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Do you think jeongguk is possessive? (wiggles eyebrows)

shoves glasses on and stretches arms. 

hell yes/??/d/fdsfds??? sometimes in the most subtle ways and sometimes in the most obvious ways. 

let’s start with waist holding : it’s like he needs to show everyone who jimin belongs to, through this simple yet powerful touch

as we all know the famous jeonlous tongue thing : see jealousy is a feeling and possessiveness is a behaviour. comes hand in hand, if you’re someone to act out on it? jjk tbh strikes me as passive aggressive at times and jeonlous is a prime example. 

what is jimin to jungkook : good and he adds the heart after each question abt jimin to reaffirm i loVE JIMIN JIMIN IS MINE probably

backhugs : we all know jjk started off as someone really closed off and not open but over the years he’s really come out of his shell and he’s no longer afraid of physical affection, and now he’s the one showing it sm to jimin im. backhugs need to be taken seriously, like listen no one can touch my hyung, he is mine, i’m holding onto him

this!! one!! (s/o to nana for giffing thisss) : subtle af but we don’t miss anything do we like uhm. no one can stand behind my hyung, no one can sit behind my hyung

hello the ever famous where do you think you’re going : i shRIEKed. ngl. grabs arm and prevents him from running away?? this is truly. possessiveness at its prime!!!! >>> the  ever famous manhandling booty smacking i dont even need to link this lol

piggybacks : possessive as fuck only u and i can piggyback each other yes

discreet but not really : that hand on the shoulder like u r not running away from me nope 

feeding yes : so smug after he feeds jimin. it strikes me as something so. like. loving?? and personal?? like he wants to be the one doing it, wants to make sure jimin is healthy and is eating well. btw we really gotta thank nana for all these jikook gifs i love her so much<333

ok im sorry im dONE do i think jjk is possessive uh JJK INVENTED POSSESSIVENESS rip

what she says: im fine

what she means:

Lena: Lex has done terrible things. I can do great ones if just given the chance. My family owes a debt. I want to make good on that. Start giving back after having taken so much. Maybe your article can be about that and not how my last name starts with the same letter as Lucifer.

Kara: I—I’m sorry. As a reporter, I shouldn’t pre-judge an interview.

Lena: Maybe we can start over. No last names. I’m Lena.

Kara: Kara.

Lena: Now I don’t have any friends in National City, Kara. I could use one.

Kara: Do you like dumplings?

Lena: Who doesn’t like dumplings?

Kara: Well, how about I buy you lunch then, and you give me that interview.

Lena: I’d say it’s a deal. Except lunch is on me. I’m still rich.

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sometimes i think about what could have made me like sc*tt. like. s1&s2 sc*tt definitely had his faults- esp. wrt his treatment of derek- but i think he definitely could have developed as a person from there and had a rly interesting character arc? like real personal growth and shit. it gets harder after master plan. is there a way that episode could have gone down the way it did and still made him a likable character after that? is there any apology he could give that would suffice?

cont. - like im not sure of the answer, but id love to see someone manage it. i don’t know if ive ever come across a fic that manages to redeem him from that moment while still acknowledging it. most fics either dont forgive him for it or they just sort of ignore it. for me tho, i think the real breaking point for sc*tt is the true alpha storyline. after that i don’t think there was anything they could have done for him to make him an interesting or likeable character. that storyline ruined it.

I think one of the biggest places where people take issue with Scott –– and this doesn’t mean they hate him or he’s a horrible human being (although some people feel that way too, and are entitled to it), but where many people see Scott falling short as a character is in that the show seems to have decided that “main character” or “hero” should mean perfect, and that’s just… that’s not good for character development, for plot building, or honestly, for a character’s likability.

