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what are your sexuality headcanons for the paladins?

Ehhhhhh, hmmmm, let’s see… I mean, I support all kinds of ships in the fandom that probably break my headcanons, so this in no way implies that I disagree with other ships. These are just my, personal, headcanons for sexuality and… other things. Because I went overboard, as usual -  

Lance - Bisexual (obv). Biromantic. I think he probably has some issues expressing his attraction to men, however. Not because he’s unaware of it, but because he has a “Han Solo” type image he wants to portray to those he wants to impress and so it’s easier to stick to only flirting with ladies. That is, until he’s confident and comfortable enough to express how he really feels to his new “family.” Lance is, in my opinion, a very, very secretive person that uses his typical attitude as a sort of smoke and mirrors idea to convince those he meets otherwise. Because insecurity. Also, I think Lance kind of shifts between being quite masculine and quite feminine when he feels comfortable in doing so. I don’t think he suffers from gender dysphoria, but I don’t think he allows his gender to dictate how he presents himself (again, once he feels comfortable enough with the people around him. Dat insecurity and desire to impress be gettin’ in the way). For example, back home with his family and in his neighborhood and where he’s most at ease, he’s more than happy to wear makeup. Or, say, during Cuban festivals like the Havana Carnival, you know damn well he’s wearing one of those more revealing getups with the fancy headdresses and all the beaded decorations and flashy sleeves and feathers, etc, etc. YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS HEADCANON AWAY FROM ME! GIVE ME HAVANA CARNIVAL LANCE! NOW! 

Keith - Gay. Super gay. As gay as they come. SO gay. Homoromantic. I also headcanon Keith as being somewhat hyper-romantic, meaning that he really, really desires a romantic relationship (far more so than anything sexual). Like, he’s the type that forms feelings hard and fast and without mercy, and so he tries really, really hard not to give in, but it never works. He’s more apt to keep such things bottled up tight than ever express them, however–too afraid of rejection. 

Pidge - Asexual. Aromantic. Pidge is far more interested in platonic bonds and values her family/friends more than anything. Which is why it’s so important that she find her family. I’d imagine she has a hard time making friends as well, so what strong bonds she does have are very, very important to her support system. She has anti-social tendencies, but is very dependent on the people she does love to be there and love her in return. I also imagine she suffers from gender dysphoria, and that–though it’s something that doesn’t really affect her position as part of Voltron any–it wears on her a bit. It’s clear from the space mall episode, when she couldn’t decide which bathroom to go in, that how she’s presenting herself–at least in public–is stressing her a bit. I think she’s comfortable enough with Team Voltron not to worry about it, but something inside her is uncertain. Whether this leads to her making a transition or identifying as gender fluid isn’t something I’ve decided yet, however.   

Hunk - Panromantic and asexual. I dunno why I love the idea of asexual Hunk so much–maybe because it’s interesting to headcanon both him and Pidge that way due to how different they are. I like the idea of romantically distant Pidge, who still needs all her platonic relationships, while Hunk loves romance and wants it and all the frills that come along with it. But he’s also patient and doesn’t really go looking for it? Like, he knows it’ll come someday and he’s just waiting for that perfect person(s). Until then, he’s more than happy to give cuddles and love to his friends. I also think Hunk would do very well with polyamorous relationships and would be more than willing to be in one/want one. And though he has no active interest in sex himself, he’d be more than happy to participate if it made his partner happy. He’s not sex-repulsed (as Pidge probably is), he just doesn’t care one way or another.   

Shiro - Demisexual and demiromantic. Shiro partially takes a while to warm up to people because of the trauma he’s been through, but also because he’s always been very focused elsewhere and so he’s never thinking about romance or sex at the forefront. When it does hit him, though, it’s deep and burning and certain. He’s the kind of person that loves someone his whole life, even if they don’t love him in return, and so even though he may not end up with that person, a flame for them will always exist inside him, even if it is subdued. That’s just how deeply he feels things–it leaves that much of an impact on him. But, like I said, it does take a special kind of person and a lot of time to get him to that point. 

Allura - Gray-sexual and demiromantic. Allura has a lot more important things to worry about than sex and relationships. I also kind of headcanon that sex wasn’t a huge part of Altean culture anyway. Allura feels sexual attraction sometimes, but it’s not hard for her to control, nor is it distracting. That doesn’t mean she can’t be a sexual person, just that it’s not something that’s overpowering unless she lets it overpower her at her own volition. I would also imagine that she takes a while to romantically warm up to people, even if she’s platonically very friendly. If she’s going to enter into a romantic relationship, it needs to be with someone she’s partners with–both romantically and otherwise. Someone she can work with, but who can also manage themselves and offer things productive to the relationship. Allura would need–I think above anything–an efficient relationship. Which is why this determination would have to be solidified before romance was introduced or even considered. 

Coran - I… don’t know, lol. I usually headcanon Coran as being very dedicated to the royal family and so his personal life wasn’t something he considered important. Which I guess would make him a kind of asexual and aromantic. But I also imagine that Alteans are very good at compartmentalizing, so even if he was attracted to someone/in love, he wouldn’t allow it to get in the way of his duties. Therefore, I consider Coran’s personal life to, well, be none of my business, hahahaha!

“Isn’t in kind of unrealistic, statistically, that all the Voltron members be part of the LGBTQ+ community?”

No. If it weren’t for the gender and sexual stereotypes that permeate human society, I theorize that diversity among such things would be far more wide-spread. Not only that, but each lion represents a different type of person and I think it’s perfectly reasonable, therefore, that each paladin show variances all over the spectrum, not just in their personalities. They are five pieces that come together to make a whole, so like they represent different races and personality types, other things about them should show differences as well. Which means that, yes, I do get slightly annoyed at the lack of female representation on the team. What little representation women have isn’t enough, and Hunk or Shiro would have made really good female characters without it altering the story one bit. 

