i think it did some permanent damage


a significant amount of ancient civilizations have evolved past what we know today, and live in hidden cities in ancient sites… to protect themselves, there is a perception filter/cloaking field about these places, making it look like there is nothing but ruins and ancient monuments remaining.

Additional: Archaeologists are the BANE of their existence.
Children live in fear of failing out of school and having to become an achaeologist wrangler…
Honestly, where everyone else in the world looks at ruins and goes on their way, archaeologists have this drive to just waltz right the fuck through the perception filter.

Wranglers have to intercept, provide a handful of ‘authentic’ ancient dusty items (they replicated 3 mins before and dunked in dust for that old-timey look), provide a brief distractionary explanation of what the fuck is happening while the mind-wipe techs lock on to the visitor’s biosignature… then help carry them back outside the barrier, and put them in their car or somewhere equally ambiguous, afterwards.

The tracking chip usually alerts them if the archaeologist remembers and comes back, or is just a really persistent pain in the ass. On the fifth incursion event, they just flat-out keep the fuckers; saves on paperwork, and stops permanent memory damage from so many wipes.

They get placed with an amenable, patient family, and integrated into society. Some even end up archaeologist wranglers themselves, in a weird twist of irony.

It’s interesting for everyone.

Stupid Serge pt. 5

I know I’m super late with this (I originally said I wanted to finish this story by Tuesday and it’s now Friday night) but… life happens lol. Anyway, this is the final part. It’s back to Z’s pov again too.

Hope you enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I found it odd that Val had called me given how weird and forced the last conversation back at his apartment was. My guess was that Maks had talked to him like I asked. He had asked me if we could meet up to talk and honestly, after everything that’s happened the last few days I’m starting to think that maybe it would be best for us if we kept our distance permanently. I had hoped that maybe if we gave ourselves some distance for a few months then maybe we could at least reform our friendship sometime in the future. I’m starting to think that that was just me being naïve about the severity of our damaged relationship.

I agreed to meet with Val for one reason. I wanted closure. He said he had some things he needed to get out in the open and I’m hoping they’re answers about why he behaved the way he did after we got engaged. There was a weird tone in his voice, one that I hadn’t heard in a long time. He sounded vulnerable, that alone was enough to intrigue me. I wanted to know what he had to say.


When the day came to meet with Val, I was a bit hesitant. A part of me felt like I needed this last conversation with him but another part of me was scared that it would just result in Val becoming closed off and cold again.

I thought about calling or texting Maks but I know it isn’t fair to continue to put him in the middle of things. He’s already been extremely helpful in getting me to let go of a lot of resentment and guilt. Instead, I decide to be brave and head out to meet Val.


I get to the café where we agreed to meet and I’m immediately anxious. The night I went to the bar to pick Val up I never even had a chance to think about how it was the first time in a months that I had seen Val. I was in such a hurry to get to him that I didn’t think about how monumental that was. However, now that I was here, it hits me.

“Hey! Hi, Z!” He looks anxious. I can see it in his eyes and smile. It’s not a completely genuine smile, I can tell. But it’s also not completely insincere. It’s a smile he painted on in order to hide his other emotions.

“Hey, Val.”

“I just, umm… well first I want to say thank you for meeting with me. I know you’re not my biggest fan, haven’t been for a while.”

I stay quiet. It’s not like I could deny what he was saying.

“Also, I want to say both sorry and thank you for the other night. You were under no obligation to do any of that for me. If it wasn’t for you I probably would have spent the night drunkenly wandering the streets until I either knocked out somewhere or ended up in serious trouble…. Listen Z, I don’t expect you to say anything or forgive me. I just wanted to say thank you and sorry.”

“You’re welcome, Val.” There’s a part of me that wants to break and tell him everything is okay. But there’s also a part of me that knows I need to stay away from him. It’s just that I see the sincerity in his eyes, and it makes me want to let my own guard down.

“I also… I think it’s time I finally let you know why I behaved the way I did, why it all led to the breakup. I didn’t treat you fairly, Z. You never deserved the way I talked to you.”

It’s then that I started to get a bit scared, not over what he might say but because I wasn’t sure I could keep my emotions in check. “Val, I don’t think I can do…”

“No Z, please! Just please let me get this out, okay?”

I hesitate a bit before I agree. “okay.”