Characters need to grow to be engaging. And people grow by making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Scott’s mistakes, his flaws as a human being (and yes, he has flaws, everyone does, that’s not character assassination, that’s just fact) are really never addressed. He isn’t made to apologize for the things he does wrong (and why should he, honestly, since no one around him recognizes his problematic behaviors and calls him out on them) or face any apparent payment for them. This compared to the rest of the characters in the series, who are called out on their mistakes –– either by other characters or by consequences in canon. I always use Derek as a comparison, because there are a lot of straightforward parallels, such as the key moments with Isaac. Derek throws a glass at Isaac to get him to leave the loft. We know that’s an absolutely shitty thing to do, it reads immediately on both Isaac and Derek’s faces, and as consequence Derek loses Isaac as a pack member. That’s some hardcore, immediate reaction showing people in the scene and in the audience that This Was Not An Ok Thing To Do. The fact that Derek knew it wasn’t ok as he was doing it, and that he did it on purpose to get Isaac to leave for his own safety, does not make the behavior alright, and Derek acknowledges and pays for that behavior in the permanent loss of Isaac as a housemate and pack member.

When Scott, a short time later, throws Isaac into a wall in a moment of jealousy, it should, on the surface, seem to strike a fairly close parallel. We have Isaac’s Alpha, someone in a position of power over him, physically lashing out at him in some way. But in this instance, neither Scott nor Isaac react much to it, Isaac continues to go on living in Scott’s house and remaining a member of his pack, and there is just… no real follow up to that moment. And while I understand how that can lead some viewers to dismiss the moments as not being parallel (Isaac wasn’t upset there, so clearly Scott’s behavior is acceptable), what I and many viewers are instead left with is the message that Derek lashing out is unexpected and unacceptable, Scott lashing out is expected and acceptable, and that makes him… more heroic?

In season five I believe there finally was a moment between Stiles and Scott where Scott seemed to be being called out on his behavior, but even that came off as very “I’m flawed and you can’t understand that because you’re perfect,” which is… it’s how Scott sees himself, and it’s how the writers seem to see him, but A) that fails to acknowledge the ways in which he is flawed –– meaning that he can’t learn from and improve upon those flaws –– and B) makes for an incredibly un-engaging character. How can we identify with perfection? How can we root for perfection? And how can we fully get on board with someone we are told is perfect, when we can look at them and point out a dozen instances where they weren’t?

This is my major issue with Scott’s character. That we are told he is perfect when we see he isn’t, that he has a double standard of being excused from all of his bad behaviors when the characters around him aren’t, and I do think this connects very much to the True Alpha problem (I got another ask about my thoughts on that so I’ll answer that in more detail separately), because it’s just another level of saying “Scott is a better man, werewolf, and person in general than everyone else.”

Ok, now after all of that, how do I think Scott could have been improved and made more likable for many critical viewers? To be honest, for me it would have been really simple. Include moments where he apologizes for things. That’s… really, honestly, all I would have needed. Because like I said, I’m not looking for perfect characters. Scott acknowledging that he screwed up now and again would make me ecstatic because it would mean that he’s learning and growing and is trying to become better, and that makes for an amazing character arc in any show. If Scott had done the exact same thing in “Master Plan,” except when Derek asked why Scott didn’t tell him Scott had said “I’m sorry… I was afraid if I told anyone then Gerard would find out my plan. And I couldn’t risk that, my mom was in danger” then bam. I would have had a complete turnaround on my attitude toward him in that moment. He would have been humanized, we would have seen that he was in a tough situation, and he would have become more sympathetic by sympathizing with the shitty thing he’d done to Derek. Honestly, that simple.


((sequel to meringue and chocolate))

“Can I lick the spoon when you’re done?” Eren asks from where he’s sitting on the counter watching Levi work.

He damn near spills the caramel all over the cupcakes he’s supposed to be carefully coating. Eren hangs around in the kitchen so often that Petra jokes they should start paying him already, but there’s still a part of Levi that cannot believe he’s actually here, spending time with him out of his free will. Sometimes he’ll compliment Levi’s baking or swoop in to kiss him on the cheek, which consequently renders Levi unable to function for a moment or two.

“Uh,” he replies and sets down the pan just to be sure. He’d rather not waste his caramel by splattering it all over the floor in the case that Eren does something terrifyingly adorable. Sure, he has a second batch of it bubbling away on the stove since lately he’s gotten into the habit of baking rather generous amounts of pastries. That’s all Eren’s fault, too, it’s literally impossible to deny anything from him when he fixes you with one of those wide-eyed looks, so of course Levi offers him samples of everything and revels in every little contented hum and blissful sigh that Eren lets out as the sweet taste hits him.

