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Rizzles Quick Fic
  • Maura: Jane, is that Bass sitting in the middle of the kitchen?
  • Jane: Yeah.
  • Maura: Are you going to tell me why?
  • Jane: Oh, yeah, well, when I came back from Paris, the zoo was looking for you because the turtle...
  • Maura: ...tortoise.
  • Jane: Yeah, that. The zoo said he wasn't eating again, so I went over there to see what was up because, you know, you weren't here. Come to find out, I think he just wasn't okay being in the zoo.
  • Maura: How could you possibly know that?
  • Jane: Well, because I walked over to where they had him quarantined, sat down in the floor with him, and he tried to sit in my lap.
  • Maura: I honestly find that hard to believe.
  • Jane: Yeah, thought you might say that. Check your email.
  • Maura: ...it's a video of Bass trying to sit in your lap.
  • Jane: Yup, so the zookeepers had already done all the tests, and Bass was fine. We figured he was home sick because...
  • Maura: He's eating out of your hand.
  • Jane: Right, so I brought him home, and then I was going to go do the FBI thing, but then Bass was here, and I couldn't just leave him alone, you know?
  • Maura: Did you stay here just to be Bass's caretaker?
  • Jane: Kind of, but also because I didn't really want to leave Boston, so that's why I've been staying here because Tommy's got my place, and Ma's doing whatever, so I needed somewhere to crash. I figured you wouldn't mind since I was turtle sitting.
  • Maura: Tortoise. Jane, I don't understand. Why wouldn't you want to go? It's been a goal of yours.
  • Jane: Why did you come back, Maura?
  • Maura: Because I completed my book, and it's with my publisher. I had no reason to stay in Paris, and, since my home is here, I returned.
  • Jane: Yeah, well, my home is here, too.
  • Maura: In Boston?
  • Jane: It is now.
  • Maura: Jane...
Underrated Wolfgang and Sun moments in Season 2
  • “Where did a banker’s daughter learn how to steal a car?” “Other lives”
  • When he acknowledges she might do the right thing by killing her brother. 
  • The zoo scene.
  • The grimly walking into a trap scene.
  • “Wolfgang?” “Ask for help?” “Can’t picture it”
  • When Lila and Wolfgang are preparing to fight and the cluster’s forming behind Wolfgang and then Sun appears in front of him with that bloodthirsty smirk ready to fuck shit up
  • “One way or another… tonight we end it.” 
  • How after the gala speech they share a look and he knows exactly how bad she’s hurting and what she’s thinking. 
    • “I would.”
  • The way he keeps walking next to her while the cluster tries do disuade her
    • “Plans change”
  • “He’s a politician”
    • “Figures”
  • Listen listen listen when they are about to get to the interception and she’s scared and he puts a hand on her shoulder and gives her a look and reassures her: “You’re gonna be alright”
  • I just really wanna talk about how Wolfgang and Sun understand each other to such a deep level 
  • And how Wolfgang comes from a fucked up family that hurt him and abused him and so he’s not willing to let Sun take any of this peaceful shit
  • Talk about “ride or die”
  • Also their silent looks and the way they acknowledge the hardest and softest parts of each other in their own silent respectful way 
  • They are the protectors but this time around the cluster had their backs and they had each others backs and I need more of this friendship
How to Zookeep: Job Interview Basics

So I was tagged by @why-animals-do-the-thing in a post about what not to say in a job interview. It’s a bit overdue, but I figured this was a good opportunity to continue some of “How to Zookeep” and give y’all some insight on interviews. I’ve actually conducted quite a lot of interviews for an entry-level position. Here are just a few Do’s and Don’ts…

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General Maybe Do’s:

  • Wear an outfit that looks pretty nice, but don’t go too formal. You should be able to get muddy or hop a fence - just in case. Most of the time you’ll know if it’s a true working interview, but some interviews will involve a tour, meeting an animal, or other situations where you might get messy.
  • Show that you’ve researched the facility and the position. This is especially true for phone interviews or if you’re not from the area. If you’ve ever visited the facility, mention that. Mention specific parts of the job description and why you’re interested or why you would excel at it. I know I always make a good note if candidates reference something on our website or from the job description because it lets me know they’ve done their homework. (One time a candidate quoted something verbatim and it was a little jarring only because I wrote that part of the website and it was strange to hear someone quote me).
  • If at all possible, have specific examples from your past experiences that you can talk about. These could be examples of training, working well with others, strengths & weaknesses, general animal care, etc. Try to be able to tell a story about when you worked around a training difficulty or resolved an issue with a coworker. And yes, have a real answer for “strengths and weaknesses”.
  • Try to use the most ‘updated’ zoo language you can. Zoo terminology changes so fast it’s hard to keep up. Try to use some of the research (website and job description) to see what kind of language this particular facility uses and attempt to mirror it. Examples are “in human care” instead of captivity or “habitat / enclosure” instead of cage/exhibit. It’s just a bonus way to make a good impression.

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General Maybe Don’ts:

  • Don’t get political. This is what @why-animals-do-the-thing was asked about - mentioning animal rights activist groups in the interview. Unless you are completely sure that it is specifically relevant to the position try not to get into any heavy areas of debate, any controversial news stories (think Harambe), or politically charged organizations like PETA, HSUS, etc. And even though you might think that everyone in the zoo world agrees that US politics are terrible for zoos/the environment or something along those lines, a job interview is not the time to mention it.
  • Don’t ask for tips about a specific facility on a public forum. It’s important to do research, but this one crosses a bit of a professional line. I would advise against going on any public forum (like the facebook groups You Know You’re a Zookeeper When and Zookreepers) and asking for interview advice about a certain facility. Most people won’t want to comment publicly about their facility as it can be seen as unprofessional and a lot of their coworkers will see it. Most of the time the research you need can be done on the website and with some googling, but if you feel you just need to talk to someone who works there, try flexing your networking muscle a bit.
  • Don’t say you love animals. This sounds contradictory but hear me out here - this job is about much more than loving animals. A lot of interviewers are used to hearing this answer or seeing it in cover letters of people who think that liking animals is all you have to do for a job. Yes, you love animals, we know that. But what do you love about working with them? Do you like enrichment, exhibit design, training? What do you love about the career of zookeeper / aquarist / etc? It’s important to go beyond the surface of just wanting to be around animals and go into the details of how you will improve their lives when you literally have their lives in your hands. I’ve heard from a lot of interviewers that they’re tired of hearing about ‘passion’, they want to hear about action. They want to hear about cleaning, hard work, the real nitty-gritty of the job. This don’t also leads to a general tip (what if you don’t have examples of what you like yet?)

General Tips

Here’s a common problem: you’re applying for your first entry-level position and you don’t have any animal experience yet. What do you talk about? Here’s some ideas:

  • Academic research or fieldwork - did you go on birding trips? Did you do mist-netting? Have you worked in a lab that uses live animals? Those things can be beginner animal experience.
  • Volunteering - zoos, vet clinics, etc.
  • Formal domestic animal experience - even if it’s not with exotic animals, the basics of caring for small domestics (cats, dogs, rodents, fish, etc.) in a formal setting (vet, pet store, rescue) has some aspects that apply in zoos, such as restraint and medical care.
  • Personal pets (very carefully) - It’s not that personal pet experience isn’t helpful when you’re just starting out, but sometimes newer keepers come in with an idea that their pet experience is on the same level as caring for animals in a formal career setting. It is not. Caring for your own animal in your own home is VERY different from caring for it in a zoo, aquarium, vet’s office, etc. In a formal setting, there are legal guidelines to follow, teams of people to communicate with about animal care, and lots of formality/red tape that doesn’t exist in a home setting. Pets can be useful as examples in interviews if it is relevant (medicating, enrichment, restraint) but they are almost never seen as an actual qualification. Side note, please don’t list personal pet care on a resume. 

