i think it has some holes in it

I think I’m actually going to be pretty pissed if sjm doesn’t up her diversity game in the next books.

There are a lot of opportunities for her to do this - she has in no way written herself into a corner where diversity is no longer possible (this may have to do with world-building holes, but, anyway…).

There are Courts we haven’t seen yet, characters, Chaol is going to whatever in the hell place he is going that could have diverse people, I’m sure there will be more relationships developing that don’t at all need to be hetero or even monogamous, tbh. There is just… a lot of potential for this.

(edit to move some of my tags to the post bc… my tags got ridiculous…) If I knew before what I know now about these books, I may not have read them in the first place. But I did, and now I’m here, stuck in this fandom dumpster of smut and meta and so-called theories, and I like living in this damn dumpster. I just wish it weren’t filled with white hetero monogamous couples all the time.

And so I’m… going to be quite disappointed if some things don’t change. I don’t know what I’ll actually do. But I know I won’t be happy.

anonymous asked:

Besides Whitebeard who are you most excited to introduce Luffy Sabo and Riskua most on your crew :3

“I can’t wait to see Thatch’s face when he has to cook for Luffy. And he says I’m a black hole. It’s odd, but I think Sabo’d get on well with Izo, though I don’t really know much about him. And Riskua… she’ll probably strangle me if I don’t let her talk to everyone who’s got some experience in Haki. I can’t wait for them all to meet Sabo and Luffy and Riskua. It’ll be nice having everyone together.”

okay, im going to be honest, im the small part of the fandom that liked the episode

why? hell, im a johnlock shipper, should i be annoyed? i mean, we predicted a kiss and there was none. so should i be cussing out moffat and gatiss? should i be calling this episode trash?

no. that’s rude and immature. and if you have a valid reason to hate this episode (basically it was poorly plotted or there were plot holes or something) then go ahead!

while i will admit, this episode has some plot holes (as the entire season did), i still liked this episode. hell, i loved it.


firstly, it was about family above all else. because in the end, family may be all that we have.

secondly, the ending.

lots of people are annoyed because it didn’t end how they wanted to and i can agree, it did not go as i wanted it to.

but in the end, it doesnt matter.

the reason why i loved the ending was because they didn’t say exactly what happens. we can assume. we can create our own stories with it. we get to choose what happens to these characters. we get to choose their story.

and in the end, if sherlock gets confirmed for a fifth season (i am praying for this to happen), then we’ll get more closure, and if i have to be totally honest, that’s all i want.

so please, try to look on the bright side of this, and don’t hate this episode because your ship didnt become canon or it just didnt end how you wanted it to.please.

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So, instead of resorting to “Amnesia!”, do you have a different suggestion if a story requires a character to forget about most of their life while retaining some, if not all, of their necessary skills so that the plot keeps moving?

Write a better story.

Or at least examine the one you have and examine why you feel like this is your only choice.

Ask yourself this: why does that need to happen? What plot hole have you dug yourself into that makes you think this is the only way out? Trace that plot hole back. How did it happen? What were the choices you made to get your story to that point?

Invariably I find Amnesia! is used to cover up bad writing. It’s used to divert characters who “need” to be sidelined to make a plot advance.

But that need is artificial. That need exists because the writer typically has some event they think HAS to happen, or HAS to happen a certain way. It’s what happens when writers forget that characters drive the plot. The plot shouldn’t be driving the characters.

Amnesia! is a bad patch on a plot hole you could drive an ambulance through. It destroys a character’s agency. It’s the deus ex machina to end all dei’s exes. If you didn’t use this trope, and your story falls apart because of it, it’s not falling apart because the trope is clutch to your story. It falls apart because you’re trying to drive the plot somewhere it shouldn’t be going.

Character arcs depend on development, which is built on a foundation of their past experiences and the perspectives they’ve built because of those experiences. A character with Amnesia! can’t grow. They become themselves a tool, rather than a person with desires and wants and needs and preferences. They become putty for the writer to mold, not their own person.

I want to come back to that word, agency. People matter in stories when their choices have consequences. To be important, a character has to have a shot at significantly altering their own life and that of those around them. Otherwise they’re a puppet, a shadow of a person. Real people have consequences.

Amnesia! takes that away. It says that someone’s choices ultimately don’t matter. It says that their value to the story isn’t in who they are, because you literally choose to throw who they are away.

