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So in light of the newest blog do you see yourself doing a shout out project like Felix did with you promoting smaller youtubers?

I’ve been thinking about it more and more recently. I definitely want to try do SOMETHING to help out and follow up on today’s vlog with it.

I’m not sure if a simple shoutout contest is the way to go though because it gets super messy very quickly and I don’t exactly have a clear way of doing that fairly or efficiently. Felix had a forum to do it with and people to scrub through all the submissions so I’d have to consider the logistics of it all.

I also want to make sure that if I DID try and help people it would actually have an effect. I don’t want to do it to just make myself look good or to appease the demand. I’d rather do it in a way that has proper impact on people’s channels.

I don’t know what that solution is yet and maybe a shoutout competition IS the only way to do it but I’ll ponder a bit more on it :P

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My dad says Zoo's are becoming politically incorrect. I've seen both arguments but I wanna hear your opinion on it: do you think Zoo's are a good idea?

Well, let’s see if I can keep this response short.

First, I’m guessing that by ‘politically correct’ you mean ‘ethically sound.’ So, is keeping animals in zoos an ethical thing to do? As with many things, there is no easy or even single answer to that question.

Without a doubt, there are bad zoos- private or roadside zoos, zoos that keep their animals in abhorrent conditions, zoos that allow visitors to engage in unsafe things like cub-petting schemes. It is obvious that these types of zoos are unethical and exploitative.

(Hint: something like this is never a good sign.)

On the other hand, what constitutes a ‘good’ zoo? In the best captive conditions currently available, is it okay to keep an animal locked up? Some say no, no matter what; some say what we have now isn’t good enough. Others say yes- the best zoos are able to provide their captives with good lives.

This of course brings us to just what a ‘good’ life is. Those who say that animals should never ever be placed in captivity usually value a sense of freedom above all else. Even in perfect captive conditions, an animal will not be free, wild, or ‘natural.’

However, we must acknowledge that ‘freedom’ is a concept created and defined by humans. A human locked in a prison knows the difference between captivity and freedom, and is able to conceptualize that certain ‘rights’ that they have are being violated. But for animals, this may be too complex to perceive. How far back do you have to move a fence before a kudu decides that he is wild again? The idea that animals sense when they are ‘free’ versus ‘not free’ is, to me, not realistic.

Animals do, however, benefit from the ability to be free to make choices, such as what they eat, where they will go, who they will interact with, and so on. Undeniably, captivity presents animals with fewer choices of these kinds than they would have in the wild. The best zoos are now implementing programs to accommodate these choices, particularly with highly intelligent animals such as elephants and apes.

One such example: the “O Line” at the Smithsonian National Zoo allows orangutans to choose one of two buildings to stay in during the day. Other animals, such as the otters, can choose whether or not to be on exhibit via spaces in their enclosure that are sheltered from the public. Scatter feeding and foraging enrichment is yet another way that zoos allow animals to choose what food they want to eat.

Still, despite these improvements, there will always be limitations of choice in captive environments compared to wild ones by the very definition of ‘captivity.’ Furthermore, while many strides have been taken to update enclosures with choices in mind, the fact remains that the implementation of behavioral science in zoos lags behind the research due to the costs, and often due to the stress of the animals themselves when trying to adjust to new schedules and norms (even if they are theoretically better ones).

A forty-year old captive elephant will have lived through decades of zoo reform, and we can’t erase those negative experiences from her mind.

One danger of comparing captive animals to their wild counterparts is assuming that captive environments should mirror the wild ones as closely as possible. But what the wild even is is not well-defined. ‘Wild’ deer roam my suburban neighborhood: should that habitat be replicated in their zoo enclosure? Wild environments include predators, diseases, and natural disasters: is it better that those be implemented in zoos as well?

In actuality, an animal born in captivity likely has no sense of what its natural environment should look like. Certainly it has natural instincts and inclinations- a tiger likes to urine-mark vertical objects and a gibbon likes to climb- but neither of them specifically needs a tree to do this with- a post or rope swing would also work. The ‘naturalistic’ look of many zoo enclosures is actually for the benefit of the visitors, not the animals. In fact, a lush, well-planted habitat could still be an abysmal one for an animal if all of its needs aren’t being met.

This brings us to one of the most important aspects of zoos: the visitors. Theoretically, one of the major purposes of good zoos is to educate and inspire the public about animals, particularly in regards to their conservation. But do zoos actually do this?

The answer is yes… to a small extent. People given surveys upon entering and leaving a zoo exhibit generally do know slightly more about the animals than they used to, but this depends a lot on how educated they were to begin with. While many visitors express an increased desire to engage in conservation efforts after leaving a zoo, not many of them have actually followed up on it when surveyed again a few weeks later. Still, most zoo visitors seem to leave the zoo with several positive if perhaps short-term effects: interest in conservation, appreciation for animals, and the desire to learn more. If a visitor experiences a “connection” with an animal during their visit, these effects are greatly increased.