He hands the wooden spoon to Eren, its surface still coated in sticky golden caramel from where Levi had been using it to stir the mixture. He’s transfixed by the movement of Eren’s fingers as they wrap around it, and when he darts his tongue out to taste the caramel, Levi swears he can feel his very soul escaping his body.

The thing is, he wants to do things to Eren. Indecent, horrible things. Sure, they’ve hugged and kissed and stuff, and that’s all fun and good, but quite often he’s struck with the realization that he wants to completely wreck Eren and reduce him to a writhing, desperate mess.

Some of the caramel is running down and dripping over Eren’s knuckles, but he’s quick to lap it up before it gets any further. He’s very talented with his tongue, Levi notes, scorching heat crawling up from the pit of his stomach as he imagines all the other things Eren could possibly do with his mouth. He knows how Eren’s lips feel against his, knows how lovely and soft and ticklish it is to have them brush against his jaw, but as he watches his tongue darting out in careful little licks, he finds himself craving a whole different kind of affection from him.

“It’s really good,” Eren remarks and beams at him, as innocent as can be. “A little salty but sweet at the same time.”

Levi’s done. He’s done, okay. How dare Eren sit there fellating a kitchen utensil while glancing at him from between his lashes and looking so damn tempting with his wispy hair and the wicked smile lingering on his lips.

By the time Eren’s finished with his treat, Levi is convinced that he’s doing it all on purpose. Those noises, fuck, the quiet little mewls of delight and satisfied moans that fall from him in between stealing coy looks at Levi, it’s far too seductive to be just about the caramel. Eren even seems a little disappointed once he’s licked it all off, nibbling at the spoon idly with his brows slightly furrowed.

Without even thinking about, Levi grabs an another spoon and swirls it through the cooling caramel in the pan, slow and purposeful.

“Here.“ He hands the spoon to Eren after having made sure that it’s generously coated in caramel. “You can lick this one, too.”

Golden Ghosts (20/20)

Summary: After months of planning and preparation, the five kings finally embark on their quest to the Nether to retrieve Geoff’s soul. At the same time, worlds are beginning to collide as Midas sets about his mission to return from the End.

A developing relationship promises peace between the kingdoms - but when old fears return to haunt them, it threatens to set the kings in conflict with each other once again.

Part 1  Part 19  AO3


Ray stepped through the portal into the Plains with practiced ease. His stomach no longer lurched at the transition - he moved as easily as if he was stepping into another room rather than travelling thousands of kilometres into an instant.

He emerged into the throne room of the Plains castle just as Gavin arrived through the Wild portal opposite him. Their eyes met as they appeared at the same time, and they shared a smile.

“Hey,” Ray called out, “I wondered when you were gonna come. You know what Geoff wants us here for?”

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anonymous asked:

hey pesky im just a fan of your comic but im getting worried i checked after the 4/5 days where up and i see the same post from a anonymous i would like for you to continue and i cant wait for the royal guard comic so im not saying you should come back fast just take your time okay

Hello there xD I think.. that today is day 5 no? XD lost the track sorry. Anyway this evening I will upload the page. Royal Guard will be uploaded all in one shot (part 1) and is almost done so be patient for that ;w; thank you for worrying by the way

Okay so I literally just started writing this Jarchie thing (I put it under the cut) and want to know what everyone thinks/if I should continue it/put it up on AO3 etc etc. Especially since I wasn’t aiming to have a WIP for Jarchie but here I am, writing a thing. 

I’m basing it more off the new comic versions, but I’m also keeping in mind the TV show, so I won’t have Grundy and I’ll probably keep Jug in the beanie as opposed to the cap. Idk yet, I haven’t made any description of it yet. 
It’s got ace Jug, possibly aro, since yeah I am basing it more off the comics but im not sure yet and I just want to say that because hell it may end up having qpr jarchie but then it might not idk idk this is just the first chapter. 

Basically, I wanted to write one of those disgustingly cliche high school AUs, except obviously they’re canonically in high school. So AU instead where Jughead and Archie were never friends.
Jughead’s that emo loner & Archie’s that popular jock dating that popular girl (Ronnie) and every girl wants Archie. EXCEPT Archie’s kinda pining after Jug, but has never done or said anything because he doesn’t think Jug would care or want to even be his friend or anything (’then why’s he dating Ronnie?’ you may ask, it’s in the chapter’s my fellas). 

