i think i'm winning at this adult game

The Many Ways of Writing Frisk
  • Cheerful Frisk: Everyone's so nice down here! And it's so pretty, and...
  • Nervous Frisk: Chara, a-are they going to hurt me? How strong are they?
  • Flirty Frisk: No need for all this fighting! I think love's WAY better than war. *wink*
  • Blunt, expressionless Frisk: I've died twenty-seven times, Sans.
  • Fiercely DETERMINED Frisk: I'm going to win at Ball Game, and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!
  • Toddler Frisk: Toya! Toya! *waves arms for Toriel to pick them up*
  • Adult Frisk: I thought people would stop calling me a kid when I got out of college, but I guess not.
  • Mute/selectively mute Frisk: *eagerly tells stories of their adventure in sign language*

anonymous asked:

I love Hillary Clinton to death and I'm a Democrat since forever. And I think its good that the Democrats maintain a moral high ground. If we start playing dirty than what difference do we have with the GOP? I don't think winning should be the end game. The end game should be good governance with your ideals intact.

i disagree, dems need to stop acting like the adults in the room when the gop will perpetually act like children forever. we maintained a moral high ground in 2010 then we lost the house, we maintained a moral high ground in 2014 then we lost the senate, we maintained a moral high ground in 2016 and we lost the presidency and the supreme court. since 2008 we’ve lost 63 house seats, 10 senate seats,10 governorships and over 1000 state legislators. dems need a copy of the republican’s playbook and learn how to obstruct for once.