Overall in an interview, you want to try to be as collected and confident as possible. BUT if you get nervous and you’re really struggling, just tell us! It’s better to just laugh a bit and say sorry, I’m nervous, than to completely freeze up. I have done plenty of interviews where the person is nervous and that’s okay. I’ve hired people who were nervous or misspoke in their interview.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line. I’ve interviewed and hired people for just three years now, so I may not be particularly seasoned, but I can lend a little of my expertise.

inkdropfox  asked:

As a trans guy who works in zoos and very much enjoys your blog, I might have to disagree with your current discussion just a little? While it IS very important to separate gender/sex and animals/humans, I think it's important to let the LGBT community find solace in animals displaying LGBT-representational behavior. Especially when many anti-LGBT people use the excuse "it's not natural" or "you have a disorder", it's very nice to be able to point to animals as "examples" or for our comfort?

(This ask is in response to this post on if animals can be bi). I’ve taken forever responding to this because I wanted to sit down with a trans friend who does activism/education on LGBT issues and hash out a) am I being shitty about this and b) if no, how do I actually say what I mean because getting myself out of science lingo when things cross over into social issues is something I struggle with. 

(I am very specifically not addressing trans/intersex animals in this post. I need to do more research and chat with people about that topic to get the wording correct first).

You’re absolutely right. It’s really important to say yes, in nature, there are animals that have sex / pair bond with / go through courtship behavior with animals of the same sex, or both sexes, or are uninterested in sex. This is absolutely a thing that occurs in nature, and while there are some species for which this is not species-typical behavior there are also species in which it is totally inherent in the normal behavioral repertoire. In terms of representation, yeah, it exists all over the animal kingdom and that’s absolutely worth acknowledging. 

I feel like there’s an important differentiation, though, between talking about is  ‘this animal’s existence is similar to / analogous to mine’ and projecting a human experience of that state of existence onto those animals. That’s where discussions about bi/gay animals start getting frustrating for me, as someone whose goal as an educator is to teach accurate behavioral science and remove anthropomorphism from how people think about animals. 

The really important parts of how people experience identity or how society reacts to someone’s identity (sexual attraction, isolation for not being heteronormative, for example) are too fundamentally tied up in being human to be correct for other taxa. We don’t know if animals have a sense of gender, or if they experience sexual attraction to conspecifics in any way other than an instinctual preference for specific indicators of fertility and quality, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an animal that was treated any differently by conspecifics as a result of who it tried to have sex with. When we assume animals experience being bi/gay/ace the way humans do, we basically invalidate all the ways their species-specific experiences and internal states would affect how they perceive and interact with the world. 

Tl;dr, bi/gay/ace animals definitely exist in a social/behavioral sense, but it’s really important to not assume that they have the same experience as a bi/gay/ace human. 

BTS: Public Displays of Affection


He’s like a fairytale prince when you’re in public—kisses your hand for no reason, opens all the doors for you even when it isn’t actually the most convenient way to get through the door, always has whatever you need in the moment (a tissue, some water, his jacket if you’re cold). He’ll peck you on the lips if you push for it, but he gets pretty embarrassed about it. Jin keeps it entirely G-rated until you’re alone, but there’s no doubt in the mind of anyone who sees you two that you’re romantically together. “You want to kiss here? Anyone could be looking! Well, all right, as long as it’s just one…”

Namjoon/Rap Monster

Namjoon is casually possessive of you in public. It’s entirely instinctive for him to guide you from place to place with a hand on your lower back, or stand in front of you on a crowded subway so you don’t get bumped, or rest a hand on your waist while you’re standing in line for something. He’s very openly protective as well—if he sees someone staring at you, he’ll pull you into a kiss to make sure whoever it is knows the score. Namjoon really likes it if you instigate something in public, too; he’s a little insecure still and gets a confidence boost if you hold his hand in front of everyone. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone bother you. Just stay close to me and it’ll be fine.”


Yoongi doesn’t go in for PDA at all. He’ll let you rest your head on his shoulder if you’re out together and you’re drunk or tired, and he’ll hold your hand in a movie if it’s dark, but his view is that personal relationships should be private. He’ll absolutely go with you to the museum, or to get coffee, and he doesn’t care if people know you’re dating, but physical intimacy stays behind closed doors. If you make him jealous, you won’t hear anything about it until you’re alone at home—and then you’re in for it. “I need that hand, you know, how else am I going to carry the grocery bags? Don’t pout. You know I’ll let you hang onto me all you want at home.”


Hoseok is the snuggle king. He plays footsie with you under the café table, kisses your cheeks to distract you at the arcade, and pulls your legs into his lap if you’re gaming, watching a movie, or anything else involving a sofa. His motivation is extremely simple—he loves you, he likes to touch you, and he doesn’t care at all if anyone does or doesn’t know it. If you let him lay his head in your lap on a picnic, he might die of happiness. “I can’t help myself, you’re so cute when you’re concentrating like that!”


Tae is most often the PDA instigator. If you’re walking together, he’ll reach out to hold your hand. If you’re playing video games with the boys, he’ll pull you into his lap. At the store or the movies or the zoo, he’ll lean over to kiss you when he thinks no one is looking, and then get caught up in the moment and not notice when someone is looking. Taehyung is proud to be your man, and he makes sure you know it. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he was some kind of exhibitionist… “Jagiya, I just want everyone to know I’m with you. If I don’t stay close by, someone might steal you away!”


Most of the time, you have to be the instigator if you want to hold Jimin’s hand at the dinner table, or kiss him while you’re out on a date—he knows where the two of you stand, and it honestly never occurs to him that he has to show anyone. The exception is if you’re dancing with him. Jimin is very, very handsy on the dance floor, sometimes to the point of being inappropriate if he’s had something to drink, and more than once you’ve had to remove his hands from your backside because people are staring. “Oh, I can’t touch you there in public? Well, maybe we should go somewhere that no one can see…”


Jungkook acts like a tough guy most of the time, which means he basically ignores you if you grab his arm or kiss his cheek. He’s concerned that you’ll get in trouble if anyone sees you being affectionate, even though he very quietly wants everyone to know that he’s with you. However, if you pet Jungkook’s hair or scratch at the back of his neck, his legs get a little weak and he’ll let you do whatever you want to him, regardless of location. Don’t abuse this power, or he’ll be really upset later on. “You’re so mean, doing that to me right there where anyone could watch. I’ll get you back at home, just wait and see.”

So like, I was talking about this with my friend the other day and I got to thinking.

What if Pink Diamond was defective? Small and not fully mentally developed, like a child. Maybe Blue Diamond was her mother-figure, which would explain how inconsolable she is. Yellow isn’t apparently capable of compassion and would hate Pink’s imperfection, which could be why she may have had something to do with her shattering.

It might also explain why she might have been given the earth to colonize, as it wasn’t viewed as an important planet, so it could pretty much be her plaything. Also the Zoo - kids like zoos.

Also maaayyyyyyyybeeeeee if Pearl was originally supposed to belong to White Diamond, but ended up defective too, she might have been given to Pink who probably wouldn’t know that she’s supposed to have a better one. Yellow would have probably liked the idea of a defective Diamond owning a defective Pearl.

Obviously the biggest flaw in this is the Moon Base mural of her showing full Diamond proportions. Buuuuut I just like the idea.