“I know I put a lot of pressure on you to get married and that wasn’t fair. I was stubborn about that and as a result I made it seem like you were the one responsible for our relationship falling apart. You weren’t responsible Z; I want you to know that.”

By this point, tears are starting to form and threaten to make their way out. For the first few weeks after we had been broken up I blamed myself for Val leaving. I thought that if maybe I had just agreed to have the wedding sooner rather than later that he would have stayed.

“I need to take responsibility for that because the real reason it didn’t work out was because of me. I was too afraid to open up to you about my insecurities. Z…you—you’re amazing and young and you have your entire life to do amazing things. And I just always thought that someday you would wake up and see that I was just this guy who wasn’t at the same level as you. No matter how old you get, I’m still 10 years older than you and that always scared me. When I proposed, I didn’t want to rush either, but the insecurities just got worse. I know I was being irrational, but at the time I didn’t see it that way. I thought that if we got married then I would feel secure… because you would be my wife.”

This is the first time that I had heard of any of this. Val never once mentioned any of this so I was completely taken aback. “Val, you could have told me this. Your age was never a problem for me and if you would have told me it worried you I would have put it to rest immediately. Val, you were it for me. You were it for me at 20, 21, 22, and at 50 you were still going to be it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“And to think this all could have been avoided.” I say with a bitter, halfhearted chuckle.

“Z… do you think that we could ever get back to at least a friendship?”

“I—I’m not going to lie, I had hoped we could eventually do that. But, after everything that’s happened I don’t think us remaining in contact is a good idea.”


2 years later

“Heeeey, you made it! Welcome!”

“Thanks baby sis!”

“Hi, P!”

“Hey babygirl, how have you been? Where is everyone?”

“I’m good! They’re all in the backyard hanging out. You guys go on in, I’m just getting some snacks to take out for us.”

“Hey Z?”

“Yeah, Alex?”

“Val and Serge want to play some ball, you in?”

“Ehhh, not really in the mood.”

“Aww come on! What’s a game without the Queen?”

“Fine, who’s on my side?”

“The boyfriend, of course!”


It’s been 2 years since Val and I broke off the engagement. When we had last talked, I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea to remain in contact and I truly meant it at the time. That only lasted a month though. I realized it was time to move on, and I wanted to do that by rebuilding my friendship with Val. Before anything else, he was my friend first and I wanted that back. We stayed friends for a year before we started taking things slow. We agreed very early on that we wanted to try counseling. We still go every once in a while, whenever we feel like we’re getting too stuck in our ways. We’re not at the same level of commitment we once were, but neither one of us mind. We don’t need marriage right away; we know that we’re forever.

We’re all sitting around a bonfire in our new backyard, Maks and Peta, Alex, Serge, and Val and I. One of the best feelings in the world is having this again; I had my family back together again.

“Hey Z, aren’t you sooo happy I ditched Val at that bar? If you really think about it, I’m the reason you’re back together.” Serge jokes.

I smile at his lame attempt at a joke, “Whatever, Serge.”

“I’m like… Matchmaker Serge.”

“No, that’s not it. What did you call him that night, Z? Stupid Serge?”

“Oh my God, you remember that?”

“Yeah, I remember parts of the drive to my place.”

Maks speaks up. “Listen, listen. As far as I’m concerned, none of this would have happened if Val wasn’t an idiot. So Serge doesn’t get credit.”

This time it’s Peta who speaks up. “Guys, remember this is all in the past! Now, who’s doing the next beer run?”

“I can’t believe you called me Stupid Serge!”

I laugh. “Fine, I’ll call you Matchmaker Serge from now on! Now, go buy us more beer!”

HtF Shorts: To Beat the Devil

My first Zude ficlet. And my muses immediately went for the weirdest bunny in the litter, of course they did, of course. Set after 310, 311 never happened. So.

Jude finds a way to deal with Oscar. It will hurt.

Leaning against his pillow, Jude looks down at Zero, who’s lying on his side next to him, fast asleep. They didn’t talk much before bed, Jude was still too shaken by the sudden upheaval in their lives and Zero too angry about it to have a proper conversation about their options. 

Options… There are no options. Zero’s leaving LA, and Jude has to stay to protect Lionel from his father. He has to. If he leaves, too, Oscar will destroy Lionel, of that Jude has no doubt. 