However, certain types of animal “connections” and interactions can also produce a negative effect on zoo visitors. This reflects what I said earlier about the naturalistic design of habitats being more for the visitors than the animals. Individuals who view animals performing non-natural behaviors (such as a chimpanzee wearing clothes and acting ‘human,’ or a tiger coming up to be petted) are less likely to express an increased interest in their conservation, and even less likely to donate money towards it. Generally, our own perception of freedom and wildness matters much more than the individual animal’s.

The fact of the matter is that, worldwide, zoos spend about $350 million dollars on wildlife conservation each year. That is a tremendous amount of money, and it comes from visitors and donations. What amount of discomfort on the part of captive animals is worth that money being devoted to their wild counterparts? It’s hard to say.

This is a very, VERY general overview of some of the ethical issues surrounding zoos; to go over it all, I’d need to write a book. But hopefully, it got you thinking a little bit about what your own opinion on all this is. (I didn’t explicitly state mine on purpose, though it’s probably fairly clear.)

Refs and further reading below the cut!

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What do you think happened between Sasuke and Sakura after returning to Konoha after defeating Shin? Do you think Sasuke was upset still after his encounter with Sarada? Do you think Sakura comforted him or did more than that? Btw I love you blog!!

I’d imagine that Sasuke’s first reunion with Sarada was on the back of his mind for a while. That’s one of the reasons I liked the little filler scene where they showed Sasuke touching the mark on the wall that he had made with his sword, and thinking back to Sarada’s fearful expression:

His regret regarding the whole ordeal was very clear here:

And I can definitely see Sakura noticing this, and comforting Sasuke on the matter when they were alone after Sarada had gone to sleep. It’d be one of those instances where she could just tell that something was bothering him.

At the age of 13/14, school was a horror for me. Every day I woke up in the middle of the night, stressed, sweating and thinking if I’ve done all homework or if I, for 100%, don’t have test tomorrow. At some point it became clear to me, that if it’ll go on, before school ends I will be a walking human disaster with anxiety and damaged health. After that kind of stress-detox I am this person in every class, that  D O E S N ‘T   G I V E   A   F U C K  while having very good grades. I do all I have to, I am more motivated than ever before, but meanwhile I have time for leisure reading, for free time activities, just because I don’t stare at the wall and stress about almost everything.  I believe some of you are in the same situation like this one I’ve been in. So here are some tips:

·      No test is worth your health (or sleep!). Actually in high school, when it was past 10pm and I didn’t do something, I just went to bed. I finished studying for tests at 10.30 pm and just casually went to bed.

·      Don’t cram in the last moment (unless you haven’t studied before) – when I’ve been studying for an exam for like few days, I had the last evening before free. It makes you more relaxed and helps to gather your thoughts faster next day.

·      Learn to laugh at yourself. Have you done a stupid mistake? That’s no problem – laugh and try to do better next time!

·      Don’t care if your teacher is mean. Like you can be mean too, but look down on them ant show how polite (AND BETTER) you are. Ignore some unpleasant remarks and make the class your territory.

·      After the exam: well, there are two ways. You can either check the answers or don’t look at them and wait for the results. As a stressed kid I chose the latter, but now I prefer to look for answers and have some chill later

·      Learn just for yourself and gather knowledge on topics you’re interested in

·      Seriously: NOTHING DEPENDS UPON THIS TEST/EXAM. Seriously. Understand it or next Halloween you won’t have to dress up, because you’ll already look like a zombie. It’s just a test. You’ve written hundreds of them before and will write the next hundreds.

What to watch in russian language?

It’s a very good question! Thank you, Tiff!
So, russian television mostly is an adaptation of some European and American tv shows, serials and films. But! There are some really good stuff, that I would like to mention.
*it’s important that I chose shows, serials and films that *I* like, because you can easily find all this popular&well-known stuff on internet, but I want to show something that is worth watching in only my opinion:)


Иван Ургант
And yes, everyone chooses it. But there are reasons why! 1 - it’s funny, 2 - you can watch it on YouTube for free (it updates everyday, so all series are fresh), 3 - it’s a very good version of Jimmy Fallon.

StandUp на ТНТ
So, it’s standup on TNT. Everything is clear, I think. It’s funny and it’s a good practice of intermediate+ level (I watch English standups all the time :D)
And pay attention to the site of the channel “ТНТ”, there are the most interesting things for teens (in my opinion)
You also can watch Танцы на ТНТ, Импровизация, Comedy Club, Где логика? etc. You can find anything you want.

