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I’m A Lucky Girl

Title: I’m A Lucky Girl

Characters: Jensen and Reader

Word Count: 1034

Warning: Absolutely none

Request by @captainemwinchester said: I saw that your requests are open. May I request a Jensen x reader. The reader is an actress on supernatural and she’s at a convention with Jensen, and she is super nervous. He is just so sweet to her and super friendly.


“Huh?” Looking to the seat next to yours, Jensen was giving you his “I already know the answer” look. “Oh, yeah, just a bit.”

“You’ll be fine, Y/N. Jared and I will be right there the whole time.” Jensen gave your hand a quick squeeze before relaxing back into his seat. “Just a hum a little Metallica during the flight, it might help.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to try that.”

Closing your eyes, you let your head fall back and your body relax a little. You’d just finished your first year on Supernatural and it was time for your first convention.

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Big Role

Warnings: Like one cuss word
Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, SPN cast member!reader, Misha Collins(mentioned)
Summary: You’re an actress on SPN and you get a big role in a new show and it comes up in a con
Reader’s Age: Roughly 15/16 years old. It could work for any though.
Word Count: 1049

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: This originally had Misha in it too but it became too much of a hassle to include all of them so I just did Jensen and Jared. Enjoy!

You, Jensen, and Jared were all backstage getting ready to do a small panel. Ever since you were no more than three years old you’ve been acting on the show. Sure, a three-year-old doesn’t necessarily have much acting skill, but you had enough to get by. The boys loved having you on the show. You always brightened up their day, and you’ve also got a little bit of Jared, Jensen, and of course, Misha in your personality.

Of course, school was always a problem until your parents decided to pull you out and let you become homeschooled. The set would take breaks every now and then to let you do some school throughout the day, and if you needed any help then you just went to one of the guys.

You’ve just always been there and around them. They’ve become your family. You love doing conventions and meet-ups because it means you get to meet your even bigger family. The Supernatural family.

You’re a pretty popular character on the show. Most girls look up to you since you started acting so young and haven’t gone down a bad path, probably because you have such good influences in your life. Occasionally, you get to do your own panels, but you mainly prefer to have one of your boys there with you.

“You ready, kid?” Jensen asked as he handed you a microphone.

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” you responded enthusiastically.

Jared walked over and flashed you a quick smile before turning towards the stage. The band started playing and you three made your way onto the stage. The crowd cheered as the band played along. You three smiled and waved at everyone until you all realized the end of the song was coming up. You all, hilariously, got into your jumping stances and waited for the right time. Just when the song was about to end you all jumped up and slammed back down as if you were playing an electric guitar.

Lights blinded you as you looked out into the crowd, you smiled and waved back as the screaming never faltered. You walked over to the mic stand and put your microphone in it.

“How y'all doin’?” Jared asked. The crowd cheered in response.

“That’s great because we need you guys to get our energy up. Jensen has been dragging his feet all day,” you teased, looking over at your co-star with a shit-eating grin.

“Hey! Blame the two new munchkins!” Jensen retorted, earning laughs from you and everyone else.

For a few minutes you three told a few stories then went into questions. A young girl, no more than sixteen was next to ask a question. She had short brunette hair and was wearing angel wings with a trench coat. She took a deep breath before blurting, her voice young and shaky, “So, Y/N. Rumor has it that you’re gonna be one of the main roles in the new show Stranger Things. Is that true?” Jensen and Jared both shook their heads slightly with small smiles.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s true,” you responded humbly.  

“Yep. It’s official! She’s leaving us!” Jensen threw his arms up. “After years and years of being on Supernatural, she’s gonna drop us like a little kid playing with an old toy!” Jensen teased.

You slapped his arm with a smile that just would not go away; it never did at these events “It’s not permanent! It’s just for one season.”

“For now. One season will turn into two, which will turn into three…” Jared chimed in, trailing out his voice as he stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

“I’m still on the show, ain’t I?” you replied with a giant grin.

Jared walked over and engulfed you into a hug and fake cried loud enough for the crowd to hear, “She’s growing up so fast! Moving onto bigger and better things! I’m so proud!”

“Get off me, Moose!” you playfully pushed him away, hearing the crowd laugh.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you got the role, but just don’t forget about your family here.” Jensen got serious for a moment and pointed to everyone.

“Y'all have nothing to worry about, I could never forget you,” you smiled and hugged Jensen while the crowd awed. “Anyway, next question!” you turned to a man holding a mic.

“Oh. Uh, yeah. Um, are you excited to be on Stranger Things and will it interfere with you being on Supernatural?” a man asked on the other side of the room. You stared at the ceiling as you thought about the conflicting times.

“I am very excited, but sadly, it will interfere with working on Supernatural. I’ll probably show up here and there in a few episodes, but as of right now my main focus is Stranger Things.” The crowd awed, but not from an adorable moment like before, it was for the inevitable chunk in time without you on the show; they did it just to try and keep you staying stuck with them and you loved the family more for it.

“I know, I know. It’s sad, but it’s not forever! Like I said, it’ll probably only be for a season.”

“She’s a big actress now, huh?” Jensen pursed his lips, a smile tugging at the ends. “Soon enough you’ll see her name on every billboard in every city!”

“I think you’re going a little overboard there,” you chuckled.

“Nah, you can never go overboard when it comes to our favorite sister!” Jared pulled you into another warm and familiar hug.

“Anyway,” you huffed after you’d pulled away from Jared, setting your hands on the mic which was still in the mic stand. “Who’s next?”

Jared and Jensen answered a few questions, then came another for you. “I was wondering if we would see a crossover episode between Stranger Things and Supernatural?” the woman asked. You pondered on it with an intrigued smirk at the idea, but then it dawned on you:

“Probably not, considering that Stranger Things takes place in the 1980s, way before my time,” you chuckled sheepishly.

“Maybe you time traveled?” Jared suggested with a shrug.

“Maybe,” you replied deviously, deciding not to completely destroy the idea and at the same time making them even more enthusiastic about the possibility.

I hope y’all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you do a fic where the reader is a teen that’s been on spn since she was a kid and they are at a convention and the rest of the cast is teasing her (nice teasing) because she got a really big role in a new show for instance (stranger things) or whatever show”

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(*) so this is a long rants, maybe dont publish it? Up to you, friend. I just need to talk to someone and I always like reading your response to anything so if you wouldn't mind.. I didn't hear the podcast, only from the transcript. And my readings probably not accurate. But, I have kinda similar experience with my job. Where sometime I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck am I doing here?? I get so frustrated, and Im not one to fume inside so I become very vocal with my bosses decision (**)

(**) concerning my job because they didn’t listen/read my report. And I’ll be embarrassed about my outburst but I couldnt stop and it brought me to tears sometime. And my peers cant understand the problem because they didn’t have to compromised professional integrity doing their job, they all have great relationship with our bosses. 1D come from TXF, a reality show in nature, so its gonna be full of fabricated dramatisation. As we know they were encouraged to act as certain character,

(***) although it could be derived from their true personality traits? Idk. Image is everything, even now 6 years later. I think Savan try to share his take on what happened, from a point of view of someone who already form an opinion and deemed they are not credible and consist of some talentless individual. At the end of the day, he come to do his job while the boys pursuing their dream. Louis got the opportunity to be in a vocal band, but got the least singing part. My point is, the boys

(****) My point is, the boys’ experience might be different from each other. They could empathise and I’m sure of it. They showed us they love and support and protect each other. Again, personality play a big roles on how yau handle hurts, disappointment and anger. So while all of the boys experience the exact same situation, it won’t affect them similarly. I feel like louis’s frustration translate into being ‘loud’ or probably argumentative. Savan’s fond memory of working with harry could also

Dear anon,

I might not have gotten last parts of this ask? If you have them, please send them.

First, thank you for understanding the complexity of the Golan/ Kotecha interview, for reading between the lines, and for articulating that in an empathetic way.

Now that we have all had time to digest it, I think it gives a lot of insight into the group dynamic.

Undoubtedly the powers-that-be have always seen One Direction as a manufactured product. Industry has never respected the band because of this background, despite the fact– the FACT not only voiced by fans but now, explicitly, by these two songwriters– that One Direction is not a typical boyband, that the talent is extraordinary, that their ambitions and their ability to learn the music business (from the creative to the business) was outsized.

And if Industry bothered to listen to pop podcasts, it would know that One Direction songs are actually, within the frame of their pop genre, quite good, considered by critics to be surprisingly good for a “manufactured product.”

I think Kotecha expressed his regret that 1. he underestimated them, 2. he let the psychological “mind fuck” –the antagonism he had with Louis– get in the way of helping them develop as artists, 3. he missed out on the biggest portion of their success, 4. he burned some bridges with them.

Kotecha is an incredible songwriter. I’m really glad he found his success with other big-name artists. He wrote my favorite AG song on Dangerous Woman, “Into You.”

The interview also revealed a lot about the band members’ state of mind through the first three albums. Kotecha states that none of the boys liked the music on Up All Night : it’s not music they are proud of, he says. If they disliked UAN, they would have recognized in the making of Take Me Home that Syco expected them to stay in this traditional boyband mode for all five albums– and perhaps they were already sensing the impetus to find a breakout solo act (Harry) so that the band wouldn’t finish their contract. They sensed it because that was the natural boyband trajectory, and had been for the last 30 years.

We talk about The Beatles being the first boyband, but of course, The Beatles were not put together on a reality talent show. No one expected the talent show band to last. No one expected them to have any creative or business talents. No one expected them to form any deep bonds with each other. No one expected them to do anything except bleat out tunes, look pretty, sell merch. No one expected these things because there was just no precedent. And now Kotecha’s interview basically confirmed all of this.

And imagine being in the boys’ shoes. Obviously they were going to sing whatever they were given in UAN: they were unknowns. They relied on industry experience to get to world-wide success. They would do whatever they were asked to do.

It was only after TMH, when their success became ever more apparent, that they had the courage to demand more. Even then, they were risking a lot to raise their voices. They could easily have been shouted down. And you’re right, anon, I think at some point, Kotecha felt like he was being attacked for doing exactly what he was hired to do. He felt an ownership for the creation of the 1D sound, and there was bloody mutiny from the bleating pretty faces– and not even from the talented one, or the singer.

And if Louis hadn’t been in the band, who knows who would have stepped into his place? Louis took a big risk (never play poker with him– his bluffs are deadly)– he could have been the one asked to leave. He was the loudest voice, but Kotecha sort of made it clear that it wasn’t only Louis who felt this way. Louis was simply the one willing to stick his neck out, to take the brunt of bad feelings. He risked his own career to make sure One Direction was in it for the long haul.

I wrote about “Strong” as a romantic song, but it could also be a song about camaraderie. “Waves try to break it”: it’s as poignant as any other reading.

Not only that, but Harry’s refusing to leave the band to be The Breakout Star also strengthened the band’s argument against management. They needed to be a united front, to argue for their creative independence. Perhaps Zayn’s willingness to give up on this united front is why bitter feelings ran so deeply during OTRA promo.

To Kotecha’s point about Harry’s songwriting chops, I think he is sincere. I think the songwriting community in pop music is a small one, and they don’t blow hot air around just for promo– the public doesn’t care if pop stars write their own songs, tbh. Indeed, it’s not the first time, second time, or even the tenth time we’ve heard from other songwriters that Harry is a pretty fucking good songwriter. I also think he and Harry are no longer in contact, at least not in any meaningful way, by the way Kotecha says “Harry probably would” [contact him]– at least, as of February 2016.

It’s weird, for me, to have this detailed, intimate snapshot of the band members circa 2011-2012. It adds to the complexity of the 1D boys as human beings, and I must say I love them more for this, for recognizing their mutual talents, for refusing to be ground down by the inevitable boyband gristmill, for having the vision to see their unknown futures and for wanting to be taken seriously as artists– risking their fame and celebrity in the process. They are a very special band.


