his mother. “Daniel, I’m just worried. What if she is not the right one. What if you decide you two are too different and you stop getting along. Breaking up is not easy when there is a child involved !”

I just listened and couldn’t believe what his mother was saying. As I couldn’t bear hearing it anymore I ran upstairs, tears streaming down my eyes. I was glad I remembered where Dan’s old room was and pushed the door open. I fell down onto his freshly made bed and started to sob loudly. Although I knew that his mother wasn’t right I couldn’t help but imagine how it would end if she was. I was scared. Scared of being a bad mother and suddenly I was scared of the 8 months ahead of me that I looked forward to this morning. I was a mess and Dan was downstairs and his mum was most probably convincing him that he 'rushed into’ becoming a dad.

My sobs were so loud that I didn’t even hear the door open and my boyfriend step in. “Y/N” Dan whispered worried and my heart sunk. I sat up straight and wiped away the tears that rolled down my red cheeks. The look on his face made my heart break. “What’s wrong, sweetie ? Is it the baby ? Are you okay?” I just nodded but a tear drop escaped my eye at the same time, giving away that I was surely not okay at all.”I heard what your mum said” I simply stated and my voice sounded hoarse. “I’m so sorry” he cried and hugged me hard. I sobbed against his chest while he softly stroke my hair. “She doesn’t know what she is saying, Y/N. I guess she is worried about her grandchild or something, I don’t even know. But baby, I do know that she is definitely not right. God, she is wrong ! I love you and deciding to have this baby was the best thing we have ever done.” he said and kissed me passionately. I placed my hands against his broad and warm chest and gripped his t-shirt. We broke the kiss and I eyed my beautiful boyfriend that I loved dearly. “I actually wanted to have sex with you on my teenage bed but I guess we can just cuddle” he cheekily stated. I sat opposite him, my eyes puffy, my shirt tear stained, and my cheeks red like a cherry but somehow he managed to make me grin with how huge of a lovely idiot he was. “Or maybe both” he then said and I playfully hit his shoulder. 

I had to do some unfollowing yesterday. Basically, I was following 4500+ blogs and that was just too much. So now it’s:

I unfollowed people from 2 years ago who either don’t have a Mass Effect blog or aren’t into it anymore.
Still… if we were mutuals and I unfollowed you yesterday and you’re like “Why Deb????? WHY?”, you’re welcome to send me a message, it’s probably that I unfollowed by mistake, sorry. I had to refollow 2 people today, so it wouldn’t surprise me :/

I’m also a year behind when it comes to my followers and following back. There is a specific reason for that, I thought it was better to stop checking because every time there is a big discussion, or I get asked my opinion, well… I get unfollowed a lot. And followed. And unfollowed. I felt it a bit pointless to check, like perhaps it was better not to see who is following me or not since it was changing all the time.
Well, that wasn’t a good idea, at all. Made me miss out on following some really cool people, who might wonder why I’m not following back. I’m sorry about that. Most of the time I’m just “wtf??? I wasn’t following this person?????”
I’ll try to fix that!

First time drawing @projared

Alright. Goals for today:

  • 5k words
  • A concluding for the epistolary thing I wrote yesterday
  • Catch up on compiling surveys
  • Work on…something else
  • See what my rav friends want me for (I think I know but I still need to deal with it)
  • Uh…I’m already forgetting things fuck that’s why I need a list
  • Oh yeah my DCJBB check in which I epic failed to do by deadline (deadline was yesterday)
  • …I’ll probably add more
  • Right finish the outline for mairisi’s FTH auction
  • And try to come up with the prompts for the auctions I won cause damn am I behind on that
Teenage Angst, compared:

Me: “My parents don’t understand me.”

Harry: “My parents are dead.”

Me: “I’m losing sleep because I have too much homework.”

Harry: “I’m losing sleep because I’m having vivid recurring nightmares and waking up in a cold sweat.”

Me: “I might not get into a good college.”

Harry: “I might not live to see my seventeenth birthday.”

Me: “Most people at school think I’m a loser.”

Harry: “Most people at school think I’m an insane attention-seeking liar.”

