i think i'm his biggest fan

I just wrote out Snape’s entire life story because my friend (who stopped reading Harry Potter after Prisoner of Azkaban… I know, I know -shakes head-) didn’t understand the Prince’s Tale and omg, I’m a such a big Snape fan that I don’t even have to go checking for details about his life. I literally know everything about him. It’s kind of scary how much I know actually lol. 

Gee, I hope my friend understands everything I just wrote for him… sigh.

I’ve always thought that Benji is kind of Ethan’s biggest fan. He idolised him a bit when he used to come into the lab, like “Here comes Ethan Hunt, he’s the cool guy” kind of thing, and then he got to go on a mission with him and they’ve become friends… They were always friends, I think. He knew him as this… you know, the guy he could take his broken computers to, and then he knew him as a fellow agent, and now they’ve been through some stuff together, they have a little comradery and genuine peril they’ve experienced together… Benji has extraordinary respect and affection for Ethan. He looks up to him and he trusts him, above everyone else.
—  Simon Pegg on the relationship between Benji Dunn and Ethan Hunt throughout the Mission: Impossible movies (X).