i think im going to break up with him

i decided to do a quick analysis of even bech næsheim based on some stuff i sent to @jeansmoreau

  • you know that part where isak texted even with an ultimatum saying break up with sonja or im gone? 
  • and even immediately showed up at his apartment? 
  • even was so scared of losing isak and he’s so in love with this boy who makes him feel something he’s never ever felt before 
  • and he knows he has to go
  • but i think
  • i think he went there to confess everything about his mental illness and sonja and all
    • because he knows that could make isak stay
  • just the way he stands back in the doorway
  • not leaning in for a kiss or a hug or any other gesture of a kind
  • he just stands waiting for isak to ask him anything
  • he’s finally ready to answer
  • because the last thing he wants is to lose this boy
  • and then he seems somewhat surprised when isak initiates a kiss
    • he expected to talk
    • not to makeout among other things
  • he had prepared to let isak know everything 
  • about sonja and him and love and mania and everything
  • no more secrets

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If you think you don’t have anyone,
just look at your hands,
and remember how perfectly they held mine.
And if you feel like you need a bottle
to remedy the things that keep you awake at night,
then drink up,
and call me about what is breaking your heart.
If you get plastered, and can’t think straight,
I will take you to your best friend’s house
and lay you down next to him with a kiss on your forehead.
If you need a day off,
then I will go with you into the woods to lay on the forest floor,
and the creatures making noises around us will sing to you,
trying to patch up the holes you have with their beautiful notes of life.
You are leaking, and I have no disposition towards the blood.
I am here, and I will tell you every minute:
“I won’t leave,”
even if you continuously forget -
and I know you do.
—  January 7th, 2016 (g.p.)

One more doodle. More of my terrible twosome Saravix and Uthok (shh who still needs his genes and rb im working on it okaaay)

The barbs and tip of Saravix’s tail are razor sharp, just as any good plague spiral’s should be. She totally uses it as a weapon.


I headcanon that Yoosung is actually a bit chubby. And he’s pretty self conscious about it too.

Which is why when Seven and Yoosung are either kissing or making out, Yoosung squirms or breaks away when Seven’s hands start to wander. He always finds some excuse as to why he needs to pull away. He’s even got excuses lined up for if/when Seven ever tries to go farther than just kissing.

Unsure of why, Seven just straight up asks him the reason one day (Since it happens often)

And Yoosung is embarrassed. Because Seven realized he was pulling back constantly. And Yoosung didnt want Seven to think its because of him.

“..Im.. kinda chubby. I hate it. I don’t want you feeling me this way”

Yoosung finally admits! (After a little more persuasion)

“…That’s all?? I was afraid it had something to do with me.” Seven would smile, and then lifts his own shirt. “Looookie here, Yoosung. I got some pudge too! Squish squish~” He ’s poke his stomach and sides.

Seven is definitely not skinny either.
And Yoosung is actually extremely relieved and happy to see that.
It helps him to not feel as insecure, realizing Seven is also equally squishy.

Seven still takes things slow with Yoosung though, and makes sure to tell him how attractive and sexy he thinks his body is. And how beautiful it is. He wants to make sure his boyfriend never think badly of himself again.

Idk I just cant help but think theyre both cutely chub because they eat so many snacks and play games all day together ;v; ♡

professorbaldy  asked:

fourteen year old remus lupin agonizing over the fact he like a thirteen year old slytherin girl. shes too good for me, he'll think. im a monster, he'll go on to tell himself. i dont deserve to breath the same air as normal people.

except she actually likes him back but bc of the time they both live in they both feel the pressure of their friends on how they shouldn’t date someone from the other’s houses so they start meeting in secret– mostly in the library– and they both have their first kiss with each other

they continue dating all through high school but they break up when they graduate (or after she graduates if they’re not in the same year) because she’s going to move far away to continue her studies, but they remain good friends for the rest of their lives


“What do you mean you think we should break up?” “There’s this girl…her name is Tara. We were together in high school but she left me when she graduated. She wanted to go to med school in Chicago and we broke up. But she’s back now. In Charming.” You kept looking at him, not understanding why any of that meant you had to break up. “I still love her. I always have. I never stopped. I love you too but I just…im still in love with her. I want to try and make things right with her. I’m sorry.” You starred at him in disbelief.

