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“Dragoneki” isn’t necessarily equal to a tragic ending for Kaneki

Just thought I would write a quick post about this because my dash is filled with people suddenly seeing death flags for Kaneki everywhere. x)

Anyway, as the title mentions, in my opinion the fact that Kaneki became the equivalent of the Nagaraj and is destroying Tokyo doesn’t mean that, ultimately, the only possibility left for him is to be killed by an alliance made between Scarecrow’s side and the ghouls, led by who will probably be Tsukiyama (since he’s another ace card). 

I won’t disagree that it is definitely what Furuta has in mind…

but narratively speaking, in my opinion, at this point it doesn’t make sense for Kaneki to become the “truly great enemy” and to die tragically when:

  • he doesn’t care about the rebellion
  • all he ever wanted ever since the very first chapter of TG was to belong in a family.

Kaneki’s OEK role was literally given to him by Eto and Arima…

at a time when Kaneki found that he had no reason to keep on living, which is why he focused on this task, because that was all he had to keep going forward. However…

…and even after his relationship with Touka blossomed, this part still didn’t change….

…the only reason that he “cared” about the future of ghouls mainly being related to Touka and the future he wanted with her (AKA becoming a family).

Now, I think that it’s no secret for anyone, and for Kaneki as well, that this lack of belief is mainly why he never managed to be a good leader:

…Leading to Ayato and Irimi trying to give him advice, and Tsukiyama being tired of the way he does things when they’re at war. So, in the end, it’s not surprising that instead of being the leader fighting for victory, he ends up being only a mean to someone else’s grand plan for the ending:

Back to the point at hand, the other reason I don’t think that redemption and happiness are out of Kaneki’s reach, despite the massacre he’s currently committing, is because…

…the Clowns are the public of this play…

and they already told us at the end of TG (”the tragedy” before :Re kicked in) that Kaneki dying tragically didn’t make for the best ending either (”how lame~”).

Finally, I’d like to add that if Kaneki dies, then Touka’s own development will stagnate because her fatalistic side has grown to be probably too overwhelming for her to manage dealing with it on her own [x] [x] and thus, the only way for her to have hope again is if Kaneki is by her side as well. 

Readers tend to criticize Kaneki’s happiness for resting mainly upon Touka’s survival, but in my opinion the same goes for Touka, because they are a set (as said by Ishida sensei himself).

TL;DR I don’t think that Kaneki is going to die. Redemption is different but I believe that’s when the Ace Cards (Hide, Tsukiyama and Touka) will have their role to play.


click 4 bigger image 🐉🐉🐉 some doodles…wouldn’t it be funny if kaneki was supposed to technically be the servant but instead tsukiyama still ends up doing things for him lmao…tsukiyama thinks kaneki has potential and that he’s being super generous by offering this scrappy kid w nothing a place at the house…and can’t get why he’d say no lmao..which just fuels him. kaneki eventually joins bc it’s good security/ghoul or not he’s still a kid, but, i don’t think he’d agree w a lot of stuff that goes on…or tsukiyamas… ”tastes”…tho myb tsukiyama would chill out p quick, since he’d have a friend…at first they can bond over books and kaneki catching up on school stuff he hasn’t been able to learn lol (he’s probably a couple grades behind)
on a side note…., bodyguard kaneki 👀

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For the character thingy! Shu! ^^ (Your blog is great and you're a talented writer!)

Why I like them
Gosh, where to begin? Well, I find Shuu extremely relatable. His line of thinking goes along the same as my own, but apart from that I just find him an interesting and deep character because of his grief, though on the surface he just seems like a sloth. I also like that he looks like the perfect prince, but is perverted in a verbally upfront way to shock and embarrass Yui, but is subtle in his actual seduction, slowly turning it around on her and making her think she’s the perverted one. Idk, I find that fun.

Why I don’t
There isn’t really anything I dislike about Shuu as a character, though his apathy and lack of motivation to do anything can get frustrating at times, I understand it. It’s a given for each of the characters that even if I like them though, I will dislike when they’re needlessly cruel to Yui, but I know that is the point of the games, so it’s like…kind of silly to point it out, but you get what I mean?

Favorite episode (scene if movie)
Uhh I’m gonna take this as a favourite seen in the anime/manga, and I’d say that


His vulnerable moment:

And pushed over the edge moment:

game - one of the HDB endings where Shuu becomes Vampire King.

