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Shameless Imagines 2- You Mean so fucking much to me (Lip Imagine)

Paring: Lip x reader

Request: Could you do an imagine where the gallaghers and Mickey find out you self harm.

Description: You werent like the rest of your Milkovich family, you were weak and you just needed something that made you feel alive again. Everything was fine until they found out and the look on Mickeys face was more than heart crushing.

Warning: Mentions of selfharm, please read with caution. i love you all.


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lip looked at you, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He didn’t understand how it got this bad, all he wanted to do was fix you, to put every fucking piece that your dad had broken back together.  

You two had been the only ones home in the Gallagher house and decide to have some fun, It had been a while. In the moment you had forgotten about the scars on your upper thigh and Lip was making his way down when he saw them. 

“Whats wrong baby?” you asked, looking at him. His eyes had become glossy and his face had gone pale, you still not realizing what he had seen. He shook his head not saying anything and told you he felt sick before running to the bathroom.

When he got to the bathroom he slid down the walls, so unsure of what he had just saw.He knew how bad things were at home and even with the love and support of Mandy and Mickey it wasn’t even to protect you from Terry and the horrible things he had done.

Lip felt horrible and useless, he couldn’t save you. Lip had protected you from so many things, people at school, creepy guys, Karen, all of it. But lip wasn’t enough to protect you from your own dad, no one was. 

After a few minutes he had returned from the bathroom making some bullshit excuse about food poisoning and how he just wanted to lay in bed with you, honestly you were perfectly okay with that. There was something about being held by Lip that made you feel like everything would be in life.


Over the next few days you had noticed that lip had been acting weird, he wanted to go where ever you were, constantly asking you whats on your mind or if you were okay, being more loving and gentile than he normally had been. You had gone home to spend some girl time with your big sister Mandy. You two had been best friends since you were little, Only being 2 years apart you both had so much in common and she was just easy to talk too. You had thought for a while about telling her how bad things had gotten. Even though Terry had once again been put in jail, things hadn’t calmed down for you yet. You had been having nightmares about him returning, about hitting you or hurting Mickey and him making you watch again. You had been so traumatized by one man and it made you feel so weak, and seeing the scars afterwords had made you feel even worse but you couldn’t stop, you needed release. 

You felt kind of numb lately, feeling like you were floating through life, feeling worthless and used. You had wanted to talk to lip about it, but you didn’t want to see the look on his face. When you cried he felt broken. When he had found you on the floor after Terry had left he left broken, whenever you weren’t okay he felt broken. You could see it in his eyes and you didnt want that. You didnt want him to worry, to cry, to feel like he wasn’t doing enough because he was doing more than enough, it was just a phase of pain and once it was over you would be okay again. Little did you know that he was already worrying, already beating himself up for not noticing earlier and he had spent an hour after you left crying.

The next day Lip had called Mickey, Ian and Mandy over to the Gallagher house, he wanted to talk about this and see what they should do. As Ian and you had been best friends since you were kids which led Mandy and Ian to be friends which led Ian and Mickey to become whatever the fuck they were and Mandy and Mickey being your older siblings, those were the people Lip called, the ones who loved you and cared about you,

The 5 of you had become really close, almost like your own little family and lip knew that they needed to help you.

“Whats going on Gallagher” Mickey said taking a seat at the dinning room table next to Ian as Mandy had sat on the other side of the two love birds and Lip had sat on end, making sure he could see the 3 of them.

“Its about y/n” Lip said but then was cut off by Mickey interrupting him.

“I swear to god if you got my sitter pregnant i will fucking kill you with my cold fucking hands” Lip laughed and nodded before explaining that him and you were always safe and you weren’t in fact pregnant which gained a “Better fucking not be” from the carrot boy.

“Me and Y/n were doing some things when I noticed marks on her thighs, both of them. Some were old and some were fresh. I don’t know what Terry has done to her as she hasn’t told me it all but he’s fucking broken her and we need to fix her before she pulls a fucking Monica and I lose the love of my life” Lip said, tears coming back in his eyes.

“You love her?” Mandy asked, a huge smiling coming onto her face.

“What the fuck are you trying to say Gallagher?” Mickey asked, hurting flashing through his voice. Ian grabbed his hand under the table and Mickey laced his fingers with the ginger boys right away.

“I think she’s self harming Mickey, I think living in that house when hes there is toxic for her. He’s ruining her. She isn’t the same. Her smile isn’t as bright and her laugh isn’t as loud. Her eyes don’t shine like they use to” He said., finally allowing tears to fall again.

Who would have though, Lip Gallagher crying, He wasn’t the crying type.He drank when sad emotions came up, but not this time. You were everything to him, his whole fucking world and he couldn’t live without you.

“Ask her to come over, we will talk to her. Tell her we are here.. Maybe she can stay with us for a little. Do everything we can for her” Ian suggested, earning a nod from both the Milkovich siblings.

“Thank you for caring about her, I believe you are the best for her” Mickey said. Mick was hurt that he never realized how much Terry had broken you, he wished he could have done more to protect you from the bastard but there wasn’t much anyone could do when it came to Terry.

You had received a text saying that Fiona had asked Lip to watch Liam and the house was empty and he wanted you to come over. You loved Liam a much as Lip did and when everything happened with Fiona and the drugs and stuff you and Lip had acted like his mom and dad until she had gotten released and you loved it. Since you were a little girl you dreamed about being a parent and being a loving supporting mom, so different than both of your parents. That was your goal in life.

You and lip had talked about it once, saying that he felt the same. He then started talking the big house on the north side that you two would have with your kids and everything you had ever wanted. Thats when you fell so fucking hard for you. He was everything you had ever wanted and nothing could ever change that. 

When you walked in the back door of the Gallagher house you were confused to see Mandy, Lip, Ian and Mickey sitting at the table.

“Whats going on? You said we were babysitting while Monica was working an extra few hours?” You asked as you slipped off your coat and shoes, sitting down on lips lap. His arms went straight to you waist pulling you as close as possible.

“Baby we need to talk to you..” Lip whispered. He didn’t want to cry but you could hear his voice break and it caused you to worry. You stood up eyeing them all. 

“About?” You asked, something was definitely going on and you were scared. Was Terry out? What the fuck was going on?

“We know Y/n” Ian said, looking at you.

“About the cutting babygirl” Lip said turning to you, his eyes extremely glossy and his voice Breaking once again. Who knew one whole fucking sentence could make your whole world crash.

‘Guys please, its not a big deal and I don’t feel the need to talk about this with you. Im fine, its fine now drop it” You said, not letting your voice show the ashamed and sad feelings you felt deep down.

“Sis, we know he was the worst to you, we know you still have the night terrors, we know how broken you feel. Ive tired so many fucking times for him to leave you alone. Watching what he does to you breaks my fucking heart. But me and Lip and Ian, we are gonna protect you. We are gonna save you from him. He hasn’t broken you yet and we wont let him. We love you so fucking much Y/n and you have to stop please” Mickey said, his eyes becoming glossy. The face he made broke your heart.

“Mick.. Please don’t look at me like that. Im fine” You said, trying to make you believe him when you didn’t even believe yourself.

“No you aren’t Y/F/n, you aren’t fine and you need to stop! Do you understand that I cant lose you? How can we get married and have a family if you are dead!? I love you so fucking much and I wont let you do this to yourself anymore. Do you understand? You are worth so much more than that fucking asshole and I refuse to stand and watch you let him win!” Lip said, raising his voice at some point. You started crying, saying sorry over and over and you walked into lips arms, wrapping his arms around your shoulder and one around your head, him placing his hand on the top of you head. He started crying a little too, kissing the top of your head.

Him saying this to you, it made you feel alive again, like when you closed your eyes you saw a future again instead on nothing. You realized that as soon as you and Lip got out you’d be okay. You made a promise to your boyfriend and the family around you that you’d do anything to try and stop and that you loved him.

After everyone had stopped feeling emotional and had calmed down, Mickey had told you that all of them thought it was best to stay at the Gallaghers, still having a room of your own in your house but none of them wanted you to be there when Terry got out. As Ian basically lived at the Milkovich house and Carl was gone to military school and Frank not allowed in the house you had Fiona room to yourself while fiona had Franks room and you couldn’t have to cram into Lips old small bed anymore. You loved the idea of waking up to the love of your life every morning and that lip would be there when you needed him even more than normal.

a month later things were slowly getting better, You hadn’t cut in 3 weeks, the night terrors didn’t come every night like they did at the beginning but when they did lip held you and kissed you and stayed up for a while after you slept to make sure they didn’t happen. You weren’t fixed, it was a slow process but you didn’t feel as broken as you did the night they had told you that they knew. You were so happy they had did what they did, they saved you that night. You couldn’t be more grateful for everything they did for you, they were all family and that would never change.

essay writing strategy

if you’re like me, maybe you have trouble staying focused on your essays or remembering what you’re writing about when you trail off mid paragraph, 

or hate scrolling up and down the page to see things youve written previously/remember what you were talking about! 

ive developed a strategy for countering this sort of thing in my own work, and figured hey maybe i should type it out because it might help some other people who struggle with similar things! so here goes! 

also, uh .. I dunno if anyone cares about this but im using the Great Gatsby as an example, so if you care about being spoiled about stuff that happens in that book.. dont read the examples?

1. Rewrite/copy down your prompt. 

If you have short term memory problems like I do, this can help you actually remember what it is that you’re supposed to be talking about; and if you have issues skimming and skipping words in a sentence, it forces you to read all of it and not miss a key part of your prompt. 

Example prompt: Explore the thematic significance of symbols of wealth in The Great Gatsby, and what the author uses them to say about society in the text. 

2. Make a messy bullet point list of what you know. 

This doesn’t need to be organized. In fact, it shouldn’t be. At this point you’re just throwing your ideas out onto the word processor. Examples you can use, points you want to make, anything else that comes to mind. 


  • Gatsby’s car
  • Daisy as a symbol of money & american dream
    • (quote about her voice being full of money)
  • the valley of ashes 
  • capitalism is bad bcuz it favors people with old money etc 
  • the boat guy 

3. Cut down & reorder your bullet points to make yourself a neat little list. 

Your outline is starting to take shape now! If you can, it’s a good idea to try and think of transitions now; how you’re going to move from subject to subject in your essay. Now is a good time to elaborate on your points, too. 


  • Daisy as a symbol of money & american dream
    • (quote about her voice being full of money)
  • the valley of ashes 
    • (tie that in with the deaths of gatsby and wilson, all the people who “lost” in the book started poor, transition to:
  • capitalism is bad bcuz it favors people with old money etc, end with fancy ass profound quote if u think of one by then 

4. Gather all your points and squish em into one introductory sentence.

Your thesis statement, if you rather. Your thesis statement is something of a “preview” of what’s to come later in the essay, so it’s better to write this after you’ve got your outline down! Make sure that your thesis statement answers/addresses the question posed in the prompt. 


topics covered (daisy, valley of ashes, capitalism, people dead) 

In his novel the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald seems to be criticizing how the American system is stacked against the poor, making it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to truly achieve the elusive “American Dream”. 

5. Stick all that together

Now you’ve got the backbone of your essay! - your thesis statement, and the “topic” of each bit of the rest of your essay. Put this all together, and you’re ready to start padding it out. 