Amnesia! is convenient. It seems like a great fix for when you’ve written yourself into a corner. But all it does is detract from your own effort, your own characters. It devalues them. It tells your reader “hey, I can break the rules, I can take someone out of the picture because it’s convenient to the plot”.

I implore you, write a better story. Don’t demean your characters, and your readers, with this garbage trope. You’re a better writer than that.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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You’re just a bunch of children tbh. You did not dislike the episode because it has “plot holes” you disliked it because you didn’t get johnlock canon the way you wanted.
Breaking news, Sherlock calling John family, coming back to the apartment with him and taking care of Rosie is more than canon (probably the most canon thing they could’ve done) and calling it “the worst episode of all times” just because you didn’t get to see them snogging is childish as fuck.
Did you really think that Sherlock and John were going to have some sort of romantic moment? Like, actually romantic? I don’t even know what to say, I’m just speechless, this fandom is just a flock of children thinking they are fighting for queer rights and equality but you’re just stomping and sulking like fucking Eurus

john told sherlock they should scare mycroft, and sherlock just went all in on that. like

yes john! you’re brilliant! i can disable his security system, and we’ll sneak in there in the middle of the night to set everything up, turn off all the lights, lock the doors, friday night is always movie night, so i’ll deduce the one he’s most likely to watch and splice some old home movies into it and add a few frames that say ‘i’m back’ 

ok but i was really thinking something more simple like

oh and what if we poke holes in the family portraits–always hated those things anyway–and rig up a system behind them to make them bleed, complete with a motion sensor of course, gotta make sure mycroft is there to witness it, wouldn’t want to set it off too early

don’t you think that’s a bit mu–

there has to be a child, too, of course, though i don’t know any children, well besides rosie, but she’s far too young to take part in this ruse, i mean she’s your child so she’s obviously far more intelligent than other children, but i think this might be beyond her current capabilities

well that’s

but i can find someone, oh and we’ll need a clown, obviously

oh obviously, why not a mime, too, for good measure?

don’t be ridiculous, john, mimes aren’t scary, but clowns, mycroft is terrified of clowns, has been for ages, so obviously there has to be a clown, just think of how much fun that will be, good thing i know just the person, but remind me to warn davies about the sword hidden in mycroft’s umbrella, oh and i need to take all the bullets out of the handle when we get to the house, wouldn’t want to make a proper mess, would certainly spoil the mood, this was an excellent idea, john, we’re going to have so much fun!

well, if it makes you happy…

It has been 31 days and I still feel the hole in the mattress where your body used to lay.
I lie awake at night and think of the woman and I would be if you just came back.
I’ve added the flight to my cart 16 times- I never buy the ticket.
When I was little mama said you had to fall apart to learn to put yourself back together.
She never told me how to do it if he took some of the pieces with him.

If you’re reading this- please keep the pieces.
They’re the only thing that helps me believe you might come back.


As C.H. Greenblatt pointed out, I have a “thing” for hands reaching out of the ground in my openings.  There’s probably some deep, deep psychological disaster going on in there somewhere, but I’m just gonna leave it be for now.

Since I’ve got some finished footage, I’ve been playing around with color grading.  This isn’t final, but it’s where it’s at, currently.  I’m probably going to end up re-rendering the whole thing to fix some squirrely little bits that only show up in 4K, but for now I’m sick of looking at this thing.  Sick of it!!!  

I guess Beverly Hills has a copyright on The Beverly Hills sign, so I made my own off-brand version.  That aside, the Beverly Holes of Tomorrow looks a lot like the Beverly Hills of Today, don’t you think?

I’m putting together footage for the Kickstarter backers and a trailer right now, but I’ll get some more “process” stuff up here soon…


I am not sure what is going on in the twitisphere today, but I have seen some of the nuttiest things I have ever seen today.
Between folks who cannot seem to understand the election is OVER, and people who were let let out of the looney-bin, there seems to be some type one flew over the cuckoo’s nest craziness in the air.

I broke my own rule and looked at TW today, and remembered why I avoid that cesspool like the plague. If the ramblings of the wacko journo were not enough (if it wasn’t so funny, it would be dangerous…talk about deranged!), I think even the anti-brigade has run for cover!!

So, I decided to lurk around on more pleasant sites ( Sam/Cait/and others), and was smiling before I logged out of that hell hole, and guess why???