“So you used me.” “Baby no, I-” “Don’t call me that. You used me for 9 months to fill a void and now you’re throwing me away but you think you can still call me baby?” “I love you y/n.” “You don’t know what love is.“ You stood up from your couch and crossed your arms over your chest. You wouldn’t let him see you cry. "Get out.” “I’m s-” “GET OUT!” Reaching out, you grabbed the vase of roses he had bought you a couple days ago and threw it against the wall behind him, the glass shattering and covering the floor in glittering shards. Jax breathed out a sigh and turned around, walking out the door.


Fifteen minutes later, your living room and kitchen looked like a tornado had ran through it. Dishes, glasses, picture frames, and furniture were scattered around the floor broken as you sat on the floor leaning against the wall, broken too. After your rage filled redecoration, you collapsed on the floor in a fit of tears. How could he do this to you? After everything you had done for him, this is how he chose to repay you. By letting you know that you had been a replacement.

Not knowing what to do with yourself, you slowly stood up being carful not to step on any glass.  As you straightened out, your whole body felt sore and tense. You didn’t really have very many girlfriends, none that you could talk to about this. Deciding on taking a nice hot bath, you made your way to your bathroom and ran the water as hot as you could stand it before you stripped your clothing, looking forward to the comfort.

Apparently the bath was too comforting, as you ended up bursting into tears twice. On the third time, you couldn’t stop. It wasn’t so much the fact of losing Jax as it was his blatant use of you. You were sure he probably never expected her to come back but for him to throw you away so readily like that? He’d never loved you in the first place, and that’s what hurt. Suddenly, you had the urge to talk to Tig. Yeah, he wasn’t the classiest or the most sane but he was a good friend and right now that was exactly what you needed.

You picked up your cell and typed in his number waiting for him to answer. To be honest, you hadn’t really expected him to answer on you first call, much less the first ring. “Hello?" "Tiggy?” “What’s wrong?” Obviously, you hadn’t masked you voice very well. “I…I need you. I’m not hurt or anything I just need someone right now. Can I come over?” “Um…sure.” “It’s ok if you’re busy.” “No no, come over baby.”


“How could he just abandon me like that? I loved him as much as I could. Guess it wasn’t enough. What’s she look like? She’s probably beautiful.” Hey,“ Tig squeezed your shoulder as you leaned against his chest. "Don’t you say that. You’re beautiful. He fucked up. He hit the lotto with you. That shit with Tara was toxic, still is. It didn’t last then and it wont last now and when it fails again, he’ll come crawling back to you.” “I don’t want him back. I don’t trust him.” Tig nodded and moved his hand from your shoulder to your hair gently running his fingers through it and tucking it behind you ear, trying to comfort you as much as he could. He was never really one for words.

You relaxed into his chest and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath and taking in the scent of his cologne. Tig was giving you more affection now than Jax had in days. You felt so safe in his arms. So relaxed. So…loved. You lifted you head off his chest and looked at him. His ice blue eyes, looked down at you and before you realized what you were doing, you leaned up and pressed your lips against his. He kissed you back for a moment then pulled away from you. 

“Baby, no. I know you’re hurt but-” You silenced him as you kissed him, this time sitting up and placing your hands on his chest but he pulled away again. “Y/N, no. You’re fragile right now. I know you want comfort but this ain’t it."  Embarrassed, you nodded and stood up, getting ready to leave. "Sorry.” You had made it a few steps before he grabbed your wrist and turned you back around.

“I like you. Like, I’ve got…look I’m not good with this type of shit but I got feelings for you. I’m not saying I’m in love with you but…I got a thing for you baby. I’m not gonna kiss you and be with you if you’re never going to talk to me again after. I’d rather just keep you as a friend than lose it all.” You stayed staring at him for a couple seconds trying to make sure you were grasping what he was saying. “Aw shit see? I knew I shouldn’t have said anything. Look just go home and forget about this, we-”

He wasn’t expecting the forceful kiss from you and it had him stumble a bit before he wrapped his arms around you, holding your body to his and walking you back until you felt your back hit the wall. You moaned softly into his mouth and he groaned in response, his hands sliding down to your ass and gripping it firmly. You put your hands around his neck and grabbed fistfuls of his dark curls as he bit your lip. Suddenly he pulled away. “Wait wait wait…what about Jax?”

