i think im falling in love with you

as much as i love the trope of a character falling fast and hard for someone, i also love the subtle decent where they don’t really think about it; where that person is just kind of there until one day they realize that person is so ingrained in their lives and they cannot do without them. where there is no conscious effort on either ends to become romantically involved but somehow the thought of them being with someone else is disconcerting. where “i enjoy being with you” unwittingly turns into “i want to be with you”


Klance week day 4: Free Day! 

I think it’s sweet to learn to say ‘I love you’ in your significant others native tongue, and Keith is saying ‘Y-you can’t just say that!’

they never told me that falling in love would feel like falling off of a 24-story building if it goes wrong, that you are always the heartbroken, never the heartbreaker, that “i love you” and “im lonely” are more often than not the same thing. they don’t tell you that most nights you won’t sleep, and if you do, you’ll wake up screaming his name, or that you will stop eating, because you think maybe if you lost weight you’d be worthy of his love and attention. they tell you that falling in love is special, and amazing, like nothing else you will ever experience. but how special and amazing is it when im lying on my bedroom floor, numbed by the pain he left in his wake, with blood stained wrists and the effects of alcohol clouding my thoughts? they tell you the first time you fall in love, you won’t ever forget it, and maybe they’re right about that, because it’s been over two years and i still haven’t forgotten the way your hands burned my skin when you touched me.
—  the things they don’t tell you about love

And I realize the dangers of falling in love with the idea of someone instead of the actual person, but I can’t help but to entertain the thought of you.

I think of your smile when you finally figure out the calculus problem you’ve been working on for hours. I think of the way you hold the door open for strangers and nod to say hello. I think of your quirky jokes and your positive attitude.

And so, yes, I realize that it’s dangerous to fall in love with the idea of someone. But, one day, maybe I’ll be able to actually fall in love with you. And, if I’m lucky — maybe you’ll love back, too.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #138
  • Nico: And, whoa! You're the wine dude? No way!
  • Mr. D: The wine dude?
  • Nico: Dionysus, right? Oh, wow! I've got your figurine.
  • Mr. D: My figurine.
  • Nico: In my game, Mythomagic. And a holofoil card, too! And even though you've only got like five hundred attack points and everybody thinks you're the lamest god card, I totally think your powers are sweet!
  • Mr. D: Ah. Well, that's… gratifying.
random bios

c stewrtz 

  • do not be worried about what people think of you
  • when it’s over, leave.
  • im such a sarcastic bitch
  • go ahead. do your worst.
  • im senseless
  • too fucking cute for this
  • enjoy the silence
  • everytime you smile at me i fall in love over and over again
  • it’s awful to want to go away
  • no words can explain the way i miss you
  • my heart talks about nothing but you
  • i cant and i dont to want see another thing
  • millions of stars in the sky, but all i wanna do is stare into your eyes
  • is there no way out of the mind?
  • they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  • if you think of pulling the trigger, keep in mind that I could still shoot first
  • three word story: pain changes people
  • i don’t need a Valentine, i need Valentino
  • i’m all yours i got no control
  • lets do what we love and do a lot of it
  • have the courage to follow your heart
  • i’ll never be good enough at anything
  • i like the storms, they let me know that even the sky scream sometimes
  • you can dye your hair, buy new clothes, you can change your shoes, rearrange your nose but it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside
  • i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck
  • if you never shoot i’ll never know
Things I can't ever say

Okay but, were you ready to die for me? Because now im ready to die for you. You’re always on my mind and every little thing reminds me of you. Somehow I end up having a personal vendetta towards the things I used to love and think were beautiful, I cant appreciate stars the same way anymore because I always pictured myself gazing up at them with you and I cant fall in love with the moon every night like I used to because I know we are under the same sky and you’re seeing the exact same thing as me right now and yet that’s the only thing that’s even remotely similar about us anymore. Everything has lost its beauty and its peace.


For the lovely anon that requested: you and Yoongi fight, you leave and then you make up. Im sorry, I couldn’t just do it in a text, I don’t think Yoongi would be the type of person to do that to his s/o. I hope you like it and thank you so so so much for waiting! you are a gem 💖💖💖

After falling asleep on the sofa in the studio, Yoongi awoke and immediately checked  his phone bleary eyed, hoping to god that he had imagined the whole thing. Reading back over the messages he sent last night, his heart shattered and his stomach turned to lead. He had sunk to low. 

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He says “if you could fuck any girl from our school who would it be?”
and it’s funny because when I see her im not thinking about fucking her I’m thinking about laughing over a bowl of popcorn in the movie theater.
im thinking about warm fall nights watching the stars move across the sky.
im thinking about holding her hand, about meeting her parents, about grocery shopping together.

im sick of girls loving girls only being about sex, it only comes up when you’re turned on and looking for something to think about, it only comes up in porn, it only comes up in passing conversations about threesomes and I’m fucking tired of it.

i just don’t want to feel like this is a sin anymore.
i just don’t want to feel like this is wrong anymore.