In the midst of all of these crabby anon’s, there were quite a few tweets and retweets over the past few days from our dreamy duo (yep…stole that one)! Everything from politics, support for mental health, Burns night poetry, birthdays and more….tweeted on or around the SAME time over the past few days. I am not sure why we are not more focused on that instead of trying to justify the fruitloops who are swimming in the bowl with no milk!!

So, I am still basking in the T2 pics, tweets and retweets, and fully expect more. These two are slowly but surely sharing themselves with us, and we need to focus on that!! I am trying to stay away from the politics for a while because it is just too depressing, and feels like a week long hangover that won’t go away.

My happy place here with all of you brilliant tumblirinas is a bright spot in the ugliness of the world, and it’s time to laugh, smile, snark and enjoy the SamCait ride. Based on what we have seen lately, they are doing it themselves, which makes me a happy shipster.

Back on the ship sweet shipsters, and let the others rest with the fishes! Night night to all!!🤗❤🤗❤

learning to listen to my body

As someone who struggles with food addiction, it’s sometimes hard to listen to my body. In the not so distant past, I would eat even after I was full. Even if I was painfully full I would still eat because I felt…empty? I know that sounds cheesy, but it was this mental space in my body that felt real. I would keep eating until I was in pain and sick. I don’t know why I did it, but it made the ‘hole’ go away. Just for an hour or two.

I think I was conditioned to view food as a source of entertainment. I ate when I was sad, bored, angry, or stressed because it gave me something to focus on. My parents would even take my sister and I out for ice cream or to a junk-food-restaurant if we got a good grade or won some sports game. Food became viewed as more of a prize or reward. The relationship I’ve had with food has been extremely unhealthy and toxic.

Thanks to Keto, I get full faster and I actually stop eating once I’m full. I love this diet and I plan to do it for as long as I can.

Some memorable Tales Quotes

“Pr–prepare to die, eggbear!” - Karol Capel

“Ha, ha. You got re-jec-ted.” - Genis Sage

“Blame your fate!” - Kratos Aurion

“Holy beans! Sophie just kicked Asbel’s butt!” - Pascal

“Anybody else think I should rip daddy’s little girl a new hole?” - Anise Tatlin

“The poor thing must’ve been terrified. She screamed, “I’ll kill you bastards!” as she fell.” - Fon Master Ion

“So you’ve come, like moths to the flame.” - Yuan Ka-Fai

“You shall not pass!” - Regal Bryant

“Teach me about bazongas!” - Jude Mathis

“Pancake time! STALAGMITE!” - Genis Sage

“Hey, no complaints from me! I prefer eye candy over scary armor any day.” - Yuri Lowell

“If you look up “villain” in the dictionary, I bet you’ll see Jade’s face next to it.” - Guy Cecil

“Shut up! This isn’t about logic!” - Asch the Bloody

“Well said. I will make those words your last, Replicaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” - Asch the Bloody

“*sigh* Is your chest the only part of you that’s well-endowed?” - Zelos Wilder

“Damn! I must be a genius!” - Zelos Wilder

“IN-DIG-NAY-SHUN” - Edward D. Morrison

“Hey, I’ve been on pins and needles since we got here. Hold my hand, would ya?” - Raven


  • Oh I assure you, I’m crying inside, racked with guilt.
  • No, no. I’ve been frail since birth [fake coughs].
  • Guy, explain. 
  • I hate teaching. I don’t take apprentices. I don’t impart knowledge.
  • What’s wrong? You look like you just swallowed a bug… Oh, wait, you always look like that.
  • And my other goal is to make you youngsters crazy before I reach 40.
  • Having this many suicidal people around is really getting on my nerves.

My personal favorites:

Jade: He has a freakish obsession with fontech and fon machines. Just like Guy.
Guy: Excuse me!?
Jade: Luke! It’s not nice to compare Guy to Dist.
Luke: I didn’t say anything.
Tear: ….
Jade: Oh, come now, enough foolishness. Tear is glaring at you.

Jade: I will accept Dist’s–Saphir’s–death.

Luke: As an old friend?
Jade: No, as his owner. He was a charming pet.

Why is no one talking about Sportacus’ Crystal often not going off for Robbie?
Like, we had multiple instances where Robbie fell in a hole or even crashed into a tree (which Sportacus watched happening) and other things that could be considered trouble.
Mostly if something is with Robbie - were Sportacus’ crystal would go off, since it has for the kids for such things before- the crystal doesn’t go off. 

