i think i'm heat

I hope so so so so dearly that the grumps tested this dating sim and it is locked fucking AIR TIGHT as far as anything that could be interpereted as “problematic” in this game. It would break my heart to see them, especially poor vernon, get bullied and harassed over a silly dating sim based on dad jokes


Okay guys, I’m being deadly serious here. I don’t know what the actual Fuck is happening but I swear to god I am seeing and hearing ducking creepy stuff. And like, I’m fixing it for seconds and I decide NOT TO LOOK AT IT FOR 1 SEC, AND THEN it’s gone?? Poof??

I am actually freaked out and I’m not going to sleep like this.

just bc you’re a doctor and I’m a teacher doesn’t mean you’re any smarter or better than me. it just means you chose to be a fucking doctor and I chose to be a teacher.

did i ever mention that while Sails kept haunting me on my trip to Britain last month, one night at a party, a guy I acted with last year bumped into me and immediately started trying to have meta conversation about the finale of Sails and I was most of a bottle of wine too far gone and it was a lot to handle unexpectedly

> : ^ (

It makes me wonder if I didn’t have such a terrible experience in the Pandora Hearts RP community, would I be able to interact with more people in this community? 


“I have been graced with a long life. And in those many years, I have seen men and women with great ambition rise up from their knees and become part of a united Creed. A Brotherhood. But in this life, I have also known much pain, grief, hatred, and guilt. Yet, with all the suffering and hardships I have lived through, in the name of justice, freedom, and peace, for my people and my fellow brothers, I shall endure all and fight on. The time has come for one final battle to be fought.

Ratonhnhaké:ton / Connor Kenway during the War of 1812

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