So as most of you probably know I MET ALL TIME LOW which was absolutely amazing. I saw Zack first and then the rest of the band and the moment i saw them i completely broke down into tears. After I had stopped crying, I was so happy to be there i was just grinning like an idiot and RIAN DAWSON FUCKING SMILED AT ME and it was beautiful. First there was an acoustic performance and THEY SOUNDED SO GOOD like they honestly could not have done a better job. They played Dirty Laundry, Something’s Gotta Give, Cinderblock Garden, Life of the Party, Weightless, and Good Times. They took like 2 minutes or so in between each song to just chat with us which was so nice and it made the whole thing feel so much more personal. Before they started playing they asked everyone if they felt like sitting or standing and we decided on sitting and Jack was like “do I get to sit too?” and Alex was like “No! You’re not allowed to!” and they were going back and forth and it was so cute, one person made their own lyr jacket that they showed them/us and Alex said that meant they could join the band, one person made this art collage thing and first they showed it to the band and after they all saw it Alex was like “okay now show the class!” and motioned for them to turn around and show the rest of the crowd and it was really cute, some person said something about tacos which cause a great discussion about tacos and the best taco places, one person said it was their 21st birthday and Alex asked them if they had a good day and how they were planning to spend their night and they just shrugged and Alex was mimicking them and shrugging and he said they should all go out and get tacos with the other people and it was CUTE, at one point Rian whispered something to Alex and Alex started GIGGLING and it was ADORABLE, someone said to play Jasey Rae and Alex was like “no, we can’t! I have the setlist on a piece of paper over here and I play any other songs the guy in the mask is gonna come slap me” (their body guard had a weird mask from the store at one point), Alex suggested that they all wear the Harley Quinn costumes the store had with nothing underneath, someone was crying and they said that Jack inspired them to play guitar and they were all joking how Jack can’t play guitar and it was c u t e. After we had all sang our lungs out, it was time for the signing. So they had us form a single file line to get to the table where they were gonna sign our shit and I was SO PREPARED i knew exactly what i was gonna say, i had a whole fucking speech prepared about how much they mean to me and how much they’ve helped me over the years and the minute i got to the table…POOF! GONE! I got so nervous I completely forgot about everything I wanted to say! I was so flustered I was just like “wow uh hi” and Jack was like “hi!” all upbeat and Jack-like, and with nothing else to say i just blurted out the only thing i could think of which was “you’ve been my favorite band since i was 12″ (which is true but maybe not the most creative thing i could’ve come up with) and Rian SMILED AT ME AGAIN and he was like “twelve?! wow thank you!” and Alex gave me a high five and it was really nice and they were so friendly despite all my awkwardness. I am so so so happy I got to see them, this is honestly one of the best experiences i’ve ever had. I wish I could relive the whole thing again!!


Baby Deserves Respect

Title: Baby Deserves Respect

Song: Respect by Aretha Franklin

Word Count: 989

Warnings: Some adorable Baby feels and laughs

This is my submission for @butiaintgonnaloveem’s #Happy Big 50 Baby Challenge! Enjoy!!

This takes place in Season 7 when the boys have to put Baby into hiding thanks to the Leviathan look-alikes that are going on a killing spree as Sam and Dean using another 67 Impala.

Song lyrics in bold and italics

What you want

Baby, I got it

What you need

Do you know I’ve got it

All I’m askin’

Is for a little respect when you get home (just a little bit)

Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home

(just a little bit) mister (just a little bit)

“Dean, come on, we gotta get moving!”

“Sam this is not the time! Just…give me a minute!” Dean turned back to Baby looking down as he held the car cover in his hands.

“Baby, oh sweetheart I am so sorry about this. Fucking Leviathans. I’ll be back, don’t you worry sweetheart. I’ll be back.” Dean looked over his shoulder, making sure Sam wasn’t looking, and gave Baby’s hood a gentle kiss before throwing the cover over her.

Walking back to the road to the new car Dean’s hands tightened into fists.

“Let’s go fuck up some Leviathans.”

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living with joonie

Originally posted by baebsaes

  • s/o to your girl for not finishing this series
  • ive been planning it for a while actually but i thought nobody cared much about namjoon which was dumb of me i know but
  • anyway!!
  • namjoon would want to be really casual about the whole asking thing. i think he would be one of the first ones to want to move in with his babe first because in my opinion he would probably move things pretty quickly like he wouldn’t want to wait, if you guys were serious he would want you in right away
  • okay so i talked about everyone’s houses so here’s joonie!!
  • he would probably crash with some of the other boys to begin with, like rapper line having a bro house together
  • but when he does get his own house i think he would want something super small just because he doesn’t find the need to waste space or money, but he would want it in the heart of the city so he could be close to everything and everyone
  • i think he would be heavily into city life, especially city night life so being in the city is big for him
  • the apartment he actually decorates really well i t’s super modern and chic and what he saves in the actual apartment, he splurges on furniture and decor
  • lots of leather stuff like those leather couches but he knows where to bargain hunt so aye! lots of modern art hanging on the walls and hoseok always teases him about it because it’s a picture of a can and namjoon gets all shy and defensive and says it’s a beautiful can
  • he has lots of lighting as in lamps but no overhead lighting so when you go into his house you have to turn on like seventy two lamps to see anything
  • he says it’s aesthetic
  • there’s too bedrooms, but the guest one he converted to a library/office so he has his computer but two of the walls are lined with bookshelves and some are in korean and some are in english and he organizes them not alphabetically but by his favorites and that’s the room you usually can find him
  • never uses the kitchen but somehow or another it has really nice appliances thanks to seokjin trying to share the wealth and help a brother out
  • he  has  a really chill aquarium thing though and it’s on the back wall near the kitchen/dining area and it lights up sometimes and has all these bubbles all the time but he only has one fish because he wants to spoil his son and doesn’t want to have to choose favorites im-
  • anyway when he realizes he wants you to move in he’s torn between making it cute and romantic or being practical and just asking you to bring things over
  • like he wants to make it memorable but he also knows it’s early in the relationship so he doesn’t want to come on too strong or anything!!
  • he sits there okay like every night he thinks of ways to ask you to come and move in and he wants it to happen soon because snuggling his pillow is zero fun
  • one day you come over, and he’s acting really strange like chokes over every single word that he says tbh and he’s tripping over his own two feet and you’re like wtf is kim namjoon
  • “uh do you want some like food or something?” he asks and before you can answer he runs off to the kitchen and like five seconds you can hear some pans clanging to the floor and you kinda ooh buddy
  • you hurry in to see if any damage has been done and he’s sitting here in a stupor and it looks like maybe he smashed his fingers or something because he’s holding them with his free hand??
  • you kneel down and gingerly inspect his fingers and to make him feel better you brush your lips on the lil bruise
  • “i think i hit my lips too.”
  • so of course you kiss him and he gets all blushy and smiley
  • you stand up and climb on the counter to reach the first aid box (that has winnie the pooh stickers on it, why idk) and you pull the band aids out and they’re hello kitty and you kinda !! and namjoon insists that it was all hoseok and seokjin
  • you roll your eyes and bandage his fingers up and you kinda mumble almost to yourself “maybe i should just live here and become your nurse or something huh?”
  • and his eyes go wide and this smile breaks out on his lips and his dimples are showing and he starts to nod excitedly
  • “oh you were thinking that too, i was gonna ask you but i got nervous because i didn’t want to make things awkward but i was thinking that you should move in, i even dedicated part of my closet to you already and i got some better smelling shampoo just for you and-”
  • you cut him off with a kiss and he laughs through it and it’s so simple and kinda cheesy but that’s how it happens
  • okay the boys are like we must teach namjoon how to not break shit up if he has someone in the house with him!!
  • that doesn’t work very well tbh
  • the other boys are always over at your place though because they’re like well leader… we need some leading rn… and by leading they want to crash on your couch and use your netflix
  • namjoon doesn’t mind if you don’t mind
  • mostly cause there’s a couch and the chair and whenever the boys are over you always manage to end up in namjoon’s lap even though jeongguk, yoongi, and hoseok insist there is room on the couch,,,
  • namjoon just glares at them and then wraps his arms around your waist so that you can’t escape aha
  • namjoon always falls asleep in his office and you can never wake up he’s snoring too loud so a lot of times you’ll bring your blanket in and pillow and crash at his feet because wow yes gotta be supportive
  • when he wakes up he always carries you back to your room and he tucks you in and kisses your head
  • only issue is that he hogs the bed like crazy and you always wake up to him using you as a human mattress
  • and he drools on you
  • probably takes all the blankets too actually i know he does
  • really smart people overthink all the time like their thoughts eat them alive because they analyze every little thing and i think namjoon would be like that so some nights he can’t sleep and you’ll always wake up and talk to him to make sure he doesn’t stress himself completely out
  • when he is producing music he likes you right there beside him because you are his muse and he always asks you for help with his songs
  • “babe, what do you think of the chorus? too fast? do the words drag??”
  • meanwhile you’re drooling over the raspy rapper voice mm you wanna get some of that
  • he always laughs and gets all blushy
  • his computer wallpaper is the two of you at the beach and it’s sunny and he’s wearing a dumb hat and you’re sunburnt but that was one of is favorite vacations ever so
  • namjoon also hogs the shower fun fact he stands in there and contemplates life and by the time you get in there is absolutely no hot water
  • he likes to rap in the shower and it’s so embarrassing you’ve taken so many videos and sent them to seokjin and yoongi and tbh nams isn’t on to you yet congrats
  • he’s also one of the people who would be like lmao shower with me if it’s such a problem but at the same exact time loses his shit whenever you come anywhere near the bathroom while he’s in there
  • he tries to cook for you but soon you two resort to TV dinners which mean seokjin usually comes over and has to make you guys food so you two don’t end up dying or something
  • i think namjoon wouldn’t be big on tv watching or movie marathons like he would rather sit down and have an intelligent discussion or play scrabble but he’s a dork for computer games and you find him playing all these horror rpgs when you get home early one day
  • from that moment on you chill in his lap as he plays all those 8 bit nightmares and you two make fun of whoever screams the loudest
  • your house is always ringing with music whether it be from his computer (like his own work) or whatever artist he’s into at the time one time the neighbours actually complain lmao
  • he’s low key a slob and you always scold him for leaving his socks everywhere and you always make him pick up after himself but he usually ends up making a pile of dirty laundry and the laying in the middle of it because it’s warm
  • he doesn’t like to do chores because he says he must do his real duty which is producing music but he definitely helps whenever he can
  • he doesn’t usually though because last time you tried to get him to clean the bathroom he cracked the god forsaken mirror and now you can hardly see out of it
  • he also broke the laundry machine one time and you don’t know how that happened but it did and you ended up having to take your stuff to jin’s place for like seven months after that lmao
  • right waking up with this bean!!
  • tbh no matter how much you hate the mornings, you always are awoken because A) namjoon is smashing you to death and/or B) namjoon is snoring so loudly you need to get up and find ear muffs
  • when he realizes that you are awake though he always make sure to smother you in kisses and he will not get off you to save his life and he just stares down at you and tells you your eyes are pretty than every galaxy in the universe or something he’s so greasy in the morning
  • and then he kisses you and you’re like namjoon plz morning breath but he doesn’t care
  • proceeds to yank the blankets off of you and race you to the shower
  • trips and falls and then makes you kiss all his boo boos better
  • oh by the way he likes when you sleep in his shirts
  • like really, really likes it
  • takes seven pictures when he thinks you aren’t looking and has a whole photo album dedicated to you in his clothes lmao
  • always like to help you pick out your outfits and always subtly has you in something of his whether it be a jacket or cardigan or something as simple as a ring or bracelet he likes to show everyone that you’re his in a really subtle way
  • you guys end up getting a dog too for when namjoon is away and he names him joonie junior and he loves you more than namjoon and namjoon always cries at this lmao
  • calls the dog your baby btw
  • you guys would love to explore the city at night together like hit up antique stores together and he always holds your hand and you match all subtle and you always find stuff for the house like a old tea kettle or maybe another painting or some abstract plant thing
  • also always going out to eat in the little holes in the wall around the city and the leftovers are always in your fridge
  • imagine winter though and you get home and there’s namjoon, under every single blanket you guys own, swaddled up waiting for you to snuggle with you
  • i think namjoon would be into leaving little things around the house for you when he’s out like little love notes on the fridge and sticky notes on the bathroom mirror and little treats for you i the fridge
  • he also always gets flowers sent to the house when he’s away on tour and you have a garden up in there and he’s really into flower meanings so red roses and red tulips and also some sunflowers occasionally and stuff like that
  • he’s always doing really little stuff for you like that and it’s so super cute!!
  • he likes to have your pics up everywhere though he’s really into a picture is worth a thousand words so all your moments are up around the house in cheesy frames and all and he loves them so much!!
  • he would be such a cutie to live with, please protect him so that he doesn’t trip and fall up the steps and bust his knee open or something

anonymous asked:

Do you have any shortish fluffy fics (20k) I've had really bad cramps and I just need fluff :/

oooow babe, i’m sooorry, that sssucks, but hey, have some fluff”

The One Where Harry Really Doesn’t Have Ten Cats (10k)

Or, the AU where Harry is a pet-sitter for the rich and famous, and Louis is rich and famous.

