i think im in love holy shit they are so piercing

how about a modern!shance au where lance is driving his rusty old hand-me-down car one day and it breaks down, so he looks around for the closest mechanic shop to fix it up.

so lance goes there, fully expecting a grumpy old man to greet him but instead, enter shiro. lance is so caught off guard by how gorgeous this man is he barely remembers any details about his car, but luckily shiro is patient and eventually works out the cost and estimate to fix it. lance is so charmed, and soon he relaxes more and starts to make jokes, even a flirt or two to test the waters. hes not sure what chances he has here, but shiro doesnt seem bothered by it, even laughing along with everything, and lance wishes he didnt have work later and would much prefer to stay here and chat with this beautiful mechanic because whoa

a few days later (and having thought about shiro a lot) lance goes back to collect his car, and shiro catches him up on all the new updates until soon lances realises oh, im not going to see him again. he loses his nerve to ask him out, because really, shiro is a friggin catch. so they part with a handshake and a sour feeling in lances gut.

but then, not week later, and lance gets the idea of bringing in another car so he gets to see shiro again. he borrows his brothers old honda and drives over. shiro looks surprised to see him, but not disappointed, and smiles and gladly says hell help to fix up this car for lance too. lance beams, goddamn butterflies in his stomach, and savers every damn second.

the days go by, and soon the weeks as well. lance asks his family or friends if they have anything they need fixing, finding any excuse and gladly brings it over to shiros shop (one time he brought his dads old radio, claimed it was priceless)(another time he dropped off an old clock he claims his grandma would cry if it ever broke)(one time, he came around with nothing, offering shiro a coffee and going on about his day). most days he lingers around and chats to shiro as he works, and lance learns a lot about him and feels himself fall more and more for the guy, thrilled that shiro enjoys his company just as much.

at this point everyone is wondering why lance hasnt just asked the man out yet? “because oh my god boy youve got it bad.” and lance will flush crimson but never deny it. “its scary, okay?” hell protest weakly. 

and so one day, after walking back and forth in front of the shop and trying to finally muster up the nerve, he swallows his fear and steps inside, the familiar chime of the bell going off. he walks over to shiros office, opening the door without even thinking, and finding shiro in a mess at his desk, small parts littered everywhere and a youtube video on how to fix clocks currently playing. 

lance pauses, eyeing the scene curiously until shiro finally looks up and notices him.

“oh - lance - I -”

and lance is so confused. “wait, i thought you said you knew how to fix clocks?”

and shiro becomes really bashful, rubbing at his neck and refusing to meet lances piercing gaze. “uh, i kind of… lied?”

“what?” lance is so lost

shiro starts stammering. “I, uh, said i knew how so i could… keep seeing you. i.. didnt want you to leave and find someone else to fix it.”

and after what feels like ages lance… starts giggling. he cannot believe it, honest to god cannot believe how lame they both are to have not even realised that it was mutual. so hes full on laughing now, and shiro takes it the wrong way and grows hurt, so lance sobers up quickly and closes the remaining distance between them to smile so big and wide, his face heating up.

“I wanted to keep seeing you too. shiro, shiro i brought in three cars to see you, shiro, man, i had to look up what parts were even called just so i could figure out what the hell i needed you to fix.

and shiro breathes out an awed “oh” and lance is so happy he feels like he could fly, holy shit. shiro stands up, and when he reaches out to gently brush their fingers together lance is pretty sure he has a heart attack right then and there. and then shiro says in a really soft voice:

“you’re so beautiful.”

that’s when lance is sure hes died and gone to heaven above. lance.exe has stopped working. hello, 911, id like to report a murder.

“god, shiro, have you even seen you?” he laughs nervously, shying away. 

“im serious,” shiro pushes gently and picks up a hammer without breaking eye contact. “this is not …a drill.”

and lance feels his eyes grow wide, so completely gone he cant help but blurt “oh my god marry me.”

shiro grins, his thumb rubbing lightly across lances fingers. “let me take you on a date first. but perhaps we should take my ride, yeah? not sure i trust you behind a wheel just yet.”

and lance punches him playfully, but his heart wont stop beating loudly in his chest because he finally has a date with shiro.

logan thoughts pt. 2 spoilers*

-ok so i saw logan again because i couldnt stop thinking about it since friday when i first saw it
-ive had a deep sense of loss and emptiness since then and i still do
-this movie is so fucking heavy man but it really is so revolutionary for the superhero genre
-17 freakin yrs of hugh jackmans wolverine and patrick stewarts professor x and theyve never failed me
-but wolverine was my main mans since i was 6 so i feel so hurt losing him like this. The child in me felt like it died w him fuck
-logan I have to peeee
-whenever laura jumps on someone and like flips then and kills them is so fucking dope like yas gurl fuck it up!!!
-i just still really love how they made him feel just so human and go beyond his mutant characteristics
-he feels broken hes hurt he takes care of charles he turns to alcohol and has thought deeply about suicide. Like that is some real shit and i love how they showed that instead of perpetuating the idea that all he is is an invincible killkng machine
-“i know pop” i love when he refers to charles as his dad
-im just a huge fucking sucker for great parental figures or relationships that parallel it.
-their dynamic is so tragic and funny at the same time.
-charles’ alzheimers?? is heartbreaking and also so real minus the powers
-calling logan a disappointment ugh
-pierce is still sexy af tho like damn ur a piece of shit but also fuck me
-i just love logan so much and his dynamic w laura and how similar they are like i know shes his daughter but still im not sick of it
-calling the academy a special needs school lmao. Love the banter and every scene between them at that house
-charles telling logan to stop and feel for a sec
-charles waking up feeling shittty bc “he had the most perfect night and didnt deserve it” bc he remembered:(((
-logan didnt even get to hear that from charles damn it
-fuck x24 man rip charles im so sad logan telling charles it wasnt him just to assure him bc he rly does care
-laura holding his hand afer buryin charles <333
-you just cant take shit… lmao
-and when she finally talks… that scene is just too perfect
- hes just so much more than just wolverine and its hilarious bc hes acting like any person who would when they find out they have a kid and are thrown w the tasking of caring for them
-what else did charles say? To not let you die… UGH SOBBING bc foreshadowing
-i suck at this. bad shit happens to people i care about …. I CRY UGH
-THEN I WILL BE FINE… laura fuck me up with that comeback
-okay and then the obvious parts his death scene… hurt just as much if nit more this time around and i still cried
-“so this is what it feels like” FUCKKKJK and then she calls him daddy
-then she quotes that movie and then turns thecross to an X LIKE HOLY FUCKKKK I WAS ABLE TO STOP SOBBING FOR A QUICK SEC THEN SHE DID THAT AND I WAS RUINED
-new generation of mutants bout to fuck shit up baby!!
-i will miss hugh jackmans wolverine and patrick stewarts professor x so much but it really was an incredible swan song!!!!
-hugh jackman is also my daddy tho fuck
-i could see this a hundred times and itll fuckin ruinme eachtime thank u

anonymous asked:

I know you have already done a lot of the ship posts (and they are all phenomenal and accurate af) but can you pretty please do Jesper and Wylan from six of crows/crooked kingdom? Xoxo <3 <3 I can't get enough of your writing tbh! Your such an inspiration, dude. <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m SO sorry this took so long, you’re such an absolute sweetheart and also christ I’ve never been called an inspiration before holy.. god

also heck i love wesper this is a treat


who is more likely to hurt the other?

don’t.. do this

they’re genuinely so good neither of them would ever TRY to hurt the other, and they’re both so tender and apologetic if they ever do. I think I’m gonna have to say jesper though just because. he’s still a little stirred by his addiction (to trouble! to bringing two guns to a gun fight! to gambling! to love!) and he’s got some jealousy and sensitivity baked into him, bless him. I feel like he’d run a risk and break Wy’s heart by accident, a little bit

who is emotionally stronger?

a genuine toughie bc they’ve both survived and persevered so MUCH. I think in terms of immediate reactionary instincts, Jes is better at letting bad vibes roll right off of him. He’s made of smiles. He’s trouble and a good time rolled into a waistcoat. If you insult him he only gets stronger. Wy was raised in silk and champagne but he was raised BY an absolute monster so. he’s a very bruised peach. criticism pierces him v easily. Though in a more fundamental way, wylan has fashioned his past trauma into a shield. by the end of ck he’s building himself new emotional strength with his bare hands

who is physically stronger?

ohhh man. They’re both noodle boys. Wylan is too smart for exercise. Jesper does his fighting at a 20 metre distance from his target. Jesper is bigger than wylan but most of his size is gangly and delightful and awkward. I think jes could probably still beat wylan in a pinch, but I’m more caught up in how funny it would be to see them try to fight it out

who is more likely to break a bone? 

man I’m tempted to say jesper just bc he seems like he would be…… brittle. I think he gets into scrapes a lot. I think wylan starts to get into p frequent scrapes by nature of being the sixth crow. I think the both of them are so busy worrying about each other’s fights that they neglect their own and trip off a building or smth