I really hope this isn’t a really obvious theory otherwise that’s pretty embarrassing

EXO and First Dates

Anonymous said to @exowolf-reactions:
Where do you think each member would take their s/o out for the first date? Love from Hawaii 🌴 

So I wasn’t sure how to do it but I thought a text post was probably going to be easier, and better. Anyways, I don’t know if it would be like this, I’m just basing this in their personalities and what we see and hear. Xoxo, Ara~

Chanyeol: So I kinda think he would be a very cliché boyfriend, corny, sweet. so probably he’ll go with the basics. A theme park, a tall building with a nice view, something like that. Somewhere probably very typical but very romantic and honestly… somewhere we all want to go to once in our lives.

Kris: I think it would be more serious with him. Like he’s probably so nervous and actually wants to impress the girl and doesn’t want her to go. So I go with the fancy restaurant. Something of the sort. 

Sehun: Oh Sehunnie is hard… I kinda think he would come up with the last place you would expect to. Like he’s always travelling and such so I’m sure he knows places no one else does, uncommon places that are actually beautiful. 

Tao: You’ll go shopping XD Nah just kidding. I kinda think it would be simple. I know, Tao? Simple? Yeah, like going to the movies, eat something delicious in this place he likes, some coffee afterwards. Maybe go find some couple/matching things.. yeah a little cliché like Chayeol

Kai: Oh baby :3 I’m pretty sure he would want you to feel at home, he would want to break that awkward barrier we all have in the first date with something fun and warm. So he’ll take you to the Zoo or to play with dogs, maybe a picnic. Something not too elaborated but that you would love. 

Xiumin: I think he would go with something simple. Something that won’t make you feel uncomfortable, awkward, out of place. So for the first date he would take you to his favorite coffee shop, just to talk, to have a nice time and get to know each other better. Be together. He might even ask his friend, the barista, to let him prepare you something special.

Baekhyun: So we know with this boy you can never be bored, so probably he’ll take you to one of those places with games and such (I forgot the name sowwy) somewhere where you two would laugh, have the time of your lives, compete or team up… and from time to time,hold hands.. steal stares… kisses. Yup

Luhan: Oh Lu was hard for me… anyways I came up with the conclusion that he might take you to a nice place too. Give you one of those movie-like dates, full of adventures. Pick you up early in the morning and take you home just when the sun is rising again. It’d be magical.

Chen: PFFFFFFFFFFT A little bit similar to Luhan’s. You’ll be out the whole day and whole night. Like he would make breakfast for you and will make a picnic for it. Then you’ll drive to the nearest beach, have some fun there. You’ll go back to the city, eat in a fancy place. Then you’ll go shopping,because you will need a nice dress, because he’s taking you to the greatest party of the year, because “World! I gotta show you my girl, my only one”

Kyungsoo: Probably a lot of you think he would take you to the movies but I kinda think that would come in the later dates. I do think he would take you somewhere good to eat, he’s a food lover. But more than anything you two would probably walk around the city, talk and talk, have a good time just the two of you. He would buy you flowers, a cute balloon, some ice cream after the amazing food… yeah something simple and sweet.

Lay:He would take you to Baek’s Grandma’s place XdD Just kidding. I kinda think he would like to go off the radar for your first date. SO he’ll prepare a picnic, take his guitar, pick you up and take you to his favorite beach or hill and spend the whole day there. Eating, talking, enjoying nature, singing, giving you shy kisses…

Suho: Like Kris, it would be a serious date. Like he’ll probably pick you up at 7pm, take you to this restaurant that is in this tall building… nice thing you know? And then, fireworks (I know I know, so movie like I know), you’ll watch the fireworks together as he holds your hand and tells you how much he actually likes you. Then he would take you home and give you a sweet, shy kiss.

WADTT has been covering more zoo / sanctuary / animal rights politics than usual lately, and I want to talk to you guys about why I think that’s so important. (I also realize that it does dominate the feed some days, and I’m working hard to make sure I’m still posting a good percentage of pet and general behavior blogging for those of you primarily here for that).

If you’ve been following this blog for very long, you probably know how much I adore good zoos - I’ve interned and volunteered in them, I write about them, and I will happily explain the inner workings of them to death if you ask. I’ve seen good zoos do amazing things for conservation. I’ve watched my colleagues achieve incredible training milestones with animals people had given up on. I’ve seen how much impact a zoo visit can have on both kids and adults. I wholeheartedly support the existence of zoos. I also think it is incredibly important that the public really understand how they work and what makes them tick. You love animals. You (maybe) visit zoos that care for them. As guests, you deserve to know what they do well, what they’re still not great at, and what politics are at play. It’s also really important to note that visitor feedback plays a big role in keeping zoos accountable for the continued improvement of their practices and be transparent.

I’ve been talking more about the politics surrounding the zoo field lately because I am really, genuinely terrified by what I see coming down the pipelines in terms of radical animal rights influence in the next couple years. I’ve been observing the patterns of behavior in the AR movement, I’ve been reading the history, I’ve been studying the driving philosophy. What’s scarier is that I’ve been watching my colleagues and my friends and my mentors in the field totally not notice that the rug is about to be pulled out from under their feet, and I’m seeing that the powerful people and the organizations with power are not stepping up to support their people or their facilities or their industry. I think there’s going to be a huge amount of upheaval in the next while and it is going to be brutal and ugly and full of rhetoric about abuse and people twisting the welfare of animals to fulfill their agendas. At the end of it, if nobody does anything, you legitimately might never be able to go see big cat or an elephant or a komodo dragon again. I am scared for the immediate future of the zoos and aquariums. 

I know not everyone who follows this blog believes in the industry as much as I do. I know some of my followers are iffy about certain aspects of the field and that some of you aren’t sure you trust them at all. And that is entirely okay, and I thank you for bearing with me. I’m not trying to convert you to my way of thinking - I want to teach you enough to help you to develop your own. That’s what I’ve always done in regard to zoos on this blog, and that’s what I want to do with zoo politics. 

I’m hoping to ask you guys, my readers, to trust me that the politics surrounding captive animal management are worth paying attention to. I don’t think the zoos and their trade organizations are going to start doing that sort of education (if they ever do) until it is way too late to reverse the damage AR propaganda is going to do. I want to give you guys enough knowledge that when shit hits the fan you are able to look at everything from an informed perspective and decide what you want to support and why. 

I love the zoological field. The best thing I can do to give it a fighting chance is teach you guys everything and anything about it and send you off as informed, empowered people who give a shit about animals and want the best for them - whatever you decide you think that is. 

So I was reading a post that argues that Danny from Danny Phantom is trans, citing various instances that might be taken as hints toward that fact. This inspired me to rewatch Danny Phantom and I am super into this headcanon. 

I mean, I just watched episode 3, when Danny is being hunted by Skulker and meanwhile the lady from Genius Magazine (a magazine for women geniuses) is interviewing Danny’s mom. The interviewer becomes interested in Danny, and Jazz immediately tries to stop her from talking to him, with a desperate, “I DON’T THINK THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!” Which is weird at first…but later the interviewer says, “Man, if only Danny were a girl” which is perhaps why Jazz was trying to shield him (Jazz, as we know, is very very protective of Danny’s secrets. Maybe she was afraid that the interviewer would say something like that *to* Danny, which might be rough on him). Plus, the main plot of the episode involves a gorilla who is assumed to be male, but at the end of the episode it is revealed that the gorilla is actually female. When Mr. Lancer grumbles, “Didn’t anyone at the zoo bother to CHECK?!” Danny responds, “Maybe they were just respecting her privacy!” Parallelism, maybe? For Danny’s privacy being respected, I mean.

