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have you seen colin farrell in scrubs? he says the lucky charms tag line. i think the episode is called my lucky charm

I used to be obsessed with Scrubs. I watched those first few seasons over and over again and because of your ask I now realize that that was Colin Farrell

The best thing about the resurgence for my love of Colin Farrell (from a childhood crush that had faded and has since come back to brutally attack my heart) is that I am now realizing I watched way more of his movies/shows than I had thought and that he’s been in my life all this time without me knowing. 


No more to you at this present, mine own darling, for lack of time, but that I would you were in mine arms, or I in yours, for I think it l o n g since I k i s s e d you.

happy birthday @boleynqueens!!!

I used to sign all my drawings and paintings when I was younger. 8 year old me signed everything as soon as she learned artists did such a thing. It gave my work legitimacy, weight and importance.

I stopped it pretty much all together once I left school to study illustration. Everything I did had only temporary value. I just needed a scan or a print. I didn’t sell it. I was learning. Draw one thing. Start another. Don’t stop. Putting too much importance on a piece, being too afraid to finish it and to just move on was not an option. Draw, draw, draw, learn, learn, learn. Every piece was just a stepping stone to another one. It’s one of the reasons I had a high output during those years and why I got better very fast. Not getting hung up on failures. Not letting ‘it’s not perfect + career changing’ stop me. Just start another one.
I know artist angst is a thing. Nowadays drawing and art making is one of the things I feel least insecure in. I can always trust that I will get better as long as I work on my craft. It’s inevitable.
It’ll never be perfect. Some pieces will be better than others. Doesn’t mean the weaker ones are shit. Just means they’re weaker and that I’m not quite there yet.
I probably never will be. As long as I keep drawing I will get better, though. It’s comforting.

I only started selling artworks this year. Since I usually finish them digitally most originals are just part of a process for me, not the finished piece, so it surprised me that people were interested.
Another surprise was the amount of people wondering about my missing signature. I got asked whether I don’t like the pieces.
I do. But what I value more and what I am proud of is where they have brought me and the skill I developed through them.
I’m starting to sign my artworks again, though.

I feel like others need weight and importance and legitimacy.
I need the drawing and learning and forwards. Forwards. Forwards.

Passing the Time on Shift Tip #3:

All that random food lying around abandoned in the break room? That shit is yours. See what you can make by combining different things. Think of it as an exercise in creativity!

Perfectly eatable combinations I’ve made with left-over unclaimed food:

1. A root beer float using flat Mountain Dew shoved in the back of the fridge instead of root beer and some freezer burnt chocolate ice cream. 
7/10: the perfect combination of sludgy, cold, and mysteriously crunchy.

2. Shish kabobs that use a fossilized Slim Jim instead of a skewer, stabbed through canned peach slices.
2/10: Not worth all the ensuing bathroom trips. 

3. Nachos made from stale corn chips and a drizzle of marshmallow sauce, eaten out of an empty ramen packet because you don’t have any containers and the break room tables are probably covered in Staph bacteria. 
6/10: Salty, pathetic, and weird. To be fair, I can see this being a hit with college students. 

Pro Tip: Don’t feel like talking with your coworkers? Make any one of these concoctions, sit in a corner, and make unsettling eye contact with anyone who even so much as glances in your direction. People won’t try to talk to you again for weeks


I love this game.


“You know there’s a big… bellarke world out there, to put it out there, that um… doesn’t want us to be together. So I don’t know. I’d love to, um, just because I feel like… ‘cause they, you know. They share this huge secret that no one knows about, if you think about it. And Raven has only brought it up once while she was mentally possessed. So, it’s kinda like, I think it’d be really interesting for them to actually be open and vulnerable with each other, to what happened and where they were and who they are. Because they are very similar and they do respect each other on such a level that– It’s a certain dynamic she doesn’t share with anyone else and I don’t know if he shares the same– You know, he sees Clarke differently than he sees Raven. So yeah, I think it’d be interesting. I’d love more scenes!”
- [Lindsey @ SDCC16]

[Caption: four black and white gifs of Lindsey Morgan in an interview. She’s smiling as she says: “I’m a… I’m a ravenbell? / I ship us. / Braven? We braven? / I’m braven.”]


me 10 minutes later slacking off: 

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tlc gdoc? is there a link somewhere?

