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Twin Andrews Part 2 | jughead x reader

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part one:https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158708863703/twin-andrews-juggie-x-reader-an-im-hoping

part three: https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158929430293/twin-andrews-part-three-jughead-x-reader

a/n: part two of twin andrews is here!! if you love it and want more make sure to send me a request for a part three!! love u nugs🌹

“wow V” i chuckle as we walk out of the gym “i can’t believe you got Betty onto the squad” we all laugh and Betty smiles admiringly to her friend.

“it’s about time we had a cooper on the squad” i chuckle looping my arm in the blondes “thank you both- this has been a dream since like forever-” she swoons grabbing her heart.

“you wish is our demand” Veronica tells her friend as we bow jokingly in front of her we all laugh holding a new uniforms in our hands “should we try them out for size?” i nod eager to get into something that was familiar.

we pile into the girls change room and put on our uniforms “im a vixen!!” Betty squeals jumping up at down and swishing her mini skirt.

“B can you zip me up?” i pull my red hair aside as she zips me up

“wow (y/n/n) looking hot!” Veronica exclaims fanning herself cause me to stick my tongue out at her “why thank you miss V”

we walk out of the changing rooms head held high, it started to finally feel like i was finally getting back into my old life, the one i left a year ago for with my mum. I find myself smiling at my friends glad that i came back, i needed them and I didn’t know that till this very moment.

“have you spoken to Archie?” i was snapped out of my thoughts

“spoken to him about what?” i ask stopping at my locker to grab a few books “Betty didn’t tell you?” i shrug feeling someone’s eyes on me “tell me what?” i press.

“she doesn’t need to know-” Betty stumbled with her words, i furrow my eyebrow hitting myself in the head with my chemistry book “if this is about B having a crush on him then yes i know” i roll my eyes.

walking backwards i giggle at Betty’s blushed cheeks, ronnie joins in on the giggle nudging the blonde with her elbow “approve?” she questions and i nod winking st the girls

“look i gotta go- Pop’s after school to celebrate? we have our very first Cooper and Lodge girl that means milkshakes and burgers on me” i ask glancing at the clock it was the last lesson and I was craving one of pops famous burgers

“sounds like a good idea!” Betty smiles at me “good see ya’s later”

i turn on my heels and collide with another body sending me to a heap on the floor, i land on the victims chest and we bop heads “fuck!” i cuss rubbing my head.

i didn’t get a chance to see his face before i tried to stand instantly going dizzy, hands dart to my waist keeping me steady.

“woah easy there Andrews” i instantly recognised the voice “Jughead?” i exclaim glances at his face taking in all his features and that old beanie of his “oh my god” i throw my arms around him as he circle my waist.

“i wow you look-” i step back glancing at him “you look good juggie” i hug him once more and he freezes before hugging me back. “still not a hugger?” i ask and he shakes his head.

“no but you’ve always seemed to be the exception” i laugh “id love to stay and talk but i have chem-” he smiles “me too, walk together?” i nod following the boy

“so how come you weren’t at Pop’s last night for my big return, i knew something was missing but Archie didn’t mention anything” he goes quite so i figure I’ve hit a nerve.

“how are things?” i ask changing the subject “yeah okay” his voice sounds strained “are you sure?” i press “im here aren’t i?” i bite my lip and walk next to him in silence earning a few glances from peers, a river vixen walking with an ‘outcast’.

“this is us” he point to the class i follow him in just as the second bell rang others scrambling into their seats as Mr Hill slips in behind us “seats everybody” i gulp glances around desperately for a seat i forget we’d be in pairs.

all eyes are on me and within seconds the class is buzzing in soft whispers “Andrews” i hear jughead call sitting a few desks back, he gestures to the open seat next to him and gladly slip into it “thanks jones”.

he nods glancing to the front of the class “welcome back miss andrews” Mr Hill greets me “good to be back” i clear my throat awkwardly the eyes of my classmates piercing into me.

“so the hotter Andrews is finally back” i turn in my seat to see Reggie smirking in his seat running his hands through his hair “Reggie Mantle, god even Chicago couldn’t erase your idiot voice from my brain” i smile sweetly batting my eyelashes before facing forward rolling my eyes.

jughead laughs at my comment and i smile at him “baby you couldn’t forget me if you tried” i shake my head facing forward “oh but baby It’s not your devilish good looks that made you memorable it was more what you were lacking in you know where”

the class erupts in laughter and i smirk at my victory “ive always liked you feisty my little river vixen” he purs.

“enough” our teacher yells standing and scribbling notes on the board “good to be back” i mumble catching Reggies sleazy glances in the car of my eye “gross”

i mumble copying the notes “you okay?” jughead whispers “yeah just sleaze ball taking a little bit of a long look” i gesture to Reggie with my pencil and Jughead narrows his eyes at the boy.