ANYWAY! Hope that sums it up :D

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How the duet sums it all up in Yuri on Ice

So, I’ve already made a post about how Viktor finally got mad in the final episode, but there’s something else that I haven’t read about and really wanted to discuss.

I’ve seen many posts about how the duet in the next-to-final scene was choregraphed to illustrate the lyrics, and how the lightening was put in place to show how it all changed for Yuuri when Viktor came into his life. I’ve also seen some good analysis on how the lyrics represented Viktor and Yuri’s relationship. But I think there’s more. And I’ve decided to try and tell you about it. It’s going to be a bit long but I hope you’ll get interested enough to read throug the whole thing.

How the duet in YOI final sums up Yuuri’s and Viktor’s relationship.

Maybe even the whole show (I’m still debating with myself about this one, inputs are welcome !)

Now that I’ve been watching it several times (haven’t we all ?) it seems so clear to me, so please bear with me as I’ll try and explain it to you as well as I can.

First of all, it starts with Yuuri, alone. So alone, that the blue lightening here makes it look like even the audience’s not there for him.

Originally posted by ribbirasta

So here he skates, alone, tries his best, alone, jumps, alone.

I also have a theory that,if you consider that this piece sums up the whole show, the jumps might be a representation of his athletics performances at some infamous banquet ( :p ). Why ? Well, because, who comes in right after them ?

Originally posted by what-the-shit-mate

Yup. Viktor. And he comes rushing, might I add.
At this point, lightening changes, and see how Yuuri immediately welcomes him, but then turns away ?

Originally posted by yuris-on-ice

That must be reminding you of how Viktor tried and tried again to get close to him in the firsts episodes with so little success.
And then Viktor proceeds to drag Yuri along. Until, finally, Yuri accepts him and then, what happens ?

Originally posted by enchantingnanami

Viktor lifts him up. I mean, he LITERALLY. LIFTS. HIM. UP. And not only does he lifts him up, you might notice that he also prevents Yuri from falling down. Yuri’s falling to the ice, and Viktor just goes “Nope, my beloved katsudon, not on my watch. Get up.”

And now that Yuri’s seen that Viktor not only lifts him up, but also will protect him from falling down (wich also happens in the show with that beautiful scene where Viktor makes Yuri cry), he gives in, and we get some lovely close skating with hugs and loving eyes, and sweet strokes on the cheek. Their relationship starts building up, strong and steady.

Originally posted by viktvr

And then, another lift, because, yeah, Viktor will ALWAYS lift him up. Notice the strong pose that Yuri takes in that lift. Legs wide open, arms open, confident, taking all of the space that Viktor think he deserves, and at that point I believe he also thinks he deserves it.

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And now, well, now they’re on the same page, and how better to show it than with some synchronised dancing  ?

After that we get the most intimate passage of the song - and, I dare say, of thei relationship. Symbolized, of course, with that part showing their hands and matching engagement rings.

Then, they keep dancing together, and this time they are both leading the way, supporting each other. Viktor’s not dragging Yuri anymore. They walk at the same time on the same path.

I’ll just mention before finishing one of the last images where we see Yuri behind Viktor, now being the supportive one. If you think about it regarding their relationship, you can think of it as representation of Yuri’s decision to retire to let Viktor go back to the ice. And frome the whole show’s point of view … Well, we know what decisions were made.

Speaking of last image … How come we didn’t get the final pose of that duet ? The end ? The finish ? As much as I would have loved to see them in their final pose together (and you all know how important those poses are at the end of a program, and that’s a thing we’ve always been shown so far, in every program from every character), we can see the fact that there isn’t one here as something telling us … Well, there’s no end to that story yet.

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Probably not a huge thing, but do you think when Natsu comes back (I refuse to believe he's gone forever) do you think he's going to take Zeref's locket that was sitting at the guild? He likes to hoard memories. I think he would want it, even if he didn't have the best relationship with his brother. (understatement) What do you think? (I think it was at the bottom of the first page?)

 If Natsu doesn’t come back I will literally rage quite (I can’t justify Mashima bringing Makarov back and not Natsu, wtf is that?!?!).

I think he will keep the locket. He did call Zeref brother, so I imagine Natsu remembers who his brother used to be before all the tragedy and going insane. I think Zeref’s story is a reminder of what happens you live a life deprived of love and full of loneliness, it can destroy even the kindest of men.  

It will break my heart if we get a panel of Natsu remembering Zeref reading him a story, or playing when they were little. Natsu can be remarkably insightful and I think Natsu show his life experience when looking honestly at his brother. 

On another note…

I think these lyrics from ‘See You Again’ sums up Natsu and Lucy quite well right now. 

How can we not talk about family when family’s all that we got?
Everything I went through you were standing there by my side
And now you gon’ be with me for the last ride

So let the light guide your way, yeah
Hold every memory as you go
And every road you take, will always lead you home, home

It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again

OMG I’m giving myself a heavy dose of the feels 😭 

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it's 2am and i've read everything i can get my hands on abt EU, so can i just say 1) as a media student, this would make a FANTASTIC TV show. there are ten million plotlines staring me in the face and 2) how do you think the fae's fascination with theatre would translate to TV production? still has the costumes, the glitz and glamour, but there's a lot of tech in close proximity. (I can attest that some late nights/early mornings in the studios can get hazy and discombobulated, though...)

Oh god imagine this as a show, it could be so good if they got the wonderterror of the whole place right - there’s more in the shadows than what you can see, and that’s a double-edged sword.

I think it would absolutely fascinate them as well - objectively there’s not magic at all present, but at the same time, there’s entire new worlds being made. Like the theatre, the whole is something much, much greater than the sum of the parts.  Unlike theatre, the finished show is a thing almost unrecognizable from what’s originally been filmed - it’s been put into order, clipped and touched up and made into a very different creature than the initial scenes acted out. It also has a certain allure because they don’t know how it works, can’t get close enough to try to take it apart and figure out how (and even if they could, it’s still unlikely they would be able to understand).

