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this is my delusion. // a (spotify) playlist dedicated to David Haller from Legion. 

TW for songs relating to mental illness

Includes songs from: The Cure, Twenty One Pilots, Green Day, Radiohead, Bring Me The Horizon, Breaking Benjamin and The Vaccines (and others)

For Forever - Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 1751
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: fluffy, falling out of trees
Summary: Inspired by the song For Forever from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, you and Peter take a trip to a hidden gem- an open field filled with trees, that not many people visit. Talking about anything and everything, having a picnic, and climbing a tree makes for two friends having a perfect day.
Authors Note:  I’m obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen…so this had to happen. I also think this song is more lovey than the “love” song between the boy and girl…SO I USED THIS ONE. I love love love this musical so much and ughhhhh it’s just so good. AND I WROTE SOMETHING NOT ANGST FOR ONCE THATS ALSO PRETTY LONG IM EXCITED

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You took a bite of your ice cream as you drove both you and Peter down the winding road. “How much further?”

“Not too much further. We should be there soon,” You told your best friend and thought about the picnic basket and necessities in the trunk. Soon enough, you pulled into a dirt parking space and got out of the car to grab the basket and extra things. Not many people visited this hidden gem.

The hidden gem was an open field, which just so happened to be framed with trees. It allowed for the outer parts to have shade, but the center to have open space to allow the sun to come in and watch the clouds pass by, waiting for the sun to go hide away and let the moon and stars come out. Which was perfect for the end-of-May weather, making for a great day.

It was near an apple orchard, which was by an ice cream stop, but not many people actually visited this field. You and Peter grabbed the basket filled with goodies and the blankets in the back of the car. “Race you there!” Peter shouted and took off running.

“Not fair!” You yelled back, grabbing the last of the things and shutting the back of your car, locking it before taking off. “That was so mean, Peter!”

You ran with your hands full to find Peter laying on the ground in the middle of the open field. You laughed a bit and walked up to him, sitting beside the boy with his eyes closed. “Hey!” You yelled, making Peter jump.

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Musical Prompt

There should be a musical about a girl who’s obsessed with musicals and Broadway and shit, and there should be a song called “not another”, it starts off with them scrolling through Tumblr and seeing these posts about a musical and she’s like “Oh no not again I think I’ve had enough, ughhhh fine” And then she listens to it and its her singing some lyrics to all the musicals she likes so it’s kinda like “I’M TAKING THIS HORSE BY THE-WAVING THROUGH A WINDOW IM-MICHAEL IN THE BATHROOM-IN MY CANDY STORE (with) NAOMIIIIII”

if you don’t know | c.h.

A/N: did yall really think you could escape my obsession with this song? wrong. it is impossible. anyways, i might do a part 2, depending on how well liked this is? Feedback is always appreciated!!

Warnings: this is rly bittersweet angst, idk about the quality but ya know

Word Count: 706 it’s pretty short sorry

requests are open

Calum woke up to nothing. No heartbeat beside his, no steady breathing of another chest, no legs tangled together. At first, he was too groggy to notice, too caught up in the fake feeling of safety he’d developed last night. Once he did realize you weren’t beside him, the sense of security disappeared in only an instant. It was funny how quickly something like security could be pulled out from under you.

He fumbled for a minute with trying to shove the blankets off his body since his hands were too shaky to function properly. He finally accomplished this and slid out of bed, and the sound of his bare feet on the hardwood flooring was gentle in contrast to his quickening breathing. His eyes swept the room for any signs of you, but his hopes were disappointed quickly.

Calum snatched at the chair he’d laid his shirt over the night before absently, only to find it was gone as well. His attention turned to check the chair in case it’d simply fallen off: it hadn’t. He knew this didn’t bode well, and it almost confirmed his sinking suspicions were true. That had been your favorite shirt of his to wear, and it had disappeared as well.

Maybe you were just downstairs, he reasoned. Maybe you were wearing the shirt.