“yeah he definitely hasn’t changed since you left” i laugh trying to hold in my giggles and people’s eyes start to stray from the board to me.

“hey juggie” he murmurs glancing to the board then back to his book “Betty & Veronica wanted to go to Pop’s after school to celebrate them making the team- do you maybe wanna come?”

he puts down his pencil facing me “andrews are you asking me out?” i jolt up shaking my head furiously

“no i um no i was just-” i give up when i realise im no longer speaking English “what i meant to say is that no the whole gangs going to be there and i want to hear more about what’s happening around here- Betty told me you’ve been writing about Jason”

he turns to the front nodding “ill be there, we can talk about Jason another time when it’s just the two of us” i nod returning to my work.

“why aren’t we celebrating you becoming a vixen?” i roll my eyes “ive been on the squad since freshman year juggie it’s not that big of a deal” i tease clicking my pen.

“noted” he replies focusing his full attention to the white board.



i turn to see my brother jogging over to me looking slightly puffed “you good?” i ask continuing to walk my brother following hot on my heels, i was eager to get out of this damn school and to Pop’s.

“are you going to the dance tonight?” i knit my brows “what dance?” i question approaching my locker to grab a few books slipping them into my bag.

“the school dance- its tonight- Betty asked if I’d go with her and Ronnie” i close my locker “she what?” i say surprised.

“i- i dunno she just asked if I’d go with them and i said yes which means you have to okay!” i grown “arch i don’t want to go to a stupid school dance” he grabs me by the shoulders pulling me toward him “please!” he begs.

i remove his hands from his shoulders and start the walk to his car, “please please please please please” i block him out taking long strides to reach Archie’s truck.

“open the damn truck arch” he shakes his head “Archie! Open the damn truck” i yell frustration consuming me at how annoying my brother was being “i swear to god Archibald is you do not open this door i will kill you!” i hiss and he shakes his head.

“ill open the door if you come to the dance” i groan resting my head against the door “fine fine! ill go” i say in defeat earning a happy yell from my brother followed by the beeps of the car being unlocked “hallelujah” i mumble getting into the car.

“Betty and Veronica are going to the mall to buy a dress so ill drop you off and you can pick out something nice okay” he teases smiling stupidly at you “why don’t we both ditch and order in watch a movie something actually enjoyable” i offer clasping my hands together to beg.

“no, i can’t let them go by themselves” i smack his arm “um why the bloody hell not? we can take care of ourselves yanno” i tell him irritation itching at me.

“oh well it’s your first social event back- you need this” i ignore him glancing out the window as he pulls into the parking lot of the mall “bye sissy” he teases. i slam his truck door and flip him off as he drives away.

“jerk” i mumble

“you made it!” i walk toward the blonde and the raven headed girls “i made it” i smile at them as they loop their arms in mine “let’s get you a killer dress” i tell Betty as we walk into the complex and she blushes

“archie tell you?” i nod “when were you going to tell me you asked my brother out?!” i exclaim bumping her shoulder “i didn’t ask him out i asked him to the dance with V it’s not like it’s a date”

“whatever you say coops” i wink at her and run my fingers across the nearest dress rack “wish i had someone to go to the dance with” i think aloud flicking through the hangers.

“what about Jughead? Yous seemed pretty cozy in the hall” Betty speaks up curiosity filling her voice “oh my god!” i exclaim cursing.

the mention of his name reminds me that we were supposed to be meeting at Pops now “shit shit shit” i smack my forehead trying not to think about how hurt he’s going to be when he shows up and none of us being there

“what’s wrong?” Ronnie asks concerned her arms full of dresses “i invited Jughead to Pops tonight and i totally spaced” i tell them guilty “im sure he’ll understand” Betty tries to comfort me placing a hand on my shoulder.

“i hope so” i sulk “do you know what happened with him and my brother?” she shakes her head “they haven’t really spoken since before summer break i don’t think they spoke for the whole summer” i gulp, great what the hell happened.

the rest of the shopping trip i spent too engulfed in my own thoughts and theories about my brother and his former bestfriend that i barely noticed buying a dress and getting to Betty’s house.