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Top 5 favourite fruitship moments

wow i’m so sorry kouhai this is damn overdue (and i owe you a lot) and honestly now i’m regretting getting back to this because aughsfndifdjsls there are SO MANY cries why did u make me pick just 5 i hate u

top 5 so far as of today (rip we just got thru ep 146):

5. Episodes 50/51

ah yes the first episodes where yuya not only begins to realize a bit of his own denseness in regards to his feelings towards yuzu, he openly states out loud all of the reasons why yuzu is so important to him: she stayed with him even when he was bullied and cheered him on despite this, she was the one that gave him an idea of how to evolve as a duelist, he straight up says both rune-eyes and beast-eyes are monsters he was able to summon thanks to yuzu, he realizes the reason she was trying to get stronger was to protect him and his friends… and of course even reiji takes advantage of his feelings for yuzu. reiji. taking advantage. of his feelings. before this duel, yuya wanted nothing to do with becoming a lancer, but by the end of it… he joins because, just as reiji stated, he wants to save yuzu. and then episode 51 ends like this

oh my god the pain in his voice

(also quick shout out to ep 54 becuz it shows us the struggle of being separated from yuzu’s perspective and well she cries just as bad *dies*)

4. Episode 125. I think this post pretty much sums it up. 

3. The end of episode 129. idk what to say i mean… yuzu actually gets through to yuya for a moment (and it almost seems like he’ll come back to his own senses but…), then afterwards we get this

and yusho pretty much explains that them being so close to each other isn’t a coincidence… like…………….. i’m sorry i’m such a sucker for the whole… destined intertwining fates/red-string-of-fate trope… except for the kicker here is that they weren’t exactly meant to (uh) fall in love? their red-string-of-fate was just meant to pretty much stop him from becoming a demon and destroying the world… and also the fact that they’re reincarnations of zarc & ray who were enemies (technically)… oh my god……. the irony ugh my heart this is the kind of shit i fall for every damn time

2. Episode 140.

episode 140.

episode 140.

oh my god first of all just the lone fact that Yuzu is the only person, out of all of the ones that had been trying to get him back for five episodes straight, that Yuya explicitly responds to would have pretty much been enough for me tbh like that is all i needed but then they also had to throw in this

like shit even Zarc himself is surprised

and it doesn’t stop there

just look at her holding out her hand to him so gently even having to look at him like that as a demon like ashfkjsdlf

look at this shit Zarc is so dumbfounded yet Yuya’s like you know what you’re right babe like just looking at her and hearing her makes him feel calm and gives him the strength to overcome his own inner (er, outer, i guess i should say) demons aaaaaa

1. my favorite fruitship moment and the one moment that made just go from casually shipping them for the heck of it to straight up OTP AF status is this:

(episode 69)


THIS IS HOW YOU SELL ME ON YOUR OTP. Like honestly tears because one of them is dying or because they miss the other are also good but HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE CHARACTERS CRY OUT OF JOY FOR THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER???? LIKE. LEGIT TEARS OF JOY. 

I am not kidding when I tell you that even with all the ship tease before this episode (and there’s A LOT of it), i was still pretty on the fence on this ship like i was in the “yeah i kinda ship it” part of the fandom not because i didn’t really like it (all the ship tease was good and their relationship has ALWAYS been wholesome) but more out of pure caution because I KNOW how main male/female ships in yugioh usually go and they are usually not very good imo. But this. this moment. This EPISODE. Yuzu shows she cares. Yuya very fucking explicitly shows he cares (he cares so much that his body has a real autonomic physical reaction to this emotional stimulus oh my god my psychologist is showing). They’re not even in person next to each other or anything yet they are communicating and understanding and supporting each other. 

as far as for yugioh goes tho, even with ship teases, usually the main female/male pair keeps to status of “friend” because ofc this is yugioh this is all about the nakama. and they usually stop there. or just they leave it at that for the most part and don’t go in depth as to why they should be shipped together besides just them being boy+girl friends = a couple but in this case they, imo, they really went above and beyond that and welp now i’m here crying

idk bout you but this convinced me their feelings for each other were more than that. and i wasn’t fruitshipping trash before this so.

anyways, that’s the end of my list but you’re probably wondering why i didn’t include the episode 99 reunion they had… dude… trust me… i love that scene… but i feel that if you ship these two, that scene is a given as a fav moment. lol it’s like if you made a “fruitshipping moments” bingo, the episode 99 reunion would be your free space lmao i mean i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and i will watch it a million times over and never get tired of it but it’s also so obvious lol

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Other than Danny and Colleen what were things you really liked about Iron Fist?

Ah yes an ask that is going to force me to get my thoughts together. So here we go, and not in any particular order of how much I liked it. Probably won’t cover everything because I’ve only watched it once and it’s sort of a blur xD I’ll cover some main points though.

• this is gonna sound weird, but the colors. This show was a lot brighter/more vivid than the other shows (particularly dd/jj) and I just really love how they’ve used that in these shows because this really matches the show and idk I just love it

• Danny. Which I mean is obvious, but. It was just really refreshing to have a character who was more childlike and innocent and naive, who has a brighter look on things compared to the others, which I think was really needed. Danny was kind of an idiot sometimes and way too trusting but I really enjoyed watching him change from episode 1 to episode 13

• on a related note, I’m always so fascinated by the moral side of things, the arguments, the way people try to justify things and idk dude I think they did it really well here. Watching Danny, particularly as well struggle between thinking that he has to fulfill his duty as the Iron Fist but also really not wanting to be that??? Not the way he was taught, anyway, was great. And even just smaller things, like Colleen deciding to not kill Bakuto, even tho yeah in the moment she probably could have. I am v proud of her. And also on this note, Claire and that scene in the plane where she is just like “yeah you can never justify killing”. Loved that scene.