Уральские пельмени
Old comedians with kind jokes about russian reality. It’s not THAT funny, but one of that things that you can watch to improve Russian language and understanding of our culture:)


It’s a serial on TNT again. But it’s a good one, I mean picture and idea, just find it on internet and watch:)

Закон каменных джунглей ZKD
It’s TNT production again :) It’s about some “bad” teens, maybe something like British “skins”.

It’s something like idea of “Sherlock”, but the main character is a snuff-taker, he breathes in and finds important information. Maybe you will like it!:)


I can’t help you with films. I, and the most part of russians, don’t watch our films. It’s not interesting, it’s awkward, clumsy. I can’t help you with it.
I don’t know any good modern russian film.

> If it is too difficult for you, try to watch cartoons
> if you have watched all of this, try to find films of not-russian production but with Russian voiceover
> remember of YouTube, there are a lot of Russian people:)

What if the grandmaster uses Loki and Loki uses him like they both get what they want and they have this rapport of look I know your situation sucks and I can provide you with all of this and in return you’re gonna be my arm candy and also maybe some uuuuuh sugar on the side if you’re up for it it’s not like I can’t get that whenever I want I just think it’d be sweet 👀👀👀 and his pickup lines are the worst and then there’s Loki who is really smooth but sometimes is completely flustered by the grandmaster’s attention for detail and genuine affection and also by how powerful he is and his whole style just sits right with Loki (If only he would be less gold and flashy but oh well) and it’s very clear Loki goes with it for the health insurance benefits if you know what I am saying but also they both realize that they have a really great time together and…

And then Thor steals him and I think during Infinity War Loki will miss him a lot. 😢


Request ⇾ Can you do an imagine where the reader is a nurse and she’s very good at taking care of Will and making sure he’s comfortable (kind of like a big sister relationship) like he has to get blood drawn and he’s nervous so she just keeps talking to him about D&D and video games and Joyce appreciates her so much for it. Sorry if this is confusing! I’m studying to be a nurse and my teacher always says to relate to the little kids and get their minds cleared when they go through a procedure 😅😊

Warnings ⇾ none, I don’t think!

A/N ⇾ will is such a cute boy aww


“Hey, little guy. How you feelin’ today?” Y/N asked whilst entering her favourite patients room.

Will immediately lit up, “Hi, Y/N!” He sat up in his bed and gave her an enormous beam. He was always happy to see Y/N. “I’m feeling good today, I don’t have a headache anymore, thanks to you!”

“That’s amazing! I’m so glad!” Y/N smiled down at the boy who, would never admit to it but, definitely felt connected to her. “You hot?” She asked while pressing the back of her hand up to his forehead before receiving a big shake of the head. “That’s good! Your mom and I were getting worried, you felt like fire yesterday!” Y/N said, perching herself on the edge of his bed. “What’s that?” She inquired whilst pointing at the card and picture next to his bed.

“Oh! My friends came to see me yesterday and one of them, Dustin, drew me a picture of his new lizard thing.” Will responded while passing it over to show her.

“Lizard thing?!” She asked, taking a look at the drawing for herself.

“Well, he did tell what it was but I forgot.” Will admitted sheepishly.

She handed him the drawing back and sent a smile his way, “Not to worry, I’m sure it’ll come back to you.” Which Will nodded in response.

“So, since you’re feeling better, the doctor was on about seeing if we could take that little bit of blood today?”

Will’s nerves came flooding back, “W-will it hurt?” He asked with fear in his eyes.

“No, I’ll be here and so will your Mom, we won’t let anything hurt you, I promise. You just gotta be brave, like I know you are.” Y/N said rubbing his hand, in an attempt to calm him down.

“Where is mom?” He asked, looking at the door.

“She’s just filling out some forms, when she gets back we’ll go get another nurse to help out, okay?”

Will nodded, despite still feeling a pit in his stomach.

“Okay, so Will, could you just look over to Y/N and your Mom? Then just relax your muscles for me, can you do that?” A nurse on the wing asked. He nodded hesitantly.

“Hey, sweetie. It’s okay, I promise. Look! Me and Y/N are here.” Joyce tried comforting him, but it just wasn’t working.

“So, Will, I hear you like dungeons and dragons, huh? That’s what your mom has been telling me.” Y/N interjected, sending a slight nod in the direction of the other nurse.

“Yeah, I love it. Me and my friends play it every Friday and Sunday. We once played for 8 hours straight!” Will said, smiling at the conversation change. All he needed was a distraction.

“Wow! I bet you were tired after all that! Are you any good? Do you and your friends win?” She responded with bright and interested eyes.

“Well, I’m good but I wouldn’t say that about Dustin, he’s always getting us killed!” He giggled at the thought.

The nurse applied a bandage and started gathering up her equipment, causing Will to turn his head in confusion, “Wait, when are you-?”