“Fuck Jax.”

anonymous asked:

I have a boyfriend. He is my crush actually, so I really really like him. But I'm too afraid to tell him that I'm very much into ddlg/age play, and that I'm also often little. My boyfriend, simply sees me as adorable/childish (in a good way!), and I'm often bubbly. So he has no idea about age regression, ddlg, etc. Well, at least from I know of. I don't think he'll understand it, though? I just don't want to mention it and he will break up with me.. I really like him, and im scared to lose him..

hi anon!

i think it would be best to introduce him into it by saying something like, “what do you think of _____?” and see his opinion on it. if he is interested, then great!! if he isn’t interested and if you like him enough, stay and figure out how you are going to deal with this/how you to are going to work with it! 

good luck!!

anonymous asked:

secret: im in a committed relationship with my boyfriend and we live together but i always find myself unfulfilled and thinking i could be with a better man for me

Break up with him. If you’re not happy, if you’re not feeling satisfied then there’s no point in keeping this going. He could be the perfect person. Always nice, funny, and good to you. But that doesn’t matter. If you’re not happy then you shouldn’t be in that relationship. If you do really care for him then I would suggest talking to him because open communication can only help. But really, if you’re not into this, there’s no point in keeping it up. 

Send me a secret anonymously.

guys im screaming there was the HOTTEST guy working down in the victor’s of my dorm, he’s a cook and i had seem him before and wanted to say something but imma shy hoe so i dont. But today I ordered something from him and while i waited he kind of talked to me and i was omg niiice anyway he gives me my food and i leave and sit down in the eating area and im eating and chilling and he goes on his break and sits in a table over from me and he suddenly makes eye contact with me and goes “do you know about chevy chase?” and i go lol yeah and he gets up and COMES OVER AND SITS DOWN NEXT TO ME and im thinking oh my god how did this happen i was just thinking this would never happen i didn’t even know you 2 seconds ago. And he goes “if you dye Chevy Chase’s hair yellow he looks like donald trump” and im just like wow buddy u r right and he introduces himself his name is kenneth and i want to die hes so attractive 

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Because we know supergirl is a CW show, it's at the 13th episode and mon-el has this secret ... Karamel will probably not go until the end of the season, but how do you feel about the ship? Do you think that even with the unevetable break up they will eventually get back?

honestly i think mon el is just a guest star and i dont see him sticking around for long term so if they ever do break up i think mon els gonna leave the show. i really hope im wrong though :(

anonymous asked:

Why did ur mind blank? Do u like one of them again? Why do u keep talking about them like wtf?

Anonymous said to chokemewinwin:                                                                 If u still have feelings for them just break up with shane already.  Like why r u writing about other guys when u already have shane, like thats fuck up. Just break up with him, if ur talking about other guys and he doesnt even know about it, u wont prob even tell him that story youll just leave it out, cause ur so selfish to think about others, just dump shane talk about other guys. Go back to brandon cause thats all u think about right go bacm to alec and jack and etc go                

the reason i said “woah” was bc it was guys i used to like, i hope u realize im using past tense lmao, shane doesnt need to get mad bc he already knows im loyal :)

anonymous asked:

hey i saw someone coming to you with relationship advice n like. i havent gotten to talk to my boyfriend in two weeks n a couple days?? because he was grounded but then he was free again on valentines and he just ignored me. because we havent talked i dont know whats going on. im not sure if i should feel angry or just confused?? i tried messaging him multiple ways just in case but he hasnt replied at all. im thinking abt breaking up with him

beep beep thats not good

in my experience thats a situation that 80% will be bad but until he comes back its hard to tell?? that’s a long time and the fact he ignored you on his free day ESPECIALLY when it was valentines day is kind of a big no no.
my advice is wait til he comes back to talk it out unless he doesnt come back for like another 2-3 weeks (maybe even 1) or something and if he doesnt come explain himself or doesnt do anything get outta there cause thats a dick move. thats just shitty of him and you don’t deserve that kinda treatment
sorry this is happening bub i hope things go smoothly we love you💙

anonymous asked:

I want to tell my bf that I'm a witch... But I don't know how, im worried he is going to break up with me... We have been dating for 3 months. Should I wait longer?