Favorite season/movie/game
I’m gonna hold off on that judgement, as I still need to read through Dark Fate

Favorite line
(after Yui and Shuu made love) ‘I never want to be separated from you.’

Favorite outfit 

Vampire King Shuu outfit 


I mean, look at him when he thinks he’s lost her:

And this:

Subaru and Shuu. Subaru seems to respect him, though it’s understated, and though Shuu occasionally refers to Subaru as a brat, he does seem to look out for him.

Head Canon
Shuu likes Yui’s hair and scent, especially when he has nightmares. He buries his nose in her hair and breathes in, which masks the smell of flames and burning bodies.

Unpopular opinion
Idk, if this counts, but I think Shuu got his ear pierced because of Ayato. He got a kit to do it yourself and went hardcore, piercing his own ear. He then saw Shuu asleep on the couch and pierced his ear before running away. Shuu just kinda went - ’…ow’  a few minutes later, and couldn’t be bothered to take out the earring.  

A wish
This is something I might write myself, but oddly, for Yui to travel back in time and see younger Shuu and Edgar and to spend the day with them, playing by the river, for tragic feels.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
For the nuances of his character to be forgotten by the fandom and replaced with a shallow fetishised version of him.

5 words to best describe them
Tragic, Sexy, Sleepy, Perverted, Sadistic

My nickname for them
Lazy Prince Charming

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How would they react to waking up in the night and happening to notice their s/o is quietly crying in her room because she feels like they all hate her

Shuu : “Hm…What a boring woman.” *goes to sleep again*

Reiji : “How many times have I told you that crying is far from elegant? Stop immediately.”

Ayato : “Chichinashi, why the fuck are you crying? You think I hate you?! Tch, you shouldn’t care about things like that.”

Kanato : “Haha, how pathetic. Won’t you cry some more?”

Laito : “Hmm? I don’t hate you Bitch-chan, I love you! You should know it after having done it so many times~”

Subaru : “I don’t know what you expect. I’ve given you the chance to run away. Stop complaining about impossible things. It’s useless. I know well of it.”

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Dark Prologue)

Yui: Beyond this point is the demon world, right…..

(If I go on my own I wonder if Shuu-san will be mad. But…)

Yui: Ah…!

(As I thought….I have to go. Being on my own makes me anxious, I want to be by Shuu-san’s side)

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i think my first ask didn’t go through. Naki for the character thing, please 🍀

ah yes, i only got this one!!

1. sexuality headcanon: i don’t think this boy even knows what sexuality is but straight/bi maybe?

2. otp: naki/miza

3. brotp: naki/shuu jskdj

4. notp: when people romantically/sexually ship him with yamori um no

5. first headcanon that pops in my mind: he knows he can’t eat human food but cotton candy is too pretty and he eats it anyway

6. favorite line from this character: i can’t rly remember how it goes but the last line before his death, and when he stick the flower in shuu’s head lmao

7. one way in which i relate to this character: idk, i’m not rly similar with him but i love him

8. things that give me second hand embarrassment about this character: nothing, i love him even when he’s stupid

9. cinnamon roll or problematic fave? CINNAMON ROLLLL

thanks for asking💝


Love-Hate Relationship: When it comes to Shuu and Ruri’s friendship, they seem to have the typical love-hate relationship - more hate on Ruri’s part. Shuu is the annoying, arrogant, and obnoxious friend who is always ogling girls and making perverted comments or suggestions, which of course at most times bothers Ruri, because she thinks this type of behaviour is dishonourable. As a result of this, whenever Shuu is around her, Ruri gets easily annoyed and at often times, hits him. 

Shuu on the other hand, seems to love being around and hanging out with Ruri. He occasionally enjoys teasing her - such as when he makes fun of her chest size or tricks her into thinking he’s found her glasses - or is often bothering her for just about anything. Point is, Shuu is often seen talking to Ruri, as well as vice versa, whether he is annoying her or just being plain annoying.

Despite this, although Shuu annoys Ruri, it seems he is often trying to befriend or get close to her.The best example of this is the first moment they have together, when Shuu declares that they are “glasses buddies”, much to Ruri’s dismay, who initially thinks it was a horrible classification.

Even when she’s cold towards him or beats him up, he still comes back. I mean, he’s acting as if they’re already very close friends.

