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summary: When Shiro isn’t there to greet him after a mission, Ulaz fears the worst. An Uliro fic.
A fill for @blackpaladinweek, day three: break/mend.

“Ulaz?” Shiro whispers. Surprise laces in the name; sleep underrides the two syllables. Ulaz woke him.

“Yes,” Ulaz says, easily, and steps fully inside. The door swishes shut, casting the room into near-darkness as Ulaz crosses the short length of the room to Shiro’s bedside. Shiro sleeps facing the door; he smiles up at Ulaz now, barely awake. There is a balance, here. An ease. A quiet calm Ulaz has learned to appreciate, to revere. “I am here. I am sorry I woke you.”

“’m glad you did,” Shiro says, just for him.

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anonymous asked:

When did you realize you were asexual?? This is my random Q 😘

That is pretty random, I gotta say lmao

Well, the thing is, I kinda always knew.  But I had very very (very) late puberty, like I’m talking “not until the age of eighteen and I still pass for someone who never went through it” late, so the entire time I just thought my brain hadn’t kicked into gear yet.  I was actually still waiting until I was like twenty years old or whatever, whatever age I got on Tumblr and saw that it was a Thing and I was waiting for something that probably wasn’t happening. 

But I always knew.  I just didn’t have a word for why I found the thought of people naked really repulsive or why I wasn’t interested in being kissed, et al.  But I don’t know if I was supposed to be that way or if the late puberty messed up my brain a whole lot.


Muggle Born Ravenclaw: Oh my god, it’s NaNoWriMo, I’m not prepared!

Gryffindor: Nano-what?

Muggle Born Ravenclaw:National Novel Writing Month! I didn’t plan anything, how am I supposed to write a novel without a plan?

Gryffindor: Maybe just don’t write a novel in a month?

Ravenclaw: Don’t be absurd.


“this is the most fun i’ve ever had.” 

( thank you @danielhowell and @amazingphil for the laughs, the bants, and everything that you do and have done - over all the years, from behind closed bedroom doors somewhere in england to sold-out arenas across the world. we’re proud of you. )