i think it was a blazer and kitten heels

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I have a conference (MUN) and I have absolutely no idea what to wear , please help me . Love your account btw <3

I think a blazer and kitten heels would be best for this, also maybe leather pants. Here’s a bit of inspiration for you.

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how can I get a style similar to the Olsens?

super easy! their shapes/colors/textures are pretty consistent. black/off white/creams/grays, lot’s of linens, wool, knits, denim. always layers, over the top oversized silhouettes. some easy examples: black sweater dress / big big scarves / white & black & denim/chambray short sleeve button up shirts / black loafers / pointed toe kitten heels / backless mule sandals / bf blazer / black trousers / emerald colored jewelry ….. when i see them more relaxed it’s like oversized t-shirts or button ups, a bf jean, and thong birkenstocks

they do a lot of mixing w textures & volume in one outfit so think … faux leather pants with a denim button up top & a feathered vest & fedora. honestly if you keep in the color palette and stick w oversized looks you have it.