i think it means feeling idk

not to be dramatic but the more i get my life “under control” so i can “survive” the more i feel like my soul is dying and everything i think is cool or impressive about myself is just kind of going away & i cant stop it from happening? im nervous that thats just normal? i mean my job is definitely sapping away the energy and motivation i could be using to do things i find personally rewarding but like, idk. all i wanna do is learn how to cook things and look at furniture online its rly sad to me

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Um, how do you feel about the Voltron ships with Shiro? (yaknow, Shance, sheith, etc) I saw one of you previous asks mention it, so I was just wondering.

i think people are too idk sometimes. let people ship whoever they want to ? you know? people attacking other people because of this is a thing i can’t really understand. so that’s how i feel about it: we must respect people. i see so many people being like really mean and awful to - especially - sheith shippers. dude ? and i’m not saying you should like it, but respect who does ? g o d 

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Luke has petunia and I lowkey get upset when he does cus I’m a lil bitch and det means he had to see arz and also idk if he was at hers cus the blanket? Idk I’m just paranoid it’s prolly nothing

I honestly doubt he picks her up from there, I feel like he’s way too much of a pussy and hates confrontation way too much I feel like there’s a third person that picks/drops piggy off. Or if they do see each other do you honestly think he can stand the girl that said he nuts fast on Instagram in front of his 6 million followers…… his ego was bruised after that 😂

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🍾 - i'm kinda in the same spot as 💊 anon 😬😬. my boyfriend started college last month (im still a hs senior) and he hasn't had much time for me and its rly worrying me. plus he doesnt rly text so i can really only see him and talk to him once a week 😩 idk like he's so sweet and loving, i know he doesn't mean to make me feel like that, i just cant help but have anxiety over it 😬😬😬 (ps 💊 anon, i'm so sorry you guys broke up, hang in there ❤️)

I completely understand, and I think you should talk to him about it. College is definitely a busy time, but if you at least let him know your concerns, then he can hopefully make a concerted effort to fix them. Maybe you two could find a schedule that works for you or something of the sort? Open and honest communication is key!

And yes I hope 💊  feels better as well <33 You two are both in my thoughts.

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous

me, giving the babadook his daily bucket of worms from 7 feet away in my basement: h-h-h-here y-you go m-m-mr. babadook i-i hope… i hope they’re to you’re l-liking…. 

the babadook, screeching inhumanly for a moment before stopping abruptly: ellie should i have stayed in the closet?

me, shocked at his forwardness to show his emotions, letting my guard down as my inevitable need to comfort others overwhelms me: b-baba, no… sweetheart don’t you ever think that… you are loved. you are valid. you are an inspiration to all of us. please tell me you’re not rethinking coming to pride?

the babadook, clicking his long, spindly fingers together and gently kicking the bucket of earthworms with his toe: i dunno… everyone just has this predisposed idea about me that i’m just like. a stereotypical gay guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s like… idk. i just wanna be accepted y’know? like i just love men a lot and it took me a long time to be able to say that… you know what i mean?

me, sitting down next to him and offering him a worm as we chill on the basement floor: yeah dude i feel you. tell you what… you think over it for the next day or two, and if you don’t wanna go i wont force you. but, those people who think those things of you are such a small minority that they hardly matter in the grand scheme of things. you’re important and loved and valid and you’re gay! and there’s no right or wrong way to BE gay, no matter what straight people say.

the babadook, slurping some worms: ur right ellie, thanks… ur a real one…

me, touching my hand to my chest in quiet contemplation, shaking my head gently: no i… thank You baba. really. thank You.

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Buttons was in my dream last night. For some reason we were in a classroom setting and he asked about something, but the person in charge said he couldn't do it there so he slunked away with a really weird walk? What even was that, brain?

you abandoned him in a time he needed you the most

Does anyone else feel like the Wade of their friend group? Like you’re the butt of every joke and even if you know everyone is kidding sometimes it cuts deep and hurts. Like, if someone looked at how you’re treated from an outside perspective they might think it’s wrong and bad but you’re used to it and you know your friends don’t mean anything by it. Idk I just feel like I’m the comedy relief and the butt of the joke and sometimes I’m okay with that while other times it makes me want to curl into a ball and cry. Like I know my friends love me, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.


Me, before reading Nobuyuki’s route: Haha, how terrifying can he be?

Me, after reading Nobuyuki’s route:

He has some serious yandere vibes……….

hey guys. So I was thinking…

Yellow and Blue Diamond are very emotional, Yellow being angry and Blue being sad, but why?

Their gems are located in their chest, which is pretty much associated with the heart.

Blue’s gem has a shape that’s similar of a water drop, associated with saddnes, and Yellow’s one is more ‘straight’, simple and symmetrical, that can be understood with how perfectionist and strict she is. 