—  it’s not wrong it’s not wrong it’s not wrong– lily rain

Imagine your otp in a coffeeshop au where Person A is a barista and Person B is that coffee-supported student. Person A writes Person B’s name wrong the first time they order so Person B jokes that “I’ll have to keep coming back here until you spell my name right” then they laugh and in that moment Person A just falls the fuck in love. Like right there. seriously. So Person A starts spelling Person B’s name wrong intentionally all the damn time until it starts to look suspicious because it’s impossible. To. Spell. Names. This. Wrongly. What. the. Hell.

I don’t know why, but I love you. I don’t understand it, but I want to see you all the time and talk to you. I want to be with you every moment of the day. I know I shouldn’t, but I am very possessive and jealous when you talk to other girls. Insecurity engulfs me. I know I can’t be with you physically forever but still I don’t want you to leave me. Sometimes I feel as if your love has made me selfish; very selfish. Which is wrong, but I want to be your love only. I want to be jealous, possessive, and selfish for you and your love. I can’t ever think of anyone, except me beside you. Holding your hand and loving only you; not just for a moment or only in my dreams. I just want to be too selfish when it comes to you.

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“there’s no way in hell i could fall in love with someone like you” + jerejean ??

me: is a hoe and can’t avoid a soulmate au even though nobody asked for one

Jean knew his soulmate’s name when he was four years old, sitting on the couch with his mother.

“Mama,” he asked in French, staring at the letters on the inside of his wrist, “what does this mean?”

She laughed as she brushed his fingers away, slowly pronouncing the word Jeremy so her son could copy the sounds. “It means that your soulmate is going to have that name, my love. See, I have your father’s right here.” She turned her wrist over, and Jean stared at the lines of his father’s handwriting, spelling his name out in black ink against his mother’s pale skin.

“I don’t know anybody named Jeremy,” Jean argued, pouting.

“I know, but one day you will. And he will have your name on his wrist too.”

Jean meets Jeremy Knox while he is still playing for the Ravens, at a fall banquet. Jean had not been permitted to leave Riko or Kevin’s side, but luckily for them, Jeremy approached and shook all of their hands with an enthusiasm unparalleled to anything Jean had ever seen before. Jean ignored the pleasant feeling bubbling in his chest as their hands touched, because any sign of recognition would only make Riko angrier.

“So good to see you guys here. Swanky event, huh?” His eyes landed on Jean, as if expecting him to answer, but Jean knew better, and Kevin stepped in before it got awkward.

“It’s nice to see you too, Jeremy. The Trojans played a great game last week, your work effort is truly admirable.”

Kevin and Jeremy chatted away for another few minutes, but as soon as Jeremy walked away, Riko had a grip so tight around Jean’s wrist that it took a fierce effort not to flinch.

“Moreau,” Riko spits in Japanese, a cruel grin on his face, “happy to meet your soulmate?”

Jean doesn’t think it could be Jeremy. They couldn’t be more different, and besides, Jean knows it’s pointless to hope. He survives one day at a time, there’s no use in fantasizing about a future that might not come.

“I don’t believe in that garbage,” Jean answers, voice level. “Knox is a naive fool who thinks he can succeed on kindness and not skill.”

That seemed to satisfy Riko for now, and Jean took care to not let his gaze linger on Jeremy for the rest of the night.

By the time Jean gets to California, most of the physical bruises and cuts have healed, and slowly he’s working on the emotional ones. He can hardly believe that this is happening, and the fact that he is alone on the plane and is alone during baggage claim and is alone waiting for one of the Trojans to pick him up almost derails him.

But then a jeep pulls up to the curb and stops right in front of him, and Jeremy Knox climbs out of the driver’s seat and bounds over to Jean’s side.

“Jean, hi! It’s great to see you! Come on, let’s get that luggage into the back and then we’ll head to USC.” Jeremy lifts Jean’s (only) suitcase into the back before Jean can get a word in. It’s simultaneously annoying and comforting, and as Jean settles into the passenger seat, he takes a deep breath for the first time since leaving Palmetto.

A year and a half after that first day, Jean knows for a fact that Jeremy Knox is his Jeremy, but that doesn’t mean he has done anything about it. He still can’t really believe that this boy who has such a positive outlook on life could be Jean’s soulmate. Jean, who for most of his life has only known pain and has embraced the fact that nothing was going to get better for him.

In a way, things have gotten better though. He’s not going to ever be right for the Trojans, he’s got too much shit to work through to ever have such a positive outlook on life, but they are good for him. They show him unconditional kindness and help him work through his outbursts, and he doesn’t deserve them but doesn’t want to let go either.