So it’s kinda like, you know the story line… that guy that’s perfect and every girl wants but he ends up falling for that one girl who’s average and underwhelming and people are like HOLY SHIITTT HOWWW because they’re destroying the social ladder or some shit. And writing those really cliche scenes, except all of a sudden, I’ve realised, they might not be that cliche because this is Jug we’re talking about like… how will this fold out? As cliche as I was planning to write? Or maybe not so much??? idk…

Currently about 3k words under the cut! (not edited since I JUST wrote it)

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Omg can you draw Maria finding out about the reynolds pamphlet? (Btw, love your art)

Hi!! Here it is, & thank u anon! im sorry this took so long to answer!! I saw this is my inbox and i was always thinking of how Maria would feel about the reynolds pamphlet. angry?? sad? ashamed?;;; lmao ill stop talking now



  • IF I’M DANCING PULL BACKS - Planning on doing 2 more version so there will be 3 in total.
  • SLUMBER PARTY BUNS - Planning to do one more bun so there will be 3 in total.
  • Invitation Pony’s - I don’t know how many I will end up making, I have another one half UVED in Blender right now so there will be at least 3. I want to get a few more of the pony’s from packs and attach them but it matters on how the UV mapping goes. Some just do not work(I tried the Spa Day and Movie Hangout pony’s and they looked really weird).
  • Invitation Braid- Probably only going to have one version, as their aren’t any other braids like this, and I don’t know if I can attach the Spa Day side braid, I will try though.

Right now all the hairs you see are finished, the hat chops are done, so I just need to finish the other variations. Does anyone who see’s this post want them all as soon as I get the final variation done(Like say I finish the last Slumber Party Bun tonight but still need to finish everything else, and release the SP Buns tomorrow)? Or would you like a mass release with me posting all 4 hair sets at the same day at the same time? I’m very versatile, so I can do whatever.

I did all of them yesterday and got the ‘If Im Dancing’ one finished in like 3 hours after I woke up this morning, so I think they’ll all be out by Thursday. 

It’s Easier Not to Fall in Love in the First Place

@waywardtimemachinejellyfish requested: I know you probably have a lot of requests right now, so feel no pressure to get this one done! Can you do an imagine where the reader is newts good friend, and has a crush on him, but sits back and watches him get close to Tina? And the reader feels insecure and thinks he likes Tina, when Newt actually likes the reader?

A/N: wowza guess who’s bakc after like two weeks. i was on a decently long car trip and got in the mood to write and this request stuck out to me. maybe it’s because im actually quite a jealous person so i just relate a lot to the reader?? idk. also,,, does this remind anyone else of ‘ballet shoeos’ (the movie version not the book) when mr. simpson gets advice from thea on how to ask sylvia out???? i haven’t seen that movie in a while but that was like my childhood. requests are temporarily closed but feedback and messages are always welcome

Warnings: none (i don’t think)

You hurried down the street excitedly, imagining Newt’s expression when he heard the news. He knew you had wanted this promotion for months and you were sure he would be thrilled for you. Also probably a little glad because it meant you would stop talking about it constantly. You barely noticed the cold as you broke into a run as you saw the apartment in the distance.

You were breathless by the time you arrived at the door and you took a moment to slow down and breathe. Once your heart had calmed down and your face returned to a more normal color, you tried the the door.

You spent most evenings talking to your best friend and knew he didn’t bother to lock the door until you left. The living room was empty and you looked around in confusion for Newt. You spotted his case on the sofa and knew he had to be home. He wouldn’t have left without his creatures.

You were about to call out to him when you heard voices coming from his room. You crept towards the closed door and the voices became distinguishable.

“Don’t be stupid, Newt!” A female laughed. Tina. “You’re so likeable!”

“I’m not su-” Newt began to retort but he was cut off.

“You are! What’s not to like?”