Now, Blue’s most “important” and “powerful” gems have the same shape as her, a water drop. I know sapphire doesn’t, but her uniform has a similar shape i guess. These 4 have are related to sadness maybe (Holly Blue has anxiety?? idk?? Sapphire is serious, and her emotions consume her, Lapis is melancholic and let’s say Aquamarine is kinda perfectionist, but she’s a second era gem so probably se wasn’t build to feel)

I don’t know if these 3 gems count, but here they are:

And Yellow’s gems are more symmetrical sharp, and pointy. Topaz is hella serious (well, she pretends to be) (i mean, she almost killed Jaime) and Jasper is angry af. (hey, what if Bismuth was from Yellow Diamond??)

This got me thinking, what if White Diamond’s gems are very clever (by the location of white’s gem)?

This let’s the theory of Pearl being White Diamond’s pearl even more real.

sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, english isn’t my first language.

And sorry for the long post.

me: ok so i’m having hard time understanding what does it mean to worship, can you he-

me: what do you think about this [spell]? is it lacking anything?


me: heyy, i’ve been feeling pretty down lately, what can i do to help myself-

tarot: *the lovers card gracefully falls out* idk read 140k of fanfiction

me: help me

tarot: hElP mE

So.. I have something to say.
Just watched Homecoming and I loved it, but there’s a topic that seems not clear for me.

My head literally exploded when *possible spoiler* Michelle called herself MJ. Like, my brain made an instant click.
But even with that, being honest, I don’t think she is Mary Jane. Or an adaptation of her character. She is Michelle Jones, a completely different person, and I adore what we have seen of her so far. For me the MJ call was like a hint of what Michelle could become in the future {I mean, like Peter’s partner maybe?) Idk but i see so much potential right there, because this MJ feels really complex and interesting.
So, no, she is not Mary Jane for me, but rather a different new character that could be important in Peter’s life as Mary Jane character had been.
And I totally ship MichellexPeter tbh. Good job with this one Marvel

i just wanna mean something to someone, is that too much to ask?

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hi! do you have any ideas of words that can replace "i love you"? (like that "okay?okay" one)

Alright. I love this ask. I love it, because it gives me the opportunity to talk about something that I absolutely adore. I am 100% in board for this kind of thing, and heres why;

Language is an illusion. Seriously. The only meaning words have, are the ones we give them. Words and phrases only mean whatever we want them to mean. Words are tools. We use them how we please. Dont believe me? Loot at how many words and phrases Shakespeare invented. It took me a while to realize this, and I actually learned it through acting. See, as an actor, you take the script given to you, and you have to give it meaning. You have to use someone else words to convey emotion. The same monologue can be done 50 different times by 50 different actors, and each one could be entirely different, because each time they gave different words different meanings. It’s all in the way you say it, and the context you put it in. Anything could mean ‘I love you”, anything. 

If the emotion is there for the character, it will be clear in their words 

Now,I happen to have a set of characters that are hopelessly in love, however, they are absolute idiots who do their best to avoid actually saying the words. So i have a lot of examples. I am also a person who finds it a bit difficult to tell someone I love them, but again, I find away. I hope these work;

1. “Are you okay?” 

“Are you?” 

2. “Im sorry”

“Apology accepted”

3. “Are you happy?”

4. “Good Morning”

5.”Good Night” 

6. “Good Bye”


8. “Yes or no?”


9. “Really?”

“Of course.”

10. “Always.” 

11. “Ive got you back” / “Im right behind you”

12. “Im right here.” / “Im here” 

13.”Sweet Dreams”

14. “Do you mind?” 

“Of course not”

15. “Thank you”

“You’re Welcome” / “Any Time” / “Anything for you” 

16. “I hate you” 

“The feelings mutual” 

Here’s a couple of classic/common examples that I hope either work for you, or I hope sparks inspiration in you. Remember anything could mean ‘I love you’, if that’s what your characters are thinking, then it will shine through whatever words they say to each other. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Random prompt thing

I really want to see something from Shiro’s POV where the team finds him and he’s okay!! And everything seems great but then Shiro realizes that great googly moogly everything’s gone to shit while he was away. Namely, his teammate has gone to shit; Lance and Keith are my faves for this, but it could work with anyone really

  • Like, Pidge hasn’t been eating or sleeping this whole damn time
  • Hunk’s anxiety is acting up a lot
  • Keith has completely isolated himself from the others and is training 25/8
  • Lance completely hates himself/blames himself for Shiro disappearing
  • ET CETERA. Something like that idk

And they’ve been pushing aside their issues because we gotta find Shiro

No one else noticed, because of course they didn’t. Everyone was so focused on saving the universe and saving Shiro (maybe even dealing with some of their own issues/guilt, idk) that they didn’t see what was happening as their teammate was slowly falling apart; it’s so gradual that it’s hard to even see it happening at all, until Shiro comes back.

