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Bi!Scott is SO important to me because he reminds me so much of myself at that age? The scene where he says Danny is attractive "-But I like girls!" Me me ME, all the time. I had no frame of reference for bisexuality, no representation to turn to and realize "Hey, that's me." Even when I knew I was attracted to girls I was so sure I was straight /because I liked boys./ So I knew I couldn't be /gay./ It's so easy to see bby closeted bi!Scott. I want it so much.

Here’s the thing. When I was a young confused thing, I used to have these really intense friendships. Like. SUPER intense. Like. “We are going to spend the rest of our lives completing one another and we don’t need anyone else and if you run away I’ll go with you and if you need a place to stay you can hide out here” friendships. I had dreams about my female friends, not like, sex dreams, but just these intense romantic dreams about going on vacation with them or dancing with them or taking hot air balloon rides (??? whatever I was a very interesting kid okay). And I was just like, you know, “This is how all girls feel about their best friends." 

And. No. Lol. Not all girls feel that way about their best friends. Because what I was feeling was love, but I, too, had zero frame of reference for bisexuality. And I thought, you know, "But I think this one guy is cute” was enough to make sure I was 100% heterosexual, because in my life/cult, you were heterosexual or damned to an eternity in Hell. So. Heterosexual it is! 

But there is no one who is going to damn Scott McCall to anywhere. He’s so good. He’s honest and open and loving, and better than that, he’s constantly pushing himself and the people around him to improve, to get better. He is literally the epitome of goodness, and I want a bisexual character who is good. Bi!Stiles is great! I love bi!Stiles. I headcanon Stiles as bisexual, too. But Stiles is… not good. Like. No one is going to argue that Stiles is a super great human being. That moral dubiousness is part of his charm! And I love the idea of bi!Lydia, and pan!Allison or Derek. Like, honestly for me, bisexual!everyone.

But I’m just ??? really tired of queer representation that only gets assigned to people that make great characters, but that I would not want to have in my life. I want to be around good people. I want to be with people who are working hard and trying hard and improving themselves and helping others, and I want to see that representation too. Give me a bisexual character who isn’t morally duplicitous, who is just genuinely good and loving and trying hard. 

And give that to me in Scott McCall, because it makes sense, and it would be really beautiful character development for him. (If, additionally, he recognized that his deep, intense, slightly co-dependent friendship was not-just-platonic and he was desperately in love with his best friend who was also desperately in love with him, I would not in any way at all be offended, FYI.)

(If someone also wanted to give me a Real Life bisexual!Scott McCall of my very own to love forever, that would also be 100% okay.)

It’s Not Always Cancer

There’s this tendency when writing to only use things outside of the “norm” for bodies/health when it’s indicative of some illness or injury, but in real life that’s not actually how it works. Symptoms of normally bodily processes can manifest in the same way as illnesses, and not everyone fits the average. 

For example, some people feel debilitating pain or experience nausea while menstruating. Others may become nauseated while having a particularly bad headache. While these symptoms might appear or be assumed to be from a disease that needs to be treated, they’re actually not.

As another example, I frequently (and arbitrarily) experience a heart rate well over 100 bpm, but there’s nothing actually wrong with my heart and nothing to treat. 

Things like this can be used as misdirection and to add suspense in your story. Maybe everybody is freaking out over a character’s high heart rate so this miss something else important, or they spend time worrying about it while the villain is plotting something else. Maybe a character is kept away from a fight because they were experiencing really bad cramps and characters who don’t menstruate think that something else is wrong because they’re looking at it from the wrong frame of reference. There are a lot of ways to have a character have symptoms like these without having them actually be sick.






Why can’t people understand this? It’s like they want to be so supportive they literally silence an entire group of people that would benefit 100% and personally want a cure because it would shatter the feel good story of some moderately functioning people who like their issues (and I would argue that of course they like them, they don’t know any different… that’s like asking a circumcised man’s opinion on circumcision. He has no frame of reference to EVER answer the question.) 