  • (theeeeesiiiiiiiiiisssss) In his novel the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald seems to be criticizing how the American system is stacked against the poor, making it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to truly achieve the elusive “American Dream”. 
  • Daisy as a symbol of money/the american dream (quote about her voice being full of money) 
  • The valley of ashes (poor people in a bad situation in the wasteland of the city) 
  • capitalism sucks bcuz it favors old money, profound quote, bam done we’re gona rock it 

6. Start padding out your essay! 

See, what I like about writing an essay like this is that you don’t have to scroll around your page in order to know what you’re supposed to be writing about in the section you’re working on. Using your bullet points as a guide, write your paragraph under each one. 


  • Daisy as a symbol of money/the american dream (quote about her voice being full of money)
    • A powerful symbol Fitzgerald uses to represent the American Dream is the character Daisy Buchanan. She is explicitly said to have a voice “full of money” and is pursued by many. However, when Gatsby finally achieves his dream of having her in his reach, she seems less magical, less perfect than he remembers; much like the American Dream seems from “close up”. Interestingly, the only one in the end who gets to have “the Dream” is Tom, someone born into money. Gatsby’s attempts to keep her are arguably in vain due to the fact that he used to be poor. 
  • The valley of ashes (poor people in a bad situation in the wasteland of the city)
    • Further commentary on wealth is evident in the area aptly named as the “Valley of Ashes”; the shadow of glamorous, frivolous New York, it is where the poor are left fighting for scraps and cleaning up what the rich left behind. (god, im not gonna finish this, im not getting a grade for this, you get the idea right? write the essay inside your outline. use it like a spine. like a tree trunk, and write the leaves around it.)

7. Write out an intro and conclusion to fit your middle paragraphs. 

Your introduction needs to “fade in” and bring the readers to your “point”; your conclusion needs to “fade out” and show the bigger picture and how your essay applies to other areas. (These aren’t rules that are set in stone per se, just good guidelines to follow when you dont have any other ideas.) 

Your thesis statement is ideally the end of your introduction, leading into the rest of your essay. Generally, the thesis is “restated” in different words in the conclusion, as if in summary. 

8. Delete your outline bullet points and clean it up a little. 

This is like erasing your construction lines after you finish a drawing, and then make sure it flows smoothly together. Reading it outloud to yourself is a good idea, it will help you catch any glaring errors. 

9. Congrats you wrote that dam essay!! 

good job dude!!!!! give yourself a pat on the back and maybe a treat bcuz you deserve it! 

To Borrow #5

My sweet crazy baby Saeyoung <3 I honestly honestly didn’t think I’d want to play this guy’s route. Even more so than Yoosung. However he was my Solas from DA:I in MM. This crazy knowledgable, powerful and horribly broken dark horse that comes to claim your heart out of nowhere <3

Also I am not super tech savvy. I am not a hacker. I am not any sort of programmer. Please just remember that and read ahead with a pinch of salt I guess :) 

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Stressy as Hecky

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A/N: Ooh god please help. im having a terrible time. ive got so much fucking work im actually dying and cant make myself do a bit of it. vent write?  maybe. whatever its another “ethan likes to be helpful” fic. also guess the fuck wgat lol i wrote this instead of doing my own actual essay due in two days for my hardest class yikes lol. i hope everyone who’s doing their exams survives. good luck yall.

You shove the pile of papers away from you with a loud noise of frustration. There was just too much stuff. You prop your elbows up on the table and drop your head in your hands. Things felt so… shit right now. Every time you looked at your copious amounts of work, the words swam on the page and you couldn’t focus on anything, not to mention the hour you’d spent staring at an empty word doc, trying to type up an important essay. You could feel your hands shaking as tears welled up in your eyes. You tried to fight it but couldn’t stop the sob that escaped your mouth. You just had too much to finish and no motivation and you couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that would happen if you didn’t get this done.

You were so frustrated and upset. Just… ugh! You shoved your chair back, pacing up and down the room and rubbing at your eyes to stop the tears. The stress and hopelessness had been building up and was just waiting to crash down on you. “Fuck!” You lash out in your anger, kicking the wall hard. A precariously balanced book wobbled and fell off the shelf on the wall, hitting the ground with a bang. You clenched your fists and tried to calm down, returning to pacing. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to do your work, but at the same time it was the last thing you thought you could force yourself to do. You felt so choked up and pissed off as tears sprang up in your eyes and began to slip down your cheeks. You made another loud noise of frustration.


From outside, Ethan’s soft, concerned voice made you crumple. You caved in on yourself and lowered yourself down to sit on the ground, hugging your knees close to your chest.

“Y/N?” Ethan’s voice, closer this time, rang out. The door to the room opened slowly and Ethan poked his head in. “Everything all right?” He asked, eyes going wide when he saw you on the floor.

You shook your head, staring at the carpet. You heard him shuffle in and you rubbed at your eyes, sniffling and trying to hide the fact that you’d been about to burst into tears.

“Hey…” Ethan says softly, kneeling down in front of you. “What’s wrong?”

You shudder with a heavy breath out and wrap your arms tighter around your knees. “It’s just so much…. Shit. I’ve got so many assignments and essays and I still have to get ready for finals and it’s all just… bullshit!’ God, I hate it.”

“I’m sorry…” Ethan tries. You know he can relate to the stress seeing as he’s raving about all his projects and video deadlines every other day, but school is a different type of Hell.

“I don’t want to do any of it. I’m trying really hard but it’s like… I look at the paper and none of the words make any sense, I just can’t process them. I’m having an even harder time focusing than usual. And I’m trying to force myself to figure it out and finish my work by thinking of all my deadlines, but that just makes me stress out worse and then I start freaking out thinking that I’m gonna fail and-” You gasp, deep and breathless. It’s too much. A sob tears itself from your chest and you bury your head between your knees.

“Hey, hey come here.” Ethan pulls you towards him and you move without protest. He pulls you into a tight hug, rubbing soothing circles against your back and cradling your head against his chest.

“I know this is stressful, Y/N, and there’s really nothing I can do to fix that. But you need to calm down, okay? Easier said than done, yeah, but you need to.” He pulls away to look at you and cups your cheek in his hand, rubbing his thumb against your skin and wiping away a tear. “Just think about it!” He smiles brightly, “All you have to do is finish this stuff and you’re done! No more assignments, just videos and creating your own life! You can do it, I know it.”

You sigh, leaning back against him and letting him hold you close to his chest. You focus on his breathing, trying to match up your own breaths. You stay there, letting him hold you, until you can feel yourself relax. Looking up at him with a sigh, you try to put on a smile. It’s small and still a bit watery, but it works.

“Yeah… okay. That’s good that’s a good way to think about it. Thank you.” You stretch to give him a kiss on the cheek. “I think I’m gonna take a break for tonight, though.”

“Sounds good.” Ethan smiles warmly at you.

“Wanna go watch movies on the couch with a copious amount of blankets?” You ask, smile becoming brighter.

“I’d love to.”

how you get the girl [1]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Prompt: In which the reader tries to help Steve get the girl, unaware that the girl he’s trying to get is the reader.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1k

tagging my momma @shayara bc im kind a proud of this and I want you to see this. remember that requests are open, so go ahead and send them in.

It was around midnight when you were sitting on your own in the living room of the Avengers Compound. The rest of the team were either on a mission or asleep in their respective rooms. You sat huddled in blankets, with a bowl of ice cream in your hands and an old 90’s rom com playing on the tv.

Entranced by your movie, you don’t notice the dinging of the elevator or the heavy footsteps of Steve Rogers. Steve drags his feet along with him until he arrives at the entrance of the living room. He leans against the doorway, arms crossed and a gentle smile playing on his lips as he watches you chug down ice cream with two thick blankets resting around your shoulders. He finally decides to announce his presence by moving to lay down beside you while simultaneously letting out a heavy sigh. You jump in surprise and Steve let’s out a quiet chuckle. “Shit Steve,” you mumble, eyes widening with surprise.

“Sorry, doll, didn’t mean to scare you.” He grins back. He shifts so his lying on his back, with his head in your lap and his hands folded over his chest. Steve lets out another overly exaggerated sigh. You quirk your brows and look down at him. He looks like a lost puppy with confusion swimming in his eyes and his bottom lip between his teeth—and it was quite possibly the cutest thing that you have ever seen.

You clear your throat. “Something wrong, Cap?” You mindlessly ask, trying your best not to seem too interested in his problem. Steve lamely shrugs. “Nothing,” he mumbles so quietly that you barley heard him.

You swallow your disappointment and smile back at him even though it probably looked more like a grimace than anything. Of course his not sharing his thoughts with me when he’s got Sam or Nat. “Okay, good.”

You sit in a peaceful silence for a while before Steve decides to speak up again. “It’s just,” he starts and your eyes lit up, “I like this girl,”

“Oh,” you say, the glimmer in your eyes dying down and your excitement long gone.

“Scratch that, I think I love her!” Steve looks up at you with a gleeful smile and it takes every part of you to stop yourself from crying or throwing up. He was in love. The man you loved was in love. A sudden anger takes over you. How dare he sit here and tell you about how he might be in love with some girl when you’re sitting right here. You who’ve done all you possibly can to show him that you’re there, there for him and there to love him through everything. You’ve been there through Peggy, through the nurse Kate—or rather Sharon Carter—and now when you finally think you have a chance with him, he pulls this!

“But there’s just one problem,” Steve’s voice tears you from your train of thoughts. You cross your arms over your your chest and opts to biting your lip rather than to let all your anger out on him. “Mhm,”

Steve sits up next to you. “I don’t know if she’s interested or not. I mean, we’re great friends, she might even be my best friend after Bucky and Sam!” Ouch. And here you thought you were his best friend after Bucky and Sam. You bit on to your lip harder to keep the anger and hurt at bay.

“So I was thinking about trying to win her over, you know, old school style. Maybe get her some flowers and stuff, do you like flowers, y/n?” Steve pulls out his phone, you presume its for taking notes. “And maybe some chocolate too, what’s your favorite kind of chocolate?”

There’s a ringing in your ears that you can’t seem to get rid of and you can barley hear as he asks for your favorite type of music. By now you’ve actually started drawing blood from your lip and your knuckles have an ugly pale color from clenching them so hard. You push your blankets of off you before grabbing your bowl of half melted ice cream and standing up. Your sudden movements seem to have startled Steve who was now staring at you with wide eyes. “I don’t know Steve! Why won’t you go ask your best friend instead?” You hastily turn around and walk out of the common room, leaving a very confused Steve Rogers behind.

“And then I walked out!” You finished your rant with a breathless huff. Wanda gives you sympathetic smile before reaching over to gently squeezing your knee and hand you another tissue. You mutter a quiet “thanks” and blow your nose with it.

“So,” Wanda begins, “do you know who the girl is?”

You shake your head.

“Really? Not even a slight guess?”

You sigh. “I don’t know Wanda! Maybe it’s Tony’s new assistant Rebecca, maybe Peggy Carter has another niece, who knows?” You throw your arms up in exasperation before crossing them and Wanda fights back a laugh.

“Okay, well whoever it is, I’m sure they’re a wonderful, amazing person.” You frown again, why is everyone so hellbent on reminding you that you’re not good enough.

“Yeah, me too,” you say. You push the blanket off before standing up from where you were seated on Wandas bed. “Thanks for everything Wanda, I’m gonna go to bed, good night.”

“Good night.” Wanda murmurs in return. She watches you as you walk out of the door and carefully close it after you. Wanda lays down on her back, staring up to the ceiling with a smile. Using her telekinesis, she flicks the light switch before getting under her covers. “What an idiot.”

Just do your job

More of a fuck these new co-workers story.

