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I promise; Haechan.

Request: “okay, I’m really clingy and sad today so– can u do scenario where haechan um cheer up his insecure gf? I know he’s type to dating charismatic girl like him (I think this type suit him well, sorry not sorry im introvert and really insecure about myself but still I love him (he’s such a sunshine)) but can you do it super fluffy? I hope you understand my request, for me (11pm) it’s late and my eyes hurt a little bit:((”

Genre: Fluff, slightly angsty??

Warnings: None.

A/N: I just realized that i won’t be able to watch MAMA in Vietnam completely and got sad. So now I’m in the mood for writing this angsty shit. And to distract myself I’ll probably also write the Cuddling with Kun, or maybe post something on my Astro blog idk but the thing is that i’M SAD AND I WANT TO DIE. 

“Baby? Baby, are you alright?” You jumped a bit in surprise after hearing those words and your heartbeat speeded up seconds after. Your hands instantly went to your face, first to wipe away the tears that were on your cheeks and then they stayed there to hide your red and puffy eyes from him. “Y/N… did something happened?”

With unsure steps, your boyfriend started to walk closer to you to eventually sit by your side in the bed, keeping a small distance in between your bodies. He never saw you crying before since your relationship was quite new yet, so he wasn’t sure how you would react to his comfort, making him scared of make a mistake. But, one way or another, his hands ended in your waist after he slowly found the courage to put one of his arms around you to then brought you closer to him.

“Y/N… talk to me, princess. Please.” But you stayed silent, except for the sound of you sobbing and some small and empty sighs that you would let go and that would hurt Donghyuck’s heart more and more. “I really hate seeing you like this, baby. If you tell me what’s wrong I-I may be able to help you.”

You moved your head from side to side at first, denying his petition, but just a couple of seconds were necessary for you to break completely and jump to his arms, crying twice as hard in his shoulder as you held on tightly of him. The sudden action surprised your boyfriend, but as an natural instict his arms wrapped around you. His fingertips moved around your back, caressing your skin delicately as his soft voice would whisper sweet things in your ear, accompanied by some kisses that he would leave in your shoulders, neck, cheek and in any exposed skin he could find.

You were feeling deeply ashamed of the fact that this vulnerable part of you was showing, and especially if it was to Donghyuck! You wanted to see his bright smile and wanted to hear his sarcastic jokes, but now you were guilty of the worried expression of his face and the way his mood was so down.

“I-I’m sorry.” You said, still with a broken voice, some minutes later once you calmed a bit. You separate from the hug and wiped the tears out of your face newly, looking down to avoid making eye contact with Donghyuk, who couldn’t stop looking at your face with concern. “I-I… ah… I’m fine. I just… got a little too caught up in emotions.”

A sad empty laugh left your lips as you pronounced this last sentence as you kept trying to control your breath and your sobbing. The action amazed Donghyuck and let him quite thoughtful - Where did you learn that it was alright to laugh at yourself in moments like this? Who or what could have hurt you so much to do such a terrible thing? He hated the fact that you couldn’t see how beautiful you were and how much you were worth. He admired you and never failed to feel inspired whenever you were around… you’re so special… why can’t you see it?

“D-Do you wanna talk about it?” You thinked about it for a few seconds before denying silently, with your gaze lost somewhere in the room. But your attention quickly got caught by his hand, which he placed on top of yours, caressing it with his thumb. “Can you, at least, give me a small clue of why are you like this? Like… Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Should I beat someone up?”

You frowned and looked at his face, which had a pure expression of being anxious, wanting to see your reaction after his little joke and smiling brightly when you did giggle a bit.

“Why are you laughing? I’m trying to be helpful here!” He whined, making your smile grow a bit more to then transform it in laugher when he throwed himself at you, tickling your sides as a revenge for giggling at his ‘seriousness’.

