i think i've edited these pictures more times than i can remember

otp tags (fall out boy edition)
  • otp: all the ways you make my stomach turn
  • otp: am i more than you bargained for yet?
  • otp: anything you say can and will be held against you
  • otp: bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints
  • otp: burn a little brighter tonight
  • otp: condemned from the start
  • otp: dance alone to the beat of your heart
  • otp: do you got room for one more troubled soul?
  • otp: don't breathe life into a monster
  • otp: don't pretend you ever forgot about me
  • otp: don't stop until your heart goes numb
  • otp: don't take love off the table yet
  • otp: get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes
  • otp: go on pick your poison
  • otp: happily ever after below the waist
  • otp: have you ever wanted to disappear?
  • otp: here to collect your heart
  • otp: hoped for your name on the ouija board
  • otp: hot to the touch cold on the inside
  • otp: how heartwarming it is inside your skin
  • otp: i bit off more than i could chew
  • otp: i don't care what you think as long as it's about me
  • otp: i don't feel a thing for you
  • otp: i don't just want to be a footnote in someone else's happiness
  • otp: i got your love letters corrected the grammar and sent them back
  • otp: i hope your lips will taste of me forever
  • otp: i just need enough of you to dull the pain
  • otp: i love everything about you that hurts
  • otp: i need your broken promises
  • otp: i only appeared so i can fade away
  • otp: i only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me
  • otp: i said i'd never miss you but i guess you never know
  • otp: i shot true romance in the head
  • otp: i try to picture me without you but i can't
  • otp: i want to hate you half as much as i hate myself
  • otp: i want to make you as lonely as me
  • otp: i wish i dreamt in the shape of your mouth
  • otp: i wish i'd known how much you loved me
  • otp: i'll save the middle finger for you
  • otp: i'll take your heart served up in two ways
  • otp: i'm about to make your heart beat in reverse
  • otp: i'm coming apart at the seams
  • otp: i'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet
  • otp: i'm in the details with the devil
  • otp: i'm just a problem that doesn't want to be solved
  • otp: i'm just dreaming of tearing you apart
  • otp: i'm the best worst thing that's ever happened to you
  • otp: i'm two quarters and a heart down
  • otp: i've got a sunset in my veins
  • otp: i've never seen a heart i couldn't break
  • otp: if they knew how misery loved me
  • otp: if you are the shores i am the waves
  • otp: it doesn't matter how you feel
  • otp: it's our time now if you want it to be
  • otp: it's time for me to fall apart
  • otp: just a notch in your bedpost
  • otp: kick drum beating in my chest
  • otp: let me tear you to pieces
  • otp: let your body get a tolerance
  • otp: let's meet in the purgatory of my hips
  • otp: like a moth getting trapped in the light
  • otp: love never wanted me but i took it anyway
  • otp: make it easy say i never mattered
  • otp: make june feel like september
  • otp: maybe i'm a piece of art
  • otp: my conscience called in sick again
  • otp: my heart is a grenade and you pulled the pin
  • otp: nothing comes as easy as you
  • otp: now you're just a problem for someone else to fix
  • otp: one foot in your bedroom one foot out the door
  • otp: out of every miscalculation you have got to be my favorite
  • otp: pawnshop heart trading up
  • otp: put your venom in me
  • otp: remember me as i was not as i am
  • otp: say my name and his in the same breath
  • otp: seasons change but people don't
  • otp: setting fire to the sky
  • otp: shoot the sunshine into my veins
  • otp: should have left our love in the gutter where we found it
  • otp: something makes my chest stir
  • otp: strike a match and i'll burn you to the ground
  • otp: take our tears and put them on ice
  • otp: teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way
  • otp: the best of us can find happiness in misery
  • otp: the best part of believe is the lie
  • otp: the home wrecker with the heart of gold
  • otp: the lies just won't stop slipping
  • otp: the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger
  • otp: the rhythm of the rain keeps time
  • otp: the sweetness never lasts
  • otp: the truth catches up with us eventually
  • otp: there's chemicals keeping us together
  • otp: this is the road to ruin
  • otp: trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday
  • otp: trying to forget everything that isn't you
  • otp: turn off the lights and turn off the shyness
  • otp: we do it in the dark with smiles on our faces
  • otp: we don't fight fair
  • otp: we never stood a chance
  • otp: we only do it for the scars and stories
  • otp: we walk the plank on a sinking ship
  • otp: we're friends when you're on your knees
  • otp: we're the beginning of the end
  • otp: we're the things that love destroys
  • otp: we've been doomed from the start
  • otp: welcome to the demolition derby that is my heart
  • otp: when they made me they broke the mold
  • otp: wherever i go trouble seems to follow
  • otp: why can you read me like no one else can?
  • otp: would you mind if i sat next to you and watched you smile?
  • otp: you and i were fireworks that went off too soon
  • otp: you are my favorite what if
  • otp: you are the dreamer and we are the dream
  • otp: you can get what you want but it's never enough
  • otp: you can wear the crown but you're no princess
  • otp: you get scared when you look at me
  • otp: you got me all fucked up on love
  • otp: you were my versailles at night
  • otp: you were the last good thing
  • otp: you were the song stuck in my head
  • otp: you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat
  • otp: you're appealing to emotions that i simply do not have
  • otp: you're the only place that feels like home
  • otp: your best kept secret and biggest mistake
  • otp: you’re the antidote to everything except for me

holytrohmanempire  asked:

Hi there! So I wrote a thing and got it edited, but I'm having difficulties with the publishing process. I've been trying to find an agent, but so far no luck. Any tips with query letters/friendly publishing companies that accept unsolicited queries/literally any advice? I'm kind of flying blind, haha. Thanks!