Sighing, Jude lifts a hand to touch Zero, maybe stroke his hair, but in the last moment, he changes his mind and instead he rubs his face hard. God, he has to come up with something, some… some way how to fix this mess.

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anonymous asked:

I have a very strange story request for the Jeffy fic party tomorrow. Okay. So. Jeffy and Hammy are in a really idiotic but heated argument and Jeffy is in the middle of eating a bowl of mac n cheese. Hammy eventually, like, uses a flirting line. So Jefferson throws the bowl of mac n cheese at his face.

I could think of no better prompt to start with tonight. We need to kick this off with two Classic Jefferson Traits: macaroni and fighting with Alexander. So, kiddos! HERE WE GOOOOOO!!! <333

“Oh hell no!” Jefferson exclaimed. “You did not just saw what I think you said.”

Jefferson was sitting in the cafeteria with Alexander, Laurens, and Madison. Jefferson and Alex had agreed to meet up during lunchtime that day to discuss some routine debate club stuff, since they were co-presidents of the club. Laurens and Madison were there to make sure their boyfriends left without any permanent damage inflicted by the other.

“He didn’t!” Laurens agreed.

“I probably did,” Alex said with a shrug.

Laurens and Madison both groaned, locking eyes, sharing a moment of solidarity with each other for putting up with their respective boyfriends.

“Penne is a HORRIBLE noodle for mac & cheese, Hamilton. Even a five-year-old would know that,” Jefferson smirked. “Elbow noodles are the only proper mac & cheese noodles.” He shoveled a spoonful of the dish under scrutiny at the moment into his mouth. “Mmm,” he said through his full mouth.

“Did you just call me stupid? I’m not stupid!” Alex shouted, standing up, looking ready to lunge across the table and smack the mac & cheese out of Jefferson’s mouth.

“Woah, babe!” Laurens said, grabbing Alexander by the shoulders and forcing him back down into his seat. “Nobody called you stupid.”

“He indirectly compared me to a five-year-old!” Alex’s voice was at least two octaves higher than normal whenever he was upset. This time it had to be four. Normally Laurens found that adorable, but this time he just sighed.

“Actually, it was pretty directly comparing you to a five-year-old,” Jefferson smirked.

Madison coughed, glaring at Thomas as he did. Alex swore Madison had different quality coughs that he used to communicate with Jefferson.

Alexander took a deep breath, wracking his brain for the perfect comeback. His face lit up as soon as he found it.

“Well, Jefferson,” he said smugly. “I know the real reason you love to fight me so much is because it distracts you from your overwhelming urge to mac out with me.”

There was dead silence for a moment before Laurens and Madison broke out in a laughter mingled with Madison’s coughing. Thomas just glared at Alexander. Alex swore he could see fire smoldering in the other boy’s eyes.

Jefferson sucked in a deep breath. “HAMILTON!” he shouted right before grabbing his bowl of mac & cheese and hurling it at the smaller boy before either of their boyfriends could do a thing to stop it.

The macaroni flew out of the bowl, pelting Alexander all over. The bowl itself landed smack in the center of his chest.

There was silence at the table for a moment. Slowly, Alexander raised his eyes to meet Jefferson’s. “You know, Thomas, if it’d been penne noodles, it would’ve packed more of a punch.”

Madison grabbed Jefferson by the arm right before he leapt over the table at Alex. Laurens tugged on Alex’s sleeve.

“Let’s go,” Laurens said. The two boys ran out of the cafeteria, only stopping once they were far down the hall, finally letting laughter overtake them.

“He tried to elbow his way to the top of that debate,” Alex said between fits of laughter. “It didn’t exactly pan out as he planned.”

Both boys laughed for a good while longer before Laurens finally started picking noodles off of Alex, their leftover giggles floating down the hall and right through the hole of each elbow noodle.

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HI! So a week ago I asked about some fics where stiles had some sort of permanent injury from a fight and Derek takes care of him and stiles feel insecure kinda about whatever it is. But I couldn't find it in the pending asks page. And I also couldn't see find it if it was answered. I think tumble ate it. Thanks :)

It did not get eaten! It just takes a minute to get to them. Thanks for your patience. - Anastasia

Originally posted by megnace

Monster by Moit

(1/1 I 1,443 I Teen)

Stiles is badly scarred on his face and chest after suffering an attack from a manticore. His mate, Derek, fears Stiles is too damaged from the attack for intimacy and doesn’t want to hurt him further, but Stiles interprets Derek’s hesitation as revulsion.

