i think i'm gonna try to head off to sleep now

I want Michael to lend me his denim jacket one night when we’re walking along an empty sidewalk at 2am because we’d been out all night and were talking about life and the things that make us the happiest in the world and pointing out stars and trying to identify constellations and as were laughing over a story from the long night we just had i shiver just a little bit, barely even noticeable, and I rub my bare shoulders absentmindedly and Michael quickly shrugs off his denim jacket almost as an instinct and rests it over my shoulders and his hands linger a moment and I naturally bring my hands up to grab and pull the jacket on further and one of my hands brushes against his and we both look at each other and smile and Michael just removes one of his hands from my shoulder while the other one tugs me close under his arm against his body and he interlocks our fingers together resting on my shoulder and with my head leaning against the side of his chest he smells of mint and alcohol and his cologne and Michael points his arm back towards the sky and says “look there’s the Big Dipper!” And i say “Michael, we’ve already pointed that one out.” And Michael smiles and looks down to me leaning into him and kisses my forehead before looking back to the sky and saying “I know” and I laugh and he squeezes me tighter against him and my free hand grips at buttons of his denim jacket wrapped around me tightening it around my chest and everything is perfect