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Spin the bottle first kiss! Omgggg!

Title: First Kiss 
Pairing: USUK
Words: 732
Rating: T
AU: Human
Genre: Romance/Comedy
A/N: I wrote this pretty fast but I like it lol. Thank you so much for requesting! 

When it was his turn, Arthur tried to get out of it. 

“C’mon, Arthur, don’t be scared!” Said Michelle as she nudged his shoulder. 

He frowned and shook his head. “No, I think I’ll sit out, really,” he insisted for the twentieth time since the game had begun. 

Everyone in the circle began to batter him with encouragements. After all, Arthur Kirkland was commonly known as a heartthrob at school; a British bad boy with a taste for the ribald (not that a simple game of spin the bottle was anywhere close to ribald with Arthur’s mile-long list of truly risque experiences). And, usually, he was. However, it was well-kept secret that Arthur only had a taste for one person at the moment, and that person had been unable to attend the party. 

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This is my sourdough it turned out pretty good but not perfect there wasnt any large holes inside which i like but still it isnt dense or gummy so thats good. The flavour is nice good sourness i prefer a darker crust so next time i wont reduce the oven temp. Also i think there not many holes because my seam wasnt very well sealed and i might consider proofing it a little less to get more oven spring

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How do you know you're really trans? I remember thinking I was different from an early age on and can only picture myself as a guy (I was afab) in my future but my parents worry it's some mental condition and now I do too.. What if I'm just weird and not a guy? :(

You sound pretty genuinely trans to me. Cisgender people don’t typically wonder if they’re trans. Thinking of yourself as the opposite assigned gender is definitely a sign that you’re probably trans. But, if you turn out to not be trans, then that’s perfectly fine. But, the only mental condition it probably is is dysphoria, if that counts. 



I’m finally done with my tiger illustration and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!! :) I really tried to push myself with this one and I think it paid off. I’m excited to hand a few of these out to some artists at ECCC that I’m trying to network with! I was really inspired by @jenbartel ‘s art and really wanted to do some fun, bright colors like she does in her work! :) 

Also, since a few people already suggested/ asked about it; I have made this available on Redbubble https://www.redbubble.com/people/artsandantlers

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I saw this on a different post but I really like the concept of it. Suga and his fiancé are planning a wedding together but she gets badly injured and it sort of changed the way she looks and she thinks she looks super ugly and she feels sad that Suga has to marry her because she wasn't as pretty as how she used to look like. But Suga still thinks she's beautiful ether way. Idk is this considered fluff? It was kinda angst...

it’s more fluff than angst in my opinion so I’m taking this down a darker path. hope you can still enjoy it though. also I’m using the fem pronouns bc idk I want to. I wasn’t sure how to end this but shrugs I hope it turned out ok?? lmk what ya’ll think and if my angst was angsty enough lol

  • Sugawara Koushi

There was no way he could see her like this.

No one had been allowed into the hospital room- Not after her family had arrived and alerted her to her… Off-setting appearance.

Seeing the looks on their faces had been more than enough to send another wave of grief through her body; She was already having to deal with the fact that she was badly injured and would have to spend weeks, possibly months in recovery… Dealing with the fact that she looked disfigured, different, disgusting was too much for her to bear.

He had come to see her every single day since she had been hospitalized. Lucky for her, he had been out of town when she’d gotten into the accident and when she’d gone to the hospital. Of course, he rushed back home as soon as he heard the news, but to his surprise and fear.. She refused to see him.

Even though he could, technically, enter the room given the circumstances and their relationship, he never did. Partly in fact that she didn’t want him to and he respected her wishes, but also because he’d overheard the nurses and doctors comment on how high her heart rate and blood pressure would get whenever he announced his presence. Sugawara didn’t want to cause any more hurt to his s/o than she was already experiencing, so he kept away, speaking to her through the closed door.

The nurses, after catching him sitting on the ground with his back against the door on more occasions than they could remember, had installed a chair outside the room for him to sit in.

No matter how much Sugawara begged to be let in, to see her, she refused.

“You can’t see me like this.” Her voice would travel through the door. “Not like… This.”