Not even a minute in he stopped and layed by your side on bed, facing you and moving some hair out of your face. And even if the tickle fight didn’t last long, your smile did, and you kept giggling here and there at the silly comments Donghyuck would say.

“Do you want to rest a little, Y/N? I think it would help a bit for your puffy eyes but I can’t be sure, I never saw something like that before, you look like an alien.” You gasped and hitted softly his arm, faking feeling offended by his comment. “What? It’s the truth! Also, I’m pretty sure you ruinned my t-shirt with all your tears. You should be thankful of having an amazing boyfriend like me.

You giggled and moved closer to him, placing your head on his chest and enjoying his warmness.

“I hate to admit it but… it’s true. I’m convinced that I’ve got the best boyfriend ever.” You sighed and separated a bit from his body to look at him in the eyes. “But I don’t think I even deserve you, you know? I’m sorry that I can’t be as great as you but… I’m still thankful for having you.”

He could see the sincerity in your words and, once again, hated the fact that you were so insecure. He wished with every part of his being that one day you could wake up and realize how increible you are for being so intelligent, so caring, so.. perfect. He wanted yo to love yourself as much as he does and, with small steps, he was decided to make his goal come true.

“Don’t be silly, Y/N. We’re made for each other, we’re equally amazing.” Donghyuck kissed the top of your head sweetly and started to play with your hair. “Y/N… I love you so much… and I’ll continue doing it as long as you keep having troubles doing so yourself and even once you finally realize how much you worth, okay? I promise to do so.”

You snuggled closer to him, closing your eyes and instantly feeling exhaustion hitting you. You mubled a small “I love you” before falling in a deep sleep, dreaming with the angel that you had in your arms.

WELL its like a month and a half later than the original wedding gown jasper LOL BUT HERE IT IS FINALLY!!! The Jaspearl Wedding 💕

Since it’s still femslash february it seems like a perfect moment to point out that I love these two and I really wanna know who the heck they are ?? I’m glad it looks like they’re with us on the fukurodani game too, though~


Honestly I just really wanted to draw Lance’s reaction to Pidge in her old clothes. And Pidge wanted to be a bit feminine from time to time haha. Honestly this didn’t come out quite how I wanted it too but I think it was good practice. Look at all the backgrounds!! lol. Anyway, there’s been a lot of Pidgance fanart lately so I wanted to contribute too! Let’s get them off the rare pair label. :3

“Where are you, you little pest?”

Sting, Chapter 15

Happy very belated birthday @kryallaorchid! The moment i read this scene i wanted to make an animatic for it. It’s so well done i love the contrast between it and what happened previous with Adrien.

I now it’s a little bit rushed in the end. I kind of overdue myself since i wanted to draw actions scenes. I kind of played with the camera a lot. I also wanted to paint it more but my photoshop stopped cooperating

Again im sorry for being so late! Hope you like it!


Some more of those expressions! I’ve been on a bit of a lineless kick lately so that’s been…happening…

I think this is the last of them, guys! If anyone didn’t see their ask, then either tumblr ate it or it was a repeat of one I already did ^_^ Thanks for everyone who sent some, they were good practice!

im sick so… have some sick newsies headcanons because why the hell not

(these are also totally not in character but im sick myself so i think that gives me a free pass to be a little ooc - also these are definitely modern au)

jack - literally everyone thinks he’d be that one sick friend that gets all obnoxious and loud as hell and whiny, but really its the exact opposite. he just stops talking .. jack just kinda totally just secludes himself from the other newsies and becomes super withdrawn and quiet and it FREAKS the others out because why isnt jack saying more than 3 words at a time??

davey - he has this weird fear of accidentally taking medicines with ingredients that will react with each other so he tries any and all home remedies he can think of (and find online), holding off on antibiotics until he ABSOLUTELY needs to take them, usually seen carrying around a half empty gallon of orange juice throughout the duration of his illness

crutchie - will vehemently deny any signs of illness, but secretly takes super super good care of himself if he feels the slightest bit under the weather. “crutchie, you feelin okay?” “yeah! of course— but wow its getting late im exhausted, i’ll see ya in the morning pal.” “crutchie its only 7pm” “i know, jack. goodnight.”