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

I think wylan can be a nasty piece of work when he’s pissed enough. like he may be a silk eared puppy but he’ll chew your shoes and track mud around if you forget to feed him. jesper doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body man, I think he’s a sarcasm queen and a joker but he’s definitely not mean

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

I think jesper’s constantly assuming he did something wrong and he sits down with wylan 100% serious like ‘babe.. im so, so sorry. I never wanted to be the sort of person who made you look sad like that, we’re past that, I truly made a promise–’ and wy would be like ‘what no I was sad bc a screw on my flute is loose and I couldn’t practice today’. but also yeah if it’s a serious fight they make up in a rush, and they laugh at themselves, and they use their energy for something better

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

here’s the thing about the crows man, they’re always sustaining minor injuries as a team and it’s a win if they live, right? All I can picture is the roar of activity when they pull off a job and they come back limping and bleeding and swearing and crowing w joy, and jes and wy take their seats opposite each other and clean wounds, kiss foreheads, smooth back sweaty curls, squeeze hands, make promises. the routine, u kno

who is in constant need of comfort? 

uhhh both of them (it’s always both my guy jot that down). Wylan has 16 years of shitty imposed self loathing to unlearn, and traumatic experiences all over him. jes has lost a lot (including his mom) and he struggles with addiction so like. yeah they both need comfort. they both wake up w the phantom feeling of a mother’s arms around their shoulders. they’ve both seen the very worst of humanity. They’re just two nervy, high stress kids trying to figure things out

who gets more jealous? 

lmao WYLAN VAN ECK did y’all read his scenes in crooked kingdom that boy is NOT SHARING. he glared real holes in kuwei’s head guys. jesper tbh is a terrible flirt and a HANDFUL and wylan is happy. to have his hands full. no one else.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

mmm nahhh

who will propose? 

u bet ur ASS it’ll be jesper. Imagine wylan’s blushing face…… he’d do it for that alone. tbh there’s probably a point in their relationship where jesper’s outrageous flirting isn’t enough to get that pretty blush from wylan like he’ll roll his eyes and shove jes in the shoulder and w/e but they have to have increasingly ridiculous conversations about kinks or w/e until that blush comes out. jesper’s like ‘dang. guess I gotta step up the romance. what’s the most romantic thing? marriage? marrying wylan? son absolutely where do i sign’

who has the most difficult parents?

lmao lm a o lmaooo Lmao LMAO lmao

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

I feel like depending on the social climate of Ketterdam, hand holding might not be on the table?? especially for two criminals associated w the bastard of the barrel like idk man I can’t picture it. they don’t want to draw attention to themselves (well i mean. jes wants to. but they can’t). I think they’re all about sly glances and the most obvious smirks you’ve ever seen, and brushing shoulders!! brushing shoulders are their makeouts

who comes up for the other all the time? 

they’re always together man bf’s that blow shit up together and live together stay together so like they rarely have the opportunity to talk about each other. howEVER jesper probably mentions his boyfriend in the middle of a hand of poker w an inappropriate smile or gushes to w/e prisoner he’s breaking out of jail or makes Kaz’s day weird by trying to confide in him

who hogs the blankets? 

wylan is exhausted w luxury and jesper is a child who wants to be held so he rolls over and then over again so that wy always wakes up to a lapful of boyfriend and a roll of blankets and he has to wait for jesper’s heavy sleeper ass to arise so he can get up to pee 

who gets more sad? 

booooth – jesper is understated sad with a side of unnerving frowns, wylan is a wobbling mouth and clenched fists. Sometimes they stay in the Wylan Van mansion and lock the doors so the maids can’t come in, and they bring the lavish decorative pillows into a heap on the carpet and feed each other sweets and rub each others backs and laugh and laugh the darkness away. wylan sketches. jesper poses. there’s scheming & kaz impressions. jesper is a storyteller and he imagines out loud what nina or inej are up to at that very minute, controlling gravity and hearts and the sea and their lives 

who is better at cheering the other up? 

see above ^^ they both go pro at the comfort olympics. Jesper is that little bit better though. He’s a sweetheart with all the right words in his pockets. He knows how to chop wylan’s dad down like the overgrown dead tree that he is. he knows how to flirt a smile onto wy’s face. he maybe lacks delicacy sometimes, but he’s so fun and wholehearted and warm that he can’t really go wrong

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

this is canon y’all, jesper is a lecherous bastard and wylan is equal parts disdain and delight. he absolutely will slap a boy

who is more streetwise?

god bless wylan but he knows a hell of a lot less about the streets than jes. He’s learning fast by the end of ck, but he’s still very sheltered in a lot of ways. Jesper has a few years under his belt, and he’s.. like tbh he’s a part of a gang so. He’s seen a lot. He’s participated in a lot. He has a pretty steep list of kills, same as every other survivor out there. He’s detached from the deaths but he’s been on the other side of a lot of bullets that have crumpled people up and thrown them in the trash. He knows his business, too. He knows Ketterdam. Well. Wy knows the half of it Kaz wants him to see.

who is more wise?

Wylan is utterly brilliant and Jesper is wholeheartedly here for it. What was that line again? ‘you’re cuter when you’re smart’? Wylan can think his way out of just about anything, the world belongs to him. jsyk

who’s the shyest? 

Wylan absolutely what a sweetie. I mean a lot of it stems from unfortunate self esteem issues and a history of being burnt but a lot of it is pure soul deep candy sweet embarrassment and not knowing what to do w his own cute face. He doesn’t know how to deal w people a lot of the time. he knows sheet music & formulas. he does not know how to look at a boy with beautiful lips all curled up at him and not pass out

who boasts about the other more? 

jesper is loudmouthed usually and he’s that much more loudmouthed when he’s in love, catch him talking to anyone who will listen about wy’s stupid face 

who sits on who’s lap? 

jesper would definitely try it, don’t even test him, he would fold all his crane limbs into wylan’s lap and say ‘hello peaches’ and wylan would have to slide both of them onto the floor to escape his embarrassment. on a good day, jes’ll scoop wylan into his lap and he’ll feel quiet, for a while

zombie apocalypse! au | KANG DANIEL

i love zombie movies and shows

*warnings: kinda gory??? idk so dont read if that makes you uncomfy :(((

//idk if this marks my return to writing or not… we will have to see//

  • october 31st, the greatest date ever
  • cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, halloween, endless scary movies, and oversized sweaters
  • now,,,, you didnt mean to sound like a basic bitch but october was your favorite month
  • you were walking through the bustling downtown area on this great date
  • there was a slight bounce in your walk as the crisp air hits your already cold face
  • you were feeling amazing, joyful even
  • you could smell the pumpkins in the air
  • the sound of joyful kids dragging their parents around was surrounding you
  • everything was calm
  • until a loud piercing scream came from in front of you
  • there was a lady pretending to be attacked by an undead figure right in front of the subway station
  • everybody around you started to scream and panic, running away from the bustling subway station
  • you giggled to yourself as you continued to walk towards the subway station
  • you werent going to let a simple prank scare you away from starbucks
  • that was until a large hand grabbed your forearm and dragged you in the direction that everybody else was running
  • “hey! let go of me!” you shout, clawing at the stranger’s arm
  • “are you fucking kidding me?” he looks down at you and wow
  • he was incredibly good looking
  • he had, bleached and dyed obviously, sandy blonde hair, broad shoulders, and piercing eyes
  • but man his mouth was foul
  • “dude,” you shake your arm out of his grasp, “it’s a prank!” people continued to push and bump into the two of you as you were standing in the middle of a stampede basically
  • he scoffs, throwing his head back, before grabbing your arms and pushing you into the alleyway located behind you
  • “i-i’ve been running from those damn things all morning. since 6:00 am. the subway was filled with the undead. this isn’t some kind of halloween prank and hell, if it is, i will be suing the damn government.” 
  • your heart race started to pick up once it clicks in your head
  • that woman seemed extremely scared
  • not even gong yoo could match her level of fright and discomfort
  • “is this the-”
  • “apocalypse,” he confirms, licking his dry lips while looking down at the ground

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ex-boyfriend! yoon jisung


also, i think im going to take a break from this series (even though i only have three members left lol) because im out of ideas and i want to take a few days to brainstorm for them. let’s end this series with a bang ;)

note: wanna one might or might not get back together with their ex-lover, it depends entirely on how i felt lol

  • genres: angst, slice of life, heartbreak
  • other notes: bulletpoint scenario
  • number of words: 1.95k