“earth to (y/n)” im snapped out of my thoughts by Ronnie, she waves the curling wand in front of my face “you almost ready Arch will be here soon” i nod finishing off my hair and grabbing my dress “ill just change and ill be down before you know it”

“okay we’ll be outside”

i nod closing the door and quickly changing into my dress sliding on my heels and applying another coat of lipstick before glancing at myself in the mirror. i didn’t look half bad i smile at my reflection before the tooting of a horn brings me back to earth

“really archie? i was coming jesus” i complain opening the front door of Betty’s house and walking down the driveway to meet my brother the girls already tucked into the car

“wow little sis you look decent when you put in effort”

i gasp shoving him in the chest “your 10 minutes older than me okay-”

he rolls his eyes at me and mockingly opens the door for me, i smile sarcastically at him and slip in the passenger seat “the quicker we get there the quicker we can get home” i think aloud

“c'mon it can’t be that bad” Veronica teased but i just shook my head “you have no idea”

a/n: sorry for it being long and kinda poopy im in the midst of starting a new part it’s just with the ending i wanted for this is would’ve taken SO LONG! but be excited for part three because their will be lots of jughead x reader fluff! so if you’d like that PLEASE (im low key begging you) to just type a ‘part 3’ or ‘i really like this series or just SOMETHING. silent readers get me down!

and as always requests are wide open my friend feel free to drop a question or a request, love hearing from you nuggets!


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Dating Kai would include

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Kim Jongin

- gosh this would be the cutest relationship
- walks in the park
- probably likes holding you by the waist
- he just needs everyone to know that you’re his
- most likely will see something in the store that reminds him of you and gets it
- but you do the same thing so when you see each other you’re both like aW
- teasing each other
- “lmao remember that time when you-”
- Chanyeol and Sehun are your new best friends
- tbh you and Jongin would be passed out on the couch together taking a nap
- and you hear faint giggling in the background but ignore it bc Jongin is so warm and cuddly and you’re so sleepy
- then you two wake up and Chanyeol and Sehun are looking you guys and laughing
- and Kai is laughing at you and you’re like ????
- and you look at his face and start laughing
- and then you realize why they were laughing and now they’re running from you
- Kyungsoo be watching out for his man
- just kidding he’s most likely just shy and making sure ur legit enough for his best friend
- but you don’t think he likes you
- and then one day you roast your boyfriend and you see D.O laugh a lil bit
- s u c c e s s
- grocery shopping at night bc two lil night owls
- buying snacks and munchies and a couple movies
- followed by passing out halfway through the first movie
- being his biggest fan and supporter for his dancing
- he’ll get so excited to show you a new routine he came up with
- one day he catches you trying to learn how to dance to Monster and you’re like in the zone right
- but you keep messing up and start getting frustrated and he’s laughing bc how are u so cute
- then he’ll come up next to you and try teaching you step by step
- “ok so move your foot like this- no jagi like t h i s, see?”
- “wtf how do u do that ???”
- “just turn it. Jagi- Y/N just twist it-”
- when you think you have it down he does the dance with you
- and you kinda gradually stop midway and just look at him bc
- no thank u it’s too much
- When you’re walking together at the park with his dogs and kids come up to pet them
- and he’s so incredibly sweet towards them
- he’ll kneel down and be like !!! go ahead !! pet him !! :)
- and he’ll answer all their questions and laugh with them and be so nice and your heart just m e l t s
- sometimes when you two are sitting on the couch he’ll play with your hair and start humming
- other times he’ll start singing softly and my god
- his voice
- please appreciate the river of gold that is his voice
- when you’re sad he’ll listen
- followed by doing the stupidest things to make you laugh
- “what did I do to deserve you”
- instead of responding he’ll just attack you with a hug to hide his blushing
- but you wanna see his SMILE
- “I could ask you the same thing”
- but also
- Kai vs. Jongin
- legit you’ll be teasing and making fun of each other and it’s all cute right
- “shhh jagiya just shushhh”
- “no make me >:l ”
- lip bite
- mischievous smile
- ur pinned down
- gets r e a l c l o s e
- “what was that?”
- R.I.P @ u
- just kidding he’ll start laughing and get off bc u looked so scared and cute and you’re hitting him with a pillow
- he’ll make it up later tho
- ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
- sometimes he’ll get sad and look for you because holding you is his safe place
- and you don’t even have to say anything, just as long as you’re there he’ll be okay
- A relationship with Kim Jongin would exert nothing but unending love and support
- you’re so so lucky

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i would also like to add that Kris tried to leave before during growl era but the members convinced him to stay which is why he didn't tell them when he finally left because they would have tried to convince him again and probably would have succeeded. They were the only reason he stayed as long as he did.

I REMEMBER THAT it was right before wolf i think where he visited his mom and wasnt going to come back and thats why there was such a long break before wolf came out and like im pretty sure kris made up his mind to really leave when exo m came to la and performed in that free concert they have every year like those ig posts he made were very suspicious….it breaks my hort that he tried to stay for the boys and that he couldnt tell them because he knew theyd change his mind like…kris breaks my hort

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How do I stop liking boy

look at a dog. just one. You’ll forget boys even exist as a concept. 