Our Days Are Numbered by tylerfucklin (orphan_account)

(1/1 I 6,445 I Mature)

They didn’t know, not until it was too late. The damage was done; the scars and broken bones made, and the nightmares endless. No amount of corrective surgeries and physical therapy would take away what had happened to Stiles that day.

(they say) this should feel something like fire by pr1nc3ssp34ch

(1/1 I 11,163 I Explicit I MCD)

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip.

“Turn it off.” The pack looked up, stunned into silence by the first words they’d heard from him in weeks.

Stiles stood, trembling - his knees weak. He tried to run and collapsed, his bad leg failing him once again. Derek caught him. “Turn it off,” he said, his voice unmistakably a growl.

The water continued leaking from the loose faucet, and all Stiles heard was Erica’s blood against the concrete. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip.

Not With a Bang, But a Shiver by captaintinymite (augopher)

(11/11 I 51,151 I Explicit)

Eighteen years ago, Earth froze over. You either adapted, or you didn’t survive. A group of nomads arrived at the coast, settling at the small shipyard. A lone barge, laden with containers, sat frozen in port.

They fashioned a functional society at the docks. Survivors came from all over, drawn to the Bear Beacon that burned atop a stack of shipping containers. Everyone did their part to keep it safe. The most skilled went out on the sea ice and sought out seals. The bravest ventured up into the forest to the junction of two frozen rivers. Yet… No one ever crossed that line.

There were stories of men who wore the skins of wolves and preyed on the weak. A young shaman, however, knew the real story. Men didn’t just wear the skins; they were the wolves. If his people didn’t cross into their territory, then they were left alone. Until one day, one pack strayed over the line and attacked first. In a desperate bid to escape, the shaman found he’d stepped over the boundary where he met a young, handsome wolf who had been warned to stay away from humans.

Neither could stay away from the other, and their romance would set in motion events no one could foresee: The thaw.

United We Mend by KouriArashi

(30/30 I 147,363 I Mature)

Sequel to Divided We Stand. Six months have gone by, Stiles is slowly recovering from his injuries, and the Searching Ceremony is about to happen. This time it’s Cora who brings someone home, but he might not be what he seems…

After still failing level 6 heli assaults in my 2nd run, I’m temporarily saying goodbye to 100% completion with my fem!boss. Here’s a compilation of the boss, Johnny and Troy’s comments regarding the boss’ messed up driving (that happened in my game) that synced to produce hilarious banter. Getting these out before making a dude!boss:

~The Boss’ Awful Driving Shenanigans~
*drive recklessly (bouncing up the humps)*
Johnny: Yeah~ I love going out for a drive.
Troy: Can’t we ever get someplace in one piece?
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Please, what did you expect?
Johnny: I missed this in jail.

*run over a person*
Johnny: Ooh! Ouch…got him.
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Didn’t think I had the balls?
Johnny: Yo, let’s back up and hit ‘em again! Hehehe.
Troy: Running people over should be a misdemeanor in Stilwater.

*run over jaywalkers*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Are you crazy or just stupid?
Troy: Don’t worry. It wasn’t your fault.
Johnny: You can do better than that.

*run over jaywalkers*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Quit fucking with me!
Johnny: People just have to stop jumping in the way!
Troy: Hahaha~

*run over cops*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) This just keeps getting better.
Johnny: Yo, you think they saw our faces?
Troy: FUCK! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!

*run over cops*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) I could do this all day.
Johnny: They hate it when you do that.
Troy: I can’t be seen here! Go! Go!

*run over cops*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) We’re cleaning up this city!
Johnny: Ahhh, this is the fucking life.
Troy: Ahhh, this takes me back.

*run over cops*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) I’d start running if I were you.
Johnny: Run 'em off the road!
Troy: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.

*run over people then hit a lightpost*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Too easy!
Johnny: I dunno whose fault that was.
Troy: Don’t worry. It wasn’t your fault.

*run over people then hit a wall*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) It’s always something.
Troy: You never could drive.
Johnny: I think that coma did some permanent damage.