Originally posted by hiatusbabe

  • remember how daniel’s ex was the daughter of a bbq restaurant?
  • well jisung’s ex was the owner of the cafe he frequented often with his friends and the other mmo boys
  • you were twenty two years old when you opened baekil cafe, which was known as the most instagram worthy place in the neighborhood
  • and on day of the grand opening
  • jisung, jinwoo, and taewoong are waiting to go inside when you approach them
  • “group of three?” you ask with a smile
  • jinwoo nods and you hand them three raffle tickets
  • “we’re holding a raffle as a grand opening event. hand this to the cashier when you place your order and they’ll sign it off for you. we’ll be drawing tickets every twenty minutes, and prizes range from a free slice of cake to a twenty dollar gift card.”
  • the three of them nodded and you gave them one last smile before moving onto the group behind them
  • you met up with your best friend back inside a couple minutes later and let out a sigh of relief when you saw everything was almost ready to go
  • “find any cute guys out there?” she asked as she wiggled her eyesbrows
  • you let out a chuckle and straightened out a stack of napkins
  • “do you think i have time to check out the guys when the line has snaked around the corner?” you retorted
  • you glanced over at her to see if you response was enough; it wasn’t, and her eyesbrows were still raised
  • “fine. there was this group of three guys and the one with piercings was cute,” you muttered.
  • yejung let out a cheer and clapped your shoulder
  • “y/n is finally growing up,” she said as she wiped a fake tear away. “she’s finally checking guys out.”
  • “yejung if you have time to interrogate y/n about her love life, help me out with stacking the mugs!” kyungbin shouted from behind the counter
  • your bff scowled at her boyfriend before leaving you to help him
  • around five minutes later, everything was in place and you could let customers inside
  • jisung and the crew seated themselves in the very corner of the cafe and immediately started taking photos
  • ok but can we just appreciate jisung’s photos from insta b4 he deleted his acc bc i miss it so much and i want it back
  • yejung caught you staring over at jisung’s table and she was like
  • ohohohoho
  • it’s one of them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • so she dropped by their table and gave them a complementary slice of cake to see which one had piercings
  • “what the fuck” she heard herself mutter when she got close enough
  • and the three of them are like wait what did i offend you
  • and yejung is there like “oh shit sorry that wasn’t about you”
  • yes it was
  • she met you behind the register when things slow down for a bit
  • “wtf y/n they all have piercings,” she hissed
  • and you stand there like :))) i know
  • yejung’s mission for the day is find out which one it is
  • when it’s time to draw the first raffle ticket, she dragged you over to the box bc “the boss of this place should have the honor of picking the first winner”
  • and when jisung, jinwoo, and taewoong heard this they’re shook bc you look the same age as them, but you’re running a large business already
  • anyways
  • you reached into the box and pulled a ticket out
  • and yejung is praying in her mind that it’s one of the three boys from earlier
  • “joo jinwoo?” you asked hesitantly, hoping that it’s the boy with the conch piercing
  • it’s not, but you still plaster a smile onto your face when you hand it over to the one named jinwoo
  • “congratulations”
  • jinwoo gave the card to jisung when he sat back down, which earned him a confused look from the older male
  • “now you have an excuse to see the owner of this place.” jinwoo smirked
  • a week later, jisung appeared by himself with the twenty dollar gift card in hand
  • to this day, you still remember what he ordered
  • “can i get two americanos and two lattes?”
  • one of the two lattes was for you
  • and jisung wrote down his number on a napkin, put it under the cup, and slid it over to you before leaving
  • the conch piercing guy had just given you his number
  • and yejung was there to witness it too
  • “oh my god IT WAS HIM???”
  • you nod twice before putting his number into your phone and texting him
  • thank you for the coffee jisung-ssi”
  • jisung texts you that night with a “no problem :)”
  • this is only the beginning so sit back and enjoy
  • you and jisung start chatting a lot more in both real life and kkt, but most of the time it’s thru kkt bc you’re busy with baekil and jisung is at practice and going to school
  • he makes a point to come by the cafe at least once a day to buy a coffee or maybe a muffin or something
  • he just needs an excuse to see you tbvh
  • yejung and kyungbin are always watching you and jisung interact with each other and they’re literally your #1 supporters
  • jisung just smiled at you?
  • these two will be “awww”-ing for the rest of the day
  • when the mmo boys come with jisung to buy drinks and food, they join yejung and kyungbin in the teasing
  • you and jisung are like like
  • “nah we’re just friends :))”
  • but the four of them ain’t buying it
  • they see how jisung’s hands linger on yours for just a second to long when he takes his coffee from you
  • and kyungbin notices how you purposely give him more coffee than ice or how they get more free things than the other customers
  • he knows because he’s the one who has to deliver all those freebies smh
  • yejung sees the texts you send to jisung and they’re totally different from what she and kyungbin get
  • you usually give them short responses and send in
  • fragments
  • like
  • this
  • lol
  • XD
  • but when you’re texting jisung
  • all of a sudden you become the most eloquent person ever and your texts are so well thought out
  • speaking of texting
  • you’re messaging yejung about something heart fluttering jisung did that day
  • “omg yejung”
  • “i cant not tell anyone about this”
  • “so today”
  • “jisung waited for me to close up the cafe”
  • “and then he was like”
  • “let’s watch a movie together”
  • “i was looking around at first but then i turned around to face him”
  • “he was smiling his smile”
  • “and the lights behind him made him glow and his eyes were sparkling”
  • “and holy shit my heart was beating”
  • “so”
  • “goddamn”
  • “fast”
  • “fuck i think im in love with him”
  • welp
  • you screwed up
  • you accidentally sent that to jisung by accident
  • he replies around twenty minutes later
  • “i think i love you too”
  • and your heart beated faster than it ever did in your life at that moment
  • the next day, when jisung came into baekil
  • yejung and kyungbin brought out a cake that said “happy first day :)”
  • and jisung is like “where’s y/n?”
  • and yejung pointed to the break room in the back
  • “she has a gift for you”
  • so jisung walked in
  • and he only saw you sitting on the couch
  • “where’s my gift?” he asked with a smile on his face
  • he knew what was coming
  • “i’m your gift!” the two of you said in unison before bursting out laughing
  • he gave you a giant hug and kissed you on the forehead after that, which made you look up into his eyes and smile at him
  • and jisung smiled back down at you
  • having jisung as your boyfriend is like having your best friend as your boyfriend
  • the two of you look out for each other all the time
  • you make sure that jisung is eating well and getting enough sleep
  • he makes sure that you’re not too stressed out from work and that you’re resting enough
  • that’s not to say you and jisung don’t joke around
  • because believe me you do
  • you take derp photos of him all the time and he does the same to you
  • the two of you like to have rant sessions at night where you vent after having to deal with shitty people for the day
  • you and jisung have double dates with yejung and kyungbin all the time at the apartment you’re renting with her
  • it usually starts with the four of you watching some drama together
  • but it always ends in the four of you splitting up and cuddling in your rooms
  • those cuddling sessions turn into something a little less innocent sometimes
  • and that may involve a make out session where you’re sitting on jisung’s lap and the two of you are attacking each other’s mouths
  • let’s no go into anymore detail so i can keep this pg 
  • you and jisung are suuuuuuuuuuuuper busy during the end of the year
  • mostly because he has testing and practice back to back for days
  • and you are busy at the cafe and catering for a few offices nearby and all this other stuff that is stressing you out
  • the two of you manage to clear you your schedule with the help of yejung and kyungbin who volunteer to watch over for the day so you and jisung can go on a date to the amusement park
  • your ready to leave when an employee reminds you that you have a meeting with an investor who’s interested in creating more baekil cafes
  • and you’re torn between meeting with jisung or meeting with the investor
  • you shoot a quick text to jisung that says
  • “omg im so sorry but i forgot that an investor was coming over today”
  • “i think we need to reschedule our date to everland”
  • jisung comes by the cafe just as the investor leaves
  • he waited at everland for two hours for you to come
  • for some reason those texts didn’t go through and he just stood there waiting for you
  • if he had seen them, he would have understood and cheered you on
  • but no
  • olleh was shitty that day
  • he got to baekil just as the investor was leaving
  • “oh my god babe i think i can open up another cafe!” you exclaimed
  • and then you saw his mopey face
  • “what’s wrong?” you asked
  • jisung looked at you with a mixture of disappointment, sadness, and tiredness
  • “i waited at everland for two hours for you to come,” he muttered
  • you tried to hug him, but jisung pulled away from you
  • yejung and kyungbin were watching from the counter with wary eyes
  • “im so sorry i canceled last minute but an investor came by and he wants to open another cafe and this is such a big deal because ive been wanting to open another cafe for a while now” you said softly
  • jisung looked at you again with that face
  • “so is being even more busy than you are now more important to you?” he asked. “work is more important to you than our relationship?”
  • you can’t answer that because you can’t go one way or the other
  • baekil is your cafe that you’re in charge of and own and have to look after
  • but jisung is the first person you’ve ever loved this much and this wholeheartedly
  • “i see then,” jisung says in a hurt voice
  • he leaves and doesn’t turn around
  • you’re standing there with tears in your eyes
  • that was the last time jisung stepped inside baekil cafe
he-hey more Human Morro AU stuff because my heart hurts and this makes me feel better
  • Has so many piercings, but not in weird places
    ○ Ex. Spider bites, lip ring, eyebrow piercing, tongue piercing
  • Has the SUPER COOL ANIME BOY smirk that everyone low-key aspires to have and he doesnt even know it
  • has trouble using the sink because he’s worried it’s going to kill him, but he refuses to admit it
  • Kinda like w/ other Lloyd headcanons, when Morro gets angry or just has one major emotion other than happiness running, his eyes glow 
    ○ Once he was on a mission with the ninja, and he got so into it that his eyes glowed and his wind ability had like a boost and everyone was like “holy shit how”
  • Uses old memes from before he died all the time
  • ABSOLUTELY joins the ninja when it comes to pulling pranks sometimes
  • Once did finger guns while using his power and it blew someone across the room and he just looked so shocked because holy shit that’s the coolest thing he’s done
  • Actually lets his hair dye fade a bit before re-dying it because it actually looks pretty cool and it fits his edgy aesthetic
  • low-key tries to make up for what he did to Lloyd and the ninja, but it’s not really as low-key as he thinks it is and Lloyd is quietly proud of him
  • Morro treats Lloyd like the cousin he is and they’re just such dorks sometimes i love them aaagh
  • Morro probably has teefs (kinda like garmadad if u get what im saying) and Lloyd loves it because it makes him not the only one who has it
  • Definitely the hide-and-seek GOD because his wind ability gives him the hardcore advantage and everyone hates it
  • does the hood thing that Movie!Lloyd does bc it makes him feel safer
    ○ People treat him preeetty badly after what he did, so he just settles with flipping his hood up and ignoring it
    ○ Of course Lloyd is like “no it’s okay they’ll like you they just need to get to know you!” but even he knows that’s not gonna work after the whole possession thing
  • let his hair grow out once and hOO boy it’s pretty when he ties it into a ponytail
    ○He legit just looked,,, wowza best boy and everyone was like “hey what the hell”
    ○ He eventually cut it short again tho bc Cole and Kai wouldn’t stop pulling on it or making comments about it
  • def has a few scars but no one knows what they’re from
    ○ They look like burn marks, but they’re coloured like normal cut scars and everyone’s super confused
    ○ Has one burn-like scar on his left cheek and it took the ninja ages to actually notice it bc the whole ghost mist thing covered it
  • the type of friend to walk around the house and get a soda at 3AM and act like it’s perfectly normal
    Lloyd: Morro… it’s 3AM why are you awake…