So, I have several theories as to why Shuu does this:

  • a) He’s trying to break down the ice or the exterior she puts up in order to get closer to her
  • b) Knows, understands and is attracted to the real Ruri for who she is so wants to get closer to her 
  • c) Notices he and Ruri have and share a lot of similarities in terms of a lot of things, including their beliefs, values and way of thinking, of course both being intelligent and perceptive and wanting the best for their friends, and feels a strong connection to her

As we’ve seen multiple of times, Ruri has softened up towards Shuu before, despite what she thinks of him, and can come to agree or share the same way of thinking with him on certain things. 

So, Shuu is definitely leaving his mark on her somehow…he’s leaving some kind of impression on her and I think he knows this, or that was his intention all along. So, if he is trying to break the ice or tension, it’s definitely working.


Ruri and Shuu seem to have a great understanding of each other.

As stated before, although Ruri finds Shuu at most times annoying, there are times where she sees him in a different light, where she can agree with and understand him, and come to personally relate to what he is saying.

In fact, it seems whenever they interact alone, it’s one of the only times we see Shuu lose his façade and become serious and talk to Ruri normally. Not to mention, they talk with such familiarity and casualty, and, in all honesty, if Shuu wasn’t being perverted most of the time, these two would have a pretty easygoing relationship.

External image

External image

We usually see Shuu as the jokester of the group, the one who’s always goofing off, not taking seriously or making uncomfortable comments without thinking. However here, as soon as Raku and Onodera leave, Shuu suddenly becomes serious talking with Ruri.

External image

More importantly, even without saying anything, Shuu had already known what Ruri wanted to tell Raku. In the same fashion, despite his comedic approach, Ruri had known Shuu had interrupted her on purpose. This goes to show they really understand and know each other on a deeper level.

External image


Well, apart from the obvious similarities, such as both being perceptive, intelligent, and wear glasses…I’d like to think both Shuu and Ruri put up a front of their friends, whether they realize it or not.

I think at most times, Shuu’s playful personality and comedic attitude are all just an act in order to keep people at a distance; whether he has problems showing emotions or what he’s really feeling so he puts up this barrier, or doesn’t want others to open him up or get too close to know what’s going on. Even Raku mentions he puts on this fake smile as if he’s okay, when he’s really unhappy.

External image

External image

External image

I think in a way Ruri does this as well, not intentionally cause she wants to, but because she’s different from the others. Ruri doesn’t always show emotion or what she truly feels, and may at times come off as really cold. Maybe because she has problems opening up as well due to her childhood or how she was brought up, but when it really comes down to it, she really does care and can show emotion. I think she’s learning to open up little by little to the ones she loves, even Shuu.

External image

External image


Shuu may put on an act and act like a dope sometimes, but he really does care for Ruri nonetheless, in his own way.

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

Little by little, he’s showing Ruri his true colours as well.

Ruri is starting to care for him too.

External image

External image

External image

External image


Shuu calls Ruri by first name (“Ruri-chan”), even though she calls him by his last name (Maiko-kun")/This may be his way of showing he wants to have or considers them as having a close relationship with each other.

Shuu wants to befriend Ruri despite her annoyance of him/This may be his way of showing that he’s attracted to her because of their similarities, other than their obvious ones.

Shuu always shows his good sides to Ruri/This may be his way of showing that he wants to impress her and let her see that he’s not as bad as she thinks he is or leave a good impression.

Shuu’s crush on the teacher (What about Ruri?)/Shuu fell in love with the teacher first, then may have developed feelings for Ruri afterwards (he may or may not be aware of it or he’s trying to hide it; may have not have gotten over his first crush, despite his feelings for Ruri)


Shuu and Ruri’s relationship, as well as their feelings, seem to be growing gradually, but surely.

things i think about at 3 AM

imagine the whole cast of hatoful boyfriend playing monopoly

hiyoko proposes they play it in the library after school 

they play in teams of three: sakuya ryouta and hiyoko are team 1
yuuya anghel and okosan are team 2
hitori kazuaki and nageki are team 3
shuu miru and kaku are team 4 (but shuu isnt really playing hes just there to amuse himself watching everyone getting angry at each other)

shuu says that whichever team that loses with the least points is to be used in his next experiment. everyone goes into the game tense.

things were fine for a while but then they all slowly get frustrated. okosan uses WING ATTACK on ryouta in a rage (its super effective) which knocks ryouta out. kazuaki cries from the pressure. nageki stopped playing thirty minutes ago and is now reading a book between hiyoko and hitori. anghel blames his failure on the dense cloud of demon spores which is probably just sakuya’s ego in cloud form. hitori’s trying his best not to flip out.