When I think about Lancelot, or Lance/Lotor relationship in general, it gaves my writer side such giddy feeling

(Please forgive for my English cause Im not a native speaker, so I cant express myself clearly )

Because it has POTENTIALS, so much potentials to explore, even when it has nothing to do with shipping (which I found both appealing and disgusting, they will make a very unhealthy pair).. If Im corrected, Lotor in the original series is an insecure character, wants to prove himself with his father Zarkon, while also a half Altean/half Galran,.. This dude has a lot of juicy tropes for a compelling villian my gosh). If the producer keep the basic trait in the original to this version while potrays him with more sinister, manipulating characteristics , Lotor would be an interesting addition to our blue child Lance, an important piece for Voltron team’s dynamic after Shiro’ s disappearance and Lance’s character developement

Because if they have the same self-esteem, attention issue, Lance and Lotor could bond over those, understand each other’s struggles, even become best pals. Lance, during this time already feeling worthless, now he found someone who see his abilities, sympathize with him, Lance would be escatic. Moreover, Lance is extremely friendly and accepting (he protects Yupper and consider it his friend righ after they met, how precious), I wouldnt be surprised if Lance found in Lotor a trusting friend and extent his protective nature over him

And this is when things go down

The voltron team just lost their beloved leader, so Keith will have to take up his position (which I dont think it’s a smart idea, ss2 havent groomed him well enough) and lead Voltron. I can see the balance of team voltron will be broken, mainly because of Keith’s inexperienced and Lance’s self-issue and jealousy. Im expecting a big fight between this two dorks Dreamwork dont let me down. Lance, with his insecurities and homesickness bottled up for 2 seasons, will finally reach his breaking point, snaps

So Lotor came in, reassured Lance, maybe even offer Lance a position in the Garla army (preferably Lotor’s right hand man lol ) where he could be useful and respected and liked and they sounds SO RIGHT to Lance, right?? Even worse, Lotor could offer him to return to his earth, his home..He could make Lance questions his loyalty to his friends and Voltron, while serving as the direct enemy for Keith and Voltron in general

But if the producer wants to follow the original, that Lotor has an unhealthy obsession to Allura and be a rival in love and war with Keith , they would miss an awesome chance to write a very, very good dark and compeling story, an well-written villians and Lance’s journey to mature

“You think he’s in love with you?! He’s not. It’s just a sick idea he has right now. Last year, he studied the Quran in Arabic, until he knew it by heart. Because he thought that was a good idea.”

She had to have known. Just imagine what she felt when Even wanted to break up because he wanted to be with Isak. Just imagine her thinking “not again” 

And she still let go. She was just trying to protect him. She was trying so hard but in the end she understood that she couldn’t do that. 

Sonja girl, I hope you’re okay and that your happy

Derek And Spencer Finding Out Your Pregnant

Author: Me!

Pairing: Derek X Reader and Spencer X Reader

Summary: Preferences fo Reid and Morgan

Requested: Yes, ‘AHHHHHH REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!! Sorry, I found your blog and I find you to be such a gifted writer, you know your characters well! I was wondering if you could do something like how Derek and Reid would act if you told them you were pregnant? Or if you were hiding it and they found the pregnancy test? If you can only do one, pleased do Derek. Thank you! Love the blog btw.’

Word Count: 1063

Derek And Spencer Finding Out Your Pregnant…


He came home from work late but you didn’t hear him, let alone acknowledge his presence, you were too busy locked in the bathroom shaking with tears rolling down your cheeks staring at the pregnancy test which was showing the small positive sign. You had been starting at this goddamn stick for over a hour and the tears hadn’t stopped since they started.

There was a knock on the door which made you jump out of your skin, “Babe, you okay?” You sniff as quietly as you can and pray your voice doesn’t crack, “Yep, I’ll be out in two seconds.” You respond as calm as you can, but what you don’t know is that even through the thick wooden door Derek could tell something is wrong.

After another 2 long minutes of trying to clean yourself up, you unlock the bathroom door and walk back into the bedroom you share with him. You can hear him in the kitchen downstairs, whistling and cooking something, he probably heard you come out of the bathroom because you hear him yell “Do you want anything to eat?” up the stairs you reply with, “No, I ate before you came in.” That obviously was a lie as the mere thought of eating made you feel sick already.

You decided to go to bed and figure things out in the morning, with fumbling fingers you get changed and into bed, it was now around 2AM and you could hear Derek putting his dishes in the sink. Slowly he walks up the creaking stairs and you silently pretend to be asleep. You hear him dragging his feet along the carpet, he cant even be bothered to pick them up, he’s too tired. “I know your not asleep” He says with a raspy voice making you jump yet again. You turn over to look at him, even though its dark you can just about make out his outer shape.

“Now tell me whats wrong.” Derek bluntly says, telling you his profiling skills are intact. The simple question brings a whole new wave of tears and you start sobbing, Derek instantly holds you and you explain that your pregnant and you know he won’t want to stay because this isn’t what he wanted.

