i think i'm the only one on this ship still


Note: I’m not the one receiving those messages, because I’m not into shipping, but I see the people I follow get them and it’s still infuriating as all hell.

If you send these kinds of messages, please think about what the hell you’re doing with your life. This is ridiculous and immature and dangerous and overractive. If the only reason you enjoy a TV show is so that you can form opinions and then use anonymity to send these nasty messages to people, then maybe not watching that TV show is the healthiest thing for you.

why is everybody so upset people ship clalec? so far we had three episodes filled with angry looks, banter and sassy remarks, not to mention “you’re upset by the way jace is looking at her” and “if you really feel that way about her why did you help us”, generally alec being lowkey obsessed with clary and, let’s be real, some real chemistry game going on.

i’m personally not so big on hate-to-love relationships, but how are you all so surprised people who have not read the books jumped on clalec like thirsty wanderers on an oasis.

Imagine Wonwoo affectionately looking at Woozi who’s laughing his heart out at a joke the older boy made.

No offence, but what did y'all think The Last Jedi was going to be about ? Rey, Finn, Poe and Rose playing space volleyball with BB-8 while Luke keeps score? Whether or not you ship it, whether or not you believe something romantic will go down, Rey’s relationship with Kylo Ren is the central one.


Did a couple of sweet sweet pairs for the @ferarepair-week2k17! The only one I’m not 100% on is Roy and Wolt BUT CONSIDERING THAT ROY’S USUALLY SHIPPED WITH MARTH………..and fe6 is ultra rare as is….

(also this was a weird combo of traditional and colors? I’ll have to test it out again sometime!)

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Something that I've been thinking for a while, but with the recent discussion of the characters dying and/or being put on the back of the bus, I keep wondering if Patty still exists post Flashpoint. Julian has been around for... a year? before the beginning of season 3 (of course, no mention what he was doing in the original timeline), and he is in the meta taskforce. From the way Julian was talking back in ep 5, I'm tempted to think that Patty was not around in the new timeline.

What you say: Patty didn’t exist but Julian did

What I hear: Julian hated Barry to start b/c instead of Patty and Barry, Julian and Barry dated and it ended horribly wrong b/c Zoom and bullshit, and Barry didn’t reveal his secret about being the Flash. Julian is still bitter about all the lying while they were dating and everyone thinks Barry is still bitter as well when he enters the post-Flashpoint timeline.

Originally posted by always-in-my-heart-hs

The only one who doesn’t realize/remember that Barry dated Julian is Barry himself.

  • Valkyrie: *Tries to fix the wires inside the ship*
  • Loki: *appears behind her and tries to help her as well by placing his hands on her working ones*
  • Valkyrie: *notices his gesture and angrily pushes him with her back roughly*
  • Loki: Hey, my lady. I'm only trying to help!
  • Valkyrie: *annoyed while still fixing the wires* Would you please stop calling me that!
  • Loki: Sure Brunnhilde. *Rolls his eyes*
  • Valkyrie: *deeply sighs* You make it so difficult sometimes.
  • Loki: I do. I really do.
  • Valkyrie: *staying silent*
  • Loki: You could be a little nicer though. Come on, admit it. Sometimes I think I'm alright.
  • Valkyrie: Ah! *got stung by the wire and jolts her hand away from it* Occasionally, maybe.
  • Loki: *Took her hand gently*
  • Valkyrie: When you aren't acting like a scoundrel. *Looks up at him annoyingly*
  • Loki: *Eyes widen* Scoundrel?
  • Valkyrie: *Nods*
  • Loki: Soundrel? *Grins*... I like the sound of that.
  • Valkyrie: *scrunches her eyebrows* Stop that.
  • Loki: Stop what?
  • Valkyrie: Stop that, my hands are dirty. *tries to pull away*
  • Loki: *Pulls her hand back to him * My hands are dirty too, what are you afraid of?
  • Valkyrie: *Surprised* Afraid?
  • Loki: *Whispers* You're trembling.
  • Valkyrie: *Nods in denial* I'm not trembling.
  • Loki: *Leans closer down to her face* ... You like me because I'm a scoundrel. And I'm a scoundrel in all your life.
  • Valkyrie: *Looks at his lips before his eyes* I happened to like nice men.
  • Loki: *gets closer to her lips* I'm a nice man.
  • Valkyrie: very nice-- *cuts off when he kisses her lips*
  • *Thor arrives the scene and sees them kissing*
  • Thor: ... (O_O) ...