Battle Cry (21k)

Harry’s got a heart, a soul, and a band. And with that, obviously, comes a future paved in great success, right? So all he has to do is win the Battle of the Bands, right? Simple.

What’s not so simple is the fact that Louis Tomlinson is his biggest competition. And also happens to be made of everything that Harry’s ever wanted.

No… That’s not simple at all. (listen, im gonna tell you something about Velvetoscar, she’s the best, her fics are ssssso fucking beautiful, I just love everything she write and everyone needs to read her)

Before You Came Into My Life (I missed you so bad) (18k)

Or an AU where Louis is a closeted A-list actor and Harry is just your average Uni student who only signs things with smiley faces. 

you are my favorite place (20k)

harry meets louis at a basketball game. he doesn’t know why everyone seems to think that they’re an item (aside from, maybe, the hundred paparazzi photos of them that come out the next morning).

long way from the playground (14k)

“You want one?” Harry asks, utterly oblivious to Louis’ miniature panic attack. “Babe, do you want a cup of tea?”

Babe. Louis is dead. Louis is so dead. She’s a walking corpse over here, oh and apparently she’s hysterical. Well this is just a giant train wreck.

Louis should really get over being in love with her best friend. Harry doesn’t help by acting less than platonic. Liam is Liam and Niall is the best wing woman ever. (girl! diection and one of my favorite fics)

spice up your life (9k)

After a conversation with his Uni friends, Harry worries that his relationship with Louis has lost it’s spark.

(aka: an incredibly silly modern day love story ft. awkward boners, grumpy neighbours and Cosmopolitan sex tips.)

Leave Before The Lights Come On (15k)

Louis’ never had a one night stand in his entire twenty-one years of existence. Not once. That is…until now. And OF COURSE this is how it happened.

If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night) (14k)

Louis accepts the call without bothering to look at the caller ID. Only Zayn would be a big enough asshole to call him at two in the morning. This fucking better be important.

“This fucking better be important,” Louis greets.

On the other end of the line comes a soft giggle. “Li, you don’t usually curse. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it.”

Yeah, that’s not Zayn. Louis sighs, his anger melting into resignation when he realizes that it’s some poor bastard probably drunk dialing his ex or something. “Sorry, mate. Think you’ve got the wrong number.”

Based on this Tumblr prompt: “Accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au”

everything i can arrange, every part of me you change (19k)

“Don’t you try that shit with me,” Niall spits the second he reaches Louis, pulling off the hood with force. “What the hell is this?” He plops down next to Louis on the empty bleacher and unceremoniously pushes a sheet of crumpled paper in his face.

Netflix and Chill Buddy Application

It’s like no matter how hard Louis tries, he can’t seem to run away from this stupid fucking flyer. All the girls (and some of the boys) in every one of his classes have been talking about it all week. It’s on every wall of every building on campus. Louis went for a jog last night and he nearly tripped and died over a loose one on the football track.

I’m Caught On Your Coat Again (13k)

Louis owns a café next to Harry’s bakery. Harry bakes Louis cake and Louis names tea after Harry and eventually they fall in love.

be with you day and night (10k)

[louis inherits a demon cat. harry is a cat whisperer.]

Space Oddity (14k)

Louis’ blessed with the inconvenience of getting his neighbor’s mail. It works out really well for the both of them. (listen, just read all the Velvetoscar fics)

My thoughts during the 2016 MAMAs

Alright so let’s skip the red carpet cause the struggle to find a link was real and I would like to thank @the-shinee-knight who came to my rescue when I was yelling into the kpop void at 4 in the morning. I also want the name of the designers of all the dresses for the night cause I don’t think I saw one that I didn’t like.
▪Blackpink and Monsta X also won awards. And because Monsta X were there, we got to see how surprised they are. The boys are all smiles :D

But the red carpet acts were:
- SF9
   • the dance break was nice
   • for some reason their outfits amuse me.  I think its the mesh shirt and bow combo
- I.O.I.
   • they are so cute, but the shoes are a bit much
   • I always forget the small one is a rapper

Alright onto the actual show. And I have no subs
- Tetris blocks…. okay
- now with creepy ass music
- okay that’s dope nvm
- so we doing a Tetris theme this year
- yes kid. Get that tap dance. This your stage boy
- oh they showing all styles of dance
- They just fucking it up
- yes taemin all of this is my life
- his outfit is extra but I don’t care anymore
- his cheekbone is making a shadow. Lord help me
- I love how it’s the mnet Asian music awards but it’s hella Korea
- TWICE look so cute, oh these kids
- The envelopes for this year are so elaborate and cute. Well done book designer
- oh the small one is crying
- that stage is huge. These performances are going to be amazing
- Mark your hair. Are you aware?
- Alright, a Thai singer. Oh he just introduced
- 7:13 RATIO
- oh this is more a seventeen stage then GFRIEND stage. I wanted more GFRIEND
- Duets and he gets snubbed hahaHA
- okay, GFRIEND get the end and the “last word” so okay
- I am no longer bitter
- and I want one of their jackets
- bringing everyone back on for the final pose
- shit the fans chants
- why is Baekhyun looking like he was invited to the wrong gathering?
- I don’t know why Gallant is here but I so here for it. I don’t know if this is his audience though
- I know a lot of people didn’t know about him until BTS Taehyung tweeted about him
- did you hear his falsetto right then
- okay, maybe they brought him just cause I wanted to hear him
- oooooooo they trying thing to get snl Korea back in better light
- cute little dude
- this is why he was dressed different
- DREAM!!!! Baekhyun and Suzy
- it has been a good minute since I have heard this
- didn’t this song get a triple kill or three week #1
- awwww fam are so cute
- it’s amazing to see the transformation Suzy has made since Dream High
- the models are so tall, and see is so not lol
- I love this drawings of the male group nominations
- BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE MALE GROUP: 방탄소년단 for Blood Sweat & Tears
- DEAN!!!!!
- this set up is really cool
- that hat is pretty bad tbh
- now it’s time for Crush
- I just never want him to stop singing
- that lighting
- girl did a booty shake straight to a split like boom
- Taehyung and HOBI :)
- Zico just went and played with RM and I love it
- they hat can go back on
- GFRIEND don’t know what do…. oh sweethearts
- bro. This advert within the show is only here to add time for the staff cause there is only one MAJOR commercial break
- this is the break between part 1 and 2
- now we’re starting part 2
- time to steal shit
- NCT 127
- FANCHANTS are there!!
- when can we fire their stylist?
- and now we got MONSTA X
- who the hell is trying to have a vlive rn??
- YOU can hear their breaths witch means no lipsyncing
- they either have the best camera shots or the worst because they aren’t facing the main audience
- they fixed that
- the transition from Jin Yong to young Jae is my fave
- this announcer dude is adorable
- MY HOSHI!!!!
- I haven’t stopped smiling since seventeen started accepting their award
- okay I saw this girls dress on the red carpet and I still want it
- I honestly hope they are listening to what she is saying and not just thinking about the artists that are next.  Because this is a real issue
- but I guess not…..
- he had the entire arena chanting so shit
- yeah, there is a reason he won the OST award
- yes, giving out the awards to yeah know THE REST OF ASIA
- Sekai no owari
- Hua chenyu
- JJ Lin
- all but one knew english. Like shit, I am crap
- Crush is so cute. He didn’t know it was going to happen and the face he made was priceless
- DEAN and Zico just giving him the biggest hug gave me such life
- Ailee is one of my Kpop Queens 💓💓💓
- 5 years. Hot damn
- TWICE and the Mario theme oh boy
- and now IOI
- warning indeed
- aren’t those the og outfits?
- they do really good dance breaks
- this is my favorite IOI song
- now twice
- their outfits are so cute
- TT
- IF you say you didn’t sing or dance along you are lying
- we all saw that coming. You can’t lie about that
- are taemin and Sehun wearing the same coat?
- the high five the awkward bow with Zico is fantastic
- their gowns are what I just want to have in my closet to wear if the time ever comes but never wear
- Quicey Jones!!!!
- right Timbaland is there
- Do they know Missy Misdemeanor Elliot? doubt it
- Timbaland, what are you doing here? Please tell me. You got the hype man thing down.
- None the less. ERIC IS KILLING THIS
- if you gonna show up, bring more to the table next time.
- Chan is so tall. Never not amazed
- I like the theme of not having the leader accept the award anymore lol
- yeah know, I can see GOT7 Youngjae being the next Crush way down the line.
- fam I lived
- I don’t know how I lived
- honestly I may be dead
- this was a great BTS concert yall
- PRODUCE 101 SEASON 2!!! hot shit
- fam I have class in an hour and a half and do not need these commercials rn
- and now part 3. May I actually go to class today.
- studio concrete???
- wasn’t he a prince in a drama?
- the fuck is going on there?
- SPACE!!!!!!!
- okay then
- they always play real intense background music
- BewhY
- yesss
- I really like the set up of this
- the dancers are killing it
- YIRUMA just outta nowhere
- a piano version of DAY DAY with Prepix ?!?!?! FUCK YES
- you go find your friends and joke and I love
- he is already to perform lol
- she already did her performance with him so she is just fresh faced and calm.
- now which company gets the trophy?
- dude is petting the trophy lol
- Taeyeon stage
- that is a really nice use of lights
- they gave the audience umbrellas
- SM and their eye makeup
- feel bad for the people behind the umbrellas who can’t see worth a damn
- and now Wiz Khalifa
- I don’t know why they brought him here. He has no reason. Wrong music context
- is his music catchy? Yes. Is the beat decent? Yes. But I have no control over this and people were probably excited so I can understand.
- Bambam would get caught
- this song is the reason he is here. Because so many idols have covered it and it was at the end of that one movie.
- Oh Jackson
- this is actually a kind of magical moment when thousand of people have come together to sing something meaningful that crosses over countries and doesn’t deal with politicals.
- can someone do me a favor and get Dean new clothes and hair
- she is so cute. I think she named everyone in the company.
- yall that was a great Exoridium
-  people have to follow that???
- thank God it is just an award
- Quincy Jones
- point for trying
- it’s the end man. They can’t understand you and they put the translation over your head oh no
- this man is a legend and these people don’t realize it and it is because of their background knowledge of where they come from.  Which is why I probably don’t know a lot of the music history of another nation’s music. He just expects too much from people who don’t have this knowledge
-  I may be able to make it to class… maybe
- SONG OF THE YEAR: TWICE with Cheer up
- KOOKIE!!!!!!!!
- yoongi…. my baby. Someone hug him because I am not there
- I almost cried right there
- OKAY!!!!!!
- oh Noodles
- did bbh actually sweat the makeup that much?
- okay if we close now, I can make it to class.
- So sorry to sf9. If they still there
- interactions are my life

Until the next concert (which is near new years) it’s been real fam

and if anyone was wondering, I was only 10 minutes late to my lecture


Labels sell you a narrative, a story of the artist. If they have to change all their story of life, they will do it and the artist can’t do anything about it if there are under a contract.

