i think im eating a rock

monsta x living in your neighborhood

Shownu: shy but a little cutie, jogs around the neighborhood every morning and smiles and waves every time he passes your house, sometimes walks you home from the bus stop

Wonho: always trying to flirt, hobbies include constantly standing in front of the window naked and then pretending he didn’t know it was open

Minhyuk: seems to always find a reason to go to your house and then never leaves, brings your family treats for no reason, throws random house parties that only you and Shownu ever show up to

Hyungwon: you have no idea what he looks like, last seen on the lawn in 1862 fighting Kihyun, the neighborhood is pretty sure he’s dead

Kihyun: a little shit, welcomes you to the neighborhood with a homecooked meal and then brags about how well it tastes the whole time you eat, hangs all his awards from school in front of the window for everyone to see

Jooheon: thinks he’s funny but is actually pretty annoying, blasts rap music at the most inappropriate times, thinks his mixtape is a good idea for a house-warming gift

I.M: awkward and confusing as hell, glares at your house every time he walks past even though you’ve never actually spoken to him, claims he “accidentally” threw that rock at your window

ID #47716

Name: Danielle
Age: 16
Country: USA

Um idk what to write but imma a girl and i like plants, candles, and socks. I love to read and I’m re-reading the Last Olympian right now. My favorite movies are Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Little Prince, and Grease. I have commitment issues with tv shows but I love Skam, Skins, Parks and Rec, Doctor Who, and Supernatural. I am super in love with trees, and space. I constantly question existence and love to talk about theories, politics, and morality. I’m sorta nihilistic but hey what does that matter we’ll all be dead soon anyways lol. I don’t think I’m very interesting but I want someone to talk to! I’ve never done this before and have no idea wtf I’m doing I should be doing homework but screw it. I also like to hike and bike and look at stars and eat waffles. Oh and my music is idk really but sorta early 2000s indie rock or something im not really sure. I dig modest mouse, dcfc, sublime (ugh yes pls), K.Flay, and loads of other stuff.

around my age would be groovy, and if ur hella creepy pls don’t. Other than that I dont rlly care! Also i think snail mail would be cool but it doesn’t matter.

i used to think my dog loved ice cubes because theyre cold but having watched her attempt to eat multiple rocks in the last two days im convinced she just thinks ice cubes are cold soft rocks

10 Songs You’re Vibing To and 10 Facts

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- momentz by gorillaz
- surfin by kid cudi
- dive in by kyko
- now or never by halsey
- last train to paradise - kdrew
- rock it for me by caravan palace
- doubt it by kyle
- new dorp new york by sbtrkt
- hurricane by lord huron
- through the valley by shawn james

- my favorite colour is green
- im 5′4
- i play overwatch way too much
- i’ve never been to a concert
- when i was younger i was obsessed with eating cauliflower
- i’ve always wanted to write a book
- i love to draw
- im a very regretful person
- i don’t know my country’s national anthem 
- i get these bursts of wanting to pursue different careers all the time then get sad that i can’t

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Im such nerd trash for this but
  • jacob: *out doing criminal stuff with ned* *points up at big ben* hey ned, shouldnt you be back in heaven by now?
  • jacob: *eating toast w/jelly* *sees ned walking by* hey ned you must be made of jelly cause jam dont shake that way
  • jacob: *carriage hits a bad bump* hey ned, was that an earthquake, or just you rocking my world?
  • jacob: *sees ned walking out of his tailors with new clothes* hey ned those are nice trousers, think i could get in them?
  • jacob: *with ned on a heist* hey ned, someone ought to call the garde on you, cause youve stolen my heart!
  • jacob: *eating candy* *slaps hand over cheek* ouch!
  • ned: whats wrong?
  • jacob: ugh, my tooth hurts... probably because youre so sweet~
  • jacob: *sees ned picking something up off the ground* hey ned, did you drop something? I mean, besides my jaw?
  • jacob: *on a heist with ned* *something goes wrong, building catches on fire around them* hey ned is it hot in here, or is that just you?
  • ned: omfg jacob get us out of here!
  • jacob: *hears neds been arrested again* *goes to save him* *hanging off the back the moving paddy wagon* hey ned, what was your crime? Being sexy as hell? cause if so youre guilty as charged
  • ned: jacob i swear to god...
  • jacob: *falls off a building in front of ned* sorry... ow, sorry, i couldnt hold on, ive fallen for you
  • ned:
  • jacob:
  • jacob: ned
  • jacob: ned i may have broken my leg
  • evie: ned, do any of his lines even work on you?
  • ned: oh yeah, every single one
  • evie: then why do you keep turning him down?
  • ned: i just really wanna see how many more hes got tucked up his sleeve
  • jacob: *staggers in with a crossbow bolt stuck in his shoulder*
  • evie: jacob omg what happened?
  • jacob: *shushes her* hey ned, can you pull this out for me? Some fat little kid with wings and a diapper just shot me with it
  • ned: *when jacob is out of earshot* evie im going to ride your brother like a championship pony

