i think ino was in kakashi's

so what’s about my otps-

everything is fine about my otps 

absolutely perfectly fine

my children are alive and together

they are..h-happy!

i love them and a little bit dying inside

(fuck you kisimoto)

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which naruto characters love the Harry Potter movies? (ps. I love your acc!!)

  • Naruto and Kiba both totally don’t understand them that well, but have still seen every one of them. they’re asking you every two minutes to explain who is Sirius Black or something, but they are totally in on the action. 
  • Tenten is a total Potterhead and proudly wears her Huffelpuff scarf
  • Iruka thinks they’re pretty nice “for kid’s movies.” Kakashi slept through all of them. 
  • Gai is trying to start a qudditch team, luna is his fav
  • Shino prefers the books
  • Karui and Ino stood in line for hours to see it first 
  • Shikamaru always comments about the stupid things Harry does
  • Gaara is one of those late in life watchers, i swear it’s like he’s been living under a rock


but we’ve seen that Kakashi and Sakura have same-track minds and can tell what the other is thinking. Blessed. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up encountering each other around town by accident a lot because they think and do similar things.

Like one day they both go to the grocery store and find each other in the produce isle and they’ve got the same foods in their basket, or a movie is playing that they both like and Sakura makes Ino go with her and Kakashi makes Guy go with him and they both just end up watching it together instead and just

They’re perfect. Guys. They’re perfect.

so i drew this for Kiba and now Ino idk. I think I’m gonna do one for my fave characters. Shikamaru, Temari, and Sakura are probably next then. Kakashi is also my fave, but I don’t think I’m gonna draw one for him. I will DEFINITELY do one for Naruto… he’s fave by default haha.

idk I just like drawing the different ages and character designs next to each other. It’s fun :D

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So if Shikako is Iron Man, does that make lost-everyone -around -him Sasuke into Captain America? Or mystical-family-power Thor? RAGEKyuubi mode is the Hulk? Oh! Not-worthy-of-heirloom-weapon is Kakashi isn't it?? (I know it wasnt supposed to be a one to one comparison but still).

Hm, I hadn’t really thought it all the way through but let’s see:

Ibiki is definitely the Nick Fury equivalent (with Aoba and Anko as the Phil Coulson and Maria Hill equivalents).

Ino is probably the Black Widow equivalent–I’m thinking her codename is either Belladonna or Aconite or Oleander (very poisonous, but very pretty flowers).

I was actually thinking Sakura would be the Thor equivalent–in the original comics form? Where Thor-the-hero wasn’t the literal Norse god, but someone who had received Thor’s powers by being worthy of wielding Mjolnir. In this case, Sakura has received Tsunade’s powers by wielding… I don’t know, powerful gloves? (I think the Sannin are the actual ancient alien deities.)

And while RAGE!Kyuubi-fied Naruto would be an admittedly great Hulk, I was leaning more towards him being Captain America. Or… Captain Uzushio? And then have Sasuke be Winter Soldier… Sharingan Soldier? The story line for them aren’t nearly as perfect a match as Shikako as Iron Hart, but it does put Danzo in the excellent position of Hydra leader so…

I don’t think Kakashi is an Avenger. The point of it was to have the Konoha Twelve be the Avengers (and the Akatsuki be the Young Avengers/Big Hero 6), and Kakashi wouldn’t really fit that dynamic? Unless…

Is Kakashi Deadpool?

… no, wait… um… probably he’s more like Wolverine–old and immortal and tired of everything, but goddamnit he will adopt all the angry children. All of them.