My schooling in communications and religious studies is going to come in handy for this ask!

That fully depends on how your relationship is. Is he open minded? What religion is he? For the most part (but not always) Christians reject the idea of witchcraft because of what the bible says in Leviticus. You don’t want to hide part of yourself from someone you want to be with and if you honestly think he will leave you if you tell him no matter what then you might as well get it over with because it’s going to hurt worse the longer you’re together if he rejects this.  And if he rejects you then he is not worth your time anyway!

My advice would be to not just go up to him and say that you’re a witch/practice witchcraft because unfortunately those words do have a negative connotation and they bring up images of scary animal sacrifices and Satan worshiping to people uneducated on the subject or he might just not believe you since people are taught that magic is fake. Instead, is there a path that you’re interested in? Or maybe objects? If you like crystals show him one you got and tell him what it’s for or maybe tell him you bought some tarot cards and you thought it would be fun to try them out. Gently introduce him to the subject. 

Hell, I don’t think my own fiance knows that I’m a witch. I’m sure he could put it together if he thought about it but he knows i use crystals for different things and that I read tarot cards and use lots of candles. i just gently eased him into it as well and now he tries to get involved sometimes! 

Just be aware of how things sound from outsiders perspectives (Witchcraft/Paganism/Spells/Spirits=EVIL) and work to slowly change it! I’m always here to talk if you need any more advice or would like to give me more details on the situation!

Love and Light!

hi! im a monogamous person in a relationship with a poly person, & my partner is also dating someone else. my partner was already with this other person before we were together, & i am not and have never been comfortable being in a poly relationship. i have read various articles & watched videos & /tried/ to be okay with things, but nothing has worked & im on the brink of breaking up. i really like him & i want to make things work but i dont think im ever going to be happy like this. any advice?

There is no magical way to make this work. If you don’t think you’ll ever be happy in this relationship, you need to leave it. It sounds like you did everything you could to work on yourself so you could find a way to be happy and fulfilled in this relationship, and it didn’t work. That’s okay.

It’s okay to try things out and realize they aren’t for you. It’s good to be honest with yourself about what you need and what you can and can’t do. You may really like this person and enjoy most of your relationship with them, but there’s a fundamental issue that isn’t working for you. You have a right to find relationships that make you happy on every level.

Breakups suck, but part of the point of dating different people is learning what you like and what doesn’t work for you. You should be very proud of yourself for taking the leap and trying this out, for doing your best in good faith to make it work, and for having the honesty and self awareness to get out when you realized it wasn’t healthy for you. 

Soapbox: This is one of the reasons I think it’s perfectly okay to see polyamory/monogamy as orientations rather than chosen behavior choices. Some people just can’t think themselves into being someone who gets what they need from a polyamorous or monogamous relationship. Forcing the “it’s a choice open to anyone” narrative implies that people for whom monogamy or polyamory doesn’t work have somehow failed and just need to work harder on themselves. I think it’s crucial to empower people to say “this is who I am, and this is what I need.” 

OK, so, for just a moment here, we’re going to pretend Steve didn’t crash and that he got home safe to Peggy. 