IT’S THE DAY to draw Calixxta’s great great great great great great great great great grandmother, Moxie Mortal.
She carries her husband’s soul in a shard.
Her horns are cosmetic maybe.
She’s responsible for all the rock-hard pumpkin cookies in your local Walmart’s Halloween aisles.
She and Amagrith do meet up to play bingo together, yes. Canon.
And you might be thinking she leeches life from others to keep alive. This is a common misconception.
 The secrets all lie in her perfect eyebrows. Their hairs keep her alive forever.

Go eat some candy.

some highlights from my Camping Journey

-caught two muddy frogs
-caught a baby crawdad. it immediately pinched me
-rode my bike everywhere, and drank like 4 waters (im so healthy)
-the sky honestly looked like some fantasy scene when it was sunset
-many fireflies
-torched some marshmallows (bc lets be honest, who really eats them? i just like setting them on fire)
-found a pink rock
-saw some of my favorite flowers (tiger lilies i think?? idk they’re orange and i love them)

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Ok im a sucker for parent/child relationships (maybe thats why im a slut for batfam) and was wondering if u have any headcanons for the batkids having their own children? I know you made one post about it but i need more dad!jason if im honest

Oh man get ready.

Dick has already solidified himself as the best big brother so being a dad is the natural next step and he will rock at it. He and babs will have precious little babies, two times the bat! Dick is so loving and cuddly that his kids just eat him up. Dami is jealous at first until Dick sits him down that he will never stop loving his cute lil brother. Dami hugs him and thinks Dick was sometimes a better father than Bruce was.

Jason, try though he might, ended up a lot like Bruce. He still ends up being a vigilante until he comes across sad, down-on-their-luck orphans and he just has to take them in. Before he knows it, he’s got 4 or 5 kids or varying ages, races, backgrounds living with him. He’ll buckle down and get a day job because, dammit, his kids aren’t going hungry. Pretty soon the kids are training with all the Bats and soon a second generation of child/teen vigilantes is out on the street with their adoptive Dad Hood. Jay isn’t as loving as Dick but he makes sure his sons and daughters know he loves them and is proud of them and that he will never, EVER let anything happen to them. So far he has kept his promise.

I have a hard time seeing Tim being a straight up Dad seeing as he’s had so many issues with his parents and Bruce. But I can see him being a strong mentor or uncle to his brothers’ kids or just helping out young people in need. Like Bruce, I’m sure he’ll become very active in the Gotham charity scene giving a lot of time and attention to outreach programs and children’s homes. Maybe later in life when he’s got things a little more under control (yeah right) I can see him taking in a young kid or even having one of his own. But for now he’s the go-to babysitter for Dick and Jay. They often fight over who gets Uncle Timmy to watch their kids.

I am not ready for Damian to grow up. He’s still my chubby lil baby. But I’m sure he’ll be great, he’s been getting plenty of practicing watching all the new Bats crawling around the mansion plus his bazillion animals.