“She already did it.” Y/N replied. “See it wasn’t that bad after all!” She smiled up at him.

Joyce stood at the hospital desk, looking around before catching Y/N putting on her coat as her shift was over.

“Ooh! Y/N! Wait!” Joyce ran after her, as Y/N turned around.

“Hey, Joyce. Everything okay?” Y/N raised her eyebrow.

“Oh, yeah! Everything’s great! I just wanted to say a huge thank you from me and Jonathan, for everything you’ve done for Will! He really likes you and I can tell you’re really good for him. He loves spending time with you!” She smiled while embracing Y/N in a hug.

“Oh, it’s fine! I love the kid, he’s so sweet. Just gets a little nervous sometimes, but he’s so brave.”

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (3/15)

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

AU Summary: The Avengers try to convince Y/N to stay and join earth’s mightiest heroes, without knowing the specifics of her abilities

Notes: yes i update fast for the first 10 (??) chapters. there might be one more coming in less than 12 hours tbh

 Part 2 | Part 3| Part 4


“Are you Lady Y/N?” he asked as soon as he was sure no one else was out to get her. For now, at least.

“I am.” she nodded.

“Then we better hurry.”

“W-wait. I am not going to SHIE—”

But it was too late to turn back since Thor suddenly pulled her close and used his hammer to fly out into the sky.

Her eyes were closed shut the whole time but then when she felt her feet touch the floor, she quickly pulled away from Thor’s tight grasp on her waist. But when she was walking backwards, her back bumped into something firm. Slowly, Y/N turned around and was standing in front of Steve.

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I love your blog! I liked the villain and hero desire prompts and I was wondering if you could do more but little bit angsty than the last. Thanks a bunch!!!!!! :D

Lol sorry with how long this took, I’ve been pretty busy with starting a new school. Anyways, I hope these fit what you were thinking of!

1) “You’re very beautiful, you know,” the villain sighed as they sat across from the protagonist, smiling gently across the table as they lit the candles. “Especially in moonlight.”

The protagonist just screamed through their gag.

2) “I don’t want to fight you.”

The hero’s voice echoed across the clearing as they stood up, head held up strongly. Unbent. Unbroken.

But still in love, despite everything.

3) “And what are you afraid of villain? Dying? Being forgotten? Losing?”

“Only you,” they whispered.

4) “No.” The hero walked over to the villain’s limp body, hand held over their face as what they realised just what they had done. “No. It’s not meant- it can’t-” Just who they had killed. “No.

Yukio’s Desire For Power

Chapter 96 definitely made one thing clear, Yukio wants to be stronger, but has anyone asked why? I don’t know, but I have a theory. I think Yukio’s desire for power stems from three things…

Sibling Rivalry



With everything that’s just happened I think Yukio has the best intentions under it all. It may seem like he’s going down a darker path, but I think it’s all a trick. He is the smarter of the Okumura’s after all.

(Spoilers Under The Cut And Also Very Long)

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The Sides'... Sides?

Hey there everyone! I’m @jiyudreamer, a semi co-writer of this ask-blog. Yes some of the angst is because of me. You’re welcome ;)

My job here? To clarify any questions you guys may have about our boys: Mephisto, Gabriel, Luctus, and Nicolaus. We’ve worked so hard on our boys, and we’re so glad you love them as much as we do! <3

Now, the biggest question on everyone’s minds… how do these new Sides work?

Let’s discuss each one since how they each relate to their host is a bit different!


Mephisto is literally everything Roman doesn’t want to be. He doesn’t want to be a “villain” or “evil”. He wants to be the hero. Mephisto is all of that darkness within him because every hero has the capability to be evil they just choose not to. He’s not an opposite, so much as a reflection in a mirror. Everything Roman hopes he isn’t is what Mephisto is. However, just like we all must accept what we look like in our reflection, Roman does the same for Mephisto and accepts him as a part of himself which is why Mephisto becomes kinder. The less self-doubt or anger Roman has, the less evil Mephisto is. They work as a balance.


Gabriel is Virgil’s positive side. Even though Virgil is anxiety, some of the things he does including the “fight or flight” or general acceptance of what’s possible, shows that Anxiety is not all bad. Anxiety as an emotion is usually perceived as a negative thing. However, as explained in Accepting Anxiety Part 2, there is a balance of necessary anxiety to protect us. Gabriel is also very blunt, as anxiety can be, and he tends to not take well to criticism or anyone who badmouths Virgil.


As we know, Patton has a lot of bottled up sad feelings as shown in Moving On Parts 1&2. Even though he finally does accept those sad feelings and he doesn’t want to hide them anymore, they’ve still been bottled up for a very long time. Luctus is the result of that suppression. He literally cries at the drop of a hat but at the same time he is a part of Patton so he’s not all sad. Luctus is the embodiment of the idea of “inner child”.