Calum accepted this reasoning as likely true, telling himself he was being ridiculous. You wouldn’t leave just because of last night. Would you?

“Calum, I can’t just spout it out like you,” your tone was frustrated, and Calum could tell there was a fight coming. He knew he should drop it, but for whatever reasoning his dumb brain had, he didn’t.

“Y/N,” he began, almost mocking your sassy tone you said his name with, “I know it’s not easy to tell someone you love them, and I know it takes time, but I’m just saying it feels unfair.” You opened your mouth here to try and argue before Calum cut your forming words off.

“I’m just saying that it feels kind of like you don’t actually love me. And you won’t let me ask if you do because you won’t answer!”

“It’s not that I won’t answer, Calum. I just can’t.

“You can’t love me, or you can’t answer?”

“Calum.” Your tone had gone from irritated to warning, but Calum refused to drop it. This was too important to him.

“That’s not an answer. All I want to know is if you feel the same as I do.” Now, Calum was becoming irritated as well.

“I told you, I can’t.” Your answers were becoming short and clipped, another sign of growing irritation.

“You can’t what? I’m going to take this as you just can’t love me since that’s what it seems like.”

“Don’t be crazy, Calum.” The way you said his name like you were his mother warning him not to get in trouble never failed to make him laugh, and it seemed unreal you were telling him he was being crazy.

“Don’t laugh at me, Calum!”

“I’m not, it’s just,” he paused, irritation turning to amusement as he walked over to you, “it’s funny when you say my name like that.” You stood still with a frown on your face when his arms wrapped around you.

“It’s not funny,” you whined now, exasperated with Calum’s antics, but you didn’t slip out from his hold on you. “And you are crazy. You’re being ridiculous.”

“Kiss me and we’ll call this argument off?” This is the part in every argument you’d roll your eyes at him, but you still obliged his request nonetheless.

Calum reached the downstairs after a minute of wobbling down the flight of steps. His legs felt shaky from his anxieties, but he couldn’t let himself believe you’d…gone.

But you had. He searched the kitchen, the bathrooms, the living room, the guest bedroom. You were nowhere to be found. Calum made himself take the stairs again, quicker this time, and strode over to the bottom drawers of his dresser. You always kept spare clothes in there for when you stayed the night.

They were gone too, and Calum knew for sure now, you didn’t plan on coming back.

You’d let him go.

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nissi i can't stop listening to ilysb and thinking about jikook god jungkook wasn't even listening to it yknow he just wanted to post but why it had to be right after jimin posted a video??? the lyrics are killing me they're so beautiful :( jungkook is so in love that my heart hurts :(

jimin: [posts a vid of his face]

jk, like twenty minutes later: u need to know, that im hella obsessed with ur face.. oh my heart hurts so good ilysb 

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i dont know any tagalog but waltz of four left feet is making me Feel Things, and with your translation it just made it better?? its just a relatable song and now that i have english lyrics for it i can properly enjoy it, so thank you sm!! (i know you say your translation is bad, but honestly it hit me in Just the right way) anyways Good song & Good content from you as always

sjfhksjd IM GLAD YOU LIKE THE SONG BECAUSE IM OBSESSED WITH IT. (and omg im glad the translation helped too. just. whatever i wrote in english, imagine that but 10000% more romantic and pine-y and painful. really, my words dont do the song justice but i just want people to listen to this song jhfkjdsf.)

u guys gotta listen to Waltz of Four Left Feet by Shirebound and Busking 

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so, its weird bc i never thought this kind of thing actually happened until it happened to me. so, you know, my uncle was in town, and he was driving me to school. he works in the industry, but he's not well conected or anything, so i never asked him anything. but we wrte in the car, listening to the radio, and then one of the new harry het songs starts playing, and my uncle laughs and says: too bad he's into penis. i roll my eyes, thinking that he was saying that out of stereotypes, but ask+

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:+why would you say that. and then he says: well, i saw him with that short guy he’s obsessed with. and im like freaking out, so i show him a photo of louis, and he confirms its him. then i say but uncle he has a child and he just laughs and say “and did you buy it?”