We all know 5h media narrative: 5h a group form in the x factor with a similar story than 1D. 5 multicultural girls with raw talents and amazing personalities took over the world with their girl power and catchy singles lead by camila cabello. A girl who caught the spotlight with her celebrity friendships and solo works making clear, several times, that the group has an expiration date. After an EP, 2 album, 2 hits and several awards, Cabello made the not unexpected but rush exit from the group, in a she said/they said fight, to follow her solo career leaving the bad future on hold.

This is basically what someone who read a magazine or watch a tv show can tell you about the group if they don’t really follow them but you guys who follow your group knows there’s a lot more, isn’t it?

The media has photos and sources so why not to believe them right? But then, everything you saw in all these years were lies? Those moments didn’t happen? Oh, everything happened, but all this big gossip you hear 24/7 eclipse every moment/ interview that could make you questions everything. So let me remain you some important and curious things that were never really in the media (sorry if you think I focus only in lauren and camila but they are the key pieces of this puzzle)

Lauren was the leader for the show/EP but for the album was Camila (why? Lauren stated being emotional broken during these years, so im guessing she couldn’t handle it) DON’T LET THEM FOOL YOU, LAUREN HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE FIRST CHOICE, THEY JUST HAVE TO GET HER READY.

Takeovers ended when Camila solo behavior it was going to start, weird right? But Camila’s 18 birthday was something amazing with that Taylor party but how about the party the girls/crew made for her in the worth it video set? We just got a vaguely photo but where are the rest? These social media queens didn’t post one photo! The only one out is from a crew member.

It shocks me than no one has made big noise with Camila’s and even ally’s declarations of mental issue during 2015. Really guys? They all became legal that year, the image started to change. And while you were criticizing camila’s mother being with her 24/7, I hope you realized she didn’t do that while she was under age (she was with her some weeks and then returned home) but the moment she turned 18 she stayed with her. An once again, where in the media is camila’s declaration of “songwriting saved my life” or the disturbing image she posted with the caption “I could finally breathe”

During 2015 interviews lauren and camila shade their own album. (TB to that interview where the girls give Dinah a bad look for saying body rock was her favorite) I truly believe Lauren and camila had given the label/MGMT some work with damage control with some declarations and behaviors. And let’s state that this could lead to punishments.

Or what about all these rumors of the girls hating camila but we have all this fan/the girls/ crew videos of the girls being chill with each other (specially in other countries) And let’s not forget how camila stopped posting 5h photos on her accounts and talking about them but some days before her exit, she posted a photo of the girls (AMA’S) she liked all this WFH comments and made some deep interviews (z100 NY).

Let’s be clear in something. 5h promo has always being really bad and all of the girls sucked at promoting too but THAT’S NOT THEIR JOB (I get you guys saw camila promoting her singles like crazy but not 5h, well maybe it’s because it’s her own music, her own words – just like lauren has said this days while she promotes her single like camila did twice)

 Now, once again, this is not my topic so im giving an opinion here. Why epic don’t invest in 5h? (promo/tours/budget) Well, girl bands are expensive and keeping the girls low budget has made the label not lose money (unfortunately, 5h last album is not doing as well as they thought). A third album it was the moment to make it big (with songs/ wardrobe/ tour) so why you let your “lead singer” go? Camila IS STILL in Epic, they could make her stay.

So this fuel that they just want Camila solo and they are gonna drop the group. But this is when it gets interesting, Simon always has wanted the group and LA REID has made of 5h a bootcamp to prepare solo girls! ALL OF THEM! That’s why they have let them do solo work (but they decide the time and the project of course) Lauren solo is on the go, giving her more camera all this year, making camila aside in the 5h image.

This is when I get wild and drop the bomb. (THIS WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN ONE WAY OR THE OTHER AND THE 5 OF THEM DON’T HAVE A SAY IN THIS CAUSE, ONCE AGAIN, THEY ARE UNDER CONTRACT, WITH THIS CAMILA HAS TO FIGHT ON HER OWN) They have known this plans all along (THIS IS NOT THE GIRLS VS CAMILA IS GIRLS VS THE LABEL), and that’s why they girls got a new lawyer! A lawsuit against Epic wouldn’t be weird cause they have been neglecting the girls for years with the lack of support (I don’t get SYCO in this cause they are their label overseas and they have done their job) Now, Syco wants them so they could make the move to offer them a record deal with RCA and everyone could be happy except LA REID losing her solo projects. (Also, Republic records has been on the picture with the girls for a while)

Now, we could say camila is okay with her deal, she’s out 5h and has her solo project but Roger Gold appearing makes me doubt Camila’s desire to stay in Epic. The guy has an AMAZING resume. Attorney/CEO/consultant and a major supporter on independent labels, and guess what? HE HAS AN INDEPENDENT LABEL. If you analyze Camila’s way of expressing about him, he’s family, she feels protected. Im putting all my coins that he’s taking her out of this shitty deal to put her in his label/with the option of an association with another label.


Got 15 fics here to rec that i’ve read in the past few days, bolds are favorites, please read the tags in the fics before you read, and don’t forget to give the writers kudos and some lovely comments! Enjoy!!

  • Your Lips On Mine by writingsofamadchild [56.1k+ | Explicit]
    The situation is weird, like really fucking weird. Liam thought maybe he was hallucinating when he first saw Zayn in their apartment, exhausted from work or something. He thinks about Bradford a lot more than he probably should, always eager for the next time he gets to watch him. But when Niall told him about the other new roommate, Zayn, he never in a million years thought it would be him - even when Niall said Zayn was just his type and had silver hair.
    [Or the one where Zayn is a camboy, who likes to think about the fit mechanic with a liking for leather jackets and scruffy beards from uni during his shows. And Liam, the mechanic, who realizes his new roommate is Bradford, the man with the smooth skin covered in tattoos that Liam watches late at night with a hand wrapped around himself.]
  • pas de deux by thearcherballet [3.8k | Not Rated]
    1 : a dance or figure for two performers
    2 : an intricate relationship or activity involving two parties or things
  • always and always by PayneQueen [3.6k+ | Teen]
    Zayn’s in High School and his boyfriend goes to college two hours away.
    just a simple oneshot.
  • My Kingdome For Your Graces by vastlyunknown [17.3k+ | Explicit]
    Liam is a king on the brink of war. Zayn is a knight determined to keep his king safe. 
  • Zayn and the Grim Reaper by anecdotalist [5.7k+ | General]
    Zayn’s son demands a bedtime story on Halloween so Zayn tells him the story of how he and Liam really met.
    This started off as an attempt to write a spooky campfire story but since it’s Ziam, it turned out all fluffy anyway.
  • Not Afraid To Save My Heart (For You) by PaperGirl92 [3k+ | General]
    ‘Maybe one day we’ll meet again, when we are slightly older and our minds less hectic, and I’ll be right for you and you’ll be right for me. But right now, I am chaos to your thoughts and you are poison to my heart’
    Zayn isn’t the type to stay, hasn’t been for the longest time.
    So he quits, the tour, the band, his relationship with Perrie.Zayn isn’t the type to stay,
    But Liam gives him a reason to anyway.
  • But We Come Home Instead by ch3stpaynes [8.5k | Explicit]
    Liam’s ideas are brilliant most of the time.
    They just go bad whenever Zayn’s involved.
  • wish I could be (part of your world) by carbsoncarms [3.6k | Explicit]
    Zayn Malik is a servant at the palace of the Wolverhampton kingdom, and Liam Payne is the said kingdom’s crowned prince. The servant is in love with the prince, but because of the obvious gap, he knows that he can’t be with him. 
  • 'til it turns from color to black and white by Anonymous [11.8k+ | Explicit]
    “You don’t look like a guy who’d resort to an American Pie bet to lose his virginity.”
    “What do I look like, then?” Zayn asks, crossing his arms.
    He clearly has the wrong impression and Liam feels his cheeks heat even as he blurts out, “You look like a guy I’d work for all night for the chance to take home.”
    Or, Liam’s senior year begins like a movie: there’s a frat party, a pretty boy with long eyelashes, and a bad decision or two.
  • A Little Surprise by zainjavaddmalik [2.9k+ | Explicit]
    I’ve got a surprise 4 u 2nite babe ;) x
    This was definitely not the type of text Zayn needed to be getting while at work. He felt his pants tighten as his mind blew through about 50 different scenarios of what Liam might be planning for him. The thing is, when Liam says he has a surprise, it is usually something absolutely filthy. Everyone who met Liam thought he was this sweet, cute little puppy, but Zayn knew better.
    This is honestly just 3k words of absolute Ziam smut. There’s a few sweet moments, but it’s a bunch of filth.
  • Just Like This by pineapple_tea [4.4k | Explicit]
    This is honestly just porn…
    Liam and Zayn fuck in their tiny university flat, when the rest of the boys are out. They happen upon an unexpected kink of Liam’s.
  • Handle This by becharlatan [6.7k+ | Not Rated]
    I don’t know who you are, but I woke up next to you only with a batman cape to cover our bodies.
Daddy Niall One Shot #1- How You Meet

**Well, you all have been asking for this for a while and here it is! I’ll be doing this in One Shot form and I won’t be updating every week, probably every other week or so! I also hope to make these somewhat longer since I won’t be updating every week. Anyway…. Hope you all love it! :) 


You and your best friend were on your way to a One Direction concert. They were your favorite band and you were finally able to see them live in concert. You had tickets to the show last year, but you had gotten pregnant and it was too close to your due date to go. You were upset, but you knew it was better for you not to go. 

Fast forward to now and you were pulling into the parking lot of the stadium. 

“This is going to be so much fun!” Your friend shouts excitedly. 

“I know! I’m just glad that your Mom was able to watch Adeline.” You say. 

“Me too. So how are you and your parent’s relationship since everything?” She asks. 

“I mean we’re working on it. Since Matt’s not in the picture, they want to help out a bit more, but they don’t want me to become financially dependent upon then, which I understand.” You say. “I think their disappointment in me went away after they saw what I was going through with Matt and they want to help make sure it pays child support and all that, so it’s slowly getting back to a good relationship, but I know that it will never be the same though.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She says. 

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” You smile. “It’s my life and I’ve learned to deal with it.” You shrug. 

“Well, that’s good. Now, lets get out of this car and into that huge ass stadium!” She smirks. 

You laugh getting out of the car.


As you two were walking towards the entrances, you saw tons of tents of local radio stations that were shouting out to everyone and trying to get them to their tables. 

“Enter for a chance to win backstage passes and front row tickets! There will be a drawing in 30 minutes!” They shout.

“OOOH Y/N let’s do this!” Jess says

“We probably won’t win.” you sigh as she pulls you over to the tent. 

“So! At least we tried! I mean at least we have a chance!” she says picking up a pen and paper. “Here fill it out now!” She says. 

“So bossy.” You mumble as you fill out the paper. 

“You’ll be thanking me if we win.” She smirks. 

“Yeah. Yeah. Let’s win first and then you can gloat all you want.” you say rolling your eyes laughing. 

“I’m going to hold you to that.” She smirks. 

“Yeah. Yeah.” You laugh handing your papers to the guy. 

“Thanks ladies. Be sure to stick around for the drawing. You have to be present to win. So don’t go inside to the venue yet.” He says. 

“Okay. Thanks.” Jess smiles. “Let’s go look at the Merch table.” She says pulling you over. 

“I wonder if they have any baby sizes.” You giggle. “Adeline would look so cute in one.” 

“She looks cute in anything.” Jess laughs. 

“True.” You laugh. “What can I say I’m just glad she looks like me and not her dick of a father.” 