race - serial napper™, race: “nothin a good night’s rest cant solve”, also race: sleeps for upwards of 18 hours, the downside: when he’s awake, he’s either incredibly cranky or incredibly loopy and out of it, albert likes to screw with him when he’s loopy but davey just gives him the disapproving dad glare so he stops and makes sure race is comfortable and not in any pain instead

albert - is probably 100% convinced he’s dying during the course of any illness he’s had to deal with. one day, albert has a cough: “god, race what if i’ve got black lung?” “well, first off- you don’t work in a coal mine—”, coincidentally the ONE time his life is actually in danger, he has no idea. “albert, you could’ve died- for real. your appendix exploded” “you guys dont know what you’re talkin about, it was just some stomach cramps. i’m fine now!” “yeah after emergency surgery??”

spot - totally the whiny one, but isn’t afraid to be whiny because he’s spot conlon and his body is tryin ta kill him, dammit, but that doesn’t mean the other boys wont try to tease him, because they totally will.. although after the first time, spot’s cold, tired gaze and mostly empty threats freaked many of the boys out enough to lay off of him after that (not race tho lol, that boy is relentless)

finch - poor dude gets really persistent fever dreams.. buttons will sit by his bed sometimes while he’s out cold just to keep a watchful eye on him and catch finch mumbling about ‘toucan sam stealing his french toast’ or ‘batman beating him in the triathalon’, the funniest part is all the others recounting the stories to finch the next day because he doesn’t remember them

specs - kinda your average sick friend, only occasionally specs will lose his train of thought and completely zone out, or completely forget words sometimes (because his brain gets super super fuzzy when he’s sick, and he hates it, but there’s not really much he can do about it). “specs can you hand me that pencil over there?” “…………huh?” “the pencil. on that table over there.” “……….” “pencil-” “—oh, the uh- the- pencil, yeah sorry.”

romeo - binge watches like its nobody’s business, he’s usually pretty average when sick, but if you sit that boy in front of a television he’ll end up marathoning all the lord of the rings movies without even realizing it, and he’ll completely zone out, but still somehow remember everything he watched… sometimes he even falls asleep watching reruns of seinfeld and remembers vague details about the plot of the episodes that happened WHILE he was asleep.. nobody has any clue how he does it… race calls it his hidden talent

buttons - basically turns into a human magnet. he becomes super super touch starved when he’s sick, but he’s sick so none of the other newsies can be around him because they cant afford to get sick either. it got so bad at one point that finch just took one of his shirts, tied the sleeves off, and stuffed an old pillow inside of it. buttons was so out of it the first time he had no idea, but now pillow finch is his go-to sick buddy

jojo - jojo the jello fiend™, it doesn’t matter what he’s sick from, jojo will ALWAYS have jello when he’s feeling under the weather (i guess its like a comfort food maybe??) his favorite flavor’s orange and for some reason he only enjoys jello when he’s sick, if he’s offered jello on any other occasion he’ll refuse it? which nobody understands… but if the other boys are sick and jojo is particularly worried, he’ll make jello for them and it just becomes understood that jojo really cares about you if he’s made jello for you at any point in your life

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Mimi, did you read the news about our boys recording for 22+ hours straight and sleeping for like only 2 hours? This is not ok. Their faces also look skinnier lately, I think. I'm so worried for them... I wish they could rest a little bit more.