Since I headcanon Robbie to be -at least to some extend- magic, maybe the crystal doesn’t perfectly work for him then. I mean, if the crystal thinks that the kids are in trouble when they are about to fall over with one standing on the other’s shoulders, it should go off for Robbie about to crash into a tree on a very fast skateboard. Even if Sportacus is seeing it happening.
And how often had Robbie been in trouble while in his lair? Surely often enough, making his machines, tripping, falling, being chased by his Robodog and whatever else.

anonymous asked:

When did Uta say Yomo doesn't understand the jokes????

Hey Anon :) Back during the Aogiri arc when Tsukiyama joked he was going to run away xD

But then again, considering Uta’s peculiar sense of humor it’s probably better that Yomo doesn’t laugh too much at his… “jokes”. ^^

Have a nice weekend Anon :)

Hey Anon! Okay so, in both cases, he…

…touched his face just before, so I’m thinking the whole trick has to do with putting something on his face and not just randomly shifting appearances. 

Maybe it has to do with his Kagune?

Because it has a peculiar shape and what looks like holes and we know that a Kagune can take on different shapes and forms depending on the ghoul’s creativity and imagination so…as an artist and mask maker, maybe by using his Kagune, that’s how he does it? 

In any case, his nickname of “No Face” is literally perfect. :)

I’m pretty sure we will get an explanation at some point, but for now that’s all I have in mind for an explanation.

Have a nice weekend Anon! 

Hey Anon! Ah well, maybe?

Considering that Juuzou himself got taken into this “illusion”, I’d say it’s likely Uta found a way to slightly modulate his voice, even if that would mean remembering about Shinohara’s tone of voice, when the guy hasn’t spoken in 4 years.  

Uta is a grown up man though, so maybe there wasn’t a real need to completely change his voice.

Aaaaah, Uta is definitely an amazing actor, but that’s really pushing it on the sadistic level of dark humor. xD Poor Juuzou…

Sorry I can’t give you a better answer, but please have a nice weekend Anon! :)

Hey Anon! And nah, I’m pretty sure he isn’t (remember his regenerative abilities back during the auction arc against Hirako?) :) The last we see of him is this panel…

But he’ll be back, either to fight Suzuya’s squad again or to fight someone else. :) 

Don’t worry Anon, besides he barely even fought so that’s certainly not the last time we see him ;)

Have a nice weekend! 


Spoilers by @sayakakat2012 and me. Translated page by page so that’s the format here. Im on mobile so sorry for long post. This info may be wrong but this is what we were able to deduct. Please dont use it elsewhere without consulting @sayakakat2012 and support the official release!

Page 2: Tienzan valley
Aladdin: This scenery looks unusual at first sight, there are traces that the hole in the sky has extended
Yunan: There are some traces but it has been blocked, I don’t think we should worry about Il Illah descending again

Page 3:
Aladdin: Yunan!?
Yunan: It’s nothing
Aladdin: Try not to overdo it, you are still healing from the wounds of the last battle
Yunan: Thank you, but I’m all right Aladdin. I must return to the valley of the rift
Aladdin: Yes, I’ll be going back to the Kou empire
Square: Kou Empire
Aladdin: I’m back!

Page 4
Aladdin: J-Judal?! Judal….

Page 5
Aladdin: You look different, are you all right? I should stop flying like this…
Judal: Ah…hm…
Judal: Hey Hakuryuu, this weirdo is treating me as if we were friends
Hakuryuu: That is Aladdin
Judal: What?! That’s why I felt sick all of a sudden!

Page 6:
Alibaba: Aladdin! What happened in the Tenzan?
Hakuryuu: Tenzan valley?
Aladdin: Yes, some days ago I had a strong uneasiness, but I’m not sure what it is
Kougyoku: At the same time I received a report, there were sigthings in Tenzan’s sky of a strong momentanous light

Page 7:
Alibaba: So Aladdin and Yunan went to see what was going on
Morgiana: What did you feel, Aladdin?
Aladdin: I’m not sure
Morgiana: Not sure?
Aladdin: I still can feel it….the world has changed, is not the same as yesterday…I have a strong uneasy feeling…

Page 8:
Judal: Well I haven’t felt anything wrong…
Hakuryuu: Even if you’re a magi?
Judal: Stop it!
Aladdin: Anyways, I shouldn’t be worried about this situation
Alibaba: I’m glad to hear it…(notices Kougyoku looks distressed) Kougyoku?…Kougyoku!
Kougyoku: Eh?