    Morro: I couldn’t sleep and I wanted soda

    Lloyd: aaaat 3 in the morning..?

    Morro: Yes.
  • as soon as he steps out of range of Wu and the ninja, or into school, his voice switches to monotone and it’s still freaky to most people
in-universe ninja ship party drabble!

holy shit this turned into something huge,, i hope you like it @skyhillian!!! :0 

Prompts: (i ended up writing all three of these into one whole thing lol)

Ninja Brian was never in a good mood.

Like, ever.

As long as Danny had known him, which had been for decades, he couldn’t ever recall seeing him smile even once. And even when Brian was in a decent mood, he’d still snap Danny’s neck in a split second over nothing. But no matter what mood he was in, he never smiled. Ever. It was something about not showing weakness or some bullshit like that, Danny remembered Brian signing to him once.

But today, Brian was really fucking pissed. Why?

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Unexpected reunion (Tobi/Simon Request)

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.
The main words running through your brain amongst the utter, burning shock of seeing who was in front of you.
Of all the people, did he really have to be here? Did he really have to be friends with Tobi? Did he have to be such close friends with him? Him?
He looked different but not too different. His hair had grown out more now, his face and muscles more defined. But still the Simon you knew. Mousy brown hair on his head and piercing eyes focused on yours.
You hadn’t seen him in so long. Since you were 18 in fact. Since you first left for travelling, for going to make your mark on the world. It had been messy towards the end. You were going to leave for two years at a minimum and he would be staying in England. Though he adored you more than anything, it would be impossible for anything between you to work. So things had ended. As inexperienced teenagers, you left each other. And of course, it was tough. But you went on to accomplish what you had always wanted to. Help charities, swim in the wild with dolphins, explore rainforests, climb to the top of mountains and dive to the bottom of foreign seas. You’d spent two years having the best time of your life and by the time you returned, Simon was simply a happy memory. A time of your life. A past event.
Though to Simon, it hadn’t happened like that. He’d moved in with the guys, he’d become successful on YouTube, built his career doing what he loved but there was always something missing. The girl that put the biggest smile on his face. That beat him in video games and laughed at his defeat. That knew him better than he knew himself. He always told himself there was no chance of him ever finding anyone as good as you. And that’s why he had always been single. Any girl he met, or spoke to, he found flaws in them that didn’t match to you. They didn’t make him laugh like you did. They didn’t touch his arm and make him feel that immature electricity that never went away. Nobody could be even close enough to being a match to you.
“Do you guys know each other?” Tobi asks, his arm still comfortably around your waist.
“Um” You start, “Yeah, our parents have known each other for years” You smile.
“Yeah, what a coincidence?” Simon exclaims, “Its great to see you”
“Yeah, you too” You nod, returning his friendly hug.
“I’ll just grab us some drinks, okay babe?” Tobi comments, heading off to the kitchen.
You notice JJ looking between you and Simon and widen your eyes slightly at him. When you and Simon were together, it was more of a long distance style. You lived an hour away so you knew JJ but only as your boyfriend’s best friend.
“Right, we should go grab the stuff to record” Josh nods before being followed out by the ones you now knew as Ethan, Vik and Harry.
JJ and Simon stop behind.
“I’m right aren’t I? You two…” JJ begins.
“Yeah” Simon replies quickly.
“Fucking hell” His friend mumbles, “I should leave you to it”
He quickly heads outside, evidently going to Tobi to stop him from entering again.
“So, how are you?” You ask politely.
“Im good, thanks” He scratches the back of his neck, “You?”
“Great” You say, “What a small world ay? You knowing Tobi” You chuckle lightheartedly.
“Yeah, tell me about it” He laughs, a hint of wanting to say more in his voice.
“I can’t believe you guys know each other” Tobi exclaims when he walks in.
“Yeah we were just saying” You smile.
“How do your parents know each other then?” Tobi asks inquisitively, taking a seat with you beside him on the couch.
“Our dads did a job together once and our families met through that” You explain. That was true.
“This is crazy” He chuckles, “Have you seen anything of the house yet babe?”
“No nothing” You shake your head.
“I’ll show you around” Simon states, “Tobi, the guys can help you set up for your video”
“Ahh thanks man” Your boyfriend responds and you follow Simon around the house.
You try your best to focus on the different rooms so you didn’t get lost whilst staying here but you still felt in a weird sense of shock that he was here.
“We can’t tell him” Simon states simply as the pair of you walk up to his room.
“What?” You frown, slightly disgusted.
“We can’t tell Tobi that we used to date” He shakes his head.
“I’m not lying to him!” You exclaim, “No, I can’t”
“You have to! We can’t suddenly admit that we used to date until the age of 18 and now you suddenly happen to be dating him!” He retorts, stubborn as usual.
“I don’t give a fuck. If he has a problem with it, we’ll deal with it. But he’s my boyfriend and I’m not comfortable with keeping a huge part of my life away from him” You reply. Truth in a relationship meant a lot to you. Even if it did sound cringey. It was one of the reasons Tobi adored you so much.
“You haven’t changed” he chuckles.
“Why shouldn’t we tell him?” You ask.
“Because-” he starts, “ Because I’m still in love with you”
You freeze more than you did when you first saw his face.
“Wh-” you begin.
“Because ever since you left, I’ve not stopped being completely fascinated by you. Like I always was. I’ve not stopped laughing at your jokes whenever I remember them or smiling when I think of you” He explains, “I’ve never stopped remembering the girl that made those years the best years of my life” He croaks.
From the corner of your eye, you notice a box in the corner of his room that you gave to him on his 18th birthday as one of his 18 presents. It was filled with small memories of the pair of you. Photos, movie tickets, snow globes from places you’d been to on holiday, small cards with your funniest quotes or jokes. Everything of his relationship with his babygirl.
“I figured I should keep it” He smiles when his eyes follow yours, “I tried to get rid of it when you left but there’s so much in there that I couldn’t bare to lose. I’ve never shown the guys”
“Simon, that part of our life was when we were teenagers and young and innocent. And that’s great. And I loved that. But its not the point. I’ve moved on, I’ve travelled the world, I’ve seen different cultures, I’ve changed. And if you haven’t, then okay. But I love Tobi now and im happy with him. We’re really happy. High school doesn’t last forever Si” You sigh and he looks down.
“Simon, you ready to film?” Ethan calls upstairs.
“We’ll be right down” He responds loudly, his eyes not leaving yours.
You nod and walk past him, heading instantly downstairs.
“What’s wrong babe?” Tobi frowns as soon as you walked into the lounge. He instantly knew something was happening as always.
“Its okay, I just remembered there’s something I need to talk to you about” You force a smile, trying your best to ignore Simon’s lingering stare.

slightly aged up (like maybe a year or two lol) shallurance~ gave ‘em all piercings and really wanted to play with allura’s hair :—))

y’know what they say….be the content u wanna see in the world. if im mad about the shallurance tag being empty, guess i should fill it myself 🤷🏻‍♀️

Something MitJo I wrote while I was sick as a dog on vacation

Jonas figured there was nothing as unnerving as that sly sneer.