• finally getting more information about the Hand. Because in Daredevil s2, we honestly did not get a ton of information and in this show we got much more and saw a lot more of it and the different parts/groups of it and that was nice that it’s not just being left as some shadowy group that no one knows stuff about.

• might get yelled at for this, but the fight scenes?? I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how they were unrealistic but guys, it’s a show about a character who has powers that make his fist light up. I think they get a little leniency here. I personally really enjoyed them.

• THE SOUNDTRACK. Cannot say enough good things about the soundtrack omg. I love how it’s vaguely like the daredevil ones but sort mashed with like. The Tron soundtrack I guess? But also with its own unique elements and almost a trippy quality sometimes and just guys I love this soundtrack. My favorite of all of them, now.

• The fact that, while I was not particularly fond of the Meachums, I couldn’t make myself hate them. Because that’s a problem I run into where the “villains” are always just not layered enough and just easy to hate. But while I didn’t love them, they’re absolutely fascinating. Their actions, their justifications, the way they work and think. I’m going to do a lot of analyzing when I watch the show again because I’m really impressed with them and how they were written.

• Colleen. Literally everything about her, but like. It wasn’t the Colleen I expected? Yeah she was tough and a colder (especially towards the beginning), but I really did not expect the sweeter and a lil softer Colleen that we got in the show. And I have exactly no complaints about it. Again, like with Danny, it was refreshing. I mean, she’s got issues but she’s not like a lot of the other female characters we’ve gotten so far in that she is kinder and softer and genuinely a good person at heart (again, she has issues, but) and I really loved that.

• this is kind of obvious, but Claire. She was a gem in this honestly. Probably my favorite appearance of her so far, since she’s been so developed now. She was hilarious but also knocked some sense into my stupid children. Also, Claire learning to fight gives me life okay.

• kind of said this earlier but want to say it again but just. How conflicted Danny is. How he’s torn between these two sides of himself, and choosing between what he was raised and taught to do and what he’s starting to believe is the actual right thing. and how he does not handle this super well, and it’s not easy for him. They wrote this really well in that he was honestly just a wreck. It got ugly sometimes. It wasn’t handled gracefully, it was messy and emotional and difficult and Danny could not have handled it on his own without Colleen and Claire. I really enjoy when they don’t try and force a character like this to deal with it and figure it out alone and I’m glad Claire was there to knock sense into him.

• Tiny note but like, all the references to characters. Daredevil, a couple times. Jessica. They even mentioned Karen and it was beautiful.

• Danny, Colleen, and Claire: the actual team up we all needed in life. Bless. All of their scenes together were great, and having Claire there to balance out the other two was wonderful. Would watch an entire show of these three working together, not gonna lie.

• Going sort of back up to what I said about the Meachums, I love that the people fighting against Danny in the show wasn’t just some creepy guy who out of the blue decided he had a problem with Danny. It was Harold, it was Ward and Joy, people he grew up with. It was Gao, it was Bakuto, it was even Davos and Colleen for a bit. Mostly people he trusted. Which made it more painful but idk I enjoyed it.

• How they handled all the stuff with Colleen. Personally think they did that well. And I’m so, so glad that they didn’t drag it out longer than necessary. It felt, pacing wise, like it worked really well. It didn’t drag it out, but it wasn’t too fast. The rain scene is always going to make me cry.

Nothing else directly comes to mind right now because I kind of just got up and my brain isn’t awake, but. To sum it up it’s a show I thoroughly enjoyed with characters that hit me pretty personally sometimes, so that was fun. Personally, I think it’s the best show I’ve seen since Daredevil, which is my favorite show. I need to watch iron fist a couple more times, but I’m positive I enjoyed it more than JJ/LC.

I just. Really love this show, guys.

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Hello, question about Westerosi currency originated by the show (but does not require watching it). In the last episode Davos offers 30 golden dragons to bribe two guards to ignore his boat. The scene is framed as if he is giving them a nice but not astronomical sum, but am I correct to think that amount of money is actually kind of a fortune in Westeros, worth more than any cargo a smuggler could carry on a small boat?

Well, we can’t necessarily use the dragon in the books, we need to use the show’s numbers to determine how valuable this is, so my knowledge is limited to what I’ve seen. As far as gold is concerned, Brienne had an attempted ransom for 300 gold dragons which Jaime remarks is a pretty hefty one. Tyrion pays 20 dragons to each dwarf to make up for their public humiliation. Conversely, bread costs a few coppers, and cheap prostitutes are referred to as ‘five-copper,’ whether or not that is actually the price, that’s shown to be cheap. 100 stags is considered a healthy bounty for the Hound, so we have some idea that dragons are not commoner fare.

With that, 30 dragons between two guards seems like a rather immense sum, because only nobles are throwing around double digits of gold dragons. Unfortunately, I do not watch the show, but I believe this question would tickle @racefortheironthrone‘s fancy.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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I'll amit I did ship chuck and blair . Well I liked their chemistry. But those abusive scenes and toxic scenes should of drawn a line for the writers . As much as I loved their chemistry being that toxic I don't think they should of ended up together.

I remember there is this scene (and I’m paraphrasing here because this is not a show I re watch by any means) where after Dan and Blair break up Dan is like: “You had someone that loved you unconditionally and respected you and you blew him off for someone who treats you like dirt” and I can’t explain how well that sums up the entirety of the issue as far as Blair’s character/romantic relationships go (and yet is still an incredible understatement). 

The juxtaposition of the Dan/Blair relationship with the Chuck/Blair relationship was so grotesque that it just made it even worse to watch them end up together. And if the writers were that pressed to make Serena end up with Dan then Blair should have learned to be alone. THAT would have been character development (not that she didn’t have her own toxic moments with Chuck, she did, but he was far worse). To have your arguably main female protagonist by the end of the series end up with someone who physically and emotionally abused not just her, but her friends (tried to rape three people in the pilot y’all) is just seriously awful. 

