i think im the only one who likes this gif

excuse my ugly ass gif i made in 10 minutes… but anyways! i finally hit my kind of a goal so thanks to everyone who follows me when im so boring… and thanks to all my beautiful mutuals i love yall so much… so lets get to the business now

special mentions:
- @aikrops: do you even still use this blog… idc tho you’ll see this eventually but im so emo about us not really talking anymore if you hate me or something now this is gonna be aw kwa rd,,, but i lov you you’re my baby forever the jack to my rose
- @gfriendvevo: binch… honestly you’re my fave my child my pissy baby… you’re the only one person ever who i always feel like they want to talk to me and i dont piss them off so im never gonna leave you alone :-) sorey
- @softyul: NEHA MY SWEETEST PRETTIEST CHILD honestly i love you so much just seeing you on my dash makes me so happy and if you ever sad just think about how much i lov you and like. dont be sad bc i love you a lot
- @twezi: i love you bitch…. i will never stop loving you biitch…………. i still didnt finish watching cry playing life is strange but i will do it for you. someday

the rest (but also important):
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Your limp is better, which means you can save me a dance