After you finish, Derek holds you and looks you directly in the eyes as he says, “Who said I was going to walk out? Yes maybe this wasn’t planned but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stick around, I love you Y/N and I want to stay and raise this child with you.” You stop sniffing and just hold him and thats how you two fall asleep, for real this time, not worrying as much anymore.


The second the timer on you phone dings you sprint back to the bathroom to check the small device on the side of the bath. Your heart beat increases rapidly as you see the positive sign. How will Spencer react? You two have never discussed having kids before what if he doesn’t what any? What if he walks out? You can loose him. Calm down Y/N you tell yourself. With your hands shaking out of control you pick up your car keys and head straight for the building where your boyfriend and your best friend await.

As soon as you park you speed walk through the ground floor and into the elevator, once in you jab the button with your thumb and wait. With your head pumping in your ears you step out, your legs feel like jelly but you still strode the BAU desperately trying to avoid anyone at this partial time, successfully getting across you going into your best friends bat cave. Hearing someone close the door you see Garica’s head poke up and for her to swivel on her chair to face you. “What can I help you with sugarplum?” She asks innocently.

At that basic question you burst into tears, your legs give out but just before you can hit the ground Garica has ran over and caught you, she strokes your hair and rubs your back as you cry onto her shoulder, when your finished you look up at her and explain.

When your finished your slightly hiccupping still but continue to look at her for help “Pen, I don’t know what too do.” You whisper, the look you give Garcia breaks her heart, “Oh sweetie, I know it hurts and you really don’t want to but your going to have to tell him, I’m sure it’ll be fine, you and I both know what Spencer’s like.” She explains maintaining eye contact throughput the whole thing.

As if he heard his name Spencer swings open the door, not bothering to look up from the papers he was holding, you spring into the chair next to Garica’s as you feel your legs go wobbly again. “Hey Garcia, could you possibly find out if this person has any criminal records?” Spencer questions without a worry in the world but as he looks up, his smile drops as he comes face to face with you. “Y/N whats the matter?”

You think of what Garcia told you and know thats what you’ll have too do but then again you could avoid it as much as you can. “Nothing” You says looking into his brown eyes, Garica leaves at this point, “But you’ve been crying, I mean I know I’m not very good at social clues but people usually cry when they are sad or maybe when they are happy but the rest of your body langue does suggest your happy but I could be wrong but-“ He begins to ramble but you cut him off “For God’s sake I’M PREGNANT.” You exclaim waving your hands franticly, “And I’m scared Spencer, Im scared you wont want a child, or you’ll leave, I can lose you!” You finish with heavy breaths. “I’m not going anywhere. I think this is brilliant!” He starts off whispering but has he gets happier his voice raises. “I mean I might leave to go to the library but thats only because I have to read up on the books of course! And, and, and this is brilliant Y/N I love you.” You break out into a huge smile, “I love you too Spencer.”

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(1/3) imagine yoonseok have angry sex nbd and yoongi thinks hoseok's gone so he fumbles around and grabs his ring and he just... clutches it in his hand as he cries and apologizes to no one in particular over and over again because he misses hoseok so much and he regrets everything but he doesn't know what to do or how to make things right and it's tearing him apart bc now he has namjoon again but he isn't happy like he thought he'd be. he feels incomplete and miserable and so fucking sad and

(2/3) he doesn’t know what to do because he’s an idiot and emotionally constipated. anyways he’s crying and kissing the gem on his ring and hoseok’s just in the bathroom like “what the FUCK?” because he just had to fucking pee he wasn’t expecting to see/hear yoongi break down and that’s not fucking fair he doesn’t deserve that yoongi doesn’t have the right to make him feel emotions when he’s never even tried to make things right between them no matter how much hoseok has prayed/hoped all along
(3/3) he misses yoongi every single day and it’s driving him nuts as well but he doesn’t want to go back. he’s terrified. he’s never loved someone this much and he’s scared he’s going to feel like he’ll never measure up to namjoon and even now, even after everything, his heart still breaks when he thinks about it. he wants so bad to go back to yoongi and tell him it’s okay, they can work things out, but he’s so scared he just opens a portal to his own place and cries himself to sleep i’m broken


OK BUT HOW DARE YOU???????? UGHHHHHHH all these scenarios you guys send me always breaks me shdbsbdsd but im honestly so glad cause this is what i think about too. Yoongi really fucking loved Hoseok but he didn’t know what to do about how he felt about Namjoon. There was just so much regret so much what ifs so much left unsaid that Yoongi never felt like he was truly whole after that traumatic fiasco. Now that Namjoon’s back he’s even MORE constipated he doesnt know what to do with all the possibilities presented to him now and it takes an even bigger toll on his relationship with Hoseok because he misses him so fucking much but namjoon’s also right there. AND UGHHHHHHH hbddbd while i have a different scenario planned for the hate sex, this totally could legitimately happen because everything you said about both their feelings are pretty spot on!