Nicolaus (pronounced Nicholas) is all of Logan’s control: his strictness for wanting to get things done and in a timely fashion. Nic does not care about emotions nor does he think they’re necessary. If he had his way, Logan would be the strongest Side and take complete control of all situations without any emotions at all. Nic was brought into creation from Logan’s anger and frustrations about dealing with the other’s silly/emotional antics. Despite his emotionless approach to things, he seems very protective of Logan.

I hope this helps to clear up any confusion you all may have had about our bois! Both of us are still adding new characteristics to them as time goes on but also, feel free to message me (@jiyudreamer) if you have any questions about them! :D Thanks all you lovelies! <3

//thanks again friend for writing this amazing explanation! i hope this will clear some things up <3

Kakashi x reader

“(y/n)-senseeeeei! Where are you?”

You sighed and rolled your eyes, slipping behind a barrel as you tried to hide from your student Konohamaru. This little brat always asked for new jutsu to learn and it was starting to get annoying. Those were the days you regretted ever becoming a sensei. Who had thought you were good with kids anyways?

The barrel wasn’t a very good hiding spot though, so you tiptoed across the street to the ninja academy. It was midday and not a single soul was outside besides a few ninja guards. It was lunchtime and the delicious smell of food lingered in the empty, dusty streets. The sun was burning down without mercy and the soft wind painted the dirt across the ground in angry, circular strokes. 

This time, you chose an empty classroom for your new hiding spot, hearing your student yelling your name somewhere in the distance. The door did not slid open that easily, the old wood refused to move now and then and you remembered just how it had felt when you went to the academy in your childhood. As you finally slipped into the classroom, you were surprised to see another person in there.

“Oi, Kakashi-sama, you’re here too?”

The current Hokage was leaning against the wall at the other side of the room, warm rays of sunshine lighting up his features as he looked up from the book he was reading.

“Drop the sama already! I’m hiding from Shizune, she wanted me to finish the whole stack of paperwork before my lunch break, but I just didn’t get to it…”

You grimaced at him. “Oh I know, probably you were too busy reading this porn book of yours!”

Kakashi´s easy, asshole-smile never faded and the longer it stayed on his features the more you wanted to wipe it off his face. 

“Well, the work of a Hokage is quite tiring and demanding, I have to relax sometimes and-”

“Oh shut it, will you? What´s in this book anyways? I bet it isn´t that great.”

You took a few steps forwards to get a peek on the treasured book of the copy nin, but in less than a second he jumped out of your reach. His speed had always saved him from your attacks in the past and you tried not to hide your frustration as you glared at the silver haired male. Why couldn´t he stop being this secretive? From what you remembered, he had always wore that mask over his face. This was how you had first met him, and until this day he hadn´t changed.

Your anger faded and small smile pulled at your lips. You had a good idea of why he hid under that mask. For now though, the mission you set up for yourself was to find out the contents of the book that Kakashi always read. Hentai had never really interested you but the thought of knowing the words that Kakashi enjoyed so much would be great. You could as well buy the book in one of the stores and read it yourself, but that just wasn´t the same. This book was owned and loved by Kakashi, it was his belonging. By stealing it you got the chance  - probably for once in your lifetime - to mock him, to see him shiver and sweat as he would watch how you opened the book and read what was inside. Yes, this was what you wanted, to have power over the usually so independent ninja that currently watched you as he leaned against the wall like one of the cool kids.

Mission: set. Target: in reach - Ready. Set. Go!

With feigned shock your eyes widened as you gazed out of the window. Your finger pointed hastily at nothing in particular outside and you stumbled backwards. This trick was very cheap indeed, but not if it included the person that Kakashi was the most scared of at this moment.

“…Sh- Shizune!”

Visibly alarmed by your trick, Kakashi turned around in an instant to see for himself and as he did so, you dashed forwards, almost toppling him over as you grabbed the bright orange spine of the book and disappeared into thin air while Kakashi still whipped his head around to see Shizune.

A big grin was plastered on your face as you jumped out of the window in lighting speed, adrenaline kicking in your blood since you knew Kakashi would chase after you, so you could as well be running away from a really agressive dog.

Behind you, Kakashi let out a few curses as well as your name in a low, dangerous voice. You knew this tone, it wasn´t a good sign at all but right now you didn´t care because for once you had power over him. All this time it had been you that had chased him through these narrow alleyways of town as you were trying to get his attention, and now for once the roles were switched. The tables had turned. This place was where you´d grown up and you knew the best hiding spots and short cuts with closed eyes, so it took you only a few minutes to get to the busy market place of town. The villagers had returned from their midday´s rest and you mingled with the crowd.