miru and kaku somehow stayed cheerful through the whole game (whenever theyd get something good theyd shout MERRY CHRISTMAS and show shuu). hiyoko gets very intense halfway through the game. she looks ready to kill someone and cook them for dinner tonight.

yuuya wins since he somehow managed to keep his cool the whole game and brought his whole team to victory. everyone’s out to kill him now.

sakuya flips the board leaving no trace that that mongrel beat him at this ridiculous game. hiyoko throws sakuya out the window (poor icpss sakuya lmao)

ryouta wakes up more confused than ever

now nobody wins and shuu doesnt get his test subjects

they never played monopoly again

Some thoughts about Tsukiyama

I was re reading the last chapter, and this panel got me thinking. 

Shuu was remembering Hori’s words “would you have died for some ingredients?” and i find his mental response really interesting. Not only it shows you those who are closest to Shuu, but it also goes to show you that there’s someone missing

Now let’s see, we have:

Kanae, not only in first place, but also doing a reverence, clearly stating that he is indeed his most loyal servant; Matsumae in second place, and i find her pose to be kinda “sweet” and relaxed, and it also inspires some kind of trust?; and then there’s Mirumo, Shuu’s father who’s not only in third place, but he is also sitting, which could mean that he really wasn’t a present figure for him (and let’s remember that in all the chapters in which he appears, he is always sitting somewhere, and he never goes to see Shuu personately).

Now having said that, there’s clearly no mother there, and she’s not even hinted as a silhouette or something, she’s just not in Shuu’s thoughts, in a moment when he is thinking about “things that dissapear from this world”. Could this kinda confirm that Shuu’s mother is dead? and knowing about the Tsukiyama’s inbreed case, could she have died because of complications on Shuu’s birth?

Shuu Theory

Ok so I had this thing in my mind for a long time now x3 Soooo here it goes : Shuu misunderstand is love for Kaneki with hunder. I mean, in the (fucking) chapter 149 he talk seriously about wanting Kaneki to be happy and then about still wanting to eat him like wtf ??? Maybe he was about to tell everybody he loves him but his mental breakdown (agaaain) made him say that. Maybe he is Just lying to himself and making himself think that it’s only hunger. I know This Is shit but I just want to make This shitty reaction logic x3. (sorry for the mistakes i’m french ^^’)

the tsukiyamas, kanae, etc

just a bulleted list of my impressions/analyses/theories, the gist of each one is bolded because this is so tl;dr:

  • kanae is definitely mentally ill. the way he bashed his head against a tree in ch35 was heartbreaking and definitely not something a mentally healthy person does. 
  • on the mental illness note – is it just me or does kanae exhibit a lot of bpd features? he does a lot of spliting – idealizes shuu unconditionally while devaluing kaneki/sasaki and chie, moves between idealization and devaluation of mirumo, etc; he exhibits self-injurious behavior (see: the tree); his unwavering loyalty to the tsukiyamas might be due to identity issues, e.g. he derives his identity from being a servant of the tsukiyama family because he doesn’t have an identity otherwise, and now he’s struggling even with that because mirumo’s handling of tsukiyama’s condition is killing him; his emotions are intense, and fluctuate quite a lot; he has a history of trauma; he believes he is special and more deserving than people like chie and sasaneki, while also requiring a lot of validation from tsukiyama to feel okay; though he really does care, he seems to struggle with empathy; he is envious of chie and sasaneki…the list goes on and on. he fulfills all the diagnostic criteria. people fault kanae a lot for his behavior, but he’s clearly struggling and might not have a fully functional view of his actions. i didn’t like him before, but i really feel for him now.
  • mirumo is not a good father by any means. i’m sure he loves shuu, but his idea of doing something to help a loved one is pretty messed up. tsukiyama wouldn’t be in the process of being devoured by his own kagune if he wasn’t being fed other ghouls. what does mirumo think he’s doing? does he REALLY think that’s a good way to help his son, who is literally dying? awful dad of the year award goes to mirumo
  • on that note, i 100% agree with sadgourmet‘s thoughts on tsukiyama’s mother and how that might relate to the kakuja thing.
  • i’d just like to point out that shuu’s trash behavior in the first half or so of tg is not due to him having any inherent flaws in his temperament or anything, but rather, it’s actually a very sad result of his upbringing, which to me seems very tragic and traumatic. even despite his wealth and privilege, shuu was clearly very isolated growing up. all he knew was the douchebaggy behavior of his family, i.e. mirumo. he was taught to see others as below him, and to see the world as a battleground for power where everyone either steps on others or gets stepped on. isn’t that a scary world to live in?
  • shuu couldn’t form real bonds with people outside the household because of that worldview. kanae’s memories of tsukiyama are evidence that he has always been a warm and loving person, deep down – he was just socialized to act like the opposite. shuu is totally out of touch with his feelings and i think his constant “I WANNA EAT KANEKI” monologue was due to his inability to show interest in any other way. 
  • it was kaneki who brought shuu out of his shell. no wonder he loves kaneki so much. [cue kanetsuki tears on my part]
  • what if tsukiyama actually dies bc of this kakuja shit jesus christ no save me SAVE ME im so worried