Anyway. Trans boy Danny is great and I am fully on board.

anonymous asked:

Do you think they told the others about the pregnancy as well?

Hello! Actually, considering what Touka said to Kaneki in the last chapter…

…I doubt anyone else besides Nishiki knows, probably because Touka wants to be sure that the pregnancy will be viable and safe first. She really wants the baby to survive after all, so telling people about it only to lose the baby would mean having to tell people that she miscarried and that can be quite difficult to handle, which is why I personally understand that she wants it to stay a secret. 

If Kaneki truly remembers Itori’s word about pregnancies like Touka’s though…

…he might actually try to seek help (from the Great Wheel Act, from Itori herself……[x]) but for now I really don’t think many characters know about it. 

…Actually since Ayato was not able to attend to the wedding, I’m hoping he will be the next one to know (to parallel Hikari telling Yomo about Touka), but that’s just my personal wish. xD 

Have a nice day Anon!

Hello :) Well, Nishiki definitely knew before the wedding since he knew about the pregnancy and I’m thinking some of their friends might have suspected it (like Shuu, with what he said in ch128), especially since Kaneki and Touka have actually been revolving around each other for a long time (and they left :Re together before joining the 24th ward).


it doesn’t come from me at all but I saw a really funny interpretation about this panel with the pandas and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to be true:

“I’m assuming the pandas are a reference to the realization that they finally banged, like how people wait for the pandas to mate at the zoo.”

So there you go, I’m pretty sure that most of their friends have been expecting it ever since Kaneki left the CCG (remember Nishiki’s joke in ch104?). xDD

I hope it answers your question :) Have a nice day!

Put All These Pieces Back Together

// requested by anonymous:  HI U R SUCH A GOOD WRITER I CRY okay could u possibly do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader has a crush on Peter but she doesn’t know if he likes her and she used to have an eating disorder & one day they’re @ a party and her drunk friend says something about her not eating today or something and Peter overhears and takes her aside and asks if she’s okay and like comforts her idkIDK like maybe angst at first but then super cute by the end IDK THANKS SO MUCH ILY

// a/n: oml i feel so loved, thank you so much for the praise!! i’m so, so sorry this took so long to get up, i had a massive, unshakable case of writer’s block. i hope i did okay… it’s sort of cheesy but hopefully you’ll like it anyway. thanks for the request and the love <3 enjoy!!

// character: peter parker/spiderman

// pairing: peter x reader

// summary: “your heart’s never soared this high and you think he might just be the person to fix you.”

It’s past curfew on a Friday night, and this is exactly the sort of situation you’ve been told to stay away from.

The party seems like something straight out of a cliche high school romance flick, with red solo cups littering the floor and hormonal teenagers pressed against each other in the corners, lips locked together and hands roaming each others’ bodies.

Your senses feel dulled by the constant, heavy thrum of the bass blasting through the speakers and the strong reek of alcohol that seems to have settled into the air. Still, you haven’t been to a party since–well, since before everything that happened last year, and Becca has vehemently assured you that the awkwardly clingy black top you dug out of her closet makes you look “like a total catch”.

So part of you thinks that having a little fun might not be such a bad idea.

You destroy your opponents through a few rounds of beer pong, expertly avoid a game of seven minutes in heaven before one of your friends can drag you in, fail fantastically at pool and spend a lot of the night mingling and swaying to the music.

It’s a little past midnight when Becca stumbles into you, a ditsy smile plastered on her face and her eyes clouded with insobriety.

“Hi,” she mumbles giddily as she pitches forward and you hastily grab her shoulders to keep her from spilling to the ground in a heap.

You chuckle a little. “How much did you have to drink?” you say loudly, trying to make your voice heard over the pounding music.

A crease forms between her brows and she shrugs. “I dunno,” she grins. “A lot.”

With a mixture of exasperation and fondness, you sigh and set her on the couch. “God, you are going to have such a hangover tomorrow. Promise me you’ll let me drive you home?”

She nods, but you know she’s not really listening when her eyes glance in the other direction and she says in what you think is supposed to be a quiet voice, “He’s staring at you.”

Your eyes follow her gaze to a familiar brown-haired boy in a Star Wars t-shirt, who quickly looks away to observe a nearby game of pool. “Who, Peter?” You laugh a little, but a hot blush creeps up on your cheeks and you duck your head. “Yeah right. Like he’d be staring at me.”

Your best friend’s gaze swivels from him to you and back. “You should tell him,” she declares.

“Say it a little louder, would you?” you hiss sarcastically. “I don’t think they heard you in Jersey.”

She laughs. “I’m serious,” she says, though it’s in a hushed whisper this time as she pulls you closer by the arm. “You’ve liked him for forever. And judging by the way he’s looking at you in that outfit,” her voice dips into a sing-song tone as she slurs, “he likes you too.

Rolling your eyes, you shove her shoulder gently. “Shut up, Bea, you know he doesn’t think of me that way.” you huff, and a smirk crosses her face as she stands abruptly.

“Whatever you say. I’m gonna grab some food,” she says, stretching. “You want anything?”

You shake your head, but she pouts. “Y/N, you skipped lunch, too,” she protests.

“Yeah, because I had to make up that test for Mr. Dewar. I ate after school,” you explain. You’re not lying; you don’t do that anymore. You’re better now. Or at least, you’re trying.

But Becca, drunk, doesn’t seem to see it that way. “Are you trying to stop eating again?” She makes a poor attempt at a whisper. “Because you know it’s not good for you.” She sounds like a scolding parent, and a few pairs of eyes around the room drift over to you.

Stop staring, you plead mentally, your insides squirming under their gazes. “Bea,” you say through gritted teeth, “I’m fine, okay? Drop it.”

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself!” She’s loud. Too loud. Heads swivel in your direction.

People are looking at you. Everyone’s looking at you. I’m fine, you want to scream. It’s over. Nothing’s wrong with me.

But their eyes linger.

You feel like it’s freshman year all over again, and you’re collapsing on the gym floor and the nurse is bending over you and saying something about malnourishment and everyone is staring at you and you can’t breathe. And suddenly, you’re back to being the object of gossip and stolen glances and whispers in the hallway when they think you aren’t listening– she’s that anorexic girl, the one who was fat until she starved herself.

You have to remind yourself that you’re here and not there, that this is a party and you’re supposed to be having fun but instead you’re trying to remember how you’re supposed to breathe.

In, out. In, out.

Right. Easy.

So why can’t you seem to catch a breath?

It takes you a minute to realize that your hands are shaking and that Becca’s still talking, although you aren’t really listening anymore.

You mutter some excuse and slip out of the room; she tries to call out to you but you can’t seem to get to the back door fast enough.

The grass is wet. The air is humid and cool and heavy with the smell of rain, the sharp contrast to the heat inside hitting you as you step into the yard, tugging at the sleeves of your jacket and trying to shove the taste of bile back down your throat.

The smell of alcohol lingers on your clothes and you can still feel the bass from inside; you wonder for a moment what you’re doing here, when a book and a warm blanket seems like such a nice alternative.

Oh right, you think to yourself. I was trying to be normal, for one night.

Normal. You’ve spent the last eight months trying to get back there. Talking to doctors, therapists, guidance counselors, anyone who thinks they can help. You remember the before picture of it all, when you were scared and angry and you hated yourself, and now you feel the exact same way and you think that maybe you haven’t come all that far.

“Why did you do it?” the counselor asks, sincere concern lacing her words. “You have such a beautiful body, can’t you see that?”

You try to laugh, but think you might cry instead as you looked up at her. “Have you ever been to high school?”