I’ve been working at a crafty retail store for a little over a year now. I know where more than half of the stuff we sell goes by heart and they usually have me working the floor to put away the go-backs and recover the store before close. Its easy for me so I try not to complain much but I’m a little pissed today.
A couple days ago they hired a new girl we’ll call ’T’. T had worked at an overrated coffee shop before and doesn’t seem to realise retail is a bit different. We usually only have 1 cashier at the front most days or 2-3 during rushes. On an expected normal night we will have 1 cashier, 1 manager, 1 sale associate, and 1 framer. So T’s left at the front for most of the day.
Usually the previous sales associates on the floor only recover the store so there is ahuge mountian of go backs when I come in for a closing shift. Im usually the only floor person so I had to work quickly to put everything back and still take care of the customers who stop me. T didn’t seem to care. When she would call me up to help ring up customers she would just up and leave the cash register to do anything else. She would turn her light off and just walk out to the floor. Not for a bathroom break or anything like that. What pissed me off us that she did that shit every time she called me up. About 5-10 times during an average day. I told a manager about it, to ask if they could talk to them but nothing ever happens.
Fast forward 3 days later, I come in for my closing shift at 2.30 just in time to see another new hire having her first training shift. We’re gonna call her ‘T2’. Now, T and T2 are high school buddies, so they stick together the moment T2 starts getting trained. So this sucked because T essentially taught T2 a quarter of the basics they taught her to fucking leave with her when I got to the front. Like shit. Since our go back area is by the register when I’m done with a cart I have to go back up to refill it and they would both leave. And T claimed it was so they can both get floor experience together.
Except!! Except that T was hired as a goddamn cashier. And T2 was hired as a GODDAMN CASHIER. Meaning they both have little reason to have floor experience for go-backs because the manager who hired them said they were specifically hired to stay up front as cashiers. If a customer needs something they T or T2 dont know about all they have to do is radio a manager and 90% of the time they know or they call me or the manager up.
This last night, both T and T2 were stuck at the front due to a line of customers. I was sent out to grab carts from the parking lot. When I had come back in, they whined that they wouldn’t have time to take trash out from under the registers. I’d had gotten so pissed off I took all the trash bins from all 8 registers, brought them to my register, called the next in line and rang them out while I dumped all the trash into one big trash bag. Then, when the last few customers were being rang out while both girls stared at me like I killed a child, I told them to put new bags on the bins and put them back. I left to the managers office after that and complained that they didnt even have a method to throw the goddamn trash out. T had been working a little over a week. T2 has been working 6 days. So why they didnt have a goddamn method for trash is fucking unbelievable. Why it took me under 5 minutes to do when they had 4 hours is fucking bullshit. Mostly angry because they had complained the moment I came back from the hot parking lot dragging carts into the store. They yelled about it front of 15 customers who all looked like I was abusing them. It’s literally a chore at home. My manager had agreed and when closing time came they both were told to leave early and they both looked like it came as a shock.
Look, I have shit to do. I gotta do go-backs, clean up the aisles, and deal with customers and their more than often I-didnt-even-try-researching-before-i-got-here questions. Along with following around suspicious customers, following a big family of children because they ALWAYS leave a trail of messes, and doing exerting projects such as move 150, three pound candles across the store. With only 1 cart and an hour till close and only half an hour after close so I don’t have time for this leaving bullshit. I don’t have time for this 'we dont think we will have time for the trash chore’ bullshit. I have no literal time to get fired for not doing my job because I was doing theirs. Fuck T and T2.

the ghost of you (dylan/eric)

Words: 2640

Trigger Warnings: idk i cant think of any???

Request: Hiya! Would you do a imagine where it’s 2017 and the reader is a teenager going to columbine, and lives in one of their old houses, and doesn’t really pay attention, but the ghost of Eric and Dylan see her and fall in love? I know it’s a weird request but please consider????💘💘💘💘love ur account!!

A/N: fukc this is so badddddd im soRRY!!!!

You crashed onto your bed, sighing angrily and chewing gum.

“I hate this fucking house mom! Go choke!” You shouted cheerily at your mom, who rolled her eyes in the doorway.

“You’ll learn to love it, m’kay?”

“No, fuck you mom! Literally suck on a chode!” You smiled, flipping her off as she left the room. With a snarl on your face, you pulled out your phone from your pocket, flipping on your stomach and opening up snapchat.

Your friend had messaged you, which you hadn’t responded to for three hours. You hadn’t responded to anybody for three hours, you were to busy bitching in the car about how much you hated moving and how you would rather kill yourself than move to fucking Colorado.

