i think it was the last one which i loved everybody lmao

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Am I the only one who finds tumblr so fucking annoying now? I used to LOVE tumblr up until last year. Everybody acts fake deep and glorifies mental illnesses its honestly so fucking annoying. I miss tumblr from 2013. I used to think I would use tumblr religiously but now I get on every few months when there's nothing on twitter, instagram, or Snapchat. Do you ever feel like that?

lmao yep i completely agree with you!!!!! the only reason i still enjoy tumblr is because i still enjoy coding themes, and since i have a decent following i get to talk to ppl and i can do sponsorship deals and stuff like that - honestly my motivation for tumblr is 50% about the money/sponsorships than it is me just having fun which is super sad :((((((