Me: “A classmate made fun of me yesterday.”

Harry: “A national newspaper made fun of me yesterday.”

Me: “My parents are so overprotective.”

Harry: “My remaining family doesn’t care whether I live or die. In fact, they would probably prefer I died.”

Me: “My relationship is struggling because we’ve both been so busy lately.”

Harry: “My relationship is struggling because my girlfriend is still grieving over her ex-boyfriend, whose death I witnessed.”

Me: “My teacher is out to get me. She’s always criticizing my work.”

Harry: “My teacher is out to get me. She sent soul-sucking monsters to my house and made me carve words into my hand.”

More About Paper!

Got tagged by @caped-ace (yay!) so here we goooooo!

1: Are you named after someone?
Not that I am aware of. The full name is ‘Katherine’ but it’s always been ‘Katie.’
2: When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday. Because my rat died. There was a lot of crying yesterday and the day before over the rat so…yeah, there we go.
3: Do you like your handwriting?
Yes! I love my handwriting. Both cursive and print I dig it.
4: What is your favorite lunch meat?
5: Do you have kids?
6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Oh gosh, probably I think? I like to think I’m pretty fun to have around…? And not boring and lame?
7: Do you use sarcasm?
Whaaaa? NOOOO. I never use sarcasm…
8: Do you still have your tonsils?
Yup. I have all the tonsiliths to prove it.
9: Would you bungee jump?
Hell yeah, so long as all appropriate safety measures were in order. I remember a time when bungee jumping was basically treated like…an activity you did if you wanted a 50/50 chance of DYING.
10: What is your favorite kind of cereal?
Either Lucky Charms or Reese’s Puffs.
11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
No. This used to drive my mom crazy because I also wouldn’t untie them to put them on.
12: Do you think you’re a strong person?
Bro, I have, like, zero upper body strength.
13: What is your favorite ice cream? Ever, ever?
Some years ago, there was a Bailey’s Ice Cream brought out by Haagen Dazs. It was freaking amazing.
14: What is the first thing you notice about people?
Usually their face: if they are smiling, if they sound friendly. if they look kind. And I try to make eye contact right from the get-go so that’s where I gravitate.
15: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself?
Ooof. Umm. Eeeehhhhhhhhhhh…my butt. Is big. So kind of gets in the way.
16: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now?
Uuuuhhhhh none and none! Wearing a skirt, barefooted.
17: What are you listening to right now?
A dog barking. No music or anything presently.
18: If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
19: Favorite smell?
Books and patchouli.
20: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
A doctor’s office for work. Bleh.
21: Favorite sport to watch?
Haha, gonna second CA on ‘sports anime’ :D
22: Hair color?
Dark brown with some reddish purple mixed in from the last time I home-colored it.
23: Eye color?
Bluuuuue. So blue.
24: Do you wear contacts?
25: Favorite food to eat?
Sushi and ice cream!
26: Scary movies or comedy?
Depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I need the funny to cleanse my palate. 
27: Last movie you watched?
The last one in theaters was “Rogue One.”
28: What color of shirt are you wearing?
Does a navy blue hoodie work? Because I’m wearin’ a dress.
29: Summer or winter?
Winter if I have to pick one of those, but fall, actually.
30: Hugs or kisses?
Hugs! I do like kisses too, but usually it’s like…hugs are the go-to.
31: What book are you currently reading?
I am reading a LOT of comics, including Their Story and Boku no Hero Academia. I am also working on Watership Down.
32: Who do you miss right now?
My mom. Sometimes I just want to hang out with her, but she’s like 7+ hours away.
33: What is on your mouse pad?
Some sweet looking person from Borderlands. I got it in a Loot Crate and it’s the biggest mousepad ever.
34: What is the last TV program you watched?
New Girl with Hubs during dinner. Love that show.
35: What is the best sound?
The city.
36: Rolling stones or The Beatles?
The Beatles (@caped-ace Neither???!!!!!!)
37: What is the furthest you have ever travelled?
Japan. (Ha! I didn’t even have to change that one!)
38: Do you have a special talent?
I’m not really sure what constitutes something as being ‘special’ buuuttttt…I can write like a mofo? And I’m also good at felting? And uhhh…driving?
39: Where were you born?