Meanwhile Bruce is at the top of the pile, gazing down at the children he has loved, lost, fought with, cried over and adored. He watches them grow into fine young men who now have their own children to love and attend to. Grandpa Bruce is always there to offer training advice, to let a few young, curious little ones scamper around his cave with maybe one or two in his lap. He really makes an effort to be more open and affectionate with his grandkids the way he couldn’t be with his kids. And at the end of the day, he’ll look above the fireplace where the picture of Thomas and Martha Wayne hangs. Beneath it, on the mantle are dozens of pictures of the boys and their growing families. All alone, Bruce would smile quietly to himself and know that finally, finally, he has achieved what his parents wanted for him. He’ll turn down the lights and go tuck the kids staying at the Manor into their beds and wish them sweet dreams.

I really love the contest outfits for the special manga in the diamond and pearl because we have

Platina looking beautiful and elegant, her hairs done beautifully and she has a cute shall and overall just gives off an elegant appeal, like her.

Pearl, rocking a really nice white (?) tux. He’s got a nice collar on his blazer, which has a great tail (I don’t know the proper term). 

Then we have Dia,

Wearing a top that’s clearly too big, with shorts, eating a donut. 

ganso naki kaoru ya - Haiiro no Ginka vol 67

How are you? How was our spring tour? I thought the tour had a nostalgic feel and showed that we have an interesting future ahead of us as a band.

Now we’ve come to Europe. We’ve played a few shows and are currently in Berlin. The first few days were tough; I was in hamburger hell… The first time we played in Europe was here in Berlin 10 years ago. I came here dubious at first that anyone overseas would actually want to see us play. But then, hearing three thousand people singing together in Japanese, I was surprised and moved. We heard that people came from all over the world for that show because it was the first time we were playing outside of Asia. When I thought about the fact that our music had unknowingly spread to so many people around the world without us even attempting to make fans overseas I felt the flow of time, and it made me happy. Playing at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park in front of tens of thousands of people who didn’t know us was hell…

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updated favorite doodles masterlist #4 :-)



dragon tweet // strip club tweet // weird night tweet // quit the band tweet // spider killing tweet // lamp tweet // ducks // pink undies


cuddle? deleted keek // kinky winnebago // musical journey // 3 ashton’s


 flying off into the sunset  // frozen 5sos // shortest // billboards jump // billboards red carpet // album cover // band beach day // 5sos emojis // #ewokalypse // bootyhadmelike // meeting will smith // sad fan // ac 5sos // I hate this band // too big for couch // matching flannels // mike’s new hair // tfios // ice cream // unicorn party hats // wipeout // step aerobics // summary // what team? // will smith squad // hockey!5sos

toucan undies saga ~


don’t stop full bodies // don’t stop faces


 pretty fairy // ugly fairy // brad pitt r u in there


 distracted by a butterfly // taco ash // hot dog ash // cutting up a shirt // walkin the dog // smash rescues cat // new drums // ashton drums errwhere // ashton rides a giraffe // realistic ash // large banana


photosynthesis // sloth frond // i am alone // ***PUNK LUKE***  // prince luke // funeral pun // where the wild luke is // luke smashes city // burrito // breakfast shirt // hide n seek // worm // realistic luke // ham // cartwheel failure // striped sweater // tricylce // new guitar // watermelon // small bed // browz


mike’s dandelion hair // shoelace // d8 nite // im punk rock // lilac mike // evolution of hair


kangaroo joey // bubble bath


 “Michael should eat more salad” // malum hugs // malum hair


 hey kid wanna trade // Mike tellin luke to shut up // Michael rejecting Luke // mike cuts the sweater :/


cake frolicking // cake puddles // cake hair high five // hey buddy // cuddles // photobooth


lashton twinning // lashton drum-off


WWAT poster


harry and the bra // harry jokes

i bolded the ones that i think are underrated

Drunk Ciel

Ciel: S-Seba- Seba -burps- tian~ -giggles-

Sebastian: -sighs- My lord, this is not the way a noble of your social standards should act! And getting drunk, nonetheless. -rubs temples-

Ciel: -giggles- Re-really now? -hiccups-

Sebastian: -sighs- Let’s get you to your bedroom. -carries Ciel-

Ciel: Hey, hey Seba -hic- stian~

Sebastian: Yes, my lord?

