i think it was today...or at least THIS WEEK SOMETIME

Weigh-In Wednesday

September 19th: 278.8 lbs.
One Week Ago: 194.8 lbs.
Today: 194.2

This Week: -.6 lbs.
Total Loss: 84.6 lbs.

It’s a LITTLE something, but at least it’s something. A small loss is still a loss. It’s been a ROUGH two weeks since 4th of July. It actually started in the days leading up to the 4th and continued until last Sunday. There were a few good days and moments sprinkled in there, but overall, my lack of nutrition and exercise has been pretty terrible. I would love to think that I would never let myself go back to where I used to be, but sometimes I’m scared of how easy it is to fall right back into old habits. As for right now, I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I went to the doctor on Monday and the nurse was so excited when I told her my starting weight. She actually got teary while we were talking and told me how happy she was for me. Shout out to Nurse Sandy for helping bring me out of my funk and helping me remember how capable I am!

Alright fellow Theorists, listen up.

Today’s GT Live was…intriguing, to say the least. Matt and Steph looked beat down and they even said that they almost didn’t stream today. If you check Matt’s Twitter, you can see that he posted a video concerning hate comments – coincidence? I think not.

About a week and a half ago my friends on Twitter started a hashtag called #MatPatDeservesLoveBecause, where we posted various reasons why Matt doesn’t deserve all the hate he’s been getting recently. I’m happy to say that it’s still going strong and it’s spawned a second hashtag, #MatPatDeservesLove (minus the ‘because’ since sometimes we just wanna spread the love without any reason :)). We’ve been trying to get Matt to see it, especially now since the hate seems to only be getting worse. However, there’s only so much we can do on Twitter alone.

Theorists of Tumblr, this is where you come in.

We want – no, we NEED – you to help spread these hashtags onto this site. Make posts about it, tell your friends, do everything you can to get this tag spreading beyond the site it originated from. If you have any other social media accounts like Reddit, post the tag on there as well. It’s very important that we let Matt know that there’s still massive amounts of love in the midst of all the hate.

Reblog this and help the community out! Positivity can win if we just try!


Ultra Mun Lifts

//So this is my first vlog. I want to do vlogs of my weight lifting ans how it’s going down. This is something I want to share with you guys–and also in the process I am getting used to a Mango attitude (for when I start making those videos.) SO you will see a bit of a Magnus type attitude while Ultra Mun talks about Weight Lifting.

     //After doing like 20 squats and 40 reps of upper body lifting, AND THEN WALKING, I think I’ve done good for today. I work out at least 4 or 5 times a week. Sometimes more if I am feeling up to it. Depends on how I’m feeling. On a good week I work out 7 days–but that’s when I’m being a goofball.

Good Afternoon, Tumblr!

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It’s been a sometimes awful, sometimes great, comically ironic, and consistently surreal week and it doesn’t seem to be letting up one bit this weekend. So for once I think (the least dizzying gif of) Ougi ought to be the logon avatar for the day. BONUS: I briefly bumbled my way into giving myself a case of “the floppy hands” casually chatting on Twitter today, so Ougi really is the perfect [spoiler redacted] for the day.

I’ve stated my short term, general goals a thousand times, and I still seem to jinx it every time I mention them specifically.  I have no idea how much will get done and on some level don’t care at the moment. I’m really just formally logging on to express intent to do something related to Tumblr-related…stuff?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, there’s a lot of neat stuff on my dash that I’d like to share via queue at the very least. 

I’m here, I’m queer, completely unfocused and posting… something on my blogs in here!

IMPORTANT (?) ADDENDUM: I use the one-click repostage app in @new-xkit-extension to add things to my queue, so if you tag stuff with “my art” or “my gif” expect it to still be there when reblogged here. No, I’m not trying to claim credit for your stuff. Avoiding that kind of confusion is why I do the obnoxious “miya gif,” “miya clip,” “miya pixiv,” “miya fartblaster” tagging thing on all the stuff I make.  There. Now everyone is properly informed and offended. 