And don’t come at me with “that was the pilot” because 1-I don’t care if there were 100 seasons of the show, it’s still canon that he is a known attempted rapist and abuser and 2- He definitely tried to rape Blair and almost beat the shit out of her when she broke up with him because he was mad she “wasn’t his” anymore…a scene I’ll never forget 

ID #52978

Name: Lucy
Age: 15
Country: Australia

Hey everyone! I guess I’ve kinda fallen in love with the idea of online best friends (that sounds kinda lame but anyway 😂). I have recently met an online friend and we have so much in common and I feel like I am getting really close to her. We were thinking of expanding our friendship by creating a group chat with a few other likeminded people where we can all get to know each other really well and become great friends.
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So, to sum up this essay on us, we would love to talk to anyone. We are accepting of any religion, race or sexuality, and will talk about anything. We are really looking for some maybe life-long friends that we can text, send ugly snapchats to, and later on in the friendship skype and call. We can complain about time zones, work, school, problems. And we will always be there to help. Maybe one day, we’ll all meet up. And it will be the best day of our lifes. If anyone has heard of the Catitude group chat, I hope we could be something like that. Best friends who turn to each other when reality hits hard.
So hit us up, y'all!

Lucy and Clara xx (remember, you are B-E-A-utiful)

Preferences: Nope ✊🏼✊🏾✊🏿??🏳️‍🌈❤️💛💚💙💜🖤
Althoughhhhh, preferably age 14-18

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at least it was a statue and not a real person to show how baseless were his conjectures

i don’t think it really matters whether they were baseless or not, because vitya ended up handling it so well! he understood his jealousy stemmed from his own insecurities (as it does in most of the baseless cases) at the realization that there were things and people in yuuri’s past he had no idea about. it’s not unusual for people (esp those in new relationships) to feel that way and vitya realized that the yuuri he knows is the sum of his past experiences, so the past is important even if he felt jealous of it at first. and the next thing vitya did? he let go of the jealousy and decided that it’s his turn to show how much he appreciates yuuri by surpassing his imagination, and i think it says so much about their relationship! it’s a very good and healthy way to handle new unexpected info about your partner’s past, whether it ends up being a ridiculous misunderstanding about a statue or an actual person ♥

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You're fics are so great. Can you write a Rory x Paris slow burn?

honestly i love paris & rory but idk if that’s smth i am capable of writing???? whatever im gonna try


the gilmore house - right at the end of the street and surrounded on two sides by wood, one side by the road, and on its final side by babette, morey, and, most importantly, apricot the very cute kitten to replace the still mourned cinnamon - is quiet for a few still moments on monday morning.

and then.


lorelai tugs her bathrobe on one leg at a time just like everyone else in the morn- ah fuck, one arm at a time- just like everyone else in the morning, barely even trips twice.


“i need a pot of coffee before i can be mom,” lorelai moans. she sighs with relief when a mug is shoved into her hands, finally cracks open an eye. “why do you look like…hold on.” lorelai gulps down two swallows of the terrible coffee. “brain still dead. something frilly. where’s my daughter. rory,” she cries, “are you in there? can you hear me?”

“enough joking!”

“who’s joking? i can’t see anything but frills.” she reaches out, flaps one, yelps when rory slaps her hand away. “alright, alright, geez, what’s got your frills in a fright this morning?”

rory storms back into the kitchen, flops down at the table with a huff that would be impressive but it’s softened by the floaty frills. lorelai flicks one as she passes to the fridge.



“it’s not even six!” lorelai turns on her daughter. “what the hell, rory?”

“what the hell is this!” she points to her dress. “this is the costume for juliet. i hadn’t had a chance to try it on yet because homework,”

“seven hours of homework,”

“eight.” rory drops her head forward onto the table. lorelai makes a sympathetic sound and pours her a cup of coffee into the largest novelty mug they have. “thanks.”

“anything for my daughter.” lorelai grimaces when rory looks up at her with wide, pleading eyes. “anything except spend my very limited time fixing that terrible costume.”

“i can’t go out looking like this! and you remember the last time i tried to sew.”

“did kirk ever get his finger stuck back on?”

“no.” rory drops her head back down. her words are a little muffled but just clear enough to make out. “he shows it off on every holiday, remember? it was only a few millimetres, it’s not a big deal.”

“i’ll remind you of that when you lose part of your index finger. it was his index, wasn’t it?”

“pinkie. his index finger was the ballet incident.”

“ah, of course.” lorelai sits next to her daughter, plucks at the sleeve frills. “this means a lot to you?”

rory nods dolefully. “it’s an assignment so it’s already stressful but tristan is romeo and everything with dean,” she bangs her head again. lorelai searches for a shoulder - rory had two, once upon a time, but the frills have engulfed her and neither are visible - and settles for patting her hand sympathetically. “and paris,” she says, and sighs for a whole minute, and lorelai’s eyebrows shoot up.

“let me guess, she’s being paris.”


“and you expected something else?”

“no,” rory admits, “but she wasn’t so bad for a bit and she’s being so weird about tristan and sometimes it feels like if she stopped being so…so paris…we would get along really well and,”

“but then she wouldn’t be paris and you would have no reason to wake me up at six looking like cotton candy.”

“we’d be bereft.”

“we would. so we should thank paris for being so paris.” rory scrunches her nose up at that and lorelai laughs, pushes at her daughter until she sits up. she looks over the dress monstrosity and sighs. “i guess i can look at it in my infrequent and very short breaks i usually like to use for actual rest,”

“thank you! thank you, thank you, thank you!” rory lunges at her, hugs her hard, before running for her room already tearing off the dress. “gotta go, see you tonight, love you!”

lorelai picks the dress up from rory’s floor and grimaces at it.

“moms wedding dress. that’s what it looks like.” she folds it over her arm, pats it. “now i’m looking forward to cutting it up.”