Ciel: I-I got you a riddle~

Sebastian: Really now? And what is that?

Ciel: Okay, okay! So -hic- There’s something gre -hic- eeeeen, and it eats rocks, what i -hic- ssss it?

Sebastian: I have not the slightest clue, my lord.

Ciel: A green, rock eating monster! -giggles while waving his arms-


Ciel: Okay, okay, what about a building? -hic- Why did the building fall?

Sebastian: I do not know, why did it fall my lord?

Ciel: -hic- Because it was TIRED! -laughs-


Ciel: -giggling-

Sebastian: -continues walking towards Ciel’s bedroom- I think I now know how you feel when I make puns and jokes, my lord…..

This is a terrible photo that my friend took of me today but it means a lot right now because this time last year I was struggling with a whole lot of crap particularly lack of body confidence and self worth issues! I was just in a very dark place in my life! I remember this was the day last year that I wanted nothing more than to wear a cute crop top and shorts but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because of how low my self esteem was and I didn’t feel confident enough to even wear something like that because of how much I picked apart my appearance and there were so many things that I did to try and change the way I looked and it was honestly scary where my mind was and how dark a place it was!

I was always told so many negative things about my body that I just believed all those things and they were the only things echoing in my mind.
I surrounded myself with so many negative people that only made me feel so much worse about myself and made whatever was going on in my brain so much worse! I was just not a very happy or okay person last year but on a train on this day last year I decided that I was going to change my mindset, I was going to try and change the things that were bringing me down and I was going to try and get rid of the negativity that was in my life and a year later I’m reflecting on that 7 hour train ride where I sat trying to understand how to make myself a happier person and I really am just proud of myself! I am so much happier with my appearance and heck..

I wear crop tops now, I wear shorts that might really accentuate the fact that I have quite long giraffe legs that everyone laughed at for so long before and I rock them, I wear outfits that I had dreamed of wearing only a year ago, I have a whole bunch of friends that make me feel okay and like my existence is valid and that im actually worth something, I actually smile now like huge real smiles, I don’t hide my laughter, I eat all my favourite foods without crying about it or thinking about how much I’m going to have to do to get rid of it, I’m just a happier and more confident person and I couldn’t be more proud of myself for pulling myself out of such a scary and dark place in my life!

I have a lot of people to thank for this but in general I just want you to know that if you’re actually reading this I appreciate it! If you have ever spoken to me on here or on any social media or just in general you’ve probably helped me in some way without even realising it! Thank you to everyone on here thats put up with all my crap and asked if I’m okay or sent me cute messages or just been my friend because I honestly have wanted great friends and now I have them!

@taylorswift thanks for your music getting me through a whole heap and for having the Melbourne tour date so late in the year last year so it gave me something to look forward to! I wore a crop top and skirt to that concert and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more confident and happy in my life as I did that night!

I also just want to let y'all know that I love you and that im here for you if you ever need! I’m also sorry for this large sappy and lame post okay cool 💖