He knows Jeremy is his soulmate even though Jeremy has never shown him his soul mark, and Jean has never shown his. But the way they look at one another, the way Jeremy can startle a laugh out of Jean, and the way Jean feels most comfortable when they’re spending time together, they both know.

Jean also knows he doesn’t deserve Jeremy.

One Saturday, when they’re both lounging on the couch with blankets over their laps and feet tangled together, Jeremy takes a deep breath and takes the plunge.

“Jean, are we going to ever talk about it?”

Jean instantly knows what he means, but allows himself to collect his thoughts before replying. “What specifically do you want to talk about?” It’s a fair question, because there are so many elements to this whole thing, and Jean sure doesn’t know where to start.

Jeremy seems to have an idea though, because he moves to take off the bracelet he wears around his wrist that conceals his soulmate’s name. When he turns it so Jean can look, he sees his own name in his own neat and slanted handwriting, and Jean’s heart skips a beat. He slowly takes off his own bracelet and mirror’s Jeremy’s movements, watching his face light up as he reads his own name on Jean’s skin.

“I know that being here hasn’t been easy for you,” Jeremy said once he had looked his fill, eyes moving back up to Jean’s face. “I knew it was you almost as soon as you got here, but I also knew you needed time. With everything that happened at Evermore, and then the sudden change, it would have been wrong of me to ask so much of you.” Jeremy pauses, and Jean takes the silence as an invitation to speak.

“I suspected, but I wasn’t exactly applauded by Riko for having your name on my wrist, and so this wasn’t something I could even think about for the first year or so here. I, um. I thought that there was no way in hell I could fall in love with someone like you. I was this broken thing, and you deserved more than that.”

Jeremy frowns, scooting forward on the couch so he’s kneeling right in front of Jean. “You idiot. You’re not unworthy of someone’s love because you’ve been through hell. If anything, that just makes you stronger.”

And Jeremy didn’t know, couldn’t know the enormity of torture that Jean had been through, but even so, Jean tried to let himself believe him.

“Thank you for giving me time,” Jean muttered, gathering all his courage to reach out for Jeremy’s hand.

The motion put a smile on Jeremy’s face so bright it rivaled the harsh California sun. “Of course. I’ll give you all the time in the world, whatever you need.”

“Well,” Jean countered, and for once in his life embraced the flutters in his chest. “I think enough time has passed for me to do this,” and he leaned forward just enough to kiss Jeremy. Jeremy sighed happily, both of his hands reaching up to cup Jean’s cheeks and holding him close, not even considering letting go any time soon. 


And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy

We both fell for each other, but now I’m the one falling apart. I want you, but you want her.
—  10:07pm// journal entry #13
Reminisce | 3

Park Jimin
“I found myself falling more in love with you as I grew older.”
You and Jimin were childhood best friends until you had to move away. As years passed and you both aged, the separation between your friendship deepen and you never heard from him again. More than a decade passed and you suddenly stumble upon the man who you never stopped thinking about.
Word Count: 4,210
Italics = flashback
(Y/F/N) = Your Full Name

Prologue | 12 | 3

I will be updating less frequently bc school is starting again and I know i will not have time to update )): im sorry, but i am tremendously happy for all the love and support for my stories so far

Originally posted by theseoks

“Why don’t you come back to my place? It’s late and I don’t think you have the keys to your own house. My apartment is only a city over.” The bright digital numbers read 2:08 AM. Jimin’s hands were shoved into his pockets as you both waited for a taxi to drive by.

You sighed, your breath visible in front of you. He was right. You had no way to get into your dad’s house and you were unsure if he was even home. If he was, you didn’t have the heart to wake him up. “You don’t mind?”

“As long as you don’t mind spending another couple of hours with me.” Jimin chuckled and hoisted your suitcases into the arriving vehicle. He followed you into the car and you rested your head against the window. 

You felt something brush against your right hand. You didn’t check what it was because you knew what it was. Jimin’s hand slyly rested under yours and he loosely intertwined your fingers. You blushed and thanked the darkness for concealing the red mess on your cheeks.

Jimin dragged you into the elevator and pulled you to his door when you arrived at his floor. The building was tall and fancy, like one of those hotels your family and Jimin’s family used to stay in on vacations.

“I want to share a room with (Y/N)!” Jimin was nine and you were seven at the time. He was beginning to show signs of growth while you were still very much a child.

Both of your families had planned a trip to Hawaii and stayed at one of those big, expensive hotels with two pools and an ocean view. The carpet was patterned and soft underneath your toes. The beds were big and their sheets smelled like coconut. 

