i think it had something to do with adventure time at one point

I woke up at 3am cause I couldn't sleep, so I wrote this:

“I remember that day
When we met up
I remember that time
When I fell in love
When I knew I could see that smile
For the rest of my days
When you left me spinning
In this lovely haze
When you opened me up to a world
Of music and light
When we enjoyed each other’s company
When it all felt right
When we went on our adventures
That’s when I knew
When people told me to go with the flow
And that’s exactly what I would do
I said to myself
“Please be the one”
What the rest of them couldn’t
You had already done
All those memories made
I’ll think and I’ll smile
I’ll cherish to this day
Even if it was a short while..
When I’d go above and beyond for you
And you use to care
But somehow it all broke to a point
Where I could no longer repair
We fight and we yell
Over something so small
Whoever thought something insignificant
Would be our downfall
You would get so angry
When I couldn’t read your mind
When you never even understood me
You would act so unkind
I made it known
How I was hurting inside
Since when did it become
Such a task to confide
In the one person who I thought
I could tell everything to
Instead, feelings of resentment and
Suspicion grew
Your eyes would wander
And looked for something I’m not
You’d tell me I’m the only one
Or so I thought
I became the default
For taking the blame
I’d tell you I was sorry
Even if it was your shame
You would do things to spite me
And I never understood
You’d tell me it was good reason
But that doesn’t mean you should
I’ll look in your eyes
And you’re no longer there
Just a shell of a person
With that known blank stare
I tried so hard
To fix this breaking bond
But what you felt for me
Was never just as strong
I was never enough to you
You were always the first to quit
I kept fighting but you lost feelings
You didn’t have to say it, I felt it
I made the mistake
Of putting you before myself
You’d take me out when you wanted
And put me back on the shelf
That new person who stood next to me
Seemingly consumed
The person I fell in love with,
The old you
To tell you the truth
I’ll never understand why
That there would ever come a day
When I had to say goodbye
And I would say that old saying
“Maybe our paths will cross”
But I’ll never know for sure
If the you I loved is forever lost
I remember that time
When I was in love
When I gave it my all
And burned myself up.“