Page 9:
Alibaba: Why do you look so worried?
Kougyoku: I’m sorry, I was just thinking on something. I was thinking on what I told him the day we went out of the International Alliance…I abandoned the alliance but now I’m uncertain, did I do the right thing? Sometimes anxiety can transform into pride…
Alibaba: It’s all right! Didn’t you say it? There was a lot of discussion in the imperial office
Kougyoku: Yes…

Page 10: Also, didn’t you prepare a trading route with Reim? You did that on your own!
Kougyoku: Thank you, Alibaba
Judal: I see…but I believe Hakuryuu would be a better emperor than the old hag
Hakuryuu: Hey! Where are you going?!
Judal: To have fun

Page 11:
Morgiana: What made the light appear in Tienzan? A lightning strike?
Kougyoku: Those were the only data reported
Aladdin: There was someone close to the center of the IA in that momento
Alibaba: For now, we must ask Sinbad! (calls Sinbad) Sinbad, is that you?
Sinbad: Hey!

Page 12
Sinbad: Hello Alibaba!
Alibaba: Hey! I wanted to know…have you seen something like a lightning strike the day before yesterday nearby the headquarters of the International Alliance?
Sinbad: A lightning strike? Not at all, I haven’t had any reports like that…
Alibaba: You seem a little nervous, How have you been recently?
Sinbad: Good! Busy as always

Page 13
Sinbad: Though I haven’t received any invitation to your wedding with Morgiana, I think you have made yourself a favor
Alibaba: What? Made myself a favor?
Sinbad: So…like father like son…
Alibaba:…hahaha! Don’t give excuses to not go to the wedding!
Sinbad: Hahahaha, joke!

Ja’far: Sin! It’s time for the meeting!
Sinbad: I’m coming!, well see you later Alibaba! (hangs)
Alibaba: He said he didn’t know anything…
Aladdin: Ok! We must keep working on this!
Square: Without interruptions nor problems, nigh arrives

Square: However, three days after that, something happened
Aladdin: This night is not very calm…Huh?

Aladdin:Who is awake so late?
(he finds Alibaba)
Aladdin: -A?!

Alibaba: I….I…Morgiana left me
Aladdin: …Huh?

feel good fic recs

THE QUICKIEST OF QUICKIE non-angsty, feel good, light and fun and sometimes porny fics, in case you all need a little well deserved escapism today: 

Pretty much everything by @conversationswithjohnlock but for quicker funsies High and Tight, Soft and Loose (massage therapist misunderstanding) and All the Flavours, Cherry and More (lingerielock)

Adjacent (adjoining hotel rooms!) by @weeesi and also Midnight Plowboy (Sherlock has a gay porn collection…John discovers it)

Toaster Oven Instruction Manuals by @ewebie (domestic fluff!)

Sherlock Swifties and John Swifties by ChrisCalledMeSweetie (joke-based fics based on Tom Swifties)

A classic:

The glory hole story that does not deserve a title by @giveusakiss413 which I will pimp til my dying day because it’s exactly as dirty as you might think and twelve times more delightful. Unilock, uh, Sherlock has a crush on John. John is interested in the rumour that there’s a glory hole in the chem building loos.

Hope this relieves some stress. Godspeed, Americans!

@seriouslymarythough and @hubblegleeflower for your consideration.

madamehardy  asked:

" it’s being unable to feel validated unless people find you sexually attractive, " Dingdingdingding! We saw that when he was striking out post-Jake. [para break] Do you feel like talking about Jake's POV in the first chapter? I bet it's more complex than "Want, take, have".

My favorite part of the first chapter is that Dirk thinks he’s the one pulling Jake when Jake without a doubt went “yes, that one,” and made that shit happen. Like, people do not take note of Jake if he doesn’t want them to. When Dirk saw him through through the mirror, the light–

There’s this thing some magic users collect. I only know it as a “witch’s rock”? But it’s a river/sea stone that naturally has a hole through it, and the idea is that you can peer through the hole and see things how they truly are.

What Jake did was the opposite of that. He had Dirk see him through those filters to cloud his better judgement so he was easy to pull. (Little did Jake know at that moment that Dirk is really easy to pull, man, you didn’t have to try that hard, my dude.)