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If pudding turns to be good Character and wants to help the SH , and on top of that she have feelings for Sanji would you ship them ? I mean could you imagine Sanji loves her back ? I still love SANna but if Sanji will prefer Pudding will you ship them as well ? Ah BTW I love your blog keep going 💙💙

Hahaha I think Sanji doing main courses while she doing desserts sounds pretty cute, but only if the AU you described came true! lol

My mom watches LoK (book four)
  • •"That's our Toph"
  • •"Korra's the only one falling down"
  • •*Bolin* "He's a good boy"
  • •She just called Mako a player
  • •Bolin is her favorite
  • •She agrees that Azula is still the coolest villain
  • •'I'm blind not deaf' really got her
  • •"Meelo's so cute"
  • •I go to school with kids like Huan "and one day you will probably work with them too"
  • •*Kuvira betrays Bataar* "Think again lover boy"
  • •I had to explain that Korrasami was, in fact, canon
  • •She ships Makorra and Bopal

So, we all know Lance still has a crush on Allura, and that’s why he flipped out when Matt flirted with her. But we’ve also seen Lance and Allura’s friendship and respect for each other develop, and that’s what really makes Allurance such an awesome ship. A solid OTP tends to start out as a BrOTP. I’m still hoping that Pidgance will be canon. The producers and voice actors have been talking about how Lance will realize that what he needs is different from what he thinks he wants. After all, Pidge is one of the only girls he hasn’t flirted with. Whether one of these two ships becomes canon, or neither of them, I hope the fandom keeps pouring out awesome content for them. I really love the Allurance and Pidgance fandoms, you guys are so nice!


Because I haven’t seen this yet, have some Freed and Sting worrying/searching for their boyfriends!

(I know that Sting is also worrying about Lector and his friends, but hey Rogue is the only one besides Lector he’s pointing out so …)

Hi. If you comment on my non-Love Square fics with things like “this would be cuter as Adrinette” or “I hope you actually put Nino with Alya because Adrien and Marinette are obviously meant to be” or something along those lines, just know that it will have an opposite effect on me than the one you might be hoping for. I am petty af when it comes to my non-Love Square ships. There is more than a crazy amount of Love Square content in this fandom. Let other ships sail as well.

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Am I the only one that feels like this Jaune/Weiss bullcrap is REALLY undermining the relationship between Jaune and Pyrrha? I'm not speaking from a shipper's POV, but just from a storytelling perspective. It just makes it seem like Jaune stopped caring about Pyrrha by going back to a crush (A CRUSH, FFS) he had, what, about a year ago? Also, it just makes it very clear what Miles is doing: shipping himself with the unobtainable "Ice Queen" archetype. And I think that's why I'm so pissed off.

Oh no you’re not the only one for SURE it’s just people have stopped talking so much about Jaune/Pyrrha recently because, y’know, they fucking killed her off and apparently she only ever existed when she was alive to further his character and she’s still doing that now that she’s dead by being represented in her spear and then impaling Weiss to -once again- further Jaune’s character.

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Hiya this is probably super random and out of nowhere but I'm suddenly curious, who do you ship with Padma Patil?

so i definitely have not given this extensive thought or anything bc lol what who do u think i am



like please indulge me for a hot second and just imagine:

grown up post war……. WIZARDING HISTORIAN padma patil who is a) still a fucking babe, and b) still really unimpressed by ron weasleys everything, and also c) kind of needs him to cooperate with her for an interview for her dissertation (LET ME HAVE THIS) because it turns out that whole thing where ron like ??? produces the sword of gryffindor out of thin air and saves harry from certain death or whatever is HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT okay and padma needs a FIRST-HAND ACCOUNT of the surrounding events and you know what ron weasley fucking owes her one that yule ball shitshow was embarrassing for everyone


so she’s super polite and vaguely distant and sends him like ???? a really perfunctory letter that’s not an invitation so much as it is a very intimidating demand to meet her for tea the following saturday

