i think i'm heat

Watched in 2017 #53

Train to Busan (2016), dir. Yeon Sang-ho ★★★★½

Screen: Computer

in order to appreciate
we must go through
—  diaryofaniqaabi

munstermother  asked:

’ You listen to me, and you listen good! ’

ORBS  WIDEN,    top tier rises  from its bottom,   curling snarl reveals  infantile like teeth,   gritted with rage rattling against hollowed limbs threatening to tear everything apart. provoked wrath twirls tornatically, words are taken as a spoken death wish. who had he been to ever not command such a wish?   his destiny he’d fulfill, hot and heavy with anger.  cleansed blade retrieved from printed fabrications,  eagering for sanguine stains.   ’ do you have any idea who you’re talking to, lady!   YOU listen to ME and YOU listen GOOD!   i’ll cut your pretty little tongue out in your sleep, that’s when i’ll pay attention to ya! ‘

DEVIL’S REJECTS SENTENCES      ft.     @munstermother    //    ACCEPTING !!

Okay but Spones right.

I know this is probably messing with ages a bit but…imagine a small Jo running up to Amanda, who she’s never met before, and squeaking, ‘grandma!’

your unfortunately semi-regular reminder that aximili-esgarrouth-isthill’s human morph isn’t white, it’s impossible for ax’s human morph to be just plain white, ax’s human morph is noticeably black and latino, ax’s human morph is never described as anything but being dark-skinned and curly-haired, i’m sorry i’m saying this again i’m just as distressed as all of you.

Itโ€™s alright

calling out for somebody to hold tonight

when you lost the fire, i will be your light

youโ€™ll never feel like youโ€™re alone

iโ€™ll make this feel like home

—  Home