“Yeah. Ew let’s not speak of him anymore tonight. Tonight is supposed to be fun and drama free. Tonight you get to be a 21 year old girl!” She says. 

You smile nodding. After buying matching shirts and some other little things, you and Jess head back over to the radio stations table. 

“Okay! Everyone. I know you have been waiting for this. The winners of the backstage passes and front row tickets. Drum rooooolllll.” He smirks. “And the winners are Jess Williams and Y/N!” He shouts. 



“I think I’m going to puke.” you groan as you wait backstage to the boys. 

You were sick to your stomach between the nerves and the fact that you had to spend the rest of the your life hearing Jess gloat about how because of her, you two got to meet One Direction. 

“You know I didn’t actually know that we were going to win, but I just had a feeling and damn was I right!” She smirks. 

‘Okay. Okay. Yes, you were right and we’re meeting the boys, but you could chill for like a sec.” You laugh. 

“Okay. Okay. Fine, I won’t say I told you so for the rest of the night.” She says. 

“Good!” You laugh. 

“Everyone if you could make a line, the boys are on their way down.” The security guy says. 

“AHHH!” Jess screams. “Why aren’t you more excited?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t seem real, yet.” you say shrug. 

“Well it’s pretty fucking real.” She says pointing to the door. 

You turn around and see Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis walking and that’s when it hit you. 

“Holy shit.” You say jumping up and down with everyone else. 

About 10 minutes later, you were walking up to the boys. You hug each of them and you’re right next to Niall and Harry when you take the picture. Once you were done, you wait to the side as the boys go around signing stuff for everyone. 

“Hi, you’re Y/N right?” Niall asks you. 

“U-Um. Yeah. I’m Y/N.” You smile nodding. 

“That’s a really pretty name. I know that’s probably really lame.” He laughs. 

“No. It’s fine.” You laugh. 

“Niall we gotta go!” Harry says

“So, where are your seats for the show?” He asks. 

“Front row. Near the catwalk I think.” You say. “We won them with the backstage passes.” 

“Awesome. So I’ll see you then later at the show.” He smirks. “Bye Y/N.” He smirks. 

“Yeah. Sure. Bye Niall.” You say. 


It was now time for the show and you were really excited. The opening band was really good, but you were ready for the boys and well Niall. 

“He so flirted with you.” Jess says. 

“He was just being nice.” You say. 

“Maybe, but he talked about seeing you at the show and he personally said bye to just you!” She says. 

“Well, he will see me at the show because we’re sort of right here in his face and he said bye to be because he was talking to me at the time he had to leave.” You say. “It’s another polite thing to do.” 

“Okay, yes, but hello he didn’t talk to other people backstage like he talked to you. Everyone else, including me, I might add he just signed some stuff said hello and moved on. But with you he remembered your fucking name, Y/N.” She says. 

You just laugh shaking your head. 

Soon all the lights go out and screams fill the air as the opening video starts to play and the boys walk out. 

Throughout the show, Niall would look over at you and at times it would seem as if he was singing out to you. Towards the end of the show though, Niall leaned down to talk to a security guard and then was looking over towards you before giving the guy a piece of paper. The guard the walks over to you and hands you the piece of paper. 

You open it and see something written on it. 

“I want to get to know you more. Meet me backstage after the show?” You read. 

“I FUCKING TOLD YOU!” Jess screams over the crowd. 

You look up at Niall shocked and he smiles at you. 

‘Please?” He mouths. 

Still shocked and confused and excited, you just simply nodded a yes. Niall smirks and continues on with the rest of the show. 

You Saw Me First ~ Joe Sugg Imagine

“Come on! Let loose have some fun.”
Said your friend.

Parties definitely wernt your thing, you had a steady job and you didn’t want to risk it by having silly night getting faded or something.
But you know, parties are kinda cool.

“Alright let’s see. What do I wear to something like this without looking vulnerable?”

“Oi! How about this!” Said your friend giddy.

She pulled out a beautiful striped black and white mini dress.

That would look great with my Adidas Superstars.
You thought to your self.

“Alright, you’re going to have to show me around.” You giggle

“Okay.” She said while walking in past the guard.

“Oi, lady. You’re new here eh?” Said one of the guards.

“Yeah haha” You said rather quietly becoming intimadated by the muffled speakers and amplifiers shaking the ground.

“Have fun in there, and uh, be careful my dear.” He said as your friend gave you a funny face.

Instantly walking in the vibe was clear and visable. An unknown rap song was playing with heavy bass shaking you feet and everything else in you.

“I’m gonna get some drinks for us k?”
Your friend said raising her voice to be heard over the music and shouts.

You nodded.

Joes POV

“Mate c'mon!”

“Yeah snap out of it.” Said Caspar and Jack.

Heavy party animals…

I thought, at first partying was my get away. From everything.
Getting a little drunk won’t hurt anyone (debatable). But partying a couple times a month turned into a weekly thing.
I can’t handle having a hangover every blimming Sunday! And when I meet someone who I think can have a relashionship with, they always end up in my bed the next morning. It hurts, but the pain goes away once I down my first drink.

“Alright, alright.” I say cracking a smirk.

“Oi,” I mumbled to myself as another stunning lady caught my eye.

Will it last?

Or will I find her in my bed?

“Who is that?” I breathed

“That a boyyyy.” They cheered

“Alright first shot?” Asked Caspar

“You got it!” Yelled Mikey playfully.

“Be right back.” Caspar said running off.

Your POV

“Down it y/n!!”
Cheered your friend as the burning beverage slowly stained your throat.

“ ‘scuse me ladies.” Said a tall boy with a thick accent.

“Oh hello,” said your friend slightly suductive

“What’s your name gorgeous?” Asked the man.

“Y/F/N, you?” Your friend asked giggling and covering her mouth


Joes POV

I still couldn’t get over how gorgeous she was. What kind of name could fit someone as…fit as her?

What’s taking Caspar so long?

I thought, I aimed my attention towards the bar looking for Caspar.
I could have sworn I was spiting venom when I saw Caspar flirting with the goddess.

Right as I’m about to attack, Caspar starts making his way back to our table.

“Saw two lovely ladies up there” he sighed looking over at them again.

“Not going to be the only time you see them.” I mumbled thinking about the fact that he’s probably taking a girl home tonight.

“What?” He asked cautiously

“Nothing.” I said quickly

Your POV

“Woah, he’s hot.” Said my friend as my eyes follow him back to his table.

But I recognized something. My favourite song started playing and suddenly my mood boosted by 100.

(Click play now)

Just as my eyes hit his table, I saw everything. I saw dates. Candle light dinners and holding hands. Birthday presents and kisses. A wedding, dresses and bridesmaids and grooms men.
Children, mine. Running around laughing as I chase them around the garden.

Abruptly sent back to reality when my friend calls me out.

“Y/N? Do you know him?? Hello?” She calls.

But something was forcing me. I stood up, not taking my eyes off the boy.
I see him sigh, I can tell he doesn’t want to be here. But somethings keeping him from leaving.

“Im-I have to-him.” Was all I could say.

“Woah, woah, woah. Calm down there y/n.” She said pulling my arm back down.

“Let’s uh- dance.” She said confused at my awkward vibe that’s radiating off of me.


There she was. Sitting there. What is it? Why her? What is this feeling like I just have to hold her. To kiss her.

I could have sworn her eyes met mine for a split second, like she was staring.
At me.

All of a sudden my favorite band started playing my favourite song. If that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is.

“Get up mate! Let’s dance!” Oli encouraged.

I saw the beauty get up and start dancing. A sway more like.
I was in awe, I will never forgive myself if this ends badly.

As the song carries on I slowly start making my way towards her. My heart, racing after each shuffle I take. Pushing through the heat of bodies, and the flashing lights were distracting. She seemed to be getting farther or maybe it was my second shot kicking in.
She was still killing it.

Your POV

One shot got me off quick. I’m dancing to my favorite song, no care in the world. Why don’t I go to parties more often?

Soon I felt someone getting closer and closer behind me. Being snapped out of my trance I turn around casually swaying to the beat.

I’m faced with the amazing boy I saw from earlier.
I stop, and the whole world froze with me.
It’s like the whole club was dancing in slow motion. The alcohol flowing into the veins were playing no part in the feeling that you were having.

“Hey” was all he said before I put my fingers to his lips. I kept dancing.

Listening to every beat and riff, as his hands reached my waist and our eyes met again.

“This is crazy but, I feel like I know you.” I said sheepishly

“This is werid but, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you ever since you walked in.” He said putting his head down and loosing the tight grip around your waist.

“We’ll I guess you saw me first then.” Your smirk.
Hello beuties comment some request and questions I want to talk to you lovelies!

Grace x












“I just think they look good on people. You spend a lot of time in the mirror looking at yourself when you have tattoos. Same way with other people. It just looks good.”

“Anyone that reads the lyrics and really knew anything about us, they would know we’re not promoting either. That’s one thing about this band that I love is that we never really shove any kind of, like, political or religious beliefs on people. We just, the music’s there to entertain and maybe thought-provoking on both sides, but we don’t try to, like, really shove anything down anyone’s throat. There’s too many bands that do that nowadays, I think.” 2009

“Oh Shit! What’s in the bucket?
What’s in the bucket but a bucket of shit
but a bucket of grapes,
and the grapes in the mouth make you happy down south.
Make you getta big boner what ya gonna do.?”

“It took like 5 hours to complete my virgin Mary. I was raised Catholic and it seemed like a good idea.”

“One day dude I’m just gonna get off the bus, and I’m, I’m gonna run, I’m gonna run in the woods and I’m never gonna come back! And when I come back, I’m gonna be the KNIFE MASTER’… The best turn around, in the shortest amount of time, yeah! Fuckin, and I’m never gonna come back, and when I come back!’


“Let’s come and laugh at me !!! let’s come laugh at the artissstt !!!!”“If Someday I’m not here, I just want you to know, you’re my best buddy, more than everything. You guys are my best friends and I’m having the best time in the fucking world. I’m a little too close to Johnny right now but that’s okay.”

“This is a lesson about life: This is one person. This is another person. This is one person trying to understand another person, even though it doesn’t have room to download the other person into it’s brain. It cannot understand the other person, even though it tries to. So he ends up overflowing with knowledge.”

“Well, what a great.. What a great audience! What a great audience!”

“Look at the size of that fucking duck! LOOK AT THAT DUCK! Jesus Christ. Come here your fuckin’ STALLION DUCK! He’s not afraid at all! He’s not afraid at all! He’s not afraid at all! That’s the biggest fuckin’ duck I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“I’m outa here, I’m only playing one song, and I’m not coming back for ten years! And when I come back..!”

“Just a spoonfull of Jimmy helps the whole world go down!”

“Let’s see what is up with this dog today… *picks up Synyster’s dog, and it starts spazzing out* Hey dog. What’s wrong with you? Dog! *puts down the dog and it walks away completely fine* Jesus Christ!”

“Fuck Prada! Lickin’ on my nuts, suckin’ on my nuts, suckin’… fuckin’ grindin’ DOWN on dem nuts.”

“Hey! I had an epileptic fucking seizure, dude! Yeah, I was looking directly there and then all the lighting, like I couldn’t see drums or the crowd or anything. But just crazy colors. Nothing but flashing and explosion and I’m all OH MY GOD! I’m all am I concience? And then I just closes my eyes and tried to hibernate. It’s crazy.”

“Id like to thank God, whichever one, hahaha whichever one I believe in, which im not sure about yet. Just kiddin Dad, my best friend right here, thank you guys for much more than this award right here!”

“For now, everyone struggling with (the poor economy), the best thing we can do is give them an awesome show. 2009

“Look at all these pigeons, think they can just trust us humans? You can’t trust us humans!”

“My life is kinda like a story that if I told you about it you probably wouldn’t believe. It would seem like fiction. That’s me”

“The first couple of months when you release an album, the crowds don’t know the songs quite as well, so the shows get better after a few months.”