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College!AU Seokjin
  • major: broadcasting 
  • minor: hospitality and tourism management 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: cooking club, on campus news channel + interns at the actual city news channel 
  • it is important to point out that the only person out of his crew of friends aka bts he is the only one with a car and all the members keep fighting over who seokjin is going to let borrow his car for the weekend and most of the time seokjin is like this is a Headache and gives it to hoseok because hoseok is nice and also jungkook can’t double park and namjoon drives at a snails pace
  • but yeah he has a car mostly because he has to drive to get to the city news headquarters that is like way too far from campus and the cars like a hand-me-down from his family so it’s kinda old but seokjin always keeps it clean and freshly painted and he has those cute like air fresheners that hang from his mirror because god only knows what the members do in this poor car when he’s not around
  • but seokjin’s car is not the point of this au moving on he’s a broadcasting major and hopes to have a job in news when he’s older, preferably as an anchor at a news station even (a famous one would be even better) and everyone thinks that honestly he’s a perfect fit for the job
  • a) because he’s handsome b) because he has a good voice and c) did i mention he’s drop dead handsome? like imagine waking up, turning on the tv, and there’s seokjin telling you it’s gonna be a sunny day and that the government royally screwed up again. wow. a Dream
  • seokjin’s original major was hospitality and tourism management because he had wanted to go to culinary school but thought that that was way too much of a stretch so maybe working in at a hotel or as an event planner was kind of similar to cooking for many people in a restaurant, but after a while he made it his minor because someone had suggested he should be on TV with those good looks
  • and being an actor was just as a far off as being a chef so he was like what else is on TV? the news
  • and seokjin’s like pretty well informed too, like he enjoys reading the paper and listening to political podcasts (which jungkook and taehyung always whine about in the car if seokjin is driving them all into the city they’re always like “hyUNG this is so sad and the words are so boring let’s listen to something more funnnn” and seokjin’s like “how does radio disney sound for you kids?” and they’re like h Y U N g and seokjin’s like no we’re not listening to any of those songs w swear words in them and yoongi in the passenger seat beside jin is like oh my god seokjin we are all in C O L L E G E 
  • but yeah he like does the weather reporting and reads of the news that goes on on campus but he’s also fascinated by journalism and when he’s at his internship he’s always mingling w the interns that aren’t doing broadcasting but the ones who’re working under the journalists and sources because they’re so cool and know so much and ok some of the stuff they tell him he’s not supposed to know but seokjin is so charming that he could get mr. krabs to tell him the secret to the krabby patty. 
  • not interested in sports broadcasting even though every season the baseball coach sends over half the team to get jin to show up and broadcast live through the university’s athletic channel stream and seokjin’s like no thanks but the coach is like bribe him. tell him he’s pretty. and the team tries but seokjin is like listen i know your coach just wants more people to watch the show for my great face and not the game so im not gonna do it. and the teams like sigh ok but also seokjin is right that’s exactly why the coach wants him to broadcast
  • seokjin is also on the tennis team and everytime he practices the court is full of girls and boys pressed against the fence around the net trying to take photos of him and he’s like flattered but also like !!! be careful you guys i have a very strong swing i dont want any balls going over the fence and hurting anyone!!! 
  • when they play doubles seokjin’s teammate sandeul is always whining about how another fan of seokjins had asked him to get her seokjin’s signature and he’s like seokjin pls im so tired of this someone stole my racket last week thinking it was yours
  • and seokjin’s like im sorry buddy but im cursed with this Beautiful Face what can i do…..
  • sandeuls like let me whack you with this ra- and jin’s like i will end you 
  • and so one day you’re actually featured on the campus new channel because you won an award in your major and it’s nothing hUGE but it’s something so you get an invite to be on the morning segment and you kinda want to turn it down because cameras,,,the whole student body watching you,,,ahhhhhhh no
  • but like your friends are like what nO do  i  t and also they’re like “you’ll get to do it with seokjin, and you know everyone loves seokjin!!! you can’t let this chance go!!!!”
  • and you’re like well like you know who seokjin is but you’re like even if i do this interview it’s not like he’s going to magically fall in love w me or something (Lmao little do you know)
  • so you’re just like fine whatever and you try to wear something nice and you show up and it’s obvious you’re worried because you keep fiddling with your phone
  • until you hear a sweet voice go; “don’t worry. it’s not like this is cable television or anything.”
  • and you look up to see THE seokjin standing beside you with a kind smile on his face and his signature pink tie on and ok wow he’s super handsome up close are his eyes sparkling?? ok wait not the point
  • and you’re like ahHA it’s easy for you you do this every morning and seokjin’s like chuckling like you’re not wrong but seriously don’t sweat it
  • and he like ruffles your hair and goes to sit in front of the camera and you’re like 
  • well one your heart is beating because ok,,,,ruffling your hair?? what is this some romance comic but two; holy shit you’re on in two minutes
  • and the minute seokjin is introducing your name and the award you’ve won you can feel your palms getting sweaty but it’s like somehow you catch a gentle, encouraging smile that seokjin passes on to you and suddenly your throats just a little less dry and you manage to stutter out a little speech about the award and not make a fool out of yourself
  • and all in all the segment with you is only 7 minutes long, but you can’t leave the set till seokjin is done talking and right at the end you notice that seokjin’s sweating a lot and that he keeps trying to move his fingers casually toward the cue cards that are beside you but are too far away and if he just grabs them everyone will see it in the shot
  • and you’re like wait shit did he forget the headlines??? and you can hear seokjin’s lines wavering a bit and he clears his throat right after the weather report and you’re like oh no and seokijn is like “now for more headlines, the real information about campus life and activities, the headlines…”
  • like it’s obvious he’s stalling and the crew is panicking and so you casually put your award down on the table and slip the cue cards into your lap so the camera cant see and without looking at him, you drop the cards in jin’s lap under the table you two are sitting on and like
  • he just needs one glance down to remember the first couple of words and BAM everything comes back to him and he’s making the announcements smoothly and the crew is like thANK GOD the main cameraman even needs someone to like dab the sweat off his forehead for him because that was close
  • can you believe this drama at the on campus news channel like wOW 
  • but yes everything ends and the seokjin turns to you and you’re like !!! good job and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,,,,listen i owe you my life
  • and you’re like ok chill not your life it’s just a show but seokjin is like no no ive never messed up on a broadcast and idk whats happening with me today maybe i was too distracted but really you saved me
  • and you blush like oh,,,,it was nothing quick thinking you know!! and you like get your award and jump off your chair like well!!!! this was interesting and nerve wracking!!! thanks for having me
  • and you do a bow to all the film + broadcasting students and you’re like oh no class is in fifteen
  • and you run off before seokjin can flag you down and give you his number because hey you wanna know why he was distracted?
  • because you were so damn cute
  • ALSO because you see him the next day in the pharmacy off campus buying flu medicine and he’s got tissues sticking out of his pockets and like a neck warmer on and you’re like
  • …….. he forgot his lines because he was also getting sick……..
  • and you walk over like hey!! and he’s like o H and hides behind the cap he’s wearing because he’s like  don’t look at me im usually a 10 but today im an 8 because i look horrible
  • and you’re like no no you’re still like above a 10 don’t worry
  • and seokjin peeks from under his baseball cap like ,,,,,,why thank you *commence a long string of sneezes*
  • and you’re like hey, you should try this tea my mom gave me when she was helping me pack for this semester. whenever i get a cold it always works and im good the next day! and seokjin is like a one day cure for the cold? ill take it i have the morning news to do tomorrow
  • and you’re like cool!!! ill bring some over to your dorm and seokjin’s like ok!! thank you ill pay you back with some good food and you’re like no no you’re sick and he’s like yEs im sick im not dying i can still make some kimchi fried rice.
  • and so you show up to the dorm with your tea bags and seokjin still has his messy hair under his baseball cap and a big sweater on and some sweats and it’s kind of a shock because you’re used to him being all spiffy and well kept when you see him on the campus channel
  • but now he looks like you know,,,,,,like every other sick and stressed kid in college
  • and like seokjin has got his ricecooker on and he’s got all these containers of sidedishes that he’s made and you’re like making him tea
  • and like you barely know each other but somehow it’s very serene and domestic
  • and when you’re done and seokjin drinks like 3 cups of your tea and you eat like 3 portions of his rice 
  • seokjin is seeing you to the door and he’s like
  • *cough* “is it ok *sneeze* *blow nose* if one day when im *cough again* better i can take you out for *blow nose and cough at same time, apologize* dinner as a thank you?”
  • and you’re like a thank you for??? and he’s like for that time you saved me and you’re putting your hands up like wAH no no it’s fine
  • but seokjin is like no i must i must and even though he sounds like he’s dying and he’s sneezing all over the place, he’s stubborn till the end until you agree
  • as you’re walking to your own dorm though you’re like
  • wait………….
  • did i just score a date with the handsomest guy on campus????
  • and yes. yes you did
  • when you text your friends about it they nearly sprints their way down to your dorm like W H  A T WE NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR A DATe outFiT and you’re like i can just wear that- and they’re like nO this is SEOKJIn the FACE OF Our schoOL you are going to have to look GUD
  • and you’re like oh my
  • so the date turns out to be at this pretty fancy place in the city that you’ve heard about and you’re like is seokjin,,,,,the son of some guy with a company or something how can he afford this place
  • and like you see him coming down the street and he’s in like a suit and looking like a+ like yall about to attend a wedding or something and hes got his hair back and you’re like oh,,,,,,,this is so,,,,,,Fancy
  • and you’re like hi!! and seokjin’s like “you look amazing.” and you’re like “you look even better!!” and seokjin laughs like “for the first time, i have to disagree - you’re stunning.”
  • and he offers you his elbow like we’re back in the fifties or something and you go inside and like ,,,, you get this nice table and you’re the youngest ones there and you’re like um seokjin how did you,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,get us seats here? Are you rich? Are you the prime ministers secret son you can tell me i will keep it a secre-
  • but seokjin is like no no i know the chef of this place, he gave a talk on campus for one of the classes in my minor. we kind of clicked you know and he’s always calling me over to have a taste of his food. his names kidoh.
  • and you’re like ……kidoh? and seokjin’s like “interesting, right? he’s seoul’s youngest chef.”
  • and you’re like looking at seokjin like this guys life is just…..full of surprises isn’t it
  • but over dinner like you and seokjin end up bonding so much over the things you guys like and care about and seokjin always seems to unapproachable because he looks like he’s so far above others, but in reality he’s just a dude who loves to cook and make corny jokes and in a lot of ways he’s really just……normal
  • he does admit that he’s really careful about his appearance but he’s like how can i not be when that’s all people see me for
  • and you get a hint of the sadness behind that statement, the fact that people forget that there’s a person with feelings under his breathtaking smiles
  • and you don’t expect it but seokjin’s like let me drive you home and you’re like you have a car??
  • and seokjin’s like yes i just didn’t want to park it out here because it’s pretty old and i thought it might be embarrassing but once you see it you’re like seokjin this car looks new and he’s like that’s because i break my back cleaning it all the time
  • and while he’s driving you he tells you the stories of what jimin, yoongi, and taehyung have all done to his precious car and you’re laughing like nO way and seokjin’s like nO Im telling the truth it’s like im friends with a bunch of five year olds sometimes
  • and you’re like seokjin i love the way you nag about them it’s hilarious and he’s like heY i do not NAG. i woRRY and you’re like hehe it’s cute!!!!
  • and it is cute he’s concerned for the people he loves. this softie
  • and like when you get dropped off youre like hey seokjin wanna hear a secret
  • and he’s like ooo ok and you’re like leaning over like “i liked your kimchi fried rice more than the food at the restaurant. don’t tell your friend!” and when you lean back giggling into your hand seokjin just
  • he just gently takes your wrist and pulls you back to him and kisses the side of your lips with a whispered thank you
  • and like you sit in the car looking at each other in the like moonlight and it’s cute you wanna kiss him again but like it’s enough for the first date and seokjin watches as you go inside just to make sure you’re safe
  • and ofc he sends you a good night text because like seokjin is the best man on this planet he is so soft and caring and wow ok im getting off topic
  • but yes after that you and seokjin meetup more often on campus, sometimes in the area where the news channel is filmed because seokjin is always studying lines during lunch and you’re honestly just fine watching him all concentrated as you munch on his homemade snacks
  • you also listen to him do a mock announcement and then clap and he’s like the aplause is not necessary and you’re like why not you’re so cool seokjin
  • and he’s like trying to hide the smile but he can’t
  • sometimes you’ll go over to his dorm and you two will look up recipes on youtube or online to try and make
  • most of the time you both end up with the ingredients all over your faces and fingertips and when you reach up to put some avocado paste on seokjin’s cheek he chases you until he gets you in a backhug and kisses at the spot behind your ear that he knows is sensative
  • it’s cute you guys make dinner for his friends and jungkook is like “hyung. i think you two should just get married and adopt us all as your kids so you can both cook for us everynight.” and seokjin is like jungKOOK and you’re like skhfldngseifw and yoongi is like “no no the little twerp is right.” and jungkook’s like im like 5 inches taller than you yoongi i have been for like two years and yoongi with his mouth full of noodles “you’re still a twerp jungkook.”
  • you go to see seokjin play tennis and like it’s not a competition so you come out onto the court and seokjin helps you learn how to hold the racquet and whatnot
  • when he puts his hands around your waist to keep you steady you can literally hear sandeul from the other court whistling like GET IT SEOKJIN and seokjin is “i repeat. everyone im friends with is five.”
  • you and seokjin doing little face masks together because he gets you into them and you’re like “did i put this on right?” the first time and he’s like “no it’s upside down come here.”
  • when you had to go away for couple of days for a trip with your class seokjin sent you videos of him eating for a straight thirty minutes not saying anything until the end. he affectionately called these videos “eat jin”
  • you responded by doing the same and naming them “eating without jin” and seokjin was just like yEAH but you wish i was there
  • seokjin is tall and he owns a lot of like long sleeved shirts that you love wearing because they’re big in the shoulders and seokjin is like “…..hey listen you have your own clothes…..did you get a stain on this sweater? come here i will kill yo-” and you’re like “SORRY but they’re nice and they smell clean like you” and seokjin is like “if you weren’t so cute- i sWEAR.”
  • you start watching the school news everyday now lmao all your friends are like “i thought you didn’t care about campus news?” and you’re like “ofc i do. especially if my cute as heck boyfriend is reporting it to me. btw did you know i got him another pink tie for our anniversary and look he’s wearing it-”
  • and one day seokjin and you come to his dorm after going to his tennis practice together and seokjin is gets a call and he’s listening to the other person for a longtime and you can’t really read his face but you’re like ???? and when he hangs up after saying thank you one hundred times you’re like “what is it??” and seokjin’s like “you know the place i intern at?” and you’re like “the big news channel right?” and he’s like “yeah.” and you’re like taking his hands in yours like “well???? what???” and he looks at you and he’s like “they’re officially hiring me. they’re officially hiring me to help report the news.” and you’re like ……..HOLY SHIt and you jump up and down and just grab his cheeks and kiss him like one hundred times
  • and seokjin is like ,,,,,,,,this is fOR real this isn’t just the free news channel for the uni this is,,,,,actual television and you’re like oh MY GOD im so pROUd and you lean in to kiss him again but this time seokjin kisses back
  • and he’s usually very tender with kisses but this one is full of adrenaline and like you’re both already kinda sweaty because you came back from tennis but like what the frick ever you like go down right there on the floor of the kitchen
  • and like seokjin pulls you ontop and is just like
  • well you know there goes his tennis uniform and all that woooo
  • and you two are lucky yoongi doesn’t walk in on the dorm but like seokjin is just holding you close and his forehead is against yours and he’s like
  • “this is a miracle.” and you’re like whaT no you’re destined to be on the TV screen and he’s like no no well yes the job is a miracle but the real miracle he was talking about is ofc……you
  • and it’s cute you and seokjin are two glowing flowers two sweet and kindhearted for this world
  • afterwords you try to get taehyung, jimin, and namjoon to help you make a special cake for seokjin but like with those three all you get is a bunch of icing everywhere so you’re like baking cookies with seokjin’s face on it instead sounds easier
  • you throw a party for him and seokjin is just so surprised because honestly not a lot of people show him they appreciate him a lot but ever since you’ve been around he actually feels loved like really REALLY loved
  • and it’s cute he spins you around in a hug while jungkook is trying to sneak one of the seokjin cookies off your tray and you’re like heY don’t those are seokjin’s present 
  • and yoongi wiggling his eyebrows @ you 2 like “i think seokjin already got his present~~~” and taehyung’s like GOOD ONE BRO
  • and you’re like “seokjin.” and seokjin with his face in your neck like “hmm?” you’re like “i think you were right. your friends are all five year olds.”
  • lmaO you excitedly gather everyone in the study hall to crowd around your laptop to watch seokjin’s first day on the job and you’re like lOOK At him. my professional baby 

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What Friends Are For

“Hey Star! Wanna do something illegal?” A voice said.

Star looked up from her bed to see Janna climbing up through her window, ungracefully landing on the floor. But, Janna’s smile was still present as she got up from the fall.

Star yawned. “Janna, you’re still awake?” She said as she stared at her with her droopy eyes.

“Yup, and I feel like breaking the law,” Janna said plainly. “And I decided I should bring you with me!”

Star looked at her with disbelief. “Me? Why?”

Janna shrugged as she proceeded to exit through the window with the moon shining down at her face. But before she exited she shot Star a smirk and a expectant glance. “You coming?”

As Janna exited. Star came to her senses. “Hey! Wait for me!” Star yelled grabbing a hoodie as she jumped out the window.

Turns out, Star underestimated the high of the house and landed awkwardly on a pile of cacti. “Owwweee,” Star moaned.

It was just like that time Marco jumped out of the window on her first day here. Haha, he was so mad…

“Did you just literally jump out a window?” Janna asked, trying to stop herself from laughing. She failed.

“You did too asshole.”

“Language, Butterfly.”

“Oh fuck you.”

“Here let me help you up,” Janna smirked as she held out her hand which Star gratefully took. It took a while to get the needles off. But eventually, they were both back on their feet.

“So, was law do you wanna break this time?” Star joked.

“I was originally gonna break three but since you’re here we are gonna break four. Specifically, vandalism, breaking and entering, trespassing, and some good ole theft.”