Then when he gets Dirk alone and really gets a look at him, he sees… the faerie equivalent of a limping game bird. This creature that you want to just gobble up, that is so endangered just by existing, you’re kind of fucking stunned no one’s gotten to it yet. Dirk is basically walking through life with a “just fuck me up” sign on his back, and Jake is flabbergasted that no other faerie has snapped him up yet. It’s ridiculous.

And then he’s just sad about how Dirk is basically built out the sort of things a fae boy with an appetite wants, and no one seems to want him??? Like, on some level, Jake’s fucking offended on Dirk’s behalf! Like when your best friend looks amazing and some jerk makes a snide remark about them in your earshot. Like???? Who the fuck??? Are you??? To not worship this person??? You hack.

Like, Dirk is: emotional. has the kind of innate artistic talent the fae eat like its gourmet (a common fae story is the musician stolen by the fae for their music, same concept). he’s a fetching fellow. he’s far from home and looking for something Other. he’s got a submissive streak the size of a 747. he’s oblivious to all of the above. he’s perfect.

Jake takes a closer look at Dirk, feels the shape of his heart, his hurts, the things he wants, and goes “I can do this,” and.

You know the rest of the story.

Why does this show have such a hard-on for Damon?!?!?

They act like he has NO agency whatsoever, and that every single season they can go back and blame Stefan for all the sh-t he’s done. I have no idea why they think STEFAN is the one who is supposed to be asking for forgiveness (for the 100th time). It’s like everything Damon does is blamed on either Stefan or Katherine because supposedly Damon of the last 150 years has had absolutely 0 control over his own actions.

And to bring back Tyler and Vicky in some glorified “we must forgive Damon” episode, pls save me from this hell hole.

I get Bonnie forgiving him (barely) but to gather everyone and watch them all shed tears over this man that they’ve had legitimate reasons to hate for 8+ years is unbelievable. Why can’t this show just accept that Damon is a villain instead of kissing his ass every season and forgiving him for his numerous crimes.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Sangwoo could have abandonment issues? I feel like he does because he doesn't trust Bum and tries to trap him, but maybe it's a different issue.

I believe he has major abandonment issues, but it’s with those who he actually shares some type of empathy towards, a twisted attachment, love, like with his mother. In the beginning, at least, Bum filled this weird hole for motherly love that Sangwoo had, but after that episode where Sangwoo honestly thought Bum had escaped, and had those flashback of intimate memories, I think the basis of the relationship pretty much changed at that point, personally. 

Anyways, I believe Sangwoo has abandonment issues, and him thinking Bum had escaped somewhat portrayed that– because really it didn’t seem he cared that possibly Bum was going to rat him out, no, it’s because he felt betrayed and abandoned by Bum, after all he did with him and for him

anonymous asked:

i just saw what that guy said and i'm bummed... i think he said some legit stuff in the past, and i don't think he even watches the show, so he's not a sqer trying to rile fans up. if colin stays, it could end extremely bad for us... and if that new guy is henry - devoid of hope and not believing in HEs anymore, it's not that hard to fall down the rabbit hole thinking how the last battle could end for emma and cs... especially if only colin & lana come back. hoping abc makes an announcement soon

Yes, he has said some legit stuff in the past. He has also reported some stuff that hasn’t been quite what happened.

The set spotters that live in Vancouver and frequently go to filming have relationships with people that work on the shows so their opinions are valued in the fandom because we’ve seen their information pan out. When they say that actor A filmed with actor B we think that’s probably true because we get to see it on screen.

In this case I can guarantee that not one of the actors is sitting in their makeup chair talking about their contracts that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in front of people that only make a tiny fraction of that.

I said this yesterday but probably what is happening is some of the actors are unsure of their future (or have already decided that they are leaving) and they are gearing up to say their goodbyes. ngl, Jen having all of Emma’s coats brought up did raise a bit of a red flag that she’s one of the actors that is giving off vibes that she won’t be back for a potential season 7.

I get that some fans just can’t let this go. I see it all over my dash and on Twitter with people asking/begging/demanding answers but believe me, fans asking for something makes zero difference. We’ll know when they decide to announce it and even then we probably won’t know who is staying on until after the finale.

So my advice is to act as though this is the end. We have heaps of wonderful spoilers and 10 more episodes and several conventions that are happening between now and May 14th. Try not to ruin all that by being worried about what might happen next year.