“I’m just proud and I’m touched when I see someone with a new Avenged Sevenfold tat. and now …I always make sure I check them out if they’re sportin'one. That’s meaningful when you put someone else’s ink on your body.”

“Over all Avenged Sevenfold the album is 10 times better than the others.”

“I don’t do well with technology.”

“Everyone in this band has beaten Johnny up at some point.”

“I beat myself off 17 times in one day. That’s the worst beating I’ve ever handed out. I was so sore that it was hard to get that last load out.”

“Your clothes you would think would always be clean when you live in a laundry mat, but no!! I lived in a laundry mat for 6 months and I only washed my clothes twice.”

“Spiders and fuckin shit on my face. I’m not happy about it at all. There is nothing to be happy about spiders on my face. But it’s gonna look cool.”

“What gives Dr. Pillowfucker the right to ask us that stupid question?”

“There is one tattoo on my body that sometimes at night I feel like demonds are atttacking me. I claw at it trying to get it off. I might get it covered up. I don’t know why I brought it up.”

“Like most bands we’re a family, family before band. If we broke up tomorrow, we’d still be friends.”

“The people in this band are my best friends on the planet. Some of them longer then other and some of them truly are my heart and my soul’’

"No one could get anything done if they were completely out of control all of the time. Everyone likes to go out and have a few drinks with their best friends; I don’t think anyone on the planet doesn’t like to do that.”



Beloved Son, Brother, Best Friend.
Jimmy jumped into life and
never touch bottom


Internet Friend - Michael imagine

[This might suck but I’m kinda sad and have terrible writer’s block. I promise the next thing I write will be one of your requests.]

~ six months ago ~

You sat on your bed, scrolling through Tumblr on your laptop in the same position you had been occupying for the last several minutes. You weren’t an insanely popular blog; a few hundred followers, half a dozen mutuals who talked to you regularly. Your blog was a little bit of everything; gifsets that made you laugh, quotes that made you think, text posts that you related to, and occasionally your own original poetry, short stories, and artwork. You decided to stop scrolling through your favorite band’s tag and check your inbox on the off chance that someone had messaged you. To your surprise, there was a new ask from someone whose url you didn’t recognize:

‘Hi, I read your poem about bullying last night, and I would just like to say that the things you said were truly beautiful. I love youre writing :D’

You smiled and typed a quick reply: ’ *your. and thanks! i wrote that poem a loooong time ago though, how did you find it?’

The reply didn’t come until a few hours later when you checked your inbox after dinner.

'This is embarassing but I kind of stalked your blog that’s weird isn’t it I’m so sorry’’

You giggled out loud as you typed a new answer: 'don’t be sorry, that’s extremely flattering! I hope you don’t mind if I stalk yours back though (because i’m going to oops)’

And stalk you did. The person’s blog had a simple layout, like they couldn’t have been bothered to waste time on it. They reblogged a lot of sarcastic text posts, photosets of bands like Blink-182 and Green Day, various stuff related to video games you had never heard of, and other random things like pizza and ninja turtles. You found yourself reblogging and liking a lot of their posts, before finally checking your inbox again after nearly an hour. You had two new asks.

'Nooooo please don’t my blog sucks its so disorganized :( ’


You grinned, rolling your eyes at the silliness. 'it’s fine, i really love your blog. we have a lot of common interests, actually. definitely gonna follow you.’

The reply came less than two minutes later: 'YES PLEASE BE MY BEST FRIEND YOURE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGS’



And that was how it all began.

~ five months ago ~

You were now on summer vacation, which naturally meant you spent most of your free time on Tumblr. You now talked to Michael more than any of your other mutuals, always finding yourself laughing over his messages. You really did have a lot in common, and he was one of your favorite people even though you had no idea where he lived, what he looked like, or even his last name. The two of you just… clicked.

He brought it up out of nowhere, in the middle of a conversation.

'Hey do you know 5 seconds of summer?’

You scraped your teeth across your lip as you thought of a reply. 'Sort of. They’re a band right? I think my friend listens to them…’

Less than a minute later, 'Theyre this really cool band. Plus their guitar player has the same name as me and really sick hair :P’

'should I look them up?’ You replied.

'Yeah. Here, click on this link. Its their cover of I Miss You by Blink because I know you love them. pleaseeee listen to it I bet youll love it’

You clicked the link, closing your eyes as the music began. You were actually surprised by the quality of the cover. They were obviously really talented, and you found yourself falling in love with the different voices singing. You ended up clicking another link to a related video, leading you to a song called “Out Of My Limit.” You found yourself listening to song after song, falling more and more in love with the band’s music style as you continued.

Almost two hours later, you finally wrote back. 'WOW I LOVE THEM i really love all the songs but the I Miss You cover is definitely my favorite, i might even like it better than the original tbh. :)’

You had no way of knowing that it was his band that you were fangirling over, no way of knowing how nervous he was while waiting for your feedback. You had no idea that his whole face lit up with a smile when he read your message. In the last month, he had grown very attached to you, despite the fact that you were just a faceless blogger on the internet. He knew that you really seemed to get him, and he valued your opinion. Knowing that you liked his music brought a sense of relief, pride, and happiness.

'I knew you would like them. :) Theyre super punk rock, just like you’

'michael, I’m pretty sure that this band is pop punk’

'Shut up (y/n) they’re punk’

~ four and a half months ago ~

He had known you for a month and a half when he saw a picture of you for the first time. It was a selfie, posted in response to a question from one of your other followers about what you looked like. His eyes widened as he took in the image of your smiling face. He felt like he had been punched in the stomach.

You were gorgeous.

It wasn’t just that you were hot, although you definitely were. You were pretty, in the kind of way that can’t be faked with cosmetics. Your smile lit up your whole face and made his chest feel warm and fuzzy. You apologized in the caption because you were wearing your hair natural; he thought it was beautiful, the way it framed your face and gently caressed your shoulders. Your eyes held so much life and light and depth, he suddenly understood why people said they were a window to the soul. Seeing you for the first time literally took his breath away. The only word he could think of to describe your image was “stunning,” because he was literally taken aback by how attractive you were.

And maybe it was because he already loved your personality. You made him laugh, put a smile on his face, but also gave him new things to think about when your conversations turned deep. Lately he had found himself talking to you at three in the morning with a soft smile on his face and wondering if it was possible to develop a crush on someome you had never met, or even seen. Now, looking into the image of your lovely eyes, he knew it was.

“Ashton!” He grabbed his friend’s arm, dragging him over to look at his laptop screen. “Remember my friend (Y/n)?”

Ashton laughed. “The one who told you Luke was her favorite member of the band last week?”

“Shut up.” Michael glared at him. “Anyway, she just posted a selfie. Look at it.”

Ashton nodded as his eyes swept over the photo. “She’s pretty hot.”

Michael shoved him. “I have dibs!”

“You’ve never even met her, Mike.”

“I don’t care. She’s amazing.”

Ashton peeked at your picture again. “If you like her all that much, you should tell her that you play guitar in her 'new favorite band.’ Invite her to one of our gigs.”

Michael shook his head. “Not yet. I don’t want her to be mad. Let me pretend to be a normal guy for a little bit longer.”

Ashton shrugged. “Okay, man. But with a face like that, I bet there’s other guys who are into her. Guys who live in her town and see her every day. Don’t wait too long.”

~ three months ago ~

You should have been getting ready. You had to leave in under two hours, and you hadn’t even washed your face yet. But you found yourself drifting to your laptop, opening the familiar website and immediately clicking on the message icon. As expected, you had a new ask from Michael.

'Yeah, I definitely agree that its an over rated song. Anyway, got any plans for this weekend?’

You bit your lip as you typed back. 'Yeah, actually. I have a date later tonight.’

When Michael read your reply, his stomach dropped. You had a date. He was jealous of your date, which was ridiculous because he lived on another continent and spent most of his time travelling the world and he had never even met you in real life and he had absolutely no right to be this infatuated with you. But he was. He couldn’t even deny that he had a huge crush on you at this point, to the point where even the boys had noticed and started teasing him about it. But he was trapped on the other side of the world from you, and you were obviously not waiting for him.

His hands might have been shaking a bit as he typed his reply. 'Really? Where is he taking you?’

You sighed. To be honest, you kind of wished it was Michael taking you out tonight. Which made you feel stupid because you had never even seen his face. The one time you asked him to send you a selfie, he said he didn’t want his appearance to change your opinion of him. And you could respect that, you supposed, although you had worried about catfishing several times. You couldn’t help but wonder if it was possible to fall in love with the idea of someone.

'We’re going to a movie, and probably to Starbucks afterwards. He’s meeting me at the theater.’

Michael couldn’t help but think that if it was him, he would pick you up and hold your hand through the whole drive and put his arm around you in the movie and let you cuddle into his side. Maybe he should tell you who he was tonight. He could beg you to cancel your date and fly out to see him, he would pay for everything, he just wanted you to be with him instead of across the world in a dark movie theater with another guy.

But he couldn’t. Because revealing his identity would change everything, and he wasn’t ready for that.

'I hope you have fun, (y/n).’

~ two months ago ~

You had tears in you eyes as you typed. 'So, turns out the whole relationship thing was a no-go’

He felt guilty for the weight that seemed to be lifted off his chest. 'What happened? :(’

'He was sucking face with some other girl in the hall today. I know we weren’t dating that long, but it still hurts ya know?’

He took a deep breath, fingers hovering over the keys before he started typing. 'If you feel comfortable giving me your number, I want to call you so we can talk about it.’

You debated for a solid five minutes. Did you really want to give your phone number out over the Internet? Did you really trust him that much? Then again, you cou always block him if you needed to. You let out a sigh before typing the digits into his ask box.

Your phone rang exactly one and a half minutes later. You clicked the answer button, hands shaking at the thought of hearing your best friend’s voice for the first time. “Hello?”

“(Y/n)?” He was breathless, heart racing at the sound of your sweet voice. “It’s Michael.”

You smiled, feeling your cheeks heat up. His voice was lovely, soft and deep and oddly soothing. He had an accent too. You almost giggled, biting your lips to hold it back. “You’re real. You’re a real person, and I’m talking to you on the phone right now.”

“You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice.” He grinned, locking the door so none of the guys would come in and interrupt you. “You sound perfect.”

You blushed at the compliment. “Thanks, Michael.”

He loved the way you said his name. He almost asked you to say it again, just so he could hear it once more. But then he remembered that there was a reason for this call. “So. What happened, exactly?”

You talked for hours, about your ex-boyfriend, about your home towns, about music, about everything. You could have kept talking for longer, but your eyes were drooping and your head was growing heavy. Eventually, a yawn slipped from your lips, alerting Michael to your situation.

“(Y/n), what time is it there?” The worried undertone in his voice made you smile.

“… About one in the morning.”

“What? You have stuff that you have to do in a few hours! Go to bed.”

You shook you head, even though he couldn’t see you. “I don’t want to. I like talking to you.”

“I love it too, but you have to sleep. I’ll call you again soon.”

You yawned again. “Promise?”

He chuckled. “I promise. Goodnight (y/n).”

“'Night, Michael.”

~ one month ago ~

“(Y/n)?” He was laying in his bunk, whispering so he didn’t wake the others. “Do you believe in love?”

You thought for a moment before answering. “Sure, I guess. I believe in true love and soulmates and stuff. But I also believe that it takes effort, and that each person has more than one possible soul mate. I believe in love, but not the fairy tale kind.”

“What about long distance relationships?” He bit his lip. “Do you think two people in different countries could ever work out?”

“I don’t know.” You replied truthfully. “I think, eventually, one of them would have to move out where the other one lived. You can’t keep up the long distance thing forever, you know?”

“Yeah.” His voice was soft. “Yeah, I know.”

On two opposite sides of the world, two hearts ached in the wake of your words, connected by a phone call and a mutual bond that neither was ready to admit.