Well there’s no way to check this, but I’m posting for the “and did you buy it?" 

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So that last ask got me thinking about yuuri and viktor going to a karaoke bar! Now im obsessed with this idea! Phichit being all like "You haven't lived until you have heard Yuuri sing." What would Yuuri and Viktor's karaoke song be? I would like to think Yuuri would sing "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry to Viktor!

I can imagine if they’re sober picking something deep and meaningful and romantic and if they’re drunk, Phichit convincing them to do a HSM duet 

It doesn’t matter what fandom you are from , but you’ll always have that character or otp that fits the song “ shattered ” by trading yesterday . And then you sob like nobody’s business in a corner .

Okay so I’m doing my favorite daily activity again, which is thinking procrastinating extremely important work and thinking about the season 2 soundtrack.

So far, we’ve heard at least 5 of the 7 new main tracks (lets exclude the background/atmospheric stuff likely featured on disc 2 for now).

APETITAN obviously is the beast titan theme, heard throughout numerous instances in ep 1-4, the episodes where BT was more or less responsible for the ongoing action. 

YouSeeBIGGIRL or Call of Silence is the new Vogel im Käfig ft Gemie, used during Ymir’s transformation in 5, and the RB transformation in 6. Personally, I’m suspecting it to be Call of Silence, only because its a more general title. Honestly its just a guess though, could be either.

attack音D is what I suspect to be Counterattack mankind 2017, heard twice in ep 2 and once when Eren was standing up to Reiner in 7 before becoming the flying titan. 

ERENthe標, according to Fuku-Shuu, means Eren the coordinate, which is pretty appropriate considering we’re getting the coordinate this season. And since that’s arguably one of the most epic, monumental, large scale intense sequences in the whole manga, it’d be appropriate to give it a theme matching its proportions, which, so far, I suspect to be the track that plays just before RB transform in ep 6 (Reiner revealing his arm, Mikasa slicing and dicing). This definitely is not part of Vogel, we’ve heard portions of Vogel in ep 5 that were covered by this track in ep 6, so its definitely its own thing (can also briefly be heard during the herring scene). It’s probably my favorite track out of all the new ones so far and if it doesn’t play during ch 50 I’ll punch a goat.

Barricades is the upbeat track heard in PV2, which we haven’t heard at all in the season. There is a slight possibility that, when Connie was preparing to leave Rakago behind, the opening notes of that song started playing, but we’re not sure. Quite frankly, I’m starting to get worried about where it’ll end up being placed: it’s way too upbeat for anything starting chapter 48, but too fast paced to only be applied in the middle of some dialogue sequence. The only possibilities I can think of are some sort of extended departure from the wall next episode, or perhaps some point in ch 47 (RBY leaving, SC pursuing maybe). Other than that…I’m out of suggestions where the track would work out. 48-50 are WAY too dramatic for anything really upbeat. 

This leaves us with two tracks yet to be confirmed/heard. son2seaVer….I don’t even know what that means, but that’s not exactly unusual with Sawano. We know it’s not credited to have a vocalist, but that’s not to say there won’t be vocals at all: background vocals, even if by his main singers, aren’t always credited by Sawano. Another track we’ve yet to hear would be the 2nd Gemie track, the one  that isn’t Vogel 2017 (my money on it being YouseeBIGGIRL/T:T). This one definitely has vocals, and we definitely have yet to hear them.  

Those two tracks ultimately are the biggest questions marks left. I was hoping we’d hear some of them during the AT fight, but the 2nd movie OST took over. So….next episode maybe? Hopefully? Pretty please?