In this situation Kakashi´s sharingan was useless, so you didn´t fear for that. The grin still stayed on your features and you liked this feeling of possessing something the copy nin called his own. You walked through the crowd, blending in with the various colours and people. There was constant noise; laughing, chatting and the occasional sound of a bell. Above the noise you could hear a particularly loud salesman, boosting his wares. You never slowed down, just a certain sweet smell made you stop in front of a small shop as it came to your senses. The sign above made off white fabric said “だんご”.

Why not enjoy your newfound treasure with a delicious treat of dango? You pushed aside the white curtains of the shop as you entered. They were quite dirty which meant that the food here must be good. You sat down close to the counter, ordering two sets because seriously, who got full from only one skewer? And you had the feeling that you´ld be getting company soon. Just at this moment, a grumpy looking Hokage entered the shop and sat down next to you.

“Took you long enough.”

You said with a sneer. A dark gaze met yours and you leaned back in your seat, putting the book into your jacket as you enjoyed your newfound confidence. Kakashi wasn´t really someone to use blunt violence, he would rather wait till you gave the book back to him or more likely get it back with a trick since his patience wasn´t known to be his strongest trait.

The owner of the shop came to your table and set two skewers of dango onto the table and you grabbed one of them, the heavenly taste making this day better and better. Kakashi also took the other one without asking, but you hadn´t expected anything else.  

“So why do you like the book so much?” You asked to break the sudden cold mood, since the silver haired ninja probably only sat at the table with you because of it and you knew he wanted nothing more than to get it back. But he wouldn´t. At least not for now.

With vigilant eyes you watched the legendary copy nin, awaiting the moment where he would have to pull down his mask to eat the dango, but he only played around with the skewer and didn´t make a move to actually eat it.

“I guess it reminds me a little of my childhood.”

Oh. You didn´t expect that answer. Immediately you had to think back to your own childhood. The first day of the ninja academy was still very clear in your memory. It had been the day you´d first seen Kakashi. The silver haired boy had immediately caught your attention, standing on the yard with some kids his age while he trained with kunai. It hadn´t been his looks, more the way he used to talk and act. You´d admired him for a long time, eventually giving up on your crush as you hit your teenage years. Now you both were adults and he even became Hokage - he of all people! You´d never seen a more selfish bastard but also, he knew what was the right thing to do.

“My father used to read a lot and I searched for something I could read with the same passion as him. Found it then a few years later.”

You doubted that his father had been a passionate hentai lover, but you got the idea. Books were simply magic. Kakashi never spoke much of his parents and you wondered why he did so, now.

“Let´s take a walk.” You said and payed for the food, then going outside. Without looking back you knew he followed. The path you were headed to led away from the busy marketplace and into a quiet area of Konoha, where grass grew under your feet and it was quiet enough to hear the birds sing. Your bright mood had changed to one of pity and right now you wanted to allow the copy nin some peace in the silence of nature. As you turned around to him, he held an empty skewer in his hands.

“You know you can just buy a copy of the book if you want to read it so badly.”

Kakashi stated in his usual dry tone, having recovered from his previous anger. His words made you bite your lip. Of course you could just buy the book but that wasn´t the point! He just didn´t understand your actions and you didn’t have the nerve of trying to explain it to him.

“Right. In fact, I could just read it right now!”

Kakashi didn´t want to admit, but your words made him very uneasy. Somehow it was really awkward if you were going to know what caught his attention and made him be so passionate. He didn´t want you to know, not you of all people! But before he could do something, you´d pulled out the book from under your jacket and opened it at random.

You read out loud, suddenly very excited to finally know the secret of the book:

“ >>Mary-Ann, will you attend the ball with me?<< Prince Christian asked and his lips touched the skin of her wrist that had gotten exposed. The lady´s heart beat wildly in her chest and she shivered under his gaze, unable to realize that the Prince had chosen a normal girl like her and not one of the princesses-

ARE YOU KIDDING ME this isn´t porn - this is a teenage girl romance novel!”

So apparently, between the scenes Jiraiya had to do so much research for, this cheesy kind of romance was going on. This really was the least thing you´d expected.

Kakashi was visibly uneasy now and he clearly didn´t look amused. You let out a snicker.

“I never knew the legendary copy nin would read this kind of novel. But now that I think about it… no, it actually fits you!”

Kakashi´s gaze shot up to yours, now visibly confused and something inside you snapped, making you say the assumptions you thought about for so many years.

“Since you were a kid you wear that stupid mask of yours. The others think you do it to look cool, but in reality all you wanna do is hide yourself!”

The eyes of the silver haired ninja widened. He hadn´t expected you to first pick his pocket and then trying to figure out his deepest emotions and secrets. You felt rage rising up inside you and realized that you´d held back on saying these things for years.

“You use this mask just to put a border between you and the rest of the world because under all of that coolness and careless attitude of yours, you´re afraid. That´s it, Kakashi Hatake. You´re afraid of letting people see the soft side of you.”