This is something I am currently going through myself for the first time as a writer, and while I know some things from the inside track, I often feel just as blind and out of place, but I’ll do my best <3

Whether you are submitting my email or snail mail, always, always include a cover letter detailing the genre of your work, the length, style and whether or not you see it as part of a series or a stand alone. If it’s part of a series, mention in passing that you have several sequel ideas in draft. It literally doesn’t matter if they’re only scribbles at that point, just showing that you are thinking about the future of your work is a big A+ in your direction.

Do be precise in this process, give your contact details, be polite, and avoid trying to be cute or gimicky. Lots of people do things like attach pictures of themselves or their dogs as a means of catching the publishers eye. In my experience, these kind of things get you shunted to the bottom in pursuit of the person who is confident enough to just lay their work out as is and thank the publisher for their time with the hope of hearing back from them. Also if you are sending by snail mail, include a pre-paid envelope in with it to ensure that your manuscript is returned to you, otherwise I can guarantee you’ll never see it again. This also does several other things 1) it shows you are aware this is a business introduction of sorts and are responsible for your work 2) shows the publisher you are invested in seeing your work again and you’re not just throwing it out into the void on a wing and a prayer 3) you are courteous enough to not make them pay postage and 4) all of the above is more likely to get you some sort of  feedback and recognition rather than ignored. Getting published is like a job interview, you want to hit all the right notes and make the other person see you as a human that is easy to engage with, rather than manuscript #703702 of the week.

As for how to write the letter, fictionforum.net has some good examples, including how to write an email one.

It can be hard to find publishers that take work without submission calls, but honestly the best thing you can do is google. The loss of TOR’s open submission hit a lot of aspiring writers hard, and I still live in hope of them reversing that decision. But keep an eye out, sometimes established houses will do an open season, and you can hear about them through their social media websites. As for finding an agent Writer’s Digest has some good starting points, as does SFWA. Don’t let yourself get conned…also look up the lit agents on Writer’s Digest, it’s where I’ve been looking for one of my own and my interactions have been mostly good so far.

Also don’t pin all your hopes on The One. There’s a lot of writers who stop writing because their First Project never gets accepted right off the bat. Don’t tell yourself “I’ll hold off on other works until this one gets published” because if you do that, there’s a very good chance you’ll never write again. Keep writing, keep going until you have multiple projects out there in the open. It shows you’re not a one trick pony and actually a work horse, which is what publishers want. They want you to make multiple things for them, it’s how we all make money. So even if you never hear back from X publisher about Y project, show them Z. Just keep submitting until someone gets back to you, either with a) ‘sorry we’re not looking for this right now’ (which doesn’t mean they wont be in the future) or b) ‘sorry but no thank you’ (you might just not be what they are looking for, try another house) or c) ‘you know with some more tweaks we’d be interested in seeing this again’ (congrats your foot is in wedged in the door, don’t pull back now)

And also remember, we live in the age of self publishing. It is an entirely valid option, and although it might seem daunting to have to do so much of the work on your own, it is doable and there are some established authors who are actually turning to it now, as a means of avoiding the restrictions previously put on them by their publishing houses. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

I hope that helps some…like I said, I’m going through this process too, and it’s a surreal ride from the outside. best of luck! <3

its-the-suz  asked:

I've been working on plot and character i i I have been working on character and plot development for a long time, and I'm happy with my ability for now, but I want to work on prose because my writing always feels rough, even after editing. Do you have any general tips/resources for writing good prose? (Characteristics, what not to do, etc) [I was told the whole ask didn't go through so I'm just sending it all again:)]

When working on ‘prose,’ you want to focus on description, mood, and setting. (All of those can be lumped under ‘description’ really, but I’m separating it out for now.)

  • Description

What is happening? How is it happening? When you say ‘Character A looked angry,’ how do you know he’s angry? What is his face doing, what is he doing with his hands? When she’s nervous, does she chew on her hair? When someone thinks no one is looking, do they check their teeth in the window?

Description is down to the details, and if you’re just practicing, don’t worry about including too much. Getting the right description comes down to feedback and editing. Focus on the ‘how are they doing things’ (showing) rather than the ‘what are they doing’ (telling).

  • Mood

Is the situation grim? Is the house creepy? How do you convey these things without just telling is that’s what it is? This is what I mean by mood. What is the weather doing? How is the lighting in the room? Is it raining at the funeral (cliche), or are the birds singing and the flowers blooming (there are so many emotions you can covey with this set-up!).

  • Setting

You may have heard the setting is yet another character in your novel (I know I’ve touted this before). Don’t ignore your setting. It’s the world in which the bones of your story are hung. Is it a grimy place, filled with dirt, or bright and cheery? Are the trees creepy and close, or are they quiet and peaceful?

Setting is just as important as your characters are. It’s what people will picture when they read your book. It’s worth time and effort to get right, and if you’re using certain places, Google Street View is a great way to see how it looks!

The main thing to remember about adding more prose to your story is that you are building it up, not cluttering it. It takes awhile to get right and your first draft is always going to be a bit messy, but that’s alright. It’s worth doing!