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As they journey through the forest, Phil will not stop talking, but Dan doesn’t mind.

 (Phan elf au made by @incaseyouart )

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Hiding Tom au!

- Demons are not welcome on earth, and when they are seen on earth they are usually attacked or quarantined. People fear them and do not want them there.
- One day Star and Marco had plans to hang out but she cancelled. So Marco goes out alone.
- Marco is really bored and he ends up hanging out in the park.
- Marco keeps noticing weird stuff going on. Like his backpack moving across the bench and things getting thrown at his head.
- Marco gets tired of walking and decides to go home. But on his way home more wired stuff is happening, and once it starts to get dark he hears footsteps following him.
- He pretends not to hear, but once they get closer he turns around and karate chops the culprit.
- Marco excepts it to be a mugger but he sees this three eyed purple child in the ground and Marco’s like “what the hell”
- It turns out he’s a demon, Tom, who’s been following him all day and messing with him. Marco gets freaked out and goes to leave but sees Tom is hiding from humans in an alleyway.
- A group of men are freaking out because they thought they saw a demon and Tom is running trying to hide from them.
- It turns out Tom was stranded on Earth and he’s sick, too sick to be able to portal him.
- Marco, being a sweetheart, feels too guilty to leave him and brings him home to give him a place to stay

listen, I love jikook as much as the next guy but #제이꾹 is just J-kkook and the J stands for the Jung in jungkook. y'all know how the members are always finding new abbreviations and hashtags for each other. It’s just jimin making a new # for him. Not a new ship name for jikook. I know we’re always thirsty but Y'ALL NEED TO CHILLLLLLLLLL

kamira-oneesan  asked:

Wait. You like "trash" characters? lol, can we get an example? I'm really curious otl



Full names list!

I’ve finally thought of full names for all of my OCs by far! Here’s the list:

Moonlight Wishes Full names:

Elora Wakanda
Zephyr Saehrimnir
Rowena Tenanye
Saphira Muirgen
Glaciera Muirgen
Primrose Arethusa
Alverdine Melia
Polaris Amaterasu
Bedilia Amaterasu
Hulda Orpheus
Sakari Melosa
Galena Bernardea
Seraphine Concordia
Horatia Athaiah
Fauna Amaterasu
Kendra Wakanda
Arian Wakanda
Nirvana Spiridon
Flammetta Amaterasu
Aquilos Fontayne
Senka Bezaleel
Sonata Lyrica
Hope Speranza
Pallando Bayard
Durmada Spiridon
Maya Spiridon
Husk Orpheus

No last names:


                           I’ve seen Deku do this, && I thought it was a splendid idea! So this is gonna be a little random burst of positivity for some of my mutuals!!!

 you are a gigantic sweetheart. your writing betters a lot of the novels I’ve had to sit through for college. i admire how you truly stick to your character no matter what. it’s something that a lot of people with ocs struggle with. including myself. you’re always there to talk to me when i’m upset. and??? you’re so fuckin cool, anya!!!

@embersiisms between the memes && the angst, you’re one of my favorite people to talk to. we haven’t been talking as often. but i hope you know i still adore u sm viu! you are so original in everything you do. i strive to b more like you in how free spirited you are. not to mention your art && cosplay is fucking cool af!!!

@zephyrdreaming DEKU DEKU DEKU <3 i adore talking to you sm && seeing you on dash. sometime’s i wonder why u put up w me and my garbage self- okay, but your characters always a breath of fresh air. something a lot of people struggle with, including myself, is making sure ocs have their differences in behavior without shoving them into a category. each one is a very real personality. you are a sweetheart ooc and always make me feel warm. thank you for adding me in your ooc appreciation post too. it’s only right i return the notion.

@portalipsis we’ve only been talking recently, but i assure you that you’re someone that’s gotten a sweet place in my heart. our ideas bounce off each other so naturally. i never get tired of reading your replies. i’m sorry i’ve been a bit of a slow bug w responses but i assure you i’m always like !!!! waiting to reply. talking w you is kinda like talking to someone I’ve already been friends w for 5 months. it’s really tight. 