Yes and I posted about it HERE

Yes they recorded for 23 hours, ARMY were standing the whole time given no time to rest (not even allowed to leave for the restroom) but they screamed so hard and sang along to EVERY song. BTS sang/danced each song +/- twice so they must be more than tired now knowing they have a festival tomorrow to attend and perform in. *sigh* the downside of a comeback are those crazy packed schedules. IM-

Originally posted by jiminiemini

I just want this to let people appreciate BTS and K-ARMYs hard work more. Behind every perfect, amazing performance uploaded to YouTube there are loads of hardships. 

bts as roommates (hoseok)
  • hoseok is that roommate who is always lying doWN whenever he’s home
  • v V LAZY when tired 
  • always!!!!! on his phone
  • watching dance videos
  • doesnt need to clean cause his side is always clean af
  • your very own dietitian
  • “fruits are nice y/n, you said u want my skin right?? eat this!! *shoves a grape in ur mouth*”  
  • loud af sometimes, there’s one time that you got a neighbor complaint
  • hand washes his socks 
  • owns loads of sweatpants!!! :)
  • and big white tshirts!!!!!
  • buys skincare products for two
  • loves you so much!!! (ur not sure tho if as a friend or sumthing)
  • the type to annoy you while ur doing schoolworks and stuff
  • always willing to buy you milk :’D
  • sends you selfies whenever he’s at woRK :(

  • does weird shit to yOU lmao
  • “RISE AND SHINE Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • really really really!!! annoying during mornings but also really really really cute :/
  • rarely gets serious but when he does, u know it’s really important to him
  • that’s why you were nervous that one time when he NEXT!!
  • His cooking is not that bad :)
  • brushes his teeth for 30 mins jEEZYS
  • whenever it’s their free day and the stylists aren’t around
  • you become his personal stylist :D
  • “Uhm i think it would look better if u dont have any top on” 
  • but beCAUSE HE’S COMPETITIVE about being cheeky,
  • “Better?”
  • which got u repeatingly mumbling to urself “ SHOULD.NOT.BE.AFFECTED.”
  • so you *slowly clapped hands* “BEST!!!” 
  • but then, HE ATTAC U!!!!
  • and whispers on your ear rather seductively, “atleast you tried”
  • “that bit– why are my ears so hot” 
  • “IM JUST WEARING THE BLACK ONE!” he shouts from the other room like nothing happened sMH


  • hot groggy just woke up voice
  • his jawline’s still prominent while sleeping???
  • really enjoys late night talks while eating leftovers 
  • pizza nights during thursday
  • snoOOPY PLUSHIES on bed
  • sleeps with a mini lamp on :)
  • touches himself ((non sexually)) while sleeping lmaOO
  • mumbled your name one time
  • “HOBS!!!” “what” “you were mumbling my name last night” “huh you wish”
  • but he *fidgets the whole day even at work as per jimin*
  • “he was really distracted even when we were dancing,” - jimin
  • OFC U DONT WANNA GET UR HOPES UP :// even if his name is jhope lOLZ
  • but the next morning, an ice bear stuff toy was placed on your desk without a note ;)))