You couldn’t hear the conversation anymore. A dull ache had appeared somewhere in your chest and you felt your knees weakening. You hadn’t been foolish enough to think that Newt liked you, but you had been foolish enough to like him. Scratch that. Love him. And know it sounded like he and Tina were a thing. You felt tears prick your eyes and carefully you fled from the room and out of the apartment building in the direction of home.


“Are you feeling okay, sweetie?” Queenie asked in concern taking in your pale complexion and the bags under your eyes.

“I’m fine,” you brushed her off. “Just haven’t gotten that much sleep recently.” You tried hard to keep your mind off of Newt, aware that the woman next to you would know if he so much as flashed across your mind. She looked imploringly at you for a better answer but gave up when she knew she wasn’t going to get one.

A cheerful ring announced the opening of the front door and was closely followed by Tina calling, “QUEENIE!”

“I’m being summoned,” Queenie giggled, hopping up and give you a last squeeze on the arm before crossing the living room. Tina poked her head in followed by, you felt your heart miss a beat, Newt. He was flushed from the winter night and his hair had gotten swept up in the wind.

“Y/N!” Tina greeted happily. “If I’d known you were coming…”

“Don’t worry about it!” You put on a smiling facade. “Queenie convinced me to come only an hour ago.”

“I was just on a walk with Newt. It would have been lovely to have you with us.” She replied forlornly.

“I’m sure you still had a wonderful time?” You beckoned her to join you on the couch. Newt followed her into the room and sat in the chair next to the couch. “Tell me about it before I go help Queenie prepare some dinner.”

You tried to focus on the story, but all you could see in your head was the mental image of Newt and Tina laughing and holding hands as they strolled through the darkening park. You imagined Newt pressing himself to Tina for warmth, used to his frequent complains about being cold.

You had never been a terribly jealous person. You remembered when you were at school and all your roommates would complain about some girl or guy that had stolen the ‘future love of their life.’ You had laughed along with them, helping them come up with plots to break up the couple, none of which were ever actually put into action. You had never really felt that. Of course, you’d had crushes. Quite a lot of them, in fact. But you had never really gotten mad when someone else was dating them. You knew realistically that you didn’t have much chance with them so you weren’t that worried about them dating someone else.

It was different with Newt. You had grown close to him. Even though you had told yourself countless times that he didn’t like you, there were those times when you’d catch him staring at you and smiling. And you would blush and look away and, no matter what you did, you couldn’t stop the flicker of hope that lit up inside you. You had someone let yourself believe that there was a chance. How could you have been so stupid?

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Newt’s voice forced you out of your thoughts and you shot up quickly.

“I’m sorry, what?” You apologized, shaking your head to clear it. “I’m just tired.” You responded to the concerned looks on your friends’ faces.

“Queenie was calling you from the kitchen,” Newt explained, still studying you intently.

“I’d better go then.” You stood up hurriedly before you allowed yourself to get lost in those breathtaking eyes of his.


“We have to put it up!” Tina’s excited voice drifted in from the kitchen. You looked up from the book you had been reading curiously. You were over at the Goldsteins as they decorated for Christmas; although, you had to admit that you weren’t doing that much helping.

“Are you sure?” Queenie asked uncertainly. “I don’t want it to cause anyone uncomfortable feelings.”

“You can have Jacob over,” Tina bribed, her voice getting higher as it did when she was trying to talk Queenie into something.

“…Okay,” Queenie gave in.

You put the book down and pulled yourself off the sofa. The kitchen was the only room that had gotten decorated so far. Tinsel and lights were strung up all over the small space making it seem even cozier than it already was. You looked for the decoration that the sisters had been discussing.

You found the incriminating plant in the hands of Tina. The mistletoe was clutched in her hands, probably to make sure her sister wouldn’t grab it. You felt your heart drop into your stomach. That had been happening quite often since the conversation between Newt and Tina that oyu had overheard a fortnight ago.

“Where do you think we should put it?” Tina asked holding her the mistletoe up to the top of the doorframe and eyeing it scrutinizingly.

“It looks great there, Tina,” you encouraged. “It’ll be the quite the attraction.” Your throat closed up as you said that. Queenie gave you a queer look and you realized that your emotions must have been pretty glaringly obvious to her. “I’m gonna go back to my book,” you finished lamely desperate to avoid the conversation you were sure Queenie was about to start.