and ron is like ???? okay ???? good times ????? bet she wants to rekindle that Romance TM except internally he’s maybe just incredibly confused because like……..he only SORT OF knows padma and he still has trouble focusing around pretty girls and tea seems like a bad idea like he’s 100% going to spill it all over the table, gratuitously miss his mouth, somehow get scone crumbs in his hair, etc

then tea happens and it’s exactly as awkward and awful as ron thought it would be despite his best efforts to like be an adult and use the tiny tongs for his sugar cubes instead of his fingers and also have a coherent conversation about that TERRIFYING AND EXTREMELY harrowing year of his life where he was like cold and starving and also on the run from voldemort



hear me out because this is where the dual pov CLASSIC MISCOMMUNICATION slash MISUNDERSTANDING trope comes into play like it’s gold this is golden were getting somewhere here guys

because padma is PISSED that ron is fucking DOING IT AGAIN he’s not making eye contact and he’s spending more time cutting his apricot tart into adorably bite sized pieces instead of LOOKING at her and ???? she’s a fucking ten and a half on a BAD DAY right like she wore MASCARA for this she doesn’t even NEED mascara what the FUCK

so like

she gets her interview done and then just kind of

stares at him for a while

and rons convinced he accidentally either blurted something out about how awesome her tits look or like dribbled raspberry preserves down the front of his shirt because she is REALLY staring at him and she is REALLY difficult to read jfc

but neither of those things went down

padma is just irrationally livid about ron weasley ostensibly ignoring her

so she makes an uncharacteristically rash decision that has nothing to do with how blue his eyes are in the sun or how big his hands look around these fragile little teacups and she asks him, very bluntly–

“do you want to have sex now?”


ron x padma


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tbh I'm pretty sure that if either Keith or Lance was a girl, literally EVERYONE would ship it. There would be no haters and it'd probably be stated as a canon endgame ship. No one would even doubt it. But nope, they're both guys so, even though there are so many good romantic moments between them, everyone still doubts it and it's still so unlikely to happen cuz it's LGBT pairing. I really hope one day we'll be able to ship two guys/girls and not to think it won't happen only cuz it's same-sex.

:) i agree

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Do you have any headcanons for Levi x Isabel? Yes, I'm aware of this being a weird and uncommon ship lol. Also, this is my first time asking! Hi! ❤

I don’t even think it’s that weird, so no worries! 

Levi would be the only one Isabel let’s close to her, because she really trusts him. Levi would do anything for her not to be scared. Isabel would be really bad at cleaning, so she leaves it to Levi (also he enjoys it more, Isabel hates cleaning most of the times). Still living in the underground they would regularly take care of the kids around instead of having their own. 

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Low key i feel like i'm the only one who pro-Andrew X) :)

honestlyyyyy, I think yeah, more people ship Nick and Marley, but there are definitely people who still ship Andrew and Marley too- you’re not alone dw!! Personally, I am impartial 😉 heheh

FIRST OF ALL: I tolerate almost every ship, so this isn’t going to be a hate post

Actually, this post is about Kataang. Many people think that it is weird to ship Katara x Aang because they always seemed to have little brother/big sister relationship, which I really DON’T think is wrong, but in my opinion their relationship isn’t based on any sibling relation thingys.

In my opinion, their relationship is moslty built on trust and faith. Katara and Sokka (don’t forget him)  left their home to travel with the Avatar. But this journey wasn’t based on Aang being the Avatar but Katara trusting Aang from the very beginning and the want to help him. She always had faith in him and she knew that he was strong enough to endure all the situations they had to face even though someone might get hurt. And even though she trusted him from the beginning, they developed a stronger relationship only step by step and not in a rush.

And this development of trust and faith is in my opinion not a brotherly/sisterly one but the development of a great relationship between lovers or “best friends” who develop romantic feelings for each other also just step by step.

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I think with Kallura the writers are trying to play off the original ship from the 80s tv show. Because even though it's stated that it's not a carbon copy of the original there are still a lot of similarities that they are using. Now I'm not saying I like Kallura (bc I dont) but i think that's what theyre going for. But honestly there's nothing between them and there's a very high chance that Klance a ship with ACTUAL chemistry will be canon.

The only type of Ka//ura relationship I want to see between them is one of Superboy and Black Canary’s relationship.

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