He thought that, at least, until he witnessed the abject absence of it.

And that was much worse.

Of course, he couldn’t just ask “what’s wrong,” because Mitch would probably retort some stupid and unfunny joke in response. But Jonas did wonder.

He stood out in the water much farther than usual, the surf at the middle of his chest. His t-shirt, stained and likely older than Jonas wanted to guess, clung to his skin in the places where the waves had soaked it. Mitch was basically drenched.

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What makes me really sad is that I think that Lucifer would have actually killed himself for Michael on that battlefield (or cemetary whatever) back in season 5. A slight chance of it if Dean didn’t interrupt their scene.

They would have circled around each other, then try to fight with archangel tricks, but keep on talking through the whole scene until eventually at some point, they’d randomly get to memories of Heaven when they were reunited and happy. They would stop everything they’re doing, realising that this is wrong.

“What are we even doing right now, Michael? What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?” Lucifer would say, “Would you look at us?”

Michael would’ve dropped his dagger, but Lucifer wouldn’t. He wouldn’t be able to because something would’ve told him that he can make his brother shine in victory. And Michael would have looked at him pleadingly and reach out with one hand, ask him to do the same.

“You’re right, brother,” he would finally say, “Please, drop your weapon. It’s over—”

“No, not yet.” Lucifer would object, and turn the blade in his hand, offering it for Michael to take, “You are right; I am a monster. For doing what is wrong. And we shall end this.” Michael would look down at the blade, and back to his brother, bewildered and deeply hurt.

“I am not going to.”

“Please, Michael. This is what you wanted.”

“No! this is what Father wanted.”

They’d approach, step for step, word for word until Lucifer is able to grab Michael’s hand and force him to take the dagger, and he’d be smiling with pain visible in his eyes,

“It is indeed what Father pleased, and you are a good son, Michael. So please, make him proud of you for me.” he’d say, “Our motivational quote was; A good soldier’s gotta do what a good soldier’s gotta do, remember?”

Michael would hold onto Lucifer’s wrist, the one hand that holds the blade that’s directly pointed at the younger one heart. He’d be silent for a while, not look up at the eyes that stare at him with encouragement.

“I do remember,” he’d whisper, “How Gabriel used to chant ‘Heroes fight for what is right’, how we’d combine our grace to create, how we…loved each other—”

A shaky breath would leave Michael’s mouth when he feels Lucifer pierce the blade through his own heart, making him gasp for a short amount of air.


“You still remember,” Lucifer would whisper gratefully, “Everything.”

Michael’s hand would tighten around Lucifer’s wrist, he wouldn’t let go. He’d be forced to watch his younger brother die in front of him, blood trickling over his hands. The color would drain out of Lucifer’s eyes whilst he looks at Michael as and he slowly dies into his arms. Michael would shout his name, scream, cry, over and over—hold him back, slowly kneel down with his brother in his arms. The one he raised. The one he loved. He’d bury his face into Lucifer’s hair, and stay there. He wouldn’t leave.

“Of course I remember,” he’d murmur with a sheepish smile that he wouldn’t hold longer than two seconds as tears would be free’d, “How could I possibly forget?”



IMAGINE Jungkook as your cop Boyfriend who enjoys using his police status just to get what he wants.Always showing up to your work with his cop uniform and that stick that seems threatening in your opinion.

“ Y/N ,you’re under arrest”, he’d stare at you with that serious gaze

“What is it this time, Officer Jeon ?”, you roll your eyes “Did I steal your heart again? Seriously …please never use this line on me ever again”,

“ Babe, you don’t understand, I had to use that pick up line at least once on you~”, he’d nudge you with that cute tone and you chuckled at his adorable sight 

Of course, he had to act cute around you even though his uniform made him sexy at all times.

“ I mean…I’m an officer, I must arrest people that go against rules! Especially when they steal stuff like my heart”, He raises a seductive brow

“So what’s up? You want to put me in a cell now?”, you pout “ Sometimes, I don’t know if you’re supposed to be a cop or my boyfriend!”, you poke his cheek “How in the world am I supposed to address you?”

“ Hm… “, he taps his chin as if he’s thinking before staring back at you “I love it when you call me Jungkook…but the thing is that, I love how you call me Officer Jeon”, his sneaky smile shows up “ It sounds sexy, when you do”,

He gives you that seductive gaze as he pulls your waist closer to him to have a better look at your facial features.You’re beautiful to him and he wants to look at you, since it’s been so long since you’ve spent time together.

He touches the side of your cheek to bring your face closer to his. He stares at your eyes twice before biting his bottom lip and leaning to your lips level.You push his chest with your palm and he furrows his brows in disagreement.Why did you just push him away? He wanted to feel yours lips so bad against his, yet you just broke his moment. It has been for about more than a week  that he last kissed you, since he’s been on duty for so long.

“You sneaky little shit! I swear , you’re the crime, not me!”, you slap his arm “Are you insane?! We’re at my workplace! Please behave!”, you scold him

He stares at you in disbelief.

“ Did you just reject a kiss from me ,right now?”, he raises his brows while touching his chin

“Yes , I did! As an officer, you should now more than me, that this its ethically not correct to kiss your significant other while you’re on work hours”, you comment 

“ Who invented such rules?”, he crosses his arms against his chest “ You know what? I feel like going against the rules right now”, he smiles at you

He walks a step closer to you

“NO ,JEON!! Please no!!”, you tap his chest with your palm “My job is on line!! Let’s not break the rules for just a kiss! I need to keep this job!”

He snickers with that very seductive gaze he harbors on the floor before looking back at you

“I think you must have forgotten something after we got in a relationship”, he comments before leaning to your ear level “ I make the law”, his whisper sends shivers down your spine

“What are you saying?!”, you push him before pinching his cheek “Look Bunny, Go back home and wait for me instead of getting me in trouble. We’ll share all the kisses you want at home”, you smile at him still pinching his cute cheeks

He suddenly grabs your wrist and yanks it away from his cheek, before giving you that deep piercing gaze that amkes you weak to your knees

“ I’m the police Y/N, shouldn’t you treat me more seriously?”, he’d smirk

You feel yourself getting weaker as he steps closer to you

“ I-I-I…STOP staring at me like that!”, You stare at the ground “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“ Oh really?”, he raises a brow “ I think I’ll need to investigate that further”, he comments “ I’ll give you a choice”, he suddenly says

You seem confused.Just what is he saying now?

“  Is it me or your job?”, he stares at you

“ WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT?!”, your eyes widden

“ Do not yell at me! I’m Officer Jeon Jungkook !! “,he flaunts his name on the badge “ You better behave, or I won’t be nice”

“Great… Are we cosplaying now?”, you rolled your eyes in disbelief “ I never thought you’d be into those kind of things”

“ So , choose”, he cuts you off

“ For now, its my job! I might love you Jeon, but I need this job”, you stare at him with a serious gaze “ Please understand…”

“I See…”, he nods his head still with that stoic expression “Seems like you enjoy being a bad girl”, he stares at you “ Well, I’ll have no choice,but to arrest you for that”

The next thing happens so quickly. You hear a metallic sound and feel something cold around your wrists.Did he just handcuff your hand together with his hand?!Your eyes widden in response

“ YAH! JEON JUNGKOOK!! ARE YOU CRAZ–”, you’re about to yell at him, but he puts his palm over your lips and smiles at you

“ I’m arresting you for offending your boyfriend , You have the right to stay silent and anything you say can be held against you.”

You quickly remove his hand from your mouth to deeply breath and frown

“what is he saying now?!”, you comment “ Jeon Jungkook, are YOU DONE BEING INSANE?!”, you glare at him “ You better free me , RIGHT NOW!”

“What will happen If I refuse? “, he smirks

“ I’ll kill you”, you show him your fist

“Damn, you just threatened me…” jungkook’s eyes rounded “ I don’t think I’ll be able to free a girl that just threatened a police officer that happens to be her own boyfriend”, he shook his head

“ Yah!”, you yell

“ I warned you”, he smirks before adding “ Everything you say will be held against you”, he winks at you “ Now, I think you’ll to follow me to the police station”, he drags you with him

“ Jungkook!”, you whine “ Let me go!!!”

“It’s not happening”, he stares at you as he drags you out of your office “ I’m not some easy cop that frees a girl, just cause she’s cute and she happens to be my girlfriend”


“ oh man …HOLY SHIT!!! THAT’S A DOUBLE THREAT!”, he frowns at you “ Y/N…you’re probably the first woman I heard trying to threaten me twice in a row without any fear”, he scoffs 

You sigh and grab the side of his uniform.Why not try to be cute ? Maybe it’ll work

“ Baby, please free me… I have to get back to work in 5 minutes! My break is over!”, you pout 

“ Don’t try seducing me with those eyes!!”, he stares away “ It won’t work!”