Star stared at her in bewilderment. She didn’t expect to get a straight answer from Janna. Then again, it was Janna.

“Well, then lets go.”


“You wanna break into the school?!” Star yelled.

“Yeah,” Janna said as she picked the lock on the window of the principal’s office.

“Janna, we could get suspended,” Star said trying to talk some sense into the girl.

“Mhmm,” Janna replied, taking the lock off the window and opening it.

When Star entered the room, memories flooded into her mind. She remembered her first day here. The first time she met Marco…

“Why are you so uptight?” Janna smiled as she entered the office. Pulling Star out of her stupor. “I thought you like these kind of stuff?”

“Well, doing something illegal is a bit exciting,” Star answered her smile wavering a little. “It’s just, I don’t wanna get in trouble again.”

“Don’t worry, will be fine.” Janna grabbed a paperweight of the principal’s desk. “Breaking and entering, check.”

Janna put the paperweight in her pocket. “Theft, check. Now it’s your turn.”

“Me?” Star said in confusion. “What- What should I steal?”

“I dunno. Anything he won’t notice he lost.”

Stealing, that action feels familiar. Oh right, Star and Marco’s quest buy adventure. Though it wasn’t technically stealing, Ludo paid for everything. It was stealing nonetheless.

“Well, uh, I don’t know,” Star scanned the shelf for something useful. “Uh, this personalized stapler?”

“Ah going for the personal stuff. Good choice, Butterfly,” Janna smirked.

Star sighed in relief. She her heart was pounding so hard due to this whole experience. But maybe there was something more than the whole scandalous scene that was making her heart beat a thousand miles per second.

“Can we get out now?” Star said practically begging Janna.

“Wait!” Janna said, Janna stood unmoving looking at her watch.

Star stared at her awkwardly. Star never really noticed how pretty Janna was. Star averted her eyes and suddenly found the wall interesting. Star shook her head and took a deep breath.

“Done!” Janna yelled. Scaring Star in the process. “Trespassing, check!”

Star gulped and motioned to the window. “Ok let’s get out now please!”

Janna frowned. “Star, is something wrong? You seem…… off.”

Janna was just so… caring. She was caring, pretty, and.. no…. What was Star feeling? It was frustrating, didn’t Star like Marco? Why was all those feelings suddenly transferred to Janna? It made Star mad. Why was her feelings playing with her?

“Well I don’t know?!” Star yelled throwing her hands in the air. “Maybe because we’re doing something illegal?!”

She lied. It was something else.

“Star….,” Janna answered, her voice wavering. “I-I I’m sorry I just wanted to have fun-”

“Well its not fun!” Star replied. “Not when you’re here!”

She lied again.

Janna’s eyes watered. “I… what?”

Without warning, an alarm went off in the office. “The window!” Janna yelled leading her and Star out of the building.

Both of them jumped out and fell awkwardly on the grass. Janna saw the oh so familiar blue and red lights and jumped to her feet. “STAR!” Janna yelled, ushering her to stand up.

“STAND UP AND RUN!” Janna said as she bolted with her.

They both ran so fast that they both collapsed to the ground when they lost the cops.

Star huffed and panted. Her mind was blank. She stared at the girl huffing and panting beside her. Her beanie was off her head and in her hand. Her hair was a mess. But Star liked the look for some reason.

“Im Filipino.”

Star stared at her in confusion. “What?”

“I’m Filipino, I read some where online that people don’t usually have fun when they’re doing stuff with a complete stranger.” Janna answered, tears slowly coming out of her eyes. “So, well I thought you should know that so it seems like I’m not a stranger.

Star felt sick all of the sudden. She made Janna cry. How could she do such a thing?

“I’m so sorry this night was a waste of time,” Janna said chuckling a little. “Im such a, I almost got you arrested!”

“I’m so sorry… I…. I saw how you were so sad this week and I thought I should cheer you up and….,” Janna muttered. “I didn’t mean harm like this. I just wanted to have fun together! We… we rarely have fun together now.”

That was when Star realized why she felt like she wasn’t having fun, her mind had been else where. She was so focused on her thoughts that she didn’t think for one second about Janna’s feelings. What kind of friend was she?

“I-I…,” Star stuttered, not really knowing what to say. “Oh my god, I’m such a bad friend.”

She went over to hug Janna. “I’m so sorry. I was only thinking about myself. Oh god I’m so sorry.”

“Star…. its ok-” Janna muttered.

“NO ITS NOT!” Star yelled. “You’re like the best person in the world! Yet I treated you like crap.”

Janna felt warm. Was this really happening?

“I’m gonna make it up to you, we didn’t complete our list of laws we have to break! What was it, vandalism? Let’s get some real life laser pens and destroy the school wall!” Star yelled in determination.

Janna smiled. Her friend was back. “Hey! Wait for me!”

They both ended up with Marco having to bail them out of jail. Man, they were gonna get lectured when they get home.

so it’s pretty daunting, going from being a student in the lower school to being a sixth former, and dropping down from having around 10-14 subjects down to 3-5, as well as the introduction of new peers or moving schools. Ive done it so im gonna spread some of what ive learnt from this past year to you younger folks


  • homies get ur folders big and durable, especially for things like maths (my friend used up a whole thick binder for maths by Christmas, so keep that in mind)
  • don’t feel u have to spend loads on supplies, u’ll probably break them/lose them
  • but don’t feel you cant have ur nice studyspo stationary u do u boo
  • get urself a big ass refill pad. That is your life now. Don’t lose it.
  • I would recommend getting an a4 expandable file (i have one from flying tiger) for putting any loose sheets/things that need hole-punching/things that need filing. I got one at the beginning of the year and it has saved my life and watered my crops ever since
  • always bring ur textbooks to lessons
  • if you don’t use poly pockets (I don’t) then keep at least one at the back of every folder to put in stuff that doesn’t fit or whatever
  • if you want to take rough notes and rewrite them, then do it, but u might get left behind in copying up, so be aware of that
  • do ur homework in ur frees
  • no messin around
  • i mean it
  • keep up any sports/hobbies. These will keep you sane during times of stress, trust me (my weekly dance lessons keep me sane, I don’t think id be as chill as I am without them)
  • don’t feel pressured into getting a job/learning to drive if you don’t want/need to.
  • same goes for drinkin and parties. Yall are underaged obviously but that doesn’t mean that ppl aren’t gonna do it, so don’t feel u have to if you don’t want to
  • for the first few weeks/months (say until Christmas) be really on top of your homework, always hand it in on time. Then if you need an extension on something, teach will be more chill with giving you an extension than if you are always late giving in homework
  • ton’t overwork ourselves, give yourself some free time
  • try and make at least one friend for each subject (if you don’t already have any) so if you miss a lesson u have someone to catch up from
  • if you want to, try out for prefect/house official roles. Its good practise for job interviews, and if you don’t try, u’ll never know
  • also if it doesn’t work out don’t  get too down (or bitter)
  • help the younger years and don’t be mean to them. Yes they are small and very scared of u so be nice.



How is the work load different ?? And how does it feel from going from 7 subjects (?) To only a few ?

generally, you are expected to do more work independently, like doing reading/extra reading around the subject and revising throughout the year, as well as essays more frequently than for gcse. however, for my subjects, the amount of work has felt a lot less, as I have free periods within the week, where I got the majority of my work done

I went from doing 13 subjects down to 5, and it honestly felt so liberating, especially now that im doing subjects that I actually care about, and even though all of my lessons are longer now, they don’t seem to drag on nearly as much as the single shorter lessons I had last year, for things like maths or biology, and I don’t feel like the work is as dull bc I enjoy the subjects.


This is kinda a complicated question but i’d love if you answered it, so for igcse bio for example, each chapter (2-3 pages) would take maybe a class or two to go over it, how many classes or hours does each chapter take during a levels?

honestly, it depends on what classes you do. for me, for English, we’ve spent roughly a term on each section, like modernist poetry one term and then Dracula and Dorian analysis the next term, but for economics, it can take between one lesson to two weeks of lessons to cover a topic, depending on how long the chapter is and how quickly  your class picks it up.


how do you cope with such heavy content?

Im not sure entirely what u mean by heavy content, but for things that are maybe more dry in subject (like history) honestly do some extra reading to help you understand things better, it doesn’t even have to be books, it can be youtube videos, podcasts, songs, just something separate from ur textbook and class notes to help get a fresh perspective/someone else explaining it to you can really help (crash course is good, even if u aren’t a fan of john green)


i’m starting a levels in september at a different school that no one i know is going to, what would your advice be for making friends and getting the most out of my time there? your blog is gold btw xx

umm, get yourself out there, be nice, smile at people and make eye contact, try and sit with people when you begin class, try not to isolate yourself from people. I personally didn’t move schools, but the people that joined our were all super rad great fun and have integrated into friendship groups which is pretty rad,  and ive made some pretty great friends with the new people, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Also there will definitely be new people there as well, so try not to stress too much! (also find something to talk about, like our whole form bonded during futures week over bake off and Brexit (it happened in the introduction week)) also I find that generally ppl are more chill and grown up in sixth form? and the people there want to be there but yeah (yikes I rambled a lot!)

if u have any other specific questions, feel free to ask me!

love, helena 🐝

❝ Hi, i do not know if you take that kind of request, but what kind of dads will be bts and nct 127? Thank you! ❞

i told yall i would get round to this whos laughing now huh i’m gonna leave out haechan & mark because y’all they aren’t legal adults yet in other news, i’m so excited for the cherry bomb comeback, the teasers released so far have been amazing. my only current issue though is hansol but that’s a WHOLE OTHER post in itself lmao 

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Philip Hamilton x Reader
Words: 1325
Request: Can you do a philip hamilton where the reader and him both hate eachother but their friends force them together and they end liking eachother? Btw i am actually in love with your blog, i always find myself on it even when im not looking for ham stuff


here’s my fun lil story for the day: i did my drama solo performance in class (which was the first solid drama thing i’ve done in two years) and it went well! i got a lot of good comments back on it, which was amazing considering that i literally made it up on the spot (oops). don’t procrastinate, kids. 

also i watched lin’s drunk history episode and i’ve gotta say… i’ve never related to him more in my life. oops. don’t drink, kids.

honestly i set such a bad example. oops. don’t set bad examples, kids.

WELL WITH THAT i have early choir tomorrow and i have not been getting any sleep whatsoever (my life is falling apart oops) so i’m going to go now! well, not go. more like scroll through tumblr for a few hours and then attempt to sleep. but anyway, have a good day / night / afternoon / morning!

requests are open as usual aaaaand my masterlist will be linked below! take care of yourselves, gorgeous people x


Originally posted by beat-without-a-melody


Your first day of the year was already looking good. So far, you had had all your favourite subjects and none of them had been a complete disaster. Plus, the one person you had been avoiding hadn’t been placed in any of your classes. So far, anyway.

You had completed five out of six of your classes for the day, meaning you only had one left to go. It was drama, which was led by one of your favourite teachers. You were kind of being bias as your father taught drama, but hey, he’s one of the best. The only bad thing about having your father, Thomas Jefferson, was he would know if you skipped a class. But, that was the price you had to pay.

You walked in early, knowing organisation was important to your father. You smiled, taking a seat on a couch in the corner of the room. “Hey, dad,” You said, watching him write on the whiteboard. He turned his head, raising his eyebrow.