Ty so much for taking your time to write this omg im glad we could be so emo together rip both of us

more sickrent headcanons

- simon just constantly brings dogs home. they never stay and he may have stolen them but there’s always just at least 1 dog present. he really loves dogs
- simon and mark go ice skating and simons rly good at it. mark can’t take one step without falling down (this may be because im bitter about the massive bruise i got ice skating)
- simon is in marks phone as “💉💖”
- mother superior knew about their relationship before anyone else. including them
- mark wants kids at some point and simon, for obvious reasons, does not. ever
- diane doesn’t know that mark and simon are dating so sometimes she shows up and simon just hides in the bathroom and one time diane finds him and just screams because simons just sitting in the bathtub fully clothed
- simon makes edibles and rents thinks they’re like normal brownies and simon has to drive him to the hospital because he ate 9
- mark “i swear to god if you make me miss another episode of the bachelor simon im going to break up with you” renton
- taxes are a goddamn nightmare so they do each other’s for fun and this always ends horribly
- whenever they get arrested they make sure they’re close to each other
- simon is the most protective boyfriend of all time. you touch mark and you’re found dead in a ditch. simon would fight begbie for rents

Where do start lol
I’m.randomly on Tinder last night, this guy I was talking to gave me his number. I said why not and called because I was bored. But his profile said he was in Texas. We get to talking and he’s like I’d like to see you before I go to Miami and I’m like I don’t live in Texas I live in NY.. he’s like I am in NY. Idk how but it ends up him meeting me where I’m at. He’s so short like 5'8 and I’m 5'7" , I’m going to call him “Shawty Lo” because he looks exactly like the rapper but bald. He pulled up in a Nissan and I’m like oh this is a dub lol but I sit in the car anyway.. we start talking and I’m like my step dad cut my hours and I’m pissed about it. Nigga said don’t go to work tomorrow I’ll give you $600 , oh bitch my tune with him changed lmao. But I politely declined, I have my reasons. So I said you can take me out to lunch.. we ended up going out to lunch during my lunch break with his friends pregnant girlfriend and he dropped me back to work and handed me $150 dollars. Just like that in one hour! I know your thinking why I didn’t take the $600 because I think long term especially when he was willing to give me $600 so easily he could give me 2k or even 5k.. I want to take my time to rinse a dude before he even knows it .. I know ya gonna start saying I’m making shit up lmao but Im not. That’s why I try to come with receipts.. I met him like 12 hours ago. 04-15-17


jungkook: laying out everything and being as professional as possible “this is the eyeliner…concealer…lipstick…” him applying it on your face extremely professionally and you literally shocked asf bc he does your makeup better than you “you’re going to do my make up for me from now on.” him laughing and giving his bunny smile while still holding the make up brush in his hands 

taehyung: you being extremely doubtful about whether or not you should trust this boy with your makeup “dont move jagi” “tae i’m not moving.” him always pausing to look into the camera to give the  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face before writing on your face “tae what are u doing with my face” “vOILA!” disproportionate eyebrows, eyeliner that doesnt even reach your lash line, lipstick in a huge circle aROUND your lips “its beautiful, tae thank u” “yeah i kno im gr8″

hoseok: screaming before he even starts, screaming as he is applying it onto you, screaming when you open your eyes, screaming for you when you look into a mirror after “hoseok awh, my eyeliner is so nice” “yeah i know of course i’m amazing thank”

namjoon: him scared to touch your make up stuff “im going to break your stuff i swear” trying to delicately put it on your face but he tried to use eyeliner as mascara?? him finishing and you looking exactly the same as when u started just with really think eyelashes and eyebrows “thank u namjoonie” “Its bad isnt it” “its amazing” him getting all flustered and smiling with his cuTE DIMPLES 

seokjin: the professional at delicacy “wait you already put on the eyeliner already” “yeah” “that was quick” “yep” him cupping your face in his hands to get the best angle and coming extremely close to your face when trying to put on the eye make up “its done!” and of course, he’s extremely good for a beginner

yoongi: him questioning how hard it can be just to apply makeup “what is this” “thats eyeliner yoongi” “yeah yeah i knew that” him constantly trying to remember how the make up noonas put it on him so he can do it on you “which color do you like” “what color do you think looks pretty on me?” “everything looks pretty on you though…” you looking off into the camera all blushy blushy

jimin: smol chim chim hands cupping your face while he stares at you to “try to figure out what colors would go best with your skin tone” him just coming really close to your face and the both of you getting distracted before laughing your heads off and trying to get back to the task at hand then him just skimming mascara and a little blush on u “wait thats it?” “yeah” “what about eyeliner and lipstick?” “this is enough” “its so little” “you dont even need makeup why are we doing this” “jIMIN” 

