i think ill do them for all my tv shows

Guide to Gillian Anderson’s Filmography

I did this for u guys.. also I’ll do this for her TV shows when I watch them all so maybe in August

this includes: brief plot with minimal spoilers (some plot summaries are longer than others, that’s just me taking either too long to describe movies or not really knowing how to sum it up briefly sorry), potential trigger warnings (most of them are just like a heads up bc they’ll be mentioned or done briefly, but if I say it’s a heavy warning then take my word for it), my ratings/critic ratings, amount of screen time gillian gets, if it contains any sex scenes/nsfw moments, and a brief review from me that no one asked for

this post is organized in 4 categories: dramas, comedies, animated films, and documentaries. within those categories the films are in order of MY rating from lowest to highest. my favorites have a star next to the titles.

disclaimer: y’all know I love Gillian with my entire heart and would never speak ill of her. I WHOLE HEARTEDLY do not think she is bad in ANY of these movies, she’s a fantastic actress and she did a wonderful job in every film I will discuss but some of them just aren’t very good or I wasn’t a fan of the movies on its own.

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