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Must • Shawn Mendes

A/N: hey hey, this is the third and final part of ‘Want’!

Thank you for all of the kind ass messages you’ve sent me about this mini series? I guess thats what it is. This part isn’t smut, unlike the other two (sadly) this is more or less just a tie up of events of the previous part. Thank you and enjoy! And feedback is always lovely! ( I also think I made Manuel kind of menacing at the end??? i dont know, i’ve never written father son relationships)

hey @bangtanboysarianagrande i wrote part three!

Warnings: mention of smut


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She’s still sitting on the counter.

She’s semi dressed - still bottomless and naked from the waist down - and she’s laughing, giggling as if being caught fooling around in his parents bathroom is the funniest thing in the world.

The laugh is half innocent half exhausted and he knows, knows that she’s just nervous. Knows that no matter how dirty she can be - is or was - how filthy she becomes when he’s with her, deep down inside she’s riddled with anxiety, and that’s exactly what she is now - nervous.

“Come on baby, we gotta go” Shawn says, shuffling up his jeans and grabbing her own pair off of the laminate.

Her underwear is around her ankles and she’s trying (as hard as one can when giggling ferociously on a bathroom counter) to wiggle her underwear back around her hips.

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Sorry I had to leave for like a month…

I may hate them, but exams come first…

But I’m finally done with all my damn exams!! 

I think I did decently in them all…hopefully…

But now that they’re done, I have nothing to do till September so I’m back on tumblr!!

Uh…no new fics for just a few days…

I need to go through my tags for the past month and just favourite those fics so I can read them later…

And I also wanna get watching season 12, cos I know it’s finished and I can now finally watch it!! 

But yea!! I’m back!! Imma answer the few asks I’ve gotten in my inbox since I’ve been gone and then everything will be normal once again…

But yea!!


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Im so confused about Erwin

Gotta give a bit of a warning, following is gonna contain Manga spoilers. 

I just can’t tell what I think about Erwin though. My best friend and his girlfriend just finished season 2 and I was like “oh hey imma go and watch episode 37 again.”. 

And like, I just don’t know. All these years I haven’t even tried thinking about that because I didn’t really care much for the veterans cuz, Jean was my child. But now, having caught up with the manga, and also season 2 I just don’t know. 

My first impression of Erwin was like “Well, he’s pretty much your typical commander, looking pretty cool, but there isn’t really much to him.”. Then I watched the Levi OVA, and will admit, I didnt pay much attention to what happened after Levi went rampage mode, so I didn’t really know what Erwin actually did. 

Now when season 2 started airing, nothing really changed about what I was thinking, Levi was still kinda uninteresting to me as much as Erwin. Until Erwin got a tiny bit of action and character development. That’s kinda where I was like “Damn, Erwin finally in action, maybe he isn’t as boring as I thought he is.” Lasted exactly until Hanji and Connie tell Erwin and Levi about the possibility of Titans being actually humans. 

While Levi FINALLY shows that he basically cares for everyone, not only his comrades, realising and feeling kinda bad for killing all these people. Erwin sits there, with this massive creep smile only caring about getting a step closer to the truth. 

Eventually, we get to know about his intentions and his past and goal etc, and I was like “Well fuck this, how selfish is this motherfucker”, rethinking it, that’s dumb and shouldnt really matter, his goal was still a thing the Survey Corps and humanity had in common with him. But somehow, he still did it for himself and well, maybe his father and his own justice, not even knowing what he’s gonna do when he reaches his goal. 

When Levi actually asks him, what Erwin’s gonna do after he has seen the basement, he just says “I don’t know”. Just “I don’t know”. There is no “I will continue leading mankind to victory.”, I mean that’s kinda where he realises himself, that he’s been a massive fucking asshole, leading all these people into death for his own good. I mean, realising your mistakes is a really nice thing, and I love when those moments happen. But thinking about it, he just realised it, knowing, he will die today. Would he have ever come to realise this if he wasn’t about to die? I JUST DONT FUCKING KNOW THIS MAN CONFUSES ME 

Each time, Erwin does something, that makes me really happy and think he’s cool as fuck, he follows with something that makes me wanna strangle him. 

falafeless  asked:

Si vous avez du temps, pourriez-vous m'expliquer la nuance effectuée en employant le mot "là" à la fin d'une phrase, comme se voit le mot dans la phrase que vous avez écrite : "Je suis venu ici pour passer un bon moment et honnêtement, vous me cassez les couilles là." Je vois cet emploi de "là" uniquement en langage familier et peut-être dans les phrases qui expriment l'agacement et la colère. Elle se montre aussi souvent appariée avec un pronom superflu.

“Là” en slang, c'est une façon d'intensifier le sentiment que tu exprimes, qu'il soit bon ou mauvais d'ailleurs. Après, c'est du slang donc c'est dur de lui donner un équivalent précis. Ca marche comme une onomatopée sans sens précis, c'est juste un indicateur d'intensité ou d'importance. 

On a vraiment foiré
We failed so hard omg.

Je t'aime trop là.
I love you so much right now.  

T'as dépassé les bornes là, je ne te ferai plus jamais confiance. 
You stepped over the damn line, I won’t ever trust you again.

Tu te prends pour qui, tu fais des excuses et tu te casses.
Who the fuck do you think you are, apologize and go the fuck away. 

J'vais encore pleurer comme une merde si tu me forces à regarder The Notebook. 
Imma fucking cry again if you force me to watch The Notebook. 

J'espère que tu comprends mieux. 

Thank you, Mark.

Also, thank you to everyone who stayed up until the end of the livestream. I havent had proper sleep yet and I stayed up until 2am just to watch Mark’s stream and it’s now 12:45pm so I havent slept for almost half a day, but it was worth it.

I may have not won an iPod from Mark but I think a lot more people deserved it than I do. Plus, it was a fair choice.

I think I just slept for like an hour (7-8am, my time. Which is 5-6pm, Mark’s time) I took a nap while the stream was still going on.

The best part about this stream was that Mark ate me in Agar.io…TWICE! He also called me a butthole hahaha, that was so fun!

I also couldn’t wait to see Mark dying his hair pink and Jack dying his hair green. (Plot twist: they’re the real life Cosmo and Wanda)

I also enjoyed that short conversation of Mark and Jack on Skype. Aaanndddd, Mark ruined his and everyone’s Skype. That was so funny!

And the rage moments of Mark, I seriously didn’t know what to feel, should I laugh or should I be scared? Who the fuck knows.

I think this was the best livestream I have ever watched. It gets better and better everytime he does one. So, this one was the best…so far…until the next livestream.

I’m just so happy right now, thanks to Mark. I may have missed an hour of the livestream while he was playing Yoshi’s Island, it was still fun! And staying up for the livestream for a great cause was more important than winning an iPod. Congrats to all who won though :D

I’m saying the same stuff over and over again, so imma just leave it here. Thank you Mark for this amazing livestream. You made me smile and laugh even though I havent had any sleep for almost 12 hours. Again, IM SO HAPPY! I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you and I love you ❤️

Looking forward to the next livestream :)

hey y'all. listen. imma take a couple of days off because i need to sort my sh*t out (if y'all watched my snapchat story you’ll understand). wasn’t my plan for this to go down because i love spending my birthday on here but idk depends how many days I think I’ll need to be alright again. ill try and set up a queue tomorrow but if i don’t get around to doing that then you’ll just have to go with the content that’s already on my blog. the anon button will be back on tomorrow. sorry for the inconvenience. i have a lot going on right now. hope y'all can understand. stay safe and keep strong xo.