i posted this on my peach but im posting it here too because i want advisement on it from more people than just the people who have me added on there
i think im going to break up with my boyfriend because i dont think i can function in a doomed relationship. and i think that actually it’s sort of cruel of him to expect me to live inside a rapidly shrinking box. and i think he wants that because he wants to keep this. but i just dont think i can or want to function inside of a structure which i can see collapsing in the near future. and i think the only reason i would be staying would be in order to try and get him to change his mind and thats a bad way to move in a relationship no matter how you look at it. im wondering a little bit if im cheating myself out of a summer that would be very good and magic but would eventually end, like all summers do. but i actually think it probably wouldnt end up feeling like a very good summer. and instead id feel fall coming chokeful like a vise. and i think that isnt something i want.

Gilded Butterfly: a JB fic

Chapter 1

Here’s what they don’t tell you about being cheated on: nothing can ever be the same.

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so i overheard my dad talking to my little sister
  • Dad: i'm not homophobic
  • dad: but gays should not get married bc that is only for a man and a woman
  • dad: it is also so disgusting when they are in public
  • dad: also trans are disgusting
  • dad: there's obviously something wrong with their minds
  • dad: lol im not homophobic
  • me: *cries deep within my closet*

thefashionwannabe  asked:

Hope this doesn't sound weird ...but how would the RFA+Saeran react to a 4'11 MC that's skinny and is an A cup like she looks fragile and deliquet but is always playing around and is ruff she's just smol

Yes I am the same and all my friends call me shorty but in reality if you fuck with me I will mess you up. Just because Im small doesnt mean I cant fight . I have 3 brothers sooooo~



~Thinks its adorable 
~Your smaller than him
~He is so delicate with you until one day someone runs by and grabs your purse because look at you 
~Your reall tiny so therefore the easiest target
~But by does this guy have it coming
~Yoosung just watches as you take off sprinting and beat this guy
~Hes just over here in shock and you kinda skip back to him and walk off


~He is always treats yo like your glass and going to break any minute
~Then one night after a play he walks off stage 
~And all he seems is white
~No its not his rat tail
~You tackle him with a hug and hes just like
~You let him up and he just stares 
~Everyone else is too
~Their probs like
~Is she a crazy fan or……


~She loves how tiny you are 
~But one day she accidently hits you with the door
~You just stare
~”Jaehee chill out its just a door”
~”B-But your so tiny”
~”Yes and?”


~Super careful with you 
~If you know what I mean
~But he has advanced security with you at all times 
~Whenever he hugs you he doesnt even wrap his arms around you all the way
~He has to bend down just to look at you
~So you just hug him and almost crush the poor dude
~I mean you could almost pick him up if you tried


~He calls you Shortie just to get on your nerves
~And it works
~”Hey Shortie come here”
~”Shortie I need help”
~”I need a hug Shortie”
~Til you finally just snap
~You slap him across the face jokingly
~You didn’t mean to slap him so hard
~”Your so strong……….”

V(even though you didnt ask)

~He doesnt really care that your short
~He thinks that looks dont really matter
~He was proven right when he asks for you to bring him some of the book fromt the room you were in
~An you pick up the entire stack and just give it to him
~Not surprised but a little impressed


~Dear lord do you two look weird together
~I mean he looks so BadAss and your over here like………..so fragile 
~So hes suprised when you help him moves some heavy boxes that even he cant lift 
~Yeah Saeran looks dont matter you should know that one personally

Got7 reaction to their S/O wanting to break up due to negative publicity

A/N - Bit of a wordy title haha, but hope you all enjoy~ Keep on sending me all of your requests everyone!

I think all the boys would be really sad if their significant other decided to break up with them because of the negative publicity so the member can focus on his career but some of them would be more impacted than others. Jackson, Youngjae and Yugyeom would just be really upset by it and would try to convince their partner not to break up with them. I can see it getting really tearful and these three would just not be able to cope with the idea of breaking up, even if their partner had them in their best interests. I think JB and Jinyoung would be able to understand it the most. They’d obviously still be sad about the idea of breaking up but I can imagine they’d be able to see why their S/O was thinking about it from a career point of view. They might try to fight for their relationship but would be easier to win over since they can see why it might be for the best until they can be together without worrying about the publicity. Mark and Bambam are kind of inbetween. They aren’t going to be as upset as some of the others, but they definitely wouldn’t want to accept the idea of breaking up. I think these two would fight for this relationship because of how happy it made them, no matter what the press said about them. They’d probably say something online or make a public statement about it telling the press to back off from their personal lives because it’s only having a negative effect on both you and him.