“I’m not your father when we’re at school. You should know that by now,” He said, putting the whiteboard marker on his desk and crossing his arms. “You’re early for once.”

“For once? I’m always early,” You retorted, pouting.

“Well, your teachers tell me otherwise. By the way, I should warn you before the others get here, there’s someone in this class that you may not get along with very well…” Thomas stated, sitting down at his desk and opening his computer.

“Well, that’d be weird considering I get along with almost everyone. Who is it?” You asked.

The door swung open. You both turned your heads, your eyes widening when you saw the freckly face that you loathed. “Hamilton,” You growled, crossing your arms. “I thought I was doing well at avoiding you.”

The smile on Philip’s face faded when he saw you, turning into a scowl. His friend Richard followed behind him. “Jefferson,” Philip replied, going to the opposite corner of the room and taking a seat. It wasn’t long before the rest of the class joined you. Your friend, Theodosia, sat next to you.

“So what’s all the tension for?” She whispered, ignoring your father as he ranted about Brecht’s epic theatre techniques.

“The idiot is here,” You mumbled, glancing over at Philip. You watched as he mucked around with his friend, completely disregarding everything that was happening in the class.

“He’s not an idiot, he just doesn’t try hard in school. You know he’s nice to everyone… it’s just because you’re a-“

“Jefferson. I know,” You interrupted, looking back at the board to see your father glaring at you. You gulped slightly, moving closer to Theodosia.

“I’m sure if you two sat down and settled your differences, everything would be fine. He’s not even that bad,” She whispered, starting to take notes. You rolled your eyes, sighing.

When the class finished, you couldn’t be more relieved to get out of the classroom. You waved to your father, who you knew was going to be staying back to work on the musical. You had been informed that morning that you would be catching the bus home with Theodosia… and Philip.

“Do you wanna grab a snack after school? Me and Richard were thinking of meeting at that new smoothie place in the mall,” Theodosia asked as you both walked towards the bus stop.

“With Richard? Ugh, no. That means Hamilton will probably be there,” You replied, crossing your arms and stepping onto the bus. You scanned your ticket, taking a seat.

“Well what else are you going to do while Mr. Jefferson is working on the musical? Study? Do homework? It’s the first day back, you can’t,” Theodosia stated plainly, sitting next to you.

“Well, I was planning on taking a nap, maybe ordering a pizza considering dad won’t be home. He’s started this weird vegan diet that he’s forcing me into,” You reply, shrugging. “It’s just gonna be a chill night with me and no one else.”

“Please come with me. It’ll be fun, I promise. I’ll pay for anything you want?” Theodosia suggested.

“With what money?” You replied, rolling your eyes.

“Hey, I’m actually making an income now that I have a job! Plus, dad paid me for all the good grades I got. I can actually afford stuff for once.”

You sighed quietly when the bus came to a halt, stopping outside the mall. Theodosia got up, holding out her hand. “Come on,” She said.

You groaned, taking her hand and letting her drag you off the bus. “This is gonna be great! I can see it now, you and Philip will be getting along amazingly after tonight- I mean, juice! Yay!”

You raised your eyebrow, shrugging slightly. “You’re insane.” Theodosia laughed.

“Do you mind if I borrow your phone for a minute? I need to call my dad to let him know what time to pick me up,” Theodosia asked. You nodded slowly, handing her your phone. She smiled.

“I’ll meet you at the juice bar. Save a booth, alright?”

You nodded slowly, walking in the direction of the juice bar. You sighed when seeing Philip sitting in a booth, reading a book and ignoring his surroundings. You slid into the booth across from him, grabbing your own book from your bag and ignoring him.After a while, the silence ended with Philip’s voice.

“Did Theo ditch you like Richard ditched me?”

You looked up from your book, raising your eyebrow. “Doubt it. She was making a call to her father,” You replied.

“So was Richard. He took my phone,” Philip stated.

“Damn, Theo took my phone too,” You said, going back to your book.

“Hey, the mall is closing soon. We can’t find them without are phones… what are we gonna do?” Philip asked, grabbing his book and standing up.

“Don’t know. I’ll catch the bus home and then send her an email I guess,” You stated, putting your book back into your bag. “You?”

“My father didn’t know I left the house. He’s probably furious… I was supposed to be taking care of my siblings,” He mumbled.

“You have siblings?” You asked in confusion.

“Yeah, six,” He stated. Your eyes widened.


“I know. It’s a lot. But… wait, why am I telling you this? I hate you,” Philip said, biting his lip. He walked towards the exit, hanging his head low. You sighed quietly, following him.

“Uh… Philip, I know we’re supposed to be enemies and everything but I’ve never really felt safe catching the bus home by myself. We’re on the same route and it would mean a lot to me if you sat with me…” You said quietly, biting your lip. Philip raised his eyebrow, shaking his head and walking slightly faster. “Please. I’ll put in a good word with my father about your grade?”

Philip stopped, turning to look at you. “Promise?” He asked quietly. You nodded. “Okay, we have a deal then.”

“Wait, really? You’ll do it?” You asked, your eyes widening. A smile lit up your face.

“Well, it’s not like I wasn’t going to do it. I just wanted to see what I could get out of you. You and your father are both pretty easy to manipulate…”

“Wow. I was about to comment on the fact that you’re not as bad as I thought you were… guess you’re failing drama,” You said, shrugging and walking ahead of Philip. Philip grabbed your wrist quickly.

“I was joking. Look, I know that we just hate each other because of our fathers. It’d be nice to get to know you properly and this might be the opportunity. I’m not going to give that up,” Philip said, smiling. He let go of your wrist.

“Okay, Hamilton. And what if we end up hating each other as much as we already do?”

“Then we are mortal enemies I guess.”

“Well, then let’s see how this goes.”

YouTube AU Chapter 6

YouTube AU That-STILL-Doesn’t-Have-A-Name-Yet
Words: 1105
AU Summary: Simon and Baz are popular YouTubers with a rivalry.
Chapter Summary: Trixie receives a message. Keris goes to class. Someone new watches Trixies art stream. Keris distracts herself from the cocky kid who can’t take a hint.
First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

{ Gaaah! I keep posting chapters late, sorry! Also this chapter isnt really the best lmao i hate it but at least im giving you some new characters haha }

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Requested- Imagine where the reader is dating young derek and he gets jealous and if you can smut?

I walked from chemistry to lunch, I was so ready to be done with school today. It’s not because I don’t like school, Derek has been out all week due to ‘pack buisness’. Yeah, my boyfriend is a werewolf.He told me everything once I saw him shift. It was actually great that he told me, my uncle deaton, whom I’m staying with, knew about everything on supernatural creatures. Now I often go with my uncle when Talia, derek’s mom, needs help on something. Latley derek’s family has been dealing with rogue omegas, so derek needed to be with his pack during the week. Today was friday and also the day derek and I are catching up on all his missed assignments. I exited the doors leading out to the outside tables. I purposly avoided my other friends since I needed to work on my weekend work now so derek and I can finish his faster. I was about done with literature when I felt someone sit beside me.

“Hey beautiful” Dereks arm went around my waist.

“Hey!” I giggled and looked at him, “What are you doing here?”

“He couldn’t stand being away from his goddess of a girlfriend” Peter sat across from us smiling at me and winking.

“Hey pete” I smiled and rolled my eyes playfully, peters always been flirty but it’s in a casual way. I know he does it to get under derek’s skin. I saw derek roll his eyes before turning his attention back to me.

“That too but the omega came close by here and I just wanted to drop by since I knew you’d be at lunch, why aren’t sitting with everyone?” Derek looked at me questioningly

“I wanted to finish some of my work before I come over, you have a lot to catch up on.” I looked at derek and winked. Peter chuckled

“How come I don’t peg you as someone who likes to do anything other than her work” Peter just smiled, I let out a laugh. Dereks shoulders got tense and smirked at peter.

“You know we can get you banned from school grounds” Derek gave him a deadly look but tried to keep his lazy smirk.

I just chuckled as the bell rang,“I got to go to class, I’ll meet you outside the school.” I turned to derek, peter butted in"Actually I’ll be picking you up, Talia needs derek to help out with the younger omega"

Derek turned and snapped “why can’t you?” His eyes glowed yellow faintly"Is that the only reason you came with me here?“ he growled.

Peter just chuckled “yes and no” He leaned forward and grabbed one of my resses cups. “I wanted one of these” He just winked at derek.

“Hey” I put my hand over dereks"I’m going to class, I’ll be at your house ok? See you later” I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

Derek untensed some and sent me a smile. “See ya then” He smiled before him and peter headed to the tree line. I grabbed my stuff and hurried to my next class hoping the late bell would ring after I got there. The rest of the day went by fast, all I had were art and history. I walked outside the school and waited for peter to show up. It had been about 15 minutes before I heard the sound of peter’s truck. Usually derek barrowed it for when we went somewhere.

I walked out and hoped in it. “Hey” I said smiled at peter.

“Hey yourself” He looked at my chemistry packet I had been trying to finish before getting to dereks. “Still haven’t finished it yet?”

I sighed"All but chemistry and some math" I looked at the paper “I’ve been rushing to finish in class so I didn’t catch todays math lesson”

Peter took a short glance at me before turning back tot he road “What is it? I’ve already graduated so it shouldn’t be anything I can’t handle.”

“Just some geometry, I just didn’t focus so self teaching myself is confusing” I chuckled along with peter.

“ Well dereks not gonna be home until later-ish, want me to help some?” Pter looked at me as we pulled up to the hale house.

I took a glance at the geometry page I had stuffed in the notebook “Well…would you mind? I don’t want to make you or anything”

Peter shook his head “It’s fine, I would be bored anyway. We’re the only ones here for now” I just nodded as we both walked into the house. Peter motioned me to follow him up the stairs. I thought we were headed to dereks room but he stopped at his. Peter walked and turned to me “Derek has all his books at school but I have my copies from highschool here” He walked over to the desk and pulled out two textbooks, Chemistry and Geometry.

I smiled “it’s cool” Peter just motioned to his bed then the floor “Sit where you want, I just want to change, I smell like dirt” I chuckled and sat on his floor with my back against his bed. Peter dissapeared into his closet and came out with a black t-shirt on and some sweats on. He sat down next to me and pulled my notebook from my hands and looked over the pages. “Wanna start with chemistry?” “yeah”

Peter and I finished chemistry easy, it was the math I was struggling to grasp. “ So then you’d add here and subtract here to get this”(Im just making up math as i got so…) Peter pointed out as if it was so easy. I had ended up sitting at his desk while he would just walk back and forth around his room tossing a small ball. I groaned “But how did you get this?” Peter sighed “ I think I know how to explain this” He leaned over me putting an arm on the desk while the other pointed at the numbers in the equation. “Let’s say this was intructions deaton left you to mix up some type of supernatural juice.” I smiled at the juice comment. Peter grabbed my pencil and drew three bottles and labled them. I took notice on how he leaned forward more and almost had his chin resting on my shoulder but I quickly forgot about that when he started talking again “So if it says you need x amount of this, but you already have 8 of this in there and 12 of this, how would you balnce that?” I looked at him as I werily answered “I would divided the amounts?” Peter smiled “Yes” “But I still don-” “I know, I’m not done” Peter pulled my chair to where I faced him. He had grabbed two empty coke cans that he and I were drinking. “Here use these to think as if they were the bottles on the paper” Peter watched as I went through the motions of the problem explaining before I was stuck on the last step “Then..” “Come on Y?N” He leaned forward and stared at me expectantly. I felt frustrated and I knew he heard my heart beat skip when I almost remebered.