At least it can’t get any worse


AUTHOR: beautifulxxbeca

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the one rehabilitating Loki, and you share an apartment with him. You get up early to shower, and while you’re in there Loki bangs on the door and demands you hurry up…


NOTES/WARNINGS: there’s quite a bit of swearing and I changed it slightly, also the shower part comes later on in the fic and the idea of the cabal came from an avengers assemble episode. Enjoy :)

At least it can’t get any worse

Sometimes I really hate Fury I think, trudging into my flat.

The day was going perfectly. My phone hadn’t started ringing so I had been able to get a lie-in, have a nice warm shower and then a delicious breakfast. Afterwards I had glanced over to my phone, noticing it had still not rung.

Perhaps, I had thought, today will be a calm day, I could use one after the hectic week full of high level assignments. I mean I’m one of the top shield agents, alongside Tasha of course, but I’m part time now (also like Tasha) I have missions given to me by the avengers as well. A girl can only do so much you know.

Sadly though my wish for a peaceful day was shattered within minutes of glancing over to that phone. Suddenly it had started to ring, all my hopes vanished as I walked over and picked it up. Hill, damn.

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(writing by Zoë)

Recently, I’ve started to do one thing that I used to often never do: Act on impulse. I usually overthink almost everything I do, and sometimes over analysing and over thinking things gets quite tedious. Every now and then you just need to (…as the Spice Girls once said) spice up your life! 

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anonymous asked:

Lately I'm very distant from God. I try to Be intentional. I open my bible and I read, and I'm always mind blown by what I come across, but then I forget the verses. Or I don't pray. Idk how to pray anymore. I used to be so on fire. Now I can't feel him. I miss him. My mind is filled with lustful, murderous, greedy thoughts, and I know it's a result of not being active in our relationship.

Hey friend. Sorry the response took so long. 

I really admire your commitment and intentionality. Those are habits that few actually enter into. & really, I think what you’re going through is very normal. It sucks, and it’s so hard, but I think that as Christians, we put this pressure on ourselves that our lives should constantly be moving higher and higher, but in reality, our lives really look more like a scribbled, tangled mess, full of ups and downs, left and right, spirals and zig zags. We go through seasons of harvest and seasons of spiritual drought. 

& God is so faithful through them all. I don’t think that your problem is that you feel distant from God, because that’s just inevitable sometimes. That doesn’t mean you’re doing this wrong. I think that what we all need to focus on is how we handle these seasons of distance. God is so faithful but sometimes we lose sight of that, and all we can do is cling to what we know and just be faithful to Him.

Keep being intentional. Keep reading. Tell God about your day even if you hear nothing for a week. Or a month. Ask God to give you opportunities to bless someone today. Anything. Keep God involved. I promise He’s hearing you, and He’s working. I’m convinced He does the most in the times we feel Him the least. 
But this all comes down to you. & your decisions. Set alarms or reminders for yourself, or write yourself notes, whatever works for you to remind yourself to spend time with Him. If you really want to make it out of this dry season, He will honor that. It’s a promise.

“‘For the mountains may depart
and the hills be removed,
but my steadfast love shall not depart form you,
and my covenant of peace shall not be removed,”
says the Lord, who has compassion on you.
O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted,
behold,“I will set your stones in antimony,
and lay your foundations with sapphires…’”

-Isaiah 54:10-11

Friday Five

I haven’t done this in a long time. But I sure enjoy reading them.

1) Yesterday’s curry turned out so well that I had a bowl for breakfast. I think the secret is simmering it a long time so all the spices meld.

2) I haven’t found a job yet, but I have at least one interview next week, and probably a temp assignment the week after that.

3) I can’t shake my fatigue. I seem to be exhausted no matter how much sleep I get. I hope it’s not depression. I don’t feel sad, but sometimes constant sleepiness is a sign.

4) I haven’t gotten much done today except for dishes and some laundry. Sophia was supposed to do the dishes last night, but I went to bed, and it didn’t happen. I have watched one and a half Catherine Deneuve movies this morning. I was surprised how much I enjoyed The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

5) @wittyclitty has a great post about songs you shared with exes. I have only one song like that-Take It to the Limit by the Eagles, which makes me think of a pseudo ex.

I appreciate you all more than you know. Now I have to get off my keister and take a walk. If the next thing you see from me is not an outdoor photo, feel free to chastise me.