You sigh once last time before tiptoeing and pressing your soft lips on his rosy cheek. Officer Jeon’s cheeks are red like tomatoes and he’s holding on his cheek like no tomorrow. He’s shy and you know it.He wasn’t expecting this at all

“ Can I go now?”, you nudge him

“ Ok , I’ll let you go, this time!”, he replies in defeat

Of course you were the only exception to his law.

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Back To The Street Where We Began

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Can you write a Frank Iero imagine where you dated him in high school but the two of you had to move away because of college and stuff but a few years later you meet him in a tattoo shop where he is working on and you get your first tattoo with him, after that he asks you out? Thanks”

Word Count: 908

Pairing: Frank x Reader

His hands are cold just like your own and you sigh sadly, feeling your heart cracking. This’ll be the last time you see him and it honestly brings tears to your eyes and it seems like he can’t help it either. He drops one of your hands and cups your cheek, doing his best to smile at you, always the one who has to make light of any situation. You take a shuddering breath and he pulls you into his embrace, holding you tight despite the fact that you’re parents are watching from the car.

“Don’t cry,” he mumbles, voice wet with emotion. “We’ll see each other again.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He kisses you before you walk away, soft and desperate, both of you knowing this is the last kiss you’ll share. And that’s how you broke up with your high school boyfriend a few years earlier, you moved and both of you knew long distance wouldn’t work at your age. Your heart was shattered and although you tried to keep in touch eventually you stopped talking and Frank became a memory you would never let go of. That is until you walk into a tattoo shop and see him leaned over a sketchbook.

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honorable mentions: quotes that didnt make it into my recent "the signs as" post


good evening, you dirty homestuck


i lunch

what are you, a chump

welcome to your tape

i nominate cordy for bucket duty


you got me. i am a cute polyamorous fuck thats allergic to spice

“Yahtzee” said Dave.

“Oppan Gangnam Style,” her brain said approvingly.

“Bruh,” said Terezi.


“i ship it” bb said blankly.

the score is now Cordy 826, Jacob Asshole.

welcome to scenic Screwup City, population Allison Keith

“fuck up”, see under “shut the”

at least we have memes to dull the pain of existence

i once had a dream that the kid who played rico in hannah montana went to our school

im allison, from gym class
im karina, from hell

imagine if all babies sounded like Cr1tikal

i think i convinced my moms friend to name her son eridan

gay love!

bee communism, and robot communism for that matter,

sleepless in seattle 2: electric boogaloo

yknow i dont think nebraska exists

ava and emma are pyromaniacs, more at 11

dont you >:3c at me young man

how did you know chess the musical was a musical about chess

i hate shakespeare but ive alrready sold my soul to the bard

*someone sends me a video of a furry convention*
this is cyberbullying

okay ive wanted to do this for a while but
guys i gotta come out to you
a communist
and a lesbian but more importantly a communist


beef cheek

bernie will pierce me


kisses smorch is a valid fantroll name

i sweater god

sounds like something a daddy dom would say

amelia have you ever heard of a wild concept called church and the redemption of sin

my entire body is in tangible pain!!!


welcome to hellmurder island ill be your concierge


hatsune malfoy

maybe the REAL horcruxes were the friends we made along the way

*soccer mom voice* sorry marlene, you arent daddy material

pumpkin party in sea hitler’s water apocalypse: the real straight agenda


my name. is will SHAW.

*accidentally flushed my pad down the toilet* well this has gone completely fucking pear shaped, looks like theres no other way outta it. youre going to have to decapitate m

no but listen have you ever actually played russian roulette

dave strider, hatsune miku, and vlad the impaler walk into a bar,

brandon you chicken fried fuck

chapter one; old man megido and the freezer of doom


*blasting metal crusher* fuck me mettaton

hey cordy what happens if i snort pop rocks
“you die”
shit really

fuck you and fuck your dog biscuits!!

young man, are you suggesting we blackmail batman

i identify as an anime character, i promise i am pikachu in my heart

im a fucking winner! a winner!!!!

oh shit its sans undertale

No Archive Warnings Apply: Aradia Megido/Aradia Megido

fucking mc escher


*loudly humming megalovania*

sbear ov juddice

shes fuckinh whispering the lyrics to funkytown in my ear

*ievan polkka blasting*

taste THIS rainbow!

goddammit janet


*dani california blasting*

listen. have you ever seen 2001: a space odyssey?
okay watch it and tell me being in love with hal 9000 is wrong

i warned you about the stairs bro, i told you dog



eat me, lizzie millican!

mushroom dance, mushroom dance, whatever could it mean?
“it means youve lived a life of sin”

*loud and squeakily* aND EVERY TIME WE ToUC H—


ha! youre broke!

why is beetlejuice mossy

i am the left brain, i am the left brain
work very hard till my inevitable death brain
you got a job to do, you better do it right
and the right way is with the left brains might

welcome to antisocials anonymous

*angrily* tHIS is why youre nEVER GONNA BE STAGE MANAGER

*someone sneezes* shut the fuck up

your blood is like a venetian delicacy also send nudes


we should all go to comic con as homeless people with aids
“no, annick”

im so sorry mr strizzle

“lance lance revolution”
please watch less voltron

im pretty sure thats called cystic fibrosis

Annick DuChateau has changed her name to 4 Entire DQ Blizzards in a Trench Coat

on the count of three everyone kinkshame karina

thats gay charlotte!!!! thats gay!!!!

“and his memes arent funny”

babbay pullmd close rin the backerseart of yowizr rofetr


i cant believe brandons a directioner
“i cant believe jacks emo”

cry me a table, linda

*groping an undertale body pillow* kama sutra, siena

*singing off key* oNE RinG to RULE THem aLL

soak me in your finest milks daddy

who is our messiah? … mrs d'angelo (our science teacher)

*brandishing a plastic horseshoe* take it back, fuckboy

i hate the library. everyone hates the library. you know what? heres your three dollars. ill see you in hell

every time you speak, i hear the sound it makes when pac-man dies

rey picks up kylo and dunks him in the trash. fucking obliterated

are you a parking ticket? the future terrifies me

if you cant put an end to moffat’s shit writing you cant put an end of my life

cake. stick it in your hoo-hah


oh you love homestuck? name five of his albums

your room has posters with the dead eyes of Cameron Diaz boring through the souls of all who enter—

sollux feels trapped in a hell of “Wheels on the Bus”

holy shit is that kurt cobain

“yahtzee” said dave

“ahem. undertale”

then im gonna pull out my dads bigass bowling ball like “this is 1/800 the mass of vy canis majoris”

only dumbfucks play magic the gathering

in his free time, reginald enjoys BODY SLAMMING CIVILIANS WITH HIS WHEELCHAIR


blondie screeches to a halt, another comrade fallen

meggers preggers


lizzie dont name your kid onomatopoeia

annick youre a running joke in my household

i can cut fabric lady but if you wanna see a super special skill i can cut human flesh

you kids with your understuck and hometale

im extra homosexual, but im in love with him. god bless that man. his laugh is my text tone

bellybutton fetish

Love & Marriage: Part 3

                                                 LOVE & MARRIAGE


After years of following in the footsteps of their relationship shadow, Bucky and his wife offer Steve a small getaway to the cold mountains. Getting to know the the new woman in his life, they realize a change in their own lives . Come to find, it dawns on the married couple just how much time and marriage has changed their once passionate relationship - How will they react to a now new hot couple taking their place on the mantle?

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Kings and queens.

Summary: You get injured on a run but Daryl saved you and admits his feelings.
Warnings: Swearing, violence, fluff.

You sat in the car with Daryl and you couldn’t help but glance at him every 5 seconds. You thought he was ridiculously handsome and your eyes were just drawn to him. He didn’t make it obvious but he could feel your eyes on him, it made him nervous. He didn’t know what was going through your mind, what if you were judging him? He wanted to impress you but he didn’t know how so he just kept his eyes on the road and pretended to be oblivious to the eyes burning into him. You met Daryl and the group at the prison but you were never close to Daryl, now in Alexandria you’d like to say you could call him a good friend, even though you wanted more. You pulled up outside the pharmacy and got prepared.

“Ya ready?” He asked as he stood at the door. You nodded and he banged on the glass to alert any walkers inside, there were only 3 so it didn’t take long to take care of them. You went inside and started to take what you needed, stuffing it into your bag. You picked up a few boxes of condoms and Daryl raised his eyebrow at you.
“Somethin’ yer not tellin’ me?” He smirked and playfully nudged your shoulder.
“I wish! They’re for Rick and Michonne. We aren’t all lucky enough to be getting some in the apocalypse.” You chuckled as you continued to put supplies in the bag. He shook his head and laughed at you.
“I’m gonna take these to the car.” You smiled at him as you left the pharmacy, he replied in typical Daryl style with a grunt and nod. You put your bag in the back seat when you suddenly felt someone roughly grab a fist full of hair, yanking your head back, you felt the cool metal of a blade being pushed to your throat.