“where’s the dress!”

rory doesn’t look up from her book. she turns the page slowly. “hello paris. how are you this afternoon?”

“yes, yes, niceties. now, why aren’t you in costume! we have our dress rehearsal in ten minutes!”

“it’s our first rehearsal,” rory corrects, finally lowering her book, and she leans back a little when she looks up to see paris a lot closer than she’d originally expected.

“we only get five rehearsals in the space, all of them need to be dress rehearsals. i won’t settle for anything less than perfect!”

“i think things are bound to be less than perfect. what’s that really common phrase that sums up how imperfect stage productions can be?”

“the show happens,” madeline contributes.

“the show must go on,” paris snaps, and she glares at rory. “luckily for you,” she continues, “i anticipated that any one of you would disappoint so i brought back up costumes.” she jerks her head toward the door. “march. rehearsal starts in five minutes and i am going to get us an extra,” she checks her watch, “three by staring at wendy until she cries herself right off stage. well? move!”

rehearsal goes about as suspected - paris yells, louise texts, madeline offers to paint rory’s nails, tristan never shows up, paris yells some more, and when lorelai comes by to pick her up, rory falls into the car and stares blankly ahead for half the drive home.

“hi,” she says finally, and lorelai blows out a great gust of a sigh.

“oh thank god! i thought that romeo kid had sucked your soul out or something.”

“tristan never showed up.” rory fumbles for the coffee in the cup holder. “yuck, cold!” she drinks some more.

“that little weasel. who does he think he is?”

“tristan dugray.”

“oh, right.” lorelai nods. “on the bright side, you don’t have to deal with paris again until tomorrow.”


“i spoke too soon,” lorelai mutters, opening the door for the girl. “paris, what a surprise.”

“is it? it shouldn’t be. i need to see the progress you’ve made with the costumes, i checked out miss patty’s for an extra rehearsal space, and rory needs to practice her lines.”

she points into the house and lorelai steps aside.

“why don’t you come in? RORY.”



there’s silence, and paris examining the living room, and then rory tiptoes out of her room. she ducks into the front hall to hide behind the half wall, putting it between her and paris.

“what’s she doing here?” rory hisses.

“i don’t know, something about you not knowing your lines.”

“this isn’t my fault, this is about the costumes isn’t it?” she accuses.

lorelai gasps. “it’s not my fault, i only got the dress this morning!”

“i can hear you both, i have exceptional hearing.” paris steps around the couch, fixes them both with an unimpressed stare. “rory, where are you with your background reading on juliet?”


“that’s what i thought. lorelai, what kind of coffee do you have?”


“that’ll do.”

she hides in the kitchen for fifteen minutes - rory escapes twice for “snacks” and “bathroom reasons” to make frightened eyes at lorelai before paris tells her to focus - and when she brings out two mugs and a pot of coffee, the two girls are sitting in something that resembles almost peaceful companionship.

without looking up, they both reach out for coffee and lorelai does some seriously impressive juggling to give it to them without scalding them or herself.

she stands to the side to rescue rory if necessary, but the two of them argue about Shakespeare and their adaption for ten minutes, something lorelai thinks rory wins because paris sulks for a minute before picking a new fight, and lorelai leaves them to it when they’re snapping at one another but rory passes paris the highlighter she’s reaching for. their bickering is a rather soothing background to reading the newspaper lorelai rarely gets time to read.

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I think the word is innocently-insensitive. Papyrus may say rude things or even sound rude, but he's not a mean-spirited person at all. Personally I think you portray the bone bros perfectly! One minute they're best buds, the next they're bickering nonstop. Reminds me highly of my own relationship with my younger siblings. Some people are an only child so they never got to experience the whole sibling dynamic relationship. So summing up, Papyrus likes to give Sans tough love.

Precisely. I remember actually feeling hurt, when Papyrus says to the human: “because you have no standards” That was a true “wtf man” moments for me XD But looking at his sprite when he says that showed me, that he didn’t mean it in any, well, MEAN way. He just expressed himself, like he was stating a fact. I love it about him ^^

And thank you so much, I’m trying my best! One thing that’s great about bone bros is that they’re best buds and bickering non stop AT THE SAME TIME! How crazy is that?

Why I Don’t Think Sam is Well-written and How the Show Sidelines Her Faults

Part 1


There was a post before this on headcanons that would compensate for her ‘sucky’ canon and I got into a discussion with someone in the notes. I had a general dislike towards Sam Manson as a character before I replied to them but, the more I explained what I thought, the more I realized how broken Sam Manson as a character is. I used to look up to Sam when I was 12-16 or so years old but, now being 22 years old with a whole 10 to 6 years of hindsight, the influence she had on my thinking was pretty awful. This essay is to merely analyze what is wrong with Sam Manson as a character throughout the entire course of the show and go through all the details.

If you think I’m going to heavy hit Sam through the entire post, not to worry. I’m going to also tackle details in which Sam was portrayed well and will give a pat in a backs for the writing when I deem it as appropriate. I will bold the bad points, italicize the good points and strikethrough potential setups so that you can read certain parts you are after or try to see what I think of her portrayal and the circumstances around her in the show. You’d be surprised how much I actually praised her in one episode.

Bad points will mostly likely be:

  • Sam being a Karma Houdini… I think this pretty much sums up my entire problem with Sam.

Good points will most likely be:

  • Her redeeming qualities and flaws like a normal human being
  • Her role and influence in the story and Danny’s life

Extra Note: This might actually be a series of posts because I have a lot of feelings on how Sam was handled.

