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Things I know to be True (Kim Yugyeom)

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Hi, so I was watching a TED talk and this woman was talking about making a list of ten things you know to be true without thinking about and I decided to write about it, also at the request of a friend^^ I’m sorry if this was cheesy but I am a generally cheesy person so I apologize lol  also I’m shit at ending things sorry, I’m also not good at poetry and I wrote the poem at the end. Anywho, hope you enjoy it!

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask you a bit of a personal question? Do you identify more as an english or as an chinese?

Honestly, I’d rather not people break it down into an either or thing. And it’s not really specifically English. More that my family is a cultural mix of Chinese, Southeast Asian (they lived in multiple SEAsian countries) and British influences because of the legacy of the British Empire. 

English is my first language & I have grown up around a lot of ideas like parliamentary democracy and general British cultural influences because of that. But all the same I am also a Southeast Asian Chinese- my family left China and formed the Chinese diaspora in various SEAsian countries- we always celebrate Chinese New Year, the food I associate with ‘home’ is Southeast Asian cuisine. I probably feel more at home in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore (or other SEAsian countries) and London and other EU cities than mainland China, because my family left the mainland in the 1920s. But yeah, all the same I am ethnically Chinese and being Chinese is part of how I see myself. Culturally, I am undoubtedly very different from my great-great grandparents who were born in China. I’m a lot more Westernised and Southeast Asian than they are. But I should like to think the sum of all these parts make something new, rather than being an either/or choice that obscures the others. 


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The interview took place to mark the 10th anniversary of Big Bang. CNN Seoul Correspondent Paula Hancocks conducted the interview at S-Factory in Sungsu-dong, Seoul, the location of the group’s tenth anniversary exhibition. The interview is scheduled to air next month on CNN’s ’Talk Asia’ program.

When asked what makes Big Bang different, leader G-Dragon stated, “Our performances are not just with one element from beginning to the end, there are some solo parts in between. When others look at our performances, they not only just look cool but also have some fun elements. For example, we wear fun costumes and show the cute side of us, or we add many comical elements and produce diverse dance steps throughout the performances. We do some surprise entries for the openings, put some fast tempo songs in between and make the crowd excited. We sing some emotional songs as well. We think a lot about the flow of our performances, and the audience can feel it themselves.

On Big Bang’s strong bond, Taeyang stated, “Well, of course there were hard times in between, but over time we have become friendlier and we really like each other even outside of work. The more we are together, the more we make each other laugh… and we are the happiest when five of us are together. That kind of relationship is the reason that makes us last longer.

When asked about their upcoming mandatory military service, Taeyang stated, “We’ve been asked questions concerning that the most. Of course, there are many tasks and responsibilities lying ahead of us, but those are stuff we are supposed to do naturally. And apart from that, as for how we did so far or because we want to fill the next 10 years in a better way, I think that’s why many people worry even more. Fans or the public. They worry a lot what will happen to Big Bang, they worry about this sort of stuff. Rather than worries, we are keeping a very happy mind. We have always been this way. As we have been doing so far, we are looking forward to the next 10 years with a pleasant mind, and everyone is confident of doing new things. We have dreams, so that’s why each day is exciting.

On where they want to be in ten years:

Taeyang: “Whatever happens, it’s been like this so far, but I think we are going to continue doing stuff that each of us want to do and like doing. For the past ten years, we have been influencing so many people by making music and performing on the stage. We have been doing that, and of course, we will continue doing things like that. But in the next ten years, I think we should approach with a bigger picture as Big Bang. Each of us is thinking that our next step shouldn’t just be limited to things like music and stage. We want to become a group that can really give good influence to people, and to be such individuals, that would be our next step.

G-Dragon: “I always think today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today. It might be slow, but we moved forward continuously and that’s why I think we are here. And I think that’s how it will be in the future. I will keep try to be on a new level every day.

T.O.P: “I hope we have been making new examples that didn’t exist before, and I want to become someone who can contribute a lot to the Korean culture. Whether it’s music, performance, or a video, I feel like being someone who can always show something new and proposing new ideas to people.

Daesung: “We hope to be a bigger influence to the overall genre, a good influence. As many people listen to our music, we should continue producing good music as well as other stuff.

Seungri: “For me, rather than trying to do something new for the next ten years, I think protecting what we have achieved so far and continuing like this is important. It’s easier to go down than going up. I think we should keep things we have achieved so far, and I hope they will be consistent for another ten years.

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A Letter of a Korean VIP

This is old, but it is important to know because the VIP’s are so loyal despite disputes or any details. The letter was written in 2012

Are you worried about their sales, reputation, public image, endorsement contracts and commercial deals? If you answered yes to any of these, you are underestimating Big Bang. I understand why you would. After all, you are in another country. You did not see them at their peak. You did not experience the “Big Bang explosion.” You were not a part of us. You are neither a Korean VIP nor a citizen of our country.

But I am not belittling you. As a matter of fact, I thank you because you know Big Bang. You talk about them on Twitter, Facebook, and Allkpop, and for that, they were able to perform and visit Bangkok, Singapore City, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Belfast. If not for you and your support, our dear boys would not have travelled the world with their music. Thank you with all my heart. I really thank you.

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