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Guys I know we’re all excited about Mark bringing back the egos but pause for a minute and think about how Chica must be feeling.

She has like 10 dads now she must be so excited.

The framing of the question was a little insulting, honestly. But it’s probably  mostly because I hear it constantly from every single coworker I work with. It’s up there with “when are you going to get your Master’s??” I’m not that upset about it, just kind of… “et tu, Tumblr?”

But actually though, it’s not a bad idea to get your license as soon as you can? Even if you aren’t going to own or use a car. In case there’s an emergency, it’d probably be good to know how to drive. No harm in learning that early. Even better if your family can afford an additional car. (So, uh? Good job, first anon, it’ll probably serve you well.)

Personally, up to this point my job, my school, everything I’ve needed to get to has been easily accessible by public transportation. I’ve been bussing to classes for the last 6 years and I loved it.

I can’t help but see cars as money drains on wheels. Gotta pay for the car. Pay for the gas. Pay for the insurance. Pay for the repairs. Compare that to the $30 I spend on a monthly bus pass. Plus I can read, play Animal Crossing, cram homework, sleep for the entire commute. Feels to me like an unnecessary cost if you don’t have to do it.

…But now I have to! So. Now I’m getting it.


*deep breath* okay I think i’ve stopped crying enough to make this post now.

I don’t know how many of you guys have read Purple Haze Feedback before but here’s a quick list of characters that I appreciate a lot more now that I’ve read it: Fugo, Giorno, Tonio, Fugo, Trish, Fugo, have i mentioned pannacotta fugo or?????

I mean, I know it’s technically not canon but from this point on, for me it is. It tied up just about everything Vento Aureo left standing, and over all was an INFINITELY more satisfying ending to the part. Also, if you couldn’t tell from my list, PHF single-handedly brought Fugo from being my least favourite member of Bruno’s gang to being probably my second favourite. It also has some super good new characters slay me cannolo murolo is so good

tldr; Go read Purple Haze Feedback. It’s only ~170 pages long and everyone who felt lost or cheated by Part 5′s ending will surely benefit from it.

so i’m back on tinder because it is prime procrastination fodder and also amusing to make fun of the number of idiots fishing/snowboarding/being complete and utter bogans in their pictures but anyway do you know how many messages i’ve had about this photo which i included for comedic value:

like six in one day. so idk but apparently if you want boys to talk to you all you gotta do is dress like the rock.

nauticalparamour  asked:

In honor of Marcus May -- Marcus x Hermione - University AU. "Please help me study for anatomy. Coach won't let me play next semester if I don't pass all my classes." (Okay, not in love with that sentence, but I mean, you get the general gist of it?)

Oh-my-GOD!! My hero! I actually WANTED to write something for the Marcus May, and have been thinking about it FOR SO LONG and YOU JUST SAVED ME.

(I’m gonna butcher your sentence, forgive me -my courage comes from you saying you aren’t in love with it)

*cracks knuckles*


He waited for her to notice him.

She didn’t, so he cleared his throat loudly, and spoke again.

“Hi, can I sit here?”

She nodded, distractedly. Mumbling a “Yeah, sure.”

Marcus sighed. She wasn’t making this easy. He cleared his throat again, now you are overdoing it, Flint, he thought. She flicked a gaze towards him, her eyes lingering on him only a fraction of a second and she turned back to her work again. He sighed inwardly, considering to give up already. She would never notice him.

She seemed to only notice her friends, anyway. He was sure she dated none of them. She still came to every game, and Marcus remembered how he had been jealous of Potter when she ran to him after a game.

Too bad that he found out Potter was not interested in girls after he made the younger kid hate him.

He realised he had forgotten to open the books he randomly selected to pretend he was studying when she lifted her gaze toward him then looked at his books pointedly. He coughed with embarrassment and she looked at him again, a shy blush on her cheeks. Marcus almost fell from his seat.

He had never thought of himself particularly smart, nor handsome for that matter. Girls liked him, enough, he thought, since he was a great football player. He doubted Hermione Granger cared about that. He doubted she even knew his name.

“Anatomy?” she asked suddenly, surprising him.

She was talking to him. It had been too long since he got this stupid over a girl.

“So what?” he barked.


She blushed, then her brows furrowed and her eyes sparked with anger. She huffed a breath and turned back to the pile of books in front of her.

“Sorry!” he said, feeling like an absolute imbecile. Lie, his mind supplied helpfully. “It’s just that, I’m gonna fail the class.”

She didn’t say anything for few seconds but didn’t seem as angry as before. “The coach said I can’t play next semester if I failed,” he added for good measure. The coach, of course, had not said such things.

He didn’t even take Anatomy. He prayed she didn’t know.

Hermione smirked, her eyes still on her workload. “Uh-huh.”

“Maybe you could help me study?”

She lifted her eyes, looking at him with a smirk.

“Help you study anatomy?” Hermione clarified, and she was, ugh -so hot!

“Yes,” he said, dazed.

She laughed, not loudly, but her face flushed with amusements and her eyes were sparkling making Marcus’ blood boil.

“Sure, pick me up at eight.”

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✨ evan is the kind of guy, who hugs a tree; jared is absolutely smitten 🌳

anways, hmu 4 my kleinsen walk-in-the-forest-date hc 

soz, this is like pretty Bad quality but I literally just took like ten photos with my phone in shitty lighting & chose the least unacceptable one lol

Commission for @charlesfosterofdensen 3/3: Rincewind doing something cool

 “Get you a wizard who will march to certain doom with nothing but a half brick in a sock!”

-Terry Pratchett, probably

This has always been one of the most memorable Rincewind moments to me, so it felt like it was the perfect one to capture.

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Me at family gatherings
  • Aunt i only see during special occasions: Oh, you've gained weight!
  • Me: (all smiles while returning her hug) i know! So did you!
  • Homophobic, sexist uncle: what, you still don't have a boyfriend?
  • Me: boyfriend no, girlfriend yes. (Laughs in his face)

When you get in a discussion about which part of the world produces better cheese, so you battle it out on Twitter (and tag Roger Federer, Switzerland Tourismus and the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation for help).