“Make a noise and your dead.” You heard a deep voice behind you. You whimpered slightly from the fear and also pain of your hair being pulled so hard. Your heart started hammering in your chest and tears started to slide down your cheeks, you didn’t know what to do.
“Lets wait for your friend shall we?” The asshole smirked as he moved you so you were both facing the pharmacy door, next to the car. Daryl walked out casually and when he saw you he stopped in his tracks, suddenly aiming the bow at the man. He saw your lip tremble and he could see how scared you were, it made him feel sick.
“Let her go!” Daryl roared, the anger in his voice was like fire but it also held panic at the thought of you being murdered by this prick. The guy just laughed at him and pulled your hair tighter whilst pushing the blade harder on your throat, causing a small trickle of blood. You couldn’t help it and you let out a choked sob, your whole body was shaking. Daryl was panicking, his eyes darting from you to the man. There was no way he could get a clear shot of him without hitting you, so he slowly took his backpack off.

“Let her go first.” He demanded, his eyes held such ferociousness you were surprised that laser beams didn’t start shooting out of them. He was trembling slightly, just about keeping it together. His jaw was clenched tightly and his breathing was ragged, he wanted nothing more than to jump on this guy and beat the holy hell out of him for just breathing the same air as you, but he couldn’t.
“And how will I know you won’t shoot me?” He sneered, yanking your head for dramatic effect and making you yelp. Daryl didn’t like it one bit but he didn’t know what else to do, so he threw the bag to the man.
“Alright. I’m taking the car.” He laughed, he used you as a human shield as he got in the car, then just before letting you go, he stabbed you in the side as a distraction so he could drive away without being followed. You cried out as the blade pierced your flesh, the pain was horrific.

“Y/n!” Daryl yelled as he ran to you as the car sped off. You collapsed on the floor shaking, clutching your wound. Daryl grabbed a rag from his pocket and pushed it onto your wound, you could see his hands trembling.
“We gotta get ya back alright? Im gon’ have to carry ya cos we gotta walk.” He soothed, his voice cracking slightly. Your eyes started to close, your body felt weak, you were losing blood fast.
“No, no, no! Y/n! Ya gotta stay awake darlin’, please?” He cried as he grabbed your face to get you to look at him. He was struggling to contain his tears as the realisation of possibly losing you hit him hard. He couldn’t lose you, not now, he needed you.
“I’m…so tired Daryl.” You whispered as you struggled to stay conscious.
“I know sweetheart but ya gotta fight it ok? I need ya to stay with me.” He said softly as he ripped a piece off your shirt and tied it around you to hold the rag in place.
“Am I…am I gonna die?” You asked sadly as your lip trembled slightly.
“Nah, not a chance y/n. Ya ain’t goin’ nowhere ya hear? I’m gon’ lift ya now darlin’ and its gon’ hurt like a bitch, but we need to get ya back.” You cried out as he lifted you, the pain getting worse. You couldn’t control the small sobs as the pain took over and you cried into Daryls warm chest.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, I know it hurts.” He said with a shaky voice. He couldn’t run without causing you too much pain so he sped walked as fast as he could. He tried to stay calm but inside he was freaking out, the chance of you dying was very real and it was killing him.
“Just leave me Daryl, I’m not gonna make it.” You whispered. You were getting weaker by the second and it was getting harder to stay awake.
“No! Ya gon’ be fine! Stop sayin’ shit like that! We’re gon’ get back and get ya patched up, everythin’s gon’ be fine. I’m gon’ look after ya and treat ya like a fuckin’ queen cos ya deserve it. And ya ain’t goin’ outside those fuckin’ walls ever again.” He commanded as he looked down at you.
“A queen?” You asked amused, trying to ignore the pain.
“Yeah, a fuckin’ queen. Yer amazin’ y/n, I love everythin’ about ya, from the hair on yer pretty head, down to yer soft lil toes. I ain’t ever felt like this before, I didn’t even know what the fuck was goin’ on at first. The things ya make me feel, ya only have to smile and my insides turn to mush. Ya makin’ me soft woman. Ya deserve the world…fuck, ya deserve more. And I ain’t got nothin’ to offer ya, so I never said anythin’, but fuck it. I’m in love with ya y/n, and ya ain’t gon’ die cos I won’t let it happen.” He admitted sternly, avoiding your gaze in fear of rejection. You were silent for a moment, taking in what he had said, the pain in your side suddenly not as bad. Daryl glanced down at you, silently freaking out that he said too much.
“You…You love me?” You asked in disbelief with a slight smile on your face.

“Yeah, every lil bit of ya.” He chuckled slightly.
“I love you too Daryl. I honestly didn’t think you felt the same.” You admitted shyly.
“I’d be a fool not to.” He smiled looking at you, your words had lifted him greatly. You loved him, he was actually lucky enough to have someone as amazing as you that loved him. All the years of being made to feel worthless and unlovable were erased in an instant at your words. You groaned in pain as it started to hurt more again just as you got to the gates of Alexandria. Your eyes started to close again and you couldn’t control it.
“Wake up sweetheart, ‘member what I said, ya gotta stay awake!” He panicked as he looked at you, but his words fell on deaf ears as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and the world went black.

Your eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the light, you soon realised you weren’t dead because your side was hurting like a bitch. You looked to your side and saw Daryl sleeping in the chair, you were in the infirmary. You’d been patched up and had no idea how long you had been out. You tried to sit up and moaned in pain as you did, the stitches were pulling. Daryls eyes shot open and he flew towards you.
“Thank fuck yer awake!” He cried as he sat on the bed and grabbed your hand, clutching it like his life depended on it.
“How long was I out?” You asked as you tiredly rubbed your eyes. He smiled at you, thinking you looked adorable.
“Just one day, but I was startin’ to worry I wasn’t gon’ see those pretty eyes again darlin’.” He admitted as he stroked small circles into the palm of your hand. You smiled at his words and blushed as you remembered his confession on the way back. You bit your lip and with your free and hand you cupped his cheek, stroking it lovingly with your thumb. He sighed contently and leant into your soft hand, the feel of your skin setting his ablaze.

“Come here.” You smiled, trying to pull him closer. He leant in and his lips caressed yours in tender but loving kiss. You could feel his raw emotion in the kiss, the love, the pain from nearly losing you, it was all there. You broke apart and he rested his head on yours as you both smiled at each other like a pair of love struck teenagers.
“I love ya Queen y/n. ” He smirked, making you chuckle.
“I love you too King Daryl.” You smiled as he laced his fingers with yours.
You couldn’t help but be a little grateful at the fact you got stabbed because you knew that Daryl probably wouldn’t have revealed his feelings otherwise. As you stared into his beautiful blue eyes you felt excited for the future. For the first time in a while, you finally felt hope.

Day 10 - YouTube AU

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Baz is a famous YouTuber who is known for his violin skills. He plays a lot of covers of songs mixed with a few original ones.

Simon is a hot mess of a human being. He’s less busy on YouTube but he’s incredibly vine famous. Think Thomas Sanders because he would be an incredibly nice human being making jokes with friends that somehow blow up one day.

He goes to check on why it blew up so much and he finds a video recommended for him on a channel (I can’t think of a name but its something like BazTalks or GrimmlyPitch or idk). Apparently this super popular YouTuber mentioned him in one of his Q&A videos when someone asked what his favorite vine account was. Baz had given a short list (which included Simon’s channel).

So Simon watches some of Baz’s videos and he quickly falls in love with his piercing eyes and the sharp way he pronounces words and how at peace he looks when he plays the violin.

Penny, at the time, is a YouTuber known for book reviews and the occasional skit or cooking tutorial (which turns into drunk kitchen very quickly). She has known Simon since middle school where they became fast friends, and she knows him like the back of her hand. So it’s not a surprise when she confronts him about his internet crush.

Luckily for Simon, Penny knows Baz through the YouTube world and arranges for them to do a collab. So Penny brings Baz in and they do a sort of collab about a book about a young musician or something lmao. Simon comes home from school or something and hears Penny making a video but he sneaks into the room and nearly drops his papers when he sees Baz.

They invite him into the video and it gets a lot of views so they do some more in the future, and Baz helps Simon set up a YouTube account where he posts longer videos discussing his life and current events, some prank videos thrown in there too. A bit after that though, Baz opens his feed to see that Simon has posted a coming out video where he talks about being bisexual and stuff. So then Baz is like “holy shit he could actually like me” because somewhere along the line he’s definitely fallen in love with Simon’s laugh and his smile and everything else.

So Baz calls him about it and they have a long conversation about what sexuality means to them and it ends with Baz deciding to make one too because it’s been long enough.

A few days after Simon Snow’s coming out video was first uploaded, Baz uploaded his as well. Baz asked Simon out just to see how things would go and they both had such a good time (Baz kan be nice when he isn’t trying to act like a jerk and Simon makes terrible hilarious jokes). They decide to start dating and they’re very cute together and everyone is so happy for them.