I read the raw text spoilers for TG Re: 37 today, and Hori Chie’s words are finally explained. Before she told Kanae that he could save Tsukiyama, but it would destroy his family. I puzzled over what this meant, because it didn’t really follow.

Then Hori tells Kanae- why did Shuu become this way? Because Kaneki Ken died. If we just tell him that Kaneki is alive, it will take away the cause of his condition.

However the last time Shuu attacked (!!) Kaneki, he was just a half-ghoul. But now he’s a half-goul CCG investigator. When Shuu goes looking for him, it will expose his family.

Kanae thinks it over and finally gives in, and Hori gives him 6 envelopes to give to Shuu. It appears the first one has a picture of Haise in it…

Ui`s future after this arc?

If I understood correctly this panel is somewhere around after Arima`s death has been announced, since Fura cries near this. I think Ui is also probably rather sad about this, but contrast to Fura`s sadness Ui seems to be furious at some level. He thinks every single ghoul at the island should have been killed and the extermination rate should have been 100%. His mood probably worsened when the 2% included Shuu, the person he was supposed to kill earlier. It`s like the Tsukiyama operation all over again.

I wonder if this, “100% extermination rate”, will be his mentality after the Rue mission? He viewed ghouls in a very negative light before, but he did think that for example Kijima`s methods were questionable, and Ui and his squad did not kill Shuu`s dad when he surrendered. Now with Hairu gone and Ui`s mentor, Arima gone( who he cared for very deeply) I wonder if his views towards ghouls will  worsen. Maybe all moral chains will be finally cut and Ui starts a new brutal and more violent path. 

As Arima`s killer was being announced to be Haise, I think Ui  won`t be very trusting towards the Q`s after this arc. He had suspicions towards Haise at the beginning(”he is a time bomb”) so in his mind this probably just conforms it all. 

I was not sure if Ui was going to survive this arc, but now that he seems to have and I am interested and terrified of seeing where he goes from here. 

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how would you describe Touka and Kaneki's relationship?

oh man, this is kinda broad, i’m not sure if i can think of a good answer…do you mean like…in TG? in general?

umm, if i were to describe what i personally like about Touka and Kaneki’s relationship, to someone who has no idea…one of my favorite things about it is that in the beginning, Kaneki always seemed to be the one who needed more from Touka — for her to train him and to save him and so on. and, Touka provided all of these things despite him having said such a hurtful thing to her when they first met (“THE LIFE YOU HAVE IS MISERABLE”).

i’m also really fond of the way Kaneki calls her “Touka-chan;” i’m probably missing something culturally, but to me, even though “-chan” can be affectionate, in this case it sounds…a little distancing? like to me it reinforces how Kaneki is older than her, and is a cute contrast to how much he relies on her. it’s similar with Touka and how she calls him “Kaneki” whereas other ghouls like Nishiki (who she “hates”) and Hinami (another character that relies on her a lot) she calls by their first name.

for me, that verbal distance makes the actions that they take toward/for each other compelling and powerful and delicious — ex. saving each other in the fight vs. Shuu, Touka deciding to go after Kaneki when he is abducted, Kaneki saving Touka from Ayato and then punishing Ayato while still thinking of Touka’s feelings. the rabbit keychain, and Touka struggling with what to say during their reunion and then punching him when she discovers Kaneki is unhappy…

there’s a lot about the way they feel about each other that goes completely unsaid. and that’s why i’m really, really looking forward to Haise and Touka’s interactions in :re as well~