~ present day ~

They were in your hometown today. It was all he could think about. When he woke up way too early, he knew he was watching the same sunrise as you. When he got lunch at McDonald’s with Calum, he wondered if you had ever eaten in that restaurant. Any of these neighborhoods could be where you lived, any of the stores could be your favorite shop. There was magic in the air, though he was fairly sure it was just the idea of being close enough to see what you had seen and touch the things you had touched.

You would be in the crowd tonight. It was all he could think about. You had purchased the tickets late, but luckily it was a General Admission venue, so you still had a chance at getting close to the stage. He had decided that tonight was the night. He had to tell you.

You had talked about it on the phone the previous night, discussing every detail of the day. He knew you were planning to get to the venue early, hoping to get a good seat. He smirked at the thought of you wanting to be as close as possible to his band as they performed.

You arrived at the venue several hours before the show, joining the already forming line outside the venue. You felt a bit uncomfortable when you noticed a lot of these girls wearing much less clothing than you. You had heard rumors about groupies, although you personally didn’t believe any of it. These girls obviously did, and they were on the prowl. You hung back away from them, wishing for the dozenth time that day that you had brought a friend.

You felt someone’s hand tap your shoulder. You turned, only to shrink away slightly when you saw one of the huge security guards towering over you. “Ugh, Miss (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N)?”

“Y-yes?” Your eyes widened, frantically wondering what you had done wrong.

The guard gave you a kind smile. “I have an all access pass for you, ma'am. I’m supposed to bring you inside so you don’t have to wait out here. Follow me, please.”

How did you get a free pass? You wondered if you had won a contest or something. You followed the guy inside, as he lead you through the backstage area before finally stopping. He handed you the plastic pass. “If you’ll wait here, someone will be with you in just a moment.”

You stood awkwardly in the cluttered area, toying with the pass. Eventually, you pulled out your phone. You had a text from Michael: 'Hey :) Having fun at the concert venue?’

You typed a quick reply. 'idek I got here early and some security guy handed me a backstage pass and now I’m in the backstage area but no one is here?? like what’

The reply was almost instant. 'Do you think you’ll meet the bands?’

You shrugged as you typed, 'I have no clue. It’d be cool if I did but rn I’m just v confused’

Once again, he replied immediately. 'You look really cute, (y/n)’

You frowned. 'you can’t see me dear’

To your surprise, your phone started ringing. He was calling you. You answered and brought the device to your ear. “Mikey?”

“Yeah I can, (y/n).” His voice was breathless. “Turn around.”

You slowly turned around, phone still clutched to your ear. A guy stood a few feet behind you, also on the phone. His hair was bright red, his eyebrow pierced, his lips spreading into a huge grin. He was staring at you like you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. When he spoke, his voice was echoed through your phone. “Hey. It’s me.”

“Michael Clifford.” You eyed him suspiciously, placing your free hand on your hip. “No freaking way.”

“Way.” He corrected, stepping cautiously towards you. “Very much way. Look.” He showed you his phone, where there were hundreds of text messages from you. “It’s me, (y/n). Are you mad?” His green eyes scanned you face apprehensively, searching for rejection.

“No.” You smirked, hanging up and putting your phone away. “I’m really glad you’re not a fourteen year old loser or a sixty year old pedophile.”

“So is it okay if I hug you?” He was hopeful but suddenly shy. He’d waited so long, and here you were. Real. Right in front of him. And so much more gorgeous in person, although he previously wouldn’t have believed it possible.

Instead of responding, you threw yourself into his arms, literally jumping on him and wrapping your arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He stumbled back, wrapping his own arms around you so tightly, as if he was afraid of letting go. You buried your face in his chest, sighing happily. “You could have just told me it was your band, buttface.”

He laughed, kissing the top of your head. “I wanted to be sure you liked me for me. And then I was just scared. I thought you’d be mad that I lied to you.”

“I’m not mad.” You whispered, lifting your head to look at him. “Best surprise ever.”

He smiled, his breath once again taken away by how close you were, finally. “You’re beautiful, (y/n).”

“You’re not bad yourself, Mr. Clifford.” You giggled. “This is the best day ever.”

He laughed. “Does that mean you’re never going to get down?” He indicated the fact that he was still holding you, your limbs wrapped around him.

“Nope.” You shook your head playfully. “You have to perform on stage like this.”

His lips met your cheek before you even saw it coming, instantly bringing a warm blush to your cheeks. His mouth lingered by your ear, whispering gently. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hold you like this.”

“Almost as long as I’ve wanted you to.” You whispered back, kissing the tip of his nose.

He grinned, gently setting you down and lacing his hand with yours. “Come to lunch with me?”

You nodded. “Of course. Our first real-life date.”

He nodded squeezing your hand. “First of many, I hope.”

anonymous asked:

omg do hunger games

1. Favorite scene of the series.

Probably the scene where Katniss is looking at Peeta’s drawings and sees the one of herself in silver because like WOW, WOW, YOU TAKE THIS SHIV AND YOU PUT IT IN MY HEART AND IT HURTS SO MUCH BUT IM SMILING BUT IT HURTS and like, as much as Mockingjay is the hottest of hot messes, the Katniss/Peeta Hamlet/Ophelia realness is probably my favourite thing in the series idek their relationship/joint arc is so complex and flips so many ya relationship conventions and gender norms on its head and i love it and them so much soooo much

2. Favorite villain

Probably the Careers - if they can be counted as ‘villains’. MORE ON THIS LATER~

3. Least favorite “main character”

I don’t consider him a “main character” really but, like. Gale. More on this in #12

4. Favorite “sidekick”

Again, not really a sidekick series? As far as secondary characters go, I pretty much like them all - Finnick and Annie would probably be my favourites.

5. Character you love to hate.

CAREERS LET’S TALK ABOUT THE CAREERS. Child soldiers literally raised to fight and DIE in the games and told that it’s the only thing that matters, only to get into the arena and realise how precious their lives are and how they’ve been wasted by their parents and society just before they die ITS SO FUCKED UP IT IS LITERALLY THE MOST TRAGIC THING and i looooved the extra Careers stuff in the movies because like, THESE KIDS PROBABLY GREW UP TOGETHER AND TRAINED TOGETHER AND THEY BAND TOGETHER KNOWING FULL WELL THEY’RE ALL GONNA TRY AND KILL EACH OTHER IN THE END let’s talk about Clove/Cato let’s talk about how hopeful they must have been when the Capitol said a pair of tributes could live LETS TALK

6. Favorite friendship

HAYMTICH/KATNISS/PEETA MESSED UP VICTORS IS EVERYTHING TO ME TBH. I love their relationship so much and how theyre like, I CARE ABOUT U SO MUCH IM SO MAD ABOUT IT because there is that connection there of being the only people who understand what it’s like to survive the games and even though they resent that connection and the suffering it’s caused, they’re obviously really glad to have each other and to be able to support one another? And like that just goes double for Haymitch who has had to mentor these kids for years and years just to watch them die, and then suddenly get this pair that not only both survive but like START AN ENTIRE REVOLUTION and he’s been pretty much not caring about anyone for like, 20 years and then suddenly TWO REALLY DUMB DANGER PRONE KIDS HE CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE katniss and haymitch taking their pain over losing peeta out on each other is so much it is SO MUCH

7. Friendship that never felt real to you.

Look. You know that kid you’re best friends with when you’re little, and you run around together and you make mud pies and you hang out at each others houses, but then you get to high school and you make other friends and the old friend doesn’t and they get real fuckin whiny, and real fuckin angsty, and you end up not inviting them to your bowling alley birthday party and they get really upset and tell your mum, and then the two of you never talk again but because you live in the same town you still see each other sometimes and make awkward eye contact before looking away and pretending it never happened? That it Gale and Katniss.

8. Favorite wise-guy/jokester character


9. Least favorite villain

I really feel like in this series - and in most dystopias, tbh - the villains are really underdeveloped. Like, what the protagonist is fighting against is ~the regime~ and the villain is just kind of a face for/the embodiment of that regime and so we don’t really get to know them as a person? I feel like the humanisation of the enemy/bringing them down to the same level as the protagonist is an interesting and underused plot device in dystopias. Anyway, I guess I’d have to say Snow? Or Coin, idk we don’t really know either of them and can only judge on the shady shit they do. One of the things I really like about the Hunger Games movies is how they show us more of Snow and behind the scenes of the Capitol dictatorship, which I really think was missing from the books.

10. Least favorite book

MOCKINGJAY OH LORD JESUS SAVE ME FROM THIS HOT ASS YA MESS. I get what she was going for, I really do, but jfc this was just a badly structured book. Frustratingly small in scope, terrible to like half or even more than half the characters - just all over the place, seriously. So much of this series’ world and secondary characters are so poorly developed and just lacking in detail, idk I find it really takes away from my enjoyment of the series.

11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc.

WHERE TO START LITERALLY WHERE TO START. Shoutout to Johanna, Prim, Gale (yes. even Gale) and a trillion others but this one has to go to Finnick and by proxy Annie because like YOU DIDN’T FUCKING NEED TO TAKE THIS ONE SUZANNE AND YOU KNOW IT, I GET IT THE FUTILITY AND SENSELESSNESS OF WAR BUT LIKE YOU ALREADY TOOK ENOUGH FROM THEM like Finnick was prostituted out by the Capitol for YEARS and you implied that Annie was sexually tortured by the Capitol and they were both battling with mental illness and probably ptsd and a whole host of other traumatic shit and they actually carved out a place in the world together where they could be HAPPY but oh no, FInnick has to go get eat by a bunch of rabid ANIMALS like they were messed up enough for it not to be a happy ending which u are so clearly against!!! You suck on the real

12. Character that just pisses you off no matter how much you try to like them.

I am not about stock characters. I am not about Nice Guy assholes who give girls ultimatiums because they feel insecure in their relationships. I am not about personality-less, barely there for two thirds of the series, mainly seen through the memories of the protagonist 'love interests’ that are meant to bring drama and tension to an already complex and dynamic romantic relationship and thus I am not about Gale Hawthorne, ever, in this life or the next.

13. Plot device used too much


14. Favorite character death scene

I didn’t /enjoy/ it, but I think the most significant/best written death in the series is definitely Rue’s. It hits you right when it’s meant to and is just the most chilling and sobering proof of the brutality of the Games, and you can see how it changes Katniss and how it, in turn, changes the reader. Much more poignant and cleverly crafted than the endless stream of death in Mockingjay (I know, I know, the pointless savagery of war, deaths that serve no purpose, IT WAS STILL A HOT MESS OF A BOOK I WILL STAND BY THIS FOREVER).

15. An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you.


Text Messages and Paper Notes

Summary: Phil doesn’t have very many friends, and he knows that no one likes him like that so why did someone leave their number in his locker? (highschool au)

Genre: AU, Highschool

Warnings: really minor swearing

Words: 2,718

A/N: So I actually might do a second part to this later this week, would you guys like me to start some multichaptered fics?

Phil Lester was a bit of a loner. In all he had two friends, Chris and PJ, but only having two friends sucked. Especially if they were each other’s best friend, which meant you were more like an awkward third wheel. Phil knew he could’ve sat with them at lunch if he wanted to, but honestly he preferred the quiet of the library.

It was usually always empty, but today was the exception. Dan Howell, maybe not the most popular boy in school but definitely one of them, and Carrie Fletcher, maybe not the most popular girl in school but definitely one of them, had their heads bent over a textbook on the other side of the room. While Dan and Carrie seemed like the nicer side of the popular crowd, Phil decided that it would be better off to give them space. Sitting on one of the chairs meant for reading, it was safely tucked in the corner so Phil could observe everything but hopefully escape attention, Phil pulled his latest book out of his backpack.

He could barely concentrate on his book, however, due to the whispering coming from the other side other side of the room. Glancing up, Phil noticed that Carrie was watching him. Ducking his head so his dyed black hair covered his eyes, Phil felt his cheeks heat.

“I told you,” Carrie was saying, “You have to say something.”