The man you spoke to stood there glued to the spot, his breathing being the only visible movement. His gaze pierced right through yours and for a second, you were scared he would put you in a genjutsu. Without another word, you closed the book and put it back under your jacket. Kakashi seemed to have gained back the ability to speak and he took some steps forwards, now being dangerously close to you.

“So you say I hide from everyone, is that right?”

Never leaving his gaze, you saw from the corners of your eyes how his hand came up and then he pulled down his mask, revealing an unharmed, handsome face. Your breath hitched in your throat and you could do nothing more than just stare.

“I remember you, Dou-san.” His breath hit your cheek and you just realized how terribly close he was. You couldn´t help but blush at the way he said your name and inwardly cursed.

“I remember when we were kids how you always used to run after me. It was…. Annoying, to say the least, but when you stopped doing so, I figured out that I missed it.”

Was he toying with your feelings right now? Because a wave of old feelings for him came back and you hated yourself for it.

“Why did you never tell me then?” You managed to ask, cheeks flushed and voice trembling slightly. Damnit.

“I thought you´d moved on.”

His words made you sad and you lowered your gaze. Then he said – no, whispered – your name in a way that made a shiver run down your spine. He was totally toying with your feelings! But, as you looked up into his eyes again, being slightly irritated, you once more realized how fucking close he was. What if…. No. You were a grown woman, you wouldn´t let a bastard like him fool you with these… soft lips and beautiful eyes, no… but as you studied the features of his face that had been hidden for so many years from your gaze, the thought slowly slipped from your mind.

Your gaze stopped to wander and was glued to his lips. They looked so soft, probably because they had barely been exposed to sunlight. How did they feel? It was the last thought in your mind before you leaned closer and before you knew it, Kakashi´s lips were on yours. The kiss started innocently enough and you lost yourself in this moment, just enjoying the feeling of him. Your body moved on its own and before you knew it, your hands softly raked through his hair. Just how could his parents name him after a scarecrow?! You were too caught up in the moment to realize that Kakashi´s hands were on your body but you didn´t care. Just… wait. The book. Too late you realized that he already held the book in his hands and you pulled back, feeling anger rising up inside you.

Kakashi´s expression was careless as always, giving you this asshole smile that totally angered you right now.

“Kakashi, I swear I´m gonna-“

“Thanks for the book, and oh. Konohamaru! Here´s your sensei!” He waved goodbye and disappeared into thin air. From a small distance you could see your student that you´d been hiding from now happily wave at you. “There you are, sensei!”

The next time you´ld see Kakashi, Konoha would definitely need a new Hokage

my least favorite “queer people” are the ones who only think theyre queer bc they dont like vanilla sex and think that being unable to talk about their freaky deaky bone downs with other humans makes them oppressed. like when we did a panel at that teeny hp con for lgbt hp fans and a lady showed up whos literal only interest there was to talk about bondage.

like look. look. i dont have anything against you for being into weird sex shit, but i VERY STRONGLY feel that there’s a clear line between “people would rather not hear about what gets me off” and “people feel i deserve eternal damnation because im not cis or straight, and also feel that conditions in the mortal coil should be made as difficult as possible for me so i can get to being eternally damned sooner”

like tbh. i get it. if you literally never think about anything critically you’d absolutely get the vibe that queer people are all sexual deviants like your dung ass and that’s what’s queer about us, but!!! the second you start examining why we are considered sexual deviants it should be pretty clear that people hate queer ppl for no actual good reason? and people honestly just dont want to hear about what gets ur kinky rocks off, which is a reasonable desire in day to day life. anyway its too early to think about this but whatever.

It is so awesome you are back , i hope your rest did you well!!! I was curious as to what you thought of my oc . This being my first attempt at an actual fleshed out oc for a fandom. She is frim undertale ( i undertstand if you are all undertaled out ) her name is Hon. She is an amalgamate between a human and a monster ( looong story.) She is sort of a jackass genie character, sarchastic , sassy and always finds a way to turn people’s wants around on them . But also she can be a marshmallow when it comes to Alphys or Frisky bits . ♡

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character submitted by @postapocalypticintimacy

I really like this design! Her over all design is fine. The only thing I changed there was her eye color since having blue skin, blue eyes and the blue iris’s kinda blended together.Your understanding of proportions and anatomy is really good, but your line technique can use a little work. Try to avoid making really sketchy lines and instead make smooth clear lines. It will make it easier to read her figure. If you need, you can always make a sketch layer and then go over it on a separate layer to make your smooth lines and then delete the sketch later. I would also recommend ditching the purple lines, it made it hard to read and didn’t contrast very well with her other colors. Just practice line art and I think you’re good to go ;D

Jonsa forever.