“Love, you know I don’t care about how your outer appearance looks. I just… I want to see you. Please.”

But still, she refused him entrance.

So, he made due with hearing her voice. She sounded healthy enough, if not depressed and in bad spirits. He wished he could help her to feel happy again, wished he had been with her during the accident so that he could have done something -anything- to keep this from happening, to keep her confidence from crashing and burning in the most horrifying way.

One particular day did not turn out as one would have expected it to.

It was a warm, sunny day; Rare for how early it was in Spring. Birds sang with the rising sun, the morning air shimmered in the sunlight, scattered by white, fluffy clouds. The breeze began towards the middle of the day, carrying scattered cherry blossoms through the air and sending ripples through the tall grass and rice plants in the fields.

Sugawara Koushi felt good about the day. It seemed to bring up hope, optimism, a new experience, love. Perhaps, this would be the day he got through to his s/o… Perhaps this would be the day he got to look upon her face and kiss her worries away and hold her in his arms.

He made his daily pilgrimage to the hospital, nodding toward the recognizable faces of the doctors and nurses on duty as he made his way to his fiancee’s room.

Knocking on the door, he noticed that his usual seat was gone.

And in its place: a ring.

Suga’s back hit the door as he slid to the ground, staring at the ring in a mix of sadness, shock, and confusion.

With trembling fingers he picked the small object up, holding it between his index and thumb, staring at it as the pull of tears behind his eyelids summoned them to the surface.

“…I would have found you beautiful.” He whispered. “I’ve always found you beautiful. I would have married you. I’ve always loved you.” He bowed his head, clutching the ring to his chest.

“I’m sorry I never showed you that enough.”

Little did he know that she sat with her back against the same door as him, her knees pulled to her chest, just like his, with her head bowed and silent tears rolling down her face.

Just like him.

“I’m sorry.”

Pumpkin Pie Sour  (Point Ybel)

Brewery : Point Ybel
Beer : Pumpkin Pie Sour
Style : Sour
Variance : Brewed with Pumpkin, Vanilla Beans, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Graham Crackers

8 / 10

I fucking hate pumpkins. Anything that kids carve stupid pictures into during Halloween and jam a candle into as decoration probably shouldn’t be consumed or turned into a beer but here we are. I also hate fucking pumpkins. The flesh doesn’t really give enough or soften up so it basically just ends up peeling the skin off my… I’ve said too much. Ummm, yeah I mean, those pumpkin beers am I right?! I think I played that one off pretty well. This is my final crowler of Point Ybel’s brews and it’s a pretty good way to go out and I’ll definitely be searching out more of it ASAP. For a guy that genuinely hates pumpkin and usually is not a fan of pumpkin beers what-so-ever I have to admit, I actually like this beer. I’m not sure if it’s because they used those orange devils perfectly or if the other additions hide the pumpkin that well but this beer just works for me. The graham crackers and vanilla really start things off with those flavors shining bringing an initial sweetness to this before the cinnamon and nutmeg spices join the team before ending with a light pumpkin and vanilla flavor with a balanced sourness that delivers just the right amount of pucker. Before tasting this beer I would have loved to hire a bunch of misfits to go to pumpkin patches nation wide and destroy those disgusting orange testicles but now I’m having second thoughts about it. If you are looking for a solid fall beer to get you through your endless hours of raking leaves, let this beer be the one because it is super sessionable at it’s 4.3% ABV and has some interesting flavors going on. For you pumpkin haters like myself out there, give this a chance. Just do it. Trust me. Thanks.

Written by: Steve B.

Before our debut, we showed Kaito the chapter cover with no context and asked her what she thought we were doing. She blurted out “CHARATALE!! Where every character is CHARA (except frisk)” and I lost it. I had to draw it, so here’s the first and last of “Charatale.”


Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down.

All For The Game series by Nora Sakavic


Do you like the iconic 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road? Do you like the characters of the CW’s Supernatural? Then why haven’t you read Who Killed The World by @mnwood yet?

I fell in love with a grimy post-apocalyptic caveman.