This part runs through my head so much, just because of the way Klavier breaks away from his brother- the obstacle that has been holding him/controlling him all these years, I find it so fricken inspirational that I think of it pretty much every day.


i kind of dont want to remove myself from it? i just think i ought to. and thats like. i mean he said something like do you really think youre going to love me that much more 4 months from now? and i dont think so. but the thing is i worry that after that time he will just be like. inside so much more of my life, and there will be so much more entanglement for him to extricate himself from and like. i dont know time just builds Things in a relationship and like. structures and routines and i dont want to have those kinds of things built and then all of a sudden theyre destroyed.

but i think i probably will try and stay. i dont know. im gonna go up thursday still but maybe after that ill go away. he got upset when i told him i wanted to break up last night and he said something like how am i supposed to keep myself away from you all summer/keep myself from talking to you/trying to see you and i just said. why do you think the way YOU feel is going to change whether we break up now or when you move, and specifically why does he think moving to new england is going to give him the self control and resolve hes looking for? i dont know hes probably right anyway.


1. “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you had just listened”
2. “I can’t be held responsible I wasn’t even there”
3. “You’re cute when you’re jealous”
4. Moving into a new house with _____
5. “Don’t think about it to much, your head might explode”
6.“I’m pregnant”
7.“I know what I saw”
8.“it was just a nightmare”
9.“NO! _____ can’t be dead!”
10. You break his heart and he will break your. But you won’t forget each other, even if one day you walk past hi and nether of you acknowledges it"
11. “I know your going to mess me up, but I can’t stay away from you.
12. "How do you know him” “I loved him”
13.“sometimes I steal flowers from your garden”
14. “Your love for strawberry shortcake doesn’t really match your appearance but I still think it’s really cute”
15.cake baking competition
16. Who can jump higher on the trampoline
17.“never call me that again”
18.“wait…. Your a psychopath?”
19.im your barista and I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time.
20.“it’s 2am and your deciding to go on an adventure now?”
21.“should I be concerned about how much coffee you’re taking in”
23.“I hope you aren’t flirting with me”
24.“please, stay”
25.“ I really want to kiss you”
26.“when I’m with you, nothing else matters”
27.“I wish we could be more than this”
28.“my life would suck without you”
29.“you feel a lot like home”
30.“you found me”
31.“we are a story slowly unfolding”
32.“today was a fairy tale”
33.“let’s run away together”
34.“if you love me, let me know before its to late”
35.“you look beautiful”
36.“relax… Please relax…”
37. “Hey- stop that! It tickles!”
38.“do you need something?”
39.“ Don’t change for me, don’t change for anyone”
40.“the constant beat of your heart is what I like to focus on”
41.“wishes are nice, but sometimes they don’t come true for a reason”
42.“hey asshole, this store is closed. Oh wait, you’re hot, never mind please do come in.”
43.“I have feelings for you”
44.“feelings are hard”
45.“why does this cost 10 dollars. This is an outrage!
46."I don’t know why you’re surprised. Betrayal never comes from an enemy”
47.“I’ve been by your side since the beginning. Where have they been?”
48.“I always just remind myself that the sun will come up”
49.“lesson learned. Don’t keep crayons in your pocket”
50.“What happened to me?”

Thoughts on Shameless

(From a long ass text I sent to my friend discussing last night’s episode)

1) Ian has DEFINITELY been fucked in the ass before (specifically when he did the porno) and the writers apparently forgot that.
2) I thought Ian and Trevor were in a great place for friendship at the end of the last episode but NOPE! Not with Shameless writers! Ian’s not allowed to have any actual friends, only fuckmates or boyfriends. Never just a friend though. Ian has never had any friends except for Mandy and that’s a horrible stereotype they’re perpetuating, that gay guys only want to fuck each other, never just be friends, and have only female platonic friendships.
3) they showed a sex scene with Svetlana’s tits all hanging out for a good 5 minutes but during the gay sex scene we saw a poster for 30 seconds. Because of this and all the past seasons of this (except that ONE Mickey Ian sex scene we got that ended in the worst and most upsetting scene of the show’s history) the show ITSELF is inherently homophobic.
4) they’re pushing Ian into this relationship he is not comfortable with, if they ARE going with the “he’s never been fucked in the ass and never wants to be” thing, which they are. They’re forcing him into something he’s not comfortable with and someone who is wrong for him sexually and physically. They need to be good friends, because Trevor is amazing and good for Ian emotionally and a great character and he’s doing a lot of good in educating Ian.. (I also LOVE Elliot Fletcher, the guy who plays him. He’s on The Fosters too.) but I feel like the relationship is REALLY forced and just kind of inappropriate/wrong. Adding sex to the mix just taints their relationship for me. (Haha taint.) Plus now when Mickey comes back two eps from now it’s going to be downright awful. We’ll be LUCKY if we don’t get any transphobic comments from him. OH which reminds me and brings me to

Fuck this show and their writers. I was so naive to think it would improve and get back to being a well written show like the first 4ish seasons.