  • Imagine Steve getting back and Peggy just waiting there for him and as soon as she seems him she starts running and he breaks into this massive grin and he opens his arms and she gets to him and he just scoops her up and holds her close and pushes his face into her hair and no one around them questions it
  • Steve tries to officially ask her out on a date being all suave and Peggy sasses him, joking around but he takes her seriously so when the time comes and he’s not there she’s like where the hell his he? And the next day she sees him and goes where the hell were you last night? And he’s like ‘oh, you meant yes? I thought you said no so I didn’t show up…’ and she just laughs
  • They finally decide to get married and Peggy doesn’t want a wedding but Steve does and they fight about it for weeks and the only reason Steve wins is because Peggy’s father says he won’t let them get married if there isn’t a wedding
  • Peggy is the WORST person EVER to have trying on wedding dresses
    • Even though she likes wearing them she just hates shopping for them and wants to buy the first one and get it over with
  • It’s in England because Steve doesn’t have anyone in New York to give them any reason to have it there and when he bring sup during that particular discussion Peggy almost cries
  • It’s in a cute little garden with white roses and Angie is the bridesmaid 
    • Yes they still met don’t question me
    • Yes there is only one bridesmaid Peggy didn’t want anyone else
  • They say their vows and when they kiss Steve lifts Peggy off her feet and notices she’s wearing boots and gives her a look when he puts her down
    • Her argument is that she wasn’t about to try to walk in the grass in heels
  • They don’t have a honeymoon because Peggy would never take that much time off work but they do have a long weekend full of cuddling and little kisses and fondue
    • Peggy is not a massive fan of cuddling or little kisses at all but Steve insists on cuddling and sneaks in little pecks whenever he can

it breaks my heart to have to make this post

but im in desperate need of help, or my baby is

im about to be homeless and while i have a few couches to crash on line up, i don’t have any where for my cat to go. and as awesome as i think it would be to be a hobo drifter with a cat on my shoulder, it wouldn’t be fair for him.

so he needs a home

his name is zevran, yes named after legendary assassin zevran arainai from dragon age

he really hates car rides so if there’s anyone in south lake tahoe area or surrounding areas that is interested, please please contact me! i mean if someone in other parts of california (sf or sacramento maybe) are interested, it might be ok but i just have no way of getting there.

i’m not asking for a rehoming fee, i just want to know that he’s going to be safe and loved and cared for.

i’ll put more information under a read more

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Today’s Ocarina ok,,.

LIKE, first Dan said he was worried about Ar and seconds later called him big cat (as usual when he says he’s worried) aNd then fucking ARin mUST have remembered it because later he called Dan ‘small cat’ idk it’s just really fucking calming and sweet to know that whenever they brought up the big cat thing a while back, and Arin saying he didn’t remember Dan calling him that. Just him starting to listen for it more so when he hears in it makes him smile & his cheeks flutter and aaaa okk anywaaay,,

FuCking ARIn was all “ooo if im big cat then what are you?” and fuckiig Dan replies with go damn SEXY KITTen. Like OK just fuck me up??? All I can think of is Arin whispering that intoo Dan’s ear like during breaks and shit just to get him all riled up gOODBye..

& the end of the episode, GOD the end. It made my fucking heart flip,, when Arin was being a nerd with Link’s crouching animation and he was just giggling up a storm, which made Dan say “I love seeing you happy.” and Arin going “ok .” ,, jUust oh my god. Just, DAn staring at Arin while he’s laughing & he wasn’t laughing as hard as Ar because he was too stuck on Arin, just appreciating how cute and great and funny and happy his friend Arin looks rn which makes that little comment slip out,, 

*history of japan voice* BYE ~*


Heres the thing; SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT ZAYN LEAVING. I KNOW HE MIGHT UPSET PEOPLE BUT HE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF. PEOPLE SAY SHIT ABOUT HIM CHEATING OR THAT HE SHOULDN’T BE WITH PERRIE BUT HES SO FUCKING HAPPY WITH HER SO WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN HIS HAPPINESS? DONT BE AN ASSHOLE. Im sure he knows hes going to upset people so how much courage do you think it took him to leave? Do you really think he just up and left because he could. And do you think hes just running away from his problems? No he cant take fucking everyones bullshit about him and who he loves so he needs a break from it. Im sure they’re fine but honestly everyone needs to chill. I love the boys and this fandom but sometimes we ALL need to sit down. Myself included. SO please just let him be alone on his break an when he comes back don’t start any shit. If you actually love him, you’ll let him be happy wherever he is and whoever hes with doing whatever he wants. 

So, as someone who cares about Zayn and wants him to be happy, just let him be. Thank youuu