“Whats going on” I turned to the side and saw derek staring straight at peter with big amber eyes. Before anything could be said, I hopped up out of the chair in excitment. I did collied with peter but I didn’t really care “YOU MULTIPLY THEN ADD THE REMAINING” Peter looked at me “Yeah! finally.” I smiled again really big because this took to fucking long to learn. My moment of victory was cut short when I heard derek growl.

“Derek!” I smiled now fully relizing he was back. I went over to him and pulled him in for a hug. “How’d it go?” Dereks intense gaze broke from peters and he looked down at me.

“Fine. Hey don’t we have some stuff to do?” Derek’s expression told me he was trying to keep his cool. I smiled at him “Yeah, sounds good” I turned and began grabbing my stuff “Thanks again peter for the help.” I smiled at him one last time before derek closed his door behind me and huffed. I looked at him with my eyebrow raised in question and amusment “What” He said innocently “Come on , we have work” I said as we walked into his room. As soon as the door closed, derek pinned me against it with my arms pinned above me. My stuff scattered all over his floor. “Derek?” I managed to squick out before his lips crashed against mine in a rough, needy kiss. He pressed against, molding our bodies together.

Dereks teeth grazed my bottom lip before biting and pulling causing me to let out a sigh. His togue invaded my mouth, making the kiss rougher. He pulled away and began attacking my neck with sloppy, wet kisses.

“Derek” I gasped quickly,“Whose home, they can hear-” “Its just you,me and peter” He mumbled against my neck “All busy with stuff” His lips returned to mine and he smirked into the kiss. He barley grazed my lips against his causing me to whine slightly. His eyes traveled to my lips then back up to my eyes teasing me. I just let out a huff. “Der” I looked at him blushing, I felt so needy. We haven’t really had any “time” to ourselves for anything. I was already craving for the slightest touch.

“Hmm?” He hummed as his hands slide from my wrist and down my arms. They trailed down the sides of my body till they rested on my hips. He looked at me exspecting me to say something. I just looked up at him “Touch me” I bit my lip after saying that. His eyes darkened “With pleasure” His eyes flashed amber and he ripped off the top I was wearing. I gasped and shivered at the sudden cool feeling, I didn’t relize how hot it had became. His lips smashed back on mine as I felt his hands working on my jeans. I reached for his shirt wanting it off. He pulled away just long enough to pull it off. I oulled away when his lips touched mine.

“so you get to take yours off but mine gets ripped?” I smirked at him. “I want whats mine now” He shrugged. His hands grabbed me by the back of my thighs signalling for me to jump. He pinned me to the wall “You know that right beautiful” His lips grazed my ear “You’re mine” I felt his hand make it’s way into my panties and gently rub up and down my slit. I let out sigh and shivered at his warm tough. “You didn’t answer me baby girl” He said as he began rubbing small circles over my clit. I let out a small whine at the touch and looked up at him “I’m yours” I felt him slip two fingers in me and I couldn’t hold back the moan. They moved at a sow teasing pace. “Der please” I moved my hips impatiently against him wanting more. Derek pulled me into a kiss before he ripped my panties off. “Do not rip my bra” I mumbled against his lips as his hand went to my bra. “I won’t, I like this one” He unclipped it easliy and went back in for a kiss. I began grinding against him desperlatly wanting some form of contact. He let out a groan and he struggled to remove his boxers and not drop me. He pulled away for split second once they were off as if he was listening to someting. “What” I said breathlessly. He smirked “Nothing” Before latching onto my neck. He teased my enterence with his tip making me moan “Please der” I said exassberated. He chuckled before sinking into me all the way. “Fuck” I squicked as he began thrusting fast and hard. I couldn’t stop the moans that left my mouth. I let my nails trail from his shoulders down his back. He growled into to my neck and I felt his claws dig slightly into my thighs as his thrust reached a supernatural feriousity. “AH DEREK” I moaned out at his new speed. Derek’s teeth grazed my neck before finding my sweet spot. I bucked my hips against his when he bit down on the area. I was too far gone to really care about the mark. He moved to my shpulder and bit down harder than before. “D-Derek I’m close” I stuttered out “Whos making you feel this good” He stated pulling back and looking at me. “you” I panted put “Hmm” His thrust slowed making me throw my head back in frustration “YOU” I moaned out while trying to move my hips but his hands kept them still. Suddenly he picked up speed again “Say my name” He said “derek” I moaned out. One of his hands began rubbing my clit “Scream it” He groaned. “OH DEREK” I cried out as I felt my self reaching the edge. His fingers moved faster “Let go, cum” He ordered his eyes glowing bright amber. I closed my eyes and cried out as I reached my climax. Derek thrusted a few more time before reaching his own. He continued thrusting,riding out both of our orgasms. He pulled out and hugged me close to his body as he walked over to his bed and collasped. I caught my breath and looked up at him.

“so that’s what you do when you’re jealous” He looked down at me briefly before looking away “What, I don’t get what you’re talking about” I just smiled and let out a laugh. “I don’t mind jealous you” I winked and stood up slowly and slipped his T-shirt over my head. “What are you doing?” Derek said as he sat up on his elbows. “We still have alot of work to do” I smirked and threw his makeup packet at him.

Peters Pov

I rolled my eyes at my nephew. I continued to listen to them until I spoke up “So territorial” Knowing he would hear me. “And you can’t bane me from my home with your little noises” I muttered and put on some headphones. Kids.

The Half Cat

TW for animal body horror; mild spoiler alert for mogami arc

general warning for weirdness and length. srsly dont expect anything going into this. honestly how has this thing become so fucking long I am delirious

also you can read this on AO3 just fyi

There was one point in those months when Shigeo welcomed any kind of change.

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ice cream man answers

(you guys sent in so many asks im posting all my answers to the ones you asked at once, so i dont take up your whole dashboard.)

chocolate marshmallow: favorite brands of candy?
not sure about brands, but i tried pop rocks and they changed everything i knew about reality and what food is

peach: how do you relax?
sometimes i fight nazis. thats a nice way to vent steam. petting dogs or cats or birds or literally any other animal is a winner every time. making food is a good because its constructive and at the end i get food. sometimes steve and i go running. but not early in the morning because mornings are terrible.

coffee: favorite cosmetic brands?
i dont wear much makeup but pepper breaks out some sephora stuff when we have to go on tv? i like OPI nail polish.

birthday cake: favorite books?
i recently read and loved the harry potter books. im a hufflepuff, just so you know. 
(Mod Hell loves the Dresden Files, pretty much everything by David Webber or Robin McKinley or Tamora Pierce)

french vanilla: how old are you?
buddy, i dont fuckin know anymore. a little under 100, by the books, but how the heck am i supposed to count the cryofreze?

(Mod Hell: I regularly forget my own age, but I’m pretty sure I’m 24)

fudge: turn offs?
nazis. really not into nazis. 

chocolate: when was your first kiss?
i was…7, probably. grade school sometime. me and stevie saved this girl mary from a real jerk of a bully and she kissed both of us, one right after the other. sent stevie straight into an asthma attack, poor kid. but she was both of our first kisses.

neapolitan: things that stress you out?
public speaking. steve inside any aircraft. trains. not having any weaponry. bad hair days.

bubblegum: books or movies?
totally depends om my mood. movies, maybe, because they can be more of a group activity, but dont require a ton of social interaction.and the novelty of being able to watch films in your own home hasnt quite worn off.  but i do like to read a lot.

toasted coconut: the beach or the pool?
my beach experiences involve either a lot of 1. storming +fighting nazis or 2. sand in my cool robot arm,  which is not fun. so pools. even though im not buoyant enough to float anymore so i wear swim fins on my left arm.

mint chocolate chip: indoors or outdoors?
outdoors, when the weather is right.

moose tracks: favorites for manga? orange sherbet: favorites for anime?
i read fullmetal alchemist.and then watched the anime. all of it. it was really good, although i feel like clint only showed it to me because of the robot arm thing. its the only manga or anime ive experienced so far, but i really liked it!

blueberry lemon: favorite blogs?
i love @iguanamouth‘s crazy animals, and i follow a couple knitting blogs, as well as @dailybadjokes, just so i have some really terrible puns to use when nat breaks out her dad jokes.

superman: do you like sweaters?
do i like sweaters. friend, i live in sweaters. i haveta knit em special though so they dont have a left sleeve because otherwise the plates in my arm catch on the knit.

blackberry: have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
yes. the first time steve tried out the vibranium shield he missed the rebound and hit himself in the head with the flat side. he flew a good six feet through the air, knocked himself clean out. it was beautiful. i was crying. howard fell over, he was laughing so hard.

cherry: do you drink tea or coffee?
yes. it is how i am alive. 

raspberry truffle: favorite kind of music?
i have a hard time with this one because im still learning so much about modern music. me and thor like listening to heavy metal, and i like tonys classic rock n’ roll, but im also really fond of the music of the 30s and 40s, the stuff i grew up with. 

praline: a popular book you haven’t read yet?
i havent gotten to game of thrones yet. people keep telling me such and such a character is gonna die, but im not sure how they can have that many dead characters and still have enough people for a book.

(Mod Hell has not, and never will, read Fifty Shades of Grey)

toffee: a card game that you’re good at?
so far, all of them. but rummy is my game, friends. i will kick anyones ass at rummy.

(Mod Hell has an inexplicable affinity for Up the River/Down the River. And Irish Poker, if you wanna count that as a card game)

mango: when and why did you start your blog?
my therapist recommended i write about things that were happening in my life, and mentioned that blogging was a good way to do so. i dont think this was quite what she had in mind, but here we all are, so… anyways, this blog was started on october 10th, 2016.

rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?
can i count the entire discography of pink floyd? tony recently introduced me to them and they’re pretty great.

(Mod Hell has been enjoying Down Like Silver’s Wolves, because my taste in music is very very morbid)

butter pecan: favorite songs for life?
this is a hard one. lately i have been enjoying fleurie’s ‘soldier’ because im a cliche sonovabitch 

strawberry: a language you wish you could speak?

dog. do dogs talk? not sure but if they do i want in.

butterscotch: what color are your nails right now?
uhh… silver on the left, none on the right? except for my right pinkie, which is black because thor accidentally set his hammer down on my fingertip. so theres a blood blister there. gross. but they were red last week. me an nat had a nail night. 

(Mod Hell is rocking a matte black and gold french manicure. I’m getting good at those!)

mint: the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?one time me an the howlies were having a night on the town and i drunkenly forgot steve was huge and i tried to pick him up (i mean literally lift him. i wasnt hitting on steve) because i thought he was still tiny.  i failed. steve did not budge at all.  and in the process of trying to regain my balance i overcompensated and fell into the thames. which wouldnt have been so bad if all the howlies and the girls we were with hadnt been right there laughing at me. its probably not the most embarrassing thing ive ever done but its the first that comes to mind.

 (Mod Hell accidentally flashed a lifeguard once, so quickly I was never sure if he actually saw or not. Still super embarrassing.)

green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?
yes. all of them. now, please.

(Mod Hell:  chocolate chip: what’s your most popular post? 
If you’re counting this blog, the “new years resolution: 1080p” post got picked up by a couple bigger blogs and is the frontrunner at 21,000+ notes. Original posts at hellenhighwater usually fade out at like 20 notes. So there’s a bit of a gap there.