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i was going to ask you for the sleepover but i accidentally clicked on the unfollow button and i really didnt mean it so if you got a new follower thats probably me😂😅 anyway, i saw your livegram yesterday?eh with @nerhd and you both look soo cute omgomg😍😍😍

ahahah that’s okay bub, i’m just glad you’re still with me!! ✨ and thank u so much for tuning in to our livestream yesterday, it’s v much appreciated~ i hope u enjoyed the two hours of us making lame inside jokes and cracking equally lame puns lmao!! + thank u so much bub, but i think it’s safe to say that ur the cute one 💕💕💕

*✧·゚:* IT’S SLEEPOVER TIME! *:·゚✧* send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!


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lockscreen: I changed it yesterday because my ass is the 100 trash (especially bellamy/bob trash) and i mean look at how pure. I swear to god.

song: I honestly love this song, I used to hate it because my sister played it so often but now I’m sort of in love with it.

selfie: I honestly have no clue when I took this selfie, I think it was probably after getting home from the movies a couple of weeks ago.

i tag @thehighwarlock @somedrunkpirate @saraleonard @claryandizzy  @jonasnoahvasques @rliaya and whoever else wants to do it!!


Some screen caps from Chop Suey. Truth be told, though I knew about Ian Svenonius’ involvement back when I got the game, I’d forgotten about it over the years. (I mean, I hadn’t played the game or seen anything about it since, probably, ‘99?) But as I was playing it yesterday, two things stood out to me. Dooner–pictured in the third screen cap from the top–and the beatnik fireflies, pictured fifth from the top. Yesterday, I looked at Dooner and thought: “Oh wow, look at that retro sorta-mod hipster boy, he looks like he should be listening to The Make*Up or something.” (Side note: I totally had a vague sort-of crush on Dooner when I played the game at age 13-15, I remember thinking, god, I wanna meet a boy like that. Reader, I met many boys like that, and most of them were disappointing.) And then, as I clicked on the beatnik fireflies, I recognized the voice of the one who said crazy. I thought: “I am 99% certain that is none other than Ian F. Svenonius.” I remembered that Brendan Canty had done the music, and that Theresa Duncan had been part of the DC punk scene, so I thought it was certainly probable. And then, while watching the credits at the end of the game, I saw that Ian was the fucking illustrator! Like I said, I’d forgotten, and I laughed when I saw his name there. It’s kind of funny and awesome when I think about the fact that Ian S. and stuff he’s made or been part of making has been an important part of my life for well over two decades, now.

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So.. Valentines day was yesterday.. right? I usually stay off that day because single people take quite a hit during these days because all they can think about is the fact that they are single (unless you like being single, then kudos to you. You are a stronger person than I). Now to the point, when you were single, what did you do to keep yourself company?

Ummmmm I probably would just sit at home,play video games,keep up on my social medias and just be a nerd but if I was single yesterday I would have probably drove 5 hrs away and seen my bestie and spent the day with her

Dark Fate Yuma Maniac Prologue Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02    Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02

-Scene: Forest-

Yuma: I think it was around here… …ah, there it is.

The underground waterway――this has gotta be the place. I just came here with Yui yesterday.

(As we were getting deeper inside, I was struck with a strange, nostalgic feeling)

(Then, just as I got a headache, a fragment of my memories came flying back… …)

When we first came in here, she was pretty scared… …Thinking back now, maybe she had a hunch or something.

(That girl. She’d probably be telling me off by now… …)

(She’s worried about me. I told her not to follow me, pushing her away… ..)

… … … …Ggh.

Hah. There’s no point in thinking about it. Let’s go.

-Scene Change: Underground Waterway-

Yuma: … …I got the headache around here yesterday.

Uugh… …must be here… …

… …Ggh… …Aggh… …

(What… …the hell… …this memory… …Augh… …)


Edgar: Here’s a place that’s exclusive to us. Our secret base!

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