i think im just gonna keep making them

Just a lil piece of advice for those big headed ones who think they’re running the show, the newbies, the ones that think they got this game figure out;

Don’t be telling me your prices; I don’t need to no that.
Don’t be telling me how much you just picked up; unless your a respected player in the game, then im gonna assume your telling me bc you think your boss, you want people to like you, you wanna be “cool”, your showing me your weakness and I will take advantage of that.
Don’t be telling me who your plug is; I wont need you anymore .
Don’t be telling me how much money you be making; keep that to yourself
Don’t be telling me EVERYONE you be selling to; ill find someone who knows someone who knows them, and ill give them a better deal.

Listen. Watch. Observe.
That’s all you need to be doing.

Luckily I ain’t that type of person but that don’t mean the next one wont be.

So yesterday I read a one shot where it was mentioned that Adrien could be very minorly autistic due to the fact that he seems to have a pretty hard time understanding and keeping up with social queues and non-verbals and honestly I can’t stop thinking about it because it would just make so much sense.

Adrien definitely seems to struggle with understanding and keeping up with social queues and non-verbals unless they are very clear in intent. He doesn’t seem to entirely understand how his own actions are read outwardly either, since he doesn’t really seem to entirely get how Ladybug interprets his interactions with her. It would also explain why he would copy the behavior of fictional characters since he’s smart and realizes his social handicap it would be a way of compensating for his own lack of social understanding. because if he doesn’t know what to do in a situation maybe one of his favorite fictional characters does.

fun fact: i make jokes everyday and no one laughs bc my jokes r stupid and not even jokes just random things i laugh at and like once i spent like 2 minutes ignoring my friends to think of a pun and it may not seem like a long time but it was and i honestly dont care how dumb my jokes are im gonna keep making them

im wondering… what is the need to keep running ur mouth about 5h if yall dont care abt them???? like literally no one fucking cares what u have to say so pls just keep ur god dam mouth shut and waste ur fucking time making stupid ass posts abt ur own faves instead??? like its literally so annoying have to wash my eyes every single day cause ive read dumb ass posts cause yall cant mind your own fucking business??? i have no idea what i did to deserve having to deal w this but im fuciking tired… do u rly think ur stupid ass opinion is gonna change anything like pls think harder… before u do a stupid ass post like that u should stop for a sec and ask urself dam does anyone rly care?? does anyone wanna kno what i think??? should i be wasting my time talking shit like this instead of getting myself off to this mediocre punk rock wannabe band???? i can answer that for u!!! the answer is always no!!!!!