i think i'm heat


A/N So after 6 months without my period, I got it yesterday (that bitch) So here! Expect a few period fics .-.

Reader: 16+

“Deann!!” You shout from the motel bathroom, Not caring what time it was or if people were sleeping. You were sitting on the toilet, Frowning.

“What?” His mouth is halfway stuffed with donuts, Mad you interrupted his moment.

“I need more tampons! I thought I brought more but I didn’t! Can you go to the store and buy some?” 

“That’s disgusting (Y/n)! You don’t just yell that out!” He swallows the rest of the donut, Looking at Sam who was sitting next to him.

“Oh I’m sorry ‘Mr. I don’t get my fucking period’! Why don’t you try bleeding out your vagina for a week straight when your uterus is the size of a fucking football!” 

“Stop yelling! Can’t you just stuff it with toilet paper or something? Stores are closed at this time!“ He starts banging at the door to get you to shut up.

“Samuel!” You whine.

“Sammy! Say something! Not even a gas station is open at this time” 

Sam sighs, Setting his laptop aside and standing up to walk to his duffel bag. He pulls out a tampon and a pad, Shoving his brother aside and knocking on the door. 

“I’m just gonna pass you these okay?” He opens the door when he hears your sound of agreement, And you smile at him when he hands you your much needed items.

“Thank you Samuel. That’s why I love you so much” Sam closes the door and walks to his spot on the bed, Placing the computer on his lap once more.

“What!? Why do you have those items in your bag?!” Dean is flabbergasted, Unable to comprehend what just happened.

“I lived with Jess Dean. I’m always prepared.”

“So what- You knew her cycle?! Now you now (Y/n/n)?!”

Sam nods and shrugs, Trying to not laugh at his older brothers face.

“This family is unbelievable.”

“I’m just prepared Dean. Not that you would understand since you can’t spend a day with a girl that you’re trying to get into bed” Sam smirks, Dean’s face mocked in fake hurt.

“Now, That is not true!”

“Name one girl that you have spent a whole day without trying to get into her pants. (Y/n) doesn’t count.”


“I rest my case” Sam laughs.

You walk out of the bathroom with a towel.

“This is why Samuel is my favourite sibling” You stick your tongue out at Dean, Laying the towel down on the bed and laying on it, Placing your heating pad on top of your cramping uterus. “That’s the stuff”  You moan.

“I have some candy if you want some. Maybe tomorrow we can go out for ice cream if you’re up for it” Sam doesn’t even bat an eyelid, Keeping his eyes on the laptop.

“Yeah that’ll be awesome.”

Dean stares at you, Watching as you take donuts from his box.


“I’m the one hurting here Dean. Sit down and we can share” You smirk.

He grumbles under his breath, Sitting next to you on the bed while Sam begins discussing the case.


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tag yourself Meme: Al Pacino edition

I’m so tired of wow expansion hype being “WE MUST BAND TOGETHER TO DEFEAT A THREAT!!!” not because I don’t like working together, but because we’ve already been doing that for years now. Literally we’ve almost been one united faction since the end of pandaria, and it’s been working out just fine. 

But blizzard just keeps forcing the faction war bullshit, and I really hate it. I seriously fucking hate it. How many times are we going to work together, just to turn around and be like “ok, well now that the threat’s gone, lets kill each other just because”. It’s bad writing, and it’s already been done in wow multiple times. 

I didn’t mind zombies vs werewolves in viking land, because it was only those two specific sub-factions fighting. I get why Sylvanas and Genn are still at each other’s throats, but leave the rest of us out of it.


Jin’s pink ears tell no lies

((OOC: Y’all, I would like to immediately apologize for the post I made a little while ago. That was a stupid post to make. I have deleted it.

I appreciate all the kind, supportive words, you are all so sweet and kind, but y’all, this is a goddamn HP RP blog, and there was no reason to be posting about anything as angsty as that on here. It’s so decidedly not the sort of person I am, whining about nothing, and I hope you can all forgive me. 

In other news, my life is fucking great! I live by a lake, I have 15 plants that are all gorgeous and thriving, and this very second, there is a cat curled up next to me. I have friends and family who love me, and I am safe and appallingly comfortable. There is absolutely no need to fear, or to be unhappy. My life is wonderful, and I am a very happy person.

Thank you all for the love and support, you are all SO sweet, and I am going to do my best to only be happy and productive for the rest of the day.))

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Hello! Referencing the official swimsuit/beach wear art, in your opinion, who do you think had the best swimsuit? For me, it's Goro, because we just needed to see the precious pancake out of his suit for once.

Tbh I’m still so shook from seeing him in a swimsuit because I imagined him just swimming laps around the beach fully clothed with his shoes and peacoat and everything. LMAO But Haru’s swimsuit is definitely my favorite because it’s just SO CUTE and stylish and I love the hat!! *A*

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so it hit over 100 degrees today. a customer asked me to get her 20 bags of mulch which is like aight i can do that. then she said "i could do it myself, its just too hot. im going inside to the air conditioning. find me when youre done". Like???? If she hadn't said anything I wouldn't have cared but does she think that I'm not dying in the heat because i work here????? how fucking rude and entitled can you be?


“I have been graced with a long life. And in those many years, I have seen men and women with great ambition rise up from their knees and become part of a united Creed. A Brotherhood. But in this life, I have also known much pain, grief, hatred, and guilt. Yet, with all the suffering and hardships I have lived through, in the name of justice, freedom, and peace, for my people and my fellow brothers, I shall endure all and fight on. The time has come for one final battle to be fought.

Ratonhnhaké:ton / Connor Kenway during the War of 1812

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Hi I know you said probably not any omegaverse asks but could you answer this one which has me puzzled I think I know the answer but I'm not sure, do omegas skip heats when they're pregnant?

Ah, allow me to re-iterate, I meant headcanon-related asks! Shorts ones like these are fine

And yep! There’s no point for an omega to release hormones that attract alphas to breed with them when they’ve already been bred with

  • Person: would you rather have hot or cold weather?
  • Me: is death an option
Omega!Verse Starters
  • "I think I'm in heat"
  • "Please knot me!"
  • "I don't want to bond with you!"
  • "Don't touch me!"
  • "A-are you rutting?"
  • "I'm so hot!"
  • "I'm not ready to be a parent!"
  • "I can't wait to have your children."
  • "I'm out of pills..."
  • "I don't want to be a weak Omega anymore!"
  • "I just started my heat cycle"
  • "Don't you dare try to knot me!"
  • "You smell so good"
  • "If you don't stop that I'm going to end up knotting you"
  • "I just want to be able to protect you"
  • "Sorry, you just are so tempting"
  • "Gods, I'm in rut"
  • "You're skin is so hot right now"
  • "You'll make a great parent"
  • "I bet our children will look like you"
  • "Do you need more pills?"
  • "I have stuff that can make you like an Alpha or a Beta"
  • "We're in public! How did you start your heat cycle now!?"
  • "You really need to get away from me, you smell too tempting"