i think it eats at him


Part 2 of 2 of The Locked Door Series

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 19.7K i apologize for NOTHING

Warnings: SMUUUUUUT, religion kink, virgin kink, authority kink, degradation kink, praise kink, age gap, ohhhhh the list goes on y’all been here long enough

A/N: I have nothing to say for myself this time im sorry


Obi-Wan feels like he’s going to be sick.

Dinner in the grand hall was difficult enough, forking down mouthfuls of expensive food he’s sure was absolutely marvelous, if he could’ve tasted it.  The s’Ziscari clearly splurged on the celebrations—expensive food, expensive decor, expensive everything, down to the silk napkin he studied and fiddled with under the table as he awkwardly waited for you to finish your plate.

He felt uncomfortable, absolutely.  He’s felt uncomfortable ever since he shuffled into this blasted, Maker forsaken robe not long after he left your quarters earlier.

Not black, no.  Not like yours.  Not like what appears to be an overwhelmingly vast majority of the people he’s encountered so far this dreadful evening.

No, his robes are blue.

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Video taken by friend. Posted with permission.

A stray cat I have named Skittles. He strolls around my college campus and will rub himself on anybody. He’s very affectionate and friendly as he loves to be petted and pampered even if you don’t have food on you. I am really tempted to take him home with me. Should I?


Help, I have fallen.


26. thirst logic

Toshinori’s smile is mask and a symbol, an inseparable part of what makes All-Might, All-Might. He puts his smile on like it’s part of his costume.

This kid brandishes it like a weapon.

I got bored and reread Yesterday Upon The Stair by @pitviperofdoom and suddenly I had the burning desire to draw Midoriya ‘I don’t know which is messier, my hair or my life, and at this point I don’t really care’ Izuku as he appears in the fic because I can.

yellow is an odd color. I always thought that I didn’t like it, that it was too obnoxious & happy.
I thought happiness was rainy days & being alone. maybe that was peace, & maybe peace is what I needed. but now I need to be happy, & yellow is happy.
yellow is the panera where I was supposed to have lunch with james, but the poor sleepy thing was 45 minutes late & he wouldn’t let me buy him coffee.
yellow is the binding of the book encouraging me to wander, & I did, around the store, for half an hour.
yellow is dana’s hat as I stood at the counter of the cafe where she works & we talked about how time heals all.
yellow is the lining of the clouds as I looked up at the sky & realized I don’t want to be alone anymore.
yellow is happy, & I like being happy.
—  today was a good day

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