You turned around and shrieked as you nearly ran straight into Newt. You pulled back just in time to keep from actually hitting him. You grabbed onto the doorframe to right yourself.

“I-I’m sorry,” you apologized shakily. “I didn’t see you there.”

“It’s my fault,” Newt interjected. “I shouldn’t have snuck up on you. I was wondering if we could talk, though?” His tone was pleading. “Alone, maybe?”

“Say no more!” Queenie trilled, grabbing Tina by the arm and dragging her out of the room.

Newt waited until he was sure they couldn’t hear before beginning.

“These last two weeks, you’ve been a little off.” His tone was light like he was worried about setting you off.

“Just tired,” you answered. It wasn’t even a total lie. You were exhausted. That just wasn’t the only problem.

“There’s something else though,” Newt said insightfully. “Can you tell me what has been bothering you?”

“It’s nothing, really!” You promised, looking around for something to use as a distraction.

“If I tell you what’s been bothering me, will you tell me?” He asked. You were so shocked that something had been troubling him that you didn’t even think when you nodded. “Good.” He nodded encouragingly. “I’ll go first.”

You waited for him to begin but, even though his mouth was open, nothing was coming out of it. You remained that way for a few minutes before he took a deep breath and actually began. “What’s been bothering me is that… I’ve found someone who I like quite a lot.” The sinking feeling had returned. “And I-”

You couldn’t hear him go on and on about his crush on Tina. You had to interrupt. “Tina? How wonderful! I’m almost positive she shares your feelings! Shall I go get her then?”

“Not Tina, Y/N,” Newt sighed. Those words were enough to keep you from leaving.

“Not Tina?” You repeated quietly. “But then who? Maybe…” You cycled through the names of his female friends in your head.

“Oh for god’s sake! It’s you, Y/N! I’m so madly in love with you and I haven’t been brave enough to tell you.” You stood frozen at his words, shock expressed clearly across your face.

You pulled yourself out of your frozen state as you saw the crestfallen look on Newt’s face.

You couldn’t help it. You threw yourself at him. Your hands found his hair, winding themselves into it. Your lips pressed firmly against the soft warmth of his own. He took it in stride. Wrapping his arms around your waist and smashing your body into him. The desperation and tension of the last two weeks coming out in the fierce, intense, passionate moment.

You pulled away breathing heavily, adoring eyes fixed on the beautiful panting creature that was Newt Scamander. “I thought you like Tina.”

“Why’d you think that? She said I was being too obvious.”

“You were spending so much time together..” You trailed off, not wanting to sound creepy.

“She was helping me figure out how to admit my feelings.” Newt blushed at this. You felt your heart flutter in pure happiness. You closed the distance between you again, this kiss softer and more intimate. Newt was the one to pull away this time and you moaned in complaint, trying to move back towards him.

He laughed at your neediness. “I told you what’s been bothering me these past few weeks; it’s your turn.”

“Well, prepare yourself because it’s quite a story.”

jungkookie doesn’t care...

@jikook-love​ told me to do an analysis once. jungkook is totally indifferent to jimin, seriously. you don’t believe me? i have receipts though…

Originally posted by bottomkook

who is that walking in? jimin hyung? who cares, right?

Originally posted by poppytint

‘jimin-hyung, i dont care about you at all, look at me not smile at you.’

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loving someone with bpd/avpd

when i start splitting it feels like there is no stable ground under my feet. understand this.

i get so exhausted by small tasks, i get annoyed with noises, there is static in my head. understand i need time to relax in the quiet without stimuli. you can be next to me, that helps.

when i start disassociating i feel like a ghost, like people can walk through me, like im stuck in a video game and the person playing my character doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing. hold my hand. you will help bring me back. this is called “grounding”.

when i am touched, i disassociate. sex is hard because of triggers. remember this isn’t anything you’ve done wrong.

i cry when people yell at me or tell me i did something wrong. please watch your tone, take breaks from talking if you’re frustrated with me. 

i disassociate when im under pressure to make a decision or do something important. give me time to think, please be patient because my brain does not process as quickly as yours.