I see a lot of Jonsa shippers freaking out about the leaked episode. I understand, I did to. Untill I actually saw the episode. I think there were so many signs that Jon is not in love with his aunt.

First off all, I would like to point out the lovely chat he had with Jorah at the beginning of the episode. If Jon was in love with D@ny, wouldn’t he see Jorah as his rival? We know how protective he is about the woman he cares for. I mean he almost kills men when they only mention Sansa, you can nearly see the crazy in his eyes. So why wouldn’t he react like a psycho whenever Jorah shows any affection towards D. No, instead he says he’s glad his father/uncle kept him alive.

Secondly, I  would like to talk about the conversations Jon had with both Tormund and Beric. First he talks to Tormund and kind of mocks D. for wanting him to bend the knee. She has made that very clear. On many, many, many, many, many occasions. She won’t shut up about it. (It really annoys me. It makes me want to slap the dracarys out of her.)  

Tormund then brings up Mance, who also refused to bend the knee, and he points out how many of his people died because of it. I don’t think Jon is willing to let thousands die, just so he can stay king in the North. 

Then he has a talk wat Beric, who basically says that all Jon has to do is to keep his people safe. Jon knows the only way to keep them safe is if he has her dragons.

And at last, isnt it a bit weird that it only took him one episode to change his mind about bending the knee. The same episode he is is mocking the idea and then poof… He is willing to do so. Plus I noticed he said “but”, and didnt even finish his sentence. And who was it agian who spoke the magicall words: “Everything you say before the word ‘but’is horseshit.” (Or something like that.) Oh right, it was Jon just a few episodes ago. 

So,I don’t think he is in love with her. I think he does whatever she wants him to do, just so he can keep his people safe. Isn;t that nice?

I do, however, think the boatbang is going to happen. And I hope he whispers “Sansa” in her ear when he’s finished. I would always treasure that memory if it happens. 

So, I hope I’ve been able to ease you little Jonsa minds a bit. And if not, you can always turn to fanfiction.   

“They’ve always used their titan powers in the most improbable ways to gain an advantage on us”

I’m bringing this up because I made a post about this ages ago but I can’t find it now.

I have no idea who came up with this Marley festival strategy. Eren could be alone, he could be working with the SC, he could be working with Willy Tybur himself. I think arguments could be made that there is more going on than we can see here because it’s made clear that smashing their way through this isn’t going to work.

If the plan was to murder as many people as possible at this thing, I find it odd that Eren is the only shifter present so far, seeing as they have 2 or possibly 3 shifters in total. If wanton destruction was the goal, surely they’d have involved the Colossal Titan. Instead, the only one involved is the very person the play was set out to demonise, with Willy being the only person on that stage. With Eren being positioned to hear the play perfectly and to appear behind him, in full sight of everyone.

An explanation for Armin not being there is a separation of their interests, but that would mean one of them is going against SC orders, and seeing as Eren has Rope-kun (who has all but been confirmed to be an SC member) on his side, it’s unlikely he’s there alone, and Armin isn’t the sort of person who’d disobey orders, as we saw in the Uprising Arc.


I loved Sanvers. I really did. I’m saying this just to be clear. I loved that relationship and I’m sad that it is over. 

However, I was thinking about a possible relationship between Alex and Sam/Reign. 

IF Sam survives as Sam at the end of the season and IF Maggie is not going to come back as a regular, I’d love to see Alex and Sam together. 

They make sense. They have many things in common. They are both smart, badass and they risk everything for the people they love. Sam is (was?) a mother and she is very mature. Alex wants to be a mother and she is a mature woman. They are already very supportive (well, Sam was before the activation of her Worldkiller side) and I think that, if Sam has to fight against her evil side, Alex and her friends can be helpful. 

Plus, the line “you are my heart” Sam told to her daughter was not casual. Maybe Ruby is the key and is the one who will save Sam or help her to balance the good and the evil side. The love for her daughter is the most important thing. Then.. the love for another person, maybe Alex, can be another positive thing in season 4, in order to be an hero and not a villain. 

I am not saying that they need a relationship at all costs. They don’t need a romantic relationship; but romanticism could be a part of their lives and it could be positive if it is develop in a good way. 


But I would be more than glad if they keep Sam and develop her character in S4. Sam is great. Reign is a great villain. If there is a way to balance the good and the evil.. I am all for it. 

Wow, the Similarities.

“You know that ship with the gay harem boy and his cinnamon roll robot boyfriend from that japanese visual novel thing you like?”

“Haha, which one?”

“Um, the one with the guy in the scarf who dies.”

“Haha, which one?”

“I think the name of the series starts with a D? And everyone has very questionable fashion sense”

“Ha h a, w h ich o ne ?”

“Something to do with murder??”

“H A,”