i think ill use that tag from now on

1st ywpd_69 min challenge , theme:thighs aka time for sohoku to show off them thighs w smooth pilate moves rite *v*


Ok, so.

So i think i might not reblog random stuff to here anymore, i feel like its making my blog look messy and is harder to find my art (the tag is ‘my art’ ) so ill stop from now on! And id like to know if the 28 or so followers i have wanna know anything about me! Feel free to use anon (im p sure its on) maybe ill post random stuff occasionally too but idk. And feel free to send requests! I dont have comissions set up or anything so ill still take requests!

i could make a really long caption about this so let’s keep it short - 

one of the best days of my life!