We still have a few undetermined tracks used in the season though. An atmospheric background piece at the end of ep 2 when Connie returns to Ragako, which reappears during the RB/Eren talk about the hometown in ep 6, and a little later when Reiner reveals their identities. Another atmospheric track is used in the opening scene of ep 3 in Ragako, it reappears in ep 5 during the snowstorm and ep 6 when Ymir is lifted up the wall and a bit further. There’s a new piano track playing during the yumikuri scene at the end of ep 5, which is pretty damn lovely. Last thing is an ambiance thing playing when Historia is yelling from atop the tower just before CAM 2017 starts, but that could be just the natural prelude to the new CAM. I find it unlikely that any of these tracks are part of the main tracks mentioned above, and suspect them to be the additional tracks listed on the 2nd disc.

Conclusion: we have two main songs that we haven’t heard at all, and we should look forward to them. 

okay so here we go.

bujo list:

  • no smoking tracker (important as I am on week three now and I almost snapped today) / water / yoga / shower / teeth
  • animal tracker – keep track of feedings / pupae / growth / cleanings / water / spritz days
  • plant tracker – keep track of garden plants (kinds, growth, parasites/damage) / inside plants / greens pot (yield especially) / strawberries / grapes / blackberries / pine trees (will fun to go back and see in a few years as how smol they started!!)
  • mood – like, OCD bad days, ASPD bad days, genderfluid shit, any breakdowns/anxiety/panic attacks or snapping.
  • food!  I need to keep a running list of what I can and cannot eat… and maybe also keep a list of what I ordered at which restaurants as a reference and keep track of which restaurants literally have nothing I can eat. (looking at you, chili’s)
  • reading – @studyblrreads (ze book club) is starting soon so I’d like to track books we read and stuff (and anything I read on my own).
  • addresses/contacts: i like christmas so if i have your address expect a card at least. ( @welcometostudyland) i like to keep addresses in a single place but i don’t know enough people for an entire book
  • list of important days– i have these all in my google calendar but if im keeping an actual journal i should have them all listed on a page and so i can add them easily
  • …bucket list?
  • music!! I need to keep track of songs I am currently obsessing over. for posterity.

Yeah… I think that’s good.  Can anyone link me the master posts?  I’m sure there are tons of them

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Hey, I was wondering where you got the idea for the title for 'be my number two', because I just saw Joe Jackson last weekend and his "Be My Number Two" just kills me. Ugly tears, like even though I don't have a broken heart atm. Tumblr won't let me post a link, so you'll have to use your google fu. BTW, I love that such a talented writer is writing about my new favorite obsession. <3

awww thanks dude!!! and same, starmora is totally my new favorite obsession as well ;) STARMORA SHIPPERS, UNITE!!!

Originally posted by cutepikachu

and YES!!! i’m glad someone caught the reference! admittedly, “be my number two” is the only joe jackson song i know, but i used to listen to it with my dad (who i’m very close to) a lot when i was little, so it’s always had a special place in my heart. and given that it’s a lovely ‘80s song, i thought it would make a good title for a starmora fic <333

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I just wanted to say that you have actually made me cry with your legacy. The story is just so moving and every song every photo every caption is just amazing. Especially the flashbacks have made me cry. (Maybe I'm just to obsessed with sims and the people behind them that tell their stories because I always feel like there is a piece of someone in what they create) Anyways, I'm rambling on now, hope you are feeling well! Have a great week.

Just when I was thinking no one was enjoying what I am posting, you send me this message. I have no words, really, thank you so much. This means more than the world to me, the fact that you think what I post is amazing and the fact that it moved you somehow… I don’t even know how to explain how much that means to me. The fact that you took time of your day to send me this warms my heart. So thank you, thank you so much. 