She gives you the look, the one you’ve come to know all-too-well, that mixture of pity and disappointment that seems to be etched on everyone’s faces these days. You want to tell her to stop, that you don’t want her pity, that you might feel a lot better if everyone would just quit looking at you that way–

“–re you okay?”

Surprised, your head snaps towards him immediately. You didn’t even notice him come out. But Peter’s standing there, concern in those deep brown eyes and one hand running through his brown hair nervously.

You open your mouth, tempted to say you’re fine, that there’s nothing for him to worry about. But as you look at him, you feel a bit of your resolve wear away. At first, you’re not sure why, but then, you think, it’s Peter, the geeky science nerd you’ve known for years, exchanging study guides and making cheesy science jokes from the back of the classroom and maybe falling a little in love along the way. It’s Peter, so instead of lying you shake your head. “Not really, no,” you breathe.

“You’re not…are you still…” he trails, like he doesn’t quite know how to phrase the question.

Your choice of words, however, is more blunt. “I’m not starving myself anymore, if that’s what you mean. I haven’t done that in a long time.”

Peter looks at you for a long time, as though trying to figure out whether or not you’re lying, and then gives you a slow nod as he leans against the wall next to you. “What happened in there?” he asks quietly, shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie.

“Nothing.” You drop your gaze, refusing to meet his eyes. If you do, you think you might break into tears.

“Y/N, you can talk to me.”

Sighing slowly, you glare at the ground. “I just…I couldn’t breathe. I–everyone was staring at us. I didn’t want to-to stay in there and let them gawk at me like I was some animal in a zoo. Like I was some…” you grit your teeth, voice shaking, “some beast that they were looking at through glass.”

He hesitates, and then, sounding shocked, “Is that how you feel?”

Part of you wishes he would leave, so he wouldn’t see you cry. “That’s how I’ve always felt, Peter. Why–” You shudder as your voice breaks. “Why do you think I did this?” You look up at him, blinking tears out of bloodshot eyes. Slowly, you sink into the grass, ignoring the fact that the rainwater is seeping through your tights, and draw your knees to your chest.

He doesn’t say anything, just kneels next to you and holds you in his arms when you finally break into shaking sobs, your breath stuttering as you try to hold them back. But you don’t think there’s any part of you that can fight it anymore, and the tears just fall in a torrent of frustration that you haven’t let go of in far too long. The saltwater streaks down your face and soaks his hoodie, and he runs his fingers through your hair, hugging you against his chest and resting his chin on your forehead.

“I’m sorry,” you hiccup when the sobs finally slow, your voice muffled by his body.

Peter shakes his head. “Don’t be sorry,” he murmurs. “You don’t deserve to feel this way.”

“Maybe I do.”

“You don’t.” His voice is insistent as he cups your cheek with his hands. “You don’t deserve this. You’re beautiful.”

He sounds…honest. You meet his eyes, and sincerity is all you can see. Something inside of you swells. “I haven’t…no one’s ever said that to me.”

“They should.” A smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. “I don’t hold just anyone as their tears totally soak my favorite shirt, you know,” he teases.

A watery chuckle escapes your lips, and he grins, looking a little proud of himself.

“I guess it’s a good thing I wore waterproof mascara,” you joke, wiping the wet tracks away from your face with a sleeve and sniffling. It earns you a laugh.

“Do you…want me to walk you home?” he offers as you pick yourself off the ground.

You shake your head. “I think I’ll stay a while. Someone’s got to keep Becca from making a total fool out of herself,” you say, taking a deep breath to compose yourself and then starting to walk towards the party.

He chuckles. “I’ll stay for a while, too, then. But, uh, Y/N? One more thing.”

“Yeah?” You turn around.

A flash of nerves crosses his face before his hand wraps around your waist, the other one resting in your hair, and he kisses you. It’s soft and sweet and his lips taste better than anything you’ve ever forced yourself not to eat, and it’s Peter and your heart’s never soared this high and you think he might just be the person to fix you.

hopeandhandler  asked:

I went to the zoo today with my service dog, and I felt that the zoo's website with information for service dog handlers was kind of lacking. There was no information about where, if anywhere, I could let him eliminate. We only stayed for four hours so it didn't end up being a huge deal. But is there anywhere where the scent he would leave do to eliminating would be least bothersome to the animals? (1/2)

It also has a section talking about how the service dog might distress an animal, how to know if this is the case, and stating to step away from the animal. However, it didn’t mention what animals would most likely be distressed. After my visit I was looking over the website again, and saw that their Big Cat area was listed as one to be extra mindful in. The Tigers took a lot of interest in my service dog, I have some gifs of this, and I’m not very worried that I disturbed them. I’d love it if you could help me out with any of these points. I really enjoyed going to the zoo, despite knowing I scared some animals unnecessarily, and having some extra information would be helpful in the future. I did email the zoo asking some questions before I went, but never to an answer. Best, and I love the blog.

It’s really great you put that much thought into visiting with your service dog - it makes everyone’s lives easier.

I’m actually not sure if I’ve ever seen information at a zoo on where specifically service dogs are allowed / supposed to eliminate. I’d never thought about it being an issue before, but now that you’ve brought it up, I can imagine that being a stressor to handlers. I would guess that it wouldn’t be too distressing near most exhibits if that was what ended up happening, but farther away from animals would probably be ideal. (Zoo staff, can you chime on advice on this?)

One of the important things to think about when you’re worrying about having a service dog at the zoo is that ‘interest’ is different than ‘distress’. Big cats - predators in general - and apes are frequently interested in service animals or program animals that pass by their exhibits. There are some species, though, where you really do worry about distress that would be extreme enough to cause injury: giraffe, kangaroos, and some birds come to mind as examples of animals I’ve seen facilities be careful of service animals around. In general, their distress is very visible to even someone not well versed in animal behavior, and most zoos request that service dog handlers skip areas where it might be really rough for the inhabitants (for example, walk through aviaries or giraffe-feeding stations). 

So I don’t think you necessarily scared the animals unnecessarily - since you were actively trying to be cognizant of your impact, and you’re not reporting any extreme behavior from the animals you were near like charging, screaming, alarm-calling, glass-slamming, or running away -  but it’s absolutely appropriate to ask a zoo you visit for more information. They may be a little hesitant to tell you that there are areas they’d like you to avoid or be careful in because a lot of places are overly careful with the ADA, but if you can communicate that you want to be as kind as possible to the resident animals, I think it’ll go over well. It might be worth calling ahead so that you can talk to someone with the authority to know the rules rather than putting a guest services staffer on the spot with questions when you arrive. 

Adventures in Babysitting

So here it is! The sequel to THIS thing which was supposed to be just a prompt answer. I had several people ask me for a sequel and it still baffles me that you guys basically *want* to read my stuff (instead of me throwing it out there, hoping). If you prefer AO3, the second part will be HERE soon.

Now on with the story (more under the cut cause it’s really long)

The phone rings just as Mulder is about to leave his apartment. He stops, looks at his watch: 8.43 a.m. He and Scully never decided on a time last night, but he’s been on the road with her plenty of times. If they don’t have anywhere to be, if there’s no plane waiting, an autopsy or other extraterrestrial tasks, Scully likes to take her time. Mulder figures arriving just after 9 a.m. at her place should neither be too late, nor too early.

The phone keeps ringing, a nagging sound that makes it impossible to leave. What if it’s important? Yet, he doesn’t pick it up. Because what if it’s Scully? Telling him she’s changed her mind and she doesn’t want him to come over. He stares at the book in his hand, “I want to be an astronaut”, a gift for Hannah. The thought of not seeing her, of Scully pushing him away, is unbearable and so he just stands there and waits. Finally, his answering machine springs to life. Mulder braces himself, just in case. If it really is Scully, and who else would call him on a Saturday morning?, then he is just going to pretend he never got the message. It’s sleazy and selfish, but he feels no shame.