So I’m really soft rn and here a list of what I love about Yongguk 

  1. His smile definitely has to start the list. It’s so bright and vibrant and takes up like 2/3 of his face. The corners of his lips pull up and are sharp and his eyes crinkle and his gums show and he honestly has one of the best smiles I’ve ever laid eyes on. Seeing his smile in person was blinding.
  2. His presence is so calm even when he’s excited??? He literally oozes tranquility and it’s so nice and it jsut always makes me calmer idk whenever i see him smiling or laughing or listening to his voice
  3. the fact that he’s so ready to be himself and expand his music genres but also return to what he loves. also the fact that he goes so h a r d with his music but is literally the softest man alive
  4. he loves his members???? the line from 4:44 am where he says he watches his “younger brothers run towards what they think is happiness” fks me the fk up all the time, also he just straight out told fans that the members will be number one and the fact that he’s ready to just tell us that straight out is just amazing. Also in that one heyo where they play that cute flower game and Yongguk gets caught first but at the end of the game he’s like “was I the only one who had fun” even though he literally didn’t even play cause he got caught for not knowing what naruto was, he just enjoys his members company 
  5. hes a goddamn grandpa and acts like one too, with his cute waddles, and small pockets of wisdom, and how he just has old man food taste
  6. he’s an excitable smiley child, who runs through fields and wheezes laughing sometimes and laughs at the members dumb jokes, and bothers them too like bouncing around and dancing and blowing a whistle straight into Jongpup’s ear
  7.  his voice, fk me the fk up, i literally have a playlist of just Yongguk I use to calm down and chill, because his voice is so low and raspy and the way he speaks is so slow and deliberate and how his voice forms arounds words makes me fall in love every time, even the aegyo voice he pulls out on occasion, pls watch this i love him
  8. He’s got the most gorgeous hands I have ever seen on a person, they’re so slim and well proportioned and its obv he takes so much care of his nails, it makes me just wanna interlace out fingers together. 
  9. He’s so kind??? he loves children and dogs and he just b e a m s if he sees either of them, he’s constantly doing what he can to donate to organizations and inspiring us to become better people as well and he cares so so much for this world we all share
  10. the fact that he’s honestly such an inspiration. Here he is following his dreams and living a life he’s carved out for himself and he’s gone through a lot to get here and its honestly so admirable. He’s always giving us little bits of wisdom and advice to follow what we love and follow our passions and thanks Bang Yongguk for being a huge inspiration and support (especially when I didn’t have any) for me to follow my dreams of art and try for a future where I can do what I love

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I haven't really seen Sherlock and all but I do know a little bit about some of the scenes because my sister watches the show, and I just found your awesome AU, and I was wondering: I know that Sherlock fakes his death so his friends will be safe from (I don't remember??? Started with an m I think???) the main antagonist. I don't know if Watson and him reunite, but if it does occur in the show/AU, how does nino react to reuniting with alya, whom he thought was dead all this time?

HEY ANON ITS TAKEN FOREVER IM SO SORRY (I kept redoing it and then life got in the way, I’d like to apologize :c) 


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me: rwbyac is over i don’t have to do daily art any more!
also me: ……………….. but maybe just a quick pic (this wasn’t quick)

GREAT WEISS SHARK! I’m falling more and more in love with Faunus!Weiss every passing second tbh

so… this is kinda dead, huh

id really like to apologize on my behalf; i really havent been feeling like myself lately, stressing about college choices and school (even though its really too early for that), and on top of that i havent picked up my tablet in over two weeks.


again, id really like to apologize - perhaps later ill return to this blog somewhat tentatively, although i wont be as active as before. hope you understand.

vtm clans as @dril tweets
  • assamite: the dog from "Doge".. was assassinated today.. at the Pittsburgh Marriott durinng a "Meet & Greet".. point blank with a sniper rifle.. Weird
  • brujah: "jail isnt real," i assure myself as i close my eyes and ram the hallmark gift shop with my shitty bronco
  • giovanni: all young men Must be fitted for a good Italian suit, ideally by age 4. i will not fucking apologize or back down from this
  • lasombra: What can i say. WHen its the game of politics, its open season on everyone who has entitled and ignorant views of opinions. No filter
  • malkavian: some times it takes a little bit of Free thinking to be able to look at the bull shit of the world to step back and say "Damn What the hell"
  • nosferatu: @pphafidtl hte nightmare is just beginning. google "sewer myth"
  • ravnos: ((pulls gun out in bank) NObody MOVE OR ILL BPLOW YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF (empties a shit load of free lollipops & dog biscuits into big jeans
  • toreador: THERAPIST: your problem is, that youre perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good posts, and that makes you rightfully upset. ME: I agree
  • tremere: sometimes it seems like i'm the only person who cares about, intelligence-related things, on the entire online.
  • tzimisce: committing unforgivable crimes against nautre in my laboratory ,trying to create the next genetically discombobulated meme animal
  • ventrue: my plan of my walk of life is always making one million smackers (dollars) to get rich, and to pick up all the money I find on the floor