i think it was boredom

Hufflepuffs Studying Habits.


Exchanging notes with your friends constantly and still being able to keep up with class notes. Doodling all over your book as well as your friends. Giggling at little inside jokes then being told off when the teacher catches you. Tickling your friends relentlessly with the feathers you are suppose to be levitating. Staring off into space, thinking about a warm bed and your cat. Sneaking food into the class room and sneaking a bite every time the teacher looks away. Occasionally throwing small scrunches of parchment across the room at fellow Hufflepuffs. Eventually paying full attention to your work and explaining things to your friends that don’t quite understand yet, and trying to help them even when you don’t quite understand yet.


Making a blanket fort in front of the fire first so you and your friends can study in your own “palace”. Your cat sitting on your lap purring while you write, occasionally tapping at your paper or pen. Getting distracted by your cat and dragging the feather end of your quill across the ground so your cat can chase it. Making a cup of tea for yourself, then having to make five more a second later cause all your friends want one too. Scrunching up your fail essays and throwing them across the room. Watching your cat chase after them and rip them to shreds. Procrastinating too much. Eventually having to take down your blanket fort and going to bed. Sitting on your bed studying half the night without realising the time. Falling asleep at one in the morning, somehow under the covers, but littered in paper.

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Ok so like I think Roadhog and Junkrat are both probably really good at chess?? theyre always missing pieces though so they need to write down some of them on paper slips (They make silly bets every game too)

fave moments of howl’s moving castle (the book) which should be more aptly named “In which Howl is a Drama Queen, Calcifer is a smartass, Michael is good and pure and Sophie has to clean up their mess (and also save the day)”

  • that random awkward chick at the beginning who runs away with a count
  • “how long did howl spend in the bathroom?” “two hours” “the day he spends less than that getting ready to see a girl is the day he’s in love, and no later”
  • “i’m going up to my room now, where i may die”
  • “im so sick im seeing spots” “those are spiders”
  • that one part when howl starts crying about not being able to love someone and sophie’s just awkward
  • *sarcastically* “sophie dear”
  • “i think i’m dying of boredom,” howl said pathetically. “or maybe just dying.”
  • the entire michael and martha (but as lettie) arc because sweet, good children
  • the mysteries of welsh rugby jackets
  • “my shining dishonesty will be the salvation of me” 
  • mrs. nose
  • “then i find out he undercharges poor people. i don’t know, your majesty. he’s a mess.”
  • “she said ‘over my dead body’ so i took her for her word”
  • the fact that howl’s like “well im probably gonna die by the witch of the waste on midsummer’s day but at least my rugby club reunion is on midsummer’s night eve so time to get wasted, lads”
  • drunk howl attempting to stagger back to his bed and running into walls and singing welsh drinking songs
  • “go to sleep, you fool, you’re drunk” “who me? i assure you my friends, i am cone sold stober”
  • “i think we ought to live happily ever after”
  • “don’t bother me now. i only did it for the money.” “liar.”

God help the girl.

She’s got a heart made of glass,
and she loves a girl with careless hands.

Her mouth is as lethal as a knife,
pressed soft against her jugular.

She could heal her  -
or  kill her.

Sometimes she does both.

—  girls with pretty smiles and knives for teeth are the most dangerous, (m.l)

Has anyone ever looked at a photo of a whale jumping out of the water and thought, it looks like a weird dragon upside down?

It looks like a sea creature with ears/horns…. and then I started thinking, “I wonder how many people saw this for the first time ever in their life a long time ago, and thought it was a sea monster” 

The Ravens - Loki x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: I’m so pumped for this. I really hope you guys like it!! This is all going to be written from Loki’s POV I think but If that changes I’ll let you know.

Notes/Warnings: boredom, being annoyed, light drinking (I’m writing this as though the reader is of legal age to drink. I do not condone underage drinking, y’all. If you’re underage…pretend I wrote grape juice.) flirting.

Word Count: 1.2K +

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  This was, by far, the stupidest thing he’d ever not agreed to do. Too bad Thor was the face of the band; anything he agreed to, the rest of them had to endure. Although, Loki seemed to be the only not enjoying this, at the moment. Another contest, another group of adoring fans who wouldn’t shut up and another night of watching all the girls practically draping themselves across Thor, Volstagg and Fandral.

 Another publicity stunt was the real reason for such an unpleasant evening. Radio stations across the country had held contests to send a fan from their area to the Odinson’s house for an evening of “food, wine and a good time”. Repulsive.

 “That’s right, Folks. If you call in right now you could win an all expense paid trip out to the Odinson Manor. Home of the baddest, most raging rock band, The Ravens. You’ll get to meet the whole band and dine with them at their very own dinner table. And, ladies, need I remind you that they’re all single?”

 So, here Loki sat at the end of the table, lounging in his elaborately-molded, dark wood chair. He frowned out at the twenty faces that had traveled from all over the country for their chance to win the heart of one of The Ravens. The lights from the candelabras on the table cast eerie shadows across his face, dancing around the dark hair the fell over one of his piercing green eyes.

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I never knew, never knew
how dangerous a little girl could be
not a clue I had until I ran into you
ah, but you see
every girl has to find a way to kill,
be it the time, be it their lovedones, be it themselves.
Is that the lady kille smile I see?
a big toothy grin, a bunch whole of lipstic
and blood coming out of the corner of her pretty mouth.

She came to watch me, watch me fall
and for her i gadly had but she took everything
every bit of vanity, every bit of the bit of sanity i had she took
my mistake was thinking a she would make her soft.

I should have known, should have known
she would come get me still
that I would not have it so easily
that she would seek me out and would win
now every piece of man become meat
at the shotgun that became of her mouth.

Be wary of her, the stoker girl.
You clueless, clueless man.”

—  The shotgun ends in her mouth by C.R

i like violence, she’d shrieked at me

__________ I BLAME MY MOTHER.