“(Y/N) is a girl and you are a boy, Jimin. A girl needs her own personal space.” Jimin’s father slid the key card into the door of his room. Jimin pouted and wouldn’t let go of your small hand.

He viciously pulled you into the room and helped you up on one of the gigantic mattresses. “Do you want to share a room with me?” He asked you quietly. 

You giggled and hugged him tightly. “Mhm.” You nodded excitedly. You liked being with Jimin. He was your close friend and he made you really happy. At seven, you were unsure what these feelings really meant. You only knew that you wanted him to stay with you.

“Okay, then we will. We can have this bed to ourselves.” He pulled away from the hug and tucked you into the soft covers. He joined you soon after you were set. “Does your mommy give you a kiss goodnight?” 

You nodded and smiled. “Does yours?” He nodded as well. “How about I give you a kiss goodnight and you give me one? I think my mommy is still downstairs and your daddy went to the bathroom.” 

“That sounds good.” Jimin laid down next to you and kissed you on the cheek. “Goodnight, (Y/N).” 

You giggled once more and kissed his cheek. “Goodnight, Jimin.” 

Jimin’s apartment was majority empty. If you didn’t know he lived here, you would’ve thought no one lived here at all. His furniture was simple and tidy. The smell of the apartment was his though. It smelled like Jimin’s musky cologne. He tossed his luggage into his room. 

There was only one bedroom and one bathroom. It was comfortable, for him at least. There was no way a group of 3 could live cozy in the small area. 

“I can sleep on the couch. My sheets are washed, so they’re clean. I haven’t touched the bathroom since I left, so it’s clean as well. Make yourself at home, I guess.” He fluffed out the pillows on the small sofa.

“It’s okay. I can sleep on the couch. It’s your house, Jimin. You should be sleeping in your own bed.” You laughed. His eyebrow went up and you knew what he was thinking. Whenever you slept over at his house, you absolutely refused to sleep on the couch. You always slept with Jimin in his bed. 

“You? On the couch? Are you sure?” 

“Positive.” Awkward tension filled the air and you locked yourself in his bathroom to escape it.

The couch was immensely uncomfortable. Without the lights on, his living room was pitch black. You couldn’t adjust your eyes on any source of light. Checking the time, you groaned at the sight of 3:44 AM. Jimin had gone to sleep about 15 minutes ago. It was a long night, so he must’ve fallen asleep. 

You folded the blankets neatly on the sofa and re-positioned the pillows to their previous display. You carefully walked towards his room, trying very hard not to make a sound. His door was open and you saw his breathing figure cuddled up in his white sheets.

His room had no mark of his own. It was like any other room. His bottles of cologne scattered his desk, along with some other products. You tiptoed over to the other edge of his bed. Slowly lifting up the covers, you slid into his warmth. You were tense, afraid that he would wake up. 

After a few seconds of reassurance, you relaxed and closed your eyes. His mattress shaped your body line well, unlike the couch, and you were so ready to drift into your dreams. The entire day was a tiring mess and you were incredibly exhausted.

Suddenly, the bed shifted and Jimin’s body was pressed against your back. His heat engulfed your chilled body and his arm lazily wrapped around your waist. His forehead rested against the back of your shoulder. 

“Took you long enough.” He mumbled. 

You turned around to face him. His eyelids were over his eyes, but his lips were curved up into a smirk. “Were you expecting me or something?”

“Yeah. (Y/F/N) doesn’t settle for the couch.” 

“Did I wake you?” You whispered. Jimin’s eyes slowly fluttered open. You panicked and quickly shut yours. You had to act like you weren’t just admiring his cute sleeping face.

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Dating Namjoon would be:

  • random dates at 3am because he cant sleep
  • him telling you that you are his muse
  • him letting you lay your head against his chest whenever you two lay down or cuddle
  • him trying (and failing) to make you breakfast in the morning because he knows you had a long night
  • him being there to stroke your cheek and kiss your forehead
  • going with him to hang out with the boys
  • and they also love you, because they know how much he loves you
  • him taking random photos of you because to him you are always beautiful
  • random gifts with notes hidden around your house
  • calls at 11:11
  • “y/n it’s 11:11, make a wish”
  • “joon, im tired.”
  • “ I wished for you in my arms again y/n”
  • him bragging to his friends about how wonderful you are
  • backhugs
  • him smiling so wide his eyes go squinty and his dimples come out strong
  • talking to you as you fall asleep, and you mumbling back
  • him singing loudly in the shower
  • and he thinks he is doing great
  • so you go along with it because you love him
  • dates at cafes
  • the kind of dates when two people share one drink using two straws
  • he loves wrapping his arms around you
  • and whispering softly in your ear
  • telling you that you are his world
  • and he means it
  • basically the ideal boyfriend

-Mod Peach