“Hello Fox,” Mulder frowns upon hearing the voice on his machine and he is glad he didn’t pick up the phone for entirely different reasons than fear, “It’s Diana. There’s this highly interesting case I found and I thought maybe we could spend the weekend looking it over. Spend some time together. I guess you’re out on a run so just give me a call when you’re back.” Mulder listens to the beep, then he quickly walks over to the answering machine, pushes a button and is on his way.

“Message deleted.” Chimes just as he closes the door behind him.

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Caught In the Crowd~ Seth Rollins Imagine

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Mention of Bullying

“ I bet she needed two boosters seats when she was little. Just look at her, so short and weak” you heard Charlotte mutter as you walk past her and the girls as they shared giggles. 

You looked away feeling the tears coming but held them back. She has been bullying you since you walked through the doors of this company. Charlotte thinks so highly of herself because of who her father is. You didn’t care, Ric was one of the people you wanted to be a wrestlers. 

You bet if he had heard his daughter talking to you like that, she wouldn’t dare open her mouth again. 

“ Hey” someone said softly, stopping you in your tracks. You looked down at the hand that was holding you, Sasha. 

“ Hey “ you said softly, a pout coming out from your bottom lip. “ Ignore what she says about you, she is just jealous that you are happy. And you found someone that makes you happy. She doesn’t have that” 

You have been married to Seth for a year now. The two of you had met when he when he became the NXT champion, the first ever. Becoming your best friend to having a relationship with him.

 Now the two of you were happily married, but he had no idea that Charlotte Flair began to bully you with words. Words hurt. 

“ I haven’t done anything wrong to her, I was hoping she would be nice as her dad” Sasha nodded her head. 

“ I know sweetie, but in due time she will realizes that she was wrong”
Charlotte made her way over to you and Sasha, she took a glance at what you were wearing. Scoffing to herself, then looking at Sasha and back to you.
“ Oh I forgot to tell you Y/N, you look like shit today. Is that a style now?”
“ Listen here-” Charlotte put her finger up to silence Sasha.

“ The queen is talking” She pushed Sasha aside before stepping up to you, only a few inches away from you. 

“ Roses are red violets are blue, god made me pretty but what really happened to you?” you remained silent looking at her. You didn’t want to start anything, she laughs. 

“ Look at this, she can’t even speak. You’re nothing you hear me? Your husband will realize he is married to a child. He needs a real women like me”
“ You and your mind seem to be having a vacation, but your mouth seem to be working over time” Sasha says coming in between you and Charlotte adding, “ Leave her alone. At least she has real friends and has a man. Look at you, fake friends and you spread your legs for anything with a pulse. A sad your life living “ Queen.” 

“ How dare you disrespect the queen!” Sasha rose her hand like Maryse does to Charlotte’s face before taking your wrist dragging you away from her.
It seemed like Sasha came to your aide every time that Charlotte threw an insult towards you. Seth had no idea what was going on, he hasn’t seen you cry or hear anything about it.

 No one told him about it because they didn’t really want to get involved with what’s happening between you and Charlotte.You weren’t the most liked person around, you had friends here and there but more enemies since you were the trickster in the ring, you manipulated and rooted the crowd. 

“ As an outsider, what do you think of the human race? You’ve pretty much came in here, someone must of opened your cage to let you in.  You’re face looks like someone caught it on fire then used a hammer to smash your face. Do you even understand the definition of being beautiful?” Charlotte was once again insulting you like always, it was getting old. But this time, Seth stood a few feet hearing every word that Charlotte was saying to you

. He looked at your reaction to see you looking down at the ground, ready to cry. He knew you like the back of his hand. There was no way he was letting his wife be upset. 

“ Hey!” He called to Charlotte,making his way over to her. Charlotte’s eyes got wide as she sees Seth making his way over. She puffs out her chest, a smirk on her lips as she flutters her eyelashes at him. You on the other hand, had ran away crying your eyes out. 

It was just getting too much from Charlotte. 

“ You have no right to talk to her like that! She has feelings, she isn’t a heartless bitch like you. No one is going to love dog that has hair coming out of her nostrils. Awe, did I offend you? The only thing offending me is the sight of you. I can’t even begin to think that we used to be friends. Oh, the zoo called. They were wondering where you ran off to. Might want to call them, they are missing you” he brushed past her looking for you. He was worried that you might of ran off to far. 

“ Do you know where Y/N went?” He asked Roman, who was sitting on a crate getting ready for his match. 

He nodded, “ Yeah man, she went down that hall and right. She seemed really upset. What happened?”

“ Charlotte” Seth muttered before rushing off to find you. It didn’t take long for him to find you, he found you sitting in a chair near the make up chair.
“ Baby..” he puts both his hands on both your shoulders, you freeze at his touch. You didn’t want him to see you cry. 

Not now or never. He moved your hands so he could see your face, his heart broke at the sight of you crying. 

“ Don’t listen to a word she says, she’s nothing compared to you. She might be Ric Flair’s daughter and calls herself the Queen. She isn’t kind, sweet, caring, funny , sarcastic and beautiful like you. She doesn’t have those traits, she doesn’t have a man in her life. She doesn’t know the definition of happiness. She’s cruel with a cold heart. Baby, ignore her. Please, don’t take it to heart. I promise you that if you ignore her and walk by her, she will stop . I’m here for you baby girl. You are my everything, my little diamond. You’re my other half, my wife, my person, my lifeline. I love you so much” 

“ Thank you hubby, I love you too” he embraced you in his arms. You buried your head into his bare shoulder. He had just came from a match, you didn’t care if he was sweaty. You loved being in his arms. It felt like home, he made you feel safe and happy.

SU, The Zoo ((Spoilers))

So, I know a lot of people were upset with the portrayal of the human zoo in the most recent SU leak, so I slept on it, and when I woke up this morning I figured out how I feel about it and why I think the writers made the choices they did (and what more they could have done). Everyone seems to be disgusted that the people in the zoo are portrayed as living in a utopia and are content with their lives there, which caught me off guard as well, but then I thought about the fact that they were Nth generationers. Can you imagine the original humans brought to the zoo? They probably felt so devastated, trapped, isolated, and regretful. They had homes and lives and people to miss, but the current generation was born here and the zoo is all they know. They are happy because they are told to be happy and they don’t know any other way of living. They don’t have anything to miss or mourn. And considering that they live in a stable, comfortable environment where the tools for survival are provided for them, that seems pretty utopic to me, aka person who has struggled to pay rent and buy food in the past. Do I think that the show should have mentioned something about the poor, wretched humans that came before them, many generations earlier? Sure. But the behavior of the current gen makes sense. 

But how come Greg Universe was portrayed as adjusting so naturally? Because that’s the kind of guy Greg is. He takes everything in stride and is able to live happily with very little. He adjusts really well to painful experiences, and he didn’t want to make the people there feel uncomfortable until he felt he had to (during the choosening). Steven felt more disturbed than Greg did, and a human who had no hope of being rescued and no family there would have been way more devastated. 