when people talk to me i sometimes don’t realize until after they’re done speaking. please don’t get mad if i ask you to repeat what you say. i genuinely want to hear and process what you have to say.

i feel like no one means what they say to me unless it’s negative. i imagine abandonment and it keeps me up at night. reassure me that you care. this will do wonders. this will help me sleep.

i have delusions of abandonment, i believe that someone actively in my life has left me and i get physically sick. tell me that you’re here.

i feel empty. hold my hand.

i do not use people. i do not manipulate people just because im lonely. it’s hard for me to even reach out to a person when i feel vulnerable or lonely. if i do this, know that you mean the world to me.

no one in my life who was supposed to stay has ever stayed. my brain repeats this sentence over and over when i have an attack. tell me that you’re here. you don’t have to promise that you’ll stay, just remind me that you’re here and that you’re real.

i have never been fully loved by another person and that’s all i think about when i split. tell me you love me.

i do not rage like the stereotypical bpd, instead i just feel a void and i get angry at the void and i spiral into a cycle of self-hatred and apathy. do not let my hatred towards myself make you think you have done something wrong. do not try to make me love myself.

when i split i do not care about anything in my life. i’m impulsive. i randomly decide to drive on the wrong side of the road. i spend all my money the first time i go into a store. remember this. offer to hold me accountable for things.

sometimes all of this just feels like a very loud roller coaster ride and i just want to lay down next to a breathing body in silence. i don’t want to be touched or talked to. i just want to lay and breathe and exist. i just want to be loved silently and existentially. peace, existing, loving quietly. i do not need to be loved with a bullhorn. i do not need to be loved with flowers or grandiose gestures or romance or celebrating. i need to be loved in little moments. when my head is screaming and thrashing and storming i do not need to be loved in a yell. when i hate myself loudly i do not need to be loved loudly. i need a whisper, to be loved in a whisper, to be waited for. to be understood. to have someone know that baby steps are giant leaps, that i am trying. i do not need promises, i will undo them in my head. lay next to me, stare at the ceiling with me.

love me small and i will love you big.

  • shiro: son—
  • keith: i'm not your son.
  • shiro: watch your tone. i am not a maiden in need of defending, i am grown.
  • keith: these men take your name and they rake it through the /mud./
  • shiro: my name's been through a lot, i can take it.
  • keith: well, i don't have your name. i don't have your titles. i don't have your land. but, if you—
  • shiro: no—
  • keith: if you gave me command of a battalion, a group of men to lead, i could fly above my station after the war.
  • shiro: OR you could DIE and we need you ALIVE.
  • keith: i'm more than willing to die—!
  • shiro: your LOVE needs you alive, son, i NEED you alive—!
  • shiro:
  • shiro:
  • shiro: go home, keith.
  • shiro: that's an order from your commander.
  • keith: sir— ?
  • shiro: go. home.

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i hope this isnt weird but ur like my art senpai ;; i know to improve one has to keep drawing but how do you keep yourself from feeling unmotivated to draw after being in a rlly long art rut? btw ur art has improved tons over the years you're a rlly cool person kthxbye ;;

my DUDE im in a perfect state to answer this cuz i went thru it pretty recently!!! i think the trick is to say “i’ll just do five minutes of drawing!!” and before you know it, youve done a few hours. making a nice space for urself is important too, where its comfortable and relaxing to draw. plus remember to never feel guilty about what you like drawing, if its special to you then go!! for!! it!!!

i also flip thru my old sketchbooks & look at my friends/idols art…!!! it gets me in the mood to draw

These days, Error really doesn’t know what to do with himself.

He just opens portal after portal, teleporting from one AU to another and just… wandering around. Sometimes, the universes are just the same, but other times, they’re simply… nothing. A black void,plain white…

Those things always scared Ink.

And that made those universes all the more horrifying.

Wooo.Finally done~

I had fun making this one though I think I could do a littttttle better..

pics of louis wearing the rainbow apple shirt just came across my dash and they made me so sad. like, number one, his smile was glittering and beautiful, but then i think about all that happened after that and how it must have hurt him. and it’s like, harry and the writers of IICF had louis specifically sing that “i’ve got scars even though they can’t always be seen” line and so much damage has been done to louis unnecessarily and it breaks my heart man