i think i'm gonna watch it next week

WEW looking pretty young for somebody who’s 40+ Elena

I don’t understand whaddup with Elena x2 because I don’t think I understood the first time I watched AO, but H O L Y  S H I T 


she literally said they prepared for this with Christophe

next episode is gonna be little Fleur and then part D will be a reunion?


Happy New Year 2016! ♥

This is the result of the livestream I did earlier today, thank you everyone for watching. ♥

I hope 2016 will be a good year for the all of you and that you all succees in whatever you do! =D ♥

Filming in Bradford (March 3rd)

Via amy_ryan1 at the DS forums

Just had my photo taken with Danny *screams* I was lucky as it’s really quiet were they are filming it was just me watching. I spoke to one of the crew & he said Ryan isn’t here but there filming next week in bradford again, he thinks Ryan is gonna be with Danny but isn’t sure. It was just him & the girl who plays Liv.

So there was some intense filming between Danny & Isobel.. at one point they were sat down & she looked to be crying/upset & Danny had a concerned look on his face. One of the crew said to me that there are others here, I think Jeff & Adam were inside the court filming & Danny is filming outside obviously. Danny is just lovely he told me he’d be straight over as soon as he’d finished filming a take he’s gorgeous. I of course told him I was a massive Robron fan lol, he laughed & said “you’ll be glad there getting back together then” I asked when & he said “very soon” & winked *screams*