@sanctuary-in-dreams my dear! i need to send you some asks or something. you always make me feel like sunshine when i see you in my inbox. you are sugar sweet rhough && through. i know my energeticness can be a bit much! but you still make a point to not make me feel like i’m annoying. it means a lot to me. i love our angst && shenangians. always will.

@regalius BOI. your writing legit inspires me. no matter what muse you’re writing as, i can always hear your characters voices in your responses. a lot of people can’t do that. it’s a challenge to accomplish as an author. i always enjoy plotting w you. i think it’d be impossible by all laws of nature for you to be boring. i’m always so interested in what you write or say! not to mention, you’re an absolute sweetheart. 

@juudaims now, it didn’t seem right not mentioning my friend of almost 2 years. it’s been such a long time now that we’ve been attacking each other w angst. you always keep it real && i love it. even if your memes are trash tier. sry : ////
nah!!! but your writing && characterization is very colorful. you take on characters with various levels to them && you always do them justice. ily val!!! 

my experiences with overwatch characters
  • genji: despite all the 'i need healing' memes, they're usually pretty nice. they know the entire team is watching and waiting for them to crash and burn
  • mccree: either spawn from hell or just here to have a good time (usually the latter). will probably try to say hi at the enemy spawn
  • pharah: very friendly. will almost never get their ult to go off but won't be salty about it. thanks healthpacks
  • reaper: KINKY. either cursed as shit or will say hello to anything and everything. anyone that mains reaper has dreamt of him crushing their head between his monster thighs
  • solider 76: VANILLA. it's okay though, most people want to fuck him but can't explain it
  • sombra: definitely only here to have a good time since she's basically useless until the devs give her a monster buff. if the player spams the boop voiceline you will hear that noise in your nightmares forever
  • tracer: very high chance they're gay. very high chance one of the enemy team will switch to tracer because they're annoying
  • ana: absolute sweethearts who will risk life and her other eye to keep you alive. secretly enjoys watching the person she's nanoboosted lose their fucking mind trying to make the most of it though
  • lúcio: again, really sweet. unless they're on ilios in which case he's public enemy number one and even if he's on your team you shoudn't trust him
  • mercy: probably picked healer because everyone else picked genji and hanzo. alternatively, a masochist. if the pistol is used a lot they probably mained medic in TF2 and don't fear god or death
  • zenyatta: most likely play competitive too much. another top tier picks for gays but they probably have clinical depression
  • symmetra: [flicking teleporter on and off] welcome to my reality welcome to my reality
  • reinhardt: in the top three most likely to say hi in spawn. please get behind him
  • roadhog: this one is skin dependent. normal roadhogs are like your weird uncle but roadhogs with the islander or junkenstein's monster skin are maniacs and will hook your entire ancestral line across the map
  • winston: i've only ever seen like three. cryptids
  • zarya: tied with tracer and zenyatta as a pick for gays. a good zarya will take your bullets and shove them back up your ass at mach-1 speed
  • d.va: the chaotic good of the universe. probably has play of the game before the match has even started
  • bastion: probably tried to play bastion in competitive once and that was enough. anyone that places him on that elevator thing in hollywood is a scorpio
  • hanzo: they take skirmish way too seriously
  • junkrat: THE CHAOTIC EVIL TO D.VA'S CHAOTIC GOOD. the sound of a riptire is actually an effective tactic to kill the enemy team irl because half of them will have a stroke out of stress
  • torbjörn: lava eating machine. all of them are cursed and i'm personally afraid of him
  • widowmaker: 57 shots, 1 kill. if they're using the odile skin they're probably a straight male
  • mei: fuck you to hell

kageyama bros fight!

Why? Does he look more like a “Totalitarian Regime” to you?