“I don’t know, Car, I don’t want to be a bother. Plus it’s not like they’d ever go for someone like me,” Dan whispered back, loud enough for Phil to hear. Absentmindedly, Phil wondered who they were talking about, almost every girl in school would consider herself blessed if she got into Dan Howell’s pants. Some of the boys, too, come to think of it. Phil felt himself blush even harder at the thought, but it wasn’t like he meant himself.

Tuning the rest of their conversation out, Phil turned back to his book.


Maths was the worst subject ever, in Phil’s opinion, it wasn’t like he was ever going to need to use any of it anyway. Luckily Phil had a seat right next to a window, so most of the class was spent watching clouds drift across the sky or raindrops fall like tears. In return for not disrupting class and doing his homework, Phil’s teacher usually didn’t say anything.

Today was a ‘watching the rain’ day, grey clouds covering the sky and fat water droplets rolling down the window. The dour weather was doing little to improve Phil’s mood, and by the time the bell rings Phil just wants to ditch the rest of the day and go home.

Pulling his locker open, Phil is surprised to see a slip of paper, as if someone had shoved it through the slots on the locker door. Bending down, Phil picked up the paper.

It was notebook paper, folded into a tiny square, like a note from when he was twelve and sat next to PJ in class, inside the handwriting is sloppy and unfamiliar and smeared like the hand had run over the wet ink after writing it. It was a phone number, no name, not addressed to anyone. Glancing around, no one paying him any more attention than usual, Phil pulled out his phone. He typed the number into his contacts under the name ‘Unknown’, debating if he should text it. Eventually he decided, why the hell not?

To: Unknown

Hey I found your number in my locker… I think its probably meant for someone else

With shaking fingers, Phil sent the message. The other person probably wouldn’t answer anyway. He was wrong, and a reply is almost instant.

From: Unknown

Oh this isnt phil? :(

Phil felt his breath catch in his throat, because he had been so sure that there was no way in hell that the phone number was for him. Who would want to give him their number?

To: Unknown

No it is, I didn’t think the message was 4 me

Great, now he’ll look like a total loser, if his new friend didn’t already know that. Shrugging his school bag onto his shoulder, Phil decided to call it a day and head home. His mom was at work anyway.

As Phil entered his bedroom, he kept one eye on his phone. He had homework, but he wasn’t going to do it. Not when his laptop and Tumblr promised something much more entertaining.  Laying across his bed with his laptop open, Phil turned his attention back to his phone.

One new message.

From: Unknown

Of course the number was for you. It was in ur locker wasn’t it???

Phil’s gut twisted, that was the problem. No one would willingly put their number into Phil Lester’s locker. A sinking realization settled over him, it was probably one of the popular kids playing a joke on him. Having a laugh.

To: Unknown

Listen im gonna get this out of they way, if this is a prank I don’t want to play along.

From: Unknown

Why do you think it’s a prank??

Ignoring the latest text, Phil tossed his phone to the other side of his bed. He wasn’t in the mood for games.

Still, thoughts of the unknown number plague him all night.


In the morning Phil felt like death warmed over. Dark circles ringed his eyes, made even more visible by his too pale skin, and he didn’t bother straitening his hair.

Unlocking his phone for the first time since the previous night, Phil was greeted by a wave of texts from the unknown number.

From: Unknown

I promise its not a prank

From: Unknown

I really really like you

From: Unknown

Did I do something wrong?

From: Unknown

Shit im sorry

From: Unknow


Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a prank. A wave of guilt washed over Phil as he realized that the owner of the unknown number seemed genuinely distressed by Phil’s lack of an answer.

To: Unknow

Sorry I accused you of pranking me. Its just that people don’t usually want to talk to me and im an idiot. Sorry

It doesn’t take long for Phil’s phone to chime.

From: Unknown

Well I really do want to get to know you


School was made slightly bearable due to the fact that Phil’s phone has barely stopped vibrating all day. Most of lunch was spent looking at his screen instead of reading, and most of his classes had been spent similarly. Now it was Maths, and Phil was watching the sky, wondering if he would get any texts this period. His phone vibrated against his leg, almost in tune with his thoughts.

From: Unknown

You look really cute when you day dream

Phil’s eyes darted around the room, almost of their own accord. Whoever his ‘secret admirer’ was, they were definitely in his class. Unless they were stalking him, but Phil was trying to think positive. He quickly ruled out the girls, him being openly gay was partly why he was avoided – like the idiots in his grade thought it was a disease they could catch.

Of the guys in the class there were few that Phil had ever actually spoke to. Dan Howell and a couple of the more popular kids sat in one corner, a quiet studious boy named Charlie was in the front row, Chris and PJ both sat near Phil, and there were a handful of kids Phil had never bothered to learn the names of. Other than Chris, PJ, and the popular kids, it could be anyone.

To: Unknown

Whats ur name????

From: Unknown

That’s no fun! You have to figure it out

From: Unknown

But my middle name is James

James, Phil mouths the name, enjoying the sensation. It’s nice to have an actual name to put in his contacts list, and he was right about it being a guy. Still, it wasn’t like Phil could run around asking his classmates what their middle names were.

To: James

My middle name is Michael

From: James

Well I know your name, phil

To: James

Until you tell me your first name, I insist you call me Michael

From: James

If you insist, Michael ;)


Phil thought they were flirting, sure they talked about all that ‘getting to know you’ stuff and had weirdly deep conversations at three in the morning. Phil could tell you James’s favorite band (Muse or Fall Out Boy, he could never make up his mind), movie, show, and how his favorite song was Britney Spear’s Toxic (because who’s favorite song isn’t?). Phil definitely thought they were flirting, in fact he was surprised he’d never met James in person before because they had a lot in common.

From: James

You know, no one gets me like you do

To: James

I find that hard to believe, we’ve never even spoken

From: James

It is though, and you probably wouldn’t like me very much in person. I try and fit into this mold at school, shoving myself into the box of what im supposed to be. No one knows the real me, and you wouldn’t like the fake one

To: James

Maybe you should try and be yourself, if they really are your friends they shouldn’t force you to fit inside a little box. And I would like you no matter what. Just tell them who you are

From: James

That’s the goal

Phil stared at his phone, James’s last, and slightly cryptic, message still open. Phil had been thinking about James a lot lately, because he was so sure that they were flirting, and he kind of wanted to take it face to face. He still had no idea who James was, but Phil’s stomach felt like the inside of a washing machine every time James texted him.

“Who are you texting?” Chris asked, snapping Phil back to reality. For once Phil was sitting in the cafeteria, mostly to try and figure out who James was, instead of the library for a change.

“No one,” Phil replied, blushing. PJ snatched Phil’s phone, quickly reading the still open message.

“Who’s James?” PJ asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“I don’t know,” Phil admitted, telling his two friends everything.

“So you have a secret admirer?” Chris asked when Phil finished.

“I think so,” Phil said, “but I can’t figure out who it is.”

“Ugh, why is Dan Howell coming this way?” PJ groaned. Phil braced himself for some kind of teasing, turning to catch Dan’s brown gaze with his own blue one.

“Can I sit here?” Dan asked, his voice small and his shoulders slouched. Chris, PJ, and Phil shared a glance, what was going on?

“Sure,” Phil said slowly, he felt kind of bad for Dan, he looked… lonely.

Dan smiled gratefully, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.


By the end of lunch, rumors were flying. Dan hadn’t said anything to PJ, Chris, or Phil, and they hadn’t pried for information. Instead they just sat in awkward silence, until Carrie came over, flanked by Cat. Cat was an American exchange student, and Phil hadn’t realized she and Carrie were friends.

“It doesn’t change anything,” Cat said, “You’re still our friend.” Then the two girls left with Dan trailing behind them, Phil could’ve swore that Dan looked back almost sadly, but that was crazy.

From: James

That went well

To: James

What went well?

From: James

I came out to my friends, they took it better than I thought they would

From: James

Can we meet? In person?

To: James

Sure, where?

Phil’s stomach fluttered, he was about to meet James in person.

From: James

The library

To: James

Be there in a few

The walk to the library felt like it was miles long. Phil’s stomach had evolved from fluttering to flipping, his palms sweaty. He wanted to meet James, of course he did, but what if they didn’t like each other in person? What if James realized that Phil was really just a loser?

Phil pushed open the library door, glancing around the near empty room. The librarian stood in the far corner, putting books away, and Dan Howell was leafing through a book. Obviously Phil had beaten James here. The door slammed shut behind him, drawing Dan’s eyes away from his book.

Dan put the book away carefully, before walking over to Phil. Phil really wasn’t in the mood to talk to Dan, but remembering the weird thing at lunch, Phil forced himself to look pleasant.

Dan was slouching, his hands shoved in his pockets. “Hey,” he said quietly.

“Hey,” Phil said, confused, shooting a glance at the door.

Dan shifted his weight, looking uncomfortable and out of his element, “do you know who I am?” he asked suddenly, chewing on his lip.

Phil blinked in confusion, “You’re Dan Howell, everyone knows you.”

Dan’s face falls, “Daniel James Howell,” he said, slowly and almost a whisper.

“Oh,” Phil said, his brain struggling to recognize this new information, “oh.”

Dan glanced away, not meeting Phil’s eyes, “yeah I’m probably not the person you expected to see.”

That was a bit of an understatement, because Dan Howell was probably the last person he would’ve imagined. Still, this was James his kinda-best-friend-maybe-something-more standing in front of him. Flickers of conversations about James, no Dan, hiding his real self at school, the scene at lunch, how Dan never thought Phil would like the school him, flash through Phil’s mind.

“You’re real,” Phil said, drawing Dan’s gaze back to his face, “you’re actually talking to me.”

“So you don’t care?” Dan asked, sounding surprised, “about who I am?”

“You’re my best friend,” Phil said honestly, with a shrug, “that’s all that matters.”

Dan smiles, and Phil thinks that that is the first time he’s ever seen Dan properly smile. “I’m your best friend?”

“Of course you are.”


Phil thought his mother was going to have a heart attack when he walked into his house trailed by Dan. He’d never had anyone over other than Chris and PJ, especially never someone he was holding hands with.

Yeah, he was holding hands with Dan Howell.

“We’re going upstairs,” Phil said, practically dragging Dan behind him. The rest of the school day had passed relatively well, which was probably due to the fact that he and Dan had skipped their last few classes in favor of talking more in person. Now the school day was over and Phil insisted he could beat Dan at Mario Cart, so they decided the only way to solve the debate would be to play a few rounds.

Phil doesn’t ask why Dan doesn’t offer his own house, and Dan doesn’t offer an explanation.

Phil flicked the console off with a groan, flopping back onto his bed. “Maybe you are better than me,” he admits.

Dan just smirks, “I told you.” His grin fades as he glances down at his phone, “shit I have to get home.”

“Okay,” Phil said, standing and offering Dan a hand,” I’ll walk you there.”

Dan takes Phil’s hand, not letting go even after he’s stood up.

Outside, the inky darkness is broken by the artificial glow of the streetlights.

“Um, where do you live?” Phil asked, turning to look at Dan. Dan points left and lets Phil drag him along the pavement.

“Stop for a second,” Dan said, yanking on Phil’s sleeve.

“What’s wrong, Dan?” Phil asked, big blue eyes wide, as he stopped walking.

“I just really want to try something,” Dan said quietly.

“Okay, go ahead,” Phil said, wondering if Dan was going to do what Phil thought he was.

Phil was right.

Dan closed the distance between them, his hands on Phil’s waist and his lips on Phil’s. His mouth was warm and soft, and Phil was pretty sure that he could get used to this. Phil’s hands tangled themselves into Dan’s chocolate hair.

Dan pulled away too soon, but both boys were gasping for air. Dan bent down, resting his forehead against Phil’s.  

“I really, really like you, Phil Lester,” he said quietly, his brown eyes wide and unblinking.

“I really, really like you too, Daniel James Howell,” Phil said with a grin,  “and I’m really glad you put your number in my locker.”

Part Two