Mod Hell: black raspberry: do you have any pets?
Oh man yeah. I have two cats, Nimitz and Yamamoto. Nim is small and black and puffy and made primarily of homicidal urges. She is the Terror of the Underbrush; the Reaper and Eater of Souls. Yamamoto is 23 pounds of superbly useless cat. Her favorite activity is slowly petting the stair banister post with her paw. I also have a mated pair of domestic Violet Ringneck doves named Vexation and Vendetta who live in my bedroom, though I’ll be building them an outdoor coop to vacation to in the summer. Vex and Ven are the most wonderful idiots. They live life like it’s a spanish soap opera. Everything is very dramatic and seductive and not in a language I understand.)

You Really Need to Let Me Speak

Request - Can you do a Dan howell x reader high school one? Where he and the reader are dating for a while and then one day he just breaks up with her and then the next day he comes in with a cheerleader and then like a while later he finds out she was only using him and he’s crushed and turns to the reader and asks for forgiveness and a second chance and she makes him prove he deserves it and does all this super sweet stuff for her and then we he thinks it all failed she kisses him and maybe smut but a lot of fluff please?

A/N: Thank you for the request! I hope you like the way I made this fic, enjoy :)

Pairing: Dan Howell x Reader (High School AU)


Your POV

Dan: Hey, I need to talk to you after school. Meet me at the usual spot

Your phone goes off in the middle of class, and you go to sneakily text back. It was your boyfriend Dan, who you’ve been dating for almost a year now. You’ve both been close since you were young, and then you started to like each other. Dan finally asked you out when you guys were hanging out at his, playing video games.

You: Sure thing, is everything alright babe?

You wait for his reply but you don’t receive anything. You stare at the clock, now waiting for the bell to ring. Your mind is racing with what he needs to talk about. Is it something bad? Maybe it’s something good? No but he sounded pretty serious, and didn’t answer your text back, something is wrong.

You check the clock again, one more minute. You start packing everything up as the bell goes off. You rush to your locker, throw everything in, and grab your backpack. You walk over to the usual place outside of school where you and Dan hang out. There he is waiting, leaning up against the wall.

“Hey Dan.” You smile sweetly at him and kiss his cheek, but he stays leaned against the wall. “Are you alright Dan?”

He looks down at the ground, then looks into your eyes but quickly looks down again, “I’m sorry Y/N I don’t think this is working out.”

“Oh” Your heart shatters. Has he always thought about your relationship this way? There goes 10 months down the drain, and an even longer friendship too.

“I’m sorry.”

“No…I um…I understand.” A tear rolls down your cheek as you walk away from the school, broken hearted.

As you’re walking home you pull out your phone and start texting your best friend, Rose.

You: Rose he broke up with me :(


You: Please don’t. Can i come over?


You arrive at Rose’s house, your eyes red and puffy from crying so much. She opens the door and welcomes you with a big, long hug. You can’t help but sob into her shoulder as she keeps holding onto you.

“I thought he loved me” You mumble into her shoulder.

“Sweetie, boys do this. They make you think they care then take the chance to leave when they can.” She strokes your hair gently to try and calm you down.

“I know, but Dan was so much different. I’ve known him for so long and I know how he’s like.”

“I guess that’s true. Come on, let’s go upstairs and just watch some of your favourite movies alright? You can sleepover tonight too, I know it’s a school night but we’ve done it before” Rose finally pulls away from your long embrace, and brushes the strands of hair out of your face. You nod your head, and she grabs your hand and drags you to her bedroom. For several hours you sit with Rose watching many of your favourite movies, but not the ones about love. You’ve had enough of that for a long time.

The next day you wake up, and grab the usual spare clothes you leave in Rose’s house, and get dressed. You grab your phone and check your notifications.

Dan: Hey, I’m really sorry. It hurt me to do that but I felt like it was for the best. Pls forgive me.

You ignore his text message, and continue getting ready for school. Once you and Rose arrive you go to your locker (which just so happens to be near Dan’s) and put your stuff away. You look over to Dan’s locker and you see him and a girl wearing a cheerleader’s uniform, standing awfully close to each other. You tap Rose’s shoulder and point over in their direction

“OH HELL FUCKING NO!” Rose stomps over to Dan and the cheerleader and confronts them. Rose and the cheerleader start yelling a lot, and Dan takes a step back. He looks over to you shocked, but you roll your eyes and walk to the washroom. You sit in the corner and bury your face into your knees. Somebody’s arms wrap around you and you look up to see Rose, sitting next to you.

“That bitch is apparently dating Dan. Can’t be fucking single for one day. Breaks my best friend’s heart then moves on quickly.” Her rant continues but you just bury your head in your knees again and cry. What did you do that made Dan want to do this?

“Fuck” you finally say.

“Hmm?” Rose leans her head down and rests it onto your shoulder.

“I have English first period with Dan. We sit next to each other at the back of the class.” You say, banging your head against the wall behind you.

“Hey, stop that.” Rose puts her hand in-between your head and the wall, “Just find another seat”

“I can’t, all the other seats are taken.”

“You know what, just ignore him. Put your headphones in, and ignore that asshole.”

And that’s exactly what you did. Throughout all of English you had your headphones in, you were working, and ignoring Dan. You felt someone poke your side, you take one of the earbuds out and look over to see who it was. Dan.

“I need help with this, do you mind?” He asked. He’s acting like nothing has happened. Like he totally hasn’t broken your heart yesterday, and is with another girl today.

“If you don’t mind I’m trying to focus on my own work, so sorr- no I can’t help.” You roll your eyes, and put your other earbud back in.

This occurred throughout the next few weeks. Dan tried to talk to you in English but you ignored him. He kept dating that cheerleader, and they seemed happy together. Well, until today at least. You came to school in the morning, and sat near your locker as you normally do. You would usually turn your head and see Dan and his girlfriend standing at his locker, kissing, cuddling, all of that shit. But today, they were fighting. Dan was in tears and the cheerleader was just standing back, annoyingly talking to him. You tried to listen in to what was going on.

“Are you fucking kidding me, you were using me to boost your grades?!” Dan yells, gradually getting louder.

“No baby that’s not what I meant.” She says, trying to ask for forgiveness.

“Then what the hell does "You are such a great help for boosting my grades. And that’s why I love you” mean?“

"Look I’m sorry Dan.”

“No, you know what, goodbye Victoria.”

So Victoria was her name. You’ve been calling her “Snobby Cheerleader Bitch” for the longest time. But you can’t believe what just happened. Dan got a taste of his own medicine, getting his heartbroken by someone he cares about. He stomps by you, mumbling something along the lines of “I fucked up so badly”. He walks into the washroom and disappears throughout the whole day. He wasn’t in English, and you didn’t see him during lunch. You may have not been showing it, but you still really care for Dan. Finally, during last period you get a text.

Dan: Hey, meet me at our usual?

You: Dan what do you want.

Dan: Please I need to talk to you.

You: Last time that ended badly

Dan: I know. I’m sorry. I fucked up everything and I really shouldn’t have. I was just scared that you would be the one leaving me, so I had to push myself away so I wouldn’t hurt so much when you did. Please just come, I’ll explain more then.

After the bell rings, you go over to the same spot where you and Dan shared your first kiss, but it was also the same spot where you got left broken hearted. You walk up to Dan, keeping a lot of distance in-between both of you. It still hurts to see him.


“Ouch, my full name. Come on Y/N, we’ve been friends for how long?” He says, trying to lighten the mood.

“Dan you broke my fucking heart a few weeks ago. Just get to the point so I can leave.” You say, crossing your arms.

“Okay first off, let me say I am so, so sorry. It hurt me so much to say that and I honestly felt like complete shit for doing that. For an hour or so after you left I just sat here and stared blankly at the ground, realizing how much I fucked up. Of course cheerleading practices were that day so Victoria came up to me and tried to cheer me up. Long story short, we talked and got together at the heat of the moment because I just didn’t know what to do anymore. Today Victoria told me she was using me to boost her grades and it crushed me. But then it made me realize that her saying that doesn’t nearly hurt me as much as you not even talking to me.” Dan’s eyes became glossier throughout his explanation, and he looked like he was on the verge of tears.

“Dan I don’t know-”

“Please give me a second chance Y/N”


“I will do anything you ask me, please I still love you.”

“Can I have time to think?” You say, avoiding eye contact.

“Yes of course.” You look up to Dan who is now smiling, and he walks away.

After a long night of thinking, you still have no idea what you want. Dan’s apology seemed really sincere, and he looked so hurt. But how can you trust him again?

You walk up to your locker as you always do, but you notice something on the door. It’s a note from Dan.

You open it up and it says:

Dear Y/N

Inside your locker contains many things about the both of us that I hold dearly in my heart. Most of them being amazing memories of our old adventures together, but also the best memories of us being together as a couple. Also, I bought you some chocolate to cheer you up because I know I’ve been an asshole for the past few weeks. :)

Please forgive this fuck up of a person.

Love, Daniel

You can’t help but smile at this, it was so sweet. You open your locker to old photos of Dan and you as children, playing in the park, and pictures of you and Dan on dates while you guys were together. You feel a tear roll down your cheek as you open up the box of chocolates and it has another “I’m sorry” note on it.

“You like it?” a familiar voice pops up behind you and you turn around to see Dan smiling.

“Dan, I’m not sure if I can trust you again.” His smile instantly faded.

“Oh…I understand.” You were about to continue on, saying how you will give him one more chance because you care about him so much, but he kept rambling on. “I mean, it makes sense. I’m that twat who broke your heart, went out with another girl, and tried to win you over again. God I’m such an idiot”


“What made me think that you would take me back? Well, I tried that’s what matters right?” A tear rolls down his cheek as he keeps talking. Fuck I need to talk right now but he isn’t listening, you think to yourself.

“Dan” you say again, grabbing his arm.

“I mean like, who in their right mind would take me back? I’m ju-” You cut him off by wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. He’s shocked at first but he finally realizes what you’re trying to say, and wraps his arms around your waist. He leans in more as the kiss becomes more passionate, but you pull away and rest your head against his forehead.

“I forgive you Dan. You really need to let me speak.” You smile at him and look into his beautiful brown eyes.

“I’m sorry for everything Y/N, I love you so much.” He kisses you again.

“I love you too Dan.”

A/N: I’m sorry I didn’t do any smut. I’m working on my writing a lot right now, just trying to improve it, so I’m most likely not gonna do any smut ATM. But maybe in the future!

Back To The Street Where We Began

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Can you write a Frank Iero imagine where you dated him in high school but the two of you had to move away because of college and stuff but a few years later you meet him in a tattoo shop where he is working on and you get your first tattoo with him, after that he asks you out? Thanks”

Word Count: 908

Pairing: Frank x Reader

His hands are cold just like your own and you sigh sadly, feeling your heart cracking. This’ll be the last time you see him and it honestly brings tears to your eyes and it seems like he can’t help it either. He drops one of your hands and cups your cheek, doing his best to smile at you, always the one who has to make light of any situation. You take a shuddering breath and he pulls you into his embrace, holding you tight despite the fact that you’re parents are watching from the car.

“Don’t cry,” he mumbles, voice wet with emotion. “We’ll see each other again.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He kisses you before you walk away, soft and desperate, both of you knowing this is the last kiss you’ll share. And that’s how you broke up with your high school boyfriend a few years earlier, you moved and both of you knew long distance wouldn’t work at your age. Your heart was shattered and although you tried to keep in touch eventually you stopped talking and Frank became a memory you would never let go of. That is until you walk into a tattoo shop and see him leaned over a sketchbook.

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