*run over people…and hit other stuff*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) You like how I did that?
Johnny: You’re fucking crazy! I love it~
Troy: Ahhh, some things never change.

*run over people…and hit other stuff*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Let’s have some fun!
Troy: Trying to get me killed?
Johnny: You’re gonna get us both killed!
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) *cackles*

*hit parked cars*
Troy: Try to be more careful.
Boss Alexa:  (female voice 1) I was waiting for a fight.
Johnny: Yo man, I’m not paying for that.

*hit parked cars*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Damn, that felt good!
Johnny: I’m not saying anything.
Troy: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.

*hit a moving car while peppering a target car with bullets*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Let’s get to work.
Troy: Police business! Outta the way!
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Kill everyone!
Johnny: I like the way you work.

*a car repeatedly hits the boss’ car instead*
Johnny: Thanks a lot, asshole.
Troy: Watch where you’re driving.
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Someone’s waiting to get shot.
Johnny: Ooh! Ooh! Want me to shoot him?

(my personal fave)
*run over people*
Boss Alexa: (female voice 1) Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.
Troy: You gotta be kidding me.

Part 13 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga continues

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Hey, you’re awake again.

You disappeared on me.

I know. Don’t worry. I am still here. I tucked you in about two hours ago. Can’t sleep so I am just reading in bed. Did you need anything? Can I get you a glass of water? Are you warm enough?

No, no. Stay in bed where it’s warm. I’m fine. Your couch is taking good care of me.



My couch. Her name is Sarah.

Sarah the couch?

Lol, yes. I name a lot of my belongings. Holly, why are you revealing this?

Beats me. You’re weird.

So I’ve heard. :S

Sarah will be the first woman I will have ever slept with.

Ha. I feel like I should inform you that she is a big fat cheater.

Well we are like two peas in a pod then.

Sorry if I drooled on you earlier. Let me know if you need anything dry cleaned.

Don’t worry, my sweater survived. My hand however is a little worse for wear.

That’s embarrassing. I’m sorry, I didn’t realise I had latched on. I must be a lot stronger than I look.

It’s ok, nothing a few painkillers didn’t fix. Jk. I think your meds kicked in again pretty quickly after we left the hospital. You didn’t even make it through 5 minutes of the movie.

Lol, what were we watching again? And did I cause any permanent damage?

Sound of Music. There are some bruised bones but I won’t bore you with the details of which ones, seeing as there are so many.

How very thoughtful of you and let me guess, I was talking about My Favourite Things?

You were singing about it actually (rather beautifully I might add) but just about one “thing”

Well going by what I had been writing to you about during my last high at the hospital, which I have just read back (omg they should write books about us), I bet I can guess what that one thing is.

I am a lot of things but never have I been someone’s favourite.

I think that’s incredibly sad and untrue. I think you’d be everybody’s favourite once they got past the initial urge to want to pull their own hair out from all the mindless babbling.

You are very sweet.

That’s why the ‘rents named me Gail Sweet Peck.

You sure your middle name isn’t Liar?

No comment.

So why can’t you sleep? You’re not worried about me are you?

I’m that transparent?

The doc said I’d be perfectly fine.




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HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! and Welcome to the Addams Family AU! 

Some Interesting Notes about this AU:

  • Yes McGucket live with them. He lives in the attic and builds interesting contraptions and monsters. He still doesn’t remember anything. 
  • Ford managed to find a way to communicate through his computers in the basement and got a hold of Stanley (probably after 15-20 years) to warn him NOT TO TURN ON THE MACHINE! and I’M FINE and I AM FINDING A WAY HOME DON’T DO ANYTHING DUMB.
  • Stan couldn’t keep away from Dipper and Mabel being born, upon seeing Stan’ford’ for the first time in…well really ever Shermie sees he doesn’t have six fingers and confronts him. Stanley reluctantly tells him everything and, Dad Pines (over hearing) insists that they all go to help. hence Stanley somehow ended up with not just Stanford downstairs yelling at him through a computer screen, Soos helping out around the place, and McGuckt living secretly in the attic, but he ALSO ended up with the newly married Mom and Dad Pines  with newly born Dipper and Mabel along with Shermie who had nowhere else to go really.
  • Stan was very very lucky the shack was ridiculously large really. he really really was.

Anyway! Short story under the cut based on the first episode of the Addams Family. 

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