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  • Me: Mandy, you knew arc v was ending soon, the world is literally ending, besides it won't be forgotten immediately, the other series have relatively active fandoms, the setting for ygo 6 looks so cool and sky duels sound like a blast, let the arc v cast rest

I think it’s safe to say that Dewey is officially my favorite triplet after watching the DuckTales premiere. he has always been the one I liked the most since I was little, but his new personality is so perfect and is everything I ever hoped he would be ;o;

I’m am also looking forward to seeing how Louie and Huey’s personalities shine in the upcoming episodes of the show as well. I really like what we’ve seen of Louie so far, but Huey will have to have a bit more screentime and show off his personality a little more before I really figure out how I feel about him. However, I think we can all pretty much agree that out of the three, Dewey really stole the show in the pilot episode, haha!

What I really want from GoldenQueen

With this article I want to justify GoldenQueen relationship on Once Upon a Time, at least I’d like to try. And why? I’ve seen quite a lot of hate towards them in the past few months and I just had this idea in my mind to sum it all up and show what I am really like. 


Every time I tell someone who stands for another ship from OUAT “I ship GoldenQueen”, they’re like “Alright… I never thought of them like that, it’s gross to me” and stuff like this. (I mean, not always but more than I’d like) 

Firstly, it’s not as important but how can’t they see it? I think the chemistry is pretty obvious ever since the second episode of season 1! It’s kinda irrelevant but still… How do you not see it?! Maybe you’re just denying… 

Now we’re getting to the relevant point. OUAT showed us GoldenQueen in 6A but only in this sort of twisted way of a sexual relationship. So now there are basically two groups of fans - those who thought it was hot and those who thought it was gross and ew. Oh and of course, then there are we, the true GQ shippers who stand for the ship from the very beginning of s1. I think it was hot and everything and I loved it and enjoyed it so much, cause they finally got them some more screen time in this different way which I appreciated very much. 

But don’t get me wrong, this is not how I imagine GQ relationship. Firstly there must be obviously some kind of the sexy dynamic they share, which other ships don’t necessarily have. They’re never gonna be like Snowing, these cute kisses, and soft cuddles. They’re never gonna be just like this. But they can also be like this, but also like that. Okay, this is a bit confusing, I just wanna say that GoldenQueen is sort of Dark Snowing. They have so many Snowing parallels and a similar fate and I’ve seen a lot of post saying this. 

I’d like Rumple and Gina to be soft, gentle and romantic with each other but their relationship also needs to show this hot dynamic. That’s the combination I want! 

I wanted to write this, to sum it all up because I’ve seen a lot of misunderstanding with GQ shippers lately. The others (not everyone, but I’ve met a lot of them) think we GQ shippers have twisted minds, have some kinks and stuff like that. Well, basically we do have sort of kink but who doesn’t? Do you think Rumbellers don’t imagine RB doing “stuff”, the exact stuff GQners imagine? Of course, they do.

Another thing GQ “haters” say: “Ew, don’t you see the age difference?” At this point, I’m getting straight to RB again. The age difference between Belle and Rumple is okay and between Gina and him not? Come on! Belle is even much younger than Regina and nobody cares! And what about Emma and Hook? In the musical episode, have you seen Hook meeting Snow and Charming? Emma was the baby inside of Snow’s belly! How’s this? The age difference is definitely not an argument. ;) Anyways I’ve been seeing this lately maybe too much and it makes me sick. 

So here you have it. See? We’re not some perverts, we’re just like the rest of the fandom. Shipping GQ is no different from shipping OQ, CS, RB, SQ, … 

I just had a little bit justifying mood today, I don’t have it often, I just felt the responsibility to fight for my OTP. Hopefully, you're gonna understand what I wanted to express. If you have some arguments, go on, put them down for me, I don’t bite. :) Just wanted to see if my fellow GQners see it in the same way. 

GoldenQueen is a healthy relationship between former teacher and his student, their each other’s perfect match and we should stand by our fandom and support it. 

That’s it. 

SVTFOE Theories (just a few) spoilers (duh)

Okay there has been a lot of theory and I kind of want to sum up what I’ve seen and thought as well as introduce some ideas I’ve noticed. This is really the tip of the iceberg and maybe I’ll make a huge master post of theory and have people add to it so we can all keep track of all this craziness. Honestly, I’m kind of just tempted to not think too much about it and just watch the show unfold. Wishful thinking.

First, Toffee’s shoulder armour/skulls. The cheek symbols have been thought to mean a couple different things. They all base on the fact that the diamond and spade symbols are  found on Moon and Eclipsa’s cheeks, respectively.

1: The two symbols are representative of Toffee’s enemies.
2: The symbols represent his mother and half-sister (Eclipsa being the mother and Moon being her daughter by her human husband)
3: The symbols represent Moon as a friend or lover and Eclipsa as his queen
4: the symbols represent Eclipsa as his lover (presuming the tapestry falsely depicted him) and Moon as his daughter

No matter what the symbols certainly give Toffee a connection to Moon and Eclipsa in some way, shape, or form, and therefore to Star. The image seems to pretty clearly show Toffee os surprised and possibly afraid, but I personally also see some level of betrayal, like he can’t believe that Moon is the one doing that to him. Another theory I saw(@lilyaquarius) said that Toffee was a potential threat, at least in Moon’s eyes, to Star. Hence why she was raised by palace guards despite Moon’s seeming overbearingness and desire for Star to be more “queen-like.”

(could not find the full one for the life of me)

Second, and this is just me. The moon in the background is very noticeable and I’m not entirely sure it’s just because Moon’s name is… Moon. It’s been noted before that Toffee showed up immediately after the Blood Moon Ball, and that makes me curious if the fact that his finger was severed during such a prominent full moon has any connection to the Blood Moon, especially considering it was when Queen Moon casted her darkest spell. Surely a spell that spectacular would have done more than take off a finger.

