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I’ve been getting requests to post more real time/slower vids so here is a snipit from this morning. Feeling tired, slow and sore from soccer today but still got myself out on the mat -anyone else feel the most sore 2days after?
Side planks have never come easy to me (used to make my shoulder feel so weak) and was something I avoided for so long because I wasn’t any good at them- well one day I decided to get over myself and put in the work so that I would be able to do them and now they are one of my favs to add into my practice (although the grabbing/lifting my foot is something I am still working on feeling comfortable in!!) Anyway, may sound weird but thinking of the progress I’ve made in them helps me work hard towards other things (yoga or not) that I may not be good at instead of just accepting defeat and avoiding it! ~Maybe this can be a little inspiration to practice something hard for you today!

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Photo study of the gorgeous @viria

Photo from her instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BOxHLWUhq67/

This is the first photo study I am very proud of. I often saw other artists draw photo studies and they often said it was relaxing or they did it to practise. It sounded so easy and when I tried it, I failed so hard. But I wanted to make one so bad that I kept trying. So the other day I got angry and was almost in my “I dont care anymore I just want to draw” phase and then I put on some loud music and just drew. In fury, but soon my anger transfered into energy and I felt good while drawing. I did not feel blockated anymore. It was just funny how furious and angry I was at first when I started to draw the portrait. And now all the negative feelings are gone. And it may sounds weird but I think I transformed my emotions and had a flow feeling as a result. So all in all, I am happy I kept trying. And that the result is good. I am happy. :3 A happy art potato. haha


zest??? zest!!! 

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i think the reason people never feel the same way about you is because they subconsciously think youre too good for them. i know this sounds weird but i remember i had to break up with my boyfriend because he was literally too perfect and thats probably why everyone sees you as just so friendly bc if your friendship is so loving just imagine you as an s/o like is it even humanly possible to handle that much love?

Hahaha! Awwwwwww that is very very sweet of you to say, but trust me, I am not too good for anyone. That was a very kind attempt to make me feel better about that situation, but I believe it’s that I just don’t meet the standards of the people I’m interested in. I very much try to be the caretaker in a relationship, but I think there’s still much I have to work on. 

So I sent you an ask on your other blog about this, but I’m realizing now that I need to explain it a little bit better, so I’m going to do it here instead.

Let me tell you about my college, and the Midnight Scream.

During finals week every semester, we have this tradition known only as “The Midnight Scream.” It is, essentially, exactly what it sounds like- a few minutes before midnight, all students who want to participate (most of us) find their way outside, to the grassy spaces outside dorms and the library. And then, at exactly 12:00, we scream. As loud as we possibly can. At exactly 12:01, we stop, and everyone returns to where they were, continuing their studying as if nothing had happened.

This sounds weird already, right? Well, the more I think about it, the weirder it sounds.

For example, nobody knows how the Midnight Scream started. We have a lot of events on campus during finals week, and there are flyers up all over school about them, but you won’t see the Midnight Scream advertised anywhere. As a freshman, you can only learn about it from others. Upperclassmen pass it onto freshmen, who pass it on to each other. And, every year, there are the unlucky few freshman who don’t hear about it, and who are then woken at midnight by the sound of literally thousands of students screaming in unison.

None of the teachers or staff members talk about it, and most of the students don’t, either. It is simply something that happens. At this point, all of the seniors have been participating in the Midnight Scream since they were freshman, so no one knows how long it’s been happening. Perhaps it’s been happening forever.

(I’ve never thought about this much before, but I’m now realizing that it sounds very… Elsewhere University-ish. Just thought you might be interested in another strange but true story.)




I always thought it sounded weird and I didn’t think it was a french name. It’s actually one, and guess what ? It has greek origins.

The SAME origins than “Nikandros”, aka Nike, meaning “Victory”.

It’s a french name with greek origins, which means, translated in the Captive Prince’s world, that it’s a Veretian name with Akielon origins, aka, a bond between the two countries.

But there’s more ! “Nicaise” is the name of at least 3 saints in the catholic church, and also of a martyr.

Nicaise de Sicile, or Nicasius of Sicily, who have been beheaded.



  • me: jesus fucking christ im fat. i need to not eat anything at all anymore. 2000 calories is too much, so i should like eat only a meal and a half a day. small portion sizes and counting calories on everything. i need to get skinny!!
  • me to me: get rid of your internalized fatphobia and love yourself. exercise if you must but don't overdo it. a little chub is okay. it's healthy. eat whatever you want, life is too short to count calories. please love your body
BTS reaction: They see their crush running on the treadmill.

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Hii! I wanna request a reaction :) Bts reaction when they went to a fitness center and see their crush running on Treadmill. (you know all sweaty lol) thanks 😊

AN: I’m sorry I have been very inactive for awhile but I’m back! :)


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Jin would become extremely distracted from what he was doing the moment he saw you working out on the treadmill. He would start stealing quick glances at you without realizing it, until he starts straight up staring at you, completely forgetting that there were people around him.


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Suga wouldn’t really care about exercising anyways so when he sees you working out on the treadmill he would completely forget why he was there at the first place. He would look at you with a smirk, not even trying to hide the fact that he was staring at you. And if you catch him staring he would walk over to you and casually say hi. 


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Jhope would try to get as close to you as you can without being weird. He would move to whatever equipment was right next to the treadmill and start using it, pretending that he didn’t notice you, but being extremely loud, trying to catch your attention. So when you finally look at him he would give you a small wink and keep working out. 