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10 Songs You’re Vibing To and 10 Facts

(tagged by @emilyjunk thanks dad)

- momentz by gorillaz
- surfin by kid cudi
- dive in by kyko
- now or never by halsey
- last train to paradise - kdrew
- rock it for me by caravan palace
- doubt it by kyle
- new dorp new york by sbtrkt
- hurricane by lord huron
- through the valley by shawn james

- my favorite colour is green
- im 5′4
- i play overwatch way too much
- i’ve never been to a concert
- when i was younger i was obsessed with eating cauliflower
- i’ve always wanted to write a book
- i love to draw
- im a very regretful person
- i don’t know my country’s national anthem 
- i get these bursts of wanting to pursue different careers all the time then get sad that i can’t

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okok so Andrew Minyard is such a scifi nerd. We know he talks to Renee about zombie apocalypses but @im-not-dun-yet and i concluded that he is actually Obsessed™ with aliens. here we go pals

  • andrew has an eidetic memory, so he can take one look at a book of constellations and know them all
  • he and neil sit on the roof sometimes to just stargaze. it’s nice and peaceful. Andrew loves space so he tells neil about the stars and constellations and the myths they came from (andrew is actually a great storyteller if he wants to talk that much, must be why he’s so good with kids) im thinking of this song idk
  • so neil knows andrew really likes space and stuff. but he didn’t realize andrew’s obsession with aliens until a bit later
  • they’re on the roof and they see something in the sky with blinking lights. andrew says “neil. neil i think that’s a ufo” “andrew wtf thats not a ufo its probably like a plane or something” “no neil thats a ufo”
  • and then andrew stands up and starts waving his arms
  • “oh my god what are you doing” “trying to get their attention” “wtf why” “so they can abduct your ass and i can finally get rid of you”
  • idk im just imagining. at one point andrew actually meets an alien and they just stare at each other until the alien flatly says “no one will ever believe you” and fades out
  • andrew is speechless. he looks up, gives the sky the finger and yells “fuck you”
    • “andrew why aren’t you stargazing anymore?” “the stars can kiss my ass neil.”
  • for months afterward whenever anyone would mention space or aliens he’d just whisper “they’re dicks”. everyone is confused
  • he probably emails nasa asking “are all aliens dicks”
  • he eventually does stargaze again but whenever he sees blinking lights or something he just walks back inside even if neil is with him
  • okok you know how like a while back nasa wanted people to apply to live on mars?
  • welll since andrew already hates the world and he’s a space nerd its perfect for him
  • so he’s all ready to apply but… he.. he doesn’t meet the height requirements (poor guy)
  • he gets an email back from nasa and he fucking frames it because hes such a huge nerd
  • neil would walk into the room, see the screenshot in its framed glory, and walk out sighing
    • “andrew why is their a framed email from nasa in our living room??” “bc shut the fuck up neil”
  • also whenever andrew points out something odd happening, neil, bein a little shit, always makes some comment on aliens
    • “the fucking tv isn’t working” “must be the aliens”
    • “the toilet wont flush” “those damn aliens”
    • “my phone won’t turn on” “fuckin aliens man”
    • “neil get the cats off me” “can’t tell aliens what to do”
  • and possibly my favourite bit to this hc
  • andrew tries to hack into nasa
  • its 2am, its completely dark except for the cold blue glare from andrews laptop
  • neil wakes up to is smol boyfriend angrily typing away
  • “andrew what the fuck are you doing” “fuck off.”
  • “andrew its… 2am what could you possibly be doing on your laptop right now” “im hacking into nasa”
  • neil just. has this blank look on his face like “im tired of ur shit im going back to sleep i cant deal with this rn”
  • 2 hours later at 4am, neil just hears a faint
  • “im in”

i just. space kid andrew. please make this a thing i need more

Holding on to you // Twenty Øne Piløts

Fight it,
Take the pain, ignite it,
Tie a noose around your mind
Loose enough to breathe fine and tie it
To a tree. Tell it, “You belong to me.
This ain’t a noose, this is a leash.
And I have news for you: you must obey me.”


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I found my newest obsession. Heathers! FUCK ME GENTLY WITH A CHAINSAW THIS IS THE BEST MUSICAL/MOVIE EVER! Its got something for everyone! Also I love every character especially JD and Veronica! Also the bros Ram and Kurt! Ugh just everything!! This post is just to inform my followers that Heathers posts are in store lol

Im thinking of doing a picture or two for every song and my favorite moments. So far up here we have in order:

Yo Girl

Our Love is God

Freeze Your Brain