We actually have a whole bunch of google docs - some that we used to draft logs together, some that I put finished logs up for Gill to storyboard off of, some that contain the official narrative outline, and the very first one that we made to brainstorm.

Obviously, I can’t show you guys any of those at the moment, because they are all jam packed with spoilers that even *I* have kept my mouth shut about so far. But I do think it would be fun to show you guys the brainstorm doc once all is said and done and there are no more spoilers to worry about, especially since it is full of gems like these


#that murderous smile #it must be a Mills thing

So here’s what I’m thinking.

Killing Stalking as a story doesn’t bother me in and of itself, and it’s not like guro is anything new.

What does perturb me, though, is how this thing started popping up on my dash at the same rate as, say, Yuuri On Ice!!, Voltron, or the way SNK used to be everything to so many people.

And while there are obviously going to be people who genuinely enjoy the story (and more power to you), I feel like a lot of the attention this story is getting has to do with the two main characters being men having a relationship with each other. I use the term loosely, as I haven’t read it, and I’m going off of the myriad official images and fanart I see covering my dash these days.

To think that already established guro fans are suddenly making their mark on my dash when I haven’t sought it out isn’t plausible to me. I’m left to think that a lot of folks may be fetishizing the fact that this story involves two young men whose physical appearances are preexisting prototypes of certain successful anime/manga characters. They’re both attractive, and seeing them in these extreme situations is both curious and in a taboo way, appealing.

And I worry that the overall insanity and message of the story could get left behind in the wake of some fans justifying certain behaviors, or looking for love in the wrong places, as it were, between Sangwoo and Yung Bum.

Which, I suppose is something that can happen with just about any story presented in any medium. And it always does.

Maybe it’s just an interesting facet, and I should just note the trends and varying interests of the people and subgroups that float in and out of my tumblr dash.

Killing Stalking doesn’t bother me in and of itself, and at one point, this was even the sort of material I was interested in seeking out. What does bother me is seeing how easily dismembered limbs and knives stuck into the necks of young men pop up on my tumblr en masse, and what the consequences of this could be for impressionable minds who are not quite ready for this sort of content. Not to mention, possible reasons why this particular story mainstreamed in such a big way.

I know, yes, just block it. But what a predicament that anyone would have to be introduced to such extreme material before having a reason to block it in the first place.

HEADS UP. So, Gent is getting married! Yay! Huzzah. To commemorate this, we’ve decided to use the tag: ‘gent wedding’. If you’d like to keep track of the planning/attendance, feel free to check there every once in a while. That’s ALSO how we’ll be writing out the actual day. However, I’ll explain that system as the day gets closer. 

BUT we know that not everyone cares about the Gent wedding. You’re here for either Harvey or Jim, and that’s cool. I know I’m certainly posting a lot about it.  SO if you get tired of seeing Gent wedding shenanigans, the tag is ALSO in use for you guys to blacklist. So that you can keep following/writing with us without having to see wedding grossness when you don’t want to

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What do you think the objective was for the blog you say isn't being truthful about a source? They're anonymous so it doesn't bring credibility or fame. Just wondering what you think they were hoping to achieve?

Who knows. I had an anon that used to message me at least once a day that they saw Gillian regularly and went to school with Piper. To what end? Needless to say, it was complete BS. There are lots of con artists out there that get their personal thrills deceiving people. My belief is that they were deliberately misleading people. And if they had ANY reservations about the accuracy of their information, they should’ve shared that with their devoted followers. At the end of the day, all they did is write a brief RPF, made it seem like “everyone knows,” and released it at exactly the time people would be most receptive to believing it. And though I truly feel for people who believed them at their word, I encourage folks to think more critically about information they receive going forward. As we enter the Trump era, this will be vital in all facets of media, social and otherwise.

sherl’s starter call.
–– @venturousheart

     “Haven’t you ever had to fake your death before? It’s tedious.” And not at all as fun as one would think. “Sometimes big brothers come in handy and help you plan it.” While he wouldn’t have failed in his faked death, Mycroft definitely helped make things go by a lot smoother. “That’s old news, though. I’ve been back awhile now.”