i think i'm just too ocd for this

@ everyone with intrusive thoughts

okay I’m not trying to invalidate anyone and their struggles but people really need to talk about intrusive thoughts that aren’t just stuff like “throw your cup across the room” or “eat this leaf” (even tho those must be stressful as well im sorry)

I’m talking about those gross, disgusting, violent thoughts that leave you awake at night afraid you’re going to slip up because it’s just a matter of time
Those thoughts that make you afraid to be alone in a room with anyone/anything you could possibly hurt
Those thoughts that leave you crying in the shower/puking over a toilet because they’re so disgusting and you must be a horrible person for even THINKING them
Those thoughts that make you want to kill yourself because it’s better than having to deal with them

People don’t talk about them enough and that’s why it’s so hard for people who suffer from them to realize that it’s not their fault it’s just the disorder
And to everyone who struggles with this: you’re so brave, I love you, and you’re going to get through this

panic attacks suck because by the time you realize you’re having one, it’s already too late. like yeah you can follow your doctor’s advice and maybe possibly get calmed down a little faster, but the damage is done, and then afterwards you feel shaky and sore and dizzy and tired and you just have to carry on like normal even though everyone can tell that you are Not Okay

trashyourash  asked:

I have a serious question for you. I just got accepted into SCAD but I live in Ohio and still owe quite a bit for tuition. My question is how did you pay your way through college? I heard that you too went to SCAD. My other problem is I'm 26 and just starting out college due to severe OCD I'm being treated for. Should I worry about age when it comes to college and getting a job in animation??

My tuition was mostly paid for with federal grants, loans, and scholarships, with some additional help from my grandparents. You may be able to get a deferment/forbearance on what you already owe.

As for the second part, don’t ever, ever, ever think it’s too late for college. I did a lot of transferring and even took a year off due to depression before I went to SCAD. When I got there, my classmates ranged in age from 18 to 50. I’m serious, college is for all ages, and no one will judge you, nO ONE.