round table discussions
  • Sasuke: I'm going to ask Sakura to marry me.
  • Naruto: Oh my god. Finally. Wait, I'll be right back.
  • --
  • Naruto: Sasuke is going to propose to Sakura.
  • Kakashi: What?! He didn't tell me this.
  • Sai: That's wonderful. I can see how happy she is each time she is around him.
  • Ino: As sad as it is to lose to my rival...as Sakura's best friend, I can't think of anyone else for Sakura besides Sasuke.
  • Tsunade: I don't care. I'm not giving my precious apprentice to him that easily.
  • Lee: How about me, Tsunade-sama?
  • Hinata: I am rooting for Sakura-san 100%. I believe that Sasuke loves her as much as she loves him.
  • Gaara: Sakura did jump out to stop me and even risk her life for him.
  • Kankuro: She saved my life from that poison. She deserves the best. I'm not sure if that someone is Sasuke.
  • Lee: Maybe someone who embodies youth?
  • Shikamaru: Sakura's a smart girl. She'll be able to figure out for herself if Sasuke is the one.
  • Kakashi: Why did Sasuke only tell Naruto and not me as well? I was their biggest shipper.
  • Chouji: If the man cooks meat for his woman, he's a keeper.
  • Kiba: She went to great lengths to save Sasuke. Even knocked me out with smoke bombs.
  • Shizune: Sakura cried so much for him. If he hurts her, I'll never admit him to the hospital.
  • Shino: Seeing how much Ino cried over Sasuke, I can only imagine how much pain Sakura went through over him.
  • Kakashi: Do you think Sakura will tell me first about her engagement?
  • Ino: No, I think she'll tell me first.
  • Lee: Sakura-san might still realize that she actually loves someone in green spandex.
  • Tenten: You should give up Lee.
  • Pakkun: Sasuke was really worried about the girl when he caught her from the crumbling sand.
  • Kakashi: I should at least be the second person.
  • Tsunade: Nah, that's probably me.
  • Kakashi: Oh, come on! I was her sensei!
  • Tsunade: I was her shishou.
  • Kakashi: I knew her first.
  • Yamato: Senpai...
  • Lee: I can't give up on Sakura-san! I'm going to propose to her first!
  • Everyone: Wait! Lee!
Sai's Social Skills
  • Sai: Kakashi-Sensei, I'm trying to become more familiar with the whole 'entertaining friends' thing. Think you could help Me?
  • Kakashi: Well, you can borrow this book I have here-
  • Sai: Is it Icha Icha? Because Ino said I shouldn't borrow those from you anymore.
  • Kakashi: W-What? Er...no, this is just a book with jokes in it.
  • Sai: oh okay, thanks! I shall read through it and test it out!
  • -----
  • Shikamaru: Hurry UP Naruto we'll be late to YOUR anniversary dinner!
  • Naruto: I had to get my Hime a gift, after all!
  • Shikamaru: Well come ON the food will get cold!
  • Naruto: I'm COMING I'm COMING!
  • Sai: *pokes head through door* That's what he said! ^.^.
  • Naruto: ...
  • Shikamaru: ...
  • Sai: ^.^
  • -----
  • Sakura: Sasuke-Kun have you still not put up the sign?
  • Sasuke: Gah- I can't get it up!
  • Sai: *runs by* That's what He said!
  • Sakura: O.o
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sai: ...:D
  • ------
  • Ino: Sai, has something been bothering you recently?
  • Sai: No, why?
  • Ino: Well many of our friends have been talking to me-
  • Sai: yes?
  • Ino: and it seems you've been giving them a hard time-
  • Sai: Ha! That's what SHE said!
  • Ino: ...
  • Sai: ^w^
  • Ino: ... What kind of book did Kakashi-Sensei give you this time...?
  • Sai: 😅
Guessing next Shippuden episodes

We’ve confirmed:

- Naruto / Hinata (+ Neji)
- Sasuke / Sakura (+ Itachi)

What I expect next:

- Kakashi / Gai
- Rock Lee / TenTen
- Shikamaru / Temari (+ Chouji)
- Sai / Ino (+ Sai’s brother)
- Shino / Kiba (+ Akamaru)

What do you think? Do you imagine any other titles?

Imagine we all magically appear in Naruto land. Let’s say, for shits and giggles, that the current Hokage is Kakashi. After some confusion, I explain we’re all from a different dimension where they are all characters in a show.

“Would you be willing to allow us to look at your mind to verify this?” Kakashi asks.

“Of course,” I respond, thinking what could possibly go wrong? A Yamanaka approaches me. “Oh no,” I think, realizing just how wrong this is going to go.