Immediately he says ‘woah wait wtf is up with [whoever] are you ok??? what happened??’

and everyone else is like ‘wait what? they’re fine’

‘uhm no? why are they [lists a bunch of traits that have been slowly developing for months now without anyone noticing]’


and then you CUE THE ANGST!! ~Doves fly from the rafters~


**warning: this was supposed to a cute quick post about Nalu but I ended up getting too deep on Natsu’s side of things woops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯*

If you ever have doubts that Natsu and Lucy love eachother in the more than a friend type of way just remember drunk Lucy gets all blushy and excited & has hearts all around her because she thought there were 2 Natsus

call me crazy but I’m pretty sure you don’t react like this to people that are just your “friends”

you don’t just get heart eyes for anyone aight like she’s so in love 

also I’m not even going to began to talk about those bedroom eyes she gives natsu from time to time but here’s a post on that: 

remember wayyy back when Levy and Juvia tease Lucy about liking Natsu and Lucy responds with:

then fast forward to now

like she’s not even denying that she’s head over heels for him  hello
I really feel like at this point for her she realizes that she does indeed love him 

As for Natsu, for someone that is super expressive and speaks his mind, he doesn’t really show the same signs Lucy does. He hardly gets embarrassed or flustered, has no problem getting super close to Lucy’s face, or even seeing her naked except in the chapter 438 when Lucy’s towel fell off lmao he was hella caught off guard
It’s obvious that he does have a soft spot for her but is it the “more than a friend” type of way? Of course I could dig up anytime he’s been super overprotective of her, when future Lucy died and he cried, when he tried to kiss her bc Asuka was wanted them too, or even the time that him and Lucy fought Kain which people like to think is when Natsu realized he “loved her.” 
but I’m only going to talk about 3 moments (realistically 1 which you’ll see but I thought the other 2 moments were kinda significant) in particular that make me believe that Natsu does see Lucy as much more than a friend:

When Natsu dug up a rainbow sakura tree for Lucy when she was sick

Ok so this moment isn’t necessarily me trying to prove Natsu was/is in love with Lucy especially since this was still in the early episodes and I’m one of the few that believes they barely even acknowledged their “feelings” once Natsu returns from his one year training mission after Tartaros 
but can we just talk about how ROMANTIC this was?? and they both didn’t even realize it? Natsu straight up dug up a huge ass tree, put it on a boat, and sent it Lucy’s way because she was too sick to see them herself. when will your otp that’s actually canon ever

Natsu letting Lucy wear his scarf

OkAYY also with this one I knowww it’s just a cover and not even in the actual story BUT I still think it’s important because Mashima put it there for a reason!!
Natus’s scarf, the thing his deceased father made him, the thing he treasures so much that he neverrr has it off even when he’s swimming, the thing both Lucy and Gray made sure to get back to him because they know how much it means to him, THE THING HAPPY CALLED LUCY A MEANIE FOR BECAUSE SHE ACCIDENTALLY TOOK IT OFF WHEN SHE WAS TRYING TO KICK HIM OUT OF HER BED and now she’s wearing it 
idk I feel like Mashima putting this is his way of showing us just how much their bond together has grown

When Natsu thought Lucy died

Alright so out of all the Nalu moments in the entire series I feel like this is the one where we truly see just how important Lucy is in Natsu’s life. Remember Zeref revealed that they were brothers and that if he were to die, then so would Natsu. Natsu was going to attack anyway until a crying Happy stopped him saying that he didn’t want him to die and Natsu basically agreed to temporarily retreat.
Fast forward to the moment Natsu thought Lucy was dead, he cries and then END is awakened. And the first thing he wants to do is finish off Zeref. 
Natsu KNOWS that if he kills Zeref, he will die as well but at this point he doesn’t care because he thinks Lucy is dead. But really think about this. Natsu, the person that is always telling people to not give up and more importantly to LIVE, too not DIE for your friends but to LIVE for them, was basically heading into a suicide mission. way to be a hypocrite natsu lol
“You can’t stop me anymore! No one can!” that line really got to me because I feel like it just shows how hurt he was. He really didn’t care about what would happen to him anymore, where not even Gray could reach him.
He didn’t want to live in a world where Lucy didn’t exist.

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is anyone else becoming increasingly uncomfortable with this current trend of hollywood making movies out of incredibly recent political/social events (ex: that flint movie with cher, the snowden movie, etc.) and therefore creating a fictionalized, biased, and often sanitized narrative that will probably reach more people than the actual facts and will permanently alter the perception of the event in the public consciousness?