i think it built up over the last seven years

Too many possible jokes here. Phallic architecture is nothing new, but this is a “pleasure tower.” Ribbed… Okay, but look at how ridiculous a plan this is. This is the vanity of modern building and car culture right here. “Yeah so we’re going erect this big concrete thing that’ll be twice as high as the Empire State Building. And people won’t ride glass elevators to the top or anything like that; they’ll drive up a long, terrifying ramp to a parking garage. How fun!” This was taken seriously. But did they actually think they’d be able to look down at virtually the whole continent from this thing? (Also, the illustrator had kind of a silly idea of where Spain should be located on a map.)

What a horrible idea. Last year I parked in a garage with a spiral ramp a little like this one but it went up only seven levels or so, and even that was a hell-ride, not a “pleasure tower.” In the picture that’s supposed to make this look like a great idea, the cars are about an inch from going over the edge! This was never built, of course—nowadays it probably would be—but was designed by Eugène Freyssinet for the 1937 World Fair in Paris, and this page was reprinted from Modern Mechanix magazine in the book Wasn’t the Future Wonderful?.