A moment later, she finishes. “What did you see, Ino?” Kakashi asks as I keep a 100% straight face and stare into the distance.

“Well, sir, she’s telling the truth, but I’d recommend you not be left alone in a room with this one.”

Despite my best efforts, I smirk.

  • Sakura: Sasuke and I are off to our honeymoon now! What souvenirs would you like us to bring back?
  • Naruto: Ooh! Ramen! The specialty flavor! They have three kinds so get all three!
  • Ino: Some scented candles would be nice. The floral scents please!
  • Sai: I read from a book that they have a small art store with some beautiful brushes.
  • Sakura: Okay, and Kakashi?
  • Kakashi: *motions to Sasuke and whispers into his ear*
  • Sasuke: ...
  • --
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun, we didn't buy anything for Kakashi-sensei. Wouldn't he be upset?
  • Sasuke: Don't worry. I think he will probably be the happiest out of all four of them.
  • --
  • 9 months later...
  • Sasuke: Here's your souvenir.
  • Kakashi: *twinkling eyes* SARADA-CHAN!

the answer’s always yes i want to @tsukuyolo

Name: katherine

Nickname: katie

Zodiac: gemini

Height: 5′1″


Nationality: american

Fave season: fall

Fave Book: harry potter. always.

Fave flower: sunflowers! and tiger lilies

Fave scent: the air before it rains & the dirt after it rains

Fave color: red

Fave animal: ferrets :))

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: HOT COCOAAA i hate coffee lol

Average sleep hours: usually either 4 or 12, depending on the day

Cat or dog person: i love both equally :)

Favorite Fictional Character(s): genma, kakashi, yamato, gaara, sakura, ino, tenten (non-naruto: jon snow, sansa mufuckkinn stark, steve rogers)

Number of blankets I sleep with: uno

Dream Trip: absolutely anywhere

Blog Created: i created this blog in february i think? but i’ve been on tumblr since 2012 :)

Number of Followers: 47

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Hokage Kiba’s ‘National Dog Day’

Requested by anon!

If Kiba were the Hokage, how would characters react to a ‘National Dog Day’?

1. Kakashi

Kakashi: “Yes.”

Kakashi: “Finally a holiday I can agree with.”

Kakashi: “I support this 110% why didn’t I think of this.”

2. Hinata

Hinata: “Well…..I like dogs but….”

Hinata: “Kiba don’t you think it’s a bit much letting every single dog in the village do whatever they like?”

Hinata: “They keep terrorizing shop keepers.”

3. Ino

Ino: “You’re damn right they do! They keep rolling all over my goddamn flowers!”

Ino: “But….I can’t scold them. I just can’t.”

Ino: “Look at that ADORABLE face!!”

4. Tsume

Tsume: “THAT’S MY BOY!”

Tsume: “Damn straight you make a holiday dedicated to all the beautiful dogs in our village.”

Tsume: “I’m almost tempted to run around wild with them….but my back would probably give in.”

5. Shino

Shino: “Kiba. Your dogs are trampling over my bugs.”

Shino: “……”

Shino: “I guess no one really cares.”

6. Tamaki

Tamaki: “Look hun I know you were super excited about making this holiday and all…”

Tamaki: “But your dogs are making all the cats go crazy.”

Tamaki: “Akamaru seems to think I am also a cat….could you call him off so I can get down from this tree?!”

7. Naruto

Naruto: “You know….if I was Hokage I could have made a National Dog Day.”

Naruto: “Or at least taken it into account.”

Naruto: “Please let me be the Hokage next I promise I’ll keep Dog Day.”

8. Tsunade

Tsunade: “As soon as I leave it all turns to chaos.”

Tsunade: “Did you really think having 100 dogs running around the village was a good idea.”

Tsunade: “Did you really think so?”

9. Shiromaru

Shiromaru: “Usually I wouldn’t partake in such a celebration but…”


Shiromaru: “I mean uh….talk to them. Aggressively.”

10. Akamaru

Kiba: “So do you like this holiday boy?!”

Akamaru: “ARF!” [”FUCK YEAH I DO!”]