McCree's light up nips
  • Me: that just makes me think of him as a stripper
  • Pug: LOL
  • Me: light up nipple piercings
  • Pug: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  • Me: see now im jsut imagining that being what mccree did in between being in blackwatch and returning to overwatch once the recall happened
  • some town had a male stripper with light up nip piercings and cowboy gear
  • Pug: frankly that would be amazing
  • Me: then, for some reason, the new 'watch needs to go through the town or stays over night or something and ppl reconize him
  • ppl are like "ahhh it's great to see u are you gonna preform tonight??????" and he's all emberassed, the other OW people are confused as hell
  • "perfom? like riding a horse or whatever cowboys do?"
  • Me: meanwhile the lady running the supermarket just grins. "You ain't see him preform before? Well, now ya' gotta, Jess!"
  • he's jsut like "thank god that I don't own assless chaps anymore"
  • Pug: LOOOOOL
  • but he's always wearing assless chaps
  • Me: ...TRUE BUT I MEAN LIKE...stripper versions
  • I DUNNO SHUT UP if i knew more I would write this as well because it's jsut hallarious
  • (so jesse gets bullied into doing it. everyone else is like "why are we going to a bar oh well")
  • (Tracer and Dva are filming)
  • Pug: GOOD LORD
  • Me: "haha I wonder wh--OH MY GOd he's a stripper"
  • Fortunatly (or unfortunatly) he slips back into it and just...blocks out that he's there for work and people who he lives with are there. watching him strip on stage
  • Hana is also streaming to her fans. she slapps a 19+ age stamp on that sucker as soon as she realizes what's going on
  • Pug: everyone just starts spamming this in the stream chat (nutbutton.png)
  • Me: FUCK
  • jfgkdsl;
  • yEP
  • and that was the night that an entire, large, portion of Hana's fanbase gained the name "cowboy fuckers"
  • meanwhile he's go no shirt on, light up nipple piercings anddddd he's about 4 steps from giving someone a lap dance
  • (who gets the lap dance. is it genji its genji)
  • Pug: YES
  • Genji joins him and starts doing it too B)
  • Me: now......does jesse know how to pole dance. does genji
  • ( "cowboy stripper is back and he brought a cute cyborg friend" "shit I'm on my way" )
  • Pug: yessss omfg
  • Me: (the ppl traveling: Jesse, Genji, Hana, Lena, Lucio, and 76. Everyone else is back at home going "...am I surprised? No)
  • Lucio ends up in charge of the music
  • (they were there to be undercover and I mean, who's gonig to look at some strippers and think they're overwatch? noone, gosh)
  • (I literally am not writing it but damn do I wanna read it XD
Give Me Love part 3

Pair : Jensen x Reader

Music : Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Warning : Slight angst, Cheating, Cursing

A week has come and gone. Spent my days away from Danneel and Jensen. 

Its not that I wanted to avoid them, I just needed space, to think and pull myself together. 

It isnt fair. All my life, I had never worried about love. Never cared to find a soul mate, only about my career. Until now. Until that annoying, son of a bitch walked into my life and changed the way I thought of love. I watched him fall hopelessly in love with my sister. Watched them grow as one and become something out of a fairytale. 

But with Jensen, he always made me feel important. Like i mattered in the world, and he was always there for me no matter what. And that was our friendship. We made each other laugh, cried together, bicker and make fun of each other. But in the midst of it all, somewhere between the years of growing close to him, I fell for him. 

The sun set, and it was time to say goodbye to Danneel. 

“I’m going to miss you.” She muttered as she pulled me in to a tight hug. 

“Me too. Better bring me back something.” I laughed. 

Daneel flashed a smile, and turned her gaze to Jensen, who stood behind her with JJ in his arms. This was the first time I saw him in a week, and it made my stomach churn. 

Watching him pull her into him, pressing his lips to hers, it made me cringe. Why did I have to care? He was married to her, it wasnt like he was cheating or anything. 

“I love you too.” i over heard him whisper to Danneel. 

And here i am, feeling a fool. 


The drive back home felt like forever. Tension was thick, almost suffocating. I watched him in the corner of my eye, feigning for him to look at me. Aching for a small touch. 

JJ battled sleep, but lost immediately after leaving the airport. 

Faint music played along in the car, the sun beaming through the window, I couldnt help but feel anxious. 

Jensen cleared his throat, catching my attention. 

“Are we going to talk about the ferris wheel?” He asked. 

I swallowed hard, feeling my body tense. I didnt prepare myself for this, for the talk that could make or break this relationship. 

“Th-theres nothing to talk about Jensen.” I hesitated. “You’re married to my sister. Thats it.” 

His grip grew tighter along the steering wheel. 

Jensen kept to himself, his jaw clenched shut as he never removed his gaze from the road. 

“Why are you doing this to me?” I thought to myself. 


As days slowly passed by, with keeping my distance from Jensen, i was beginning to feel alone. 

Just a simple hello and going on with our day, wasnt what i wanted our relationship to end up. I missed him. I missed him more every second. 

He was about to leave for a week, to go back and film an episode for the show, but I couldnt let him leave like this. I couldn’t pretend everything was ok. 

“We need to talk.” I muttered, my chest tightened as he slowly crept his eyes up toward mine. 

“Whats up?” He stammered, his eye brows furrowed. 

I wanted to just run up to him, pull his face to mine and tell him i love him. Tell him just how much he means to me and that I want him more than anything. 

“What happened to us? We used to be so close. I could talk to you about anything, and now-” I paused, swallowing hard as I felt my stomach twist with nervousness. “And now we can barely look at each other.” 

Jensen took in a deep breath. His eyes averting from mine to the floor. “I told you how I felt on the ferris wheel, I basically wore my heart on my sleeve and you just sat there. Its been 3 weeks Y/N, and not once have you told me how you felt. What you’re thinking.” 

“Because it doesn’t matter Jensen. You’re married to my sister. Not some random chick that i can care less about. My own flesh and blood.” 

He shot his eyes up, staring intently into mine. He clenched his jaw, almost as if he were about to punch a wall. 

“I know. This is so screwed up. I love my wife’s sister. I am in love with you, and I cant have you. Its killing me. Seeing you, talking to you, being close to you like before, it would break me. Unless” He paused, propping up on his feet slowly walking toward me. “Unless you feel the same way about me.” 

My breath hitched to the back of my throat. Heat escaped my body as he inched closer, close enough to smell him. 

“I-I cant. I cant have feelings for you.” I exhaled. 

Our eyes pierced into each other, as the sound of our hearts beating faintly echoed around us. 

“Do you love me?” He muttered. 

I bit my lower lip, trying to hold back the tears, wishing things were different. 

“Yes.” I whispered. 

A small smile appeared on his face, as he closed the distance between us. Mashing our lips together. becoming perfectly in sync to one another.  

Our breathing became heavy as our kiss grew intense. His hands traveled along my body, reaching a stop near my waist. Lifting me off the ground, I wrapped my legs around his torso. He slammed my back against the wall, His lips never leaving mine. 

He tasted of Beer. But it was refreshing, making me want him. His lips pulling me in, feigning for more. I nibbled his bottom lip, making him groan in pleasure. 

Pure bliss vibrated through me as he clutched on to me, his hands gripping on to my waist. Was this really happening? 

Making our way to the bedroom, Gently laying me down. Jensen ripped off his shirt, as i mirrored his actions. He climbed over me, licking his lips, hungry for more. 

“God You’re perfect.” He muttered before crashing his lips on to yours.

Jensen’s body swayed with mine. My skin hitting his, created goosebumps all over me. 

Quickly, he pulled his pants off, and removed mine without missing a beat. His rough hands slid down my thighs teased me in every way possible. 

I couldnt take it anymore. Pushed him down, pulling myself on top of him. My heart raced as I felt him inside of me. 

Riding along and hearing our moans fill the air. It was like We were meant to be right where we were. 

Our breaths became even, as I tilted my head back, feeling nothing but bliss all inside of me. My walls molded around him able to feel every inch of him. 

His nails dug into my legs, making the moans grow louder. 

“Oh fuck!” I yelped, feeling myself reach my climax. 

I laid over him, riding harder and faster. He began grunting in my ear, pulling me in closer. 

His hand squeezed my leg, his eyes closed shut as he let himself go inside of me. Watching him escape into paradise, I felt myself reach its end. My body growing tense as he released his grip. 

“Fuck that was” He exhaled. “Amazing.” He laughed. 

I rolled over to his side. Trying to catch my breath. My heart felt as if it were about to jump out of my chest from the adrenaline that pulsed through my veins. 

“Yeah it was.” I chuckled. 

We heard a door close, making us snap our attention toward the noise. 

“Jensen, Im home!” Danneel muttered, walking up the stairs. 

My body stiffened. feeling my stomach churn as my breath escaped and I no longer had the power to move.

“Shit.” Jensen whispered, jumping out of bed and pulling his pants up. I snapped back to reality as the situation dawned on me. 

My sister was about to walk in on her husband sleeping with me, her flesh and blood. 

I swallowed hard. “Holy shit.” I muttered.