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Extremely confident. Namjoon would walk up to you straight away and start flirting with you. He would start telling you jokes, slightly distracting you from your workout. And he would also start complimenting you, telling you almost exactly what he was thinking.

“I know this may sound kind of weird, but you look amazing right now!” 


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Jimin would be extremely flirty but would also try to impress you. He would move closer to you and would start biting his lip and winking at you. He would also start working out on the treadmill next to yours but setting it to a higher speed, trying to impress you. 


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When he first sees you he would just kind of stare wide-eyed at you for awhile without doing anything. But when he realizes that he was staring he would come over to you with a smile and start talking to you while at the same time pretending that he was working really hard on weight lifting. 


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Jungkook would most likely be too shy to talk to you. But when he still wouldn’t be able to help but look at you. He would be looking at you in a really obvious and awkward way, so everyone else around him would notice and teasing him about it. 

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Why do you think Nick rarely calls Judy by her first name?

This may sound slightly weird, but I think it has a lot to do with the old saying, “If you name it, you get attached to it.” 

As we know, Nick doesn’t like to get close to people, since he lives in this mindset where the world is out to get him. He doesn’t want other people to hurt him, so he doesn’t let them get close enough to. Calling people nicknames is a way of keeping his distance, of not getting attached. Nick isn’t getting close to Judy Hopps, he’s being bothered by a rabbit, a meter maid. It’s very impersonal. 

When Nick first meets Judy, he calls her all kinds of nicknames - evidence that he’s keeping his distance. He doesn’t know her, he doesn’t want to, so he avoids attachment by keeping her at a safe distance. 

The first time we see him come close to calling Judy by her real name is after he defends her to Bogo. 

By this point, they’ve grown to be a lot closer. This is a sign that Nick is allowing himself to open up to Judy, which is shown by how he literally does so moments after, when he tells her about his childhood. 

The first (and only) time he calls her by her real name, Judy, is when he thinks she could be hurt. 

At this point the two are full-on partners. They’ve connected and become close over their experiences, and Nick has fully opened himself up to her. Instead of trying to push her away, Nick calling Judy by her first name is a sign that he deeply cares and is worried for her. 

After Nick becomes an officer, we see he still calls Judy nicknames, but they’re no longer in a derogatory way. He’s not trying to belittle her, but instead, the names are terms of endearment. 

I think that him calling her, “Carrots,” and so on is his way of saying that he cares for her, without actually having to flat-out say it. It’s a different way of holding his emotions at bay, however, this time it’s in a far more positive light. 

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Howdy naf! First ask here, I really dig your art and you as a person!! I aint so swift with color when it comes to fashion/outfits and such, i've seen you write a bit about this before but wouldja mind at all givin' some pointers for not falling into the dreaded ditch that is [horror music plays] mismatched blacks?

HAHA ok before I go off on my rant I just want to say that mismatched blacks aren’t universally seen as a fashion crime, even though I know tons and tons of people who don’t like it. There are never any rules in fashion, just guidelines, and if you end up disagreeing with me and my gothic ass that’s a-okay

but the reason I personally don’t like mismatched blacks is because I think it shows a lack of dedication. I know that sounds weird, so I’ll explain.

Let’s start with some examples of good all-black ensembles, and what the monochrome color story does to highlight the outfit.

When the blacks are all unified in an outfit, it creates sleekness and reduces the amount of distractions in order to highlight other things like texture, silhouette, and detail. 

And this is actually one of the ways you can try to avoid mismatching your black clothes, by relying on differences in texture. It’s very difficult for anyone to find perfectly matched clothes, so if you can pair close-enough tones and use enough texture contrast, it helps maintain the all-black ensemble.

A classic example is a leather jacket with a cotton shirt and denim pants

Not only does the change in texture help the outfit and retain the sense of sophistication, the texture contrast is suddenly the entire point of the outfit, bringing attention and focus to it. It has dedication and deliberate curation.

Now let’s look at a bad example of an all-black outfit and some potential edits

The original is giving us 3 separate tones to work with: a deep black shirt, charcoal pants, and an off-teal blue jacket. The similar (but not-quite-the-same) texture and tone between the jacket and pants is distracting, and not letting the unique shape of the jacket sing. And because there’s two midtones (jacket and pants), the deep black of the shirt has nothing to rest on, and ends up just looking bland.

  1. In fix 1, we unify both the jacket and pants to being charcoal, letting them stand out as a unit. The black shirt becomes a complimenting “staple” piece and plays well with both. This is essentially a good one-two punch of visual effect
  2. In fix 2, we actually embrace the color of the jacket completely, letting it be the focal color pop while the shirt and pants take a back seat. Because the shirt and pants are now secondary pieces, they work together because their closeness in tone allows them to exist in the same family. However, the texture and silhouette of the pants still stands out from the shirt, giving the outfit more interest, but not enough to fight for attention with the jacket

Both fix 1 and 2 are more dedicated to showcasing different parts of the outfit, while the original gives us 3 elements fighting for attention.

Again, this is my personal opinion, but I hope it helps you out!  (´//▽//` );;

love yourself, cause nobody else is gonna do it for you

yooooo if anyone here knows CHRISTIAN YU aka rome from the old group c-clown aka the dpr live director HMU!!!!! i need to talk about how perfect he is and how fine his ass is. i spent the past 3-4 hours just stalking and watching his past intsa lives. i’ve fallen in a hole but i like this hole and don’t wanna get out of this hole