But how come the inhabitants are portrayed as dumb, animalistic, or sexualized? If we’re defining dumbness by their word choices, the zoo people are just using the words that the homeworld gems chose (they call Greg “Ga-reg” because that’s how his name is registered in the computer system, and he’s too nice to correct them). Any other “dumbness” is just unfamiliarity with new concepts from a different culture, which is more like naivety. As for them being animalistic or sexualized, the zoo people are just living in the way that they are told and dressing in the clothing that was provided for them. I don’t think there was a subliminal message about how Poc are primitive, and I think the show intentionally made the humans selected very diverse to avoid saying that. I think that this is how Pink Diamond, an alien who doesn’t know our human concepts or histories, sees humans (like, oh, look at these simple-minded humans, living off of this dirty earth, having sex with each other and eating fruit off of trees) and so these future generations were conditioned to behave how she saw them. 

But how come the crystal gems make no attempt to save them??? So this really bothered me at first, and I think that Garnet, Amethyst, or Pearl should have mentioned their concern about this, but it makes sense why Greg and Steven didn’t. These humans were born in a zoo that protects and cares for them, and it’s all they know, so what we call “freedom” is stress and pain to them (we see this when Greg tries to teach them freedom of choice and they start experiencing hurt for the first time). At this point they are in adulthood and if you ripped them out of the zoo and threw them into the real world, they wouldn’t have the emotional, physical, or financial tools to survive (similar to how animals bred in captivity can’t just be thrown into the wild as adults because they aren’t accustomed to being preyed upon and having to gather their own food).  Greg and Steven must have realized this in their short time there.  Besides, think about it… the first humans brought to the zoo were torn from their family, but for this generation, the zoo is their family. It might still be uncomfortable that the crystal gems made no attempt to save them, but it’s not like the zoo people are living in deplorable circumstances; they just don’t have free will (and wouldn’t know what to do with it if they had). They have each other, they are provided for, and they don’t know any better, so the humans in the zoo should be fine for now. Would I like to see the gems make a trip in the future to try to save them because I think it’s inhumane to keep humans in a zoo, even if the conditions are good? Sure. But I don’t think the crystal gems currently have the power to do that (they got out by the skin of their teeth with just Greg in the zoo), and I’m not sure how the zoo people will react to living outside captivity at this point.

Pearl the foreshadowing artist?

For some reason or another I kept thinking about Pearl’s drawing of Aquamarine.  I began to realize how this person Pearl drew has feathered wings, a roundish head, and this angelic grace to her… She kind of reminds me of Angelite.  Like not to pat myself on the back because there are clear obvious differences between Angelite and this drawing, but the general concept is there.  And aside from the jokes from the Pearlapis community saying “This is of one of two times we have some sort of Pearlapis content” I kept thinking the possibility that this could be foreshadowing for something that might involved Pearl and Lapis.  And we have seen some very subtle foreshadowing that most people did not expect such as how “Mr. Greg” Greg and Pearl had yellow/orange and blue lighting over them respectfully that foils the relationship between Jasper and Lapis, and foreshadows Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond.  Hell, even Rolando’s remarks that were dismissed in the past turn out to be true! (e.g. human zoo comment anyone recall?).  Plus looking at the drawing she is wearing ballerina shoes (similar to Opal with her tip-toe feet and the Pearl’s outfit stemming from a ballerina as well), she is sad (Pearl and Lapis do get emotional quite a lot), and has ribbons (which Pearl and Lapis are the only Gems that incorporate ribbons to their design).  Even my partner @hatteri commented how Angelite is likely a Pearlapis fusion of some sort as she compared the color scheme of Aquamarine and Moonstone noting they do not exactly mach the overall color scheme for a hypothetical Angelite fusion.

If the show does make an episode concerning Pearlapis in someway and feature a fusion similar to this, to Angelite (as well being named “Angelite”) or mixture of both - essentially if I get this right, then I will eat a Carolina Reaper and post the video of it on here.

Hello....Got some SU theories

Hello, I realize I do not talk much, in fact rarely, but I wanted to get out 2 theories I have regarding the latest SU bomb to add to the mix. I apologize if some of what I have to say might have already been speculated or if this ends up being a spoiler of sorts. This is just my opinions.

The first thing I would like to talk about is Padparadscha, who I will refer to as Paddy for the rest of this post as Padparadscha is a bit of a mouth full. Paddy was certainly an interesting character who was hilarious to watch. I do think she is going to end up being an important gem to the series because of her power which is the subject of my first theory. At first glance it looks like she has exactly what the show describes; a slightly lagged behind future vision. However, I am purposing that she actually just has an extremely rare “past vision;” which is to say that instead of seeing the future, she can see into the past.

Now I think the reason why I think Paddy can see to the past is demonstrated throughout the episode. the slight “lag” time is just enough so the situation can be labeled as what has happened vs what is happening. That’s why she isn’t exactly saying what is happening while it is going on, which I feel would more accurately show the claim of a bad future vision better than the significant time they gave her to “see”. Now why is Paddy only doing the immediate past instead of, say, looking farther back?

I believe that is because of gem society and while none of the imperfect gems claim to be perfect, no matter what, people (and gems) like to keep up with social expectations. Without going into true psychology which is too heavy for this post, most people (I think) will agree that even outcasts would like to be part of a community which is why the imperfect gems were so eager to go with Steven. They could go to another community that would embrace their uniqueness, so they could belong. It feels good to be part of a larger group (not to say that differences aren’t important! but being different in a group that still accepts you is better then being different and alone).

SO, here is why I think Paddy simply hasn’t explored her ability to its fullest. I think from the moment she emerged, she was told that sapphires see the future and only the future. And she was told that she just has a bad future vision and nothing else. If you were told from birth that that you were supposed to and expected to play the piano, wouldn’t you put everything into playing the piano, even if you weren’t good at it? That’s what I think Paddy is doing, she actively trying to do something she isn’t supposed to do. That’s why she is only “predicting” the most current past event because that is the closest she can do to future vision. Because that is what she knows is expected of her, even imperfect gems re-literate that to her when they describe her ability.

Now, my predication is that someone within the SU will finally recognize Paddy for what she can do and will encourage her to look farther back. Far enough that she might be able to finally say what happened to Pink Diamond? Because unlike the future, the past is can’t change. Which is why she might be the biggest threat to the Diamond society. My guess is that any other sapphire having this ability is immediately shattered, because aside from the vision, she is a perfect gem. This is why her ability, and gem, are so rare, just like her name sake. This leads me to believe Paddy might became the most important new character to the series. 

And this leads me to my biggest theory. WHAT HAPPENED TO PINK DIAMOND AND WHO SHATTERED HER? There have been tons of theories and none of them are hitting all of the marks that I believe happened. Before I begin my rant, here are a couple of things to that make the Rose Quartz did it false. Please note that there are tons of theories by many people smarter then me who pointed these things out that I physically can’t give credit to everyone. The only thing in this post I claim to be my thoughts is what actually happened because that is what I haven’t quite agreed with any one particular theory.Here we go!

The Sword, the Place, and the Method of Attack

From what we can gather, this is what we know to be true. Pink diamond stepped out of her carriage-thing apparently in Japan (where her carriage thing is) and was immediately “shattered” with a sword by Rose Quartz. This has been backed by Eyeball, Jasper, and Blue Diamond. I point out these characters because they do not have a reason to hid the facts (I will get to that later). So I believe that this event did happen the way is described. There are a lot of problems with this though. Most were pointed out by Blue Zicron and one from the SU fan base. The general guise I will describe in case anyone has been under a rock:

1) The sword that Rose Quarts owned and ever held did not destroy gems, it only poofed them (their physical form). This is confirmed by Bismuth who created the sword. Needless to say she wouldn’t have lied about this given everything that happened.

2) As Blue Zicorn pointed out, how did Rose Quartz even get in in the first place? Apparently by this time, Rose was already a wanted criminal and every rose quartz had at least been dismissed (but I don’t think bubbled) from being in Pink Diamond’s immediate guard. So how did an obvious rose quartz get that close to begin with?