Going even further with this, Marco has been thought to represent the Sun, Star the… Star, and the Blood Moon binds them. I’m not entirely sure how to connect everything, but I think it’s worth mentioning that we have a character representing the Sun, and character representing Moon (if the namesake could so imply) and a character named Eclipsa. Maybe Star is supposed to be this in between for sun and moon since stars are essentially little suns in the night sky. Again, I don’t really know how to tie this all together but it really feels like it wants to be tied together somehow but there’s just some piece of the puzzle missing.  Again, to sum it up, we have, potentially:

Star=Star (maybe something else?)
Eclipsa=Eclipse (or the moon blotting out the light/conversion of light to dark)

Third, something that no one seems to have noticed in favor of calling her a mermaid, Jackie’s dress. We were outright told that she “looks like the ocean” by Star. I don’t think this was just a little insignificant tidbit the writers threw in. I think this was very deliberate and something we’re gonna look at later and be like “oh shit it was right there all along.” Again, don’t think she’s a mermaid, though that’s certainly an option, you could even go with siren if you so please. But something I haven’t seen people mention is the relationship between the moon and the ocean. Again, one of those things were I’m not certain how this ties in, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that kind of standing in the way of, or possibly made to push forward, a match made by the moon is someone who looks like the sea.

Fourth, cute little side notes I noticed. Star and Marco in the Blood Moon Ball Scene look like Life (Star’s hearts and lively pink dress) and Death (Marco’s dark clothing and his skull Day of the Dead mask) dancing in the Blood Moon. It helps that Marco is prone to being kind of susceptible to evil forces and always wants to be on time and orderly, and Star is so prone to good and heavily messy and happy and lively. Even more so is the fact that they balance each other.

Fifth, I also wanted to notice something I stumbled across when thinking about how the Bon Bon episode would have played out had Star gone to the dance with Marco instead, and I realized how different Star is to a lot of kids, at least those represented in the show. Where Jackie decided to leave because the dance didn’t seem all that fun and she wanted to get to know Marco better otherwise (not shaming her for that, that would be my first decision too), we can all vividly imagine how it would have went had Star gone. Star would have seen that dance and then done her best to liven it up and make it fun and enjoyable for everyone. I’ve also been noticing increasing responsibility in Star; more control of her actions and more acceptance of consequences. In the Bon Bon episode she told Marco to let her go. She wanted him to stop trying to save her because she didn’t want to see him hurt.

Star’s desire to make things better for everyone, her growing maturity, and the compassion we know she has are all qualities that I think are very fitting for her as she progresses towards becoming Queen of Mewni.

Naruto characters pick theme songs for themselves

Requested by anon!

If certain characters could pick their own theme songs, what would they pick? And why? Links will be provided!

1. Rock Lee

“You’re The Best Around”

Rock Lee: “Because I AM the best around and NOTHING WILL EVER KEEP ME DOWN! HAH!”

2. Pein

“Like a Boss”

Pein: “I didn’t pick this!! I picked Pain! I would never pick something so….vulgar!”

Konan: “You were listening to it yesterday evening.”

Pein: “How did you…nevermind.”

3. Kankuro


Temari: “Well that one was pretty obvious. And typical of you.”

Kankuro: “Hey! I think it shows my artistic expression!”

Temari: “Uhuh sure.”

4. Deidara

“Boom Boom Boom”

Sasori: “Uh….you DO know what the song is about right?”

Deidara: “Well I’m going to assume it’s about explosions considering the title.”

Sasori: “You’re a goddamn idiot who didn’t even listen to the damn song.”

5. Kakuzu


Kakuzu: “It sums up how I feel about the subject in question.”

Hidan: “Can I have a raise then?”

Kakuzu: “No.”

6. Shikamaru

“The Lazy Song”

Shikamaru: “Honestly?? This is perfect for me.”

Temari: “You’re telling me. You literally asked me to look up ‘songs about laziness’ for you.”

Shikamaru: “….yeppp.”

7. Killer Bee

“Sounds Like Overwatch”

Killer Bee: “I could TOTALLY fight someone to this song!”

Gyuki: “Don’t get any ideas. The last time you said that it was 46 hours of the same damn thing and it was PAINFUL.”

8. Hidan

“Go To Sleep”

Kakuzu: “That is the edgiest shit I have ever heard oh my god you are pathetic.”

Hidan: “Pretty sure you’re just jealous because your song was fucking SHIT.”

9. Tsunade


Tsunade: “Because honestly?? Men wouldn’t stand a chance without women to help them out.”

Sakura: “You tell ‘em!!”

10. Sasuke


Naruto: “Please. PLEASE tell me that’s an ironic joke.”

Sasuke: “…..and if it isn’t?”

Naruto: “Kakashi Sensei please help him.”

fullmetalpon-3  asked:

I just found your fanfiction, Counting Day, and can I just say I really, really love it?! Whoo! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens next! I think you summed up ZADF pretty well. They want each other dead, but they don't want anyone but themselves to be the one responsible. aldlajdsfjsdlfjsld okay bye.

oh my god someone found me.

Okay, oh my gosh. I’m kind of freaking out right now.

Thank you SO much for your kind words. Any kind of reassurance literally means the world to me. 

I love ZADF. I know Jhonen isn’t really into that type of stuff so he would probably hate my story, but showing Zim and Dib each other’s weak spots as they’re just…trapped together in the worst circumstances is so fun. Even in the show they just have this really weird frenemy relationship, and it’s really fun to expand upon it as Zim is spiraling into an anxious mess and Dib SEES that happening. 

At this point in the story, I actually thought they would have developed into best buds or something, but I knew like three chapters in that that just wasn’t going to work. Too unrealistic. Besides, I think what they have now is way more interesting. Like you said…they want each other dead but they want to be the ones to do it. But at the same time, I think Dib is really confused on where he stands with Zim. So much has happened, and he hasn’t had any time to really sit and dissect it. 

Writing “Counting Day” has been a HUGE learning experience for me. I really had no idea what I was doing when I started (I still don’t whoops) but the feedback has been amazing. 

I hope this little spiel actually makes sense, and that I’m not just rambling. Again, thank you SO much for leaving your thoughts. It really does help, and you’ve absolutely made my day! Thank you thank you thank you! <3