Kiba: “I thought you might. I did it for you after all!”


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I like sasusaku,and I know they make complete sense.But sometimes I wish sakura got over him and met someone else.I don't think sasukes bad for her or anything but its so sad that he was gone for like seven years.Imagine how lonely she'd be.

So Sakura’s happiness is all you care about?

Sakura had Sarada, and Naruto, and Ino, and Kakashi, and Hinata, and literally everyone else in the village, and you’re upset about how lonely she’d be? Sasuke’s the one who would have been lonely, not Sakura; Sasuke had absolutely no one. But he endured for the sake of his family, the village and the future of every shinobi nation.

It’s as if people think that Sasuke’s made of stone or something. He has feelings and emotions too you know? He’s not the same person drowning in darkness and hatred that he once was.

Any writers out there?

For SasuNaru????

If so I have a fic idea!

I’m going to write it too (in the process of writing it right now) but I wanna see how other people write it!

So Sasuke and Kakashi have to go on a mission but Sasuke gets cursed by an old woman. She says ‘Whoever your soulmate is - they will not be able to say your name’. Sasuke doesn’t think anything of it but Kakashi tells Sakura about it who tells Ino, etc. Soon everyone knows Sasuke has been cursed. Sasuke thinks the whole thing is a lie (after all everyone can say his name properly).

And one no one has ANY problem saying his name. His fanclub, random girls, random guys, nothing. So Saskue think the whole thing is a big plot just to mess with him. Everyone is together and Sasuke’s curse is the main topic and he gets annoyed until Naruto comes around. He wonders what everyone is talking about and Sakura is explaining it to him.

She says, “Sasuke’s name is cursed!” Because she thinks she doesn’t have to give Naruto the details.’

Naruto just laughs and says, “Yeah?? Okay who the hell would put a curse on Sasu - *hic*”

At this point everyone is staring at him and Naruto is starting to blush. “Okay…that was weird… Sasu - *hic*”

“Oy, dobe I know you know how to say my name!” Sasuke says though he’s starting to get a little red in the face.

“S-shut up teme! I can say your name no problem its Sasu - *hic*! What the FUCK!?!?” Naruto screams. Because really why was he having trouble with saying Sasuke’s name???

Saskue is staring at Naruto, dumb founded. Meanwhile everyone else is like ‘I should have seen this coming.’


If anyone writes this, can you link me???

Rewatching Naruto: Thoughts on Squad 7 (Mostly Sakura)

I was in the camp of people who didn’t like Sakura, I’ll be honest.

In fact, I still kind of am.

But it’s because I think she had a lot of wasted potential, and here’s why:

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I’m watching Naruto CHUUNIN exam and dude, without doubts, that was, by far, the BEST ARC EVER OF ALL NARUTO/ SHIPPUUDEN!!!!!!

I’m imagining now the NEW generation. When the Hokage appears I imagine Tsunade, Kakashi and Naruto as Hokages appear.

In Iruka’s place at the end of the second exam I imagine Shino,

In Ibiki’s place at the FIRST EXAM I imagine Ino Yamanaka (because she is now the header of the torture group, isnt she? Well, she sounds like she’d get along just fine)

And dude. Is like I am watching a ALL new Arc. I think for a future plan Masashi MUST do the CHUUNIN EXAM for the new Naruto Generation! IT MUST Happen!


And he gets turned on by accident and forgets to tell them to keep the noise down bc hes enjoying sakura and then the real strippers come and it gets awkward

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Hy madara-san. I just wanna say,that I totally love your blog and the Passion with that you always defend SasuSaku,Sasuke,Sakura,the sss family and all the other characters. I want to ask you, what do you think how Naruto,Kakashi (and Ino) reacted, as Sasuke and Sakura came back from their travels with a little baby Sarada?

It’s been my pleasure Lilly :)

As for how I feel those three reacted to seeing Sarada for the first time:


For imagining the scene when Sasuke finally started to reciprocate Sakura’s affections.


For being angry that Sakura didn’t fill her in on all the gossip and details of their trip.


For being devastated that he missed his OTP getting jiggy ^_^