3) What happened to Pink Diamond’s Pearl? From everything Blue Zicorn said, it seems implied that Pink Diamond’s pearl is MIA. Not even from the story it’s self, but is all but missing from homeworld too, as she should have been the one to tell the Diamonds what happened in detail.

So given everything that happened and what the show has given us the viewers I humbly present what I think actually happened. Again please note that this is just my guess.

First of, I think our Pearl was Pink Diamond’s pearl. The reason, she bares all the colors of the other diamonds which leads be to believe she was most likely a gift to her. Pink Diamond is the newest Diamond born from Earth, given the mural on the wall. I think when she was born, the Diamonds gave her a pearl as a present. Now Pink Diamond, I think, was actually a kinder Diamond, with her gem being on her belly and very naive. I think she did like earth and loved the life on it, but listened to her “sisters” on what to do with it (cluster). I do think she created the rose quartz(es) has helpers for the humans back on the zoo.

One Rose Quartz, our Rose, however, realized what would happen to the Earth when the cluster emerged. That’s when she started her rebellion. Before this though, I think she might have been in Pink Diamond’s immediate guard and got close to Pearl, so when Rose left, Pearl bounced too. I believe Pink kept this a secret though so the other diamonds wouldn’t get mad at her for losing her pearl. Now give it a few hundred years. Pink Diamond matures a little and starts to realize what Rose already figured out. I think she reached out to Rose to come out with a plan to potential save earth.

The plan was simple, stage a kidnapping/destruction of Pink, Rose would present the alive Pink to the Diamonds and the Diamonds would be so grateful that they would spared the Earth. This is what I believe the original plan was and the first part worked perfectly. Pink Diamond would stop her carriage thing, to greet her pearl who came back to her. I think that is how “Rose/Pearl” was able to get so close without anyone noticing. A Quartz might get attention, but a weak pearl? Not even a glance. I think Pearl got close to Pink then transformed into Rose Quartz and stabbed her with the sword. Pink merely poofed and Pearl picked her up and and left before anyone could do anything. It would look like Pink had been shattered, and Rose Quartz did it.

Now here is where things fell apart. I think White Diamond came to Earth first to see what had happened.She heard everything from the eye witness accounts and got furious with Rose Quartz. I think she must have called Rose out. Rose went ahead and went to the stand off with Pink (in gem form) in hand, White didn’t know this. Rose went to present Pink to White diamond, but upon White seeing Rose she attacked. Going to her defense, Rose lifted up her hand that had Pink in it and Pink got the full force of White’s attack. And Shattered. Because the only thing that can kill a diamond is another diamond.

Rose quickly feel apart and White realized what had happened. Rose leaves the scene (most likely in tears) and White calls in Yellow Diamond. Yellow sees what happens and hatches a plan with the grief/guilty White. She tells White to wipe-out everyone who potentially saw what really happened. They then retreat to homeworld saying that Rose killed Pink in the original kidnapping as it had more witnesses, but they destroyed Earth (with only top military knowing the cluster would take care of it). They decide not to tell Blue as she was particularly close to Pink. and the rest is history.

Now you might be asking yourself, how did I come to this conclusion? And my answer is the wall mural in the Centipeetle space ship. To me it shows the exchange. It shows Rose holding up a diamond and White Diamond attacking. I think the Centipeetles were able to write it down before White destroyed/corrupted them.

To me, my theory, explains a lot. Why Pearl doesn’t use transformation power as she was traumatized from the whole ordeal. Rose feeling guilty as she was the one to present Pink and therefore feels like she shattered Pink in a way. Why White diamond was absent during the trail? How could she face Rose Quartz (and Blue) knowing she did it and the potential of Rose exposing her as the real shatterer. And why Yellow was so mad at Blue Zicron for pointing out the holes in the kidnapping/shattering event and why Yellow was acting so guilty? Again this could be just a rambling of a SU fan, but I thought it was worth putting out there. Sorry for the long post! Here are some Gem Potatoes!

mickimonster  asked:

Did you hear about the two independent sightings of possible actual live thylacines?

I did, and I’m super skeptical. I’ve read Carnivorous Nights: On the Trail of the Tasmanian Tiger and it goes pretty in depth into why most of the people trying to figure out if they’re still around have come to the conclusion it’s super unlikely. I’ve done some independent checking on those processes, and it makes sense. 

And, honestly, if they do still somehow exist I hope we never find out about it. Those poor animals would never live in peace from tourists, and the number of people who would go visit to try to see them would probably have a huge environmental impact and drive them even deeper into their habitat. That’s even if we’d let them stay in the wild I worry that the pressure to try to pull a captive breeding program would be too high, even if we found a super small number that the species was obviously unsustainable. Who wouldn’t want to study them, to see if we could bring them back? That worked well for black-footed ferrets and we’re hoping it will work for the vaquita. Except, like, they’re complex marsupials who did really badly in captivity beforehand and that we don’t know how to care for; in contrast, ferrets are easy to manage and easy to breed and we’ve got a lot of research background on the needs of cetaceans similar to the vaquita. I don’t think we know enough about the needs of thylacines to be able to guarantee them decent welfare in captivity (because the welfare of new species in captivity is directly correlated with how much we know about them in the wild) and that’s my personal limit re: what can reasonably justify capturing a species and keeping them for conservation purposes.They might be the only animal we’d want to put in a zoo, in this day and age, where we have no idea about even simple things, like how much they eat a day or what sort of nutrition balance they need or if they can live with conspecifics. It would break my heart to see us find some and then watch us lose them in captivity just like we did with their last known ancestors because we’re so enthusiastic about seeing them and studying them and saving them that we end up in a situation where we’re just guessing about how to care for them.

If they’re out there, I hope they continue to exist in anonymity. But I sincerely doubt they still are. 

I think it would be nice if it were revealed that Pink Diamond was full of love and warmth. 

However, that would not mean that started or even supported the rebellion. Honestly, I’m not that fond of the idea that a loving Pink Diamond would value the well-being of Earth beings over that of gems. That the only way she could express love would be going against Homeworld’s ways. 

Pink Diamond might have started the zoo because she wanted to preserve  a few humans. But would that mean that she values them over gems? I have a small headcanon (with admittedly little to no evidence) that Pink Diamond started the zoo because she wanted to use it to benefit other gems. That the zoo was designed so that gems could relax by watching humans in their “native” environment, but not because Pink Diamond valued humans themselves. Don’t forget, Holly Blue Agate told Sapphire that it took awhile to figure out how to properly treat humans. So it’s likely that Pink Diamond wasn’t thinking about the well-being of the humans she brought to the zoo. 

While it might seem strange for such a work oriented society to have a place where gems can just relax, don’t forget that Pearl describes the lunar sea spire as an “oasis for gems on Earth” and showed Steven an image of gems on Earth, who really didn’t seem to be doing much of anything, other than enjoying themselves. Also, the gems who have expressed disdain and/or confusion  for gems doing other than their assigned purpose are ones that have followed Yellow Diamond, whether it was because they were made for her or because they were assigned to her later. So maybe Homeworld itself used to be more relaxed, and changed after Pink Diamond’s death. Or maybe places like the lunar sea spire still exist on Homeworld, and it is only Yellow Diamond that values a gem by her work. 

And it would also be terrifying if Pink Diamond supported the shattering of off-colors because she loved them. If Pink Diamond genuinely thought that being an off color was so utterly dreadful that shattering them was showing them mercy. I just want a Pink Diamond who is both full of love yet incredibly cruel.