♔ Imagine #32 → Married ♔

It was the big day. The big wedding day. The day my dad would give me away. The day i had dreamed about my whole life and now that its here, I’m more nervous that I’ve ever been. I sat while my Best friend twisted gems in my curled hair. My hands trembled as i ran them over my white wedding dress. The most perfect dress id ever seen. A lump was in my throat. I stood up when Alex finished my hair. “You look beautiful.” She said. I smiled nervously. “Thank you…can i have a minute?” I asked. “Of coarse.” She said and walked out of the room. I walked around the room and breathed deeply. My eyes burned. I fanned my face. Right about now, my dad is alone with Cam. Probably explaining how much i mean to him and giving him all of his trust. Cam is probably telling my dad he’ll never let me or him down. But I’m here, about to pass out. I inhaled deeply. There was a knock at the door. “Are you ready?” My mom said outside of the door. “Come in.” I said. The door opened slowly and she walked in. She looked at me and smiled. Her eyes got glossy. She walked to me and hugged me. “You’re so beautiful.” She said rubbing my arms. I laughed. “Thank you mom.” I said. “Now lets get out there. Cameron is anxious.” She said. I put on my white heels. She handed me my bouquet. We walked out of the room. We stood outside of the doors to the ballroom. she went inside. My dad walked to my side. He kissed my cheek and hugged me long. The murmurs of guests went quiet. The piano and the orchestra played. The doors opened. Everyone was standing. My knees shook. There were flowers on the rows of seats. Floral decorations hung everywhere. My dad walked me slowly down the isle. Cameron’s eyes were stuck on me. His cheeks glistened with tears. His hands were deep in the pockets of his black dress pants. After what seemed like hours of walking, we were face to face. My dad kissed my cheek and shook Cam’s hand. Everyone sat down. “You look beautiful.” Cam whispered. We faced the priest. The traditional speech was given. “Do you Cameron take Tavion as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?” The priest said. Cameron nodded. “I do.” He said. "Do you Tavion take Cameron as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?“ The priest said to me. "I do.” I smiled. Then the priest said, “now is the time to bring forth anything that you’d like to say.” The priest said looking at me. Alex handed me my note from where she was standing. I unfolded it. I looked up at Cam nervously. I cleared my throat and read. “From the beginning, i knew this charming, dark haired boy, was the one. It wasnt anything he said, or anything he did. It was the feeling that came along with it. Id never felt that before. That safe feeling. Like the world could throw everything at me, and I’d be safe, as long as i was at his side. The feeling of comfort. Like i could be in my favorite sweat pants and a T-shirt with my hair in a pony tail and he’d still think i was beautiful and tell me every second. It doesnt matter to me that he gets chased by crying screaming girls and everyone knows who he is. What matters is who he is inside. Silly, loving, caring, protective, and special. Even if he snores a little in his sleep and whines when he’s hungry and wants me to fix him something to eat, when he’s totally capable of doing it himself,” i giggled, as did everyone else through the sniffles, “He’s perfect. Its a crazy feeling when i actually think about it. I have been waiting for this day since i can remember. I always wanted the perfect wedding with the perfect dress, with the perfect cake, with the perfect groom. Its crazy that my dreams came true. After four crazy years of dating, we finally got engaged. He’s my strength. My rock. The one i lean on. My knight in shining armor. Im proud to say he’s mine and i couldnt wish for a better guy to spend my life with.” I finished. Everything was silent. There were sniffles and whispers. The priest looked at Cameron. Cam wiped his face. “Unlike her i dont have a note. i’d lose it in some mysterious way. So i’m just going to wing it. Tavion is amazing. She brings light to my life. Shes the reason i can go on every day without a doubt in my mind that no one is there for me. Shes there when i need her. She puts a smile on my face. I don’t think there’s a time she hasn’t. Shes so strong. Through rough times she has came out stronger than ever. I know she will be there for me at the craziest times. She’s so beautiful it amazes me. I love her more than the world itself. She gives my life meaning. She is the reason I get out of bed every day with a smile on my face. I love her so much…” He said wiping his face. I smiled at him. “Rings please?” The priest said. My little cousin brought up the rings. I grabbed Cameron’s and Cameron grabbed mine. We slid the rings on each others hands. Cameron held my hands. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride.” The priest said. Cameron took a breath and squeezed my hands. He pulled me closer and kissed me. His hands went to the back of my neck and he leaned in. 


I looked around the nice room. It had a big bed with rose petals arranged in a heart on it. I took off my shoes and put my bag down. I headed to the balcony. Cameron was out sitting on a chair. He stood up and smiled at me.  I smiled at him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He puckered his lips. I kissed him softly. I walked to the rails of the balcony. I heard the waves crashing. Although I couldn’t see them, they were loud but peaceful along with the gulls on the summer breeze. The wind blew my hair. I breathed in the crisp salty air. Cam wrapped his arms around me and I turned around to face him. He smiled at me. I put my hands on his cheeks and kissed him. He held my hips and pulled me back into the room and farther into the night.

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