If someone tried to tell you (as a assumed typical person) that your daily way of thinking is actually really super difficult and that you should change it forever, you’d probably think they were crazy. What if some person came along claiming there were some super easy streamlined way of thinking you had no idea existed and couldn’t even imagine because you know nothing else? The person would forever be trying to convince you that their way is easier, but you would never have a frame of reference to believe them and would probably think they’re wrong and stupid. 

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1/2 I enjoyed your meta on the musicbox/jukebox and had a few thought to share. in Alone there is a vase on the piano I believe it's the same vase that Shane brought flowers to Rick in the hosp. in s1. A tie between Rick & Beth. Rick waking up alone after being shot. His family believing he was dead because he couldn't have survived his injury.

2/2 The musicbox ballerina is a fairy. Emily has stated many times she would like to play a fairy. The fairy made me think of Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. Emily played Wendy in Peter Pan she said this on TTD after s5e4. Tinker Bell sacrificed herself to save Peter. The only way to save her is to believe (have faith). When we saw the musicbox in s5e16 it was in front of the Morse code broad to me it meant this is not what it seems, it needs to be decoded.

Niiiiiiiiiice! Very nice!

I just had a look at the vase Shane brought for Rick in 1.01, and compared it to the one you see on the piano in 4.13.

And as you can see, they are mighty similar, if not the same:

The only difference is that Beth’s vase has no flowers in it. Instead the flowers are on the walls in the form of picture frames. (See here)

Both vases are narrow-necked and curved, and share the same blue/white pattern, which looks to be something related to nature again. This tie leads to Beth being taken and later shown in a hospital in Atlanta, the most obvious Rick parallel you could get, that even casual viewers picked up on. Beth waking up in Grady as almost directly the same as Rick waking up in episode one, right down to the clock and disorientation before crawling out of bed.

To combat any antis or people who might reblog this post with a comment like: “it’s not the same vase, stupid, it’s not that big a deal.” And to that I respond with…

Wrong. You’re wrong.

Okay, you’re right about it not being the exact same vase, but it is a very similar looking vase, placed on the set purposely.

There’s a thing called replication in film, where the set builders take something and re-build it for purposes including time, location, money, etc.

For example, take the Cullen House in Twilight.

I watched the in-DVD documentaries for how the Twilight saga was filmed (yes, I’m not sad I swear) and they’re actually super interesting and packed with stuff to support TD claims. I highly recommend watching them because they’re sort of enjoyable and funny in places.

Back on topic, do you think all those scenes in the Cullen House were filmed in an actual house by the woods?


The interior of the house is 100% set design, as well as the exterior too, post New Moon. They built an entire house, and decorated all of the inside purposely and carefully so it met the standards of the book and previous movies. The documentary shows them touring the house and explaining the placing of artifacts and shit, like why they placed certain picture frames here, or added certain windows there.

Because everything is intentional. E V E R Y T H I N G.

And it ticks me off to no end when people say it’s not.

See those concrete steps there? They’re wooden planks painted grey to look like concrete. And those trees and bushes? Fake ones. Everything is fake on the set, and built to replicate the original. So if TWD wanted to replicate a tiny ass vase for one couple of minutes scene… They would do it.

Why wouldn’t they? If the creators of Twilight can re-create an entire mansion?

Beth has been paralleling the shit out of Rick, and the most blatant and significant one to me is this:

Rick: “There’s a new sheriff in town.”


And we all know the rule is:

Whoever wears the hat, survives a gunshot wound.

… :)

And as for the thing about Peter Pan and fairies and Morse code… I like that too! Beth is a fairy ballerina, and we just have to believe. And Morse coda code (somewhat fitting typo there lol) definitely has to be decoded to understand.

And what have we been doing for months now…?


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(^Gif is from Decode by Paramore, since it’s from Twilight and it fits xD)